Friday, November 22, 1963

Holland Evening Sentinel

Location: Holland, Michigan

Page: 12

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Text Content of Page 12 of Holland Evening Sentinel on Friday, November 22, 1963

Holland Evening Sentinel, The (Newspaper) - November 22, 1963, Holland, Michigan PAGE TWELVE THE HOLLAND, MICHIGAN, EVENING SENTINEL the novel published by Harper Row, Inc. Copyright; by JUflley Egan. Distributed by King Features Syndicate CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT Vic Varallo got to the More- houses' about two o'clock He was feeling disgruntled. solutely nothing They had even collected dust samples from Riegler's garage for the lab. in the hope of es- PSnTeof have done it. if they had felt probably. that or lost their tempers. Keith Wilma Starke. Steve Morehouse. John Riegler. Wilma Starke the least likely. house at four-fifteen, he'd have no reason to go back so soon. Keith unlikely too. They had an antique coin which was almost surely the Pn dax s' murderer's, dropped by accident been murdered, and how The> A luckv talisman If he habi- had a few suspects who could tually carried it on his person, So, mark off. say, eight or ten square blocks up there, start ringing doorbells: "Do you recognize this coin? Does anyone you know carry it as a lucky It might come to that. Detec- tive work could get that simple that tiresome. Morehouse. The teenagers of Steve's type usually could be broken down. In the end, they usually con- fessed, if handled right. Varallo thought this was the right time to work again on Steve, and he thought he knew the right way to do it. He parked in front of the house. Steve was mowing the lawn with an old-fashioned hand lawn mower; he was in shorts and T-shirt. He looked grim, and hot, and unhappy. Varallo waited until he looked up at the end of a row, and beckoned to him. Steve dropped the lawn mower and came to the curb; Varallo opened the front door of the car and said, "Get in a minute, Steve. I want to talk to you." "O.K. sir." Varallo looked at Steve. The boy looked down morosely at his clasped hands. "I'm said Varallo sympathetically. "It's being pretty "Darn the boy burst out resentfully, "you'd think I'd committed a murder or some- thing! I mean, well, all right, it BONNIE by Joe Campbell HERE'S YOOK I HOPE WONT A WHOLE LEND ME A t KMOW 1 GOOP FOR IT; by Lank Leonard MICKEY FINN A LOAN? NO' I DIDN'T NEED SAVED ENOUGH TO BUY THE JUST WANTED TOtfMOWIFHE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A GOOD MY UNCLE SAID CALL TALKED A LITTLE ABOUT OTHER THINGS THEM I YOU DIDN'T HAVE AN ARGUMENT WITH YOUR ABOUT A LOAN? LET ME CHECK ON THE5HOP, GOODNIGHT, UNCLE DRIVE CAREFULLX BILL' LIKE TO KNOW WHY THE MAN by Chic Young AND I SPENT TWENTY MINUTES GETTING V ALUTHIS DOWN 1 I SAW HILDA AND SHE TOuD ME SHEWANTbYOU TO A i Y b AND CHECK J CA.-'.-'W-.iLE IV.'ASOUT i DEAR? by Bob Naylor WILL THEY TEND TO NFUIENCE ARSONS AWERSEtfPOP WILL BCNS INP TWEM'TDVAPD AFTER ALL, THEY HAVE COMMITTED OFFENSES AGAINST SOOETY-- DONNIE WANTS TO ACCEPT SEVEOAl. UNFORTUNATE BOYS INTO OUP HOME AS GUESTS- TO THINK ABOUT! AND FTD BE JUST THIS ONE WEEKEND OFPICED BOENNED GRANDMA by Charles Kuhna A BLOCK FROM YOUR HOUSE WHYARTEYA SWEEP1N' THE WALK o GOODNESS, GUESS I GOT CARRIED AWAV... ..TRYIN' OUT MV NEW HENRY by Carl Anderson was a wrong thing to do, but well, gee, look at how Jerry's father I mean, Mr. Emmett knows how things are, how most people think about things. don't have to be so darn righteous Varallo could see Morehouse senior being very righteous and self-righteous. "It's not said Steve sul- lenly. "The Emmetts aren't do- ing anything to sort of figure his father was even kind of pleased with him." Naive astonishment on that. "And me like I was in jail. I can't have any more dates ever while I'm living with them, they said. "I can't use the car, even once a week, and I don't get any allowance, just money for lunch, and I have to come straight home after school, and not fair. I'm captain of the football team this year. I got to be there they don't understand! They just said, well, you can't be, that's all. How can I tell the coach that? why? All the kids knowing, and me looking like a five-year-old, have to do what- ever Mama His voice shook with rage. And of course it wasn't fair. The humiliation worst of all. These people. "Well, I don't think it's fair either, said Varallo. "Especially when nothing's happening to Jerry. But, you know, your parents look at these things differently from the some other people The boy glanced at the house. "No, sir, I better not, thanks, I don't much anyway, on ac- count of keeping in training. Darn He pounded a fist on his knee. "Like I'm just a little kid! Sure I know they're strait-laced and all, tell you one and he sat up straighter, his mouth a grim line, he look- ed suddenly more mature. "After I graduate next June, I'm getting out. So they want me to go on to college, the hen with that. Or if I go, I'll pay my own way somehow. I'm done being ordered around like I was ten years old." "That might not be sure a hot idea, Steve. Not so easy to work your way through college. What were you going in "Engineering, sir. I do not care. I'm done being treated like a kid." "Well, think it over Did you commit a murder, Steve" The boy's head jerked up; he stared at Varallo. "What what d'you mean9" "Did you kill Paul Varallo lighted his cigarette, his eyes holding Steve's. "I can build it up, the way it could have gone. Steve. I don't think you planned it didn't mean to kill him. I think you wanted to go somewhere that Saturday a forbidden movie, maybe? and got Jerry and THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1963 __ by Jimmy Hotle TssteBSfttfSk1COLDK WHERE GALLSTONES I LIVE OUT THAN VOU HAILSTONES THE SIZE OF INDOOR BASEBALLS-DENTING THE TOPS OF AUTO- WHAT STORM.' WHEN I LEPT HOME IT WAS MAILING THE SIZE OF ICE I'M NOT KIDDING WHERE I WERE WEREN'T SEEING HAILSTONES FASHIONED WE WEATHER ORT FROM THE MUTERS WHO GIV Rodney and Bruce to say you'd been with them. "I think you were coming home when you met Paul over on Cordova. Weren't you9 You'd been worried about Paul knowing your little secret, you'd talked it over with Jerry, had not you? Yes. Wondered wheth- er the effect of your threats had maybe worn off. And you thought this might be a good chance to remind Paul again, threaten him some more said Steve. ''No please. I wouldn't do a thing like "I don't think you meant to." said Varallo, still holding Steve's eyes with his own. "No. I think possible you were only cuffing him a little to back up the you're a big strong fellow and you knock- ed him down and found you'd hurt him badly Is that how it was, Steve? And then you thought, might as well be hang- ed for a sheep as a lamb, and you figured out how you could fake an "No! I can't think I did a thing like Varallo went on looking at him for a long minute: and then he said flatly. "Well, I guess I don't, no. Steve." The ones like Steve were not very accomp- lished liars or actors. That had been genuine reaction. "Please, sir, you got to be- never did a terrible thing like that! I "All right, I said I believe you It was just an idea This DAILY PATTERN Boots-Two Heights 918 4734 StZES 10-20 wuu you It was just an idea This I is a tough case, Steve, we have to look at everybody remotely "Haven't you any idea who The boy sank back against the seat "An awful thing, just a kid, just as old as Nicky. 1 Hints From Heloise.., By Heloise Cruse By Heloise Cruse Dear Heloise: Here is a hint we that is so fabulous I just must j pass on to other mothers. In fact, even for those who do not even have children, it allows for quite a saving. We have floor furnaces in our home. Something was always being dropped, or pushed into the grates or just for fun, the kiddies would stick little things down into them. One night my husband took a piece of wire screening (left over from cut it the same size as our floor openings and wired this to each grate on the bottom side of the cover itself. Heloise. it's absolutely won- not guarantee this to work on every stain as you might have Printed Pattem 4734 Sizes 10 12 14 lb 18. 20 16 requnes 45 inch fabric Send FIFTY-FIVE CE.sTS in coin1; fo> thK pattern Send your order to Tho Hol- land Lxenm? Sentinel Pattern Department, W 8th St Holland. Michigan PVTTERX FREE' Mail cou- pon inside new Fall-Winter Pat- tern Catalog, ready now Over 300 idea-, all sizes Send 60c for Catalog i IK -ut trie--'' 'KJU'- in 2 L to uocict and to T th pun --t'tcn Pat'orn fiirtc'Min- --mjll medi- m 'arne included FIFTV-KIVi: in thi- t> rtcrn i >ii' 'j The Hol- em Sth St mo H .1 i t >if-m n i M ni_r in er C i il )_' -i t- in rie- h a Ji t H u -.r-rt TI o c- k do -end 30 c _ it the paper kind of You don't have anything (macje it sound as if Mr Riegler lose but a few spoons of i "Well, we haven't an> real evidence'' That was another to vinegar, do you? Heloise SCOTTS SCRAP BOOK By R. J. 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