Friday, April 6, 1838

Calhoun County Patriot

Location: Marshall, Michigan

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Text Content of Page 1 of Calhoun County Patriot on Friday, April 6, 1838

Calhoun County Patriot (Newspaper) - April 6, 1838, Marshall, Michigan CAlfflOUN COUWTY APRIL THE FRIDAY IftORNItf APRIL n consequence of not receiving a supply of paper as soon as we expected we shall bo obliged to issue the Patriot on tho diminutive sheet which we present this fora week or We hopa to receive the indulgence of our patrons for inasmuch trait is the first timo we have hod to ask since commence rflbnFoflRc Patriot nearly a year and a half which is ratheruncommon for this sufficient num ber of towns have been in this to enable us to say that a IfcrgD majority of democratic supervisors hnvo beeff fn this the democratic super visor was elected by of sixty three whig strength was brought the and party slang resorted to by the Among the evidences of the triumph of the whig it insisted on by the WILL tion as governor of New by tin overwhelming vote whereas he hap pens be elected by ii largo There were two vacancies inthe office of Justice of the Peace in this town and in of the democrats being unablo in regard to the candid ates first especially in regard 10 One of tho grAfna of aatlie citizens in his neighbor hood did notclaim the and the cit izens of tho with the exception Oof few preferred the nomination of a man residing in the vil where all legal business is transacted a new nomination was in part by a largo and respectable meeting of after all hope of any recon ciliation had been The result was tho election of the wKlg Justices by a being four demo cratic candidates in the It is high ly that the utmost unanimity should prevail in the democratic tTHlon is essential to success and tho peo pla should be generally consulted and have a voice in the selection of their candid ates for From the Detroit Free NEW HAMPSHIRE Extract of i letter to the dated March result of the election fa New on Tuesday for Gover and House of Representa has just been Governor Hill is reelected by three thousanI ma jority eight outof twelve demoTratfc Sen ators are and a majority of or twenty in the house of Kepreiitntivi All branches of the government i deci dedly Tho federalists in well as in Boston and New Hampshire IIUVP cbecti of federalism in the granite They have from all tfieir ut most exertions to defeat tho democracy of that state at this Amidst all the panicj kept up in congress and in fed eral against all the effortsi of that unscrupulous and desperate party the democracy of New Hampshire have again been Tho town ship just held and holding in New return of that to the path of democracy at the fall Afrer afull discussion of Tho subject Efera Daniel Em Silas Nathan Man son and Milo were appoint id a committ to report resolutions to the meeting who after a rnceas reported the ibllowing which wera adopted by the meeting without a dissenting Whereas reports arc in circulation cal culated to injure the credit of Batik of l Allegan and having heard tho statements of the President and as madJ dcr oath before tin Hank nnd also tho statements of tho countyr Clerk and county therefore That we have full confidence hr thtrnbility ofthe of fulfil all its engagjmjhCs and that wo hnvo iiifire confidence in tho integrity of its FARMERS BANK Report of the Bank Commissioners made to the Legislature in relation to this insti tution of tin and it ought not to be called a bank exhibits a scene of corruption and that calls forcibly ujwin lhe lavea for the punishmenjL of alt those implicated and we learn that Measures have been taken to bring the gulltjfeto punishment Sir lieut governor of Up and arrived at the Hotel in this on Mid tooJs their departure yesterday for the ftpportionnwut from the the Senate yesterday with The bill increases the to 13L and Vca APPROPRIATIONS FOR INTERNAL IM congratulatethe peo ple of state that the House of Reprc after IT tfiscussfornjf several passed yesterday a bill making ap propriations for prosecuting pur systeti of internal impovementa tpe present The bill in tho one million and fifty thousand to bo laid out asfollows For the Southern for tho cuotral Fur the Clinton and Kalamuzoo I he Northern For the Saginaw For tho improvement of tho Maplo and Grand For the improvement of Kalann zoo The bill is yet to bo acted upon in the TH militia Court Marshall for the trial of organized at the No business was done except swearing the respective officers composing the court and serving tho prisouer with a copy of tho charge against On thut Sutherland attempted to bleed himscli by opening veins in an I ITS Toronto Patriot says His state of exhaustion is another half hour and he would have baen In consequence of this ihc tri al has been The southern newspapers continur to tola mi their with a report of thu duutuof W infield We luue regarded it as too idle even for contradic There is so far as we rtan out of which tho report could huvo beyond u loveof The gallaiij General haa been several days in thw cjty and will soon bo enabled to afford personal evidence to his friends at the not only that tho report is I but that his Ijfo and services I are yet at tho disposal ofou Albany t Thnt of Alle not interested in the Bank of Allegan bat deeplyinterested in wolfaro of the and in asafe circulating will use ull to sustain the under tho present eitcnrcntTOccnsioncd either by tho injudi cious remarks or wilful misreprewinta lions of a few interested persons in the vil lage of That woadytso tho holders of bills not to sacrifice the that they are now and will undoubtedly continuo in circulation at par with That mooting bo signed by tho chairman und and sent to the publishors of ho Detroit Free Presi and Advertiser and tho different papers in the western art of the state for Allegan March q WARNER DANIBL EMERHON Sccy LIST OF LETTERS remtiniif to thsfbet Office MvsiuUi April Alexander Mr InzelnviriCUnt Bull James H Johiuon Barnes Mary Jano Kelly Royal T Barlow Edmund Kimball Erastui Brooks Aaron Kuppelburger Bemsen James Kellogg R Rrown Henry Lowell Chartes Bates Esq John Martin Susan Britton Miss S M Merril Danict Cmiklin 2 David Charter Hiram Molt Elijah F MlssrMary Nixon William Clark Samuel Osbom Norman L Cnswcll MissAlmira Palmer Chas K Petty Cliirlc Munson H Pierco Elias B Chnmborlin Julius Price Stillman P Cl Orvis Prihdle Daniel Chancy Dudley Page David Cook F H Palmer John L Isaac Pary Jbtb Benoni H Pendleton Reubett MILITARY umt 7 ina in cone f qf Alarclt nti fot divition Ixt brigade i major vii gen iWaoa John do Amman do Ntthurn do li W do Edward Owen do da Ojoigi do innjor Elijah brigadiar do do William do Ely do Jonathan do John major g lirigiidier ilo Dutlion NQrthrogt do Duniel Paier d lit regimt 2d do 3d do 4th do 2d divinioh ltd brigiula 4th Jo tegimt Oth do 7th do Kth do 6th do Uili Tcjrrmt 10th do llth do 12th do 4 ih divigion 7lh brigade For thi Cdthoun County PulrioU BANK QP At a tha citizaiu of tha vlllag of Allogan called for the purpose of taking into consideration tha prevent condition of the Bank of one of the large west rooms of tho Ex change was crowded The meetjng was organized by the ap pointment of George Warnv chairman and Daniel Sec 13tli 14th do irntt do Itilh do Joueph W1 iniior 5ti Levi 9 bri Davis do Apolloa Noyeo do Diiiicl da do major Jiimcs brig do Andrew Limyi do Ho Jphn do Stephen 4a Abram do Edwin N insjor genl Isaac J Ull brigadr do Hart L do Siraujl A colonel Alexander H do OsorgJ do Theodore E da Horace H maj 8th division Hezskiah O brigadier do 15th brigade Solrmon do Charlea E Edwin do Ho vey R do Norman U da Jlh 0th do 13th regimt 17ii do 19h do 2Ulh do Clh difuion Tltli brigade lith do aijt regimt do 23d do S4tii do 7th diyUion 13th WgVde 14th do 25th regiment do 27th do iirith do Ross Charles Cacy Z Drake Benjamin Rathbuti Arnmort Deair Barclay Rico William Doming Sfirah Ann Lyrfwn Demarest Philip RaymondIsaac Dcpuy Sylvanus Robertson Theodore Dumphrey Robert Shaft John Charles Seymour JarrtM Dryer George W Jane Durne Urial KSmitlrD Evans John Spink Nelson Eastman Steven R Stdbbins Samuel L Katon Lwi Satindets Rocena Elmon W H Smith GeorgeJ Eddy D B Spaulding Pnmeat Ethoridgo Ahira Smith Mrs Phena E Froilenburgh JohnB Suttou Abner Frink Joseph G Sampson S C Furmun Mnriah Stedman Louisa 2 Furrand WrrrWTurner Ansen Finch Martin Jay Timothy Waterman Phebe A Giilo Gen L 9 Wcatherwax John Grant Cbttfles Wnshburn RF Xjjlbert Reuben K Wilcox C Griswold Edward Wilson Lewis Gruwold Royer Wooster George Gco Jacob B Williams Duniel Gibbon DrRC Hall Daniel M Williams Abel Holt Oramel Willard David lluines MissLovina Whitmore Giddings Horton Miss Eliza 2 Wolley Erastijii MT2 Hinsdill Dea S 2 WoodMr Hadley Jacob 3 WelU Wm B ftuutsarcf CyrUS WafsOn Wtn i lollister T S S Vandemark Ml Hyde Ebby Vickery John J Van Scoter Mr CHARLES T 1ST OF LETTERS nnulninrln JU OiHoe at Battle April Astley Hamit Royal Abbpt Mr Knowlea IHtlnch laih do 29th regimt 30lh do Slut do 32d do John B adjutant Sheldon generals Stephen M Kirby Joseph Beuchpr Doo Kipp Reubetf 8 Burocy Nathaniel Michael WUljanv Booth David or Miller David Abtn Goodrich Mott John 3 Bodmo snac Mitchell Bdwaitl BarghoflTCorneliusH Morgan Hamit Raioman Adam Mullikiu He Burkloy Byard 8 Mirvin John Boaoli Harriet Mott Horaee Burgess F Nobte A B Cameron John Quirnby W Cowlea Fanriy a Smith Alpha Cooley Anthony W Scout Giark Jacob Smith G P DimonSH Potts Lury Dbdga H N Stearnw Elew Easton Wm 0 Willianw Philip Proft Abraham Worden Gifford John 8 SANDS FOR SALEA of H Huatiii Yoke of

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