Thursday, October 13, 1870

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard

Location: Albert Lea, Minnesota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard on Thursday, October 13, 1870

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - October 13, 1870, Albert Lea, Minnesota VOLUME 10. FREfcBORN ALBERT MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, NUMBER 27 Terms, Per Year, InMiance, RATKS OF ADVERTISING. ,ill be strictly adhered to: _ clmritable notices, a- and deaths, -will bo inserted without charge. o Le.'ia ami Government advcrtUemeuts The following wi 1. Religions AG. WKDOH. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Land Collecting Agent, Albert Lea, Minn. Othce in Union Block over the Drug btorc of Wedge Bluckmcr. Hns a complete, and the only, abstract of titlo to all lands in Freeborn County. furnished and certified to ft." required and titles perfected upon reasonable terms. __ IOIIN A. LOVKLY, A T for each additional insertion. S. Attorneys ordering in T 0 II N 10 Y A 'I1 L Olliue at the Court House. AU5KRT LKA, A W MINN S iTAt'Y TYKKIl, tho same to another party. nnd charged aocordin for in advance yxtbliciUiou is given terly. he pllia ollier< Railroad Time Attorneys at Law, Notaries Public, lloal KstiUe and Collection Agents. L'ONVKYANG'INO of nil kinds accurately done, acknowledg- taken, oaths administered, Taxes paid. Titles iiive-Uigated, Land lion to collecting. I'ui-nur CliuU and Newton St. Albert Lea. K. f. Sr.u-v, A.M. TITIKEUl-lllK'K (JOCHHANK, Coins West. -.Veils arrive p.m. Alder, p.m. Al Lea p.m. Oakland" p. m. Kumsevdc p. m. Trains connect at Ktunncy -M....I KCO uno. doing a. m u. in ii a. in. u. in. 1 V2-.40 p. m. svith Milwau- i for all point.s ATTOUNKV AND COUNSKLOU At Law, urn' Notary 1'nblic. Uroadwny Albui-t Minnusota. 924 LAND COLLECTING AOFNT. llome-iteiuLs procured tit my office. Latt plats on hand. Iniormiition by lelte or otherwise, furnished gratis. l.ssrn I represent tirst-clix-s Fire and Casualty In-timince Companies. Sers the same and return- mornuii; .Jfetfl Jffarkets. BALL, D Blacksmiths., AN. i. BICKFORD, B. VouUl cull the attention of the public Lo his fucilities for JLACKSMITIHNG HORSIi-SHOKING. Work done cheap, cxpetlitiously, and iu lie most Hatisfaetoiy manner. Give him a call. Shop south of the Harrington House, icnr Spring ,fTVv A.LBKUT LEA, MINN. WOODRUFF llus erected a now BLACKSMITH SHOP, An.l is now prepared to ito nil kinds of work in his'line. Do not mistake' the place-j- corner of rind WilliWh streets, Albert Lea, Minn. H. L'NDELUVOOD'S OX AND COW BELL FACTORY. AYo keep on lifiml ready-made (or will make to order) bells of all styles. Have also in connection with a Mack- smith Shop; and wilt do all kinds of Mock- smithingin n manner unexcelled. Particu- lar attention given to horse-shooing. Snt- i.-fiK-tiongu-n-imtcotl. Shop, corner otUurk mid Washington streets, Alert Lcn. Minn Manufacturers and Dealers in all kinds o H. CabinetWare. PECK, Manufacturer of, and Dtalor iu all kinds of 5 Having purchased tlio entire stock of J. Warren, I am now prepared to sell all kinds of FURNITURE as cheap ns can be bought west of the -Mis sissippi. Among n-y stock will be found Dcatlny. Ticket madun The conductor's voice rouspd uie from a very comfortable nap Unit I lial been indulging in, with folded under my my bead for a shawl pillow BTJBEAUS, Of alldf-scripliun. WASHSTANDS, Opening my eyus I porceived that a very pretty yonng lady had seated her- self beside me. She uiust bnve got in at a way station that we had just Her dress was plain, but cheiip, and yet it wns in the most perfect good taste, aud fitted her elegant form to perfec- tion. She was evidently not much of a traveler, or at loast was not accustomed to travel alone, for she was quite absent minded, and.did not hear at first, when she was addressed by the conductor; but kept her eyes upon a book she was rcudiug until be sp-jko time in not avery gentle tone. Ticket, madam raising hnr lioad with a bewildered look. "Oh. I beg your pardon I have no ticket; was not time to got 0110 Ht 15------- Fare, then sn-.ipped the eonduc- Yes. but thi.s is iiiifniuninnly grent, for two in the peace there is an old unrle. n regular nab.ib. fnun South America, n ho owns a f gold i.lj.-u: vern, ;i p rl'c-ct man liL.: mines there whicli nrc yielding immense returns. In th.- .second tlioro is a beautiful and ;ic o iplitihed nelce, who will be the observed ol' .-ill nnrt foitnnc would br- God send to n risiutr you or me." Fortune be hunted ssiJ I rock lessly. If J over have a fortune, I'll earn it, nut marry My mind reverted, at that moment. to a pair of swimming blue eyes tli it 1 had seen, two years npn, in (lie cars. vaukce in av train Vf TnoMi-soN. Orn. .Manager. prep.ired to v. ith choice culs complete supi'lv linm'. Sliop on and Willium St., Hsmnc jn-ii opened a T' '.n R K r. T supply hi- IS o l-J-.oT A i.l-OI) Hiiviim puroliased ilie new and conimo- diuiis sialik- uf A. K- Davis, tins uceu- -iuii to SM-, lo his old friends and pall-on.-, that ho lias opened a Jjil'JEJKY anil will he ready at till limes to supply or- ders for hinijle or dmihif according to of his fr ends. Stable near tlie Wohliei Mouse, AH ert Lea, Minn. '.'38 STA15LK. of everv description. These Kcntlcmen be intr long experienced in the business, and having erected a largo Carriage House L'lxiJU feet, with BLACKSMITH PAINT SHOP attached, are now prepared to do or WORK in their line. arc invited 10 enll and examine stock and specimens of work before elsewhere. liepairing done on short notice. Shop soiiih "f the Western Home hotel. Albert Lea, Minn. (-1 KO. DUOMMKKltAUSEN, V Miinufacturcr of W.UiONS. tTTTERS, AND SLKIGHS of every description. Repairing done to order and on the shortest notice. .Shop ou Clink street, Albert Lea, Minn. TNONA I'AKIUAGE WOUKS. Mnnuf.icturer.-i uf i.KiiiT c utKi.viKs, KXIMUWS WACONS C'oi.c-ord nnd I'lalform Wngono, Sleipli- Ac. use Bn.slern timber, employ the besi mechanics, and warrant our work. (Jmnt Lnlor. Proprietors, Winomi Min- uesota. vH lb I'l-'KFFV.lC QtJ AKTETTS, TK APO Y S, Worktables, Whatnots. CJJAJJtfi, Of all dcseription, And in fact everything found in a country Furniture Store, kept constantly on Corn-ir of Water and Was-hington Streets, Albert Lea. "Upon my word, believe the KiiUs will Thuv.-toii. 1 revenge i..-m selves on you for (h-it .spi.-ucli just the follow to fall in I.JYC with ITel en Wellford NTone of jour flashing b'-'llfS is ,slie; but a highly '-til- cultivnted, rt-finrd gr-utlo '.man such a one IIH I have oftrn hi-nd speak of as your beau ideal "At, ut I rcplii-d, I a ral i tor very impatiently at her hesitation, j beg you will not suggr-st sucl. Meanwhile she wns fumblinir for her trophe a.s uiy falling in traelins bag. She lifted the shawl from her arm to to see if it was hang- in" in its usual place; but it was not there. Shu then rose, shook her dress, looked under the seat, behind it. every- where; and finally turned a very pile and face toward the conduc- hot weather the exertion of kef-piny cool is ul! (lie c.sciti'im-ni cii'i (jo leave uie to my mv hamiiinck, and -nv B. H. SKAUG. TAITOR. lie liertbv a fresh arrival oi NEW GOODS! for the Knll and Winter Trade of 1870. Consisting of Bob I did f.ill inloM- with Heh'ii VVclH'iird. In here s-be Kit.- >i'b.- JIoli n 'i hurs- But th'j Kill was unt .-'idili-ti. imr d unple.T-.-mt. nor trary. it was m nk> til'- faet tint 1 i-- t'j fallen in love with her on.-v 1. ing, on the of out niec la overlooking the Ilud-s -n. People that j shone brightly and lik..- J.i traveling i we w.-iv dii-poscd on the c m it; L.i bi.i'.'is l.i.-t I' lull-: Tit-- I tin; f'.K a MM I tu K'rf. WKDGK HLAI'KMKU, AND S AI.HF.UT LKA. A. C. M. 1 Dilice in tin U STHKK-r. M. D.. PHYSICIAN s F. A. 15hickm I'nion llliiek. Manufacturer and Denier in all kinds of Ll'MIU'.K W.UiONS, I'.rUClKS, Slei.u'hs, liob-.. Xc. Slock kept i-on- Jf n rot her, Corner nf Uroailwny and College Sli'cets, Lea, Minnesota. first door south Albert, of the I'ost Office. Minn. S. G 115 PHYSICIAN AND Sl'KGKON. _ Mi nnes 'Geneva, Office first door north of Oflice. A1 TjJKCK KA1JN1IAM, CotitraclorH for HOUSE BUU.DINO CKNKKAL, .lOlNKU WORK. Shop on Washington street, north of Clark. Albert Lea, Minn. m mm SHOP. itantly on Older. Simp on Minnesota. kl.SON LARSON, hand, and repairing done to Clark Street, Albert Lea, 'J IlTtf O Wholesale and Retail Mnnufaetiirers of LCM1SKH WAGONS, CAKUIAGKS, Sleighs. Retail dealers gup- plied with Wajrun nnd Buggy nluck. or the iiianiifactured articles, by tlie car load. Corner of Broadway and Fifth Kocli- Miun. 'J T K I M M I X G S An -veil us cverjihini; t-Ue pertainine to his line of trade. Cut ling a tt a k i n f? donp to order. ALI1KRT LKA. MINNESOTA. STIUL THKY COME. ior. whose impatience. by_this time had rearmed the maximum pjirit Oh, sir. my bag is gone I mast have dropped it" from" my arm. What m tint I dor 1 have no money to p-iy my fare Tlie railroad stood there, differ and more snappish than The old he with a sneer. It won't go down in.i'm are so handy at luninir th ciin't ride on our lino 'l could have knocked the brute down exept that I am naturally to be- ing a hero in a prone and h-iving my na'ine appear in the Police The poor girl was actually faint with morti- thrill oi ficatio'n and frii-ht. .She sank upon the seat from sheer inability to stand Then- How could you then have wa? nu iliHinmiiitr hen.-, and tlut wa- cruel to me Y-.u must have M.CII with evident. I pronTptlv took out my port- thof-e penetrating eyci of youis. tilat I monnaio and turning' toward my fair i iovcd you frmn the iirst." neighbor, said, very diflereiitially j I b-licvi-d that you were i-jads t'; Vll.jw me, uiad'am. to relieve you of love." she replied; but I very proud this little at the tunx- time and su placinir her fare in the hands of th evnieal uffichl. Wonders of the We the Mar The pre-ss dibpatelips fioin 1-lurope to- New York durintr llu: Iafit4 weeks num- bered about words. New 1'oik has been betturpouted on the the war each day than London. Piui.s or Hfer- lin. These disp.iteheh hive almost whol- ly been sent by H .single full ono- thild of die to a vinole d.iyly pa- per, and uiunel'ius r.iji dity mid accuraey. PaniilLir ns we aiv- with thr work of the telej'.riph, it been a marvel to us To hundreds of thous- ands of minds the win 1 proepsg is and has been :i d ep enigma. Ueie f man in at a Special Bargain, we will out the entire stock nt the unhca-' ow price of CJ-A-fitH AH FIVE EACH. Former Price Eight Dollars. Former aoo TO BK SOLD IN SIXTY DAYS. Hotels Supplied. Every family can afford good luxurient beds at L1PE MJJRANGB CO., OF NKW YORK, Offers unsurpassed inducements to persons- wishing to insure their livei. For table rates of the different kinds of policies issued, inquire of A. G. WE DOR, Agent, George Whiiinun i" jiibt opening a large, nnd well selected itock of all Icin-U uf jioods, which lie w ill offer LOAVKll THAN ANVHODY DAKF. SKLL. Come and uiy new stock. You can iv more of me for I> than at any other place. Keinembcr tlint H. 13 E! 3VT is tlie place to buy your goods. AI.PKS, July 1 1, 1870. 3 UONNOB, IlorSE fc r.UUUAGE PAIXTER. Gi-iuninjr. raper-Hanginp, and in fact all kinds of work iu his line to order. Shop in Judge House's old drug store. ALBERT LEA, lie turned on his heel witti a nnd insulting and left u-i; As 1 soon as he <rone 1 turned to 1 ladv and rcn.arked. kn.-w yu would {be better plea-ed that I f-lumld not J (ju.-irrel that man; otherwise 1 i eould oas-ily have done aO. He i- .1 brute." For that very ro.ivui. .-ir." re- plied. "1 'you for not with'him. He not after all so tnueh (M blame, n-.t having the di-eernment you seem to poM. s-. It Would he su- j perfludiis for me to .-ay 1 drink you for what you havu done. YOU confcirudj a favor which thanks cannot j c-rnus enough to have ioved pity and 1 li_nte pity a- npp the I ip Jill- OUt o] lit-d to my- was then my own aid an imalid mother'.- d.nly bread by my labor as povei IK-.--. Uy and by U1V mother dif-d and then 1 was h-I't ull alone I knew not that, in all the I had a friend. I not aware thai 1 hase bad yuiir fiit-nd.-li w.i-' too proud to -eek it. T mans a we.ny ilreary toil, my iiiiele i-.tinu from A ei i had IUIILT- thonirht him wln-n he Came to claim me. aj hi i brothel's child, and hiir to all h I iiiensc Wealth. wliMt do you .-upp I my fiitt thought I dare not ene---. Helen. oimht to have lieetiverv AL1JKKT l.EA, "_' _ MINN ful and eheeriul ones of course. 1 --.My first she. and tin love in' those blue eyes was I almost bewild -rinjr. a- .-he sirAtd b.n k my hair with her tender My first thought was that now I one day meet and venture to yu." And thereupon I ki-scd her checks and eloquent shall not MINN C 1HAULES R. RANSOM, HEAtKn IN ALT, KlSI'h OF upon me repay 1 did not know how really touching ]y beautiful she till that moment Her features were not regular, nor was h-M- faee a pi.-rfect fival but there was that in her moist blue eyes, her man tling color, her mobile yet diirnified mouth and delieate up turned chin which proclaimed a peeuliarly refined nature, nnd won mv very soul out of me at a glance. I know that it sounds ro- mantic and preposterous, and all of that espeeiallv in a bachelor of thirty but tell you how many time.-. upon my word as an honorable member ot the New York bar. I fell in love with her. then and there. You need not thank me." I said. Any uian of common decency would have done what I did." Still 1 am heartily indebted to you." she replied. "Allow me, if you please, to beg your name and address, so that I can return yourjiivor to you as soon as I arrive at uiy rooms in town. I am a woman of business you she contin- ued smiling, and ean never allow my- self to remain under an unnecessary ob- ligation.'' After presenting her my card, fl ishes au they cjtne. which he m- It se ang We are eoininj.' blessed Savior, and other sacred hymns. but there were two or three ludicrous incidents, one of which is thus nanated i One of the speakers in the course oi j his remarks, called a bright eyed, smart little boy, about nine or ten years old. upon the platform for the purpose of asking him some questions in regard to his Sabbath School lessons, with a view to ascertain what and how umch the I children of his school were learning. -mail basket in his band, anil snid. "Y see this basket of fruit lam -oinir t e }f tt> press. but 1 my home (fifteen [he c-ity'i. My neighbors send' have always been my own ex- pressman in passing to and fro between the city, and I estimate by careful com- putations that up to this time have I saved between and ?2.GOO by sW j doing. Acquaintances who moved with i tue iiitn the country have expressed alF their bundles home from the city, and i they are now. and always will be in i moderate This same i n -j-i i -i i economy, praeticert in oJhcr ways, has He first asked tho lilt Iu fellow at be had I educational and'other purposes. Jlfiscellanemts. A. II. STREET, M. and oashort ALL> KINDS dime at Remember the place. New building Broadway, Albert Lea, Minn. D., Having pur- chased prop- erty and cs- db tinsel this ;v place; will and TJiresJters. J. .in the line of his profession. ALL WORK WAR- RANTED to give complete satisfaction. TEETH JOilpe, -fife Drug Storp, near..tbc Office, Albert Lea, Minnesota. Has received! nirtl'wfll on iaud, a full assortment of of Hie l best Oak Tanned Como wlxile they arc going. HOPKINS and Retail Dealers in Furniture, Ri M-nn. and Lnco Lcatlier together with the largest and cheapest stock of BOOTS AND, SHOES, LEATHER, to be found in Southern Minnesota. Corner Main and .Mill streets, 'f-ign of the Austinj Minn. lomo East side of Broadway, 1866. "picT'OKES OF ABY SIZE OR STYLE. Those bcauti-fnl Gems taken in large mmi- Copying in' a 'Instructions in the Office hours from 0 A. M. to 0 r. M. v637tf 'S.S. EDWARDS, Artist. OYSTKHS, CIGARS, The stock consists of green, dry, nml canned Fruits; fresh, ami cove Oysters; n.11 kinds of1 Tobacco, Cigars, Herring, Figs, and the whole lirfo Candies, in fact, general assortment of everything .suited to the wants of trade in this line, including ICE CREAM, -SODA WATER, AND LEMONADE. A fine room has been fitted tip for the enter- tainment of guest'.-, nnd no pains >vill be spiirodto give complete satisfuctio i. th of the Picture Albert Lea, Mi [B7tf i KIOIlAKDSON, SUCCKSSOBS TO N. 1'. AUSTIN, Are. now .prepared to oiler a full line of AND WINTER OOODS, would willingly have kept up the eon versation' so auspieionsly begun; but learned any tiling durin.Lr the jiasl week, j she gave uie little encouragement to do was the reply. Do you reun-m- l: her all vou learn Yes sir. Well, what at DrctjS Goods ;and. Trim- A. 15. JOHNSON'S. DRY Thisiiouse is well known to b'e ofi the "oorttialiy their1 stock'. AUSTIN'.', MINN by a so; returning to her reading, and mak- i it; it evid'eut in a very delicate and la- dyUike way that she preferred silence to further words- Arriving at our destination, she rose to leave the car, and as she turned to do so. I perceived hanging to her sleeev small hook in the end of its loos- chain, the identical little reticule that had caused her so much trouble. aiidme so much pleasure in its relief. I hastily unhooked it, and handing the pretty Russia leather trifle to its owner, received in return a smile I shall never forget. You cannot thiuk how glad I am she exclaimed. There is more to uio in this reticule than more money in iact, what money could never replace. Allow me now to liquidate my little debt, regretting 1 must forever remain obliged for the larger one." Placing the money in my unwilling hand and'bidding mo good-bye, she ran into a horse cur that was passing, and I saw her face no more for two years. 1 We wei-e at the Surf my friend Bob Staples and I, -whiling away the heated term in-Wistful oblivion of briefs atid red tape. 'Said Bob to ine Have you heard of the great arrival, "Arrival? No; great arrivals are too 'common'bete to cxcite'tho least curios- ity- you; learned since last Sunday I j have learned that in playing eucher the i Jack takes the j TIIKKK will be a transit oi enns icross the sun in lS7t. and a.-trommiers ire, already busy in making1 arrange- ments for its careful examination, ashy it the. distance of the sun from the earth is determined- The last transit if Venus was in and since that time instruments of greater exactness have been made. Its results will be of (he Method- watched with mueh tide men. interest by, Bv omitting the letter s in a h'ptil document, an En.ulish attorney (nice in- flicted a loss on his client of ]t was brought to bis attention, ho saw his blunder, and without a word sat down and wrote his check for the lull amount. Such a man doesn't lose cli- ents, if he docs make mistakes. COFFEE cup of strong eoflce, two cups of sugar, one cup of butter, three cups of flour, five eggs. one-half 'pound of raisins, one-half pound of currants, one tcaspnonful of soda dissolved in vinegar. Beat the butter to a cream add the sugar and yolks, well beaten spice to taste; stir in the flour with the fruit mixed in it; lastly, add tha-'whitoa beaten to a stiij' froth. Taking tlie (rnsns. Mr. I'., what is your pro-- fe-sion V I am a ist rhureh. As-scx-iir. You misunderstand mo; what, is (iccunalioii P. S.iiiietiuief 1 occupy the stand with the. preacher and I wit on a bench. You dmi't comprehend. me; what is your calling? 1 am a class-leader but soro-3- times J think that I have a call to preach. Assessor. You don't ger my mean- ing yet. Have you any trade Oh, yes. Sometimes I trade with Morgan, over to Morganvillc, and some- times J trade with Jones at Trenton. I would trade at Hookeei Switch, but the foHtsr keeps whisky, and'I don't like to do any business with him! Assessor. Once more, Mr, I'., are, you a farmer or carpenter P. A farmer, sir. A LADY asked her little girl, on re- turning from church, if she remem- bered the text. Oh said it was this; Thr> ladies sewing society will meet at Mr. Craekea's house en, Morday evening nest." Well, if a haitch hand a ho hand a liar baud a hess don't spell, 'orse. my name haiu't 'Enry TIL." IN SPA PERI IN SPA PERI