Friday, April 23, 1948

Winona Republican Herald

Location: Winona, Minnesota

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Winona Republican-Herald, The (Newspaper) - April 23, 1948, Winona, Minnesota w EATHER unit NntilMUr with FM IS COMING Be your new radio can reeeln tt. Full Leased Wire Newi Report of The Associated Press Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations VOLUME 48. NO. 57 WINONA. MINNESOTA, FRIDAY EVENING. APRIL 23. 1946 FIVE CENTS PER COPY EIGHTEEN PAGES THE ALSOPS ssians Still Acting Belligerent It.y Joseph Alsop Thn hnppy outcome of thn Italian election has dono Hltlo to lessen the extreme nervous ten skill of the pulley making groups In Washington and other friendly cay The explanation of tills and other recent, seemingly mysterious phenomena Is all too simple. Highly plarcd repi union have lately begun to threaten nnkrd nctii at aggression. A little more than u fortnight ago in Ttihpran. for example, tho ttovlot to Iran, sndehlkov, suc- cumbed what can only bn doscrlb- rd ns a calculated tantrum. Sadchl- kov wn.i almost certainly sent to the I'prslan capital In thn first Instance bpcausp his knack, for roaring out menaces was considered likely to In Umidntd tho members of the Iranian government, which he has repeat- edly tried to do, In Iho present In- stance, however, his chosen victim was a diplomatic colleiiKUe, This wholly Inoffensive Individual, whn.ifl country hail not tho remotest pnrt In the Hovlct quarrel with Iran, wns treated to It tirade calculated Kt turn any normal ambassador pen- green with horror. HAnriUKOV'S thenid was thn corne-upparien In iilorp fur the wretched who were cooper- ntlnK with the American Imperial- ists ami obstructing the glorious on- ward march of tho people's democ- racy, Kndchlkov said flatly thnt Soviet forces would shortly Invade Iran, He dwelt at somo length on the mrenifth of tho nod army now poised on tho Irnninn frontier. Ho predicted thnt tho occupation of Irnn would bo a very easy business, And hn hinted that, when Iran had bfrn successfully occupied, thoso who hnd unwisely opposed the Kremlin's wishes wuuld lenrn to regret what thry hud clone. Not cvon the diplomacy of Adolf Jlltlcr shows nny parallel lor this Incredible episode. Yet thoro -wait Knottier roughly similar episode, In- volving another Soviet diplomat whoso name cannot bo disclosed, Bhortly prior to tho rnpo of nlovivkln. This episode wns tho ex- planation of tho violent fit of norvcs in Scandinavia nncl of President Truman's nncl Socrotnry Mnrshnll's warnings of clangor to Scnnctlnnvln, which 'coincided with tho Cwjch crisis, IN T1IJS CASjT nlso, the Soviet dlplomnt Involved selected a col- not directly Implicated as tho recipient of his confidences, Ho be- Knn by predicting thnt the Installa- tion of n democrtvcy (it Prague would take place shortly, by force If necessary, Ho then expa- tiated on the sins of Scandinavia uncl pretty plainly stated thnt Nor wny nnd Denmark wnrn next after Czechoslovakia on the. Krnmlln'n list. This obviously planned Indiscre- tion began to cause the utmost alarm when thr first part of the forecast wn-s confirmed by thn tragic event.1! in Tho alarm was greatly Intensified when tho nvo to seven Soviet divisions stationed In the northern pnrt of tho Soviet German none held extensive landing maneuver1! on the Iialtlc, centering nrmmd Uratoek, which Is extremely close to Hie easterly border of Don- mnrk. Denmark nncl Norway were al- ready full of rumors of Kovlot arms, nlr-dropped by night to the com- munist underground. Tho Moscow propnenndit cnmpalKii against ttann- (llnnvln WIKI simultaneously Intensi- fied, for some days, iiet.t of overt nititresslon Denmark nnd Norway were considered serious probabilities, especially by the Danes nnd Norwegians themselves, There Is still argument about whether a real Invn.'ilon plan existed but was Abandoned nt Uie last moment. The war of nerves ngiiliisl Hcnn- fllnavla seems In have slackened for the moment and the comparatively ren.vmnble terms of the Finnish treaty have restored a measure of general culm. Hut the nuestlon still remains, how to Interpret tlic.'iu fan- tastic episodes? In the eim1 of SadehlkriVs tan- friim las In Hip of Norway mirl Denmark, although hero to a leiwr deism1' (in ominous buck- Ernund existed. Haclehlkov had Ills tmifrum onlv ti couple of weeks nfter the of a series of Soviet threatening the I'erslun gov- rriiiii''iit. The liinl of tlirsn mites hinted broadly at oecuiuitldti of Trim tci prevent the country from fur anti-Soviet" nollvllles, And. nf course, any such naked iiKk're.sslnh as these note1! and .'indchlkov's tantrum IMICMI In fni'eeii.M, mint III the end lend Id n third wnflil war. That. In a grim prm-llciil fuel. Judge Defers Lewis Sentencing f. r iul means committee, which plnn.i o Ntart hoarlngd noon on n bill to extend thn reciprocal tratlu ngroo- nent act now duo to expire Juno 12, Keprwontatlvo Knutoon called tho Predldont'w action ndtl- IIK "I <lo not BCC how It Is possible to Justify ft policy that Rives tho Hnmo treatment to communliit countrlow that Is' Riven to domoc- rnclca. It wo arc slncoro in our campaign to prevent tho further spread of communism, wo should tlvo more favorable treatment to ion-communist Thoro was no immediate Demo- cratic reaction. Boy, 14, Cor respondent n English Divorce Enr. Thomas Donjnmln won n divorce today on trountls of adultery. He numed n ,1-yoar-oltl boy as corespondent. Weather FOIIKCASTS WInonn nnd vicinity Mostly cloudy tonight nnd Saturday with oocaslonnl thunderahowors. Wnrmcr onlght: lowest 54. Cooler Snturdny or night: highest 12. Showers and occn- lonnl thunclershowors tonight nnd Unturclny. No decided change in cmpornturo. East to southeast 30-30 mllow per hour. Wisconsin: Showers nnd scatter- ed thunderstorms tonight nncl Snt- urdny. Wnrmor south portion, Southeasterly winds 20-30 miles per hour. LOCAL WEATHER Omclnl obsorvntlons for the 24 hours ending nt 12 m. today: Maximum, OB: minimum, 01; noon. 02: precipitation, .00 of nn Inch of rain; sun nets tonlKht nt sun rises tomorrow at I1XTKNDK1) FORECASTS Wisconsin rind Minnesota: tem- perature will average 3-6 degrees above normal northern to 0-10 above southern sections. Normal maxi- mum 6S northern to 01 central and southern, Normal minimum 32 northern to 38 central and 42 southern sections, Cooler western section Saturday and eastern sec- tions Sunday, Wnrmcr Monday and Tuesday and cooler Wednesday. Pre- cipitation will average ono half to three quarters Inch occurring as showers or thunderstorms Saturclny Max. Mln, Free. Uomleljl Chicago...... Denver Des Moluos UuUith [lUenmtloiuil l''allJi. City Urn Mpl.'i.-St. Paul New Oi'lnanit Now York Seattle Phoenix Washington Winnipeg 7-1 mi 110 (10 113 65 (15 03 on IIP 02 67 -in 65 50 50 50 40 00 3D 47 Senate Pressing 70 Air Group Plan Washington Air-minded senators pushed off on a drive today to build America's defenses around n 70-group air forco clo.splto stiff administration opposition. With Chairman lirltlKcii (R.-N.H.) at tho controls, tho potent Senate appropriations coinmlltiMi dncldud to speed by bolh a (Id-group com- promise and tho combined clruft- UMT bill bolng written b.V the Senate tinned oe.rvle.CH committee. Switch in Red Tactics Foreseen Alliance With Non-Red Leftists May Be Sought aiiii.........._ __ i com- Force" by 15 groups more than thn'munl.'il.s may bn compelled to switch Reuther Mystery Witness Questioned "I'm for the 70-group Bridges told a reporter in announc- ing that his committee will open hearings Monday on a measure to r.lnrt the 70-nmnp plun. This Is thu money bill that through tho House, lust week by n :MH to :i vote. Of thu was added at the last minute Lo expand tho Air dmlnlstratlon Itself had proposed, a.s a result of their defeat In Italy. Officials .studying this possibility said today thnt unless the commu- nists arc willing to resort to violence amounting to civil war they will, at the very lenst. have to slow down Uiolr time table for political con- quest. Two possible moves by Russia enter Into speculation. 2 Hughes Firms Indicted on U. S. Defraud Charges Honolulu Two Howard ITimhc.'i companies and nix Individ- uals weni Indicted yesterday by a federal grand Jury on charges of conspiring to defraud Uie govern- ment in buying surplus planes. Tho companies and flvo of the Individuals wcrn accused of using two war vnturiinx an fronts In buying ilx transport planes valued at more than for Tho slxt.h, n. former government official, charged with having approved the sales. U. 8. District Judge Delbcrt E, Mctzgor sot arraignment for May 7 and fixed bonds of cnch. Billion Lost In Tax Evasion Asserts Knutson Harold Knutson today urged moro tax collectors with more 'unds to run down billions lost through tax evasion, "Too many people aro escaping their fulr share of taxes, by evas- on and otherwise." ICnutson .said. Ho is chairman of the tax-fram- ng House ways and means com- mittee and author of tho new Income tax reduction w. Treasury reports Indicate that un- collcctcd taxes, Homo dating back ,o war years, now amount to about tho government, oslng a year because it acks enforcement personnel. Knutson urged tho House ap- propriations committee to carry out recommendations of a committee of four tax specialists who called for a huge expansion and reor- ganisation of the internal revenue .irctiu. Tho specialists committee, set up by Congress, said In lu-i report yest- erday the bureau's appropriations whisked a mystery witness Into police head- quarters today as they pressed their manhunt for the gunman who tried to kill Walter P, Reuther. Prosecutor James N, McNally sa'.cl the witness, not identified, wns tlic one who first ftavc information to police about Nelson Davis, an ad- mitted communist, now in custody for questioning. McNally snld thu witness told po- lice hu heard Davis say ho knew who shot the 40-year-old president of the CIO United Auto Workers. Davl.s, C2, n Negro foundry work- er at tho' Ford Motor Company, de- nied that ho ever made mic.h a iv- inurk. Davln wan wild by McjNnlly have signed it formal statement ndniltting that he wns n. communist. Ho emphasized, however, that r.o charge has been placed against Da- vis. There is conclusive evidence that he was on the Job when Rcuthor was attacked, McNally added. Appearance of former UAW Sec- retary-Treasurer Qeorge P. Addes at police headquarters also marked last night's developments. Tho ex-ofUclal, a political oppo- nent of Roulhor In UAW circles, talked to McNally for n long lime. Then, tho two hold n press confer- once. The prosecutor explained to news-1 men police hnd been Informed thatj on Tuesday morning Addes had been "seen on n street corner In De- troit talking to two men In n red car similar to the ono scon at the nccno of tho Reuther shooting Tucs- dny night." "Addes denied that such was the case and .said at the time he was repairing his motor boat at the De- troit river several miles Mc-f Nnlly continued. "Addes has told me thnt he knows nothing whntso- wnld U' ever about the Reuther shooting." One is thnt the Kremlin may order a return to thn early postwar efforts to form ft common front with non-communist loft wing political forces which In recent months the communists have attacked bitterly. Another this one Is heavily but not entirely discounted by authorities that the Soviets may take the initiative in seeking a meeting between President Tnunaii and Premier Stalin, Mr. Truman wns asked nt his news conference yesterday whether Iv: would be willing to see Stalin. He replied thnt If Uic Russian lender wants to come, to this country the President would be very happy to him. But the President nnld n Mint liu has no Intention of leaving the country nt the present time. In Iho first official statement Is- sued hero on the sweeping victory of the American-backed Christian Democrats In Italy, Mr. Truman told reporters: "Free people everywhere will be cncnnrnncd by the outcome of the recent Italian elections. The results demonstrate once again the vitality of the I1-.nlInn democracy and the determination of Uic Italians to maintain their freedom and liberty." House Threatens Condon Loyalty Case Showdown Washington Tru- man's try-nnd-Bot-it challenge ran Into a congressional threat today over demands for report on Dr. Ed- U. S. Steel Price Cut Lauded As Inflation Aid Washington Senator Plunders (R.-Vt.) today called the U. S. Steel Corporation prlco cut a. "contribution to deflation." "The company has done Its duty ,s m trying to reduce living should bo increased from told a reporter. "Now 000 to next ycnr, It nl.solsciunrcly up to the union to accept n boost In personnel [In good grncc the company's de- "rom to cision not to Increase President Benjamin J. Palrlcss announced yesterday thnt the cor- poration was reducing stcc' prices by nbout a year. He said It wns an effort to halt rising living costs. Falrless coupled this announce- ment with a rejection of the CIO United Stcelworkers' demand for Bogota Parley Condemns Reds Tho Pan-American onfcronco unanimously adopted n csolutlon last night condemning ntcrimtlonnl communism and other ormn of totalitarianism, The resolution recommends that ach of the 21 participating nations .IHjndopt measures to combat commu- .00 .10 It was a revised version of n rcso- lutlon offered. Wednesday by the United States, Peru, Chile and Brn- 7.11. Some delegates snld the ndopt- ,0-1 led resolution was stronger than the original. As adopted, it condemns interna- tional communism nnd tho .27 .37 ItlVtlK IIULLKTIN Flood Stage iM-hr. Stage Today Change Dam M, T.W. Urtl Wing City Mii-M. of Hie believe Unit, this Soviet, blunter IN mere stuff, Intended fcr Uie present, only to promot" the iiiul the Kremlin drill-en everywhere. Hill. I in rail be In the fuee nf mid nf thl.i terrible uncertainly, ciiiitliuii'.'i nibble lit Kit iipnrnnrliitlnii-i anil to Jlli at prrivldliiK l hn armed forces with (te.ipenitely needed man power, Thl.i IK not mere riddling while Homo bums. It Ii pluyliik' political tiddly- wink Heel with the destiny of America, tho Lfn- Ucnds Dam 4, T.W. Dam 8, T.W. Until ftA, T.W, Wlituim..... Dntn (I, I'ool Dam 0, T.W. Dnknta Diini 7, I'ool Until 7, T.W. M 12 B.7 8.3 11.0 11.0 H.o 7.7 11.5 ll.'l .1 .2 Tributary Strrnnm Ohlppowit at Durnticl X.umbro nt, Tliellman lluffiiln above Alum 2.0 Tnimponleau at, Dodge 1.0 Illnck at Ni.'lll.Hvlllo Illnek at. Clnlnsvlllo C'l'iuimi at W, Suloin I.II IIIVIIH (from to .1 n -r .1 -t- .1 -I Root at Uounton Thn MlwilHiilppI will continue fall- ing nt HID rate of .2 foot dally at most Hlntlotm for nnvornl tlnyx. Tho Chlppcwn, Wisconsin and Tllack rlv- ei'.i will not change much although smaller tributaries may rise slightly with additional effective ruins. of violence It employs. Delegates said tho document liar- monlxed the various shades of opin- ion of nations which objected to the wording of the original resolution. U. N. Cooperation Urged by Lions Head Milwaukee The president of Lions International last night brought a plea for cooperation with other members of tho United Na- Uoim to Lions club members In Wisconsin. Fred W. Smith, Ventura, Calif., declared Russia's attitude makes cooperation morn Imperative. Hinlth mild with cooperation with other nations "Wo would have it potent, form which Ru.-i.-iliv would not clnro attack. Othurwl.iu this country faces her He addressed a dinner mentliiK of 100 of Lions In WlMcnilnln, Search for Missing Superfort Continues Ciiinm Fifty planes ranKOd OVIIP squai'u mlliis of ocean north of hero today In a continued icarch for a Superfortress missing ulnae, Tuesday. The Superfort has not been heard from since It took off for n practice iiomb run on Fnrallon Do Mcdlnella Island, 350 miles lo tho north. n. wage boost. Flanders Is ono of those In Con- gress who criticised the stool in- dustry when It hiked prices Inst February, The increase resulted in n congressional Investigation. Reds Skirmish Italian Police Home Carablnlori the post-election peace in Italy ar- rested communists in three com- munities last night. A flying column of Cnrnblnlcri rushed to the Castelil Romanl area behind Romo lost night and ar- rested several communists on charges of preparing punitive ex- peditions, Tho Carnblnicrl picked up seven mnchlne guns, seven automatic rifles, 15 rifles, ten hnnd grenades nnd other assorted weapons. Cnrnblnlcri skirmished with left- ists In thn village of Rurrlano nunr Naples Infll. night, wounding one communist mid jailing 20. They said they had surprised, n communist gang getting re.ady to up n church mid n government, building. They some hand grenadi'.s nncl hulletn. In Artimn, .somo mllc.s south- east of Rome, one communist was Representative J. Parnell Thomas (R.-N. J.) said there will be n showdown If the administration falls to produce the document within 48 hours. Thu chairman of tho House un American activities committee said that should be a reasonable time fnr an answer to Uic House resolu- tion directing the secretary of com- merce to turn over the letter. Condon is director of the federal Bureau of Standards, which handles research on some of the govern- ment's top military secrets. But when and how was some- thing again. The House adopted the resolu- tion yesterday, 300 to 29. At his news conference later, Mr. Truman gave no .sign that he would let tho F.B.I, letter KO to Congress, U. S. Reopens Meat Talks Chicago The government hns made a new attempt to end ;.ho 30-dny-old nation-wide meat strike. Representatives of the striking CIO Packing House Workers and the four major packers have been Invited to Washington Week for frosh wage negotiations. ij union has accepted the bid of Cyrus S, Chlnfr, director of the Federal ModiaUon and Conciliation service, to meet with the packers. The, llrst session was planned with Armour Company on Monday. About members of the union struck on March 16 in sup- port of demands for wage hikes of 20 cents. The packers had offered nine ecu Us. Swift ifc Company said it would attend the Washington meeting scheduled with union representa- tives next Wednesday. Armour and Jic other major packers, Cudahy and Wilson Company, did not comment immediately on the invita- tion, ChliiK proposed tho union moot with Cudahy on Tuesday and With Wilson next Friday. No One Was Injured but Harm Boomstra, Grand Rapids, Mich., truck driver, had the scare of his life this morning when this double- span bridge over the St. Joseph river near Merrlon Springs. Mich., collapsed under the weight of his trailcr-lruck. Boomstra was saved from n plunge Into the river when the bridge settled on the sunken pier of a previous span. Wlrcphoto to The Republican-Herald.) Jews Attack 3 Villages on Jerusalem-Coast Lifeline By The Associated Prc Palestine Jews attacked three Arab villages between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv today while Haganah con- solidated the control it wrested In a swift attack, on the port city of Haifa, The attacks apparently were aim- ed at protecting tlic Jewish food Ifellne between coastal Tel Aviv and Uie Jewish community of Jerusalem. Haifa officials said 105 Arabs were killed yesterday in tho Jewish jnlll- tla's attack, which struck after Drl- Ish forces withdrew from all but .he port area. Other reports nald bur Haganah men were killed. Arabs lost night rejected British surrender terms ns too harsh. A world Jewry prepared to usher n the Passover week tonight, the United Nations political committee again took up tho Palestine question. The United States is reported to lave abandoned plans to call for a special international police force for Palestine. However, the Americans are believed ready to insist upon creation of a truce commission to carry out tho security council's cease fire order of a week ago. Chrysler Pay Hike Offer Withdrawn Detroit W) The C.I.O.'s United Auto Workers, like Its steclwork- ers, were without a wage offer to- day. A six-cent hourly boost proposed to tho U.A.W. 'last week by Chrys- ler Corporation was withdrawn yesterday as Chrysler and union negotiators sought to head off a threatened strike. The action was taken only a few hours after the U. S. Steel Corpora- tion rejected the steelworkcrs1 de- mands for any kind of wage in- crease. Federal Mediator Leo Kotin said, however, that the Pittsburgh steel developments were not mentioned at the meeting hero despite the close relation of the two industries. Chrysler may reinstate tho offer later, Kotin added. It was the only one made to tho auto workers in 1048 negotiations n.nd had been rejected by tho U.A.W. The union Is asking 30 ccnUs more an hour and other concessions. Italy Pays U. S. Million for Citizens' Claims Washington Italy paid the United States today to meet claims of American citizens arising from World Wnr n. Ambassador Alberto Tarchlani handed a check for this amount to Assistant Secretary Willard L, Thorp at the Stato department. The envoy told reporters with a smilo that the payment was not Intended to influence the result of American elections. "I am sure your elections will reflect the will of Uie people as Italy's lie said. Harriman O.K.'d by Senate Unit Washington The Senate foreign relations committee today gave unanimous approval to the appointment of W. Averell Harri- man as roving ambassador for the multi-billion dollar European Re- covery program. The nomination now goes to the Senate which is in recess until Monday. Chairman Vandenberg (O.-Mlch.1) reported the unanimous action with a broad smile. Harriman, who resigned this week as secretary of commerce to take over the No. 2 Job In tho aid pro- gram, spent more, than an hour talking with committee members behind closed doors. U. S. Troops in World Army Given Truman Approval WiushiiiRton President Truman expressed Thursday Uiis country's willingness to furnish its share of men for nny Intemntlonnl police force organized by the United Nations. A reporter told Mr. Tramnn at a news conference that some members of Congress have said the President does not have the right to order troops to serve outside this country. The President said he wonders what those who take this position know nbout the nuUxority of Uie commnndcr-in-clilef nnd his rights to send troops anywhere. Questioned about a statement by Warren Austin, U, S. representative to Uie United Nations, that Uils country is willing to supply troops to help enforce trusteeship in Pal- estine, Mr. Trunian said: The United States offered to furnish its slinre of, troops under a United Nations police force. South Korean Vote Disorders Increase Seoul Attacks on police nnd election registration headquarters In south Korea are in- creasing in violence nnd number as the May 10 election approaches. Since April 2, the violence has cost nt lenst 48 lives. American olllcinls sny the attacks, mostly by youths, arc led by communists bent on disrupting the election in Uie American occupation zone. Reds Force Burma Night Rail Travel Cancellation Ran coon, Burma, Night train travel was cancelled through- out Burma, today bccnusc communist activities have made It perilous. The general malinger of the Bur- ma, railways snld recent (Join- wrecking attempts by Insurgents forced the cancellation. Schedules will be revised for trains to mnkc dusk-to-dnwn layovers nt large rail- way stations. Mud-Entombed Hours on N. Y. Harbor Bottom, Diver Freed Now of mud. beld reported to have slashed iU a Chrls-jn, -19-yeav-old diver a prisoner at the Llun Democrat; and t.hrcn others lo linvu nlniiKcl a Carabl-ilci'l patrol. All four worn arreiited. Tax on All Rents Given Backing by School Board n nchool board n .suburban Cfiifton IIIIH it new Idea for a a five per cent, levy on ill rents. The l.nx, believed to bo l.ho first such proposed In Uic nation, was offered yesterday with final action to be taken by Uic school board on May 17. bottom of New York harbor for three niifl a half hours yesterday before hi; was nncl brought to Trapped when banks of an under- (IILch caved In on him, the tllvur. Kdwnrtl of Oy- Bay, N. YM told boat crews ol his plight via a helmet telephone. "Cul. my ho pleaded nt one time, "I cun't .stand it any longer." Fifteen Navy and civilian divers, working In relays, used compressed air Jcls to roliiovo Christiansen from the mud and silt that almost com- pletely entombed him. When finally hoisted to tho sur- face 30 feel, he said weakly: "II, was cold down there. Thank Ood I'm alive. Lol.'.s have, a clKiir- He was laying it telephone cable In the underwater trench, and had reached down lo untnnglo ulr line when the mud walls collapsed, burying him except Tor his head and one arm. He was also pinioned by Uic cable.. Hundreds of persons crowded the area near the Bayonnc ferry slip at the northern tip of Statcn island to watda rescue cllorts. Bulletin lli-rlln A nuKKlnn fornn itenrnil Mild tmliiy lie llcves metihiin-.s will lio Uikcn tioon to "assure tlic nafcly of Soviet planex ami protect Soviet filers" over UiiHKlnn ulr cor- rhlnrs iixed by thn United Slnlcft, Ilrlliiln and I'rnnre. WanhltiKlim Anierle.nim for Ilcmacriitlo Action called on COIIRTCHX today In put "nn end to 'Jim Crow' In thn nrmcd forces of tlic United Chicago Air General Hoy I S. Vmtitanbcrg mild today lie is Mire the. pnoplc anil Con- press "will make an intelllcrnt decision in rccard to the future of air power." Soft Coal Production Near Normal Mine Chief, Union Ruled Guilty of Civil Contempt T. Alnn Goldsborough today postponed In- definitely any further contempt penalty against John L. Lewis and Uic United Mine Workers union. GoldsborouRh accepted n govcrn- me.nt recommendation that he im- pose no further punishment nt this time. Assistant Attorney General Gra- ham Mori.son said no useful purpose could be accomplished by new fines against Lewis and Uie union now. Last Tuesday GoldsborOURh fined Lewis S20.000 personally and the UMW for criminal con- tempt of court. The contempt find- ing wn.s based on their disregard of nn April 3 court order to stop the coal strike. There was also a finding by the judge that Lewis and Uic union were guilty of civil contempt. Soft coal miners received warmly today word Uiat sentence against Lewis had been postponed. Foe I Good "That makes everybody feel said Frank Hughes, president of United Mine Workers district 3 at Greensbui-K, Pa. Virtually all of Uic -100.000 bitum- inous UMW miners were back, ex- In where there was no Immediate work. The Western Penn- sylvania Coal Operators AssoclaUon. representing some of Uie biggest producers, expected per cent pro- duction today. Morlson said "The government Is quite happy" over the bnck-to-worlc movement in the coal fields. Judge GoldsborouRh said tha "court Is more than happy to know- that the normal situnUon Is being restored. "Tlic court postpones indefinitely any (sentence for civil contempt. "All right RonUcmen." Goldsbor- ough said without looking toward Lewis, who wa.s in his place, "the matter Is disposed of. and tills court Is adjourned." Sentence Poxtponed Lewis came into Uie court room ten minutes before the convcninic hour. He walked In, took a scat find then took off his lint. The court- room already was filled wlUi specta- tors. Lewis glanced interestedly a.t Uicin. After IJie session, Morison hnd what amounted to nn informal news conference wiUi reporters. In response to questions, he said that as lone ns Uie injuctlon grant- ed by Goldsborough Is in effect, any new coal strike could be punished wiUi new penalties for both criminal nnd civil contempt. Tho injunction runs for 80 unless the attorney general becomes convinced Uiat Uic dispute Is settled and asks Uie court to dismiss the injunction. Tlic government contends the 80 dnys starts when lull producUon or coal resumes. 2 Foreign Subs Reported in Turk Sea of Marmora Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul newspapers reported today that two foreign submarines have been seen prowling In the Sea of Marmora, There was no official comment. The papers said Uie submarines come from Uie north and slipped through narrow Bosporus strait un- noticed. Democratic leaders from elRht states converged on Los Angeles for the Jackson day dinner and attend- festivities. Bob Hope All Uic Important It was a wonderful affair A hun- dred dollars a plate. Of course. I ate from Uie dolly. I wouldn't ex- actly say where I was silling, but I was next to n. Republican. They had n. wonderful meal, b u i everybody kept yelllnc at the coiiKressmen nicy Just wouldn't anything. Democrats nadc speeches Tills kept the soup hot. Of course, Henry Wallace nvitert The Demoernt-s haven't {Ottcn over hl.s jjnriy. Tlic wallers got even wlih some of the politicians They gave em nothing but promises. There a crisis during Uie din- ner. While Uie entree was brins served The souUlcrn fTJcd chicken bolUMi. After Die dinner Uie lad a little .-sport For dessert, .he waiters brought In a big coffee and everyone threw in his The leading Democrats Invited Genern) Kl.irnhowcr to dinner jui, the uenernl declined Ho said he was loo Inspect the cttchen. President Truman couldn't make t Jin wns occupied looking- for oopholes In his White House He doesn't want to .sublet. And 1 got the surprise of my llfo vhcn all the festivities were over I found out why I was invited a Uio dinner, Uie Democrats couldn't fljid. Uio regular donkey.