Thursday, July 11, 1889

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard

Location: Albert Lea, Minnesota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard on Thursday, July 11, 1889

Freeborn County Standard, The (Newspaper) - July 11, 1889, Albert Lea, Minnesota Enterprise VOL. XXXII. ALBERT LEA, MINN., JULY 11, 1889. CAltDS. HEMAN BLACKMER, f AWVEK. LAND FOH SALE. l J U'U.Minn. WM. C. McADAM, I AWYKK AM) JUIXiK OF 1'ROHATK. i J Oflle In Court Hume. Albert Lea. Minn. Henry A. Mnrisui Walter .I. Traik. MORGAN TRASK, QUCPKSSOKS TO 1.0VKLY MOKCAN O Office In (iuluraiidHim Itrus'lii G. A. STEVENSON, PHYSICIAN AND sruuEo.v 1 iivcr I'.C. Ji'iiien's Drug Store. Albert Minn. DR. H. H. WILCOX. PHYSICIAN AM) SditCEON, Al.liHRT L Lea.Mliui. Office corner Cktik Wusli- I union Sis., west lit liurlow'.s. W. C. MERRILL. DKNTIST. OKI'ICK OVER Splcer Jenson'i drug Albert Lea, Minn. LUttlti! E E. REMINGTON. '1VII. KNCINKKK. AND OFFICIAL OOUN- V ly Survryur. Summing ana pliittlnK In :iny part of tin-county promptly mirudrd Ui Olllci- In court liuust-, Albert Minn. FREE80RN COUNTY BANK. II. PRKSIDKNT. J Capital Albert Gener- al IjankiiiK HiHlness. Insurance a Specialty S. H. Cady. Cashier. APOLLO COMMANDERY. STATKD CONCLAVES OF APOLLO beheld at their asylum on the Jd edneMlay of each month. Courteous sir Knights from sister commaaderles cwdiall Invited. UEO. T. K (J h. h. MAI.I.KIIV. Itecorder AMOS Shaw, Sfiampoowmr anil Hair-CnttiBg UulliV ;ind Children's Hair Dre.sslng a Specialty. A NKAI-.-TABTV AXIi OUUKKI.r BAKBEK HI1OJ- AMOS BUTLER. ____ Shop Pi.-t Office Kulldlne Z. K. MALLERY, A T did Yanl. Broadway and Washington ;V imiihoM. M.tnick. slate at ace Hardware. EDWARDS Thr- Best and Cheapest Tlare for Photographs! liniup and Children's Photos a Specially at Kdwards Bro's Building. FHE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ALBERT LEA, MINN.. HAS in Improved Farms on Easy Terms, at Low Kate of Interest. United States Iipss Company "Special Ff at Safe ty antl Kexuonxibintv. UiHiiiitch ana tS-.Speclal attention to Family Packages Purchases made with Care and Kree of Charge. Constant Study to Please Patrons rolled Express Company Money Orde MMMM has ample provisions for refundln "rllers' imnecessar dei -r. it. VOFF, Asent at Albert Lea Minn. Broadway Wood Yard GRIPMAN PETTIT. -DEALEKS IN- Wood, Coal and Draying Wood Sawed to Order. GULBRANDSON BROS hardware store. Leave orders on slate at I. A. Jtuison s grocery store. ALBERT LEA MARBLE WORKS a. IlKftSlXVEK, Proprietor, Dealer In all kinds of His, Headst Table-Tops, stern, Maotles, etc. I KEEEP only the best workmen and guaran- tee saUsfaction In every respect. M BKSSFXPKR Cor. Clark and Washington Sts.. Albert'Lea. HORATIO FITCH, With Headquarters at ALDEN, Is Agent for the Old Reliable Of New York, the Largest purely Fire IJirlit- iiliiR, and Tornado Insurance Company In the World. Has paid over for losses; has over 400.000 policies out among farmers. Insures against Fire, Lfdttiig, WMstoris an Tornadoes Insure In the HOME, gctthe Best and Cheapest Also Agent for the Rice County Nursery! OF FABIBAULT, MINN. "Us Reliable Nur- -l-J-sery for IE years, and knows It can be de- everyorde011' Satisfaction will HORATIO PITCH, AMen, Minn, NEWSPAPER! LISTEN! Before taking account of stock August 1Mb we deilre to reduce our stock of ifummer (loods, ana to accomplish this end we shall have a Ginghams, Sateens, Lawns, Challies, White Goods, Emb. Skirtings, Lisle Goods, Silk Mitts, -AND- 3ST S Atsucli GREATLY REDUCED PRICES that cannotMfp Uut pronounce them BARGAINS! WE OFFER, TO CLOSE OUT, Challies at 5 Cents LAWNS LAWNS 1 LAWNS Three Cents! LAWNS LAWNS LAWNS SATEENS SATEENS SATEENS f SATEENS SATEENS SATEENS At a. Bavg-ain! Sold Everywhere at 75 to so cents, now marked down lo Sixty Cents! HALK HALF HAL Jerseys! HAL HALF PRICE HALF PRICE AX HALF PRICE. At Attractive Prices. Again we beg you lo LISTEN! And the DISTANT ECHO from the abyss Into our Prices have fallen is sweet music o !Jnd mf'an9 tllat are many thls fc sKSL te> at J for and Sixteen Ounces to the Pound, The Hovland Mercantile Co. NO. 28. An Important Decision. The case af Wm. A. DeKay against the Chicago, Milwaukee St. Paul railway company, which was tried in the district court of this county last Fall, attracted a good deal of atten- tion. The plaintiff represented by Hon. A. J. Edgerton of Dakota, Geo K. Edgerton, Lovely Morgan, and several other attorneys, and Mr. II. H. Field, the company's solicitor and W E. Todd contended defendant. The plaintiff obtained u verdict for The Minneapolis Tribune says the case is of very great importance to per- sons who carelessly board trains, or who cross railway tracks without ob- serving trains moving in opposite di- rections, and also in leaving trains at intermediate stations. In this case the plaintiff was a pas- senger from Mitchell, to Sioux Falls, and at a station six miles out from Mitchell his train stopped and was ordered to wait for a train to pass. The conductor said he would stop "20- or 30 and the plaintiff got off and went into the town for more than 15 minutes. On returning he heard the conductor say "all where- upon he ran and jumped across tracks and was struck by the incoming train and sustained injuries. The supreme court has reversed the order. The evi- dence showed that the plaintiff ran so near the front of the moving engine that persons who saw him thought he" was '-trvintr to kill himself Interesting Items from the City As- sessor's Returns. Assessor Gillrup's completed returns many facts which may be profitably studied. The basis of assess- ment, as is the custom throughout the state although contrary to the law, is to list personal property at about one- third its real value, and, of course there is a great deal that is not report- ed and so not listed at all. I he total valuation is ?223 <M3 Oth- er items are as follows: Personal property. Wagons and earriiijies...............-vV Watches. ................77, Cold and silver plate................. Diamonds, etc Goods and THE McCORMICK AXERCII ABLE mercandse Agricultural Implements etc Manufacturer's tools materials, manure attic.' Household and office furnitare. Sewing and luilttmR machines Money ot banks, bankers, etc.. Credits of aforesaid others than Credits of others than bankers No. Value. 71 3.55 200 130 10.915 GiX) Is now set up and ready for Inspection. Come and see It. Use Twine when Twine is Cheapest! Use Wire when Twine is Dearest! a Wsis othe 10 a ovum returns of the entire county: Class I-IIorses, Mules, etc. i year old. 2year old....... 3 years or over. 1 year old.. 2 year old.. Cows.. Workln Class "-Cattle." Sheep p rt- was '-trying to kill himself. The opinion is based on the fact that the plaintiff had left the train and there was no excuse for the hurried manner in which he jumped toe his train because the conductor had eatted "all aboard" as a signal to the passen gers who had left the train. The syl-1 nanoiorte' labus is interesting and is as furniture When a passenger enters a railway train and pays his rare to a particular place, m's contract does not obligate the company to furnish him witu means of egress and ingress at an interme- diate station, and if he leaves the train at such a station he for the time being surrenders his place as a passenger and takes upon himself the responsibility of his own movements. But If he leaves without objection on the part of the company he does no illegal act, has a right to re-enter and resume his Journey. While if Value. S24.83S 41.721 29.98S THE LIGHTEST, THE SIMPLEST, THE STRONGEST, Other Classes JVagons and carriages............ 2783 ing find knitting Watches.clocks, am and organs uid a railway company permits die practice of pas- sengers leaving and re-entering this tram while on a side-track at an intermediate station for the purpose of letting another train pass on the main tracic, it is hound to use reasonable care not to expose such passengers to unnecessary danger- yet it is not bound to so regulate its business as to mace the sidetrack as safe a place of ingress or egress as the station's platform; nor does It give any assurance under such circumstances to passengers, that no trains will pass while they are crossing or recrossing the main track. Nei- ther does the call ol "all by the con- ductor of the sidetracked tram, give an assur- ance to those who have left their train, that they may cross the main track in safetv without look- ing for approaching trains. Passengers who have thus left their train, when they attempt to cross the track, under these circumstances, are bound to exercise rea- sonable care and caution to avoid inj passing trains and mustnse the! purpose. The station platform and not the side track Is the proper pface to enter or leave a train, and those who, for purposes of their own use the lat- ter take all the extra risks necessarily incident to such a practice and are bound to exercise a degree of care corresponding to the increased Gold and silverware Diamonds and jewelry toods and merchandise Manufactured articles... Manufacturers' tools Honeys, banks Credit of banks, etc Moneys other than banks' Credit other than banks etc Bonds and stocks s Shares or bank stock, etc risks. Where Should the Umpire Stand'J The question having arisen among some of our amateur base ball players as to where the umpire should stand during a game, Chas. Fobes wrote A. U. Spaldiiig Jiros. of Chicago, whose authority is undoubted in such matters and received the following reply: C. A. FOBES Lea, -Wirm.-DEAR but: xours of the 6th received and in reply to your question will say that an umpire can stand either Behind the batsmau or pitcher just as he wishes, as In some cases it is very hard for him to call balls and strikes when he stands behind the bat and may change if he thinks it will help him any. It is getting customary after a man gets on first for the umpire to go behind the pitcher as it unabtes him to see all base plays. Yours truly, A. G. SPALDIXG BROS. 8.G54 M.872 24.627 63.1G5 A. B. Encampment. The annual encampment of the G A K. will be held at Milwaukee, Wis" August 26th to 31st. The rates will be one fare (89.50) for the round trip. Children over rive and under twelve of age will be charged half the above rates. Tickets on sale from August 21st to 28th inclusive, good to return August 27th to September 5th inclusive Tickets may be made good however, by complying with the mW sarv reomrpmpnf-c unt-ji To Save Your Horses, To Save Your Crops, To Save Your Money, A large supply of Extras and the best grades of Twine and Wire on hand, for sale at low rates. Elevators... Improvements on 'O.' Lands'.'. DOgS Total assessed v 2STEW sary 30th. requirements, until September We are also able to send vou nf j Kegatla at Spirit lake. For the annual Regatta of the Iowa State Amateur Bowing Association, to be held at Spirit Lake July 24th and 25th, 1889, the B., Q. R. N. R'y will sell round-trip tickets to Spirit Lake at rate of about one cent per mile each way. Tickets on sale July 20th to 24th, good to return till J uly 30th. For full particulars enquire of station agents. J. E. HANJTEGAN, G. T. P. A., Cedar Rapids, la. To Montana, Oregon and Washington. If you are going west bear in mind the follow- ing facts: railroad owns and operates 98T miles, or 57- per cent of the en- tire railroad mileage of Montana: spans the ter- ritory with4ts main line from east to west- is the short line to Helena; the only Pullman and din- ing car line to Bstte. and is the only line that reaches Miles City, Billings. Kozeman, Missoula, the ellowstone Sational Park, and in fact nine- tenths of the cities and points of interest in the territory. The Northern Pacific owns and operates 021 miles or 56 per cent of the railroad mileage of Washington, its main line extending from the Idaho line via Spokane Falls, Cheney, Sprague through the center ot the territory to Tacoma and Seattle, and from Tacoma to Portland. No other trans-continental through rail line reaches any portion of Wash ington Territory. Ten days stop over privileges are given on Northern pacific second class tick- ets at Spokane Falls and all points west, thus affording intending settlers an excellent oppor- tunity to see the entire territory without incur- ring the expense of paying local fares from point The Northern Pacific is the shortest route from St. Paul to Tacomn, by 207 miles; to Seattle bv 177 miles, and to Portland by 324 correspondingly shorter, varying Irom one to two days, according to destination. No other line from bt. Paul or Minneapolis runs through passenger cars of any kind into Idaho, Oregon or Washington. fa In addition to being the only rail line to Spok- ane Falls, Tacoma and Seattle, the Northern Pacific reaches all the principal points in North- ern Minnesota and Dakota. Montana, Idaho Oregon and Washington. Bear in mind that the Northern Pacific and Shasta line is the famous t-iiju bu OCllll VUll via. either of the following lines from Chicago: C, M. St. P., or C. W., or the Goodrich line of steamera! 1 lease bear in mind that ours is the rtah, twotbrougk trains da ly to Chicago, and that we are the only hue selling tickets from Albert Lea to Milwaukee via. Chicago. II. H. TETJSDELL, Agent, __ 13., C. R tf. E'y. Appropriating Pensions at the Sol- diers' Home. McCormick Steel Mowers! Be latest Hi tie Stronst, tie Best ail tie Cleajest. To Save Time, To Save Vain Regrets, To Save Running: to Town, BUY THE McCORMICK! rnn form, C S scenic route to all points in California. Send for Illustrated namplets. maps and books Eivitig you valuable in reference to The country traversed by this line from St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth ami Ashland to Port- land, Oregon, and Tacoma and Seattle, Washhiir- ton Territory, and enclose stamps for the new 1889 Rand McNally County Map of Washington Territory, printed In colors. Address your nearest ticket aeent, or Chas S Fee, general passenger and ticket agent, St. Paul, Minn. The Verdict Unanimous. W. D. Suit, druggist, Bippus, Ind., testifies: 'I can recommend Electric Bitters as the verv best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief In every case. One man toek six bottles and was cured of rheumatism of ten years' stand- ing." Abraham Hare, druggist, Bellvllle. Ohio, affirms: "The best selling medicine I have ever handled In my twenty years' experience, Is Electric Bitters." Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that the verdict Is un- animous that Electric Bitters do cure all dis- eases of the liver, kidneys and blood. Only a half dollar a bottle, at Wedge Barlow's drirg- stor A Woman's Discovery. "Another wonderful discovery has been made and that too by a lady in this county. Disease fastened its clutches upon her and for seven years she withstood Its severest tests, but her Tltal organs were undermined and death seemed Imminent. For three months she coughed m- cessanllvand could not sleep. She bought of us a bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption and was so much relieved on tak- ing first dose that she slept all night and with one bottle has been miraculously cured. Her name is Mrs. Luther Lutz." Thus write W. C. Hainrlck Co. of Shelby, N. C. Get a free trial bottle Wedge S Barlow's drug store. very unjust and unlawful. The fact -s pension Is inalienable; it cannot or appropriated In any manner or any debts or demands. I am very Judge Hay and comrades of brought to subscribe to iniquitous proceeding. The surrender iccording to law must be A GOJTEADE G. A. E. Our correspondent is mistaken in the idea thatinmates of theSoldiers'Home are compelled to surrender their pen- sions to the trustees. They may refuse to do so, but m such case they must leave the Home. Very few have left tnere on this account, and several who did so, spent in debauchery in a few days all they had. We believe the ac- tion of the trustees in withholding all pension money under the circumstan- ces except S4 a month is generally ap- proved by old soldiers. Harvest Excursions. The Burlington, Cedar Eapids JSorthern Railway has arranged to run five harvest excursions to all stations on its Iowa Falls division, north of and including Iowa Falls, and to vari- ous sections west, northwest, south and southwest. The dates of these ex- cursions will be August 6th and 20th September 10th and 24th, and October sen; and the rate will be one fare for round trip. For rates, limits of tick- ets, and any other information, call on or address any 13., C. K. N. R'y agent or J. E. HAJWEGAN, G. T. T. A., Cedar Rapids, la. Tlie Champion American Bird. Minneapolis Tribune. The American bluebird can whip the nghsh sparrow and enjoys doing so. Now there would be a national bird worth having. Why not shake the clumsy, homely, cowardly bald eagle and give the crown to the plucky little fellow that wears Uncle Sam's uniform and licks the British Be Sure to Head Carefully. The Pioneer Meat Market has come to. the front again fully stocked up with the choicest of all kinds of meat Ao patns will be spared to keep up its reputation as a first class market in every respect. Cleanliness; choice meats, good weight, fair prices. All we ask is a trial. K. S. HOKNING, Proprietor. A. II. McMiLLEN, Manager. L. P. JENSEN, Cutter and Tender. The Place to Bore for Gas. ChatQeld Democrat. A servant abandoned her situation in the natural gas region of Indiana the other day, because her conscience reproved her for cooking food over eH itlf her superstition is well grounded the location of the Rochester asylum would be a goed place to bore for natural gas. 9 Having taken the shop formerly occupied by C. Gustavson, opposite the National House, Clark street, I am pre- pared to do horseshoeing and black- smithing in all its branches. Special attention paid to fractious or lame horses. All I ask is a fair trial. Satis- faction guaranteed. M. DONAHUE. General and Local Agent, Albert Lea, Minn. HARDWARE, STOVES, TINWARE Nails, Glass, Cutlery, Down to the Lowest Cash Prices. Don't let anyone deceive you J. W. Stage, Is one who befrlnas you all, no matter what your Race, Nationality, Creed, Principles or tion may be, I WILL SELL CHEAP TO YOU ALL! My tin shop is one of the best In Minnesota, and I intend to maintain Its reputation. J. W. ST.AX3-E, Cor. Washington and William St. Albert Lei, Minn. THE YEAR 'ROUND We continue our Steady Trade, and at all Seasons make the People Happy by making their feet Com- fortable. Everybody knows that pinched, cold or hot feet makes people miserable. This we avoid by fur- nishing Men, Women and Children with Boots and Shoes that Fit. A Perfect Fit gives Comfort. We are com- fort-niakers. We can save you from hot, tired, aching feet in Summer and are always glad to do it, even if we do not make a cent. Call and we will tell you all about it. NELSON SORENSON, Dealers in Comfort-Giving Boots and Shoes. Broad- way, Albert Lea, Minn., United States of America. EDWARDS, Madson Christenson, Blacksmithing, Horseshoeing, and Plow Work, The making and Repairing 01 Well Tools a Specialty. Shop oppoitte Met.