Saturday, May 1, 1948

Winona Republican Herald

Location: Winona, Minnesota

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Winona Republican-Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 1, 1948, Winona, Minnesota w EATHER cloudy tonlffht Sunday witU no oliruijce In temperature. IS HERE Opening- procram p. to. Thursday. Full Leased Wire News Report of The Associated Press Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations VOLUME 48, NO. 64 WINONA, MINNESOTA, SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 1. 1948 FIVE CENTS PER COPY FOURTEEN PAGES THE ALSOPS enn State Deal Seen For Dewey My Joseph Alsop wns the heroine or "Gentleman Prefer Blondes" who first KHVO voice to tho wisest rule of our time: "A kiss on tho wrist feels very good, but a diamond bracelet lasts forever." After the Pennsyl- vania primary, Harold Stasscn must Red May Day Plot Bared in Athens Boland Firm Buys Plant At Wabasha Legion Pavilion To Be Auxiliary For Operations Purchase of the American Legion bo reflecting In much tho same way I pavilion nt Wnbnsha as an auxiliary on tho dlnorence between flattering plant wna announced today by votes and the capture Boland, president of the good, solid, obedient, Manufacturing Company of delegates, who havo good, solid, permanently valuable qualities, Tho available evidence In fact sug- gests that the Pennsylvania pri- mary's appearance of being a Stas- son victory was distinctly mislead- ing. Stasscn led the Pennsylvania write-In vote by n, handsome mar- gin, but If 20 per cent of the rumors flying out of Pennsylvania nrc cor- rect. Stiissen hns actually suffered a serious setback behind tho scenes. A KUMOR WHICH will serve as a typical stimpla Is n report that an ngroomont has at last been reached between Governor James H. Dull, Senator Ed Martin and old Joe Orundy. Thcso three potentates tiro reliably stated to own a larger Wlnona. Cessation of a manufacturing operation at the company's plant in Elgin, and the lack of space nt the Wlnona headquarters made the expansion move necessary, Mr. Boland explained. "It was necessary for us to flr.d an additional plant within reason- able trucking distance of Winona and we have found such a building in he said. "The cont- pany's headquarters, contrary to rumor, will bo retained in Wlnona and manufacturing operations here will not bo affected by the new plant at The building wns acquired from Charles Roemer of Wabasha, and will bo remodeled to fit the needs Historic Badger House Collapses Milton, WJs. Tho his- toric 108-year-old Milton house, first concrete building ever con- structed in the United States, collapsed last night. Seven persons occupying rooms in a wing of the old octagonal structure escaped serious inju- ry as (he outer wall and a por- tion of the roof crumbled. One man was pinned in his bed for an hour, and another fell through u hole in the Moor but both es- caped with bruises. The collapse continued this morning as the remainder of the roof on the 200-foot fell In. The area had been roped off during the night, however, and no one was endangered by the new collapse. The Milton Historical society had voted only yesterday to take an option on the building with a, view of converting it into a museum. proportion of tho Pennsylvania Qf thp comnanv Mr shcop-hord than any of the rlva ?r ranchers, Including Joseph Pew, Ac cording to tho rumor above men tlonetl, Duff, Orundy and Martin havo agreed that their Pcnnsylvn nla sheep will baa for Govcrno Duff ns a favorite son on the firs ballot, for Senator Martin on the second ballot, and for Governor Dowey of Nev; York on the third ballot. There are several points In favor of suspecting that there Is some color of truth, not perhaps In the detail but In tho general Implica- tions of this story. In the first plncc the Duff faction and Crundy-Mar- tin faction have been engaged In a long .struggle to gain control of delegates, in which tho Grundy- Mnrtin lorcc.i ore bellpvcd to have tho odgo on tho forces of the gov- Thus Governor Duff would bo Inclined to rench agreement, if only to avoid showing his own In- ferior strength. THEN TOO. THE Bo- land said. Remodeling operations, however, will not get under way until after the First District Am- erican Legion convention to be hold at Waijnsha June 4, 5 and 6. It Is hoped to have the auxiliary plant in operation by September 1. Prom TO to 100 women and girls will be employed at the Wabasha plant when it is operating at ca- pacity, he said. A few operators will DFL Right Wing Claims Win Over Wallace Faction Minneapolis Hight-wlngers claimed a victory today over pro- ERP Coal, Seed Ordered From Reich Goods Will Aid France, Holland, Italy, Austria Washington The United States, today ordered worth of goods from western Germany to j Helen, ten, Ruth, eight, and Richard, Jury Returns Verdict For Children in District Court A district court Jury of eight men and four women late Friday night brought in a verdict cf for the plaintiffs In the alienation of af- fections suit against Harold Monsen, Winona General hospital employe. The charge that Monsen had stolen away the atfectlons, care and love of 42-year-old Agnes Miller, mother brought of by eight children was three minor children, aid four nations under the Euro pean Recovery program.' Paul G. Hoffman, Economic Co operation administrator, said today' consignments totaling the first large -shipment o goods from outside the United States. This brings to the tota value of foreign aid shipments au thorized by the three-week-ok agency. Ocean freight will adc to the costs. The EGA chief said Germany wil 'urnish coal and grain seeds to Italy, France, Austria and the Netherlands. He also disclosed that of assorted goods is being supplied to lie snmt countries from the Unltec States. These shipments Include Wallace left wingers in items as tallow, pesticides, lln- tlc-Farmer-Labor caucuses Friday night. Orvllle Froeman, secretary of the DFL State central committee, and a right wing leader said "it looks like an almost certain victory for the right wing in the state conven- tion in Bralnerd June 12." Last night's caucuses named dele- gates to county conventions set for May 14. In Hennepln county the factions oil, Hour, grain seeds and medical supplies. bo transferred from the Winona sepnrate caucuses. Bight wlng- used for other oper The Bolnnd company, one of Wl- nona's newer Industries, is located at Third and Johnson streets and currently is engaged In mamifac- urlng some 160 articles out of plas- tics. ers attendance at their meet- Sowing machines will be installed n the Wabasha plant, similar to hose In use here. Mr. Boland and his-brothers who wn the plant now live in Wlnona. The company also has a manu- agreemcnt plant at Chicago but Ings was larger than expected. They predicted victory in the county con- vention. In Ramsey county, right wingers claimed sweeping victories. Duff's post-primary state- Yet Duff's pooh-poohing of reached promises two sops to Gov- ernor Duff. Ho would pet tho fleet- ing prestlgo of a favorlto-son vote And If Dowry should bo unable to mnko tho grado on tho third ballot Pennsylvania's voto for Dewcy would crento n situation favorable to the nomination of Senator Arthur H Vandenborg, whom Dud has openly favored from tho first. Significant- ly, tho report of tho Duff-Crundy- Marttn clonl reached Washington prior to the polling In Pennsylvania. Thus It cannot bo regarded ns n. mcro talc Invented to explain Gov- ernor ment. Governor Stnsson's showing In tho wrlto-ln vote, and his kind words for Dewoy nnd Vandcnborg, fit neat- ly Into tho pattern. Whether or not the rumor of n DttfT-Mnrtln-Grundy deal is correct, Duff's statement must bo regarded ns Indicating hostility to Stasscn, and n friendship toward Dcwey which he rather markedly did not feol only ti few clays previously. The position of Joseph Pew is still un- certain, but there can bo no doubt that Senator Martin ixncl old Joe Orumly feel even more hostility to Stassen than Governor Duff. THE JNFKKHNCE MUST be drawn, therefore, that Pennsylvania should bo tentatively classified as, In majority, a stop-Stasscn delega- tion. Smashing Stasson victories in Ohio and Oregon mny of course up- net this clnsstllcntlon. But with Pcmisylvimlii even tentatively list of plant Stop-StnssenjJtJOQV IS r'nrlr nnrl headquarters recently were moved to Wlnona. La Crosse Police Believed to Know McLoone Killer Lu Crosse, bc- Hcvc they have an "excellent Idea" of who tho murderer of Dr. James E. McLoone Is. But no arrests are contemplated until the "loose ends" of tho case are tied together, Dr. McLoonc's bullet-riddled body was found near the La Crosso city limits last November 14. Ho wns killed after he made his final call of Iho night at an old people's homo. John Colcnmn, district attorney, Dixie Operators May Snarl Mine Contract Parleys Stassen Urges U. S.-West Europe Military Alliance Providence, K. I. Harold E. Stassen sayr. the United States should join in a military alliance with the countries of western Eu- rope. The Republican presidential candi- date declared during his quick onev day tour of Rhode Island yesterday! that such an alliance could provide; for: 1. Frequent Joint consultations. 2. Setting up of joint bases. 3. Working out of joint plans of defense. Under such four, and Lou Miller, 68, guardian and father, of Rose Austin, Minn1. Creek, near Whether or not the case will be appealed to the state supreme court is a matter for conjecture. In the history of court procedure there indicated that the husband did not object. Teen-age daughters testified that their mother had not paid at- tention to the children during the have been only two similar cases, I period in which she was alleged to both In .Illinois. The strange trial centered about the charge that Monsen, friend and neighbor of the Miller family living at Rose Creek stole the affections of Miller, at that time the wife of 68-year-old Lou Miller. Testimony showed that Monsen and Mrs. Miller from 1945 to 1947 lived together as man and wife. Defense testimony I have been living with Monsen. The jury awarded apiece to each child mentioned in the com- plaint. A stipulation in tine suit provided that the money will be placed in trust until the children become of age. The verdict was returned at p. HI. Friday after 12 hours of deliberation. Arab Bloc Launches Assault; Makes Pincers Stab at Jews By Carter L. Davidson nations ringing the Holy Land launched their Invasion of Palestine in simultaneous pincer thrusts today, Arab and Jewish sources reported, even though the British mandate has 15 days to run. Tel Aviv headquarters of Haganah, the Jewish militia, said Syrian and Lebanese forces In- vaded at dawn from the north in heavy attacks. Haganah reported Jewish outposts at three settlements within Palestine en---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gaged in fierce fighting against In- vaders using tanks and armored ears. The announcement said the attackers "are using guns, mortars and machineguns." Army Crosses Unofficial sources In Cairo said he Egyptian army crossed into outhern Palestine at midnight and hat King Ibn Saud ordered his Saudi Arabian army to join Egypt- ian troops on the southern front. Arab dispatches to Damascus, Syria, asserted King Abullah of Trans-Jordan ordered simultaneous nvasion of the Holy Land, by six Arab states' armies. The reports aid Iraqui planes flew above in- ading troops from Iraq; showering with leaflets "welcom- continued in the battle for Jerusalem, where Haganah con- solidated its hold on the strategic "no veto should permitted and Katamon sector in the southern part of the city. In the Jaffa-Tel' Aviv area, where Ksw 2vai Leumi had neither should the actions or deci- could or tne front battle in new contract r.cgo-i cnirt tiotions with the soft coal- the United States notified the owners yesterday he.mvlte members of the UN to will be ready to start talking mat- ,_ _Ilrh nn _ ._._ ters over May 18. At the same time he received notice from_the South- ern Coal Producers association that it also wants to discuss a new pact to replace the one expiring June 30, Although the southern group was included in the agreement signed tost year, it did not take part as a group in the negotiations. Lewis contested tho right' of Joseph E. Moody, head of the Dixie organi- zation, to sit in on talks dealing with tho disputed mine fund. ln such a pact _ Qnd he clflcally named England, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. If Lewis challenges the right of tho association to bargain for the St. Paulite Dies In 10-Story Plunge Chicago Rabrahnm Viner, pension 44. St. Paul, plunged ten stories to his death yesterday after leaving a said Friday the situation is "still 114 big groups in the rich southern exceedingly promising" and "looks ncids, he may be in for more court jctter thiin at any time since the He said police arc building up the jackground but there probably will bo no arrests before next week. Police tiro not worried that the suspects might lice the La Crosse area when evidence begins to close in on them, Colomnn said, becnusc their night would merely confirm their guilt and Give the state a tighter cnso. appearances. Moody already has filed n. com- plaint with the National Labor Re- lations board, charging Lewis with an unfair labor practice by refusing to bargain with him on ttre pen- sions. for Weckler to the Now York nnd most of Minnesota gov- ernor's tnsk now looks harder than It did iv week ago. not easier. Every Inducement, every tempta- tion, Is of course being altered me like Dulf to Join tho great star Statute n combination. Other liul: cations thnt the combination Is be Ing formed are also at hand. Th Tnft people nro assorting thnt 1 order to swell Senator Tad's fir.1- ballot strength, Illinois will go fo their hero on the first roll call n Philadelphia. It was to rcwnr Governor Dwlght Green for plv ing up his favorlto-son honors thn Green was given the post of key noter. The Dcwey supporters rath or markedly to resist th Tafr.-sponsoml .'.election of Greci notable specimen of the clrcarle kind of Old Guard An in this, of course, Dcwey looked to wnrcl n combination with Tnft, Altogether, the stop-Stasson move ment seems to bo beginning to make progress, Perhaps even the most complete victories In Ohio anc Oregon will not carry Stasscr through. "Tho say the Ok Guardsmen, "do not control conven- tions." But this piece of political wisdom, always enunciated with the smuggest complacency. Is surely also n form of criticism of those who rc- pont 1C. Bicyclist, 6, Given Ticket In Auto Crash Dubtiquc, Town Slx-ycar- olcl Robert Thompklns was given a traffic ticket calling for his np- pcnrnnco In court today because tho blcyclo ho wns riding and an auto- mobile collided a "stop" Inter- section, Police Chief Joseph H. Strub snlcl tho ba. failed to stop nnd hit tho car. Tho blcyclo was cl badly. Fort Atkinson, fui'thor wnrch will be made for the body of Georgia Jean Weckler, who was kid- naped and killed a year ngo, accord- Inr; to Francis Gnrrlty, district at- torney of Jefferson county. Georgia Jean, eight-year-old daughter of George Weckler, Jcffor- son county, wns abducted by Buford Scnnctt, youthful Rlchland Center ox-convict, who did not confess the crime until ho started serving a tci'm of life Imprisonment last December for the murder of a University of Wisconsin student. Scnnett admitted he and an ac- complice had thrown tho body of the child into the Wisconsin river. v Bullet ins Chicago A meeting of C.I.O. slockhandlers has been called for Tuesday to consider a, possible strike which would paralyze operations at the huge Chicago stockyards. Trenton, N. J. Harold E. Stasscn topped the write-in vote for president in the April 20 Jersey Republican pri- mary, unofficial figures in the. .secretary of state's office showed today, Danville, 111. An Army warrant officer and a Taxton, III., scrap dealer faced con- spiracy and embezzlement charges today In connection with irregularilie.x in tho sale of gov- rrnmcnt surplus metals. note saying, "I'm no good to myself and nobody else." His address was given as 614 Rob- ert street but a driver's license in his pocket gave the address as 1282 Highland parkway, St. Paul. He also carried a curd from the Los. Angeles county hospital. Police said hotel employes who found him still conscious in an alloy said Viner told them he had plunged from a fire escape near his room in the Wacker hotel on the near north side. Viner died shortly after in Henrotin. hospital. Dover Carpenter Killed When Basement Wall Caves in at Plainview Plain view, Minn. CSpecJal) Theodore Loos, 51, a carpenter from Dover, working on a house near here, was killed this morning when the stone wall of a basement In which IB was working caved in, burying him. Loos was working on a remodel- ng Job at the home of Meade Ver- milya, one mile south of here. At the time of his death, he was dig- jmg out the basement of the home along- with, other workers when the Martial Law Proclaimed In City Assassination Attempt Made On Official's Life By The Associated Tress Millions of workers throughout the world celebrated their 59th May day today In rival their ranks split by the strugglo between communism and the west. In many countries May day cor- responds to the American Labor day. In Trieste, Rome and Berlin atmosphere was tense but the bratlons produced only minor Inci- dents, t More than surged through rubble-strewn Berlin, some support- ing and others denouncing commun- ism In bitterest terms. Police said, more than thronged the So- viet sector to hear communist speakers attack the Marshall plan. Loudest applause at Berlin's anti- communist meeting went to Henry Rutz of the American Federation of Labor when he declared: "I can assure you the western powers have no Intention of leav- ing Berlin. Our transport and com- munication lines will be held. Our troops will stay until all occupation forces leave." In Moscow Prime Mlnistel Stalin reviewed a gigantic parade in Red. Square. The emphasis seemed to 5C more on civilian than the mili- tary but Marshal Nikolai Bulganln, told the vast throng, which includ- ed U.S. Ambassador Walter B. Smith, and other foreign diplomats, that wall caved in. He was burled beneath Russia's armed forces will "honor- oVtK? on <Vin the stone and dirt. Vermilya who was at the scene helped workers dig him out. Dr. Robert GJabe, Plainview, was called, and an ambulance took Loos to the St. Mary's hospital In Roches- ter where he died five minutes after his arrival. The accident occurred about 10 a. Survivors are his wife, a eon and a daughter, all of Dover. virtually isolated the Arab port of Jaffa, the British said at least 70 Irgunlsts were killed when the Arabs broke a truce and the Jews returned fire. War Council Five Arab states held a council of war In Trans-Jordan. They were planning operations which, KJngjstate reorganization act was sought Teacher College Faculty Members In Session Here Removal from Jurisdiction of the Abulllah said, "will tighten the ring around the Jewish enemy." The Jewish agency declared today that the American-sponsored plan for a trusteeship in Palestine would only Increase the Jewish-Arab fight- ing. In London Britain stood pat to- day on its vow to resist any in- vasion of mandated Palestine. Moving Day Vans [die in Chicago having an apartment for rent in Chicago can trade it for free dentistry for life. Or, if he prefers, ho can choose from among a refrigerator, televi- sion set, complete bathroom fix- tures, an automatic ironer, washing machine, free voice and piano les- sions for a year, a mink coat for I the cost of tho skins, federal tax advice, contact lenses, an outboard motor, worth of decorating or any make now car at ceiling prices, The newspapers' want ad columns are crammed with inducements of- fered by desperate home-seekers. But the moving van, trademark of Chicago's traditional May 1 mov- ing day, had little business today. today by this state's five Teachers colleges faculties. A request to remove the five col- leges from the state act was ap- proved at a meeting here Friday and today of the inter-faculty or- ganization, of Minnesota' State Teachers colleges. Faculty members from Moorhcad, Bemidji, St. Cloud, Manknto and Used cab, Mr.? Winona attended the two-day ses- sion, highlighted last night by an j address at a dinner meeting by Dr. Paul Grim, director of student teachers, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Dr. Grim spoke on the functions of a teachers college. Madman Muntz, the second-hand Friday morning's session included entre prcnour, has become presi- an address by Miss Mary Murray, dent of the Veterans' Transit Com- exchange teacher from Scotland, pany here in Los Angeles. iwho spoke on the school system of Of course, he has only joined the {her native country, company so he can hear the meters At a panel discussion yesterday afternoon the faculty group listened to talks on teacher training, general tick and. say, "They're mine They're mine They're, mine." It's rumored that he is going to make salesmen of all the cabbies, professional education. education, liberal arts. fact, there won't be a hack driver on his lot who doesn't wear a gardenia. can hear one his drivers talking to a cus- tomer: "Lad, you don't want to take cab. Now, while we're on the way I'll just stop off and give you a look at our won- derful selection-of Bob Hope used 47's and 48's." And his cabs will have a special rate. On the door it'll say: "Only .05 cents a mile." Of course, in little letters, it'll read "down." They may even carry it A suy will step Into a cat to travel ten blocks and before he steps out he'll own the cab. But I don't think Madman Muntz will stop with cabs. In fact, yester- day he had a strange gleam in his eye when a bus passed. And there are always railroad trains. But then It would look a little silly to go chasing some un- suspecting customer up Hollywood boulevard in a used locomotive. Naturally, there has to be a limit. When he starts making- deals with and pre- Divlsional Fulfillt Wife', Death Wish, Her Friend 85-yea.r- old man fulfilled a promise to his dying- wife by a 63-year-old woman last night. On her death bed five weeks ago, his wife made Martin Goff promise to marry her best friend, Mrs. Gladys Havardlnjr, a widow. "She wanted me to be said Goff of his first wife. "And Gladys was just the penon for Weather FEDERAL FORECASTS Wlnona and vicinity Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday with no mportant temperature change. Low -orjjght 46; high Sunday 68. cloudi- ness with occasional rain or drizzle south portion. Decreasing cloudi- ness Sunday. No important change 111 temperature, Wisconsin Partly cloudy to- light and Sunday except occasional aln or drizzle west central portion onight. Little change in tempera- urc. LOCAL WEATHER Official observations for the 24 lours ending at 12 m. today: Maximum, 64; minimum, 49; noon, 4; precipitation, .11; sun sets to- ight at sun rises tomorrow t TEMPERATURES ELSEWHERE Max, Min. Prcc. meetings followed. The plan to remove the five state teachers colleges from the state re- organization act, which would place them under the same present status j as the University of Minnesota, was Chicago 61 aired this morning at a meeting Denver 70 presided over by Gordon Mork, Bo- DCS Molncs midji, president of the inter-faculty policies .committee. 59 Howard Hughes for used air liners and tries hucksters, walking. to turn hostesses into that's when I'll start The Cnlumct Farm's highly-regarded Coaltown, with Jockey Newbold Leroy Plerson astride, splashes through bnckstretcli mud and water shortly after rain stopped at Churchill Downs, Ky., today. (A.P. Wirephoto to The Republican-Herald.) Carmen Must Cover Midriff In London London Carmen Miranda is covering her midriff tomorrow on orders. Booked for a Sunday night per- formance, the Brazilian star received a letter from the London county council reminding her that regula- tions outlaw stage costumes in shows on the Sabbnth. The addition of some cloth to her no-front dress will, she said, turn her costume into a native Bra- -zilian dress. Upgrading of the present salary schedule and a retirement and in- surance plan wns also approved by representatives at today's session. The group also okayed change of the present nine-months employ- ment period to a ten and one-half months employment year. Cluster Cities Seen As A-Bomb Solution Chicago American cities can cut sharply the danger of possible atomic bomb attacks in the future without spending an extra penny for defense, a city plan- ner said today. The long range plan was advo- cated by Tracy B. Augur, former president of the Institute of Builders. It deals with r.ew building required to replace old structures and to D-aluth International Kansas City Los Angeles Fall Mpls.-St. Paul New Orleans New York 70 63 54 59 80 C4 78 52 82 8G .40 .12 Seattle ............58 Phoenix............84 Washington .......71 Edmonton .........48 Regina ............48 The Pas ...........49 Winnipeg ..........60 DAILY RIVER BULLETIN Flood Stage 24-hr. Stage Today Change 40 48 45 49 40 35 56 50 70 48 66 49 41 47 50 34. 38 35 43 ,06 .02 ,OC .03 .01 .02 Rod Wing 14 Lakc City Reads 12 Dam 4, T.W..... Dam 5. T.W..... Dam 5A, T.W. Winona 13 handle population growth. Such j Dam 6, Pool construction, he said, should beJDam 6, T.W. chiefly in the form of small cluster satellite cities instead of being added to big urban centers. Fine Set For Jap Pine Tree Damagers Tokyo Irked by past May day crowds that climbed and dam- aged the pine trees in the palace plaza, Tokyo authorities today hint- ed to union leaders that yen (S400) damages be asked if the trees were damaged. Bank In Beloit Robbed of Beloit, Wis. The Beloit Savings bank was robbed of today in a neatly maneuvered cash drawer dip, police were informed, I. 8.5 11.3 7.7 8.1 G.4 7.5 8.2 8.1 7.5 8.6 3.5 C.9 S.4 ably fulfill all the tasks before them." Nail Pattern. Prime Minister Attlee, in a Ply- mouth, Eng., address, said com- munism Is working in the Nazi pat- tern to destroy Europe's freedom. "In country after country in east- ern Europe the same pattern has been Attlcc said. "By force or fraud, communist dictator- ships have been established." .Nearly a quarter of a million Joined the Warsaw celebration which was highlighted by denunciation of the United States and that Poland always would stand be- hind Russia. Nearly socialists paraded In Vienna. Shortly afterward they were followed by about com- munists. There was no trouble. In Sofia more than parad- ed before Bulgarian Premier Georgi Dimltrov. They carried banners condemning warmongers and "pre- paration for a new Imperialistic war." In the majority of western Eu- rope's democratic capitals separate observances were planned. Socialist and moderate labor groups turned a chilly shoulder on the commun- Iste. Parisian members of the autonom- ous (anti-communist) Union of Mo- tormen picked May day for a sub- wny strike. They want more pay and better working conditions. Grim Tug-of-War In the Far East, where commun- ists are playing a grim tug-of-war in Korea, U.S. troops on the bord- er of Russian-occupied territory were on a three-day alert against possible May day disorders. An orderly mass of Japan- ese gathered in the huge park be- fore the imperial palace in Tokyo to observe May day. The split K-iwccn the leftists nnd other groups was apparent in tho western hemisphere, too. In Mexi- co City two rival parades were scheduled. They were to converge on the great square before the na- tional palace to hear President Miguel Alcman. Farther south, the communists took a rap from the 21 American republics winding up the Pan-Amer- ican conference in Bogota. Colom- bia. There delegates signed a reso- lution last night condemning inter- national communism. Greek Official Hurt in Red Assassination Try Athens Martial Iri'v was proclaimed in Athens today. Premier Themisioklcs Sophoulis said "austere measures" would be taken to meet the situation arising with the May day assassination at- tempt upon the life of Minister of Justice Christos Ludns, The nttempt, on Lnda's life was Dakota Dam 7, Pool' Dam 7. T.W..... La Crosse .....12 Tributary Streams Chlppewa at Holcombe 6.0 Chippewa at Durand Zumbro at Thcilman 3.2 Buffalo above Alma 2.0 Trempealeau at Dodge .2 Black at Ncillsville 4.4 Black at GalesvlUe 4.0 La Crosse at W. Salem 1.8 Root at Houston 6.2 RIVER FORECAST (From Bastings to Gut Iceberg) During the next 48 hours slight rises- will continue in the section frcm St. Paul to Genoa, southward from that point there will be little change. The Chippewa will rise slightly. H- -Ijmadc by ,1 mnn who, police said, H- .11 confessed he wns under orders from communist, execution sqund. A po- -I- .1 liccmnn wns killed nnd the awallant wns wounded in the atuick. The action proclaiming mnrtinl was taken after a meeting of law enforcement chiefs nnd the 4- .1 army. The cabinet approved the -j- .1 step. ___ Ladas, hit in the head by three -1- .2 hand grenade fragments, wns re- -j- ,2 ported in serious condition. He un- derwent an emergency operation. .7 Police identified the attacker as -j- .1 Efstrntos Moutsoyanis, a factory .5 worker about 22. Police said Moutsoyanis told them he is a, member of Opla, a commu- .5 nlst execution squad which gave him orders to assassinate the minister. He wounded seriously, Northwest Airlines Renames Officers St. Paul Croil Hunter, St. Paul, president, and all other of- ficers were rc-elcctcd by the board ,of directors of Northwest Airlines lyastcrday.