Monday, January 16, 1956

Berkshire Eagle

Location: Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 1 of Berkshire Eagle on Monday, January 16, 1956

Berkshire Eagle (Newspaper) - January 16, 1956, Pittsfield, Massachusetts CAPITOL EMGMA Is Dulles on the Brink Of a If kite Bid The E City Edition Entered as second class matter, Post Office. Mass. Volume 218 Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Januar> 16. 1956. 24 Cecils et Balanced With Billion Rise f Vk-.-y' Party Still Bars Faure; Mollet Gains Backing PARIS (UP) Piene Mendes-Fiance stoined a chance today tu seule rus polii'cal quairel v ith lame duck Piermer Edgar Faure and said Faiue's expulsion fiom the Radical Socialist party would stick. Left Standing Alone Kefauver Feels Strength At Grass Roots Receipts Expenditures He'll Enter More After X.H. Suing L XH Kefa i er iD-Temi d UP antici- pates mote fust ballot a 'his s DeTOcri'.o convention tnan he icceved foji vears a-n 'n h c'-st hid fi we pv s piexdenus! nor na ion up a 400 n V New H-t-npshne tamtn :n s ne senatiL tod a con'e'cnce he experts v in ;he normatior -n loots tie 195- convention 26 J votes on the tnst oal Mendex-5 i e w ent ,n-o xexxion >Mtn panv ieaa- x io v e 10! ma! app'ova! TO tre p e he m >x. li-ve- v i nnd'da e ro> p efi t to F. o e ne hail v he.e me 1 e pa' v loru'Cxx iiien oe.o e 'ne tnev roxtpored uni tne next paity con the apoea's OF 1 auie ?nd s agp.nst tne expul- xion oidei. Officials lold Fauie coid v vveie no cieaenuaK foi n m Fdu-e ften called seeie- Paul a Mendes- man. and piolested angulv nit wrole pioceduie wax eculit and disloval .nen le' h m into the hall but tna' wax far as Fame got lie lofted to admit the premiei to a committee ot leg'onal pauv Fiscal Year 1957 Estimated Local Man Visits Auction, Returns As Mill Otcner 4 Pittsfleld real estate who d'opped in out of idle cuuoxirv at an auction in Stotts- ville N Y., Saturdav morrirs returned home as the ownei of an idle woolen mill with a quarter million squaie feel of floor space Ibodore Goodman, co-owner of Isgood Realty Co 400 Wan- conah St, made a bid of S10 000 for the A D Juilliard Woolen Mil's whicn was ac- cepted bv the am-tioieei ihe ovneix. Lmted Meichams o' X Y The mill prope> iv. Ion; idie becdUxe of labor noub'es, includes a powei plant capab'e of dev eloping 140 000 pounds 01 steam an hour Mr Goodman said todav he had no immediate plans for use of the mill. U? Gor, Williams Dwinell Files for Ike, Would Expand Know Decision Aid Abroad AP) Gov. (o a .P-Gr-v G Men-'normriatlon papeiS which he presidents and ren of Michigan uiged today New Flood Bears Dotcn On Yuba City From A.P and UP SAX A. nvghty 'vn the Feathei California toda Military, Foreign Increases Stressed From UP and AP "WASHINGTON President Eisenhower pre- sented to Congress today a balanced black-ink budget calling for billion of federal to billion. For the first time since 1951, treasury deficits were turned into small projected surpluses. Despite this, the administration held out more firmly than ever against tax cuts in the foreseeable future. Peak Military Power submmed a The Pi evident said bigger spend- balanced budget to Congress. .n; 1.1 fiscal 1957 is necessary to The President pledged his ad- 'oiotect uncertain world peace with rpimstration to continue its carn- the gieatest military power in paign for government economy. our peacetime historv" and to pro- even though it has reached its goal 'mote wider staring of "our unpre- of a balanced budget .cedented piosperity" at home. i "We will continue to give the tax- Items of major mteiest greater and gieater value oilhon foi the military; 53 6 billion j for each dollar he said ,for iarm lelief S4 3 billion for Fiscal 19oD, 1936 and 19D< budg- jfoieign aid. 549 billion for vet- ets stacked up like gd and lesser amounts to c-ci i new programs of fedeial aid for S60 4 S64 o school construction and to help dc-i Spcndins 645 64 a 63 3 02 04 for JO s- billion dollars It willj Other Big Items increased manpower} jjere are other big 1957 spending _, i, intonrlorl tn pnfpr threatenin'T the new jevee, lut .......i------- neie aie utuci is which he ueie mienaea LU i a7 shanghai Bend and "new weapons of unpiece-lltems. interest on public debt ST the name of President Eisenhower in the New holidav floods at Yuba dented strategic and tactical im-jbiiiion. atomic energy 519 billion, 262 votes on the tnst oai- It that committee which le tongiess-onal leaders i f j 'portance" welfare S3 billion and natural re- kr and "63 on the second hefoie Jected consideration of Fames ap- todav to evpand rather than c-ui-1 presidential plimarj, lUaicn ij- _-, _ A _ mt Kir si S billion. Scevenson TO view. pedl pOVV against expulsion and ta.l the foieign economic One yieek Margin a e some 1100 contention it "until Octobei 'pro-am lecorrrricnded bv voiex ".Mendes-Fiance expel'ed Fame aen; E senhowe-- Baik to fio-n ilie Radical Socialists wnen Disagreement 'Profound' dixxohed the Xational As- T__ _ T.T The 15 wno v du' Fau' One VI eek Margin Even as uie Republican governor hied the papeix containing the names of iroie than 800 peisons X- il-Jl_-. il ..ed 15 conmumuex Frenci t.nce-aav automobile toui ooa.ded a Diare for !_' -U p m iLSTi r a to Sen McVamara Deputy Secretaiy of S'ate Hari-v (DMicht Vilhanis said he felt.E Jackson sa'd the Piesident has, sion'bui the Mendea-Fiance pauv machinery woiked too fast j LJ i I i compelled to express his "pro- a week: horn tomorrow m which LL expui- crrppmpnt" with Demo- to answer a telegram informing addiuon -'Oth.s states fasi-n-the- naaon content .vlaich He has announced he ciais ,n Congiexs who have that his name placed in cuitailmg or ending econom- nomination last Saturdav in a sui- ,c a d He said he leared such prise mov e bv a Manchester auto- i j vevs be interpieted " dealer Mendex Fiance thus ou of our Democratic' Giant upset the well- oeace uun .he man v.ho had been Uhe nation" ,aid plans the organized Etsen- lifetime fuend and sealed fur- P Diunanes in isconsm Ca hjoin a ther ailianca with the Social- s has been mennoned as mower forces in the state when Democianc pi esiden- filed petitions Friday Mol- nom nee r Giant enieied two Kefauvei who emeiVd if could get MrXama-a making the telegiam for each Confess ,es four ago sa.d m if he makes anv paoUc heie sa-dI m a one of hem was found to be I enteied too then flglu for ,r The alternative he a-ieed w th Williams. lacking die lequuea M vand Geo'-ge iDGai, cha.iman ture? me Senate Foiezn Relations! Later Siiuioav Gian- Ned an- sa.d he had no com- other petition conta valid isignatuies and a -e.esiam wax .v Geo -e advoca.ed at once bv Jaekxon ,o the with Mendes- e last night with clearing skies, but, an exDenmen- nnn men: a (atomic submarines an expenmen ,c planes and 936000 men; i lett raging uOirems ca g, nucleai.powarsd cruiser and a naxy ot planes, down the Featner and Yuba Riven with air sixth Forrestal-class "Marine divisions with air Chnstmas Armv would get Aid Watered Marines; and an army of 19 divi- sions, 10 regimental combat teams, The request for foreign aid repre- 143 anti-aircraft battalions and that took 3', lives there The state's total was 62 deaths with an esti- s-'airr.'rTJr were repoited m the latest ,torm jndudes dollars m hase of milltao- planes, m- Civihan defense evacuated moie, ald of whlch -about one-.cludlng the B52 intercontinental than 700 persons from ports of be concentrated m Korea, j bomber and new supersonic fight- Oluehurst and Ai ooga >esieiaav j paldstan Taiwan, Fonnosa si 3 billion vvdl go for guided missiles. into the Feather, The President asked Si MJU state Dep-t. Boosted a iiim i meetings weie part gen of California, the I -Assumes' Candidacj iv be Ol a senes hein? held bv Senate Republican leadei. the petitions Dwinei: sit 0- I was political groups oefo'e the new Xa- the weekend he also is I wish it definitely coii'dn t f.nd uoral As.xembly Jan 19 ,0 an> kmg-iange {hat u mVaeis not who and added Sen Knowland mav rrucn .n the same i, hen i cou'an t iinn 'whether Pi evident liunan was Piesident Rene Cotv will nominate com-T-itment. wo to seet renornination and I a pierr.ier and tfe assembly wui sa'd xu.ifiv Felt'comoelled to use t.-e vo-e on h.m have a foreign aid progiam noi hundreds of people fiom all paits adv'ance nv candidacv Sociahxr Pai.v man icxio bu: "considerablv bioadei Q? Xew Hampslvie sisna- 1 ta cd for a government tnat wou'd m lexources than that'tule- on pstitions to be F-xpi-.ovver aoniin.strauon recoidert as hiviiz SOT e pa.t in He xa twe Democratic Consress s n-.over.en wn en .s of gieal Know land SR -i las' h" o oec de It wou'd nave to v .n 'lie wnether'he will seek iceleo -on be- of o t." C'oups o'- it would qu.cklv arv.hms about !vs oe voted out of office and France lns hopes nomination would have its 23m postwar Kefauver said oner potent al s on hand GOP including ice--------------------- wheiB It rUnS UIW jrcamci, i..v- from the east. m economic aid and hiru- of a nse %vas Officials at Yuba Ciu decided ted for an appropnation of !against evacuatms the lemammg'commitments than piesem, for the State Residents of that titj, at least un-'a-time aid agieements Depaitment an increase of 89 !til they learned the levees fate' (The ieauest for 'limited au- nllljlon dollars over the present Uioiitv" represented a jear o. reck I dov n of the admrnistiation's ongi- .-The Department of At midnight, the Feather River nal to authorize Eisenhower said m his budget secretaiv James C Hagerty has stood at 67 feet opposite Yuba commitments for mis puipose a message to Congress, "is not now I said Eisenhower likely would proper and 663 at the Shang- ]an that has been assailed m re- adcquately equipped with either ixometmna: sav about the Xew hal" gend levee. Since Christmas cgnt dajs bj Scn Geoige facihues which are Hampshire suuation after being the ]evee. had been bu-lt up to Chairman of the Foreignjrequired jf ls to provide tlie formally notified his name had 10 ;o T1 fcel but 67 feet is con-j Committee and Sen ;timely, informed and coordinated undetstood that u matteis not who been proposed theie. "dangerous 'Knowland Republican leader guidance which is vital to 'filed these Mv action j Tne suuation is cr.ucal said favored continuance of one-tile success of our total interna- the nation sfrnplv to enable those a spokesman for the Engineers jear autnollty and the effort" top of the levee is so soaked generalized proposal indicates a He said one reason for his ask- lup by ra.n that we moved out all, compromise effort ins S60 000 in new foreign aid our heavv equipment funds is a need to supply jet air- ta-.paulins over the top to Surplus WOO .Million craft and electronics svs- keeo it from further and -raxes on boom-time ptofits and lcrni; to XATO allies in Europe o keep the waves from eioding uages weie estimated to rise even As predicted he sought an in- I tne bank. more than S64 5 crease for the U S. information 46-day srnke-' 'If the river goes to 69 feet blIliOn th.s jear to S66 3 billion in to take tne lead in boh to our itate and i the nat'on Xeithe- I nar to m v know ledge jany other Republican Newspaper Strike Ends in Detroit; Unions Accept DETROIT Birth Wreck. Car metto- I'd Q.p a co-n on whether she million dollars as compared with 87 millions voted also en er the p. are interested Th s would r YORK (UPi Sevmou' JS "O- so exc'ted Sjndav Inc mak ,t T-_sPnnow- eilht: un'Ons patched a cut on Mi Ka- hs no r raifs s Lve.vore i. (MI se f u 03 Finnish President 7 The President th' tna CPU OL t ft, i utr ta-i. L it-M- A t >.i ...v, oe released sa.d it lad K sennow- settlement w.ih eight, un-..... D ev- ra'n-ed "ie fathe! De-olC Feo :0 er would announce an aff.imative D. -lhe '.ana began ,odax a two-aav v ved ,n fme of h s> a f v he e roipora er and i, ad ilP ,c an 3 f-raf tin or x ic- fc spec ed -pa.iod p.cKet 1 ncs and in ne nr.nte s ant: oecia ed themsfjves on ike off None o.'v five <i hf- un on BOSTON p-ioxcph T "Specs' per-eniiarv a" P.'txnj p Pa O Kee-e 47 todav p.eaned cusltv Two otners Tlio-pas R cna-d- M a; Tied n 'he M 219 000 son. 4S and Js-res I Faher'v. Brnk s no'nup. c'sn haul x'.il a. ,n na..on The Il.h man .nd He was held w.-hont bi.l and a vear sen-enre was deferred The x.v ,n Countv .la 1 X H OKeefe .s expected V thp weie packed up by t.le FBI last 'w..i s r s, oorn s star w tnexx ,n ti .als Tnjrsdav. M-a f-m wfe were of n nP of 11 indu-ed .n were arra cnecl sn :rf- "rpo -ed n "fai rond.tion at -he TobVi-i One of the e.ev- e-al anriI held unde. baa o. !Ma-v H-c-procK Hoxpital en died a >ea.- ago -noie MOO 000 eacn ,n-an norn ueanesaav TO i w WK on.v tnree A surio.K county vn- M. and M.s Paul Maico-e. we-e m.nues .n the xeventh fioo'- Suf- n them r..da> as Ae B....ks itiansfe-red fiom i Woodxv.lie hos- folk Sappnor co.irt.oom where .-obhers pnal c v e them complete hos- Judge Dan.el D O Breti was pre- Autho- TICS r n in u Guscio. Wen-h fkbulous w been fed a formula. N.H. Siamese 5 Old K i defendant is servini? a term m a lec-ovrred. 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