Saturday, May 18, 1889

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard

Location: Albert Lea, Minnesota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard on Saturday, May 18, 1889

Freeborn County Standard, The (Newspaper) - May 18, 1889, Albert Lea, Minnesota Enterprise VOL. XXX11. ALBERT LEA. MINN., MAY 18, 1889. NO. Henry A. Morgan. Waller .I. MORGAN 4 TRASK. VJl'CCKSSOItS To I.OVKI.Y i; MOKCA.N. 0 l.nujiT-.. Oiliii'iu liuihi.iiidsnn Kroi'liiick I WM. C. McAOAM I AWYKK. Dl'I'ICK OVKK HKWllT'B Minn.__________ G. A. STEVENSON, 1 JIIYSKMAN AND Sl'UOKO.V. OFFICE 1 inc-r VHIulv Friinl UrUKSIiiif. l.i-ii Minn DR. H. H. WILCOX. j MMSICJAN AM< Al.llKKl I l.-u. Minn. DMlix in ni'HiiN funnel ly iic- I-IIIMM! Dr. .ICII-K-II. Siiici-r OS .lensi-irs itl.ll. THE t'OXUEXUl, COL'S W. C. MERRILL, [AKNTIST. OFFICK DVKIl Spii't-r Ji-iiMiu'5 drim Alhi-rl l.i-a, Minn. FKEEBORN COUNTV BANK. AK.MSTKOSli, I'ltKSIDE.NT. 1 Alln-it Li-a, Minn. Ocner- :i insurance a .Siiceiallv H.C.uly, Cashier. APOLLO COMMANDERY. Hill', STATK.1) COXCLAVKK W AI'OI.J.O will bi-held at tli-lj asjliim mi tli.- ...I of each muiilli. Courteous hlr Knights Iruni slnlor cormn.iiideri.-s curdlallv inviti-d -J. K. r s. H. .M U.I.KHV, itfci-ord'-r. 'EDWARDS The and Cheapen 1'lacc (..r Arc al ways ii-hul lo dress Ilieir Children well, fur it is pleasant, fu see Ihom comfortably clad, and to see the Children themselves enjoy A young man or boy with dirty, ragged or ill-titting ('lotlies is ashamed of it is natural, for there is no excuse for either kind if his parents do their duty. Dirty Clothes can lie- washed; ragged Clothes can lie patched, and Well-Fitting Clothes! 01' nil grades, from (ho cheapest to the very finest, am bong-lit tho year 'round al Photographs! THE BOSTON Broadway Wood Yard. GRIPMAN PETTIT. OK.M.KKS IX- Wood, Coal and Graying Wood Sawed to Order. HIM is- Leave on at l A. .Nel-oin s unH-i-rj- stcire. ALBERT LEA MARBLE WORKS. trlii all Undent 1 Jl Various A Xcw I Itridgc (Sirert Sprinkling -F. A. K. Knocked The Jloon a JlonoiioliHt Signal Service A llopiicr Full olMtillh. At the regular meeting of the council Monday evening May mh the roll call showed that only President Hanson and Aldermen Wiegand, Lowe and Hit-hards were present. Alderman Knatvold afterwards came in and as- Mimed his seat. The minutes of previ- ous meetings were then read and ap- proved. -Mr. Lowe reported that he and Mr. Hanson examined the Hatch bridge and agreed that it is in bad siiape; that they could only see one thing to do, and that is, to build a new bridge. He considered it unsafe to drive over with a loaded wagon. Mr. Hanson stated that Mr. Morin agreed to pre- sent the matter to the county board and ask that they bear part of the expense of building a new bridge The matter was therefore laid over The committee on supplies was au- thorized to find out cost of a carload of hard wood lumber for crossings The matter of 8600 due from the state was laid over. Parker presented ;he matter of the insurance on city iall, engine, jail, huse and the city- clerk was authorized to renew the polices for with same agents I) THE SOUTH ALSO HAS A KICK I'KOBLEM. iixliou XiMvniaii SajM It llrtweeu American Born and Foreign Born. Disliop John I'. Xewnian of lias written an open letter on the southern question which is attracting widespread attention. Keferrin to us speech at the Virginia conference he says: on have the race question to settle as to the white and the blacks- we have the race question to settle as to the American born and the foreign born. ith you it is a question with your own people; with us it is the -North against all Europe. You have the easier task. The .South has not been overrun by foreigners indifferent to our institutions. This is what I meant by the purest American blood was to be found in the South, and that because of tlus it might be that the South would have to march forth in defense oi our dearest institutions 1 have been saying this in the North for the past twenty years on manv public occasions. Combination Optometer! Parker and (Jillrup Gilbert and at same rates as before. IMehards Mis-Tops, Skelfn, MaiUes, etc. r KF.KKI1 only tile best workmen and 1- II-P In i-very respect M. BESSIXCEE Clark ,md Wuhlnctun Sts.. Alber H. D. BROWN CO., il of Albert Lea. Parents should call and see the great Assortment of Styles for Boys of all ages that'we carry. sell Clothes ready made, Cheaper than vou can buy the cloth. CLOTHING! Fur all the Men and Boys m the County, and Prices that will Astonish, they are so Low, at the MOREY E. STERN, Prop. HOES A liENEKAI, Banking Business! City rrujirrty nnil fuilD-iirfil Fin-ins for Stile. Money to Loan! IM.UH Sn-nrlli ;i Low lialeolln- If. It ROW X A CO. BRUNDIN BROS., Meat 'Market! IIKAI.EItS IN ALL KINDS OF Fresh and Salt Meats. keep constantly on hand all kinds of The BEST liUANDS of 01TSTER.S at I lie lowest possible prices. tSriloncst weight and prompt delivery guar- our customers. Stand, on east side of itoiKulway adjoining Anderson's restaurant. Bi-iindin Bros. Gillrup Gilbert, al Esla1 -AND Insurance. .Abstracts Made. Choice Farms for Sale! nvJ'KOVED AND UNIMPROVED CITY. PEOPERTY The most suooeitful and most durable of all harvesting maohines. Contains every device needed io make a machine perfect. Made of the best material and in the best way. Light draft and easy work for driver and hones. Easiest raised and lowered of any harvester. There is no weight on the horses' necks; no tearing of canvas or straps for there are springs to relieve the strain caused by shrinkage; no choking at front of elevators, for their is a relief rake to prevent it. No other Binder has this valuable device. Everything on the CHAMPION has been made as simple and substantial as possible. No other Harvester has as good cutter bar and guards, or as many and as good knives, or as strong and adaptable reel, or as sim- ple a method of driving the Binder, nor as good plan for squaring the butts of the bundles. The CHAMPION Butter is unlike any other, and is auperior to LtlGIH till. The CHAMPION will cutall kinds of small grain that grow no matter in what condition; it is lighter draft than any other Harvester doing the same work- it is easily managed by any farmer; it will cause less trouble and expensa for repairs it will make less delay in harvest time, and it will do more work and be more durable than any other Harvester and Binder that is made. THE WARDER, BUSHNEI.L QLESSNER COMPANY, OHIO.------MANUFACTURERS------CHICAGO, ILL. and of the street sprinklino- committee reported that owing to the failure of Famsu urth to proceed with sprinkling promptly as required by the committee they the committee had been compelled to employ McGovern k Anderson. That owing to the severe storm of dust and dirt it was very important that sprink- ling be done immediately. That in the opinion of the committee Farnsworth Edwards should not have the con- tract, and that it should be awarded to McGovern Edwards. Mr. Edwards being present, asked for a hearing and claimed that his firm had done every- thing in their power, sparing no ex- pense, to get ready for sprinkling, and H--M 'T had good faith to lulfull their contract. He claimed that no contract was made until it was approved by the council, and that therefore his lirni wa.s not obliged to begin sprinkling until such approval Mr. M legand claimed that it was the duty ol Farnsworth Edwards to have begun sprinkling at once that they agreed to do so and failed On motion of Mr. Knatvold the report of the committee was accepted and placed on file. Thin the action of the committee is not interfered with and McGoyern Anderson will proceed with the sprinkling. The electric lighting question was then considered. Mr. M'iegand opposed contracting for more than the present number of lights, as more lights would cost more and cause more dissatisfac- tion. Mr. Knatvold moved that i'amswortu Edwards be offered the same contract as hist year for the same number of lights. It was adopted Mr. Lowe refused to vote for it, as he said it gave the moonlight too good a chance. The Freeborn County .STAND-U-D was declared the oflicial city paper for the ensuing year. Mayor Wilkinson gave notice of the appointment of Gep. A. lioye and Ole J. Flaaten as policemen. The com- munication was laid over on the objection that policeman refused to light the lamps. The city clerk was directed to collect licenses for billiard and pool tables from May 1st to July 1st at .S1U a year pro rata. The bond A. G. Hrumlin in the sum of S100UO with. I. G. lirumlin, Chas. H. Hrundin and L. O. Greene as sureties was ap- proved. The following bills were allowed: J P Kiel, street labor Y S A Wagner, street, labor o'u Jno Peterson, street labor W A Fay, street labor L Flannaijan, Mrt'ft I.-ilior. L Klamiagan, street lain. r... H Swansnn, street labor HansSwansnn, Mm-t labor H I.ulcins, street lalior. H Freeman, streetlalmr CSlage, Mreet labor C Stage, street labor II H Liiklns, street hibm C Stajje. street labor M'lannagan, street labor.. Inr tliu poor..! C F Peterson Co wood for poor Ivelson Tenney Co. lumber: C'worE? for "water A Joiiii'ion'.'senicesi.'i" isrundin Bros., meat lor paupers Fiimsworlli Edwards, lights for cbniVc'i'l rooms.April A Wallln, trips with engine WS Carey, to lurylngdog A .M .lenson, meals for pauper t O Merchant, key toenglnehouse. Troubles of the Drillers for at Stilhvater. Cor. I'ioneer 1'ress May 4th I he gentlemen who have done so much to test the question of whether there is gas in this section or not have had a rather tough experience The big cable which worked the drill broke and is now down 500 or GOO feet from the surface. Yesterday they were fish- ing for it, caught hold and brought it to the surface, when the end, being 1 rayed the harpoon pulled out, and it fell buck. Some 3.20U feet of the cable is down, and at the end is a drill about a ton m weight, so some idea may be had of the difficulty in getting it up Ihe danger is that the line with which i.itest and most praoiloal for the pm-po.e uf TESTING THE EYES. Without Guess-Work, they arc trying to get the large cable up may part, when there will be two sets in the hole, arid neither could be Heal Estate Transfers From April 27th to May nth, 1889 furnished by H. K. Fossum, Register of Deeds and Abstractor of Titles: James H Goslee to Charles Maclmcek Just 1'aiilson to Paul und'i nii nesecsuFreeboni. s JiiUltli Wnmirliam et al HiiiYon' 1-dward Yum-cr. John F Yauger, lilary ilonert. anil Kingsbury HornliiK to No Charge for Examination, wimvllon Mlih ii we keep a l.ii-e-ivorr a Illent lit lilt" FINEST SPECTACLES That an' made. Clocks, Watches, Jewelry A splendid stock for I ,P Birthday, Wedding and Iv.'M'nN Kep-ilrlii" win- BESSESEN STEEN. J. F. JOHNSON. oi lot -M innewta Central' It 'it Co' 'to LeroY o .reene, nw no sec :a Itieeland. im Ne'sou' lm an Ol'e Anderson to" Erik" A'ilahtad.'swmv nU sw mv se yc 33 Freeman. 1'' r'5 Good News! We Now Offer Worth of 'J ivuu. JLl MJUJUllkJt At Cost and Below Cost! FOR SALE, AND Houses to Rent. TTTE REPRESENT SOME OF THE VERY VV Best tngllsh and American JPIre anil Insurance Companies. Deeds. Mortgages, So. carefully drawn. Collections OI ivay, First Door North of Court House. Profits No Object! The clerk was authorized to obtain a copy of the new city charter from the secretary of state at an expense not to exceed 1% cents a folio. Ex-Alderman Thomas called atten- tion to the fact that his barn was last year fixed upon as a city pound and as such a place is needed he offered to permit the city to continue to use it provided notice be given the public J he matter was laid over, the barn to be continued as a pound ttntil further action is taken. The clerk gave notice of the receipt oi new signal service Hags. They were ordered to be turned over to Chief of Police Carey who was requested to properly display them from the pole now iu use. The council then adjourned. Gazing; at A Stone Oodiless. Mankato Free Tress. The dome of the court house is now surmounted by the statue of Justice holding aloft her scales and resting on her sword. It is a fine piece of work and received many commendations to- day. Glasses were leveled at it from all parts of the city, to catch a glimpse of the features. The statue, which weighs 400 to 500 pounds, is firmly fast- ened to its place by iron rods connect- ing with the stone work. -Mary c Clifford 'to' John" 1" Muiisou, lot 20 blk Hall's add City... jn 'ear Lancsboro. Lanesboro Journal. In speaking of the gold, found at tt halan recently, Mr. II. J'itkin, who was in California in '49, and followed mining several years, says if it is as heavy and as rich as stated, it mio-lit be well to look the ground over care- fully. After finding the gold in the crops of the geese several years ago which belonged to Mr. Casey, Mr. Tit- kin took a pan and found gold at sev- eral points between Lanesboro and fact, wherever he attempt- ed it. He thinks gold exists alono- Koot river in quantities sufficient to pay for working. We have since learned that the nugget found by ilr King weigiied almost live ounces in- stead of three and a quarter. Wait For the Wagon Until June 1st; then we will give away a nice express wagon to some one of our customers. Two good organs cheap. Cook stoves, sewing machines, and all kinds of second hand furniture at big bargains. We are headquarters for all kinds of useful every-day arti- cles, also keep all kinds of ma- chine needles and oil. With every purchase of SI or more we give you a chance to win a prize. Call in. A. II. SQUIEU. Hay Is AH Itiglit. Wlnona Herald. JOHNSON PETERSON FURIMITU a UNDERTAKING! A FfNIi LINE OF Parlor and Chamber Sets, :iiul Extra Fine, New Styles, Ladies' Writing Desks CURTAINS and FIXTURES. We put up Cm-tains for our Customers. A full line of The Goods 31 ust Go. Our Stock If Fresh and New, and no Bankrupt.Shelf-worn goods. They are all Solid and nol Shoddy. THE WAR HAS COMMENCED, Yours Truly, NELSON SORENSON. 307 East Broadway. In the race for appointment to the eflice of United States district attorney for Minnesota, Eugene Hay, of Minne- apolis, now appears to have distanced all liis competitors and to be very near the goal. Secretary Windom is said to have endorsed him and the president has recognized him as an old acquaint- ance and friend. The sun is shinin" and Hay will be made. "Good Times." This high-bred Clydesdale stallion shows a first-class p'edigree, and is as line as any ever brought into Freeborn county. Color, dark bay; weight 1 700 He will be at tho National House barn Mondays. Farmers should be sure and see him. Terrna 810 on account of out- getting him so late in the season. Other dates will be given in the STAND- ARD next week. J. r. Fossoir Co. s and MtenUrai- NIK'" ral1" ''I- Walter .TOTIIVSOIV Ac IsTovelties in SPRING GOODS, IVOW At Cost! At Cost! Our entire stock of Dry Goods, Boots Shoes and Groceries, at Alden, is now offered at actual cost prices until June 1st. Bargains for all. Make no mis- take, but call and get what you need at cheaper rates than ever before offered in Alden. UAUWKN Biws. Hereford Calves for Sale. I have a line lot of half-blood Here- lord bull and heifer calves for sale, and recommend them to the farmers of county. None are better, ierms reasonable. C. NELSON 12-tf Clark's Grove. He Sure to Rend Carefully. The Pioneer Meat Market has come to the front again fully stocked tip with the choicest of all kinds of meat. A o pains will be spared to keep up its reputation as a first class market in every respect. Cleanliness; choice meats, good weight, fair prices. All we ask is a trial. K. S. HORNING, Proprietor. A. H. MCMILLEN, Manager. L. P. JENSEN, Cutter and Tender. How to Make Money. To save money is to make money The common way of washing clothes on a washboard is growing out of favor fast. The Eclipse Washer will do the work better, in less time, and with no wear to the clothes; the savings will in a short time buy a machine. Used by hundreds of families in this county alone, a recommend of this wonderful machine is unnecessary, S. Keinsbenr warrants them for two years. Uwklen's Arnica Salve. The boat salve In tho world for cuts, bruises sores, ulcers, salt rlieum, fever sori-s, tetter' chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all "kin piles, nr no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give J. W. SMITH'S, The Leader in Dry Uoods. IMM jllst the thing suckers. Choice (Jin-hams in great variety Kfc Check Stripes' Kmbr. i.l r es Ac iiml 81.75, Just in, a large assortment of Ladies' ami Children's Hoseries. The goods are Guaranteed Absolutely Fast Black, U1I9 t'rh I fll'HS C r liTRe advance. J. W. SMITH. Agent for Butterick Patterns. One thonsan., yards ofnew t in. EDWARDS, Maclson Christenson, Blacksmithing, Horseshoeing, and Plow Work, The making and Repairing of Well Tools a Specially. Shop Opposite Enterprise Office 'SPAPERf

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