Saturday, April 21, 1945

North Adams Transcript

Location: North Adams, Massachusetts

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of North Adams Transcript on Saturday, April 21, 1945

North Adams Transcript (Newspaper) - April 21, 1945, North Adams, Massachusetts THE NOKTH ADAMS AWUL JlVli Holy Family School Gives Most Clothes Citys Schools Collect To tal of Pounds UNCC CAMPAIGN Parochial School Pupils Do nate Av eraging I I Vz Pounds Per Pupil for Top THREE MORE AREA BOYS ARE ACCEPTED o h n Dinneen Also Passes Eddy Test Three more North Adams and Williamstown each 17 years of have been accepted for service In the navy and are now waiting orders to report for active One of the John son of and John Dln necn of 46 Marietta passed the navys Eddy which ties him to enroll In a school for navy radio junior at Drury high has been assigned to the training cen ter at Great The Holy Family parochial school1 i uoiibj vi jiiiwyjiiinc In with an oiSanty 23 Harrls and Wll approxlmately 100 hasljjam son of and turned In moic material for William Bellman of 30 Ma United National Clothing street Announce incut of the enlistments was made than any other school in the mls momfllg ln by Chief not excepting Drury high school specialist Edward OCouncil in which has SSS The Holy charge of the imvy recruiting sub Family with pounds of averaged 11 A pounds Pel i iirii At the other end o the ac Kllfnc cording to figures made public by UUI I IO II III campaign pupils of Notre Dame school contributed a little more than a quarter of a pound of clothing The school has 352 students and turned in 100 pounds of garments for war Stockbridge Case Other comparative 7 2CO 000 pounds 208 700 pounds 469 625 Pounds Frcej 343 800 pounds Arch 100 375 pounds 211 375 pounds Mark Hop 424 SCO pounds 686 450 pounds grammar and high 600 200 Total contributions by tile citys Strike Vote Date Changed to May 3 Spraques ICW Grievance Q h I i r man Announces Change After Recheck PRACTICE TEACHING IS TO START MONDAY Parleys Although It was previously nounced that the date of the pro Assignments Given Out at State College Practice assignments for mem bers of Ihe senior class al the North Adams Stale Teachers col lege were announced this morning by Hazel The itu rlcnls will begin Ihcir leaching duties in the Maib Hopkins train ing school on Assignments arc as follows Grade Ruth Sullivan and Jeanne Rivard posed strike vote at the Spraguc Grade Geraldinc Stanton Grade Electric company under the sorshlp of the labor depart would be May William chairman of the commit tee of the Independent Condcnsei Workers Union said today Mablc Blake Grade Bernlce Lippman Grade Mildred Stohl mann and Charles Bartlett and Giade Eleanor that the vote is scheduled for May The union has requested Henry Rainbow Assembly Plays Attract 350 AUXILIARY TO HOLDS FINAL MEETING jOfficers Elected Nexf Session 18 Two Comedies and Musical Revue Presented at The anmlal amt filwl of sonic was iictti by the Climaxes Evenings Proauxiliary yesterday ailErmxm at I he hundred aim 30 persons al two a musical revue wllh Payne ai Officers for the coming year were elected as follows Vice the Rainbow Assembly at the George sonic I Crowlcy and Ralph The scene for The Siindahvocd Box was laid in Madame Glinkas assistant Leo Niebur corresponding secrc exclustve gown where two wat Winshlp refugee sisters were Ijeon Brown and assistant bers of the cast Anna Lamb George of Williamstown as Madame Glini Commlltecs were also named Pro Virginia Davis as Jean Fan1 Albert Eldi chalr forewoman Kathcrine Rosen1 ant William Wclis dc jburg of Williamstown and Clarice Saul chair uTImioi vSk Ro RannoH in mulcMrs pollcr me ptcvioiisi rSP ndllllcU 111 id I salegiils Belle hairman Jo in that the vote was or US UUIIIUAJ 111 I Ull gjrl Balcman and but a rechccx shot tin1 rjrosicr ot Adams as Estclli Georsc Flood abor department has set May 3 as JHartrey and Sally Mausert as IE chairman mcmoci the Hie vole must be held QDT Director Johnson Leon County Fairs May Be Banned in FalllSsiSs Town Meefing of 1942 Reaches Superior Court Monday One of Defendants PvfFrancis MMiller 30 ilays fiftcr Uic reaches Ihc latxr department at Washing and correspondence diecloses that the letter fioni he union ask ing for n vote was in Miss Perkins oIHce April The negotiations between Uu ilon antl company on a new con tract remained al a slnnd still to day nnd there Js nothing to incli cate when they will be tions Managers Against Making Elaborate Prep So at Own Now amounts to A Fresh Straw berries and LJfcht Mary 427 West Main of the noisy meet 1942 will be heard Monday hi Su perior court in Pillsfickl by Judge William Burns who will consider jjilRtntJfts motions to amend declnrn Lions in the tort actions ol Harry I Xleln of West SlockbrUlge j Selectman Joseph Kercsey Kiid Now Plays Drums on Luzon f Special lo tlieTranscrlpt With the 38tli Infantry Division on 1st Class Francis Miller of North Adams is engaged ill entertaining Iroops during rest periods between combat assign ments as a member of the popular 38th Inlantry division band on Tile duties of an army band rr KV ready lor Iht taj cnllecllon J JM al 1 by j E executors of his wllh Mayor James Kallun ar their Klein appears or hlmscil and has alleged lhat Sher I in Troy nnd Charles mod jerator of Ihc meeting conspired I tad faith and in a discriminator In combat are many and and i Dancing Keeps up the Lets Dance STATE ARMORY North Adams Milters daily routine ranges from fox hole to swing He drums In a fivepiece dance imbination which is considered one of Ihc best in the Pncific He also plnys In the 56 piecc concert and marching bi for and ccrcmi Miller is the son of the late and and Ihe brother Whether or not Ihe Barringlon fair in Great Harrington will be held this year will depend on rulings of the Office of Defense Transporta tion in Washington it was inriicalccl regional and county fairs may be banned next ODT Dircctoi Monroe Johnson cautioned fall1 managers against malting elaborate preparations for events during the summer am Those who io lie arc proceeding al their own Passenger car Johnson must be held to a minimum a long time lo He added wlilie some additional gasoline may become available after VK lower tires and batteries will be available than at any time since the war In A Pair of Lunatics Miss Jean Burnett of Adams played the part of George Fielding and Jane fie elcbUiB the role of Clara who meet at a dance at a lunatic asylum each thinking the other is crazy until the close of the evening when they discover that they are mutually The musical revue depicted the John George Cio George Warren and Harold The devotions were In charge of Ivanhue pastor of the Firit Baptist Donald principal of Drury higli sciiool spoke on current Important events in Ihc life ofVera LnnglaLs snug Come Unto Mary from babyhood to old The Messiah and The Winds told by songs and In The South accompanied by Murjorie Stockwell played Mary Andrew Refreshments were served by Ijeslic chairman of the assisted by Saul Icna Francis iireacnlcd her jitteri John John as a baby and Jean Doris Barbara Feder showed her school Alice White and He Hockridgc and George The next meeting will be held tng phase lo String of Miss Marcia Henderson sang Will yon Remember from at her first at which thcj dancers were Nancy Jane F Herbert Us Jane ClaureuT Jane c neroerr rice Barbara Jane Anna Prlscilla Lov Lee Kerson and Connie Avj To Become Bride Today j manner to exclude him Services In Churches Here I I I Belt Dance Floor Tonight I DANCING 8 till 12 SERVICEMEN PRICE Berkshires Dance Floor from the He said thnt whe arrested excessive force was uscdi Norlli He was grad uated from Drury high school in Advent Christian Rev Alexander service of worship uml sermon Memorial exei members held Wednesday They will include Arthur Wood ana Charles LIrot of Pittsfleld and for rin i Nortl1 He played around H h i I I Boston and New York State with Blacklnlo Charlie Trudeaus Sunday Wedding iton Union P In the present Miller tor participated in the bitter battle of tor school pastor of Vlc Mrs I For Distinctive Furniture at a Reasonable Price The iBerkshire Furniture clerk of Furniture Imlllullon Jn Berkshire Counfy JrayurivUlc 3 Sun lay Ho has been overseas 15 months church ol Anthony ol Pnduu and served in Hawaii and Monslello Congregational The Love That Purifies Advent Christian Subject before the Philippine cam Masses al 10 and II Veterans Administration Jobs Open Mass at 9 for chlldrci i Infant Jesus I First Baptist Ivanhur prayei meeting ol the dcncons a unified service Church school sessions Alexander paslor ol i the Advent Christian will i preach tomorrow morning at Ihel openings for a loan guarantee nursery In Million Bible oclock service on the ofnccr and Ioan gmmmtcc worship in fcr Tlic Love Thnt I for duty wllh the Chrlfit and World Peace 11 Sunday school for all ages wi I1stmtlon in wcie Junior church open at The Loyal Workcis today by William HI society Sen will meet nt nnd at director of Ihe United Slntcf or HI I oclock in the evening the civil Service The first I First Church ol Srlrnilsi will preach a The Wcddh position pays a Incliidi Chestnut Sundaj I M11K and the 11 churcli snvire sub on the same Applications of Atonement Wed I Avwcekend Fresh Slrnnvi will be accepted through the usual nesday testimonial mecl I berries and Light Mary1 channels until the close of business I ing al i 421 West Main i ilrst Congregational Rev Jane Elizabeth Two red Agnes daughter of Alfied anci Ann Perkins added to Ihc hu1 Herbert of 42 Hudton street aiKl mor in their announcements and j the late will be mar coinments upon each Theyjriec this afternoon to John Lccoq were a pair of Hula Williams oi a mcm ciancers In Brass Jane Heisjbev ot the naval reserve and the ler and Marcia wlio were senior class at flic College of Physi preventcd by force from taking over and Columbia uril ihe The ceremony will Miss Barbara Wagnet take place at 5 oclock at James Whnt a Pal Was and Ellison I church in Great Lawrence of Stamford sang School In the Easier Mar Fresh strawberries and Light cla Henderson sang the lille SOUK cream nt he Venetian Dairy and Barbara Foster of Clarksburg Holden sang Come Buy My Prctti j The Easier paraders were A weekend Fresh Straw berries and Light Mary 427 West Main slarfinj at 1 i starting al 1 OF COURSE You Are Going to Hear NinCuimeil JOAQUIN NfNCULMELL Cuban Pianist April 24fh Drury Auditorium 1st Recital f6r Grammar and High School Ticketi 25c tax 2nd Recital General Public Invited Tickets lax On Sale at Rices Drug Store Wests Filling Williamstown Kill Two Birds With One Stone Hear a Great Pianist and Support Your Hospital The Musical Elvent of the Year Tills ndvfrllsrmrnl spnilMirrrl lijr a Iifrnrl of Hit fn cnoprradnn with Ihf Have your clolhlng humllrs lie Have clglhliiK bundles lictt 10 church school 11 oclock and ready for flic hijt collEclIo i and ready for Ihc his hour In kindergarten worship service and Christ and World Peace Junior sermon Junior Pilgrims meet In church parlors 6 Senior Pll grims meet in church i First Methodist Rev churcu I school worship service and Christ and World Peace j Phyllis Clarice Jane Priscllla Loverins and Connie Miss Jean Burnett of Adams was tile Lula direc tor o dancing and Beatrice dramatic Misoj Myrna Goldstein had charge ol and Duncan Mc and Irving William Davis Osbcrt and AVlllll KHU Methodist Youth Mlss i I Church of Hie Black James paslor at 8r30 each Saturday from o 8 m Holy Family Greylock al and Notre Dame D nl and Vespers at 4 Salvation 11 worship j service 12 church school foili all ages Young Pcoj pies open air meeting Young Peoples Legion Memorial services for late President Franklin First Umversallst Rev fsalah junior church 11 service and Clnlst and World Francis P I at j 110 and 11 high mass 7 mi stations of HID Johns Episcopal 3rd Sunday afler holy communion church i school service 11 morning j pmyer nnd Andrews Episcopal i niacMntonW lay vlcai I 3rd Sunday after church session 11 morning prayer and I beth McGowan of the Rainbow nd vlsory board helped with inslruc staging and properties and served refreshments during the Dancing was enjoyed after1 ward unlil Horses Jane Patricia Kath arine PVIscilla Jlarice Myrna j Phyllis Bctte Con Fresh Strawberries and Light nie Avdoutos ond Lcc i Cream at the Vcnelian Dairy Nonnit Prince as a Miirine In lulli Holden and Jane Bcgicbing played engagement scene while Mary Barlon sang Promise Sally Barton sang I Love You Truly In Ihe wedding scene in which Nancy Turner was the Family scenes were humorously depicted byMarjorie Slockwell antl torol Marlin of Cheshire as parents and Jean Doris Marlon Barbara Barbara Carol Atwell and Harriet Wood as Helena Francis as the old man sang Silver Threads Among Ihe Gold1 lo Nancy Turner in Die oln age The entertainment was brought to a close wllh u specially tap dance given by Barbara Agnes Bctle Patricia Phyllis Helena Clarice Balri and Lee Kcrton In military Gentlemen in tuxedos were I have on hand a carload of the best Iowa Chunks that ever came lo this sec Chest Weights 1300 to 1750 Young and Come see these horses and judge for No matter what you want in a Draft Hone I have Joseph 613 NOTICE Starting and Every Satur day Sun Cleaners Of 66 Center Will Close Promptly at 5 Sun Cleaners Reproduced In miniature Boktd in Plastic Permanently reserved refected It an honor lo preienl with tlicir complimcnUloevcry veteran an everlast utf m rout rutsuiE OUST ih Theres a Wealth of Health In Our Wholesome Milk Use it daily in cooking and serve it every member of the family at every And give it to the for afterschool Ask for our brnncl at your grocers or illrange for regular delivery MODERN DAIRY Mickey Rooney and Jackie Jenkins are reunited in the ex citing new Technicolor National which opens next Wednesday at the Paramount Fresh Slrawberrles ntul Llht Cream at the Venetian Dairy Bar Holclpn i Sewing Machines Wanted Kerson 28 State 3017W Jcivn Rogers ftml ChcMcr Morris in a ccno from Tough and tomorrow at the Roy Rogers and Ruth in a scene from the deluxe musical western Hands Across The at Rich mond Theatre Today and CLASSIFIED BRING RESULTS TKY ONE AND BE CONVINCED