Monday, April 5, 1948

Winona Republican Herald

Location: Winona, Minnesota

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Winona Republican-Herald, The (Newspaper) - April 5, 1948, Winona, Minnesota W EATHER tonight. FM Full Leaied Wire Ncwi Report of The Associated Prew Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations VOLUME 48, NO. 41 WINONA. MINNESOTA MONDAY EVENING. APRIL 5. 1946 FIVE CENTS PER COPY IS COMING mire TOUT new radio can reoein Ik SIXTEEN PAGES THE ALSOPS 15 Die in British-Russ Air Crash Loss of Berlin Will Spike ERP H.T Jmwph Htrwitrl Al.iop WMhlnjrton Thn farts behind the Jirrlln business nro simple rnoiurh. A Hovlet rfforl lo expel Ihc western Allies from Berlin WHS fnre- ven us long ago us last November, when Orneral Lucius D. Cliiy told one of these em-respondents tic "wnuld only leave the city on a stretcher." After the breakdown of the London conference on Germany In December. General Clay's un- yielding policy was approved on the hlshesl level, by Hecretury of Ulato Mflr.ihnll, Thn ballon Was rather to go Hi. In llel'llll at that time. Instead, there wns an Interval of Soviet hesitation and compara- tive amiability. And tho ballon has gone up now. The "nnw" U what matters. Thr drive for Herlln must be ncen In con- junction with the rape of (uOnviikln. thn drive fur T'lnland, the pressure. MrundlMiivlii und the struggle, for Italy. Ginning ati ttiu ellnmctlc moment In the Krund i rout fit for Ktirupp, Itic Movlel drlVf lifi'hn holds (.tit wiiiii' threat of liniiilnt-nt war. That Is a fact which beliiK soberly fueed by Ihn Am- rrican policy makers, and should br soberly faced by tho American public. TIIK ItKANONM given for this horrifying ii.wivunent of Itm slum- tlr.n ure rssentliilly simple. The Soviets may be Muffing, but thny rmve cr-mmitted themselves no deep- ly thut It will lie dlffleult for them ti, t.urk down. Wtieii Ofiinrii! Cliiy rrrnurked thut he would not abandon Uerlln except If carried out. ho certainly not bluffing. Tho Unl- Slnte-i und llrltaln hiivn no real Krupp Combine Cleared on 2 Counts Jubilant Carl Lauer Turns First Spadeful of Dirt For New Home nlternntlvn exrept lo cull the tlovlel bluff. For If they lire weuk In the Jure of Hnvlet bullying, every other doubtful slliiutlfin In Jllurcipn will turn sour overnight. The rinim. deprived of hope of would hnrdly bo ublo to maintain their iiuporb courage. Tho seeing thn leaders of the west humiliated In Ilcrlln and Klnlund Rfilrig over like a nlno- pln. would also lose heitrt. And in Itnly, tho current polltlcul trend would bo reversed by tho dramatic demonstration of Iho So- viet power. In short, thu prewnt chdlce In between Tallinn Iho Soviet bluff, whlc'h rneims it jwwilbln rink of nhootliiK nnw; or yielding to tlie Movletii which mentm probably creittlng R sltuutlcn tlmt In certain to lend to war liuci', I'or If Italy Mono absorbed In tho Soviet tho picture will bo com- parable to that In 1B3B, after Mu- nich. Then there will ultimately be no choice except tho appoiisern choice, which between fighting und surrendering. TIMS PANG Kit" of 'politic'11 chllln rriwtlon. which Is Inherent In tho Iirrlln Rituntlon, should now bo fam- lllnr. It was first wen In the Greek- Turkish crisis. It has recurred at intervals since, And It nrono In a vloleui. form when vtikm fell. The piittrm of the present crisis Is. in fact, oddly similar to the Czechoslovakia crisis pattern which led to tho rrcsldenffi emergency mrwuKe to Congrewi, Most official and a few nonofflcliil observers among them these foreseen what would happun in Citeehtisliivakla. Just as the Hnvlet drlvr for Herlln was ulno fonween. Neverthelew. when expectation br- citme reality, a Khiwitly electric went thrcnich Kurope, Here naked Suvlet awn-sslon. From the forelcn offices of al- most every free Kuropenti nation. the (uimn poured Into WinhlriKlem. Was American pulley just tnlk and dollars? If Marshall hud hud to reiilv to these that our policv was jusr talk und dollars, the weak und undefended western Kuropoan nullomi would havii had one ccurse "pen to them. onlv They rmilcl not re.Msl Union alone and unaided. thn Bovlet Sorgoant Curl W. Lauor. paralyzed Directors Still Face 2 Charges Ruling Termed by U. S. Prosecutor Nuernberg, Germany Al- St. Paul Holdup Suspect Dead in Crash at Caledonia Caledonia, 10-year-old St. Paul hold-up suspect was killed in a spectacular crash near here Sunday as he ned from the scene of the crime in a stolen car. The youth, on parole from the St. Cloud reformatory, rolled fried Krupp von Bohlen und Hal- tjje car over nGar the bottom of Sqhauble hill, spilling him onto bach and 11 other directors of the hlehwav 44 He slid about 120 feet, crushing his skull and tearing mt Hone nnwh'nn WPI'P Two Planes Collide Over Berlin Field Accident Seen Certain to Renew Tension in City BULLETIN Berlin (7P) The office <rf Iho British commander for Ger- many announced tonlfcht British planes comlnK into Ber- lin will have riRhter until assurance Is received that Soviet "will not again cndanRcr British Krupp munitions combine were nc quilled by a U. S. court today on two of four war crimes charges. The tribunal cleared all 12 of the -charges that they committed crimes against peace and that they participated In n conspiracy against Wlnona World War II veteran grin- ned hupplly today as ho turned the flnit of cllrl on tho nlte of his now home. Representatives of the Disabled Veterans Welfare Fund who arc raising funds and materials for the hero's homo on tho Minnesota City road oattt of thn Building Materials Inc., grinned also us Lauer wise- cracked: "Thl.'i Is tho first time this kind of work has boun a pleasure! Laucr'.t protly brldo of six months laughed Kally and sukl: "JHit It won't bo the Thn dirt-turning ceremony which marked Iho beginning of con.ilruc- llon of a "Hiiro's homo" for Lauor al a cost of now being raised by sponsoring groups Included in tho Disabled Veterans Welfare Fund, wa.i hilarious today In spite of a raw wind which swept across the nowly-.toloctcd site. Lauor who eamo hero for the ceremony from tho Vaughn hos- pital, nines, III., where he Is await- ing hln discharge was dressed nattily and was buoyant over his good fortune, "Jiint n "This Is a great thing for you follows to do and I get so excited when I think about my good fortune that I am afraid I'll wake up and find It a he said, The Wlnona war hero nat In his wheel chair and Joked constantly wllh tho committee as ho looked ovur tho site of his future home. Ho laughed when ho was handed a long-handled wpatlo and told to "get busy." Then ho leaned cauti- ously down and turned tho Ilrsl iipadiiflil of dirt. Aslcud who was going lo bo "boss" of thn "hero's home." he replied cuutlou.', "oh-oh, uo To a (ii'uistton as lo who was going lo mimiigu the planning of tho and thu cooking ho grinned at hlM wlfi) und said: That rooking Is iiomol.hlng I've been waiting lo find otll aboutl" Hl.'i Ijrld" returned: "You'll find The eouplu wns gay as Lauer was wheeled around ihe ground und looked over Iho plans of tho new; homo. pence. Thcv still face two charges plunder and spoliation of conquered nations, and deportation, exploita- tion and abuse of slave labor. Tho group pleaded innocent last November 17. Acquittal was asked by the de- the clothes from his body. Dead Is Eugene Adam, who wns wanted by St. Paul police for two stlckups (Saturday night and for car tli eft. He was killed in the crash near here early Sunday morning while police were planted at his St. Paul home waiting for him to re- turn. Houston County Coroner John W. Potter said that Adam rolled th ecar over on a curve about seven miles northeast of hern be- tween 7 and 8 a. m. It bounced along the rood for about 250 in a motion filed March 19. a total Presiding Judge H. C, Anderson of Jackson, Tenn., announced the acquittal decisions after a four- hour conference of the court. Brigadier General Telford Tay- lor, chief U. S, war crimes prose- cutor, said the ruling "is a dis- appointment." The co-defendants nre Ewald Louscr, Eduard Houdrcmont, Erich Mueller, Frederick Janssen, Karl Pflrsch, Max Inn, Karl Eburhardt, Henrich Korrschtm, Frledrich Von Buclow. Wcrener Lchmeim and Hans Kupke. Krupp, the principal defendant. Is UK; won of Gustav Krupp, who was known, as the German cannon king. The aged Gustav was too ill to be tried. BIB Krupp factories concentrated In the Ruhr supplied huge amounts oC iinns for tho Nazi as they had for the Kaiser's armies In the war of 1014-18, Tho prosecution had contended the Krupp leaders tried to rebuild a powerful, warlike Germany with themselves as the arms industries. center of Its Shortly thereafter a motorist came by, investigated and reported the fatal accident to authorities here. Coroner Potter and Sheriff. Beryl Kerrigan identified the youth. The body was returned to St. Paul Sunday night at the request of the youth's father. Adams had been sought by police for questioning In connection with the holdup of Perry Copeland, St. Paul, at p. m. Saturday. Pointed Gun at Driver A youih Jumped into Copcland's car on a St. Paul street and with a gesture of his pistol told him to drive. Later tho youili ordered Copcland out and drove away, Copeland told police that before Adam forced him out, after getting about he said, "I've always been a criminal and I intend to stay one." Copcland identified Adam as the holdup man from police pic- tures. Later Saturday night another holdup occurred in St, Paul and him U. S., British Accept Soviet Parley Offer Berlin British authorities accepted today a, Soviet offer to talk over the allied deadlock over Russian restrictions on railroad traf- fic to and from Berlin, They sug- gested a full four-power meeting. The United States previously had accepted the Russian proposal for discussion of these restrictions. The Americans brought niioUier freight train through the Russian zone to supply their forces in Berlin today. The 52-car military freight from the west carried food, oil and other nnd Ulo Sovlct supplies. It passed through Soviet territory on presentation of cargo manifest documents nnd without on- traln as the Rus- sians had demanded and the west- ern powers refused. The special train of Lieutenant General Sir Brian Robertson, Bri- tish commander in Germany, passed tho Russians' Martenborn check- point early today with no apparent interference. It was the first Berlln- Berlin A British transport plane crashed in flames today after colliding with n Russian fighter craft, British authorities announc- ed. The British plane, a Viking. carried ten passengers and lour crewmen. RAP officers said all 14 killed. The Russian lighter also crashed, killing the pilot. The British press association said American pnsxonRcrs aboard tho plane were a Sergeant Plntus and Mrs. J. ClouRh. Their addresses and further investigation were not Immediately available. The transport, belonging- to the British European Airways, crashed as It was about to make landing after a flight from London. RAP officials said the planes fell their wings hit. There have been frequent rum- ors in Berlin that Soviet were diving on American and British planes, but there was no Imme- diate .indication whether tills wai true today. KlKhlor CHpn The flghU-r clipped one wing off the British Viking. Apparently the collision toote place almost exactly over the bor- dcrllnc of the British sector of ot about that one. Although only 19 years old, Adam had a long police record. To police he was known as the bean pole being six feet four inches tall. He, tried to en- list In the military service several times but was rejected each time. Long Record of Crime That led to his impersonation of a sailor, for which he was ar- rested. Then authorities learned that he had been involved In room prowls. He was sent to the state train- Ing school at Red Wing and later paroled. In 1945, he violated his parole and was recommitted un- Republican-Herald photos Tho First Spadeful Of Dirt On the .site of his new home was turned today by Sergeant Curl W. Luuor, paralyzed Wlnona World War II veteran. Watching the ceremony left to right (top In front arc William Lauer, the hero's father, State Senator Leonard W Dcrnck, Mrs. Carl Lauer and Cy Smith. Dcrnek nnd Smith arc co-chairmen of tho drive put on by the Disabled Veterans Welfare Fund to crrcct n "hero's home" on the Minnesota City rond east of tho Building Materials Inc. In the rear are left to right, Jnmcs J. Schneider. Leonard BernatK, Stan Stolpa, Leo L. Olsen and Carlus IB. Waller, all miiinbcrK of thn committee for drlvn. Lauer In hln chair Id enjoying the eoi'umony. Below, thu war hero and hln brldo .look over the plans for their new home. _____ "I don't know much about flowers and shrubs and garden work of any said Mrs.' Luuer, "but I Thi'y'cun learn." Sho Is former nurse, wiiii Irresistibly LIUIIM- and his brldu will attend imwlled to what terms they a bowling mutch of the Wlnonu cm Id ohtuln at Moscow. The front; city Uowllng association of which of the free world would have tn-en UHI war hero was formerly an ciUhu.ila.Htlc member and expert bowler. Later .they will return to Vaughn hospital. SHato Senator Leonard W. Dcrnck (Continued nn Pnifc 1X Column 1.) CAItl, I.AIlKIt Oi I Itr iii. broken. The United States would have been Isolated, nlono and In dire peril. It WHS to glvn it con- vincingly rrussurlng answer to Hciifirttn'iivla. lo Hi-nelux, to I'runcn ntid Italy and Hrltaln. I hut I'rest- clent Tnirrmn went, before th" Con- crew to for tlif draft, und Secretary Marshall at last declared our purpose wllh grim frankness In California. :r we stand firm at Berlin, State Shows 20% Marriage Decline liruco Washington M1) Nebraska top- ped tho United States with Its per cent Increase in marriage li- censes Issued during the last quar- ter of 1047 as compared wllh 10-10. Even though Nebraska, North Dakota. Missouri nnd Iowa showed gains, tho west north central group of states including also South Dakota, Minnesota and Kansas recorded a per cent decline from 10'IC to 1047. for her pruwnl aggressions which is grnrrully accepted by the policy nmkcra. TIIF.V HKMF.Vr. thut Hi" violence (tie S'lVlet. response to III" rciiM-im recovery program flows from the ttnowli'dco of the Soviet limdurs that their system Is too weak to tltlon of a healthy, compe reef. nst meted Kurnpr. ttmt Hint prevt-nllve, I hi" e They et intitlvn Intention in wlili-li tho of will be mipnssltjlr. That this Is now the d.ingi-r li acknriwIedKed. One of thi' wisest makers Amerlc-nn policy IIIVM sadly admit -If we Live III al H'-rllll. We IISK clefeiiUnt: tho wholu jnirumio ot "1L No Experience G. Flies B-25 Solo From Ohio to Owatonna iiullH An Air Force wllh an urge lo fly bul no experience as a pilot wimt vbll- liu: Sunday In a B-25 plane and rnadu an unauthorized solo flight from Ohio to Minnesota. Today ho was being held at the Minneapolis alrliami for authorities lit Wrli-hl T'liild. Duylmi. Ohio, whore tin look off on limn iinaiiiiiitiuund WlO-mllo flight lo Owatonna, 00 miles south of Minneapolis, to visit a brother, officers Identified the ser- geant as .Malcolm MeCrady, 30-yeai1- iild rrew j.'hlcf from Wright fluid. While Iho Air l-'orco and alerted polkio within a radius of JDayton scanned sklua in vain for Iho n-25, McCnidy set It down un- aided on tho small Owatonna muni- cipal field, notified Iho Minneapolis baso of his safe arrival and then wont to the home of his brother, Norbert, to await military police. Cuplaln George Donnelly, Minne- apolis all-base officer, said MnCrady i-rporlnd ho had Jlllit nituriuid lo Dayton from San Anliinlo, and got an "urge" lo lly the B-25 ofl elections. U. S. Task Force To Visit Norway Washington A carrier task force will visit Norway this month "for the promotion of good the Navy announced today. The Essex class carrier, Valley Forge, the C.OOO-ton anti- aircraft cruiser, Fresno, and four destroyers will visit Bergen, Norway, from April 29 to May 2. The vessels will KO lo Norway after tin-no of l.hem pay a visit to .southern England April 111 lo 20. Tho Navy's announcement said the visit will be "in continuation of tho Navy's policy of making visits to friendly countries for .the pro- motion of good will and the fur- therance of friendly relations." De Gaulle Party Wins Algerian Elections Charles DC Gaulle's parly appeared today to have wor Algeria's strife-torn elections. Dispatches to Paris said Dr Gaulle candidates already have won 22 of Ihc GO seats in the balloting for Algeria's first home rule assem- bly. Thny mill hiivn ii. chn al "M olllur I.O U.N. Veto Rule Change Gains Senate Backing Uy Oliver W. Do Wolf potent Senate bloc took shape today behind a de- mand for drastic overhaul of the United Nations veto or without Russia's consent. While the Sovlct union is not mentioned by name in the draft of a joint resolution to be submitted to the Senate this week, there is noireturned to Red Wing for trial, doubt as to the measure's intent. He was sentenced to five years It calls upon and officially author- in the St. Cloud reformatory in izes the President to take immediate i January, 1946. stops through this country's U. N.j Adam was paroled from St. Cloud delegation to revise the world or- gunlzatlon's charter. Both Senate and House must ap- prove the resolution, but It does not require the President's signature. 18. Shortly before he escaped from til the age of that birthday, the institution and stole a car, at Red Wing, police said. Captured in St. Paul, ho was last December. Until lost Thursday, he was was These dnys when you go to the movies, you don't know whether you'ri! seeing Uiu picture or the nuwsroel. "Call NorU'.slde 777" is the latest in the "documentary" or "photo- grnph 'em where they happen" pic- lures. That movie Is so authentic that the only way I could tell they were using actors because I .spotted their agents In the mob sir, they took their equip- ment to Chicago and marie movie right the on "Bolfilopo thn spot. In fact, a landlord want- ed to evict a. ten- ant in the neigh- borhood and the tenant said, "You can't My contract calls for ho walked clown the field. All he hntl with him was a map of the United Stales. Wlnonans who flew wartime believe the B-25 which Hew ovor the cliy Sunday afternoon was tho one piloted by the errant Ser- geant McCnidy. Whitewater Park Needs Your Help W Rend editorial on Page 8. one more One Chicago housewife met an- other housewife running down the street, and said, "Where are you Thn oilier replied "To t.hc mn.rki'1; They nrn casting One studio thought It would save money by using this technique and not have to build a set. It would have been cheaper except that the story took place in Tibet. For one .scene in a. new picture of this type they tried to pholo- Ki-iiph 11 dc'imrl.mi-nt. Hl.orr, bill, UHI onmrrii .snmshtrd. They didn't know that thure'd be a sale on that day. But Ihcro will still be some pic- tures they'll never be able lo phol.o- Kt-npti on the .spot.. I urn thinking of "To the Ends of l.he Earth." And what about voncl the "the Secret Dc- Thcy'd never got Uiu camera through the keyhole. employed by a railroad but laid off temporarily. Friday, police said, Adam wns refused a job because of his "rec- ord." Saturday, Adam, whose parents arc divorced, Inft the home of the aunt with whom he stayed and told n, friend, "I don't cnre what happens." He potentially was a dangerous criminal, pollco also felt Hint felt, with But thn they right Adam might never have become involved in crime. Other automobile accident vic- tims were: Paul Zwlckol. 70, of St. Paul. William A, WIdcmnn, 37, of Big- clow, Minn. Cherry McKcnzIc, two-years-old, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. William McKcnzic of Minneapolis. Zwlckel wns killed SnUirdny night when he wns struck as he crossed a street near his home. Wldeman was killed near Sibley, Iowa., when lie lost control of his car, which rolled over several times. A passenger in his car, Leonard Hcldcbrink, 25, of Liltle Rock, cm wind to a t.o get Hcldcbrink suffered a fractured pelvis. The McKcnzle child was crushed to dentil between her father's car and a culvert. The automobile stalled while climbing a hill in Wisconsin just across the river from Stlllwater. Minn. When the brakes slipped. Mrs. McKenzle Jumped out. The child, sitting in tho front sent between her parents, Icll out and wns caught between the car and the culvert. train to get through since the Soviet rules took effect. The Americans let the Russians resume normal operation of the Sov- iet railroad hcndqunrters building, Tho U. S, Army withdrew military pollco from around the headquar- ters in the American sector of Berlin yesterday, after the Russians gave in to American demands that they remove eight armed sentries from the building. Some 50 MP's had sur- rounded the headquarters since Fri- day night. Italy Answers Red Threats With Military Display Rome Tho Italian govern- ment replied with a two-hour display of military might yesterday to communist election campaign threats. Nearly 500.000 Romans cheered as 25 000 tanned troops marched through the heart of the capital. Scattered communist jeers wore drowned out by the plaudits of the crowd. In the procession were 40 including eight American Shermans, scores of British nrmored cars nnd more than SO mobile artillery pieces.___..... It; wns the most impressive military ivnvrv display nlnco prewar ilnys. Moinex "It's just like Mussolini's said one watcher. Tho incident came only a few hours after nn apparent easing In the east-west tension that haa gripped Berlin several days. The plane crash seemed certain to renew tension In Berlin. A dozen Soviet officers went to the .spot whore their fighter down, but made no comment. Ger- man police pried the pilot's body from the wreckage. The British plane came down In Soviet-occupied territory. Soviet Soviet soldiers barred from getting ncnr the wreckage, which wns .spread over a wide arm, Cart Stlndt, American nownreel cameraman, said Sovlct soldiers de- manded the film In his camera, and tore It he had taken no pictures. The soldiers then or- dered him into the British sector. Weather Minnesota: Pair tonight, Tuesday considerable cloudiness. Light local rains in south and west central portions. No Important change in temperatures. Wisconsin: partly cloudy tonight and Tuesday. Scattered light showers south portion Tuesday afternoon or nlKht. Cooler tonight. Little warmer west and cooler ex- treme southeast portion Tuesday. LOCAL WEATUER Official observations for the hours ending at noon Sunday: 24 52; Maximum, 05; minimum, noon, 65; precipitation, none. Ofllclal observations for the 24 hours ending at 13 noon today: Maximum, 70; minimum, 41' noon. 51; precipitation, none; sun tonight at sun rises to- morrow TEMPERATUltES ELSEWIIERE Max. Min. Prcc Bcmldji 54 70 154 75 Bulleti Lake A United Nations committee today shelved Russia's atomic control jilun as inadequate and unrealistic. The vole was 9 to 2. Russia, and the Soviet Ukraine voted against llic majority. By Francis W. Carpenter Luke A. Crnmykn indicated today Im would boycott it meeting of M-- curity council delegates at Un- ited States offices in New York to discuss Holy Land trusteeship. New Haven, torian Charles A. Beard contends that the laic President Roose- velt secretly committed America to military action months before IVivrl astl "maneuvered" tho Japanese into firing tlie first Mrs. J. D. Rockefeller, Jr., Succumbs of Heart Attack New York Mrs. John D, Rockefeller, Jr., died today at her home of n. heart attack. She was 73. Mrs, Rockefeller was the former Abby Croon Aldrlch, daughter of U. S. Senator Nelson W. Aldrlch for Rhode Island, She married the pres- ent head of the famous Rockefeller rumlly in 1001. She was born in Providence, R. I. They have five D. TIT, Nelson, Lnurancc, WlnUirop mid a Mrs, Rockefeller was a sister of Winthrap Aldrlch. the noted banker. She died :it. a. m. nt her home, 710 Park avcuuo- Int. Falls...........48 Kansas City 78 Los Angeles 62 Miami .............75 Paul .....67 Now Orleans....... 74 New York.......... GO Seattle 48 UIVCll BULLETIN Flood Siagc 24-Hr. Stage Today Change 26 54 32 43 32 2S C2 43 73 37 70 415 34 .13 14 10.5 33.4 12 9.5 10.1 S.2 3.5 13 10.4 fi.R n.i n.3 9.G 8.9 12 10.0 Tributary Streams Chippcwa at Durand 5.5 Zumbro at Thcilman 3.0 Red Wing..... Lake City Reads Dam 4, T.W. Dam 5. T.W. Dam 5A, T.W. Wlnona Dam Pool Dam G, T.W. Dakota Dam 7, Pool Dam 7, T.W. La Crosse -0.1 -.0.2 -0.2 -fO.l -0.2 0.2 0.1 0.0 -i-O.i -i-0.1 r-0.1 H-0.1 0.0 -0.8 0.0 O.I 0.2 0.0 -0.2 Buffalo above Alma 2.4 Trempe.-ileau at Dodge 1.5 131ack nt Neillsvllle 4.1 Black at Gnle.svllle 4.2 nt W. Snlem 1.8 Root at Houston G.2 K.IVE11 FORECAST (From H.-ustinps to Gnltcnbcritl During the next 48 hours the Mississippi will full from St. Paul to below Lake. Pepln; nnd will remain piiicUrally NtfltJonai-y from Alma Prairie Ou Chlen. Without hcnvy rains the river will fall UirouRhout the district by the middle ol tills week. FEDERAL FORECASTS Wlnona and vicinity: Generally fair tonltfht nnd Tuesday. Cixilcr to- witli lowcs 34. lilgh Tuesday CO.