Thursday, June 13, 1889

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard

Location: Albert Lea, Minnesota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard on Thursday, June 13, 1889

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - June 13, 1889, Albert Lea, Minnesota Enterprise VOL. XXXII. ALBERT LEA, MINN., JUNE 13, 1889. NO. 24. MOREY E. STERN, Proprietor of the Kdialile and Far-famed One PriceClothing Store! Makes a few truthful Statements for the Benefit of the Clothing Purchasers of Albert Lea and Vicinity. pOH the Suininei' Season of yon will find our Extensive Establishment tilled to its utmost capacily with all that goes to make up the Stock of a HIGH GRADE CLOTH ING HOUSE. Our Goods are of iirst quality, our Prices consistent with the Goods. This is it condition which every sensible person is bound to appreciate. In tiic various of our Sinn- tlici'-Ilir'-f -if ntiiiX'Ut ;m- tin! i-vi'ry lii'ili. hi .I; {In Hi-- f i.i Men's Clothing, Youths' Clothing, Boys' Clothing, Reliable Goods, Proper Prices. Gents' Furnishings, Hats and Caps, Boys' Waists, _U_ would bean almost endless task to make a enumeration of the many goods, be- sldi-s Clothing In the strict sense of the term. which we carry In stock. Sullies it to say that i.f xiK.ils tthieli we s 'it iiur patrons all ;-.L art comfort and adorn- CT" v" ca" Fair Figures. Satisfaction Guaranteed. your K'f.'f-ntricilffs. your conceits atisfy your The Big Boston One Price Clothing Store! rriiJE i.i Mail Orders given Prompt Atfention. Rules for Self-Measurement Sent on Application. 'J. F. JOHNSON. P. F. PETERSON JOHNSON PETERSON, FURNITURE! UNDERTAKING! A FINK I.IXE OF Parlor and Chamber Sets, RAXUTAX awl KISKD Extra Fine, New Styles, Ladies' Writing Desks, CURTAINS and FIXTURES. We up Curtains for our Customers. A full line of nj: given prompt attention, hoot and shoe store. and Night culls answered up stairs over Waller Thompson's .TOt-msON PETERSON. THE YEAR 'ROUND We continue our Steady Trade, and at all Seasons make the People Happy by making their feet Com- fortable. Everybody knows that pinched, cold or hot feet makes people miserable. This we avoid by fur- nishing- Men, Women and Children with Boots and Shoes that Fit. A Perfect Fit gives Comfort. We arc com- fort-makers. Wre can save you from hot, tired, aching feet in Summer and are always glad to do it, even if we do not make a cent. Call and we will tell you all NELSON SOKENSON, Dealers in Comfort-Giving Boots and Shoes, Broad- way, Albert Lea, Minn., United States of America. Kcal Estate Transfers From May 25th to June 8th, 1889, furnished by H. K.Fossum, Register of Ueeds and Abstractor of Titles: Willie L I'alrner lo Anthony C Trow. 5 ae sw sv.- sec (i, .Shell Itocfe.......... loou Lirroy O (Ireene to 1'atrick tollman, und 14 n w sec 25, Geneva................ Heirs o( William Sloriu to C E Bootli lot 8 bl i, Alden................................ jog C E Booth to .1 F 1'restoii, lot 7 ami s C feet olsecsbl i.Alaen................ Leroy 0 Greene to H I'and C Nelson, ne nw sec Shell Hock.................... John Herron to Thomas J and Stephen K Herron, n% ne nw and nw nw and se mv sec 9, .Newry................. on to Charlotte _Herro'ri, ne 1800 200 1 15 100 John Herro.. ._ __________ nwandm; se nw sec 9, Newry 1'rank E Town to Joseph Laudls, ty, nw sec b, Shell liock ____ Heirs o! William siorin to N C Peterson, piece of land in ne nw sec IT, Albert Lea Lemuel Btiley to Cornelius 1 liuley, sec 2J, Shell KocK 0 M McKec ro Elmer B Remington t-V, lots 15 and 10, W J2. city Leroy O Greene to Nils Nilson. mv sw sec 4. Kicelaml Mis Hergesnn to Hans N liergeson, sw sw and lot i and 2 sec 28 and lot 1 sec a, Ntinda Ole 1, Mouseth to 1 L Iinjebrigtson. se se sec and sw sw sec 35, Albert Lea 1 I. Ingebrigtson to Jlina Mouseth, se se sec :u, sw sw sec Albert Lea i C M Cannon to A L Marly, lot C Alden 900 Knudt R Knuatson to Jens O Sjerdahl, acres sene sec 31, lilceland 100 William A Pash to H H Wilcox, lot S bl 1 Ulenyille H H Wilcox to 1'at Honan, lotsbi i "oieii- ville SMesslngerto 1'at Houau. lots <i. Vo, til 20. lots i, sand n part 2 and bl 25 lots i and n p 2 and 7, bl 39 and n p 7 bl 1 (llcnvillR Minn Central Ky to Joseph tjtraka, sb Hayward Minn Ky to L O Greene, nndK nK nw sec 2.5. Geneva Minn Central Ky to L 0 Greene, umlJJ 1 mv sec 25, Geneva... -Minn Central Hy to Michael Uowd, sw aw sec.t-'t, Newrv Minn Central Kv to August O Lane, sjj ne and, London Minn Central Ky to George K Weseman, nw ne and ne nw sec Oakland Minn Central Ky to John J Sheehan, nw sec o. Bath Minn Central Ky to L O Greene, ne mv sec 13, Shell Rock HO Minn Central Ky to Luke 1) Holmes, m; sec 20, Geneva T "40 Minn Central Ky to John Jordan, nw sw 040 WinonaS St Feter Land Co to'l'atfick Cashman, ne mv sec 25, Geneva us Winona St 1'eter Land Co to James Kt John, none sec 7. liath 400 St 1'aul Chicago Ky to L 0 Greene, n w sec 8, Numla IOQ Narve H Slette to Seven Thoreson. nw mv sec 10 and ne and ne nw sec 9. Man- chester Tilda S Winger to Seven Thoreson, nw nw sec 10 and ne and ne nw sec 9 Man- chester 500 Thomas Hashman to Catharine Cashman ne sw see 15, Newry 400 Fred K Watson adm to C D Allen, nX ne sec St, Mansfield John A Simonds to Mary M Aldrlch, KOV lots i and 2 sec s. Carlston, and gov lot 1 sec 31, Frecborn icoo Adelaide Ilarnish to William H liashaw, swsccsc, London 5000 Merit Wins. We desire to say to our citizens, that for years wo have been selling Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Dr. King's New Life Pills, liucklen's Arnica Salve and klectric Hitters, and nave never handled remedies that sell as well or that have given such universal satisfaction. not hesitate to guarantee them every time, and we stand ready to refund the purchase price If satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great pop- ularity purely on their merits. Wedge Bar- low s drug stores. GIO One Good Turn Deserves Another. Minneapolis Journal. A Willmar man published a "card of thanks" to his friends for their kind- have an opportunity to "reciprocate." The best salve in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt; rheum, fever sores tette sale by Wedge Barlow. SHE IS TO RK MAliKIED, And the Cause or! Kriokson Will iio from 31 aria A. Brown to Her Scandinavian Frienils ILLINOIS, .June lieing about to leave you. to leave my own country, in order to become the resident of Mother England, and i the wife of an English gentleman, John Ii. Shipley, already well known to yoi j through his sound and able articles ii my paper, "Leif I have a 1 words to say to you all. both to mj friends and "enemies among the Xoi wegians, Swedes and Danes, which trust will make more of you friendi and less of you enemies to our causi und me. I leave my country, I leavi the name by which 1 have so long beei known to you, the name so closel1 identified with my Northern works: Inl J ilo 'not Itact: tin-: Mr. Shipley'b words to me in a letter dated May :ird can not but awaken the same response in you that they do in me; he writes "To take you from your cause I do not wisli to do, I only wish you to wait for this until 1 can do tin- work with you and can bear the expense." In about; year or two years at tht: furthest lit will come into possession of a large fortune, and will then be amply able to bear the expense. In his last letter May 13th, he again says: "We are post- poning it, the lean helj and forward you in it. and make it a blessing instead of a persecution to us both." You all know that in the past this cause of ours has been persecution, sorrow, a mist-ry amounting almost to martyrdom to me; on the day I marry this condition will cease. Had I been free to announce jny engagement to Mr. Shipley before, to" tell you who and what my chief helper was'to be. to tell you that his business a very few years hence will yield him money enough, if need be, to pursue the resea'rch into the Norse discovery in every library in Europe, as well as the Vatican, to de- vote twelve years or even a life-time to it, if we choose, if I could have told you that my betrothed was an excellent Latin and Hebrew scholar, that he was acquainted with tlie modern European languages, and had recently acquired a knowledge of the Norwegian. Swedish and Icelandic tongues, with a view to the work before him. 1 could have dis- armed all of the objections that have been made against me as an incompe- tent person for this work in the Nor- wegian press; for, with my husband, a man possessed of wealth, scholarship and scientific attainments, these joined to my own knowledge of the subject and possession of thel-lues to the docu- ments necessary to substantiate the Xorse claim to the discovery of this country, I am not an incompetent per- son, nor do I lack a single requisite for Mr. Shipley paid the expenses of my journey from England to this country, and my mother's passage as well, iii order that I might bring the cause be- fore the congress of the United States. When he did this he was a very poor man. but he did it fur the love of the truth. No_w I ask all of you, out of consideration for both him and me, for we were willing to bear flie sorrow of parting with each other for the sake of the cause, we have sacrilied much for it, to help me to put an end to this separation, to give me the money that will enable me to go to the husband and :he home that are awaiting me in Lon- don. He will do all the rest, will you do this V I wish to sail for Liverpool :he last week in June. Yours faithfully in the cause, MAKIE A. ISuowx, 144 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. Has Hell lliinieu1 Itself Out? New York Sim. The doctrine of eternal punishment is no longer preached from Protestant pulpits as it was taught fifty years ago, even twenty years ago; and yet every orthodox communion retains the doc- trine in its formal creed. The change which has come over the Protestant world within a very short time with re- spect to hell has been radical. The world itself has been omitted almost wholly from the Protestant vocabulary. It terrifies no longer the children in tlie Sunday schools, and startles no longer the sinners in the churches. Practic- illy, they have lost their fear of the Lake of Fire and of the torments to which the old preachers consigned the damned. Formerly every sermon dwelt ipon the anger, the vengeance, the sev- erity of God, but now the prevailing ;hemeis His mercy and loving kind- less. Y'et we do not find any disposi- tion on the part of the various com- nunions to amend and revise their articles of faith to meet this revolu- :ionary change. They let the old stand- ards alone, well knowing that these lave fallen into practical disuse. Tlie churches are going through a develop- uent which is following different lines from those laid down" by tho meta- ihysical creed makers of past times. C., M. St. P. Excursion Kates. NATIONAL TVKNEK FESTIVAL AT CIX- CIXXATTI. June 20th and 21st the C., M. P. t'y will sell round trip tickets to Cin- cinnati! good to return June 27th, at for the round trip. NOKTirWESTEKN S.KXOEUFKST AT JIINXEAI'OUS. June 19th the C.. M. St. P. K'y will sell excursion tickets good to return Tune 25th, at one fare for the round trip, 83.24. June '20th to 2-lth inclusive will sell excursion tickets good to re- turn June 25th, at one and one-third '.'are for the round trip, 84.42. N. GATES, Agent. How to Make Money. To save money is to make money. The common way of washing clothes m a washboard is growing out of favor 'ast. The Eclipse Washer will do the work better, in less time, and with no wear to the clothes: the savings will in a short time buy a machine. "Used by Kindreds of families in this county ilone, a recoramei-.d of this wonderful machine is unnecessary, S. Keinsbcrg warrants them for two years. Times." This high-bred Clydesdale stallion shows a first-class pedigree, and is as ine as any ever brought into Freeborn county. Color, dark bay; weight le Will be at the National House barn klondays. Farmers should be sure and ee him. Terms on account of our jetting him so late in the season. Other dates will be given in the STAND- ARD next week. J. P. FOSSOM Co. THE 11ED Iluliliard anil Oth.-i- Oflirinls Visit Ituluth ami Solicit tions-Iic Dc.-li.ics to Make Melinite I'romisos. Duluth Daily jinn' r.tii. Ex-Gov. L. F. Ilnbbard, general manager of the Duluth, Ked VViii" Southern; E.AV. lloyt, president- S JJ Foot, vice and W. C. liicc, director, arrived in Duluth yesterday morning and held a conference with ii number of business men in tlie oific ol Col. C. II. Graves. Their missioi here was to awaken interest in theroai sullicient to raise a fund of SoO.OUO witl which to go on with the eonstmctioi of that portion of the road betweei Duluth and lied AVing, over 170 mile in length. Col. Graves and J. U. Myer were appointed a committee to act witl a third man of their own selection ii obtaining the subscriptions. you think you will build the roa( this year or even next year''" wa1 asked Gov. Ilnbbard by The News. Oi this he would not commit himself, bu' he was certain the road was greath needed and would pay well. Said he "On the twenty-live niiles already bull' we are making money by operating ii connection with another road." All the visitors were quite enthusi astic over the road and also over the results of the meeting. Gov. Ilubbard however, expressed disappointment ii the lack of interest shown by Dnlutl when the road was opened. '-What wt want." said he, the moral support ol Duluth." The party returned in tht evening. THE McCORMICK I The Fourth at Altleu. Alden has raised the necessary funds for a first-class celebration, and will celebrate the Fourth of July in an ap- propriate manner. Thirteen guns will be iired at sunrise, and at 10 o'clock the procession will form on I5roadway lieadeil by the Alden comet band, hi :lie following order: CaroIUhcrtv. liroom lirfeade. Aldeii Cadets and Base Ball Sines. Carl.sion Women's Kc.-lief Corps. Ash 1'os! G. A. K, Orator anil Chaplain in Carriages President of the Day anil Vice Presidents. Citizens in Carriages ami Citizens on Foot. The marching will be through the principal streets to the grove on the lake shore, where the following pro- gram will be carried out: Music by tlie Band. Singing by the Cilee Opening I'myer by the Chaplain. Heading of the Declaration of Independence Music by the Baud, Music by the Band. Singing by tile Glee Club. Djimer. One Parade. Three Ball Game. Bowery Dance in the Afternoon and Evening. Baloon Ascension and Grand Display oIFire- vorks in the Evening. The broom brigade this year will be composed of twenty-four young ladies ind will be one of the main features of ho Afden has the reputation for getting up the finest procession of ragmuffins, and at one o'clock p. m. the most amu- sing band of these ragged people will .ake possession of the village and the fun will begin, and continue until two I'clock, when they will go into seclu- sion and pull the seclusion in after hem until another Fourth. The Alden base ball team will play i match game in the afternoon with some nine yet unknown, on the ball jrounds just south of the railroad. Grand bowery dance in flic evening in the hotel grounds. A band of eight lieces will furnish the music. Every- one invited to participate in the grand celebration at Alden, and a good time guaranteed to all. A Celebration in Bancroft. The Fourth will be duly observed by of Bancroft and adjoining owns by a program of interesting ex- reises on the farm of G. Johnsrud on ection 13 in Bancroft, and everybody s invited to attend, bring their basket linners and have a good time. There vill be speeches by able orators, a game f base ball, music, and a grand dance n the evening on a platform 16 by 40 eet. A very interesting and joyous ime is promised and there wifl be oom for all. Arc You Good at Guessing. If so call at the Second Hand Store and we will show yon how to win a nice prize on the 4th of July. AV'e also have some bargains in furniture, botli new and second hand. Do you cele- brate? We are headquarters for fire- works. We are not selling out at cost, but most of the goods yoifbuy from us will cost you less money than else- where. See our 5 and 10 cent counter. You can guess on the jar of candy with every purchase of Sl.OO or more. Two or three will be given away the 4th of July. A. II. St. Paul M'as Behind the Times. Northwestern Chronicle, Catholic. The Hartford theological seminary has decided to open its doors to women desirous of entering the ministry. This hardly seems in accordance with St. Paul's order that women shall keep silence in the church. But, then, that great apostle was not abreast of "tho progress of the nineteenth Tlicy Don't Know How Little They Know. Ortonville Herald-Star. The normal schools, high schools and universities of the state are just now turning loose a lot of young'men and women with parchment rolls declaring their educations complete. Ten year's from now these same young men and women will appreciate belter' how little they really knew at this time. Having taken the shop formerly occupied by 0. Gustavson, opposite the National House. Clark street, I am pre- pared to do horseshoeing and black- smithing in all its branches. Special attention paid to fractious or lame horses. All I ask is a fair trial. Satis- faction guaranteed. M. DONAHUE. A Safe Investment. Is one which is guaranteed to bring you satis- factory results, or in case or (allure'a return of purchase price. On this safe plan you can buy from our advertised druggists a bottle of Dr King's Jfcw Discovery for Consumption. It Is guaranteed to bring relief in every case when used for any affection of throat, lungs' or chest' such as consumption, inflammation of lungs, bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough, croup, etc. etc. It Is pleasant and agreeable to taste, per- fectly safe, and can always ba depended upon. Trial bottles free, at 'Wedge, Barlow's drug Is innv set up and ready for Inspection. Come ana see It. Use Twine when Twine is Cheapest! Use Wire when Twine is Dearest! rame Is the LIGHTEST and STRONGEST nutdV and s the only btee Frame that will not twist. The Sickle Is driven from tbe end by raeuu htrtl bwa-bar ivin a stea l bway-bar, giving a steady and powerful stroke. Having a very high main wheel with THE LIGHTEST, THE SIMPLEST, THE STRONGEST, Mid the BEST; any boy can run it. only seven pieces In the Binder-head. They can't eet out of order. .No knife arm, no string linger, no bolts and rollers to get loose is always ready lor work, early or late. To Save Your Horses, To Save Your Crops, To Save Your Money, j A large supply of Extras and the best grades of Twine and Wire on hand, for sale at low rates. THE 2STIEW McCormick Steel Mowers! Tie Latest anil tie Strongest, tie Best and lie Cheapest. Wide Tracks, High Wheels. Hickory Pltmans, Brass ami Babbitt Boxes, Universal Joints and nothing to get loose. PATENT SfKlNGS to carry the weight of the bar, making it raise easily, and run light The smooth bar with our Patent Automatic Self-cleaning Gutrd'i Steel Plates and new style Sickle, make them proof against Clogging. A pony team can draw them and a child can operate them. The keenest cutters on earth the BEST IN THE WOULD. They have NO RIVALS. To Save Time, To Save To Uegprets, .Save to Town, BUY THE McCORMICK! GIVING my exclusive attention to ilcCormick business, and keeping mv men and team! tUe year through, I am enabled to promptly attend to all calls with experienced men, and not :anse you to wait and be delayed by Ignorant experts, or from not having Kitras on hand. I will be pleased to have all farmers call on me; I will accord fair treatment and quote one price to all. S. EORJEraS, General and Local Albert Len, Minn. You May Be Ever so Good But yon cannot be happy if your Feet feel bad. To avoid this, buy solid, durable, easy-fitting BOOTS OB We keep them, and AVC have the kinds for the, Farmer and his Wife, his Boys and his Girls. KMs that are Kernel and Mortal! We also keep a Large Assortment of FINE, STYLISH SHOES, Such as very Genteel Ladies, Lovely Maids, and Gentle- nen of Fashion will want. All kinds suitable to the Season and sold at Prices that will be sure to please. Successors to C. C. Dwight. ISTovelties in SPRING GOODS ARRIVING AT J. W. SMITH'S, The Leader in Dry Goods. 'reneh and Domestic Satteeus, beautiful in design and finish, just the thing for early Spring wear. 'oile Du Nonls, Seersuckers. Choice Ginghams in great variety. Vhite Goods in Check and Stripes. Financings. Kmbroideries, Slack Silk Flouncings in Spanish and Chantilla at Sl.OO. 81.25, 81.76. 82.50 and .33.00. ust in, a large assortment of Ladies' and Children's Hoseries. The goods are Guaranteed Absolutely Fast Black, And stainless. No humbug. Goods taken back if not as represented. V Job Lot ofibenutiful Kibbons on sale this week. Prices low. 'orsets, Uuchings, Laces, Linen Collars and Cuffs, in large assortments. am making low prices on all Woolen Goods, to close out and make r making lo my Spring Stock. make room for One thousand yards of new Carpets just in. J3uy now before the advance. Yours for Good Goods and Low Prices, J. W. SMITH. Agent for Butterick Patterns. lEWSFAPESr iEWSPAPE'RI