Saturday, December 20, 1947

Winona Republican Herald

Location: Winona, Minnesota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Winona Republican Herald on Saturday, December 20, 1947

Winona Republican-Herald, The (Newspaper) - December 20, 1947, Winona, Minnesota W EATHER FM IS COMING rare roar radio can K. Full LMMd Report of Tho Associated Member of the Audit Bureau of VOLUME 47, NO. 259 WINONA. MINNESOTA, SATURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 20. 1947 FIVE CENTS PER COPY SIXTEEN PAGES Good Fellows Step Up Driv Last 3 Days ItK Good Follow campaign n o goes Into hlK Tho lust thr days b o f o r Christmas a r vital onrs In tl drive to brln Chrlstmns to o-v ery child In th community, It Is the tlm of Inst ml nu n p p e n 1 s fro children; t h time when th Ocotl P e H o redonblo their nfforts an put in long tiring hours, nut they hitve n gonl to make an a record of long service to muln tain. With the help of Good Fo lows nupplylnit the funds, they wl attain It again this year. It Is never too lato to bo n Ooo Fellow, The funds and gifts nr utilized up until the last hour. Di at thin time It Is Important that th workrrs are not hnndlcappod b lark of funds, So thn nppenl toOny Is to be Good Fnllow now. Mall or brln your contribution to the Clood Fo lows. The rtepubllcan-Mernld, Wl nonn, Minn. Help these workers mnko the goal which Is a gift for every need child In this community this Christ mas, so that Joy may bo commun Uy-wlde on Christmas dny, Be a Good Tel low today, Be a Good Fellow The following Is a list of oontrl butions to the Good Fellows U date: Previously llnleit 1.00 25.00 2.00 z.oo 6.00 12.M A A friend A friend WlllUm New Cub I'nek fikTnfn nnn A friend A friend A A friend rrndentlal Inmiranee Kenneth Douxlan anil Lynn and C. Jammer A irarollnjr woman Kmplojrt'H of Donovan Inr.................. A frtenrt Karen, Kirk, Karl and Kenneth Charlei W. Aline Kowi and Newton Moravian Mary Soelelr, 81. K. T, Kdward......... Clllnen OrNce and Mike K. II. Wlnona Holler Com- 1.25 II family A friend Two PrlenrtH...... Edwin JertMin and family A friend lintel Wlnona 1.00 1.00 1.M 5.00 l.Ot 1.00 5.00 10.00 2.00 .50 5.00 1.50 W.ZIB.M A n. r. Mrs. Carrol Mark Gibbons, Sheriff's Son, Succumbs at 23 Gibbons, 33 years old, son of Sheriff Thomas J. Gib- died of n heart nttnok shortly after noon Frldny in his room St. John's university, Oollogovlllo prnnnrlnK to return home for the holidays, A twin brother of Jerome Gibbons, a senior nl the University of Min- nesota, Mark was n senior nt St. John's, where he was mnjorlng In rhemlstrv. He hud been under treatment for n heart nllmont sov eaoo treaties, "I realise that the many lengthy and thi frequent and undamenUI cIlMRreeminU vnre 'ery oonruRlng to the pub- ,0." he contlnuoun accusation! jrnlnut good faith, InU- rlty and the purpoMR of the gov- rnmenU of the ,Unlted nec- marlly added irreatly to the con- uslon. wai, ai matter of fact ne of the purposes of thew at- aoks." Commenting on Inslst- noe on settlnit up a aorman con- rnl (tovernmont without first unlfy- Germany, Marshall said any ,loh wwiM be "a sham nd not a reality." snld. "was tho first lour evidence of (Molotov's) pur oso to utlllno tho meeting as an pportunlly for propaganda deolara- ons which would be ploasnnt to Orrman Kallur. Kxplalnxl In thn Soviet none of Germany Mild, nuMln "seized ast holdings and formed them Into gigantic trust embracing a aub- :nntlnl part of the Industry of thnt one. This has resulted In a type of monopolistic strnngle-hold over tho conomlo and political life of east- rn Gormnny which makes that OKlon very little more than a do. icnclcnt province of tho Soviet nlon, 'A very strong reason, In my pinion, for our failure to agree at <ondon was tho Soviet dotermlnn- on not to rolnx In any way Its old on custom Gormrtny." Marshall spoke bitterly of Molo- ov's "categoric" "bland" re- isnl to furnish tho foreign minls- irs with Information about tho .usslnn zone of Germany, whllo at he samo time offering "carping ritlolsm of thn economic procedure i our Ho said "No roiil ground was ilnctl or lost at tho but elded: 'Wo cannot look forward to n nlftod Germany nt this time. Wo usl do the -best we can In tho where our Influence can bo It." CHRISTMAS SFAIS Killed in Swiss Explosion lllaiMM-MUholi, pcrnorui wore reported killed nd four others were mlitalng after i nxplojilon which wrecked a munl- dopot and not flro to thin ham- t early today. Throe houxei and wo wore destroyed by flamoa. Russian Economic Deader Reinstated M. Xaian- 'Ich. S4, a member or the power- I polltburo. nnd one of Ruwla'i p economic Mnon, rentorcd .to- day to his old post an a vtco-crmlr- mun of tho Soviet union's council of ministers, n job enulvalnnt to deputy premier.________ Russians Develop Powerful Microscope A 100-KllOVOlt microscope able to magnify Union has noun produced In tho Hovlot Union. An announcement says members of the electron1 nnd microscope brunch of the Ministry of tho Elec- tric Industry hnvo boon working on tho mechanism tot a year and half. Italian Violence Breaks As Pope Warns of Hatred By Frank Drutto Rome A nation-wide strike begun In Italy's food Industries am violence broko out over a Christmas dole among Naples' jobless today even as Pope Plus XII warned In a Holy week message that class hat- red threatened tho very foundations of nations. Indications wore that the food latest leftist-led labor crisis to harass tho newly reshuffled Christian Democratic government of Premier Alclde dc Qaspcrl, might bo nettled by nightfall. Five Wounded But In Naples five persons, three of thorn policemen, ware woundoc! In rioting and gunfire toucher! off whon'ivn unemploymentvofflco hand- out' Christmas 'dolos huscs of tho proposed municipal auditorium Tor St. Cloud. 'There has been so much talk about tills project that we want to earn all we can about it, the type be built, the size, the location. cost of building and cost of opera- tion after it 1s completed." A nominating committee will appointed In a few days to submit nominees for positions on the board of directors. Three-year terms of five members expire at the annual meeting early In February. Weather FEDERAL FORECASTS For Wlnona and vicinity: Oen- rally fair tonight and Sunday; a little .warmer Sunday afternoon. Low tonight S5; high Sunday 38. Minnesota: Fair and colder to- night. Sunday partly cloudy -with ittle change In temperature. Wisconsin: Clearing and colder onlght. Sunday partly cloudy with little change In temperature. LOCAL WEATHER Official observations for the 24 lours ending at 12 m. today: Maximum, 30; minimum, 22; noon. 6; precipitation, none; sun sets to- night at sun rises tomorrow t TEMPERATURES ELSEWHERE Max. Mln. Free, Bemidji ............20 13 )Uluth 16 T Kansas City .......55 28 xis Angeles Jlaml Jpls.-St. Paul cattle hoenix Washington The Pas 72 75 27 49 67 42 12 52 69 20 42 35 24 T .02 DAILY RIVER BULLETIN Flood Stage 24-Hr. Slnga Today Change led Wine akc City 3am 4. T.W. 3am 5, T.W. Vinona (C.P.) lorn 6, Pool iam 6, T.W. lakota (C.P.) >am 7, Pool )am 7, T.W. a Crosse 14 3 12 2.4 5.8 4.3 25 9.G 4.4 7.4 9.1 2.1 4.7 -r .1 2 .1 a .1 j. 2 Tributary Streams hippewa at Durond. 3 umbro at Thcllmon. 2.8 uffolo above Alma... 3.0 4- .1 "rempenleau nt DodRe .1 luck nl aitlOKVlllo... 3.3 .1 11 Crossft at W, Salem 1.8 .1 loot at -t- JL RIVER FORECAST (From to Guttenbcrr. Iowa) There will be no Important changes In the river stages ut thla dUtrtot for Mvaral I