Tuesday, December 19, 1848

Hillsdale Whig Standard

Location: Hillsdale, Michigan

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Hillsdale Whig Standard on Tuesday, December 19, 1848

Hillsdale Whig Standard (Newspaper) - December 19, 1848, Hillsdale, Michigan :THE WHIG antl TEttMSi per Annum in Adrante. SO if notpiid within motitht. reCuirinj their by ihn Carrier will be charged SWO. fin paprr ditcuutimieii until ullarrearagotare at the option of the Ltgtt AdTeriiiemeau uiienrd rte 40 cU. Mia the ttt itutiou. utl cu. far eaeii iaicrtioa. PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. Fellow Cttizeiu nf the Senate and Haute of Rrpretentaticrs Under ihf VOL, III, NO, 23, IIILLSDALE TUESDAY, DEC, WHOLE NO. 127, to spi'rosch idjiittmtnt of the only cJoir.ivtic question which or probibly 'can lhi'eal'11 o- ilU'.utb IIIB liairaunv ami succeis nf our tcni. The JimnentrlT TjIuiiMr nf N. nnd C-tiiioinia zic alie-jdr iiilialitird ;i cotmJenUIr Atirartcd (llieir uira- ihfir inir.rrjl nrntih. I '.Leir Efd il.i-iiltjlitt- I of the il.in He. ficin thir i.'iiri 2rr.il ntr jlrtrnjf i-ri-'rar- inn; ititlirte ir-t.ur ThU "ratifying condition of our For- eign Relations renders h for mazemunt abroad hoxv it happened our noble armv in Mexico, h.nv nur rog tno In calf your attention more especially ulars and voluntcers.xvern victorious up i dini> an extent nf ts-initv am! v.ihuJjlf tii in xx-.is inii, j territory ai the xthoisof Eur.ijK'. K-jssia Tiie f.cts of tu them. I on every battle-field, however femful It has bern my constant aim and desire odds them. The war with Mex- tn cultivate peace and commerce with nil ico fully developed the power .of re only excepted. that are n'oiind inrt' ..I n{ Niirh an I ul t-i and j. the tn. Slnlrt hr..- ii-r viildLtc' piitft'i- God, ihi the States and tho IVi o ait; bro'r The Mississippi so lately tho frontier iy i-hiiartcr ns xv.mli! si-nr. of our country. noxv in belief the addition of the late iho authentic it-potts public xxh tngethel to deliberate for the public g-iuJ. ik II" TT ttaiiij'iility ut home and pence- j p'Jtiliciiii government to prosecute I United States are now estimated to c.mstitute the true pet- ce-sfully a just anil necessary f j nt-arly ns B-S thf who'i- nf policy of our country. xvar xvith all the usually attributed It js es'irnated by I lit; Sup-Minleiident ;i.c urco'ajunv- he gratitude of tho Nation to sublime and moral spectacle to the the i' The troubled and unsettled conditint, i of country IJefort-' more particularly in I 10-10 tlu- G.ilf of some of tho principle European 1'o.v-, coia.JCt of a war earned on an ene- "O'JO I tie I, -n-th of the rr i-ntertamcu riim it coiintiy. .the A'lintic hum the nmthein limit <d Tin- Mexican war has J-veJotwl most, the UnileJ niuuniJ the ITIJ .-s -d" TlotiJa to tli'1 Sjbine (on tin- binindury nf U estit.nied to 3.100 rnili-1-; thut t'li- 1-1 of f ia xri v mil txx'o tj't'OI ii- the I IL1 C- xi.'. i i iouniiv. iln-ii1 xxt-r'1 fun ili ni. ii'il d in l 1'lifi.- i- n-.i-o'i t.i li.-n, I1; r. -In nf li'-r '.us- sn iv-.l. MIII'I" lii-fii Ti.i1 i lions ,-il'eady in ide ai' th" be till' MJiljlU' IS VCI V I ll -llJ Hi It I ul xaiimii plj.'i-.-. in nn i distiiet of fiiiiiitrv, Jid.nmati'in teceixud .1 IT v i .n KI-t'I I rTIii t M-niitn-iit i t" tin t i es, they had not conceit ud the our ind.ruty strength dm, not con -o full <md luinute, I mainie fiont-. nn tin- A'l-n-tto, and happy condition, we muy ure in tlm uetuai ens-iyment of them; u 1 'ectivo force, unless mig lich itiheiitance'fr.inr.iur father-.. operaiioi fectivo force, unless initiht hu fur tern- v.i'.h Mexico.it iicc ._ _cj.. ii had no me- t mi OV. II oil itie-. nf the main -I ls HIS x1. lit-n invi- U'hilo enli-htened oi Europe The cvi-iiu of tho ir.t-m. th" army bad OJIJ.O.M- are convuUeu dist.acled by civil war v-ir h not only undecrived miy ol IH..IU M-I- j P W intestine stnfi-. xve settle ail our poli.5- im- tl.u navy luis-.-ly tin- S cal controversies bv the peaceful t-heroS-1 p.eva.led to conduct of Hit. wui. liiaiu-'iM 3.-G3 of the tight of "freemen nt t'.io 'Jd1l.it i t'xtenl Q "wn pt'ifom.-.d the.r whole duty U he to calc-iUto the box The great Rupub'ican maxim so That it Ii..'been dernon-trated j cwuntry. i-or the ubleand g.-illjnt wjlue of tht-fu ndJiii.ins to n 1 ol ttm mnt iri'vcon-l' t j r----------j led shiill prevail is our i I'f-'parition had beeti m-jile, a x-dunteet co-opfiution ixuh our in the con- tsl force and violence "f citizen soldiers to vetetan quest of California, tlie capture nl VBIO ues, em bouii-litiy nf other but people, that the xviil of tin: mnj iriiy con stitutiotially expressed safeguard against nm.t: uu.i n-nuntu. Ilis a subject just piide. that our lame I lal to Ui uz. and tne and occupatj-.n id nnd nn M-i c-.rist, and character r.S a nition continue rapid- meigcncy. can in a be "Hin im; "Hani nosntons the t.ult and J could not have long in the into the lield. Unlike xxhat xxoul-j bavu i Celtic i crnhiiicing xxitliin iis limits u pnit pieciom are ubiri ,f tht; vxaVs nf th1.- xxlnla uf the muh: p coiiiiltv have jone to tne advance in the estimation of the civ- ilisod world. To our xviieand fiee in-iti- tutiotis it "H to be attributed, that while othor nali.ms Imvo achieved at tho price of tho suffering, diittessed and im Tlu-ir x igtlaiice. occuned in nnv other country, xve under tin necessity itsoilini; tn drafts d the m..st cflt-ctuul -t-ivice in exi lu- ih-- pmisn is due i hands< Q.-il skill, rcn- ..ciin" .fa f.i th reign p without, em: )i r nn nnd ah urrhing for lln- I'll- 1. 'Jill' .tl III I.l till! rjlpp-i iiriiviii" on the c.ns: i.u- ilt-.-i-ited bv t'n'ii and theii aus- e p of out fion-, pendi-d f.n xxmn poverW-ment of tlurpeople. we have Won or "On the cmitraty. such J d'ng munitions nfxvat and othei MipidirM j nibutaries of th xx as tho number of Volunteers xxho pa- fiom the fiieinv. they sucni.-il a th.'ir that entiance for ulniiidjiil aupphes fin ti-r. Ili-r in t! t- xirim'y of the our honorable piinition in ilie ll i 1 f_n the chi.'f xvas in making M-lec- oxxn aimy. Uur extended com ._.-._..... i__ ii tions and dulnnniniiiK xvho should be i metce u.is tioul.cte interrupted; and lot and be cimipeMed to remain this immunity from the evils of xv.it the __ it. i-.i at In Our soldiuts nrc un- j coutitiy is itid'jbtt-J t-it'.ie nnxy. uninterrupted and of un in- creasing individual comfort and happi- ness. I am happy to inform you that our re- ins xvith all nations, uru fiiendly und pucifio. Advantageous treaties of com- rneice have been concluded, xvithin the last year xvith Nexv Granada. Peru, the two Sicilies. Belgium, Hiimvor, Olden- j This, not only ih- and xxuh x-.luch cvt-ix hurgh, Mecklenb irg. nnd among tho private M.ldien Uimg Mid to Siva PuMuinsourcxunHlB the restrictive aio .'flKiei.cy thitbianch of tem of Great Uiitain, our i.iiuciiial for- utlliku "f any country inoth- I lie tame oxerN-.l in diierting 1 the operations ol the Missis-dppi, mubt Inve a niarki-t ihiough tlit-se into uml thro'igh nu: teiritoix; iind tin) of iiiititi'in 'iini rolhsimi of mfereil as a f.iirijn pi i xx or, and oij, sulvi-a. xx-uul 1 h iVc II.M-II irniiicrit, xxhile tin: t inbanat-'mixiti in the conimocciil int.'ic.iutau lu-t.M'en 1st h tve been c 'listan1. mni like those dtaxxn fiom tin. population of; liigh piaiio H dm.- to of the any other cuiinliy. They att- comprised seveial exec-alive. navyyinls iniiisciiminntely "of nil professi-ins and statinns conuerN-d xvilli the tin vice JJ 'IVxij fallen into die of lauycts. u" under the immediate; diirction ol the merclrinn, manufai-turcts. mechanics, of the naxy fur ttie uign customer, has been relaxed; 3 more liberal commercial police hnsbccn adopt- ud by other enlightened pali.m-. and our trade ha; been onlarged nnd Stendod. Qjr cmmtiy higher in j er Tin'V are mined nnd have been accustomed fiom their youth up to aimy, there xvas handle fitu-nrms, and a p'.ttinn of, purpose between llie h.-ad- of the aimy, irixy, r.nd ronCi-it of iicli. -f the i and tH oi unilt-i th'j influence and rotitiol of a matatirnu or miliniy fun power, GS 'he have thesis liaVv-h'en avoided liy her i1 pc.u't f il to iho United ite fiorji lift p-is'uion. as a mni- ml iinj aliiMs' part id o-ir teiiitoiif'. chu Ins bern hu-h ,oCtorcd to am! c'niisti- wu- wi-ic on- of tho of out ..u, v.-ss.-U ol ,.y. "..poti nn equal in with the l, especially in the mote "f seivire. by the nidets I ncxvlv fettled Elates, nte r.Xpeit matin- iN-.n-d to the respect of the w.uld iliaa at aT.v They ate men xxho hw a reputa- wai oa ly-ific and tlw i.uii m -M.'S- j 0. To cotilinue to occupy thil tln" "l l'.v ICIJ tim'.' siluhri-y of limV, :h-feiti.'iiy proud p-isttion. it i, only neceJiiry to j conduct in the- h-ld. Tln-y an- inlelli- IIIITH and in piope- ...unions to of s ,il. poculi.n Iy to the preservo peace, and faiihfully adlioie to of charac-; Intently a-iny. uoi, '..me of out most x ilu jpj IPI-tvhich is l.iundin "is-'Biu tin ir coiiibnu-d po.xn was out rmii'iierciid advn-it IL-I-- In bittlf rrseh piivati- nrm t.s btought to bear surccssfully on ilu: i her ono ol our Sinco xve do not Im governments, capable of miintaitiing j return to civil life. i in thr fufjic piogicss tif mn xvnr ivith h.is iJem.nistra-' They x-.ill ti-nd to pu-M-ix.- in k iiey.iuiruxiiting iIri1- "iit ol'ihi: v110 men: to a niimuious army upon j to ptetct xeuni.ileiiupli.iJiy inn cheii-hi'd population. ;i sudden call, but al-io to pt.ivide'il xvith policy of peace xvith all i; and nrces-ary supplies taining alliance xvith n-mc. 11, ono p' S. thoug'i ailiia'ed Xlilllill tin- intciiof and xxitiiout a roast, i-t ktni x n to c much iVitilu land, tn a in lidi oi'the most piecnus 'J.-ntial Amciua, L'hili I'o-iiior.s to a'lnv. I'y J our great and fundamental piincipleo furoign policy, of non iiiterJerencu in tho of.itlicr nati.'in. j ...T.cer. ii'jhtf .inly "iv. 1 use it I.-..I.H Wa in hll nations lire ri-ht j cuiintiy, Irit f..r uh.ry ard ih.tinc.ion and bio'lght to by this xvhich they ourselves, to change bis xxhen ho .hall j "f nnd reform their political institutions He- cording to their own xxill and pleasuie. i' _ ...I .t .l..tt... I'.h...__........ i t __....I l It f 1, r.inl to in: ol a their oxvn authority, xve. rero-Miiz-j all j ;i call, hut aUo to pt.ivido U xvitii pouty 01 iieatn xyim un is ite and connuciing triri finch actual gnvernmtmts not oTdy fiom rnunymriH and necessary J taining alliance xvith n-nic. I torv h.-t-Acct: our icttlemrnts and out diclHU-s of Hue policy, but from a w'ln despatch, convenienci' r.nd eaie to U-fiinying n 4 ti-nijit it i, ni and i i-iiian bh'iuld in- tii.lt i i' i-.ui .L'd 111 nn juu-i. of ll Th r. may, too, n fu'ix av.iii nl ih1 II. i' of tin- ritjblish d nt (Jalifoii.ta, xx h xv ni! tht' r.s u in: .1! A lirancii itiinl tin- gi IM; i iMii.ncit i cot t u o'il t i4.in .L l '1 d.-i ne J fiom .nil t.ie i> il'.i i ci1 iy I i n r in: of r- ca. The v. esl IM i-t adj icent oi rintnai lir-it imne.s id uis; ot M iv i' in u Im 'i li.id Nf.v h nl ee I pl.-s.-ied xxith tht- "I in." i -I Cl i I I thi1 salj -i1' lo il." I i1. i tin- 'I ri a I'f'ii-i- [lit- ti-1. Jo x1 I .1- .1 I ft ili-it a.-tioit nt i.' it i-i in "i i ix nh'iiiT in.living any pn-x i Im (h.n giixoti.m.-iit. 'i'.'i-- it., I.i1 tin- H aiisf.-t ol I'.ni'i'i v. IM c itne l'> ttie I'r- o! on I 'ind x-'t ui1-.1 1. L nut any i j.jl'ti! v o. tn '.IV.M m; iim-i- l'i i' li'ii.- i'i- vi iy i .1 j" poj-i'--n-il by I i b -t i vni-.-ii to iiin! i lioin tin- iiu-x it ni-iv ijii'-n. i II.lli i-iilllI'MIt l> I 1 i hi- nn i it i-' i.i !n-j ihis in lu thai In ill" uf ih'1 ll nil. tnniiii trni'Hii.itrlx. iln'v VM-..- finiliiriii :inil tn n -di .1 rfiid cuiili] up. ,t n ll' Tin1 in >i, t-nii-il.u.....I lu th" ihis ILIIUI .u.....ul d n, i t.ili.iri ihr n-t in ut ,--i ,n- di'flilir 7lh nf Ojtiilii.1! I. si. Ii i..i I-'J !nr i iihl-'-.itiii.i I i C d.'.ii nl i ...ni N M-w.'n .1 riijix nl tvliu-li is nli iiati- u.c I. 1 hi1 sin iiiilii.irx lnri-.it tin1 u I... 111, I'l III'1 II 'II I'l I n r i in t n-s .il i', ,i- i I Il' iijiiiiiii u! 1 IT. uiiofi. [Jij. i.u ii iii'crjM i I i 'n In -i i M lln.1 i t o, ,i. T re.il or iiiM'jiiijry. il nt >-tcii iin .nl nnr rx-ni.rr un -l-Md-iri I .ill uhicl, t HII..I.I ufsiff In l.i.f. Jl tl.e mi iiur ruini'tiii'i u> ihr cit.ff. Uur n: i'- -mill ue lii-iiil.nv o ii jn-l i..'i i.e.in! liutn in r.nsi J ii til'1 Ci'Uirir. in IKI'I I..IHM', XVlR'll lii-v >n-ri- .'iirllii' j'ld li.i-ri-J-i. il, ic me, Mlu'il I IM 'h t sttl.j-, i i IK-I-I, uliiln n il. II llt-'iic I 'iv in njv n. ii.i'.'isnl iii.il V.'hi-llt I" ,'llil I ,1. i-ir -..li-.-n In ii'; -s is ifi intif Iti ih1 in ii-i >M. .I'i. ill mil inllnti idcir ,'i ill Ii.itn tli it (ju'-.tiini. ihr nf 1-1 nil. In- lililn-ein .''.ijust it ul lln- L'ui.iri, olii or N'irili .ir iin. nr inn ivi.-li-d >.n dt Irrin: (In; th.ii ul tti'-ir no 11 I'M'i'i r. a..il .dl Hi.- -.-nir-. s ,i ,d c.inr.nt ii- il.j nl il i'..i-.'1. 3 r iln-n (Jiiii-t.tmii.il !u ,i. i-i-.li iv v iMiliia ihoii Ii HIM. an'! ils- I m; m -j u s.i n'ti.-c ih-ir 'J i i- 'll'l HI .If ci -it nuj'Ji -n l.tiiMtn, u u not 1'iub.iljl-; >'i. i i u. II is 'iiuaatv fur ih" pr.ice and banri.iiiv tli'1 L'..inii. ihat iln-t in iti n... i'1. tfiiijiiii.irx, and i.niuiiU rurititnn: I M lu 'n't -I IHTIII 1 itnc'iw.l. i T 'il.iiin.i New inn il u Si ie L Ijj .il lln.- H'i.1 --pe. iti..wn It n Mi'.Mi iii.d I u ll' in xalui: of m my iirlhuu-. H and car r i 'il lo tin: u! i i c to hi'i i The btiencth nf our iiiittituiiotii ha-i not i nny ftirmet puii.jd, nui duties and rea- Califoini t, itrc'pcctivi: of th tl polit-v it does displayed in tho valor and poi.aibilities to and lu piMtciity inimM.il ixenlth tecentiy duvelujicd ir be intiifTererit I "f our troops i.'iig.Tjed in active sei- and coireipoinlinniy inc.'ened. there, h iKi-1, .-.tiln-' ii iy, ti point of x-ilnc j., thi; bbeial l'le but iu the organising of- bu mm.' nhvious xvc con- and to this ie-.' of the L'm li'linciples. The g'oVernrnent and branches xvhich were sider the xast addiii un xxhich have 'he sa-nu t'-l-tli m that L-itiuiai-j did tif the, Uniteil States hailed xvi'.ii enlhu-! charged xxiih general direction nf the recently mado lo ou, teiiitmi d p iiiiion x'.'hen Ihtit li-n1 tcuitnry xxai nrquiiei _ it.. i, _- Ir i.' i i siusm and ilelisht tile establishment of too great pi.iisu cannot be. and ilit-tr gteut importance and value. J f.om Fiancu Imty ngo. the Fiench us xvc now Imil the.' be-ioxvcd up in the office! i and men thin four yuats the annex i d.-.jiees nf latitude f-fTirt-, in to umto the Slates of, our it xvould be unjust to j to tin; Union HS a coiiledtfiatioii. similar in j withhuM from those Clinauni conflicting title to ihi- mativ lespects lit our own Federal Un-1 sMtioned at homo, tvlm were charged Oregon Tenit.irv sou'h of I'mty.five de- fon." If the great and enlightened Our- j with tho duty nf furnijhinjj tbo army ut "l.ititudc, all tint man Stnles occupying as they do a cen-1 proper tim.- and place with all the muni- j was insisted ,ny pe- trel end cotnm mdinn position in linns nf xvar. and otl'.i.-r as ntc- j deceaiors, l.iis been and Nexv hhall succeed in cstablijt.iiii' such n Con- to make it eflicirtiit, and Upper Cuiifirnij Invo been __ _ l _ __ipt.t -T_t..l tiluni' 1 tin: and ombincing tho onlv Mile all'! Imlliirs oil tll.1t Cius! 1 lor many hundred miles, xxitli a ate and an iixti'i.iivu inirtiur 1 lauds, il M scarcely pOssHilu to en- timitu its wealth until it shall be hi ought' 1 under the govi-r iimcnt of our und I I-i I." IIP ii III! -Ni -It 111' (Illlts III t lit. nli il 'o I tnni I nr it.': I oi Tn. >-MI III I .1 I'll1 I III I K.II.S i ii 7.li i. i ill Ii i- In it'.-, nli it .ill ill.- is H h Im h l.n. Ill (illlsll Illl ,l! If I I -I i v i ''in1; Hit- IM in 'i i in: I ivi-, In tin- i.l I'.I.IMII i II in- til'il I'i'.Ird Ii nil" IM I TI-I i Uni x d nt n Hi.; c-t i.iii ii'Au in ii I ii 1 lVl.il ll "III i mi il.i- f :t i i.-.i i .i'id tt.i- ll.f n !i- -t ;iin! I! t u ti! i, .i.il 1'i-m. 'i''n- I nr LIU- ifiin n: IK-. 1. 11 ti'.i- I-.IIIMS nn. i i. lie iti'MiiiiU lire I '.1 1 1. 1 III. I III A -I -I 'I I 1 1 .nut nli'l.-1 ,i; il in sti-.iiiti i i l in i i-. i. ilie IJin.iii May meet, If be dnni-; :'i li-n i.i Ix tii-lievrd .1 in.tjnr'iy t nl I-VI-M section ul liie c tuntty, .I'l-tr.iLt mi ilia nl in ix I'l.'l1 r. wiiild i-licer- tni p ij'ii.'-rt- in ii, cud .n.d lui-ii'inx uuulil fill unr lncii HI nnrih if this Iin" wj 11-..i i. '.nr tin; ncN njx f ll i-'tii-lf ii'ii- 1 in xi-Id nix in I il.a in uiin-ii li.td in coin- un inin lo ilie line, li_x ,11 i l pinniUinj tins'ii-iic.ni; -nil tj'ji-s- n i i. I'.nl il sil.ill nnw reveisu thu In ulncli ilu Misiouri cunijiroin- i I. and shall 1.1 exieud t'i'- -in'1'! m nier trho.'c.tprntdry, sonlli .M ui II .u nl'the Clj 1 it o-.iio to '.IK a cuuiiijiriiin- I .ni I mint lie .M yu original j Ii C.nijtrs-i, (diservinj the cntirin the nJnplitm of j tin n i.'oiiifs.ic I'istiiuiiniit :o the jteople whu in iv I'nt thesK trrritorirs, m if, nothing short of tho untiling vigilance tho states, an and extraordinary energy of tl.cir orcatiir.-jd into tin- tcrtitorics merco xvhich must exist the rtatcs of this to them together in pcrpct cers could bavo cinbled them to provide Mountains contains txvo millions the army at all proper season thuus-ind five htindrcd and thir- teen S'jtiare milct, or hundred and eighteen million onu hundred and txventy six thousand and fifty eight acres. These estimates show the territories nc quired, and ox-er xvhich our exclusive ju-, risdiciiun and dominion have been exten- ded, constituting n country morn thin half ns largo BS all that xvas by the U. Slates before their Bcrjoi-uion. If with all that was requited in thu difficult service: It is but an net of justice to dcclaro thit tho officers xvho h.vl charge of tho several bureaus, under the immediate eye and supervision of tho secretary of War, performed their respective duties with ability energy and efficiency, they have repealed less of tho xvar. not hav- ing been personally exposed toils perils in baitlc than their companions in but without their forecast efficient aid and co-operation, those in the field would not have been provided with the ample, means of achieving fur ihttnsolvcs and their country unfading honors, w'uish they have won fur both. When all these facts arc considered it mayccftsclo B matter of so much n- Sintci before th" ncquiujtinn. and inchi xvill probably be fit snint1 I5iy of Ft .incite and xvill occ-ipy adv iho samo lelati in to the xvholo co-ist, at it-I-rn-d In tin-Jii'bciaiy, all n.irls nf the great and rapidly increasing commeice.! No nf our rouniiy it rnoro in Situated on a srifo harbor, sufficiently CH-' or xxill be more buiiffitted than Oregon be rxcluded from tho estimate, pacious for all tho navy ns tvcll as the, in the commercial navigating and man- thcru will still remain xvithin the limits of i marine of the xvorld, and convenient to; ufjcturing interests ul the Eastern thcro will still remain Texas, New Mexico and California, eight hundred and fifty one. thousand and ninety-night squaro miles or five hundred and forty fivu millions twelve ihmmnd seven hundred and txvanty bein'' an addition lo more than one thitd of all tho territory oxvncd by the United excellent timber forship building, oxvncd diates by the United it must become our I Our platrinjr, farminjj interest, in pve- greal xvesturn naval depot. i ry part of the Union xvill be greatly ben- It knoxvn that mines of the pre-i'ejited by it. As our cornmoicu and nav cious melah existed to n considerable extent in California ot tbo timo of its ac- quisition. Recent discoveries render it that theso mines arc raorj ex- arc and extended exports nf agricultural products and manufactures xvill bu increased; arid in the :tcw rrmket opened thny cannot thcrrftirc, tliu iluty, r.irJ huw llie ciill upon us and iiimn all nf our ciiuntty, to cullirale :i patriotic tjni it ol h tc- inony, of coo-} fellow ol iif iniiiii.d in the ofibc incoinpatildi; oystftn of formeu by our Fa'hcrs in the of al- most Jilficullies and (u us with the that t-n- joy iu and band it down ed lo those who may cuine alter us- in of the high 4iid duly which we owe to and to in I thiriU jou may be able, at jour nl ihr Union, its harmony, and our cooliail- ed piiKprrity ns a iMtion, to adjust, at its jiic-ftit iheonly dangerous querf- li.iu which lic-i in our pith if not iu sumo one of (lie rr.oJes in sonic other which miy be s.i In of the of the acquired ter- litorics. ajnini of officers of ihs ninir aiid navy bern orJrred to prnceei) tn the coast ot California and Oregon for the purpose of mAict; rcconoo'uancf i and re- port to the jiro'jier ;he erection of

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