Thursday, March 22, 1877

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard

Location: Albert Lea, Minnesota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard on Thursday, March 22, 1877

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - March 22, 1877, Albert Lea, Minnesota FREEDOM WITH HCBUSHKL) SVKKY TUUU-tUAT. t Count farms, Per 00 OK AUVKUTIMXO. gb0ttt 1 w vv 4 w inch! inohi inch'; inch iaeh col col col 1.73! 2.50', 1.501 2.50 .J.oO'i t.-Vl 2 oO -l.oOi S.oO (i.OIji o 00, o.ortj 10.00 oil a oo 14 On 15 m 1 y ------I------- 6.00 10.00 8.10J18.50 1 ii 00 18.00 22.00 no 1-2 !0 DO n.oo no 5o oo PO no OF FKKEBOKN COUNTY James Thorcson. W. W. .lolmson. J M. (ieixilcr. Win K. Gozleu. Ole Hanson. TIE AMU K u Churl Kit t el son. ACIIITOR S. B.ucholder KsutsTHU OF August Petcrcon. <'OUNTY ATTOUSKY John A. Lovely. SIIKRITF T. J Shcflmn. Dm'urv SHBKIKF I'Ki'on. CI.KBK OK V Wli'.lo. PROC.VTK JIMHJB Gilbert Sfiioor. SLTKKINI-KVUBVT II Tluirston. COUNTY SUIINKVOU 0. Kollar. COHOKKR J Hroshaug. COIJUT II. B Spiuer. VOLUME 17. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THUflSDAY, MARCH 22, 1877. Fhotograplts. S. S. EDWARDS JP H O TO GRPE H E IS Broadway, opposite Pontoffice, ALBERT LEA MINX. Bunkers. II. D. D. R. P. HIBIM. DR. A. II. STREET, OFFICE, OVER THE DRUG STORE, South of Post Office, Albert Lea, Minnesota. DR. DE M. CRANDALL, E8 N" T? X St H. D. BROWN CO.'S BANK OF ALBERT LEA, ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA over Wedge Wulfsberg's store, Bio.idwiiy, Albei l Lea Piiysiciftns. Pfl. D., ITOCIAN nncl Iloaldcnce up Stairs over tho Pout A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. H. D, BROWN CO. BANKERS. SEFSRENCES: 1st Nut. Bunt, Austin. 1st Sat. St. Pattl. 4d Nal. (JUicago. Nat. Bank, J.ew iurk 34 tf THE COLXTY Tin... H. ARM-STRONC3, Banker. ALB BUT LEA, MINN. CCLECTICPHYS1CIAN ANDSURGEON TWIN LAKH Cll'V, M1N.V, Will treat all diseases to which mankind is subject, to the best of hi-, anility. Rowland niada 11 speci.ilty of of Women and Clukli on, .unl chionu' 'HsiMscs long standing. By long exput tcnci- and strict attention to 1m piolesiion, hei- con- fidnnt of treating nil cuuible dne.isou "itli Oli-totricul e.i-tes tro.itcd with care and Consul! ion it tree. lo ALBERT LEA. MINN A. II.SQUIEH. CITY EXPRESS DRAY LINE. iu II UiD and SOFT COAL. Also Seasoned Wood. Orders left on the sUte at attended to nt once Bros REAL ESTATE AGENCY. Wi have for aale, in in this county. TKRMS to suit everybody. LOW pricoi. lonj, aud a low rate IF you to buy a, farm, call on us. IF you a farm or lands to fell, call m at. OUR facilities for buying and selling .d., examiuing and perfecting have TRANSFERS, and PLATS of every piece land in county. Stacy Tyrer, Albert Lea, Minn. April 25, 1876. Have just opened a new Boot Shoe Shop. WILL CONSTANTLY KEEP ON HAND A FULL LINE OF O ia. "t Goods, all of which will be sold cheap. LADIES1 AND GENTS' FINE GOODS A SPECIALTY. GOOD FITS QUAB- ANTED, AND ALL WORK. Repairing done on short notice, and everything according to contract. GIVE THEM A CALL. Broadway, one door north of the Webber 7tf House, Albert Lea Minn. _ Boot Shoe Store. O. t, 3V. N and will keep in stock tke largest asiortmenl of Boots Shoes of all kinds To be found in town. CUSTOM HADE ffi Jons A. IXJVKI.Y. J II. LOVELY PARKER, Office ir Hewitt's Rlock, up stairs ALBEl'.T I.EA, 1st door. MIN E. O. V. M. TYIIEB. STACY TYRER, Itorncys at Law. Notaries Public, ttunl Estate and Collect ins; Agent i. CONNEYAXriXd oil kinds adcmat -ly done, acknov, lodg- ments Inkun oiths Taxes paid. Titles inveilig.xteJ, I.uiuls bought and sfld. I' iiltention paid to collect inn. Corner Clark nnd Nculnn Su Albeit Le.i HEMAH BLACKMEET .L, vV IV L K f L VKIU' LtA, MINN. JOHN Millinery. MRS, C, WARREN Milliner Dressmaker, to Mrs. C Will open ft fine newslock of Millinery and Funcv Guoda, Cuffa, Collars, A full line of Worsteds, Lamtirs Patterm, Four or five workman will be eonnUnily order, for Good, or for will b. SlUd, and on the )rlost uoiico Broadway w..t tide, Albert Lea, Miiio. G1VJE THEM A CALL. Doing over Felt hats a specialty. Fashionable Dress-Making done in the vory best manner. Four doors south of the Paople's Store. Apprentice Girls winted. ANU .NOTAUY Office over Wedge- K Utug Store, ALUKLIT I.E MINN. ISotcis. HALL HOUSE F. HALL, Proprietor. Albert Lea, M'nn. JERLOAV NARVESON, Lea, IlEALKkS IN DRY GOODS, HATb CAPS, CKOCKEKY GLASS-WARE, S1ONE WOODEXWARE, GROCERIES, SPICES, SAUD1NES, CUM'ECTIONERY, And in fact everything usually kept inn country We keep constantly on band a first class variety of voll6n474itf JOHN M. MARTY, d'RVEYOR AND CIVIL ALBERT LEA, MINN. Leave orders with Stacy A Tyrer. SIXTY ACKES of pood fnvming lands, 25 acres of which nru improved, iu the town of Albert Lea, only four miles from village, iii-l lifiiniifiilly aituiiled nom- ine lake. Will bu luM u'nuap, ou terms to suit U.ill on or address JOHN ANDBUSON, Office over Wultaburg's store. HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE, in village of Albert. Lea. A bountiful locution, itnd n good und convenient dwell- ing, will be suld cueup. JOHN ANDERSON. THIMMD il.m FOR ONE DOLLAR AT MRS. JOHN STAGE'S MILLINERY STORE! ALBERT LEA, MINN. HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR and Gents' Chums from same made to order. Also Ladies' Switches, and all other work in tlint line. TERECIA ANDERSON, FASDIOABLECLOAK-DBESS-1AKEI Over Wtdg Spioer-8 Drug Store, LKA. Minn. A. J. BALCH, Having rented the fine rliop. tormsr-ly by A. Brown, is now prepared to de all kinds of repairing, particularly in the line of Wagons, Sleighs, Bobs, etc. Wood-work on plows, also painting to Everything ehenp and on short notice. Give Him, a Call. per Acre ImprovedFarm Fine farm of 160 acres 100 acres now plowed ready for crop; tame meadow living springs. Good fence around the entire farm. Good house, stabies, Post-oflice across the road, with daily mail. School house 100 yards from the door. Albert Lea in full view, 2J miles distant, wh :ru everything that heart can wiih is for sale, txcepl u'liiiky. WEDGE IHBBS, Albert Minn. Marob i2. 18.79. 1- Lw, Klan.. Maker and Repairer of Boots Shoes. bop on Clark street, north and oppo- of Wedgd A. Spicer'i Drug store. FIRST-CLASS WORKMEN are employed. R.pairing dona to order, and on notice. him a call. g-tf Albert Lea, Minn. HAS REMOVED THE OLD PIONEER MEAT-MARKET! OB Kalt side Broadway, fimt door south of THE PEOPLE'S STORE. WITH INCREASED FACILITIES FOH DOING BUSINESS, HE PRO- POSES TO GIVE BETTER SATISFACTION! THAN EVER BEFORE. h paid for Hides, Tallow, 4c., MEAT MARKET WILLIAM TUNELL AgaiB calls attention to his FINE MEAT MARKET, be found at nil times, choice outs of Beef, Pork, Mutton, Sausage, fyc, Also FISH, POULTRY, and WILD GAME in their season BROADWAY, near Armstrong's Bank- ALBERT LEA. MTNN. S. M R. R. LANDS. These valuable lands which remain un- sold, in, traeborn County, are still offered at low prices, and on easy terms. Now is the Time to secure Them. Inquire of the undersigned, to who also nil moneys due the Trustees on Lun Mortgages should be paid. No of payments where taxet are not paid. M. CON ANT, Agt. of Trustees, LaCrosie.Wii. DRAG FOR good neeond hand drag for wje cheap. Apply BETTEB IN THE MORNUMJ. You ean't help the baby, pirsoDj But still I want ye to go Down and look in upou her, An' read an' pray, you know. Only lust week skippin' 'round A pullin' ray whiskers 'n' hnir, A climbin' up thu table luto her little higu-oba'ir. The firat night that she took it, When her little cheeks grew red, When sho kissed good-night to papa. And went away to Sez she, 'Tin head-ache, papa, Be better in Au' somethin' in how she said it Jest made me want to cry. But the mornin' brought the fvftr, Au' her little hands were hot, An' the pretty red uv her little cheeks Grew into a crimson spot. But she laid there jest ei patient Ez ever a woman could, Takin' we give her Better'n a grown woman would. The days are terrible long an1 slow, An' she's growin' wus in each An' now she's jest a slippin' Clear away out uv our reach. Evry night when I kiss her, Tryin' hard not to cry. She says in a way that Be better in She can't get thro' Uie night, parson, So I wnnt ye lo and pray, And talk with mother a You'll know .jest what to Not that the bnby needs it. fjor thnt we miiko any complaint That God seen s to think he's ueedin' The smile UT the littla saint. I walked alonp with the Corporal To the door of his humble home, To which the silent messenger Beforp me alsn come And if he hiul been B little prince, I wnnld not hnve been honored more Than I wns wilh his heartfelt welcome To his lowly cottage door falls neain in the cotfuee -y move in aili-noa nnd dread Th to plow and plant with a certainty of a luxuriant harvest, we now often plunt iu hope and har- Mortgage foreolostfta Aetv From the Faribault Democrat. The late Legislature, which WM solicitous for the walfare of poor men who have to borrow money, that it passed a usury law, also passed a bill repealing the providing for foreclohure of morgages by advertising, it necessary to depend wholly or decree of the District Court This lat- ter system three to four times much as the loimcr and causes a long Where hut a quarter of a cen- u ou tno so-called chancery system rri nnlv tOfllflW Slid DlaOl __ i- L rTliia vent dibappointuient. We thought our vexatious as each foreclof- after I've rested a bit you'Lno-w, only scared I'm not hurt. Dear me, how I was scared My old nurse used to teaeh ma not to scream but if I hadn't screamed where ohould I have been Mrs, Minton would gladly hove parted, with the last possessed and pone shivering the rest of her days to see her donned so handsomely by the They have seen better days, the clothes, and I'll not deny that they've been in good company in Sheir time: but they're not fit for a lady now." Her. companion laughed, a pretty mischievous laugh. She read the weakness of her rescuer and treated it tenderly. "Whatever a lady has worn is fit for a lady she .said, and forthwith wrapped herself, smiling, in the old gray shawl.- Atthat'momemt Torn, with his ,red shirt in- setting, and a Btritig of fish -his shoulder, stood in thlwdoorway. p" He stopped when be saw the guest a a man down looking for bands, and he had taken Tnui gladly, for Totn was a handy fellow at almost any kind of sea craft, and would soon make a good uea- man. And you mast bide here patiently until I cnuie back, mother for if there are better days any whore I shall bring 'em back with Die. be sure." After that the sea looked bluer and colder than ever, and the solitary wo- man lived a sort of a hermit's life No cheery voice of a gossiping neighbor lightened the dreary cabin, no children prattled about her; nnd only Belle the blithe-hearted lassie, seemed to re- member to cheer her with a letter now und then. Belle was away now visiting gome distant friends, but in her kind heart she kept a corner, it seemed, for the poor old woman who had iaved her life. Three years--- four away, and daily of a summer afternoon you uimht have seen the widow sitting in her door-way, eager and hollow-eyed, looking out for some possible ship that might, be Tom's. Tom was not a good correspondent, but occasionally up at the little post office a wandering epistle waited her-trembling hand. She was growing very old and feeble but was getting up in the world, Tom was first mate of his ship. Tom- wits a sucoe-s, gentleiRSp., and, oh, above all things, Tom was oomini: home. Not every One- watches in vain though we may not always bo looking in the 'right direction. If. was so with the widow. As she sat one day with streaming eyes, gazing on far-off sun- lit sails, and seeing how some of them hovered nearer and nearer, and some alas I took wing -farther and farther awav, the door-way darkened suddenly; there came rushing upon her, as il dropped from the clouds, a plump.dark eyed, rosy checked lady, who fianf toil inexhaustible, and that year after jear we cou.d continue to rob it and bhip away its lo fatten the lands of ether countries. Blighted hcpes. a itductd soil arid empty pnek- and do my i ets are the (runs of those who have prenisted in such a system of farming by this retrograding practice is foU lowed when we have every advartage j iu soil and the markets of the world opun to us at prices that render grazing and feeding of utock the most profitable lo the farmer and the we have hundreds of agricultural papers throughout the country laboring to uur agri- culturists of that fact is almost beyond bunauj comprehension. Truly there are none so blind at tiiey who won't see, or so deaf who won't hear. There teems to be no excuse for this neglect of our true interests There are an abundance of breeders ot the various kinds of improved stock in our country, and (he coat of the same are within paying prices ot the common farmer. U itli.u a few years much pro- gress has been made by leading farmers in all parts of the country, which has nsuhed i'i case in great success, but Btiil a majority have so far done almost nothing in that direction It is not neccs.-jary longer to argue that tlie better tl.e qualify of stock tbe more profit there is to the producer. Thai act patent to every person of rcaaon ng faculties i At the present time, when our east- ern people are tairly groaning under be pressure of hard" wiuies, and busi- throughout the whole country in a ancruid state, the stock interest of the West in its present undeveloped condi- iou is in a great measure keeping the dreaded spectre from our doors. Wheji the lime conies that improved stock is the rule and not the exotption in our wcstcri. we feed at lome the produce of the land and in urn feed the farm, then will the rich- ness of our western couniry be realized ind our people really prosperous. Diamond Pointed. The best uf prophets of the future is the past. He hath riches sufficient, who hath enough to be charitable. Little drops of .rain brighten mead- ows, and little acts of kindness brighten the world. riches and favor forsake a man, we find him to be a fool but nobody could find it out in his prosperity. lie that is well employed while the sun u in the sky, will most likely sleep soundly when the stars are shining above him. To doubt an honest child is to do what-you can to make a liar of him and to believe a liar, if he is not ulto- i-ether shameless, is to shame him. A year's pers'stent struggle for a livinir would make a rich man with brains richer than he can ever be with- out such un experience. True, we may be fascinated by a dark, lustrous, and beautiful eye, the crimion blush of a cheek, a graceful symmetri- cal form but, after all, the inquiry should be, Is there a soul within 't Is there elevation of thought, generous principles, noble purposet, a cultivated intellect Ha is good that does good to others If he suffers for the good he docs, ha is better still; and if he suffers for thetn to whom he did good, he has arrived to that heiszht of goodness that nothing but an increase of hissufturines can add to it; if it proves his death, his virtue is at its summit; it is heroism com- plete. Carry the radiance ot your soul in your face Let the world have the full benefit of it. Let your cheerfulness be felt for good wherever you are, and let your smiles bescattere roperty worth not more than Germany, twelve ago, no Sunday schools Now it over 1.200 containing more than said a trading Quaker to son, iu waking thy way in the world, a spoonful of oil will go further than a quart of vinegar." it a -asked a chooluiuster of his class. "An inward replied a bright itule fellow And what's a monitor One of the iron-clads." He that huth a trade hath an estate; and he that bath a calling, hath place of profit and honor. A plowman on legs is higher than a gentleman on knees. Tbe Egyptians have conceived a na- tional It is Egypt wherever, the Nile flows promises to be as ulisinaniu as the German affection for the Hhiue. The of viee far exceed the, martyrs of virtue, both in endurance aud iu number. So blindod are wo by our pasnions that we suffer more to bo damned than to be saved. Beeoher he more comfort in one sermon than a djsen but he thinks the latter necessary at part of public education, and is willing to do bis share of tbe 840.- 000 a season. At Sacramento the folks hove organized morning mushroom They occasionally find a mushroom, but most of time spent in hunting black eyes and rosy The superiority-of man to nature continually illustrated in literature and in life. Nature an immense quantity ot quills to make one gooio with but man can make a goose of himself in five minutes with oneqnill. That fellow stepped splitting his with and lo chopping cord wood for .eeou cord. A clergyman recently Mofeaed hU sk-epy audience by asserting in the most positive terms that "notwithstand- ing1 the bard tioiiM, of no hmd tot ra Uta.M EWSPAPERl

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