Saturday, January 14, 1956

Berkshire Eagle

Location: Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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Berkshire Eagle (Newspaper) - January 14, 1956, Pittsfield, Massachusetts TIME FOR ACTION: Informal Planning L nit Proposed at LCP Forum The Ea Volume 21 Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Saturday, January 14. 1956. Bonn Freeing 1% T Criminal PWs ]_ i From Russia East Germany 269 Upon Arrival i HERLESHAUSEN. Germany 'UPi Russia sen: home the first .German "major war criminals" from Soviet prison camps under guard today ar.d West Ger- I many promptly announced they i would be freed. Communist G e r m a n v T City Edition ntered at second cltut matttr, Port Pittilield. MOM. 18 Cents Voided Keiauver Begins IV.H. o Handshaking Sen. .-o'o OF H'E formed mirth beat- ine !i> te.nprraturk thai raiiEC front at night lo ihr upper during ibe da.. French Parties Florida Cold To Ease; Seek Decision Heating Oil Rationed On Premiership Socialist Bloc? Likely inner? To Form Cabinet PARIS 'f) France's political parties launched a series of im- portant meetings today aimed at deciding who should head a new French Cabinet and what policies he should follow. First chance at the premier's post was expected to go to a mem- ber of the new Republican front, made up mainly of the Socialist party and the Radical Socialist fol- low of former Pieire Mendes-F ranee Whether a Republican fiont lead- er can win a majority of the badlv splintered National Assembly is an open ques.ion. The front ..ontiois >ome 160 assembly seals, far short oT a majoiity in the The SociM.s? party, led by Guv Mollct. Mhcduled a two-day con- vention a: Putenux. a Pars in- dus' Local Soe.alis- 01- sanuations hive been calling for n Republican fiont Cabinet nnd the convention was expected to their viCivS Also oper.incr today was a ;hree- convention of the new political eroun led by Pierre Pomade, which showed unexpected strengtn in the Jan. 1 elections. From AP and IT More records were established in Florida today as the state's longest cold spell in 16 years continued huo the Soviets eighth day with no immediate relief in sight. Gradual Keliet Seen Pianist Gieseking Leaves Hospital, Cancels U.S. Tour __ _ PORTSMOUTH. N.H. jclapped its share of the "major" Kefauver .D leiurned to New Hamosh'.re today and an- Soviet talk to as many people as possiolej courts, would be gran'ed temporary land that includes shakins their j papers and permitted to go to their'hands, that's how I like to meet homes. But the officials reserved'people." ihe right to recall them to trial j shakes at Border w hen their records arrived from i the Soviet Union. i The senator arrived ay automo- Some 269 German prisoners re-''f Hampton, leased by Russia were shaking hands. He greeted warmly many report- ers and camermen, some of whom Tllhad covered his 1952 campaign 'on in East Germany.'.W a-m- started Independent Move Lacks Signatures .Auto Dealer Sought SkoMc On Decision STUTTGART. Geimany Walter Kieseking. Germany's leading conceit pianist, was discharged from a hospital to- da but he will cancel his U.S. tour next month to recover fur- ther from injuries suffered in a bus crash. The Dec 2 accident near here took the lues of his wife and a U.S. soldier and injured IT others. Chancellor Konrad promise from the for the release of German war prisoners during hL "mission to Moscow" last Septem- neie- l ber. Of the total, all but 749 were' Kefauver toid them he hopes to be released unconditionally. The! better the 3.000 vote margin by. others because of the "special which he defeated President Tru-, at the midtown gravity" of their offenses were to! man in 1952. Miami Weather Bureau, the handed over to the local au-j Three Dajs> Eight votes n record for Jan. 14. At Biscayne He began a three-day political! ..rfen, northeast of the city a this.state in hopes of, I capturing its eight votea at tne i Early diopped today, to 39 the m e r c u r y ,low of 29.6 was iccorded. A very gradual warming 'forecast starting tomorrow buti 'inals." i Adenauer Pledged Justice HAKOLD STASSEX'S PAREATS sign petition u, place President Eisenliower on Minnesota primarj ballot. Mr. and AVilliara A. parents of FOA chief, arc a farm i-ouplc in Dakota Minn. Their former presidential candidate, been xirgin-r llie of Inquiiy Leaders Decry Curbs on Information 'Democratic national convention. WASHINGTON (AP) The chairman of todaV called the government's attitude oni CONCORD. N.H., Jan. 14 it is expec'ed lo ?oc :alisi leader Gay Mollet's ihances ot bo- con1.r.g pieniifr the a roalition Mippoued by the Co.n- nunists and rr Picirc Mendes-Franie's le'twing The irs lo: -'s an- pesr a, rcpt support to make up for lack of a rraiority in th" A-srrnh'.y. but th- ahly not ar.y Prerr or Tlacar n no govrr.'Tient fro 11 rot hone Baby Towed Away by Police which niai Office in London said evidence supply would ease a severe fuel By JACK BELL WASHINGTON that Chow Tse-ming. a for- lions: Konz airport worker row T, F'ormosa. was bi ibed b> agents ;o plar.l a time homo aboard ihe plane. The Nationalists emphaticaliy rie- shortage along the tourist-packed Ol south Florida Gold Coast, but there were <ull Homes withoiit o: ;n.s heai. some of them with sick chil- the nation's 48 governors ap- peared today to be headed toward major loie-s in Moss told him some complaints Dwiitell To File 1 Gov. Lane Dwinell, leader of the organized Eisenhower forces, told _-t----, 'a. newsman he plans to carry out llltlll. rrnation.: Committee members and counsel his previousy announced intention ;o go down the line for any subsn- of have drawn' cnti- also asked what "constructive ,Qf {iling. Eisenhower's name at tute candidate the Piesidem sug-' persor.s in the news ournose was served by the with- am Monday. A; least 25 :f he himself doesn't run. lfie-d 'holdms last year of a letter irom; ..Mv imc said, the i Honaman formerly was director Gen. Matthew RiagvvayL w ho upon ..vva, ,o see that filings to enable the Presi- to appear on the bal- Departmem's Office of I Information and Defense Depart-; ment directives on mforrna c.srn nc Bmish nr.d re- 'd 'o Chow to Hong Kong A row ;s counted as a --'ipp-' of; cicies to a -crm. cs- ar.d to supro- r h no; a'.! srcm iik HAVKN. Conn. Mrs. .Tames r, Zinvner irportrd al- most hvs'erioaily to police that her automobi> was missing when she came out of a lecture on the and they were picKed up by tne 'Aars a; the Yale Art fo'slow-.r.g ca.-. Gallery. Police told sooihingiy She-Woli Doicns Ski Plane. Crashes It on Frozen Lake told id Tlie t tha' a lar.d to uck usually carries mail -Aoil as freight from Por- Brunsw ,ck ar.d Rockland. r reeman of Csiol.r.a and John F. Jr. .if New Mexico The s'ratriis-s ai.-o hope -o su.rg Gov. B. Mev- r.t-i- of New .letscv. Gov Orva! Communi Fa ihv.s of Aikansas and o'iicrs in- (in anfj n; the.r l.r.eup the Ch.cago Scattered Barking Gov. Avcrrll of N'-.v Yo'k describes h.mse'.f as an "in- active" candidate for the nomina- tion. He has had nice words fro-n Gov. Ravivond Gai-y of Okia-> liorr.a. bui oihcnvise has displayed 1 s'rrncth among h.s guber- r.aioi ia! rolleacrues. Gov. FranK J. Laiische of Ohio s a favorite son cand.claie w the filed is incidental, that the petitions that sed to have circulated filed today was that some were not available. filed by Mr. Grant or articles rrincaJ of "the anyone else serve the same pur- der in chief among others, and pose I want to make it very ,hf he knew r.o effort by clear 1 feel I have no vested in- that the :hr Pfntason to stop him. Prcsi- tciest in the filings." i countries had picked don! F.isenhower is commander in Grant's maneuver to cood usp muh torh- chief of Foi res_______ technical publ.cations Tolirips Defendod Death Bars Lourdes Flight; State Dept. Aided Bofs Hope hrcr. towed had been piikrd "But IT.V .n i: Z> rimer i Tlie f iv r-ir.or.- c. s'.i! ir. i', vv'rfn M s iri'Tf1" of Courage CHICAGO <t'P' A horlod a'.! kinds of threats T .-ashier Ru'h Srhroeder. 36. Fri- but none of them "OWF.R. M rn. 'UP' Two mals wo pane ard run. voijr.g fliers :oday a waen piane fena'.e timber woif they weie trv- four or fee; above the ire ;'ie fvic'nten leaped up in the a.r wol.' snarird ar.d leaped a; the Friday and palled their plane down I; wen- another 50 feet be- ouid-be on the ;CP -ore nosing over sa.d the pug- Menaced hv Male s wol: snappea her on- of ;he l.rht plane's skis Burgess and NEW YORK New Mexico'only boy, s'ricken leukemia, died today, brfoie a "merry of controllin- his stale's po- fiich; go' h m to t'.ie "en; delegation and looking over Loiirdes in France. Vanous the had spo- for the trip in '-r the f.e'.d a; and looking ;he convent .on. I-ati- apparently rausht o'her Eisenhower boosters off cuard. An extremely reliable source told The Associated Press ;hat once Dwmeii's petitions were formally filed, the President was prepared to specifically approve the use of his name, thus offering an indication that he might seek another term. 10 Days To Decide a miracle could keep him When the required 100 signatures are submitted, state law provides aculor.s c.ires have been re- for the secretary of stale to notify 1 a' shrine. ;he President and inform him that ne has 10 days in which to request rho--ues Sen Clinton P.'- withdrawal of his name. If the ;h'p Red Cross. Salvation Pres.dent lakes no action his name L.lva Ri-r-ess the plate n.s ro-nnan.on. and ion-g.T I'1 'o 15. Hirh tommrow in iho S'H OttiT latnl irfnther rfnln vill found an Pnge 1, Section 2. Mis; .njured bu- the ,-ax.- or o.' a currencv -Knrr.' Plan S.if iCTO-.od him hf and I.'Ka were flv.Tz over Lake a'.wu; nvlfs nor'h of here wnen no" was con-.nued was killed, finally rha-ed h.m away an wh.-> doesn't 1'ke h'.rver.sor.. cia! ?-var.zen-.en Gov. G. Mennen Wiiliarns of a effo.- to save ihe life Mirivgan also is expected to LUIS Dcalva ot Los in ;he son class w.'h or Shrine HP was in rr.r.ral ror.d.i.on. de- scribed as a "terminal case and two airlines had helped Slavs On tne ballot, way for the quick Karl S Hewitt oi flight. j ho T .c a candidate for tne r.o-n.nation. p.cked Then they b to attract ar.y piibl'.r support a-non; in? cov- and had M -nPT. There have hern imports afirr ;hpy fell thrown however. ;mt his cand.daox ha- Enfieid. pub- lisher of ihe weekly Hanover ,-j w .5, ieii. submitted papers as a del- a vear esate candidate "pledged" to the "a'-V 's'-ood -ransfu.s-or.s nomination in con- 'nw'la'd provided'only the strateev- of nine other Eisenhower supporters mcludtne governor, who filed as "favor- to the President. The chief difference between the two designations :s that a deiegate must -iid. po.rvn; .'t a man oalmlv pie.ssed an a'.aim button. "I'il toss a bomb at ihis 'the bandit snouted as he fled. ;o ory thin :Vc saw .'--maip and her on "We spor.- ;hp next or !ho covered ief Thrv ho.irs i before they were rescued' dropped rlovvn to "01177" the drying ou' and watrhin; for strav wolves, he said, thinking the am-'wolves." Burgess sa.d. appoii to Gov James A'ahama Fo'.som ouhi.rlv he is for former P: den- Truman, who in turn he bv S isn t going 10 run. ''he He Wt in an 13th Child OH 13th a rl ne" las- if? died ir CHKBOYGAN. Mich. U" shortly after the Mrs. Georce Hansen Jr had her 'pledged j.- piane he. e. H's psien's had hoped .0 h ;T1 !0 Fienrh shnne it was at al! unlurkx- and hathp him in "We re not supersntitious 'Theie tha: said. 'primary. chiiri Fr-.-i-.v F.'n htii said ronspn; of ihe candidate while A and her "husband didr. l trunk dciegate needs no con- spnr. A slate to she'howor swept to victory sn the 1952