Thursday, April 25, 1889

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard

Location: Albert Lea, Minnesota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard on Thursday, April 25, 1889

Freeborn County Standard, The (Newspaper) - April 25, 1889, Albert Lea, Minnesota Enterprise VOL. XXXII. ALBERT LEA. MINN., APRIL -25, 1889. NO. 17. MORGAN 4 IrtASK. I.OM.I.V MltltCAV linn'III il'k HEMAN BLACKMER, l.A.M) 1-OK SAI.K. ..Minn. WM. C. McADAM, OFl-'irK OVEU Albert Lea Minn.__ 0. A. STEVENSON. I AN1> sntllF.O1. I .....r Yi-ll.iw 1'riiiit DR. H. H. WILCOX. I >IIYHll'IAS 1 raplcii lij Dr. J >illlK Sinn-. AND Olln'i UFFICK Ub.-rt _____y I. ALUKk't funni-riyuij- FATHERS and MOTHERS! Arc ahvuys triad to dress their Children well, lor it pleasant to see them comfortably clad, and to see the Children themselves enjoy is W. C. MERRILL, l'1-TK'K oVKli ill UK Mum. FHEEBORH COUNTY BANK. MMIIIS II I'llKSIDUST. Capita! fWXJO. All.m 1.-J. Minn D-IHT- i .1 Insiir.iiift- a Specially. s. Caslilfr. ________________ APOLLO COMMANOERY. -PHI' M CONC1.AVKS OI' AI'DI.LO i Cumiimiidi-n will Li-held at lli-lr avluin lmtlj.-.M Sir Knuhts IT'.m s ennllallj Invil.-d K C. i M '.Ll.ri'.l. llHiirdi-r. Z. K. MALLERY, I did Yard. and .tiih ul S. M.track. Hardv.arc EDWARDS BROS. Tli and ('lilldrfn''- i'liolc Kdwarcis Bro's IHi a at Broadway Wood Yard. GRIPMAN PETTIT. -DHAI.K1W IN- Wood, Coal and Draying Wood Sawed to Order. A young man or boy with dirty, ragged or ill-fitting Clothes is ashamed of himself, and it is natural, for there is no excuse for either Icind if his parents do their duty. Dirty Clothes can be washed; ragged Clothes can be patched, and Well-Fitting Clothes! Of all grades, t'roia the to the very he bought the year 'round at finest, can THE BOSTON D Jl Parents should call and see the great Assortment Styles for Boys of all ages that we carry. "We sell Clothes ready made, Cheaper than you can buy the cloth. CLOTHING i vf'KirKO lunj wa store. ortlers on slaty at V. A. urwcry store. T. J. WANEK, Manufacturer Choice Cigars For all the Men and Boys in the County, and Pi-ices that will Astonish, thev are so Low, at the BUSTING THE TWINE TKUST. A Way to Kent lligli Tariff and Jlo- Can Bind Their After I-'ortiinute and Timely Invention. CmcAtji) April 1W.I. W.H.Knbi Albert JM, Minn. Tlie secret is out. You have doubtless seen in the Associated I'rcssdispatches that some one had succeeded in per- fecting a simple device, to be quickly interchangeable with the tsviue knotter for binding grain, thus enabling the farmer to use either twine or wire, by this device effectually preventing the purchaser of a machine from being subjected to any combination or trust on twine, or in any manner suffering from the cause of scarcity of libres from which twine suitable for binding purposes is made. The enormous in- crease of consumption of fibres (unless some new iibre should be discovered suitable for this use.) would necessarily in a few years put twine out of the resell of the farmer, especially with the present low prices of grain. We hardly need tell you that it is ilcConnick who has perfected this device above referred to. It is practically our old wide-famed wire binding device much simplified, which is if possible even more simple than our simple knotter. It needs no further introduction to make it a recognized success the world over, and thus add another laurel to the ilcCor- raick. When the farmers call for relief, McCormick, with his ever ready and helping hand, comes to their aid. It is looking more to future relief to the tanners than to the present year that we now offer this attachment for sale. It will be our effort to serve first those who give their order-, fur machines lirst. We cannot at this time tell just how many we can complete in time for the present harvest, probably or but you may broadly say that for the harvest of "1S90 we can have in the Held 200.UOU if the larmers demand them. They will readily attach to any of our chain drive binders of previous years' manufacture. tests and com- parisons we might say that, with wire at 10 cents to the farmer and twine at 2u cents, wire would be about 30 per cent the cheaper material; further, it is proof against the fraud and decep- tion which are so much practiced by twine manufacturers, and is also insect proof. We hardly need attempt to in- struct either you 'or the farmers as to its advantages. "We only need refer to the advantage of owning a machine that can successfully use either or both. shall be able to supply this attach- ment to the farmer for the small sum of Slu, truly a small sum as insurance to make him master oi the situation. If there are any who do not wish to give an order i'or one now there are surely none who will not prefer a machine that can have it attached in future if the twine markets are excess- ively against them, which they are pretty sure to be unless they (the farm- ers; d'ecide to use wire and reduce the consumption of twine. Neither you nor your agents need get excited or A NEW ELUOKAUO! Itcv. II. it. .llolyiieaux I'an HuiiUIiiiK Iteal Instate in Texan. Hliiu KarthCitylVit. Last winter Kev. II. li. Molyneaux secured a vacation from his charge at LHchiield, in Northern' Minnesota, partly for the purpose of benefiting his health, and partly to look up a location lor his san, now approaching manhood. He drifted down into Texas and struck the I'an Handle. 15elow he gives his views of that district of Texas, where he has, it seems, perma- nently located. I am an enthusiast for the elevated plateau called the Fail Handle of Texas. 1 am a swelled landholder to the extent of OtO acres ol the lluest land 1 ever and two line residence lots feet, and two business lots in partnership u itli 1 Joctor Kennedy, the old surgeon of the 5th Minn. Here i-, a splendid opportunity for almost evenbodv. Carpenters arc per I'Hsh, and any one who a nail jit-Is >'J. liliilUen itlii: wire man) and Sanburu his soii-in- own a ranch of acres, and the town- of Anianllo, and they are pledged to develop Uus region where the altitude is feet, and half way between the Gulf and Denver. I seen strange sights here. 1 was told that it nev- er rams here. The tact is, u has raiued at inter- nals during four the clouds being all around us. The afternoon's are warm and nights eool. Herd.-, of cattle arc shipped in at the rate of two and three train-loads per day. Herds of horac-i, mules, goats t-tc., are all around. Farm- ers an- rapidly taking the alternate sections of land: nearly all beinj; taken to the Palo Duro Camou, distant. Here are the sweet wild grape, the China tree, the plum, the peacan, peanuts and eet potatoes. W e have the finest intc! between Fort Worth and Denver. I may be compelled to turn Southern Methodist unle.-i's mure northern Methodists come don n. no.' Great fa-sari Two hundred and fifty houses put up here In three months. And Dealer In Pipes, Tobaccos, Smokeas' Articles, Etc. Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. ALBERT LEA, MINN ALBERT LEA MARBLE WORKS. 31. Proprietor, Dealer In all kinds of MOREY E. STERN, Prop. Improved Champion Mower The Meat Inspection Law. Following is the text in full of the meat inspection law: HHC. sale of any fresh lieef, mut- ton. Iamb or pork i'or hunmu food in this state except as hereinafter provided, is hereby pro- hibited. shall lie tlie duty of the seserul loeal boards of health of ttlie se'veral cities, vil- lages, boroughs and townships within this state to appoint one or more inspectors of cattle sheep and swine for said eity. village, borough or township, who sliall hold their oflices for one year, and until their successors are appointed ijnalilied, and uhose authority shall be ter- ritorially coextensive the board so appoint- ing them: and said several boards shall regulate tlie form of certificate to he issued by such in- spectors and the fees to be paid them by tlie person applying for such inspection, which fees shall be no greater than are actually necessary to defray the costs of the inspection provided for in section three (a) of this act. SEC. shall be the duty of the inspectors appointed hereunder to inspect all cattle, sheep and swine slaughtered for human food within their respective jurisdictions, within twenty- four hours before liie slaughter of tiie same, and if found healthy and in suitable condition to be slaughtered for human food, to give the appli- cant a certificate in writing to that effect. If found uniit for food by reason of infectious dis- ease, such inspectors shall order the immediate removal and destruction of such diseased ani-. mals, and no liability for damages shall accrue by reason of such action. SEC. person who shall sell, expose or offer for sale for food in this state anyfresh beef, veal, mutton, Iamb or pork whatsoever, which has not been taken from an animal inspected and certiiled before slaughter by the proper local inspector appointed hereunder shall be deemed Kiulty of misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a fine of not more than SIOO or by imprisonment not exceeding three months for each offense. SEC. and every certificate made bv inspectors under the provisions of this act shah" contain a statement to the effect that the animal or animals inspected, describing them as to kind KING'S; Combination Optometer! The ami mu .t instrtimf-nr for the purpuxe ot TESTING THE EYES. fnuilil tO he llt'ilf Mu'hlf wlnle the may tar-MKhUMi. 'lite Im- portance of liUinii >fimralely will be n-adilv umltjrM.omL This N exact of lens required for iMtrli t-je can be IIM.V rtainetl Without Guess-Work, Ki have your ht'tliPr you are strumeiit is now in u hv cvperinientlujr willi is iiMiaily tiie ciistum. Do not tested will) tllii instrument. rim; or nut. Tills lu- In- No Charge for Examination, U wv keep a as mciit of the FINEST SPECTACLES That air made. Clocks, Watches, Jewelry A splendid stock for Use or for Birthday, Wedding and other I liepairing warranted. BESSESEN STEEN. J. F. JOHNSON. P. !r. PETERSON JOHNSON PETERSON, TaDle-Tops, Mantles, etc. I KliEKF onlythe best workmen and gnaran- tec satisfaction In every respect. M. UESSINGEK, Cor. Clark and Washington Sts.. Albert Lea. 8RUNDIN BROS., Meat Market! DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF and Salt Meats. We keep constantly on hjfna all kinds ot rlams.DriGu aM RsL Tiie BEST BRANDS of O1TSTER.S at the lowest possible prices. IliHiesl weightand promptdellverypiar- uiii-ed all our customers. Stand, on east Ki oailway adjoining Anderson's restaurant. Bi-uncHn Bros. GRIPMAN k BABBITT, The MOST PERFECT and PRACTICAL Piece of Farm Machinery THAT HAS EVER DEEH IHTRODUCED. The principle'; omb.Ui.-d this Mower are entirely new, and have made it possible to lemeiiy the defect-; are well known to exist on the old style machines. It will pay any farmer who is in need of a Mower to exam- ine the IMPROVED the perfect and practical of machines- AND IT !S SO WARRANTED! The Dltim n'JJKKLS are hlirh a-vl vl i" :umrt. iiHurir.- steadiness of motion and light draft. There is ,VO FKAMi: Imnifltunlowii in iront to bunch up the cut Krassor run Into obstructions. There i- Xli f'M" J.OIC J.oll'.V on which the KTOSS can wind. This te aecrious objection to the old-stylo Tii.-POirKK 7S APPLIED DIRECTLY and without a joint from tbemnni Kc-ur t pitmirn. and ALL OF THE POll'EB is used In cutting the muu-tcil <m joinN i.l fi -.t-i gearing. THE PITMAN WORKS C.V A KTRAIGII1' f.tXK. .1 Till! MTi: M'I'LIED AT ll.VB E.VD fS ALL TRAKSFEItHHl} TO Till'. The bo folded while tbo knife is in motion, which is verviimportiint where t Here an- or trees. The Cutter liar may raiso or lower at either end, yet the l-.nifc will wm-l. pi-rfeetly free without or extra fric- tion or wear. This in u w by there urc no broken knife heels aud no broken pitmans on the CHAMPION Mnwers. REMEMBER that the parts that have eiven the most trouble on the old-style mowers ARE WARRANTED NOT TO BREAK NOR WEAR OUT on this wonderful mower, SAMPLES AT ONE OR MORE AGENCIES IN YOUR COUNTY. The Warder, Bushnell Glessner Co., SPRINGFIELD, O.-rrrSOLE Good News! We Now Offer Worth of -DEALERS IN---- ICE and DRAYING. WK KEEP IN STOCK ALL QUALITIES grades of Wood and Coal, and will npplv city and farmers' trade at lowest prices. coal always on hand. Wood to order. GRIPMAN BABBITT. Vard soulli of S. M. railroad track. Order late at T. V. Knatvold's and Owen Malmer's. At Cost and Below Cost! Profits No Object! The Goods Must Go. Our Stock If Fresh and New, and no lianknipt Shell-worn goods. They are all Solid and not Shoddy. THE WAR HAS COMMENCED, And we will meet any Cut prices In the city. We mean business, and don't you forget it. and see tor yourselves. Our terms are Spot Cash. Yours Truly, Call NELSON SORENSON. 307 East Broadway. rattled for fear of its materially reduc- ing the price of twine for this season, for all the twine now made and all the libres that can arrive in time to be manufactured into twine for this har- vest 111 be r.eeded to bind the crop of 1SS9. The fibres for making it have been purchased by the twine manufac- turers at a price that will not stand much reduction, and if the crop mat- ures favorably, as is now indicated throughout the world, there is very liable to be a great demand at harvest time that cannot be supplied, and price will not cut much will be twine, twine at any price. You are as well aware of the "fact as we are, that harvest will be much earlier this season than for years previous, materially re- ducing the time in which the available fibres may be made into twine in time to save the crop of this year. Let every one know that this device is ilcCormick's. The opposition will doubtless in their mad efforts to de- tract, promise everything for the future to be attached to their machines that shall equal JlcCormick's. It is perhaps not necessary for us to say to you that it would be an impossibility for any of our competitors with their old known devices of a single wire to make a machine that would permit of the holding of the end of the wire in the head of the needle and allow it to be forced through the falling grain on the deck of the machine. The double spool with its devices for operating the con- tinuous wire is ours and covered by a patent. A word on the subject of wire. It is difficult for us to tell at this writing just how much wire we can supply. We shall do everything we can to meet the demand, but unce ordered by the agent it must be paid for whether sold by him or not. AVe will not obligate ourselves to supply beyond the amount that we can secuie in the short time that is left, as you will readily under- stand that it is a subject which we can- not anticipate and do not know how much to provide for. We have done our part well. To what extent the farmers will appreciate it and protect themselves remains in their hands. We shall be glad to hoar from you fully, giving your views, and any- thing in the way of information as to what your territory will likely demand so far as your judgment would go, fol- lowed by developments as they present themselves. This attachment will not be sent out on consignment, but we guarantee it to be equal to our old wire binder. We will be ready to com- mence supplying them in about twenty days. What we can accomplish in the short time left before harvest depends largely upon the quickness with which the farmer responds with his demands. Would advise them all that they must depend largely upon twine for this year, but for the future the price of binding material is almost in their hands. Very respectfully yours, Mct'ormirk Harvesting Miteliinc Co., Per Be Sure lo Head Carefully. The Pioneer Meat Market has come to the front again fully stocked up with the choicest of all kinds of meat. No pains will be spared to keep up its reputation as a lirst class market in every respect. Cleiinliness; choice meats, good weight, fair prices. All we, ask is a trial. K. S. HOUXING, Proprietor. A. II. Manager. L. P. JENSKN, Cutter and Tender. Come and see our Mica wall paper cents a roll. L'AKKER 13KKIOS. and sex. were at the date of such inspection free ig ther ch iusi from all indication of disease, apparently iu good health and in good condition, when inspect- ed, to be slaughtered for human food; a dupli- cate of which certificate shall he preserved in the office of the inspector. SEC-. inspector making a certifi- cate shall be liable to a fine of not less than ten (Id dollars nor more than fifty (50) for each ani- mal falsely certified to be lit for human food under the provisions of this act. To Moiitana, Oregon and Washington. If you are going west hear in mind the follow- ing facts: Pacific railroad owns anil operates 9S7 miles, or 57 per cent of the en- tire railroad mileage of Montana; spans the ter- ritory with Its main line from east to west; is the short line to Helena; the only Pullman and din- ing car line to Butte. and is the only line that reaches Miles City, Billings. Bowman, Missoula, the Yellowstone and in fact nine- tenths of the cities and points of interest in the territory. The Northern Pacific owns and operates C21 miles or.W per cent of the railroad mileage of Washington, its main line extending from the Idaho line via Spokane Falls, Cheney, Sprague. Yakima and Ellensburg, through the center of the territory to Tacoma and Seattle, and from Tacoma to Portland. No other trans-continental through rail line reaches any portion of Wash ington Territory. Ten days stop over privileges are given on Northern Pacific second class tick- ets at Spokane Falls and all points west, thus affording intending settlers an excellent oppor- tunity to see the entire territory without incur- ring the expense of paying local fares from point to point. The Northern Pacific is the shortest route from Paul to Tacoma by miles; to Seattle by 177 miles, and to Portland by 'S'4 correspondingly shorter, varying from one to two days, according to destination. No other line from St. Paul or Minneapolis runs through passenger cars of any kind into Idaho, Oregon or Washington. In addition to being the only rail line to Spok- ane Palls, Tacoma and Seattle, tlie Northern Pacific reaches all the principal points in North- ern Minnesota and Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Bear in mind that the Northern Pacific aud Shasta line Is the famous scenic route to all points in California. Kend for illustrated pamplets. maps and books giving you valuable information iu reference to tlie country traversed by this great hue from St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duliith and Ashland to Port- laud. Oregon, and Taooma and Seattle. Washing- ton Territory, and enclose stamps for the new Hand McNally County Map of Washington Territory, printed in colors. Address your nearest ticket aepnt. or Chas. S. Fee. general passenger ami ticket agent, St. Paul, Minn. Letter List. List of letters remaining uncalled for in the post office at Albert Lea, Freeborn County Minnesota, for the week ending April 20, ISS'J: OKNTLEMEN'S LIST. file Nelson I Aron Hallman. Wagner, I (U'o Hamburg, UNDERTAKING! A FINE UXE Oi" Parlor and Chamber Sets, iiiitl REED Extra Fine, New Styles, Ladies' Writing Desks, CURTAINS and FIXTURES. We put up Curtains for our Customers. A full line of embalming given prompt attention, boot and shoe store. Night calls answered up stairs over Walter Thompson's JOHNSON I'ETEKSOIV. C C Hans Christensen, .loim P P.othnm. LAIHF.9" I.I3T. Anna Sorrcnson. Mary II Frank Squirt. (Jhcrn HaUor-oii, Ada Alldcr--oi] Delia l.ililey. Kari (I Tinsland. Mrs Sigri A Lien Parties calling fur any of tlie above letters will please say giving date ofllst. To obtain advertised letters will cost 1 cent. Don K. STVCY. P. M. For Over a (Junrtpr Century n Stand- urtl Header. Editor Slundunl: Please find inclosed Him- dollars to apply on our old friend the STANIIAKII. I have m-glcrtt'd to send money until we began to fear we uould miss your paper, a thing we did not want to do. Of al'I the papers we lake the STA.VIIAKI. is looked for with the most aiixictv. read it fur sears or more. The correspondence from different places seem like getting a letter from home; how eager we look them over. Then we come to Alden how it interest us. then South Aldt'ii. that is from home. How disappointed we arc if that correspondent fails to put an ap- pearance. Tlie deaths :md berths recorded since left, nearly four years ago, tell ns plainly onr old fricmlsare passingaway. Very Kcspectfnlly, E. MOD llajes Center, Neb., April 13, isssi. The Paddle Urigade. Standard: The voting of to buy up or bribe certain reporters reminds me of nn old law of Moses, which provides that the people shall carry pad- dles to cover up their dirty tracks, (see Deuter- onomy. Chap, xxlii, 13 The law wss doubt- less one of necessity, and if necessary then, surely the members "of the present legislature ought to carry paddles, and be styled the Paddle Brigade. 1 submit that If the ten reporters suc- ceed In covering tip all tho corruption of the present session, they will earn their money SUBSCRIBKK. Albert I.ea April ifitli. IsTovelties in SPRING GOODS, iNOW A KK I VINCI AT J. W. SMITH'S, The Leader in Dry Goods. French and Domestic .Satteens. beautiful in design and linisli, just tlie thing for early Spring wear. Toile Du Nords, Seersuckers. Clioico (JiiiRliains in great variety. "White Goods in Check and Stripes. Flouncing. Embroideries, Black Silk Flouncings iu Spanish and Chantilla at S1.00, Sl.ij, Sl.SO, 81.75, S2.00, and Justin, a law assortment, of Ladies' ami Children's llospru's. The goods are Guaranteed Absolutely Fast Black, And Stainless. humbug. Goods taken back if not as represented. A .lob Lot of, beautiful lliblions'on sale this week. Prices low. Corsets, Kucliiiigs, Laces, Linen Collars and Cuffs, in large assortments. I am making low prices on all Woolen Goods, to close out and make room for my Spring Stock. One thousand yards of new Carpets just in. I'.uy now before tlie advance. Yours for Good Goods and Low Prices. J. W. SMITH. Agent for Butterick Patterns. EDWARDS, Madson Christenson, S Blacksmithing, Horseshoeing, and Plow Work. The making and Repairing ot Well Tools a Specially. Shop Uppost.e Office. lEWSPAPERr iNEWSPAFERr