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Winona Republican-Herald, The (Newspaper) - November 4, 1947, Winona, Minnesota OME TO THE Winona Mardi November 6-7-8 Full Leased Wire News Report of The Associated Press Member of the Audit Bureau of VOLUME 47. NO. 220 W1NONA. MINNESOTA, TUESDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 4. 1947 FIVE CENTS PER COPY FOURTEEN PAGES Swimming Pool Bonds Voted Council Considers Sewers, Will Ask Bids Project Cost To Guide Next gut Qost Underestimated Step in Plan Will Find Out If Bond Issue Is Enough The city council last night rmivec to ndvrrtl.'io for bltls unclnr thn SDWCI pinna prepared by City Knginoc Carl W, 1'Tank aftrr hrarlng from n consulting engineer that his plans lire "consistent with flood engineer- ing practice." The consulting nnRlnccr. A. J Duvall, of Toltz, King Day, St Paul. suggested an alternates plan to Mr, ho termed ft "more economical but ho recommended tho city -If tho dollar Mftn's However. Mr. Duvall assorted thai Mr. Frank's estimates were too low and that tho recent bond issue of would not pay tho bill Consequently ho suggested R Rtfifdi construction plan Involving shallow fores in substitution for Mr Frnnlc'n deep gravity sowers Seek Actual Thn shallow sowers, ho explain- rd. htvvo n lower first cost, but ft hljther operating cost." Heeding Mr. Duvnll'd ndvlco thai "the only way you can find out whether our estimates are right to ndvertlso." tho council Informally Instructed the city engineer to com- plete his plarui and It wiui Informally agreed that when these pinna rind specifications fire ready bids for tho whole project vrtll bo received. It wna also Informally Agreed that (Contlnncd on rneo 3, Column 4.) COUNCIL Weather FKDKItAL I'OKKCASTS For Wlnona nncl vicinity: Occn alonal rain or drizzle tonight (ind furly Wednesday, bocomlnij colder Inte'wrdncsduy or Wednesday night. Low tonight 48; high Wnclncsday CB. Minnesota Cloudy, showers to- night ixnd in north and cast por- tions Wrclrirsclay. Cooler southwest nnd extreme west portions tonight, and In most sections Wednesday, Showers Wed- nesday beclnnlnK thf west por- tion tonlKht. Little chungo In tem- perature. I.Of'AI, WKATIIKK Official observations for the 24 hour- vr.tllm: 12 MI. today: Maximum, M; minimum, -111: noon, SO; p" .01; nun snls to- night '-2; sun rises tomorrow nt C 47 TKMPKUA. KI.SKWIIKKK Mnx. Mill, I'cp. I'.cmldll -14 411 41 .llfl T .17 Frank's Program Feasible Committee Asks Cut in Income Taxes Ways and Means Unit Meets to Map Tax Moves By rraiicls M. Washington A majority of Although no "final recommendations" had been arrived at the consulting engineers to the pro- posed scwcr extension project suggested to the city council Monday night In a progress report an alternate plan which appeared to be "more economical." The firms, Toltz, King Day, Inc., St. Paul, said City Engineer Carl W. Frank's plan is con- sistent with good engineering but asserted that his cost estimates were too low. Tho firm indicated that if the growth of the city was to be fast Mr. Frank's plan would be best, if not theirs would be. The summary from the report follows: 1 "In this progress report wo have reviewed Mr. Frank's plan F-3.0, and find that the basis of de- sign is consistent with good engineering practice. Adequate allowance has been made In sizing toe sewers and lift stations to provide for growth of the city and its suburbs to the west. A population ft citizens advisory committee on equal to that of your city at the present time can be served by his plan. taxation recommended today "a to plan has been offered for your consideration because of the high construction, reduction in individual income tax cost of Mr. Frank'stfan. These high construction costs are due to the fact that the city of Winona; rates for all wUh du regard for lies on a relatively level area Just above river level. Of necessity, long gravity lines will be well be- the cost 01 Jiving 01 low water level, with attendant high construction costs. "Tho alternate plan eliminates almost all deep construction, except for lift stations. It appears to to bo the more economical to construct to take care of needs of the city for some time to come. However, If the city Is to have a large and rapid growth so that the ultimate capacity of the pro- posed sewer system will be needed In the foreseeable future, then the Frank plan appears to be the better one to construct, providing the cost is not excessive." Engineers Analyze Proposals Hero arc highlights from the firm's report on Mr. Frank's plan, which Includes a major lift sta- tion at Qllmoro avenue and Gould street (district STo. 0) and a major lift station at Sarnla .street and Mankato avenue- (district No. Mr. Fiunk's plan, provides .for system., of trunk sewera, with two me.Jor.-'tf'ft! stations. A amall lift station li con- templated to serve lateral leweri 'in the Sugur Loaf urea. The plan fur- ther provides for tha ollmlnatlortfof lit Btfttlon No. 3, located at Lafay- ette nnd Mark by the con- struction of a gravity sewer to the proposed main trunk along the tike. Such an arrangement takes iwny an estimated peak newage How )l ovor gallons per minute from ho 42-Inch trunk sower along the Ivor beginning at Lafayette street o the lift station at High Forest troot, thus providing for additional nduntrlal waste capacity In tho ox- srlng 42-Inch trunk sower along the Ivor. Mr. Frank's plan provides ade- KOUKCASTS sanitary sower service for a ong-rangc program of development >f tho city of Wlnona and Its uburb to tho west, Ono major lift tatlon Is eliminated nnd Us re- No. to bo onstructcd at ft point where it can Iso servo district No. 7. Ono new major station will handle district 0. and only one lift station Is oqulrcd on tho latonil system (the no bolow Sugar This plan hu.t results In a minimum of lift tatlon operation and maintenance. His cost estimate is: District newer west of Ktittlan No. fl ,lft Hllitlon No. f> 24-Inch newer, station No. 0 to Lafayette 21-Inch connection from station No. 3 to 24-Inch Los 73 53 Miami B3 72 Paul 47 York .17 .25 trunk sower........ no estimate 73 42 Scwvr from Lnfayuttc to .station NIL 7 Ktlltlun No. 7 Scwnrn to Niiifiir l.nuf will iivrnii'i' Hi II ilr.ti-ei'Hi'lii-lnoli Knwur from noi-inal. Duytlme.'i. somewhat! No, 7 to disposal plant above luirimil. Nlchts, much ubovr normal. Nuniuvl maximum 3D In Total SGG3.000 the north U> 54 In thr south, nor- Since August 5. 1040, (time of the minimum 22 In the north to 331estimate) the Engineering News In the south. Nu important chanKo record cost Index has increased until colder Saturday and Sunday. Prrrlp'.-uilion will iivurivftc ubout inch In Wisconsin and U Inch In Minnexotii. Hnln nvrr must of the urea and afraln Friday or Saturday. OAII.V Flood 2't-Hr. Today Change (1.1 n.3 4.1 4.1 7.5 n.-i '1.7 Rrd Wine Lake City Uracls Dam 4, T.W..... Dam S. T.W..... Dam fiA. T.W. Wintnin tC.l'.i Darn (I. I'ool Dixm C, T.W..... Dakota iC.r'.l Dam 7. Pool..... Dam 7, T.W..... LA CrosM1 12 4.0 Tributary Streams Chlppewii at Durand.. 1.6 Zumbro at Thellman.. 1.0 BufTalo above 2.1 Trcmpealeau at Dodge, .ft Black at Nelllsvlllc___3.0 Black nt Clulesvllle La Crossr lit W. Snlcm 1.0 Root ftt Houston KIVKIt KOKECAST (From Haatlnfffi to Iowa) 1 2 !i .1 will remain pritctlcnlly sta- tionary throughout thl.i cllntrlct for Mvcral clays, or until effective rains about 10 per cent. Allowing for this cOKt Increase, Mr. Prank's estimate us of today would then bo Increased ubout JlOC.OOn to a total of A study of the lift station con- struction problem leads us to con- clude that substantial savings can he miicto by using a circular design. (Continued on Paffc fi. Column 1.) FRANK'S PLAN Ste wartville Man Gets Year for Auto Negligence Austin, Judge Martin Nelson today sentenced Carl W. Peterson, 26, of Stewnrtvilic, to servo one year In tho county Jail and pay a fine of on a charge of criminal negligence. Tho charge was tho outgrowth of an automobile-motorcycle collision near Kaclno August 23 In which tho motorcyclist, Vcrn Slmonson, 22, of Spring Valley, was fatally Injured. Judge Nelson advised Peterson's attorney that ho would consider an application for suspension of the remainder of tho sentence nfter Peterson has served 00 days and paid tho fine. Costs of Frank's And Consultants' Plans Compared In ita report Toltz, King Day mado a coat comparison of Its suggested plan and tho one pro- posed by tho city engineer. The comparison follows: Cost estimates show that substan- tial flrst cost construction -savings cnn bo realized from the alternate plan. Using our' estimate for the most favorable condition under the Frank plan, a saving from to or results Using our most unfavorable estimate for tho Frank plan, a saving from to or This alternate plan offers consid- erable flrst stage construction cost savings, as it lends Itself to stage construction dependent upon the rate and direction of growth or the city. Our flrst stage construction cost Is estimated to be An expenditure of this amount, might bo Biimclcnt for many yours t.o come, depending upon tho rate of growth of tho city. This amount of ;o which must be added, as to all pur estimates, the cost of ng, land, rights-of-way, casements and legal fees, is substantially less ;han the amount of your bond 1s- e. Against this Tirol cont wo must balancu t.hu udclll.lonal annual operation and maintenance costs for the lift stations. We estimate that these annual costs for the Frank plan and our alternate plan will be as follows: Frank Present proposed construction ..S G.GOC Ultimate construction Thus, an annual additional cost for operation and maintenance un- der present conditions of some results in our alternate plan. Capi- talized at 5.7 per is the fixed charge on your present 20-year bonds at 1.4 per cent additional capital expenditure of about on the Frank plan would be Justified. However, the cost for present construction of the Frank plan is at least from to more. If we consider ultimate condl- Alternate Plan as Offered by Engineers The alternate plan proposed by Toltz, King Day Involves building a large Interceptor line on Mark street rather than along the north shore of Lake Wlnona, as proposed by the city engineer. The firm's proposal follows: Two major lift stations and nine smaller lire stations are included In this plan. The arrangement differs from Mr. Prank's plan In general as follows: 1. Major lift station No, 6 is moved westerly. The gravity sewer on Frank's plan from this point east Is replaced by a force main to the site of station No. 3, discharged to the force main going north toward tlons, which would provide sanitary sewer service for the entire area as indicated on the double your present estimated popu- find that the saving in operation and maintenance costs under tho Frank plan is some 106. Capitalized at 5.7 per cant, an additional expenditure under the Frank plan of some is Jus- tified. The construction cost dif- ference under the most favorable condition Is from to On this basis, the Frank plan Is moro economical. Un- der tho most unfavorable estimated conditions for the Frank plan, the construction cost difference is from to still leaving a small advantage In favor of the Krank plan. tho river. 2, Tho low marshy area between tho highway and the west end of Lake Winona will be served by lift stations Nos. 6A and BB to be con- structed when and if this area de- velops. To Rebuild Station 3, Existing lift station No. 3 is estimated to be rebuilt in its ap- proximate present location. This station will continue to discharge as _ _........_ it docs at present until such time'best atJi0 to tilose ]Cnst nwa t0 pny. as the discharge line Is overloaded. lower income But Matthew Woll, A.F.L. official and labor member of the ten-man group, took exception to the recom- mendations. The majority of nine and Woll filed separate reports with the House ways and means committee which created the study group, headed by Roswell Maglll, former under secretary of the treasury. Neither report was immediately made public in full. The group's report was submitted as the ways and moans committee assembled to prepare tax legislation for the special session of Congress convening November 17. Chairman Knutson (R.-Minn.) has. said he wants a bill cutting' income taxes by n year. Co-op Question Also on the committee's list of business was the Issue of whether farmers cooperative associations should be taxed at the same rate as business corporations. On that, Under Secretary of the Treasury A. Lee M. Wiggins submitted a report suggesting that a decision be deferred until tho treasury com- pletes a study It Is now making of tho untlrn tax system. Matthew Woll, A.F.L. official nnd labor member of the ten-member study group, filed a minority report disagreeing with the majority. An associate of Woll said his re- port contends that the majority recommendations would: 1. ''Severely reduce federal rcve- lues. 2. Disregard revenue needs for the European aid, and 3. Shift the tnx load from those Mrs. John G. Winant Arrives at the airport at Concord. N. H., todav from New York after learning of her husband's suicide lost night. Pilot Stanley Snyder helps her out of plane. (A.P. Wirephoto to Tho Winant, Former Envoy to England, Shoots Self Concord, N. H. <VP) John O. Winant, 58, former ambassador to England, committed suicide last night by shooting himself In the head with a bullet fined from a .32 calibre Belgian pistol. His private secretary, J. Bernard Tculon, said in a statement Issued early today that the death weapon was one of two pistols round to the bedroom where his body was dis- covered. The other, a German luger. apparently had been thrown against the wall when ho couldn't nd ammunition. Tculon said with Winant had not been in good health since the sum- mer, but that he had continued work on his memoirs, even com- pleting a section of the second vol- jme yesterday. Hn ate lunch downstairs, but had dinner served In his room. No one saw him after dinner. Teulon saidj le died at p. m.. about an hour after the diplomat had flred the fatal shot Into his head. He did not Then a discharge line will be con- structed easterly to the proposed gravity line at Chatfield and King streets. This eliminates the deep consciousness, passing away Knutson Comments while his personal physician. Dr. When the House committee James W. Jameson was admlnistcr- Knutson said hearings on a general ing to him. overhauling of the tax structure would end by January 1 and that gravity line in Frank's plan cast to jle expects the House 'to pass tax Mtinkato avenue. 4. All areas in district No, 7 will be served by lift stations Nos. 7A and 7G inclusive. They replace major lift station No. 7 in FranH's plan. These lilt stations will dis- charge to thn proposed gravity sewer l.o tho plant by .shown on our plan. force mains n.s This eliminates Frank's deep gravity line along the highway to Sugar Loaf. 5. The gravity line from King and Chatflcld to the treatment plant will be constructed as in Mr. Frank's (Continued on PIIRC 5. Column 5.) CONSULTANTS Brothers Admit Mill City Thefts Minneapolis Nell Iverson, 31, and Stanley Iverson, 30, brothers, pleaded guilty in district court today; to grand larceny charges In connec- tion with theft of from the Dayton Company department store. Their cases were referred to the probation office for presentencs in- vestigation. legislation by March 15. The matter of taxes on farmers co-ojjs cropped up as a result of contentions from some businessmen and others that co-ops enjoy an advantage .over competitors because they hnve certain tax U. S. Accuses Russia of Failing To Cooperate Washington Tho United Corrupt Practices in Wisconsin Election Charged Milwaukee Two officers of the Bobrowicz for Congress club testified in municipal court yester- day that Edmund V. Bobrowicz had received from club funds for :car, treating and other expenses." The testimony was given by James de Witt, treasurer, and Fred Doug- as. secretary. They are charged with violation of the state corrupt practices act. The testimony was concluded yesterday. Bobrowicz was defeated in the fourth district last November by John C, Brophy, Republican. Bob- rowicz ran as a Democrat, although 10 had been repudiated by Demo- cratic leaders who claimed ho was a communist. Bobrowicz denied the charge. Bobrowicz, in his personal report ;o the secretary of state, stated he aad received no contributions and made no expenditures. States, In a new foreign policy state- ment, bluntly accuses Russia of fail- Ing to cooperate in efforts to estab- lish peace. The State department document, which sets forth this nation's posi- tion on postwar'problems, declares: is to blame for failure of the United Nations "to grasp the 1'rults of peace and victory." Soviets have failed to make good on wartime commit- ments for the demilitarization and reconstruction of Germany. Mrs. Winant. who was notified in New York of his death, arrived at Concord airport In a stntc of col- lapse in a chartered plane early today. She went immediately to the iamlly home. Medical Referee Clarence E. But- terHcld pronounced Winant a sul- cldn nnd said he had shot himself while, nlono in n, bedroom of one of his sons. A single shot had been fired from the Belgian weapon. Notification went to two sons, John. Jr., of Princeton, N. J.. and Rlvington, a student at Oxford, England, and a daughter, Mrs. Carlos de Velando of Lima, Peru. Miss Irene Mason, secretary to the thrlcc-Rlvernor of New Hamp- shire, told officials ho had boon .suf- fering "mental and physical while Miss Orol Mears, a maid in the Winant home, said he to be in low spirits." John G. Winant Engineers Will Keep River Open Long As Possible expected short- age of fuel In tho Northwest will be relieved to (.he fullest extent possible through shipping operations on the Upper Mississippi river, nn army o.n- glnccr nnd a Federal Barge Lines odcial said Monday. Colonel Clark Kittrell, St. Louis, Mo., Upper Mississippi valley divi- sion engineer, said at a meeting in St. Paul yesterday that the looks on the upper river will be kept open all winter if the wrnl.her ix mild nnouRh to permit operation of rlvur tows. He sold such operation is neces- sary to alleviate short supplies of coal and oil in the region. The locks would be kept open by blasting the 40 Per Cent Of Registered Voters Ballot Project Carries in Two Wards, Loses in Two "Winona voters authorized the city council to issue In city bonds to build a municipal swim- ming pool Monday, In a special election. The vote was for the bond issue, and 1.C84 against the bond issue. A simple majority Is the require- ment under Uin special election laws. Tho majority was 278 votes. The bond Issue In first and second wards of the city, and failed by a small margin the third and fourth wards. The vote was extremely lifiht, only votes being cast. The vote in the sprint: city election was and last November votes were cast. Tho registered for Monday's election was However, despite the light vote the bond Issue carried In ten of the 15 city precincts, bearing out the to ballots cast In favor or the project in the sentiment vote taken at the general election a year ago. The detailed vole by and wards In Monday's special elec- tion was as follows: Where 1st precinct, 1st word 2nd precinct, 1st ward 3rd precinct. 1st ward 4th precinct, 1st ward 5th precinct, 1st ward Yes 151 169 153 157 180 No 113 102 142 109 149 Ward total......... 811- C23 1st precinct. 2nd 2nd precinct, 2nd ward 3rd precinct, 2nd ward 155 108 160 108 S3 91 Ward Total 423 290 1st precinct, 3rd ward 2nd precinct, 3rd ward 3rd precinct, 3rd ward Wnrd totnl 1st precinct, 4th word 2nd precinct, 4th ward 3rd precinct, 4th ward 4th precinct, 4th ward 141 152 85 97 98 107 50 162 132 SO ana 79 147 109 56 Ward total 352 391 City total 1963 1681 Majority ....................279 The vote was counted rapidly and complete returns of the election were made public at p. re. The city council Immediately approved the vote, and a certification of the election was approved at the coun- cil meeting Monday evening. Bridges Calls for Reform in Europe Paris Senator Styles Bridges (R.-N.ir.l chairman of the. ipproprlatlons cammltlw, culled on European governments today to their houses in order" to make American aid effective and to give Americans the desire to help them. He Indicated his belief that Con- gress would ask supervision of fur- ther American spending In Europo. declaring that sort of Amort- follow-up" would bo neceviivry W that her dollars !iro "used for the proper goals" and are "reason- ably administered." Bridges estimated President Tru- man would ask Congress to appro- They said they heard no shot wltll stcam. prlate about for aid to were attracted by the thump of pccjerai Barge Lines, which IastJFrancei Italy and western Germany Winant's body. They rushed fromi ar records both for lengthUQ last until June SO, 1948. Neither J... 4-_ 1-, _.m J-.__J ___t .__.., the flrst floor study to find him dead I nnd scopc Of operation, will try to in his son's room. Only recently, Winant completed better these marks. ran ns late as December the flrst volume of his 1945, and resumed operations _ which are to be made public 7 month. Winant; returned to private life .last December when ho asked Presl- year, to provide the U.S.S.R. is mainly interest-1 dent; Truman to relieve him of his cd in getting "maximum repara-lpost as permanent; U. S. rcprcscn- tions" from Germany and in setting; tativc on the United Nations cco- up a German political regime1 nomic and social council, to which "friendly" to the Soviet. These and similar charges, most of them previously aired by goverri- mcnt leaders, are summoned up in a statement entitled "aspects of cur- rent American foreign issu- ed yesterday. Fifty thousand copies are being prepared for public dis- tribution. Mikolajczyk Target of Russian Paper Moscow Trud, Soviet trade orffan, published today a. cartoon showing Polish Opposi- tion Leader Stanishiw Miko- lajczyk being wafted to a haven on "gangster steer" on wings of "dollars" and "pounds ster- ling" (Mikolajczyk was disclosed yesterday to have arrived in Britain by air to seek sanctu- ary after fleeing from his com- munist-dominated homeland.) '.the President had named him in 10.16, after he left his ambassador's oillcc. He wanted, he said, to "pick up life again as a private citizen in my own country." As governor of New the only man ever to serve three an outspoken critic against politics, as such, set up sev- eral agencies for social nnd labor betterment. His ideas caught on throughout the nation. The late President Roosevelt went out of the Democratic party to name Winant, a Republican, as first head of the Social Security board. WinanC, because of a personal re- semblance, often was likened to Abraham Lincoln. Tail and some- what stooped, lie appeared serene under most adverse conditions. A slow speaker, he often appeared hesitant but it was to select the best phrases possible point. to carry his upper Mississippi with a nine-month shipping season, longest on record. This year, the barges hope to operate as late as December 15 and as early as next March 1, said E. P. Brecdlove, district manager of the barge lines. Judging from last year's ton- nage marks, the 17-day extension of operative time could greatly swell fuel shipments here. Over- all barge shipments received here totaled a record tons. This total included tons of coal. Burner oil shipments totaled tons. Breedlove said, however, that there is an obstacle to the relief of fuel shortages here. The coal and the barges arc available, he said, but the trans- portation for getting the coal and oil to loading points on the river is not. He said that there is a short- age of tank cars for fuel oil and of "gondola" ears for coal. That Is why some points, such as Alton, can load five to six capacity barges not always operate at full capacity, he said. he nor Senator Wayland Brooks (R.-I11.) who also attended a press conference here, endorsed this sum. Bridges explained he could not com- mit himself before his committee holds hearings at Washington. In his inspection of European conditions. Bridges said, he had found many conutrics in need of currency reform, reduction of un- necessary employes and elimination of inefficient and sometimes dis- honest bureaucrats. Brooks said: "One farmer told us: "We're grate- ful for the things you send us. but why do you charge so We think it should be understood that much American aid is given abso- lutely free, and the prices charged arc collected by the European gov- ernments themselves." U. S. Envoy to Finland Resigns Washington W) Maxwell ML Hamilton resigned Monday as min- ister to Finland to devote his time to work with the State department on the Japanese pence treaty. The Wnite House, announcing the resignation, said Hamilton will con- tinue to hold the rank of career minister. No successor lor the Fin- nish post was announced.