Thursday, November 7, 1889

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard

Location: Albert Lea, Minnesota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard on Thursday, November 7, 1889

Freeborn County Standard, The (Newspaper) - November 7, 1889, Albert Lea, Minnesota Enterprise VOL. XXXII. ALBERT LEA, MINN., NOVEMBER 7, 1889. NO. 45. OARIJ8. HEMAN 8LACKMER, AWYHK. LAND FOK SALE. ALBEKT J Miuu. WM. C. McADAM, T AWYKR AND JUIXiK OF 1'KOBATK I J Ollie in Court lluuic. Minn. HENRY A, MORGAN, vJLVCKSSOK LOVKLY MOKCAN, i Lawyers. Office In liulbriin'iMni Hrns'lii >ck DR. J. P. VON BERG. rjMYSH !A.- AMI) Sl'ISflKUN OFFICE J uial Ki'iKlenue on Mrvi ni Hit- lonn- cr Kini-lsuH Albi-ri Minn. G. A. STEVENSON, N AMI OKFICF. itvt-r 1'.C-.U'UsenS Urujz xmr, Allicrt Minn. DR. H. H. WILCOX, 731IY.SICIAN AM) sn-.CKON, AI.HKKT L Ijca.Miiin. Oillre I'IIIIH-I cuiki: InuKin SI-N wi-st of WiMlijr lluilnwV W. C. MERRILL. DEVI 1ST. OFFICE OVKH bjd'-.T (Irujj Albert Lea, Minn. E. E. REMINGTON. II. AM) OFFICIAL riH'X- Sum-ywr. .Surv'-yhiK and planing In any part ol ihe county prunilitly iiUemlfii to at raU-s. Olliee lit comt liuusi-, Albert L.-.i. Minu. FREEBORN COUNTY BANK. II. Alt.MSTKONC.. I'I'.K.SIOK.NT. Albi-rl Mlmi. (jener- a Specialty. V. Cashier. A Splendid Fall and Win- ter Stock of Millinery lias received liv Mrs. S. (J. IVk'rMjii, and Novel and Kli'gant Designs are con- slanllv hoinci- added. Hats, Triimninjrs of all and Nntions such as ovcrv ladv needs are offered at I'niisuaHy Prices. The Dress Makinir Dcpurt- ineni will continue under the direction of Mrs. Dell WillhmiMin. and in every respect Satisfaction is Guar- anteed to patrons. MRS. S. 0. PETERSON. Said the 'And it came to pass when King Hezekiah heard it, that he rent his clothes.' Now what does that mean, chil- dren, 'that he rent his And the boy with a big brother said it was "letting a fellow have the use of 'em for a few dollars, as brother Ole did with his Fur Coat last winter, and wishes now he hadn't." Ole bought his Fur ('oat at the BIG BOSTON 1 iJl E. ST'EItlV. And the only way in which it would "rent" was in the manner sug- gested by the small brother. This Fall our Stock of Fur Coats Clothing! Beats 'em all, and make our back number competitors Miss Caroline Xarveson has a Store Full of the Latest Millinery Goods, and especially calls the at- tention of Ladies to her Great, Variety of Hats, Bonnets, Flowers, Plumes, Ribbons, And Ornaments. She now has a line lot of Silk Mitts and Gloves, Avhich are sure j to please. Ladies are in-j vilcd to call while the as- sortment is complete. LATEST Crazy! A Lane and Bcantifol Assortment I .mi plraitid in annonnrp I rcccHcd my Fall SincK And Hint It is composed of the most attractive .issorlinent which I ever displayed. 'tl l In endless vsiriety, and the prices are such that Indies can aflord to grallfy their tastes. IMIIIinerv Work Is donruy experienced hands, ami is piaranU'ed In Rive satisfac- tion .Making over straw Imnnets anil hats a penally. Such work will tie done in the most sUlish manner, and at very low cost. l.ailli's- are Invited to examine our stock and sljle of work. MRS. J. STAGE. FOB YOUNG LADIES. A BOAUDINO SCHOOL WITH AH, THE Comforts and llcaiitiln! Surroundings of Home. Life. None bnt Jflmt-Clnita In- structors studies embrace a Complete College Course, I'or other information address, Her. It. a. Abbott, It., President, or C. Parker, See. o! Executive Committee, Albert Lea, Stinn. Our Fur Coats are the best in the market and come direct to us from the factory. Our competitors cannot match them in either Quantity, Quality or Price, and they know it. You won't find a lot of shop-worn goods, job lots, etc., in our slock, but Everything New and Fresh, that gives the wearer pleasure and satisfaction. Our l.irge and complete stock of Falls Winter Clothing! Musi go. Now is the lime to buy. Such an opportunity as this may not occur again in a lifetime. Our prices on everything are the lowest. Join the joyful throng, and corne to the Bijr -THE niRTH-I'LACK OK- Good Goods and Reasonable Prices! P. S. One of our moss-back competitors has "Skin and we believe him. The genuine article in the line of Fur Coats, Fall and Winter Overcoats, etc., is at the Big Boston One-Price Clothing Store. iiE f.VYOKS TilOl. I'rof. I ruin Slieiiard Ilvfeiuls tlif ami Is Au.iIouM to Have tlif State Support Them. I am in receipt of a marked copy of your paper in which you make certain reflections on the Xormal Schools which you certainly would not make if you were acquainted vtith the facts. Without ausweriiis; your points seri- i atiui. permit me to i-ay so far as this 1 school is concerned that the primary and kindergarten departments are prominent features only in the sense that they are all-important as a field for observation and practice in the best methods of teaching in the lower grades. The kindergarten is self-sup- porting, each child o: the city enrolled paying tuition fee at the rate of per year. The nine grades of the model schools are also largely supported by tuition. Nearly S-.JKJ received last year for tuition in the model schools from the citizens of AS'inona and turned over to the state treasury. At the same time these schools were made the constant iield ior observa- tion and practice by our large gradu- ating class of IJ2 members, each one of whom had fifteen uei-ks of teaching under the supervision and daily criti- cism of the regular teachers" of the model schools. The state appropriation to normal schools last year was srio to each pupil enrolled in normal elates. The state university received SlOu iur each stu- dent enrolled in all departments in- cluding the sub-freshman's class. The average cost of tuition to the state for normal students is less than the cost in any normal school in the northwest, and less than in several high schools in thS state. So far Irorn this city appropriating or using this school tor its own pur- poses, i may say that no state institu- tion in Minnesota has been so gener- ously aided and fostered by the com- munity in which it has bee'n placed as this school. Only two normal schools in the United States stud out as large graduating classes, and none send out better. When the committees of the legisla- in visited us ast winter, they inspected with special care this work in the model schools. All declared that it indispensable in the training of teachers, and all ex- pressed their agreement with .Senator .Schaefl'er, who publicly declared that the state ought to support the model schools, and that no charge for tuition should be made upon the people of Wi- nona as is now done. This statement was made on the ground that the mo- del department is an absolutely essen- tial feature in an eilicient training school for teachers. The enrollment in normal classes for the past year represented counties in the state. The graduating class re- presented 15 counties in the state. The 55 members of the graduating class of 'SS taught in 19 different counties of the state. This is not a "local" institu- tion in any sense, as implied in your editorial. I have written because I have confi- dence that you are willing to consider the "other aide" with candor and fair- mindedness. Very Truly Yours, IKWIX Winona, Minn. "HURRAH IOR The Literal fry of the Hum M'liat Jtev. Dr. Irwin Says or It In the A'orthwestern Presbyterian. The aspect in which he (the Devil) now presents the (rum) trailic is differ- ent from that which our fathers be- held, or we, in the middle of the cen- tury. It was then quietly, almost clan- destinely hidden in its operations, work- ing its way and fighting its battles like the guerrilla bands: and picking off its men in the "lurking places of the vil- like the .sharpshooters firing from ambush. Xow it is organized into regimental divisions, and its army is drawn up visibly, and you will find it in solid ranks wherever the people seek to protect themselves. And it fights behind barricades of law; and with the galling guns and howitzers of a friend- ly public press. And the, smoke of in- fernal lies hangs like a cloud above it, and it advances with the black flag waving in the murky air, and with the literal outcry, ''Hurrah for Hell." An English Remedy for Drunkenness. From Answers to Correspondents PioneerPress. (J. Would you do me the favor to give a remedy for rather something to assist a person of weak will to overcome an insatiable desire for alcohol''. A. There is a pre- scription in use in England for this purpose, by which thousands have been enabled to recovei themselves from the habit of inebriety. The recipe came in- to general notice" by the effort of Mr. .lohn Vine Hall, the commander of the (ireat Eastern steamship, who received it from an eminent physician and who tried it upon himself with such bene- ficial effect tha_t he recommended it to all who, like himself, had become cap- tive to a most debasing appetite. This is the recipe which it is alleged has as- sisted many persons to reform: Sulp- hate of iron, grains: magnesia 40 grains; peppermint, 41 dram's; spirifs of nutmeg, 4 one table- spoonful twice a day. Duty. I'arents should be careful that their children do not contract colds during the fall or early inter months. Such colds weakens the lungs and air pass- ages, making the child much more likely to contract other colds during the, winter. It is this succession of colds that causes catarrh and bronchi- tis, or paves the way for consumption. .Should a cold be contracted, loose no time but cure it as quickly as possible. A fifty cent bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy will cure any cold in a few days and leave the respiratory organs strong and healthy. For sale by Parker Briggs. A Hale Old Man. A hale old man, Mr. Jas. Wilson of Allen's Springs, 111., who is over sixty years of age, says: "I have in my time tried a great many medicines, some of excellent quality; but never before did I find any that would so completely do all that is claimed for it as Chamber- lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhrce Remedy. It is truly a wonderful medi- cine." For sale by Parker <fc Briggs. j Fresh bulk oysters at Tunell's Star Meat Market. SUPT. HAUGKX VERSUS THE TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION. He Mays It is ISnii by "Big ItusT' and ICefnsex to He Trying to Destroy CourMe. Is Kvil ami Harmful. The meeting of the teachers' associa- tion last Saturday was one of the most interesting yet held, and much enthusi- asm was manifested in the purpose to continue its work through the winter. At the same time a good deal of indig- nation was expressed concerning the course which Superintendent Haugen is pursuing. He has called meetings of the teachers at four different places in the county for the purpose of intro- ducing a so-called classification regis- ter, and, as is stated in the notice, '-to organize teachers' associations." He has stated that teachers will be re- quired to attend these meetings, so we are informed, and yet he neglected to attend the meeting of the association last Saturday, which has been in suc- cessful operation for several years and which has always been highly instruct- ive and interesting to the teachers, and very popular. lie might also then have had an opportunity to have exhibited his classification registers, and would thereby have accommodated all pres- ent. Hut he says the association is "run by Lig and he refuses to go near it. By "big bugs" he necessarily refers to the best educators in the county, for they are the leading spirits connected with it. and he thus plainly shows that he is meanly jealous of them or that he is afraid if lie attends he will be compelled to expose his pitiful igno- rance. His purpose in calling the four meet- ings all the teachers understand. It is to break up the regular association and to prevent the attendance of such en- lightened educators as Prof. Levens, Prof. Schmitz, Prof. Swenson, Prof. J. W. Olson and others connected with the schools in this city, whose assist- ance has been of the greatest value. a sneaking, cowardly course was never before known on the part of a county superintendent in the state. Such a premeditated, spiteful and ihameless effort to injure the cause of ;ducation was never before undertaken in this county, and nrobably nowhere else. It ought not to and probably will not succeed. Teachers are not compelled to attend his unauthorized meetings; the law does not expect or require them to do so, and if they retain their man- liood, relf-respect and independence they will stand by the regular associa- tion, ignore the snide meetings of Mr. Haugen and attend every meeting of the association with which they have been so long connected. In this connection it would be well for some of the teachers to ask Mr. Haugen how much commission if any he is to get from the publishers for in- troducing and selling the "classification registers." If he has a private specu- lation in the business, it is well that the public know it. "We had intended to drop Mr Jlau- gen as a subject of criticism and thus give him an opportunity to show whether he was well-meaning, and whether he possessed-enough manhood intelligence and good sense to redeem himself and to develop usefulness; but his course in calling the meetings in opposition to the association and in thus wilfully trying to break it up, cannot be ignored; it is our duty to show it up in its true colors in order that the people may understand the real character of the man and the sel- fish, unfriendly and antagonistic dispo- sition which he is manifesting. It is unfortunate that he should do so; we are sorry for it, and we are yet more sorry for the teaehers and the cause of the schools and of education that they should be subject to such in- competence and evil whims. They Get It Down Fine in Houston County. Hokali Chief. The commissioners will meet Nov. 4th. In order to get your pay on a bill you must attach to the bill a photo or a sample of the article you furnished before the commissioners will consider your bill. A resolution to that effect was passed at their last session. If you sold a cow to the poorhouse, you must fasten the cow to the bill or receive no pay. His Affection for tlie Old Soldier Has Cooled Off. Houston Signal. Mr. Dunnell last fall, on the stump expressed himself as very much in love with the old soldier, and berated Mr. Cleveland for vetoing private pension bills and going fishing on Decoration Day. "We beg leave to ask our readers to point out to us a single old soldier he has helped to the position of post- master or otherwise. Mr. Dunnell has been untrue to his promises and has kept out in the cold his best friends, his ablest supporters and the most worthy men in his party. Can Truthfully Say. Mr. E. P. 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