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Winona Republican-Herald, The (Newspaper) - April 16, 1947, Winona, Minnesota w BATHER Umlctil tifl Continued cool. Full Leased Wire News Report of The Associated Press Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations S OKOLSKY Read His New Column Daily on Editorial VOLUME 47. NO. 50 WINONA. MINNESOTA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, APRIL 16, 1947 CENTS PER COPY TWENTY PAGES 350 Dead in Texas Blast, Fire; Nitrate Ship Blows Up, City Burns Hurt, Rocks A rea of 100 Miles Texas City, worst explosion in Texas Gulf Coast his- tory rocked a 100-mile area, killed an estimated 350, injured possibly more, and virtually razed this city of today. Poison gas was reported to be infiltrating- the still-burning city at noon. The Baruch Fears 'Engulfing Inflation' Full Production, Work Seen As Only Solution Columbia, S. M. _ Baru6h declared today that "We arejNational Guard was called out in the area. Milton Reynolds' Bombshell, which passed over Winoma just before 8 p. m. Tuesday at 316 miles per hour and at an altitude of feet. Is shown above after landing at La Guardla Field last night. The Minneapolis-Winona flight took 20 minutes. A crowd of well wishers surrounded the converted A-20 bomber after the plane completed a "round-the-world-flight in 78 hours and 55 minutes. Standing atop the plane are its crew Gelt to right) Flight Engineer Tex Bailee, Milton Reynolds, pen manu- facturer and owner of the plane, and Pilot Bill Odom. on the brink of an engulfing infla- tion. There is only one way out. That is by work." Baruch; addressing the South Carolina state legislature on the occasion of the unveiling of his portrait, asserted: "The more, we produce, the less will be the cost of living; the more! things we can buy: the easier will bu the building up of our reserves financial and spiritual, too, for we shall be free of worry, 1 the absence of which Is a sense of security." Baruch said that this country adopted a five and one half day, 44-hour week, with no strikes or lay-offs until January 1, "The result would be electrifying." we work, we shall see a vast inflation. Unless we work, we shall not be able to maintain our claim to power. That would bo the Bombshell Chalks Up World Record Nrw crowds broke throuKh police linos early to- day to welcome, with kisses and congratulations, three men whose tr.p around the world was the quickest ever made. Milton Reynolds, Chicago pen manufacturer: his pilot, William Odom. nnd his flight engineer. T. Cnrroll Sailer, brought their con- verted A-2G Bombshell er La Guardla Field lit Albert Lea Native (Reynolds is n native of Albert Lea, Minn. The son of a farm Im- plement salesman, he- went to Rchoo! there until his parents moved to Quincy. III. He- still thinks of Al- bert Lea ILI his boyhood home, and has returned occasionally to visit old neighbors.) p. m. Just 78 hours and 55 minutes after thrlr takeoff last Saturday. Their unofficial record cut 12 hours n.nd 19 minutes from the previous unofficial record. Reynolds admitted the trip was tiring, sometimes dangerous, und "I would not make the trip again for But he added Jubi- lantly to reporters: Record Atlantic Flight made the fastest crossing of thc Atlantic rver made, In five hours and 17 minutes; we also made a! rrcord trip to Paris and Gander) and maybe some! other records." The previous, unofficial round-, the-world flight record, 91 hours) 14 minutes, was set In 1938 by Howard Hughes, who wired Rey- nolds. "My heartiest congratulations for your excellent performance." Hughes and his four crew members men suJTered minor hurts late Tucs- had taken their monoplane around'day when 6 shorter (cars of a greatest blow we could receive, for it would stripe us of our strength president T r u r__-' to preserve our way of life." r, r n <r P m ._i, Business Firms Report Price Cuts to Truman The White House reported today several business firms have Inform- ed President Truman that they have Press Secretary cut prices. Presidential Doctors, nurses, police and firemen from Galveston, Houston and other nearby cities were sent here. The chain of explosions began on the Grand Camp, a French ship loaded with nitrate. It spread to the multi-million dollar Monsanto Chemical Corpora- tion plant, now reported a complete ruin following the explosion and fire. The death and casualty estimate was made by the Galveston Tribune, which rushed newsmen to the area. Telephone communications were disrupted by the explosion, the few remaininK lines being clogged with emer- gency calls for help. Coast guard, reports placed the death toll at from 200 to with an additional to injured. All structures along the dock area were completely demolished, the coast gii.ird said, .adding that fires were raging- in oil refineries there. The Grand Camp, destroyed with all men aboard, according- to the Tribune, caught fire early Several hundred curious persons gathered at the docks to Clark Lashes Wallace Talks As 'Cheap Lies9 By Jack Bell Washington back with "lie" at Henry" A. Wallace's criticisms abroad, the administra- tion picked up support today I Charles G. Ross told reporters about the messages, but did dcfi-1 nitely how many had been received or who sent them. Meanwhile Senator Robert Taft (R.-Ohio) says he agrees with Pres- ident Truman that prices nxe too high. But it would be a mistake, he added, to jack up< wages before a determined effort is made to bring living costs down. man's program aimed at shutting the door on com- munism In Greece and Turkey. While Wallace went unnamed in the blistering de- nunciation Attor- ney General Tom Clark fired at "the cheap, blundering assault now being made by somo upon the biparti- san foreign policy of our jthe rcfcrnce was obvious. Particularly so when Clark told, a Jefferson day dinner audience Wiley Protests Deactivation Of Camp McCoy Alex- ander Wiley CB.-Wls.) today asked Curfew Clamped On Holy Land As 3 Jews Hang By Carter L. Davidson Bcla Gruner and three other Jews convicted of acts of violence against British au- thority in the Holy Land were hang- ed at dawn today in Acre prison, and i curfew of unprecedented severity was Imposed on all Palestine to pre- vent bloody retaliation. The four prisoners went to the allows of them sing np the Jewish anthem. Even before they died, double and on sc- V unjr JU Philadelphia that: "One who tells tr'Plc euards the people of Europe that the Unit- curl y Points British citizens began cd States is committed to ruthless voluntarily into safety zones. imperialism and war with the and Jews were prevented from leav- Soviet Union tells a He.' It seemed equally clear, too, that Clark would not have delivered his blast at the former vice-president if the cabinet olllccr thought Mr. Truman might object. On Capitol hill, meanwhile. Sen- ator Ellender (D.-LaJ, announced (Secretary of War that he has changed his mind to cancel the War department's plan to Inactivate Camp McCoy. Wis., June 30. 'I have previously conveyed to you the protests of a. large number indl- of. civic organizations and Ividuals In the area around Camp JMcCoy In opposition to the (1) He fears Wallace has ng their homes. Gruner, a 33-year-old Hungarian veteran of the British army, and the other three were members of Irgun Zvai Leumi, the Jewish un- derground organization which claims to have been responsible for most of Palestine's bloodletting in months. watch the fire. partly because of Wallace and will support the Greek- Turkish aid bill. With Senate leaders plugging for a vote today on opposition amend- ments, Ellender told a reporter he has been converted Into a supporter Milton Reynolds, center, his flight engineer. Rex Sallec, left, and Pilot William P. Odom wave from atop their globe-circling Bombshell nttcr arrival last night. They set an unofficial record. CA.P. Wlrephotos to The Republican-Herald.) department's plans to inactivate that gigantic military Wiley said in a letter to Patterson. "I want to take this opportunity to send my personal, additional word on behalf maintaining Camp McCoy as a permanent mili- tary training center for the army. placed the "wrong light" on the "Iprogram and (2) Because he now is convinced no more than a handful of American troops will be sent to the two countries. Previously, the Louisiana senator had said he would vote for only nonmilitary relief .aid. Gruner was sentenced January 1 by a British military court which found him guilty of participating in a raid on the Ramat Gan police station last April 23 in which two policemen were killed and Gruner wounded. Many on Docks Killed When the explosion followed, many on the docks were killed. Steel beams were hurled over the city, some as far as 15 miles away. Many of the dead were Mon- santo workers. Port Arthur and Orange, about 00 miles distant, said the blast ras audible there, and buildings ocked. At Pclly, 27 miles distant, man said the sound "hurt my ear- Palestine, ICQ miles from ere, claimed to have heard the ound also. The scene nt Texas City was one f chaos. First eyewitness account ime from w. H. Sanbcrg, vicc- of the Texas City recent jnal Railway Company, He had left the Grand Camp just five minutes before the initial explosion. The following explosions, he said, jumped from the ship to the Mon- santo Chemical plant "which sim- ply doesn't exist any more." to the Stone Oil Company nnd possibly to others. One piece of steel said to The other Ben Salman bc the Republic Oil Company Rosenbaum, 24; Elicscr Ben Zion Kashani, 23; and Mordecal Ben Abraham Alkachi, con- demned on February 10 by another military court which convicted them of having arms and whips In their possession when they were arrested December 23, Uic night a British mnjor and three scrge.ints were Three Hurt When Near Erskine Ersklne, Minn. Three crew- the locomotive and 1C 72-car Great Northern The Eombr.hell averaged about i freight train were derailed a mile milcs nn hour on Its flight. T.ikint; into account 1C hours and nine minutes lost In Its nine stops, the plane averaged about 318 miles an hour while In actual A couple of minutes after coming, from here. E. C. Wilson, Crookston brake- man, .suffered a broken noso and facial cuts: Fireman Leroy Scha- Marshall-Stalin Talk Broke No Deadlocks, Reports Say By John M. Hightower Moscow Secretary of State George C. Marshall's 90- minute talk with Prime Minister Stalin last night was understood today to have failed to break any of the deadlocks which have tied the Council of Foreign Ministers in knots over the whole range of issues. The chief value of the talk from Marshall's viewpoint was be- lieved to have been the to the Soviet leader of a frank and unvarnished statement of Amcri- bert, Grand N. D., was cut can nollcv ln relation to Germany, and bruised and E. C. Campbel Grand Forks engineer, shaken up _ over La Gimrdla, the plane landed! when the engine toplcd onto it, and the three globe-glrdlers stepped side in a water-filled ditch. Caus on to a wine. Police 710 longer could of the mishap was being Investl restrain the crowd, and for several minutes women admirers smeared thrre men with kisses. 'Just Routine' Finally. Sullce was able to get to- J open, cethtr with his 19-year-old bride-ifrom gated. One hundred feet of track on th road's main lino wns torn up anc .-several cars of merchandise spll to-be, Putricla Houlihan of Cody, Wyo., arid thc other two were able to kiss their wives. Then Reynolds fZung his a.-m over Odom's should- ers and told reporters: "He Is thc best pilot in thc world. We would no; have made It with tnyor.e else." "No. none o! replied thc pilot. "It was Just a routine flight In The train was westbounc Superior, Wls., to Grand Forks. Rail men estimated the tracks would bc cleared some time today. Davis Wins Badger District Primary Madison, Wls. The state canvassing board reported today tiut all airlines will be making H Irar years." jthat Glenn R. Davis, Waukcsha, 'polled votes In the primary told reporters thc nomination for the Ins; li-z o' -he flight from Ed- representative fro'm the second dls- Alberta. Ci.nudn, was the trlct to 1vln thc rlRnt to run m n -toughest pan" and he "was worried election April 22. when they flew through ice and fog between Minneapolis and Dfl.-oit. "Wf- c.-ime out of thc ice at De- tro'.-. by. we didn't know where we the 04-year-old Chlcagonn (Continued on BOMBSHELL In thc Democratic primary, Carl W. Thompson, Stoughton, won with votes. Mary Jo Uphoff. Oregon, won the Socialist nomination with votes. The winner will .succeed the late 13. Column 5.) [Representative Robert K. Henry Europe and the whole trouble of United States-Russian political and diplomatic conflict. Thc secretary clamped tight se- crecy on the American delegation (R.) of Jefferson. respecting his trip to thc Kremlin. He was believed, however, to have reported the result of his meeting n his daily report to President Truman. Marshall Requested Meeting It was disclosed officially that he meeting was arranged on Mar- shall's initiative In response to a equcst he made several days ago Ambassador Walter Bedell Smith ind Charles Bohlen, interpreter, ac- ompanied the secretary to the old ortress, which Is thc Soviet Union's seat of government. There was no doubt among those amlliar with the secretary's plans hat he probably had a brass tacks alk with Stalin, seeking not so nuch a reversal or modification of oviet policies'in the-council of for- eign ministers but attempting rath- er to emphasize the seriousness with which the XJnitcd States views the present world situation nnd its in- ternational follow-through on such stern policies as those in Turkey and Greece. Bill to Aid Turks, Greeks Passes House Committee "I need not point out to you, of j senator Vandcnberg CR.-Mich.) course, thc fact that Camp the senate yesterday in u reins by thc underRround in rc- M-in tmnnrfnnf: Infnnf-.rv for the Whipping Of an was the most important infantry training center in the Midwest, and that it has unique climatic ad- vantages, represents a large invest- ment of the taxpayers' funds, and cannot bc duplicated elsewhere." Wiley said he was not speaking only for the interests of his own state "but the Interests of our na- tion as a whole" in making his re- lic believed it speedy passage that the situation abroad is "deteriorating." Senator Lucas (D.-H1J, agreeing, put an added slant on it. "The sooner we pass this bill, thc sooner we'll answer Henry the Illinois senator told a reporter. Irgun member. Irgun repeatedly has threatened reprisals against the British if their "soldiers" were hanged and British Colonial Secretary. Arthur Creech was picked up two miles away. "The concussion was simply ter- rible. It blew out windows in every home in town. It blew in ceilings in business buildings. It' cracked new buildings from end to end. (Continued on 13, Column 4.) BLAST Weather Jones declared in February that day 52. FEDERAL FORECASTS For Winoniv nnd vicinity: Fair ,onlght and Thursday. Continued cool. Low tonight 32, high Thurs- would be "false economy to inac- tivate this camp." Democratic policy com- members of _, bility of oirering a resolution put- ting Congress on record as condemn- ing Wallace. Appleton Youth Killed Wallace Critics in Motorcycle Accident in Radio Interview Appleton, Wis. Lawrence A. Wallace Barker, 21, Mer.asha, was killed today he would tackle the trou- blesome -Palestine issue tomorrow In a private conference with a group of British Parliament mcm- House for yesterday, Winnebago county high- way police said, when his motor- cycle threw him on hlgHway 47 be- tween Appleton and Mcnasha. Hull Awarded Medal of Merit elgn affairs committee approved to- day the administration's Greek-Turkish aid measure. Chairman Eaton CR.-N. J.) said the vote was 12 members for the measure with three voting present. Ten were absent. Fog Delays Docking of Liner Elizabeth Southampton, Thc (riant liner Queen Elizabeth, freed lost nlffht from a sand bank that held her litfhtly for 26 hours, lay motionless in tlie grip of a thick IOK today, unable to discharire hundreds of her passengers. Company officials -said the liner would dock on thc high tide tonight if the foe lifted suffi- ciently, Most of thc Szo first class passengers were landed yester- day. The stuck in the .sand Monday night as she came in on a trip from New York. Tru- man pinned the Medal for Merit with oak leaf cluster on Cordell Hull yesterday in recognition of his public service be- fore and during the war. A presidential party, without giv- ing any public ad- vance notice, mo- tored from the White House to Bethesda Naval hospital, where the 75 year old former secretary of state Is recov- ering from a light stroke suffered last October. Hull also was commended for Cordell Hull ils work as secretary of state before Pearl r Harbor. After the ceremony in thc hospi- tal sun room, Hull said: "Thank you, Mr. President, I am overwhelmed." bers. The former U. S, vice-president would signal a new blood bath in the Holy Land. said he had accepted this final British engagement in a whirlwind scries of public nnd private talks here in order to express "how the Luftwaffe Leader Found Guilty byv War Crimes Court NiicrnbctK, Marshal General Erbard Milch, one of the builders of thc Luftwaffe which smashed Europe to its tnees early in thc war, was convicted of war crimes and crimes against hu- Mirmosota: Fair and cold tonight. Thursday partly cloudy, warmer south portion. Wisconsin: Fair north and clear- ing south portion tonight. Thurs- day generally fair, warmer sou'Ji portion. LOCAL Official observations for thc 2-t hours ending at. 12 m. today: Maximum, 44; minimum, 30: noon. 43: precipitation, none: sun .sets to- night at .sun rises tomorrow ELSEWHERE Max. Mill. Pel. TEMPERATURES American Jewish peoples feel" about the Holy Land issue. After meeting with the Parliament members, he will fly to Stockholm, Denmark and France. Reserve Military Vacation Bill Signed St. Panl Governor Luther Youngdahl today signed into law a bill requiring employers to give two weeks annual leave, In addition to regular vacations, to workers who today by American court. thrcc-judpre Chicaco----- Denver Sentence will bc imposed tomor- row at a. m. (C.S.Tj. The verdict could carry a hanging pen- alty. Milch, now 55, was convicted of takiiif? an extraordinary part in the recruiting: of slave labor for aircraft plants. Los Anseles ___ Miami Mpls.-Sl. P.iul New Orleans __ New York Phoenix Seattle 75 I Washington .........10 50 51 !M 80 45 75 67 33 55 CO 48 57 46 52 .20 .15 .42 .09 require the time naval training. for military or The measure would apply to mem- bers of reserve units of the army, navy, marines, coast guard and the Minnesota National Guard. Brownton Approves School Bond Issue a spe- cial election here Tuesday voters approved 195 to 175 an bond ssuc for an addition to thc Browii- ton school. Flight of B-29's to Go to Germany air forces will send a training flight of nine B-29's to Germany about June 1. The big bombers will stop at Royal Air force bases in England before returning. The A.A.F. said the trip has been approved by the State department, which by unofficial opposition last fall caused withdrawal of a plan to send a fleet of B-29's around the world by way of Egypt, India and Pacific islands. The flight to Germany, the an- nouncement said, is purely for traln- ng purposes and the visit in Eng- .and is by invitation of the K.A.P. Crews will number about 150. RIVER BULLETIN Flood Stage 24-Hr. Stage Today Change Red Wing 14 30.3 .1 Reads Winona (C.P.) 12 33 1 .3 -i- .1 9.4 10.4 La Crosse 12 10.3 Tributary Streams t at Nclllsville----6. .5 RIVER FORECAST (From Hastings to GBttcnbcrE) All tributaries in this district will fall slowly except .1 very slight, fur- ther rise in the extreme lower'Wis- consin river. The Mississippi, be- tween St. Paul and Prairie du Chicn. slowly approaching the crest which will reach peak singe Thurs- day in Die upper section about .1 to .2 foot higher nnd in thc lower section below La Crosse .3 foot, liighcr late Friday or Saturday.