Wednesday, July 20, 1870

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard

Location: Albert Lea, Minnesota

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Text Content of Page 1 of Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard on Wednesday, July 20, 1870

Albert Lea Freeborn County Standard (Newspaper) - July 20, 1870, Albert Lea, Minnesota ALBERT LEA, MINiqpSOTA, THURSDAY, JULY 21, 1870. NUMBER 15< FREEBORN WTY STANDARD, KVBBT TIIVESDAT. Terms, Per Tear, In Advance, RATES OF ADVERTISING. -Tho following will be strictly adhered to.: 1. KeltgiouH charitable as also noticed of hiarrhtgcs and deaths, will be inserted char-go. 2. Legal and Government advertisements Trill bo .charged nte squnre for the first 'insertion, nncTSTJ cents) per e for each additional insertion. 3. in legal ndvcrtiac- ments'are regmded ns aocounmble'for tlie SAHXO, unless tlwvc an eminent to charge the same to ant ther 4. Advertisements ificd time will be published until forbid, ami _ 5. Transient paid for in advance legal, wlien of publication ir givon and all others quar- terly.____. Time Tables. SOUTHERN MINNESOTA RAILROAD. West. Going East, Wells nrjive p. m. depart ft. in. Alden.'" JKTO.. Oakland" p. m. a. m. Ramsey do 2.40 p. m. arrive 12.10 p. m. Trains connect at Itnmsej with Milwau- kee and St. Paul Railroad for all points North and South. Stages connect at for JJltie Eartl' City, Winuclmgo City, Fair- mont, Spirit Lake, Foi t Dodge-. Jackson, And EathorviUe. S'ngos leave Wells imme- diately on rival of tr tin tor Blue Earth City and Winucltago City, carrying passen- gers through I be evening, and ing connectmj- trains morning. "Passengers from IHueEattli and Wincebngo. going by this route arrive in St. Paul or McGregor in fourteen, And Chicago or Mil- waukee in twenty-four hours. Purchase tickets at stations before en- tering the a discount troni the icg- uUr train prices. A. F.-Coui.Tut, j d "Supt. Western Division., Tnoitpsox, Gen. Manager. JLantl Agents Attorneys at Law, Notaries Public, Rea Estate and Collection Agents. of 'ml KincUvaceurixte1y' ackiSowlodg taken, administered, Taxes paid, Titles investigated, Land bonglji ojhd Will pay pai lietflar tioU collecting. Corner Claik and Newton St. Albert Lea E C. STACY, A. M. LAWYERS AS.D LAND AGENTS. Have a complete und perfect Abstiact o liwfidg in Fiocborn county. J. LoVin.Y, A. G.'liY'Kri Albeit Lea, 912 F RKDER1CK COCHRANE, ATTORNEY AND At Law, and Notary Public. Broadway Albert Lea, Minnesota. 9 2' LAND AND COEIECTING AGENT. procured at my office. Lot pints kept on hand. luftmnation, by lette: or otlieiwise, iurnished gratis. represent first-class Fire Life, and Insurance Companies JFustrwrncti tal RS. A. iV. JOI1XSON pleasure in Baying ILaJt she wil contlmtc1 her OUics'tn f. PAUL KAlLrt'AI trn'niion the "Milwaukee Jind S. Paul Railroad- arrive and depiu t daily, Sundays exccpted, as follows CO1VO 1VJ.ST. Arrive. Austin Ramsey St. Paul Ramiey, Austin McGregor 2-05 p. M. P. M. Austin I. M. Ramsey eoiuo P. M. St. Paul P. Ji. Ramsey r. M. Austin Depart. 3'cOrcgor M. P.M. n. 8-87 M P.M. p. M. W1KOKA AND ST. PETER RAILWAY. GOIXT! FAST. ar p x 1U30 A M WF.ST HVinoria <le A M St Charlea r M Rochester 1-30 Kasson Wa-eca .Ttvuesvillo ar do 3.00 i 'S. WEDQE BLACKMKR, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, AfcuEnr LEA, A. C. Wedge, M. D. F. A. Hlnckmor. M. D. Office in the Union Block. B K. E. S. GIBBrf, PHYSICIAN AND SCKOEOX, Geneva, V Office first tloor north of Office. vO 6 'Hotels. ALDEN IIOUSB. Corner of Main ami ALDEX, _____ MINNESOTA. The proprietor _of ITils new hotel tnkei pleasure in calling'attention to his excel- lent accommoclat'ons niul means of entpr- taining travelers. D. 1IU110, I'roprietof. ESTERS HOME. H. L. Robinsoij, Proprietor, LEA, MINXESOTA. Boarders, by the day or week, accommo- dated. TRAVELERS ENTERTAINED. Stages for all points scop at the door. EW HOTEL. I take this occasion to announce to tte public that I have just opened a Hotujt known as the f MINNESOTA HOUSE, And ftin.prepiirccl fo furnish ample means tor itfo aceonimodatiou1 of guuit.i. Tuble -wirfi tlie'''best the- market affords. Stables on the premises it It plenty ginin hny. CJark Street, Albert. Leu. Minn. 9 30tf D. Proprietor. HOUSE. Chatham street, Austin, Minn. M. FLECK, Proprietors. Stages loaye'this House cluily for all points. Good stabling and attentive hostlers. (713 BMIAKD HALL We would respectfully announce to the public that we have opened a Billiard Hall Giving thorough instructions upon the- Pi ano, Organ, or Mt-lo'lcon: No joiinj: Ifldj or gentleman should overlook the import once toul i.tliie of this accomplishment. T'uttion, course of twenty lessons BAND Hiwing recently organized a BAND, Wo will tnlc pleasure in entertaining as beniblagcs of icspectable character at any time-, and ill complete satisfticl ion r. D MAitihT-r, M.M. Having just opened SIT J1WA It KJE T, Is prepared to supply his many friend with choice cuts at the cheapest rate. A complete supply will be kept constantly 01 hand Shop on the corner of Broadway and William St., opposite Hull's bank. .Albert Lea, Minn. 0 lias nt tlic old stand on Clark street, and take plenaurc in waiting upon 'ctistomcis. Stables. BARDEN JlariVig purchased the new and commo- dious stable of A. B. Davis, takes this occa- sion to say to his old friends and patrons that he has opened a and will bo ready all times (o supply or- ders for single or double rigs, according to tho wants of his friends. Stable near the Webber House, Albert Lea, Minn. 9 38 IVEllY AND SALE STABLE. Kenfield Brother. Corner of Broadway and College Streets, Albert Lea, Minnesota. Jetcelers. f Dealer in WATCHES, CLOCKS JEWELRY. A complete und well selected stock fcept constantly on hand, consijting of first-class 'Jewelry, Cloefrs, Watches, Plated Warej Al- ,bums, Violin Strings. Fishing Tackle, Cut leirjr, Cheap Cheapest Repairing promptly done; all work warranted. Broadway, Albert Lea, Minn. 8-23tf MESSRS, WouTttianT tlfeir new stock just veceixetl AT No, 4, CENTRAL BLOCK, Owatonna which they are IN MURPHY'S BRICK BLOCK, i i Minnesota. Choice Liquors and Cigars always on hand. EVERYBODY and their friends are invited to call. ROBINSON, on exhibition of ntevr combined IORSE COLLAR AND HAMS, Connicfi, Patentee. 'Tror paHicif- of G Bitrden, Albeit Lea, Min- s nd j <3 ing off It comprises Vfulfline of JEAVELRY, FINE WATCHES, SPECTACLES. BIBD CAGES, "FANS, WILLOW WAJKE, prices 'which are CHEAP er than tho cheapest. Wo sell" FOR CASH, 1 and are determined to be undersold by no one, and arc prfepsi'od to Warrant every ar- ticle a< rfm-csented or money refunded. _ Morris Perfected Spectacles, unequaled 'for strengthening and preserving qualities COMEtEVJJKKjBODy ANP examine of which we have not room to name half, and we shall be happy to show them, whether you BUY or not. FECK FARNHAM, i i Contractors for HOUSE BUILDING __.j, an4 JOINER WORK. Shop on Washington itreet, north Clark. Albert Mum, B, Has erecte'd BLACKSMITH SHOP, And is now prepared to do allkindi of work in his line. Do not "mistake 'the place corner of No'wtori and William itreett, Albert Lea, Minn. -fTTTM. B, We keep on hand ready-mada (or will to order) fiejla of all stytW. connection withjthii, smitb shop, and Wjll'lo all smitlungiri a manjner unexcelled. Particu- lar attention given to horse-shoeing. Sat- isfaction guaranteed. Shop, corner of Clttrk nrift itroets, Alert Loa, J Wagon-JtTakers. Manufacturer, of WAGONS. CUTLERS, AKD SLEtQHS Minn, Fire fff Inland, Insurance, At Standard1 Rates. Losses Promptly Paid. WESTEBN mWHWl COMPANY, OF BUFFALO, NEW YOHK Casli Capital Not surplus, over....................... Apply to J. H. JOHNSTON, At the Court House, or C. R. Ransom's ariety store. Broadway, Albert Lea, Minn. CONNOR, CARRIAGE PAINTER. Graining, and in fact all frndf, of work in his line to order. Shop old drag store. INN. Gd-to A. Johnson's for bar- gains in all of.goodg. 31 A. 3MC O 3ST Depreciated in value for glazing purposes nd are excelled by the Excelsior Glass nher. For Bale at tt. U it Price, JVKIlinery. merodjf friendf artd5 thaT she has just roccircd rrdro the East, a larger better stock of AND l LADIES' mmiim .GOODS Than ling ever before been offered in this market Her stock, In part, consists of nil kiri3n of STRAW ami jPASUjT HATS, AR- TIFICIAL FuOWKRS anH HAIR of tho latest styles, RIBBONS, LACES, SILKS HOOP SKfRTS, IJVSK'rijTH-, GAITBRS SHOES. SLIPPERS, PARASOLS, GLOVES all of which tvill be soldunusim! ly cheap, OA.H Ware. H of t Manufacturer of, and Dealer in all kinds purchased (he entire stock of J Warren, 1 am now prepared to sell all kinds of FURNITURE as cheap as can be bought west of the Mis- An ong n.j slot.1 will be found Of all description BUREAUS, WASHSTAHDS, QUARTETTS, TEAPOYS, Worktables, Whatnots, CHAIRS, Of all description. And in fact everything found in a country Furniture Store, kept constantly on Corntr of Water nnd Washington Streets, Albert I.en., MinnesotA. OO. OO. OO. FOR SIXTY DAYS ONLY. TWENTY for anl JEfonamif. Having secured a large lot of 'these Standard lifit at a Special Bargain, will close out the entire stock at the unlieard-o: low price of m; ACH: Former Price Dollar 3OO TO BE SOLD I3f-6LSTY DAYS. Hotels Supplied. Every family afford good, luxnricnt beds at ,A Come they going. Whiilcsale Dolilcrs "m.Vurniiure, Bedding, Austin, Minn. Merchant Tailor. Ho hereby announces a fresh arrival of Consisting of T R III MINGS HATS' Ofl LATEST STYLES, done to order. ALBERT r MINNESOTA. STRAYED from tho promises of the sub- scriber in Albert Lea, on or. about ,the 15th of March, one somll, light red; cow, about, ears of age. Any person giving, information of ier whereabouts will fee .lib- erally rewarded C. GORTON. POR undersigned of- JL for oalo the southeast quarter see- lion 30, town 102, range 20. Price .SfiOO; dowir, Quire at this office, or a'Wross.C. A. l.ouns- Wells." 5 D, G.f PARKER. Silvers from.n Written for the Standard. Daniel "WeLstet was once riding through a runtl district with one ol' KIM colleagues, and, seeing some i'avinora at work, made the following remark: There, sir, is a class of people not represented in Well, what of that? Why, just this. Had not this Maine Daniel been boosted up by fanners where he could be heard, he probably never would have been honored by foreign nations aa the great American statesman, or his orato- ry been listened to by his own people. Ihcn why, Oh, Daniel, didst thou for- sake them, and leave to be bit and bled by tho political lions that preyed upon the rights of the people ?_ IJut there seeuis to be lions now, ns well as in the days of Daniel, according to report. Poor Wbitfeiaore. of Caro- lina, sells a and bouses for the people of his district with the aioitcy, ami is ronied out of den in a harry; whilst R. R. Butler, of Tennessee, commits the offense, but applies proceeds ibr'sabsidizing newspapers, and to Tennessee election, gets off 'with a few growls. Then next comes the ,Oregon land job which pressed through the Senate, giving acres to a railroad not over 100 miles long; and the Senate in passing icf used to admit an atr.cnd- iiient giving protection against the specalator. ticn, Putuutn left his cattle Bitched to the plow, and hastened to assist his countrymen to fchrow off the yoke of the British inontnrch. And yet King George was not hialf as tyr? utiical Qbthc no-hearted monojwlistB who give free pusses aud splendid entertainments to the so-called of the peo- ple, and even trantspoi t whole Legisla- tures into cxcfcding high mountains, showing them the kingdoms of the world, with lavish promises to reward for fealty and support. What food for thought! Is it not enough to startle the American eagle from, his roost, or the pen to leap from its holder? says one. business have you, a fanner, Jo ventilate this subject Whv not get Judge Biglittle or Justice Biglitlle to engineer this thing for That's what the matter vrith us. We have let this same family of Biglitrlcs run the machine too long already. We complain that they have robbed us of our money, and now must we acknowl- edge that they have stolen our bniius? Tf we do not seek to elevate our calling, who can we will elevate it? If we do not manifest proper respect for ourselves, who caw we expect to do IIP reverence? If we put our own weight in the balance ag.iinst our own intcr- who shall wci expect to help us off? In these jostling times it behrfoves us to look well to our being; to think and act for ouri-eh es. but not alone of In ing, LU-e the horoc, from tljiy to day; but not alone of giving Health for prif, or souls for pay. oh, be niiiclunei no longer, Toiling just for tlnily food, Think 'twill made you fresher, stronger, you to the great and good. Thought einKg and lightens labor; Thought forbids the to ainl: Self-respect and love Tor neighbor, Mart the men Iliint. While others are looking after their interests, we should see to ours; and in order to profit, we must take a more comprehensive view of our situation. And instead of worshiping the Gods set up by others, and trying to gain a little respectability by holding on to their skirts, we must apply our labor, our money, and brains to our legitimate business. [We owe the writer of the above ar- ticle aa 'apology for the delay in its ap- pearance the crowded state of our col- umns is our1 STANDARD.] Sabbath Schools in Minnesota. At the State Sabbath School Con- vention, held in MankatoHwo weeks ago, there were 400 delegates in attend- ance, and the'proceedings are reported having been of a character. The following statistics in regard to the schools of the State will bo of interest. We copy from the twelfth annual report of the officers of the-AsisoCiatSon: Whole, number of schools reported Number of schools not reported- Schools organized in 1869........... Officers and teachers reported... Average attendance of officers anil teachers reported.................. Number of scholars reported...... An Adventure With a I went to Covont Garden Theatre one night laht season. We lot out nl J 2, and T_ set off to my J there was no answer I knocked again n window was thrown up. and my 'landlady's head appcrtred Who are you she screamed. in, please; it's me I wercd. Then Mr. Me if you don't come homd afore ten, you may out till moinin' I never wait up for my lodg- door is ten and the window closo with a. No go thinks I. 1 have no money. I'll go to a railroad f-tjiion, and wait in the waiting-room till which resolution I proceeded to cany out by Malking by tho I turned into Moorg.itc frfrecfc, nnd was just thinking whether I j-liould go to the London, Brighton, arid Poudi Sea Coast, or the London bridge Sta- tion. I stopped to think. There was a confectioner's shop just in front of inc. Oh, (hat it were open. I had three- pence left. fct this moment a till broad wan up to mo, and viewed me from top to too. 1 looked nt him. lie was in dark clothes; a pea jacket and a clap trap cloJh cap. with a peak lying level on the forehead, gave me a feeling of awe. The thought forced itself upon me that he was agar- roter. He spoke first. You're Mr and he laid hih finger on his nose, You've guessed said I, think- ing it best to agree with him. although my untnc was Tom. Then come along and away we went. f Did Butler give yc e'er a pLslol he apkod. "No." said I. bcirijimg'1 to He said he wanted them hiuiMjir." Jtifct like him. JIc me I'd find you standing in Moorgatc street, between 12 and 1. opposite the confuct- ioncrV with your right hand in your pocket." I'm in for thinks- I but 1 must go though with it. But whatever will it eoine to at He led mo through a labyrinth of streets, walking rather, till we emerged upon the City lload. Then he. made straight fir the Angel, and from thence took a cub for Fleet btrcct! What had in doing this I can- not say. lie did not offer to explain in fuct not a word pas-sod between uh tftl we got out at the ton of Ludtrnte Hill. thence we went into a black street, and-out of that into another, no matter whicl, aud suddenly shipping oppr.htfc ;t shop, he exclaimed There's our crib Is it gays I. Whereupon he produced from pocket a rule. The evidently a tailor's, as it had standing out. like the rounds of Jacob's ladder, from each side of the door, to upon. My friend fiiM of these, which was three feet from the ground, and speedily measured tlie bight of a large fanlight over the door; then, fetcpping down again, he measured tho breadth of the door, and as the fanlight was square, he muttered its estima- tions Three and a half by two high and chuckled quietly. Then he crossed the rond, and I fol lowed, he explaining that we wait till policeman passed. Ho hove in sight about ten minutes afterwards, while we walked past him. Then we waited till he returned. This time we did not pass him. but watched him from a cor. ner at a distance. Twenty minutes and a half between going and coming." exclaimed my com- panion. "And a handy beat; for he comes up the corner 'to, one a little beyond the and goes down this street next to ourq." The impression began to steal over me that! was helping tc commit, a felony, and that if caught 1 might get into trouble. I thought cf Average attendance.................. Number of conversions.............. 1.1C6 Number of volumes in libraries... Number .of papers monthly......... schools closed in winter 175 Number, of schools that have teachers' meetings.................. us Kumbor of schools tnat have Sab- bath School concerts.............. 1C3 Number of schools that have chil- dren's pruyw meetings........... 59 Number of schools visited by county secretary.................. 223 Amount contributed for benevo- lent and niissionnry 79 Amount contributed for self sup- floujributed As- 38 Amount pledged for frontier coun- tiee for State Ausxxsiatibn........ 105 00 The Convention very interesting for it; but the remark niv companion made at that moment, to the effect that ft would be o, short run, if I deserted him (for he seemed to see I didn't like the deterred me. I dared not explain that he had made a mistake, for I felt sure that he must have mistaken me some ally of his own. I must go through with thiuks I. He'll leave me outside to wateh, and I'll hook it So I went on. He crossed the street again the mo- 510 85 94 at Sfc> PttwJ- Rov. George W. Prescott has re- ligned the. State, Siiperjntondoricy, and that position is vacant for the present. i ------j, ...v Jo you sit out tlje long crmoiiH of that minister "My dear. Juseuutoin me to eternity." was the ment tho policauian was past interfering with us, and producing a piece of stout black cloth, he applied the rule thereto. I holding it against the shutters while he set out "three and a half by two" thereon. This done, he cut it within two inches- of the-; measurement all around; and. then produced a treaclo- pot from hifl pocket, he smothered one side of the cloth with treacle, and de- j siring me to hold it. he mounted tho sjiop'door, so to speak, again; ami I gave htm the cloth, which he immedi- ately clapped OH to the skylight, the twaele making it adhere firmly to tho gloss. looking at his watch, he Jty Gosh 'he'll be here this min- ute and away ho walked. A glance behind us, as we turned the next cor- ner. Not yet in sight. We stopped and bdl the policeman came not. My friend in uttered "an oath, ad- I'll go. Come along; but keep your weather eye open I" And off we went. Perhaps h geated watching ua I ug- idoa was discarded as thnfc one saw." We amvtd flt od again, aud drove u strinij (brooch bole in the cloth. Than he ran Djond round (ho of the glats. A gontle pat, acid it gave way. Now I tnw the use of. I he cloth alia the' stiiiig. He hold the glass by the string, and ho let it down into the fchop, 'jnd prdJBJcing a long-tihitjifd- pad, he Inid it along the bottom of fanlight to cover 'the glass edgo, and threw one into the astride of it i fc uio." rnnttprt-d, amt- ducked hi.-> head uudar tJJp Butbajore could dr.-itr tiv the other leg, J mounted the l.iddcr. seizin''; it. gave him a pull wltich kept him going in. at the 'amc time yplliti" "Police! Murdoi! Policef" the top of my voi'-e. And lo behold the polic-ciikan appeared at the comer that moment A horrible oath fiom within, a pistol-bullet whitt- ling past my head, and I run for death and hfc. I did not till I found iiijself in Broad Mrect. In tho next day's papor I saw the account of the capture of a b.ursrlar hy a, who bad ivatchcd tica burglars from the earner, and saw one enter the ami the older leap up the w.ill Jilce a giab at a disappear- ing kg. nnd y.-U and run. The one who was caitdit got scvetr years' p'iiiiiUervitude; and -The po- lice are vigilantly, tliough as yet un-ucrtfc'-iully. for the other, who1. itappc.ns if- a tlu-pcra4e They never caught, him. A few yoai-8 ago a little fellow takfn bj his father to n carpenter, to boiui'l ajijjrcutiVe to him, after tJu fafih- lon c.i times. In settling the the niaj-tcr. who was nne of'the stiff kind, observed buy, 1 sup- pose you can cat most anything, can't you? I .tlways. in.ike niv boy.-'live on what they don'l like." I ijvc every- thing but mince-pic and apple-pic instant reply. was tiic bo Sam-------lived on tho kinks of the Dclcw.ire. and a mighty hunter. He was >vith a degenerate son, no predilection for his fath- ci'" pursuits One day Sum's pationco gave out euiircly. and'he exclaimed, in the bitternoss nf hi-s mortification, Cniv Tom. if jou'ro not gcttiri' perfectly worthier; von'H neither hunt nor )1 bf h-ingcd if I don't MinJ j-ou to i pleas-nt item for tobacco fn one often sees Mjme perponsv in picking up- bits of cigars v, hich have been dropped by smokers. Waitos at thp cafes get (ptitc a revenue hy tue refuse of cigars found under the tables, and which they s-ell to thobc who the busi- Thr> g-aflierer and the purchaser of these bite reticch with his harvest tit some secluded spot, and with a sharp knife cirefiilly hashes the cigar-ends in- to minute fragments It isVhcn put into little boxes or mado up into pack- ets, and pold-at a cheap rate. Two or three hundred persons in Parbi are de- to the bubinebs cf oicking up ci- girs. After a verdict had been rendered a late trial in Austin county, Tex., the1 addressed the jury in this way: By your verdict you have said the" accused is guilty of no crime. Your verdict being contrary to law, contrary to the evidence, and f0ntrary to the charge of the court, tho court disap- proves of your action in the strongest possible manner. It Is by such ver- dicts as this upon the part of petit ju- rors, that Texas has been brought intw disrcpufc among the other States of the Unio i." Sir A-------. of F-------, was a joker. He once represented his town in tho Legislature, and on his way to the capi- val stopped to dine at a hotel- On pufc- iinp on his coat to start be bad much diUk-nlty in working into it Some one remarked the tailor had givpn hint a light fir. _ wad "the last representative from our town max a that smafor fjinn It ap- pears that they had a legislative coat in F-------, which each representative" filled in turn. When A------wim nom- inated they forgot his rotundity of son. A traveling insurance Agent had been explaining, to a western pioneer (he achantaqe of an insurance policy. Path-finder a moment in grave silence, nnd then said: Sec here, mister, I have lived out in this country now twenty-five years, and J bueked-agin most all they've stared, but darn me cf I want to play a jrame where you have to die to be nt the bank." A clergyman having called up a of girls and boys, began with one of former with these wolds My child, tell me who made your vile body S'ho had 110 idea of the question apply- i.ig to more than her personal ance. and dropping a quick courtesy, replied Please, ut umtJie: made the body, but I made the skirt." Billings twys Give the devfl his duett" roads well enough in a pro. verb but what Will become you and m-j if this plan is carried out A schoolmasters must be separated from vicious Imbils grain from threshing. Tho f-toiy of a uiiin who a be couldn't blow it out pnnpowdcr. it, s.tid'Ui be a lio.ix. .NFWSPAPFRf

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