Thursday, September 1, 1870

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard

Location: Albert Lea, Minnesota

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard on Thursday, September 1, 1870

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - September 1, 1870, Albert Lea, Minnesota VOLUME-10. mmm COOTY STANDARD, I-t KVI.llV TIIIT.SUAY. Terms, Tor Tear, In Advance, KVl'K.S OF AliVKRTfSINO. The will be strictly lulUcvetUo 1. Kcligioun and notincs, as notices oi" ni-ivviagcs tuul deutHs, will T..L- in.-rrtnl I.i-jul ati'l ornnicnt advertisements will lie'Vi: at cento per square 1'or the iii-ci'.i'Ki, nnil cents pevsquaie for each in-i'rtiou. Att.uii.''. dcriiiir in ndvortise- in.-iit- iii-t- iti-ml-'l I'or the sumo, null- ilu n> i- p. in. m' i: in in iin-ivo P- Ti tin- at llMii-oy with Milwuu- an-1 M. I'.ml r.iilron.l for all pom is North .'lul counec-t Well.-. I'.iv Illii" I'.iy, V, iuiu-lniu.1) O't.v, i-'uir- I'nit .liicksuti. r VMHI-- 1-HM.- elK muni'- "cVi'vU iv "H "luc lliirtli .'M '-voniiicr. anil return- i UKiruiust- I r.-ni I'-lue! 1> iinil ini.' in St. V.xul .1 >H, -in.! Cliiciiiso or ilil- T, Htlkr 111 IV -i i'ui-'-'i -t-Ui'Ui-> lu-forc en c.a-. -n J.- the res- Siijit. Dni-iun. C. .M.itinger. KIT, I! MI-WAY. 1> ti tin- Milwaukee :uul S. P .ul 1 iiinl 'l.-pavt Sini'l.iv .-M "s Popart. -J "i p. M. Vclii'Cgoi- T: s. v. Aii-t'.n :MHi'.M. St. I'.ui'l ;i- -ir.c M. M. I'nir.-i-y M. M. AM> U.VII.WAY. PHVSLCiAXS AND .SCUOKOXS, Al -u .ir t.i.v. A. C. M K. A.V.'uckmer.M. OP.ce In tho I'liinii lUock. OR'.ce lii-t di .1 i' of die l'u--t Oflicc. Ai1 i l.-.i, Minn. PliYSH'IAN AND SLT.Gr.ON, Minnesota.'.ee fi-t .loor north of Po-l Ollice. -g >irs. Kin.i.r.n J p ji... j, 'blie th it the.N have e !ab- li-lnd t'.i'ii- ol'ice on Urnadway, ttrbt door hoiith of MUud i'i Albert Lea, and treat I'litient- I'i'hcr i'i pi-nprictor (ot' lliis new hotel takes plea-urc in r.-i'.liiiij; julciiiion to liis cxcel- Ivnt latioiis anil inuans of ontur- U-IIM.-IOI-.. IX H L'K D, Proprietor. ftTKSTiillX HOME. If. L. "Kobiiisozs, Proprietor, ALr.Eirr MINNKSOT-V. TInarder-, ly the day or week, accommo- dated. TJ'.AVr.LUKS KNTF.llTAlNEU. Stapes foi- all points stop at the door. I Ink" this (vpaoinn to announce to the jiulilie 1 luuo just opened a new Hotel, n the MINNESOTA HOUSE, And niii prepared in furnish ample means for the ion of Table supplied with th- best the market alVords. Stables on the preniisc.s with plenty grain and hay. Clark Street, Albert Lea, Minn, 9 JiOtf D. ItirvstNO, Proprietor. -'trcet, Austin, Minn. J. A. 31. LKL'K, Proprietors. Stages leave this House daily for all points. Good slabliuij; and attentive hostlers. (7 13 II. 15 I'T LEU, W 1! VUBEll AND FASHIONABLE I1A111- DKKSSKH. Tlin-lu-st price paid for Human Hair. Next door north of Stage's Hardware Stove. I'rrulway, Albert Lea, Minn. O. MAl.KY, flrocer an Dc-ilcr in Green, Dried, and Canned Fruits, choice brands of Cigars and Tobacco, Foreign and Domestic Wines and I. inuoi s, No. Ii3 liridge Street, (AVittonna. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1870, Agents. AG. WBDGK. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Laud Collecting Agent, Albert Lea, Minn. Office in Union Block over the Drug Store of Wcdjio Blncknier. a complete', and the only, abstract of title to all lands in Freeborn County. Abstracts fui-nisheil and certilicd to as rceiuired by law aud titles perfected upon reasonable terms. OHN LOVELY, A T T O II N K Y AT LAW. Ofticeut the f'onrt IIousu. AU5KRT LKA, MINN. O'L'AUl' TYliEU, Alloriipytnl Law, Notaries Public, Heal Estute and Collection Agents. CONVEYANOING of nil kinds accurately donu, acknowledg- ments taken, oaths administered, Taxes paid, Titles investigated, Lands bought and sold. Will pay particular atten- tion to collecting. Corner Clark and Newton St. Albert Lea. E. G. Srvcv, A. M. D KR1C 1C COC II RANE, ATTORNEY AND COUNSKLOtl At Law, and Notary Public. Uroudway, Albert Lea, Minnesota. 924 H. D. IJUOWN, LAM) AND COLLECTING AGENT. procured :il my ofiice. Late plats on hand. Information by letter or Ne, iuriiibhed I represent iirst-cbis-s Fire, Life, and Casualty Insurance Companies. C1 D. HALL, jr. Having opened a jF? T '.T5T.I JttKJE T, prepared to supply his many friends ith fliuii'e cuts at the chenjiest rate. A complete supply will be kept constantly on hand. Shop on the corner of l.roailway and William St.. opposite Hall's bank. Albert Lea, Minn. 'J BENNIS ML'UHV Ua.s opened at the on Clark and ivill lake plea-ure in u .lilinc; custiuiiers. ILliKUT 15AI1DEN G Having the new and coninio- (Unu-, -t.iMe A. 15. UiLvi1-, takes this oera- to I old i'rieudd and jmtroiis. [ 'no d ,L A jf I T. 2 JS JL17, and be ready at all tuucs to supply or- dor- fur .-iintrlo timlicr, employ the best mecluinic-, and warrant our work. Grant S Lalor, Proprietors, Winonn Min- nesota. v8 10 ConiiMCIori for HOUSE BUILDING (MOXl'IRAL JOLVKR WORK. Shop on stree-t, north o.' Clark. Albert Lea, Minn. PFL'FFEK, Manufacturer and Dealer in all kinds of LVMUEli WAGONS, P.UGGIES, Sleitrlis Stock kept con- stantly on hand, and repairing done to order. Shop on Clark Street, Albert Lea, Minnesota. 'J Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers of LUMBER WAGONS, CARRIAGES, Sleighs, Cutlers, Retail dealers sup- plied wilhWafion and Buggy stock, or the niiimifiicturcd articles, by the carload. Corner of Uroadway and Fifth St., Uoch- et-ter. Minn. 9 37tf GREAT BEDl'CTIOX PRICES! Iliivinj; jtifet completed his fine Would now give notico to his friends and patrons that ho is fully picpared to furnish goods in his Line as CHEAP AS CAN BE BOUGHT West of the Mississippi lliver, aud WARRANTED TO GIVE SATISFACTION. lie lias a Ini-po stock and variety of HIDING HA DDL ho of all kinds, both for ladies and gentleman, besides TRUNKS, VALISES, WHIPS, BRUSHES. CURRY COMUS, HARNESS OIL and BLACKING, and, in short, everything which is kept in a first-class shop. and on short notice. ALL KINDS OF BUGGY TRIMMING done at short notice. Remember the place. New building on Broadway, Albert Lea, Minn. To Mill-Owners and Threshers. US'. Has received, and] will keep constantly on baud, a t'uU assortment of till widths of the best Onlc Tanned MACHINE BELTING, and Lace with the ui'd cheapest stock of BOOTS AND SHOES, LEATHER, to be found in Southern Minnesota. Corner Main and Mill gtreels, sign of the Big Bool. Austin. Minn. 15ra3 Insurance. PANIES, to-wit The '-Old Ilurtford" and of Hartford. Aud the "j-ecurily J5 and Conti- nental." oj'New York, RepresenteO at Albert Lea by A. G. WEDGE. Fire rbks taken at the lowtit possible rates, and losses promptly adjusted. Insures against loss or damage by lightning. T11E INSURANCE CO., OF NEW YORK, Offers unsurpassed inducements to persons wishing to insure their lives. For table rates of the different kinds of policies issued, inquire of A. G. W3DGE, Local Agent, ALBERT LEA, MINN. A. H. STKBET, M. D., Haying pur- chased prop- erty nnd es- tablished himself at this place, will attend to all busi- ness in the line of his profession. ALL WOBK 11ANTED to give complete satisfaction. TEETH EXTBACTED WITHOUT PAIN! Office, at his Drug Store, near the Post Office, Albert. Lea, Minnesota. PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY, East side of Broadway, ESTABLISHED NOVEMBER 1866. I shall be pleased to serve all who wish PICTTJBES OF AHY SIZE OB STYLE. Those beautiful Gems taken in large num- bers at one sitting. Copying done in a workmanlike manner. Instructions in the profession given at reasonable rates. Office hours from 9 A. M. to 6 p. M. vG 37tf S. S. ED-WARDS, Artist. Go to A. E. Johnson's for groat bar- gains in all kinds of goods. MBS. JOHN STAGE Wishes to inform her numerous friends and customers that she 1ms just received from the East, a larger and better stpck of AND LADIES' FORMING GOODS Than has ever before been offered in this market Her stock, in part, consists of all .kinds of STRAW and FANCY HATS, AR- TIFICIAL FUTWErlS and HAIR of the latest styles, HIHHONS, LACES. SILKS, HOOP SKIRTS, BASKETS, GAITERS, SHOES, SLIPPERS, PARASOLS, GLOVES all of which will be sold unusual- ly cheap. Oek.ll JSIoo. Cabinet Ware. H. Manufacturer of, and in all kinds of HaviiijT purchased the entire stock of J. Warren, I am now prepared to hell all kinds of FURNITURE aa cheap as can be bought west of the Mis- sissippi. Amorifr my stock will be found Of all description. BTTBEATJS, WASHSTAKDS, QUARTETTS, TEAPOYS, Worktables, Whatnots, CHAIRS, Of all description, And in fact everything found in country Furniture Store, kept constantly on Corner of Water and Washington Streets, Albert Lea, Minnesota. B. H. SKAUG, Merchant Tailor. He hereby announces a frcsli arrival of NEW GOODS! For the Fall and Winter Trade of 1870. Consisting of TRIMMINGS, As well as everything else pertaining to bis line of trade. Cutting an done to order. ALBERT LEA, MINNESOTA. CONNOU, HOUSE CAURTAaE PAINTER. Graining, Paper-Hanging, and in fact all kinds of work in his line dune to Shop in Judge House's old drug store. ALBERT LEA, MINN R. RANSOM, DEALER IN All, KINDS OF OUSTERS, CIGARS, The stock consists of green, dry, and canned Fruits fresh, and COTO Oysters; all kinds of Tobacco, Cigars, Herring, Figs, and the whole line of Candies, in fact, general assortment of everything suited to the wants of trade in this line, including ICE CREAM, SODA WATER, AND LEMONADE. A fine room has been fitted up for the enter- tainment of and no pains vrill be spared to give complete satisfaction. Broadway, next door so th of the Picture Gallery, Albert Lea, Mi n. [87tf Depreciated in value for glazing purposes and are excelled by the Excelsior Glass Cutter. For tale at II. PECK'S, -who is Mamifacturer'sA gent here. Priee, o !r? XO H 2W S g .2 S- a s s- g. g S e o S T3 Ut e o i i 2, o i i- r I P Si i C- S kll i 1 c 3 T i 1 a. c i 3- B 5 F tO Ci en Cr> cc 01 ft3 CC 1C CO O Ci p rf-o x 0 g 0 I 4 5 i> o H S S3 rjj fu SS 2; CO O M u t i en tsl SS a i H i O 55 CO o> co P 1 tO Oi tO rf-1C O 10 ?c o co O l-i 1C c p a; O en 1 -J IO CC- C" S 10 Ci 0 p 0 10 CS CC 0 X o -.J Cn 0 co -o c: CO O i i cc c-. 1 I-- tO 10 CC IO IO to V O C1 CO Si tt O 1 Cn c> o oc en o o CD CO t 0 Ci Oi I C-T< 'J co ci cc ry-j 01 w- o ro t-o 10 o: o c-i d to c; C-5 o to o 10 a-. XI -1 CC O C.' to ii _c 1 1 c.-' t-; tC tc to "I -X. cc r Li __ cr- x1 3C 3 il cc C. lo sugar, and 8 pounds of tobacco. Li Mansfield, half bushel of timothy seed. In Hay ward, GO bushels of timothy seed. In Moscow, one pear tree, and 72 pounds of fibre. In (ioncva, 5 buahels of timothy seed. In Freeborn, 5J bushels of timothy H 5 S 8 c: I Oi 'i! i r ce 1 CO IO -i cc to ri QC ._. 'X CC i O DO -I 10 10 CO Ci o ro CO O O cc co oo en C' tO 5r w S o ti iC t-i o to o c t c o J 10 to to 10 en to o o -1 -i tn li- OO CC to en to do co c; DO to oa en S' O Co d to o CO fcO Ci co c? co O O CO I co ao en O CO CO Oi. IO GO O CO O en CO CO oo OO. OO. FOR SIXTY DAYS ONLY. OO. iivi smui TWENTY YEARS A FAVORITE. Vnegitalcd for Comfort, Durability, and Economy. Having secured a large lot of these Standard Beds at a Special Bargain, we will close out the entire stock at the unheard-of low price of FIVE DOLLARS EACH. Former Price Eight Dollars. 3OO TO BE SOLD IN SIXTY DAYS. Hotels Supplied. Every family can afford good luxuriont beds at Come while they are going. HOPKINS FERNOLD, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Furniture, Bedding, Austin, Minn. At a sociable gathering, a bucolic young lady asked what woman's sphere ment. sphere is .bounded on the north by a husband, on the south by a baby, on the east by a mother-in-law, and on the west by an old maid sister. Within this sphere any woman may find enough to do to keep her usefully em ployed all the days of her life and, should she prove faithful to her duties, she will be certain of reach- ing Heaven, at last, -which after all is the chief end of life. Why is a horse the most curious feed- er in the world Because he eats best when he has not a bit in his mouth. You who have suffered some groat loss, and stagger for want of strength to walk along: thank God fop work. Notb> ing like that for a feeble heart. How the Dead Prussian Soldiers are to be Identified. A Berlin letter in the London Tele- graph says Mark one iiistiinee of the German practical spirit as a proof fashion after vrhich these Teutons, pre- pare to fight. In recent wars populaf feeling has demanded that rank and file, captains and generals, Khali equally and impartially mentioned in the lifets of the but difficulties have arisen, because the enemy cannot know the dead men's tmines, and, when the muster roll is railed after brittle, the missing only or pris- oners. in her .solid, calm manner, arranjir-d, in vimv of tLis diffi' culty. that each wife and mother shall speedily know the Lost or the worst ot' those who go to fight with (Sod, for King, and Fuihcilund." Slips of parchment, like luggage labels, have been prepared, on which the name of each German boldier is plainly written, and one of these will be fkstencd inside his coat when he goes info action. Af- ter the day is decided; the enemy, if he be master oi' the fluid, will be rc- fjuested to collect and return these bcls, of which about a million have been provided, grim tickets an un- known journey Think of the Gormau wife or mother Hewing it battle ticket of her stake in the address, of htr particular "material of the awful traveling label whereon no loving hand may write, "with seeing that its bearer poes into the VaU ley of the Shadow, to coti.-e forth sgaitt or nut as heaven shall decree. Sewn on with German thread, ripped off. per- chance, with French kuife. whole pack- ets and parcels of these little memoran- da will surely lie returru-d but yet cry man buttons his coat over the Jabcl of death has looked hib fate full in the face-, and made himself "ready for" the burial.'' Curious Facts in Regard to Sound. The following curious observations in regard to the transmission of sound have been carefully verified by an extendedsc- ries of experiment. The whihtle of a locomotive is heard ,''..300 yards through tho air: the noise of a railroad 2.900 yards the report of a musket and the bark of a dog 1.000 yards; an orches- tra, or the roll of a drum. l.CUO yards the human reacho the distance of yards the croaking of frogs, 900 yards the chirping of crickets, 800 yards. Distinct i? heard iu the air froin below up to a distance of 600 yards; from it is only understood to a range of 100 yards downward. It has been ascertained (hut an echo is well reflected from the surface of smooth wa- ter only when the voice comes from an elevation. Other similar phenomena connected with the transmission of sounds have bron cbsorvcd. but die 'results, disagree, either from inaccuracy in the observa- tions, or from the nature of the circumstances nfffcting the numbers ob- tained, tuch variations occur to an extent of ton to twenty per cent., nnd even more. The weather's beinir cold and or warm and wet. and the chief influencing In the first case, the sound goes to a greater, and in the second, u a less distance. A Frenchman was to fight a duel with an American the condition.'! were that one shot should be exchngcd, and that the precedence f-hoitld go bv lot. The Frenchman got the first chance but failed to hit his As the Yankee lifted his weapon, the other cried out: ''Hold! I will buy your shot." All were astonshcd at this, but his opponent answered. How much will you give f" Five hundred dol- lars." cried the Yankee, taking aim at him. I am a sood marksman you set too low a value'up- ou yourself." You estimate me at too high a said the Frenchman. but I will give you one thousand dol- lars." cried the Yankee, and the duel was at an end. A gentleman of high position, in Lon- don, had a wife who was connected with many of the leading members of the no- bility. The other day she ran away with another man. and the injured hus- band adopted a different method of avenging his wrong from that which is sometimes pursued. lie merely adver- tized a reward of for the discovery of tho lady. As this did not bring her back, he announced that he would give a further sum of for her restoration, and that under no circumstances would the reward be increased. Thus ho caused it to be uiado known that he as- sessed the value of the partner of his joys at the precious sum of I believe a man can get more Whole- some entertainment out of a pocket- book than any other book. 1 think it is more popular with the masses than all the entertaining almanacs of medi- cine. The leaves of it are greenbacks, and I would like the note? to be numer- ous and elaborate. The report that a young man at Al- leghany, Pcnn., lost his speach by tho explosion of a fire-cracker, on the 4th of July, has bothered the euiinent doctors. They all went to writing about the dif- ferent organs of speech that must have been affected by the explosion, and now it turns out that it was a written speech that he lofat, which was in his pocket, and took lire from the fire-cracker. "It wasn't so very a quar. tor of twelve." Jiow dare you sit there and tell that iio 1 was awake whcu'you caino in, and I looked at m watch, and it was three o'clock." "Well isn't three ;i quarter of