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Lowell Sun (Newspaper) - June 14, 1948, Lowell, Massachusetts .FILES PETITION THREATENED MARITIME Man Killed on Boulevard Costas Zoukis, 57, Reportedly Stepped in Front of Nashua Car 1, Zoukis, 57, .of 65 Varncy street, ;in the Acre, was pronounced dead-; oh-'arrival ,at the Lowell, General hospital -after-being'-strpck'by''a1-car pp- erating on the Pawtuckct.boulc- vard. near .station 'early- yesterday--morning. Operator of the -car involved was ...Rpdolph P'errault, of 40 street; fold-police that -he was- driv- ing -along the "boulevard toward Nashua when the'victim Tan. out .in .front of the; car, " the. air'in-an attempt to stop 'the P'errault..said as! he; swung hjs .car: to the .lef t- in- attempt '-to -'avoid .striking, .Zoukis ..the. victim- was; struck''.by-' fender.'" V, Eerrault. waited v at' scene .-arid.- flagged --a- -passing-' motorist; .'who' reported Ihe accident to' the vpolice.'-. Cap.tain 'Charles ,S.-r'-Sharkey; dispatched ''Officers -Joh'n .'Jordo'n. ami-John-JvFiynn 'tb''.the -scene: Zbtikisitb ,the Vision. CLEAR -TRACK signals. 'flashedi'ta-, day for-'the-'.house '.The' 'rules. committee railed intp''sess.i.on at 10.30 :b..-jmt the -official calendar' for.-, vance indications action ..would; Be voted-i'althbugh reltoctantiy. .'close .m'ari; :j leaders -have-...trie measure-on', their Vchedr, ule_fpr' tomorrow, and'.they -ex- .was poor.ia'ri'd. he.-.-did -not 'see- Zoukis iih'tjl he..! was in Notified of -trie" tragedy, -Inspec- tor .Warren A. --the registry of motor. vehiclesV.ques- tioned .Perrault .on. the. scene. The is' registered to- Conrad '.I.' 'Baldwin: ,stfeet> Nashua, 'Missing .Zoukis had been' reported-miss- ing, from home.-at a; m. yes- 'terday.-, The accident, occurred shortly-after 3 o'clock.' He-is-, .'his: wife, .-.Zoukis; a Miss Bessie Zoukis; two sons, Nicholas and' Michael, all of.-this .city; two sisters in Greece; four brothers; .Stephe'n Vt., '-AnthansiaS; Michael, of George. and .Greece. He was -an attendant of the' Transfiguration' Greek 'Or- thodox -church. Tobin Blasts Bradford Charges Him-With faith" GREENFIELD, June 14 (INS) Robert F. Bradford has been'charged by-former. Gov- ernor Maurice J. Tobin ..of jiot "keeping the .veterans and aged of Massachusetts. To- told' the Greenfield Demo- cratic- town' committee' the chief executive had to take proper -steps to assure housing "for veterans and had .done noth ing to better conditions for per sons now, confined to Tewksbury State. Home for the' Aged. He said that two years ago, during his administration, the- legis lature, appropriated ST.- 'million 800 thousand to move the home to .a location in the Fells. Middlesex THE LOWELL Amusements Brldgd Bob Ct.wlflcU ___16 Comicd ......18 David Uwrence. ..TODAY'S INDEX lOl.Dot Kllgallcn. 41 Drow' -Penrson 17 Dr, Hurlock.. inlEdltoHnh Hnvo You Hoard Lookout .14 Peter Edson 13 1 1 -5 15 Women's NOWJ..G, 7 Rnillo Pronrnms. 1 Snortj County News Today on Pages and 10 COMPLETE .NEWSPAPER Press 'Associated Press W.ircphoto 70th Year No. 139 Mass. Monday June 14 1948 20 Pages 4 Cents Expected to Put'v; Measure on Calehdaf.fbr C'lTT'rWmiirtXT Tn A f Ti V _1 _ TT___i. yet "World War .lormei infantry._lieutenajit, .anchonce In Jiaila''state 'commander' of "the, has.'been. out spoken.- in. opposition Similar. the sen.ate..7S' tb' 10 last -.would' ejcempt' most E.xpected-to 'the bill's 'most energetic opponents1-concede 'it will pas's easily, .once' it hits -'floor. Rep. .Short. leading housed fon of- the draft revival, told-reporters-'' is to hold it n-theTules committee, _-and there, s only, .an outside chance 'of do: ing.that'" That chance rested- with Harness. Six.' in. Favor' The .committee's 12 members stood committed; -officially 'or un- this way over the Six'in -favor of ing1 the-bill- to the floor, five'op: posed, with. Harness not'yet, de- cided. 'A tie vote would kill the bill in--the committee, 'which must pass on' all -controversial measures before they, are put to the, house. Veteran's. -'authorities'- have esti mated .unmarried non-veterans would, first year.'i. Preparations' .for' getting; the men into, uniform have "been un- der-way for-months.' The office of.' selective ..service'- records skeleton 'organization of ..the1 time" "ifr'couJd start' inductions, within 60 to 90 days the law .became effective. Instead of the- goldfish: bow] draw order num- current plans .'call for., the draft' .to follow age'.groups '21 years old first the-order-of'birthdays. That -is, those born. January 1 would'be called'first, January 2 second, and so ori; of- the; 6442 wartime draft boards; only -.about 4000 would "be "set up for the more limited number'of inductions. So v'i et M i lit a ry Ob s e rve rs Out of Palestine Setup .Western Powers in UN Succeed In Balking.Plans of Russians 'DAY'OF'GLORY-FOR OLD emblem b'f tKe greatest nation flag of the United States.of America, comes in'for' special recognition today, Fla.g day, as_rLis salute'd by fretdom- loving citizens of Uncle domain, many of whom have fought and bled.'that it might fly'freely over territory throughout-the globe. Left to right above, Master Sergt. Peter Lauchuck, of the Lowell Army recruiting office; is shown raising the colon .this morning, while John W, Campbell, AMCNAP, United States Navy, of the Naval recruiting office and. Staff Sergt. James of the Army recruiting staff, salute it. Bedford Soldier to Testify In Jap War Crimes Trials t Former Prisoners to Face California-Born Japanese, in Los Angeles C. S. TREASURY June I "Applicants tor employment I wll! vote', f -the Ukraine. The' o.ther.' members.. pf -.the council, instead'of Voting', will ab'staip.- Soviet' pro- posal votes required for all- council, decisions: The :Land. negotiations been..'.'made some'''fear on the .vpart of -'sdme UN-.diplpmatsi Belated Truce-" June American: ".officers United. Nations truce'.- observers have- brought a belated' truce to northern- Palestine, ,a Jewish communique, said today. .-A second dangerous situation which-might have- brought about of .warfare in the Holy :-Land.-was' alleviated when-Jew: a'greed to' "submit, to .United Na tions inspection -of convoys to Jerusaiem. The Israel comrriuhique that all 'firing 'in the .upper1 Gali lee area, of northern'. Palestine Syrian army continued to attack after -last Friday's cease fire had: ended Sunday morning. Jews .claimed that all Arab attempts to advance Friday and Saturday the upper Jordan valley -and on- 'the Huleh Plain were Dispatches from'. Haifa indi- cated that' 'American officers serving .as-observers for'Count Folke' Bernadotte 'brought about the truce-in-northern' Palestine by one-the-sppV-reports and pro- tests the capital of ''._' ers. SOLVED'. QUICKLY; THRU: '.'Sun Classified'' Ads A. M. to P. In'Ntiinll Xo. AVnltln'i. "Bill-In I where- the' Jews "claimed, the NOTICE ALL LAW OFFICES "CLOSE AI NOON' Sat. From June 16 194SI, to Sept. .15, 1948.: Carlisle Tax Rate Increased board' of assessors has announced the 194S tax -rate as' S28. .This'.is an increase .of the 1947 tax'rate..- Doesn't Please (Special to .The Sun) LOS ANGELES, Calif., June 11 Alex Holick of Bedford, Mass., will be among 43 former prisoners of the Japs who will testify against a California-born Japanese accused of treason and The GI's, many of them still in j uniform, will. arrive here from all over the .United States and Hawaii to face' Tomoya Kawa- Idta and charge him with prison brutalities at 'the Ayama concen- tration camp 'in Japan. Kawakita Survey Shows Middle Bracket Figure of WASHDfGTOIf, June 14' (AP) "middle income" of the families in the United States' was .S2920'' last 'year, ,iap S320 from'1946. The Federal Reserve board, re- porting this today, said one-half of all income's were- higher than the middle figure, the other half lower. the middle in come from 1946 tb 1947, shown by a sample'survey made'by the 'board this year, was much, steep- er "than' the increase be- tween 1945 and 1946. Some 69- per. cent families had jointi income of or more last year. In the mid-1930's, fewer than families had income at that leve a dollar bought more then, Hiphcr Figures For 21 out of each 100 -fami- lies, income was above last year, with- eight of that group getting over a year. JNTot everybody was in the chips, however. Of each 100 fami lies, 13 had incomes under and another 18 got. between SlOOp and And not everyone whose -in come increased was pleased with the way things were going, al- though roughly half their income. "A considerable number with Asks Federal Courts to Stop Walkout of Tomorrow Nationwide Strike Would Tie Up Shipping Carrying Supplies VitaH-o Country's Economy NEW YORK, June M justice .today [lied a petition tor u' fcdcriil court injunction seeking to halt a threatened nation-wide strike -of maritime workers. WASHINGTON, June 14 government goes nto 'court today .to seek, injunc- tions against the .nation-wide shipping strike set for midnight tomorrow. .Federal attorneys will', ask J. S. district courts in New York, San Francisco and to ulock- the scheduled -seamen and dock' work-' issuing in junctions: under the Taft-Hartley'-act. That-would itop for a least'80.days. -Presid'en.t Truman -ordered the action .'alter' a fact-finding' board reported 'that' a walkout, would tie up the. en tire shipping indus- try on %e'east, Gulf and.a large'part, of Great Lakes-lshipping. .--The National National. Maritime union one of five -unions Jnvolved' ,in the. dispute', voted unanimously in New'York-last, night to .strike if'no new' contract is reached'by then. President -Jos- eph Curran-- left no doubt 'that Jiey: would abide, by a no-strike .njunction.. "We do not intend to defy the law even if it favors the employ- he said. -t the west maritime workers greeted Truirian.'s injunction .order with' charge-of When the !presi-" dent .crowd in San Francisco's .Golden Gate union, circulated pamphlets, 'saying the -.American, people .would'not support this, .course? for 'aiding.- the-, ship- owners." ._ t -no-strike -Injunction' would- have the effect of keeping m dp- f or, at least. 'SO .union-., hiring halls are one major issues jn The. unions-want the; hiring -cqritinubd 'wjifle.'.- the.'shipowners -say-.they. are- out- lawed, "by J'Robert N.' 'Dehh'am, .general counsel, of .the '-National'..tabor .bDardv.- Relieves'': .the are 'correct..on'this -the. ,bo'ard: Baby Cream' Tcfx Spot Connecticut Woman Protests Levy On Salve Used atrocities as one of the most learned the name "Meatball" dramatic war'crimes trials held! from the American victims be- in this. country. gets under way cause of his alleged sadistic that because of the higher cost of living they were worse off the. survey report said. here tomorrow. treatment. Lowellites Still Blinking After looking Into Long-Lost Sun Today Paul Pv. Sec. talks. P. i Eire Bid5 fpr 0ne Iceland May .Use.Food'for .Britain In Argument: top-'ranking 'government delegation prepared -today; for a- food1 may used- .talking p_p'int Ireland.' '.-Pjime'- Minister'.-John', -A.' -Cos: Foreign '-Minister. Sean Mac'Bride, Minister James .-Dillon-; Min- ister.. Patrick, trip! Wednesday..' Ostensibly; they., will 'talk 'about increased' trade with -Britain': But observers, ,'said. presence of .Cos- tello and" MacBride would'-indi- cate Eire may !renew, it efforts, to'.terminate' the'separation of. southern Ireland.', from the six British-controlled northern- coun: ties. 'It'.was. reported' Eire would, promise to supply tightly .ra- tioned Britain, with 'increased amounts of agricultural prod- uce, -and fresh and canned meat. was 'aiJded' that the .Irish delegation would seek, a. trade pact in which food would -be ex-' changed'for. British machinery even if its United Ireland -plan failed.' Irish officials have wotked for a week on.: plans'.' for London smiles wreathed the features of Greater-Lovvell- (ites-and other New Englandcrs today as they -awoke to find a brilliant June sun beaming down on 'the rain-soaked area for the first time in eight days. For the .first-time this'spring even 'the' weatherman was op- timistic, for the 'day at least, pre- dicting plenty: of-sunshine until nightfall -Tomorrow '.might -be another "day, he asserted, but he would not. promise any- thing definite. The rains, which have played havoc -.with vacation trade and garden .have deposited 3.52-inches'on th'e inches above the average-of 3.44 inches for ..As -a the forecaster added, "We'll have the usual rainy' days, but the prolonged wet spells we've been having are about at an end." And no one appears to be shedding'.iny tears to add to the Ex-Marshal Retain Has Heart Malady 14 .Marshal Phillipe Petain of France' was reported suffer- heart trouble today. Jacques Isqrni, Petain's said that the aging former chief of the. French state told: him that he is suf- fering from unequal heart 'pulsations. Isorni said that Petain, confined in prison for col- laboration 'with the Nazis, is being treated. in his cell in- stead of the prison infirm- ary. Stalemate in Strike at Graniteville and management, at the C. G. Sar- gent Sons company today were no closer to the settlement of is sues that caused a strike at the plant'Friday. v The state board of. conciliation and arbitration, contacted today; stated that it had not been noti- fied of the 'strike's existence by either side. However, a spokes- man said that board would at- to effect a meeting between officials of both sides, now that the strike is officially on. The AFLrunio'n seeks a 30-cent- an-hour increase and six paid holidays annually, while the com- pany has countered with an offer for two paid holidays. The plant was organized about a year ago, and employs approximately 200 people. Meanwhile, it was reported .that the Lowell labor-mahage- ment-citizens committee had been invited to act as the liason group between -the two factions. Who earns the most money? The. survey provided these an- swers: Those who own their own busi- ness or manage somebody else's.' The middle income was for families headed by "a managerial or .self-employed person." Professional dentists, .and so .with a middle income of Families headed'by skilled and semi-skilled workers followed with clerks and sales people had For unskilled workers, it was The middle income-reported, by farmers'on a cash basis was only -but ithe survey out are different from others as they have "substantial" non-money like they produce. .WASHINGTON, .June 14 (UP) Mrs.' Louis W. Mingione 'of New Haven, ..Conn., .wants con- gress to tell her is1 Is, it a luxury, for' baby havej .a bottom? i -...Mrs. Mingione takes the 'posi- tion that it .'is no such ..thing. -Therefore, she says, it is unjust and Averse to make <her pay; a federal luxury tax every time she' 'buys a jar of baby cream for her child's posterior. Writes To Solon She states her position a letter 'to her senator, .Raymond A.Baldwin, (R.-Conn.) He. In turn placed'- the issue in. the lap 'of the senate finance committee which, while no expert on babies' bottoms, does handle tax 'prob- lems. Mrs.. Mingione put her problem this .way: "The other day I went to the drug 'store to buy' some baby cream' for Louis; our year-old son, whose little bottom had 'got- ten all red and irritated.'.I was charged 47 cents for a jar which holds-about two ounces. That price is high enough to pay for this product but when I have to given 10 additional 'cents for a Luxury for a baby is. when I'get my dander up... "Since when has it been con- sidered a luxury for the baby to have a sore bottom? 'It is hard enough trying to 'raise a family and-.give .America the healthy future' sons, daughters and voters she needs without these additional as luxury taxes on essential baby items." "What, do you' she asked Baldwin. The- senator, who noted that "irritation seems to be-the coin- oi-mankind at this thought Mrs. Mingioric was! right" Accepts Post at Tyngsboro Church LO William' H. Slade, minister- of. the Highland Congregational church, has accepted a "call to assume the ministership of' the Tyngs- boro Evangelical Congregational church. Dr. Slade read, his Jetter'of resignation to his congregation at the- .morning" services at 11 o'clock yesterday. He .has been with the Highlands church since coming to this city from Chicago, El., six years ago, and 'will as- sume his new duties Sept. 1. The Tyrigsboro church voted to call Dr. Slade at a meeting of members' last week. THE WEATHER Fair Tonight; Cloudy, Mild Tuesday. See Full Report-Page 3. 250 Turkeys Die iriDracutfire HURRY, Get .TOUT All-Stir for 1949 Mticniy in' now. Tht Snn'i contei 1 clot u Friday. New Soviet Traffic Rules German RaiLSefup, Again Hampered BERLIN, June 14 viet o c c.u p ati o n authorities clamped hew hampering restric- tions on rail traffic between Ber- lin and the western zone- today. In-a move obtaining strict .control over German train passengers entering and leaving Berlin, .the -.Soviets cancelled train stops in the British sector of the city. British officials said that a protest is being drawn, .up. The new Russian, order per- mits inter-zonal trains to charge and load passengers only at the .Friedrichstrasse and Pots- dam 'stations, both in. the Soviet occupation sector. This" subjects German train, passenger to So- viet scrutiny. The% newest'Soviet .moved vived speculation that the' ?.us- sians may- once again resume the nerves." Both British'and American of- ficials, meanwhile, .reported .that rail' '.traffic 'has been flowing smoothly past the Helmstedt con- trol point where Russians held up Allied' for 22 hours a. few ago. Uhold Contempt 'WASHINGTON, June 14 U. S: .court of a 1 vote'tfie. c'pnternpt .of _________ _. _ Eisler, Com- hiunist secret agent'in 1 DRACUT, June dred'1 and'fifty five-week-old tur- keys and a' large. turkey" house were destroyed early this morn- ing .by fire and the loss' is un- estimated 'but is expected -to reach over Owner of th'e and turkey house is 'Omer-L. Grenier of -1465. Lake- view avenue. The disastrous fire, was dis- covered 'about 4.45 o'clock' this morning -by. a neighbor, .Ray- mond Ailard, who notified Fire Chief Ernest H. Gunther, Jr., Fire is-believed'to have been caused by- an over-running .oil .burner used in; the brooder house. Upon reaching the scene firemen found, the turkey house" prac- tically destroyed'and. the young turkeys a total loss. 'Efforts of the firemen were directed -in keeping the fire from' spreading to two other large turkey houses which were being threatened', by the fire in progress. Eisler was; cited for contempt refused to be rswom in for '.testimony, before 'the un-American a'ctivities 'committee. ,the" time'Eisier; insisted, on reading' a statement .before taking the'-wiojes's stand." FBI Director. J. Edgar Hoover has called the' German-born' Eis- jer-th'e-No...l international Com- munist, agent" in the "United: THE STOCK MARKET NEW YORK, June J.4 -CDCSV opened fairly active and firm today: Steels and motors were "nar- row in early, sales. Oils started firm with 'Jersey Standard un-' changed'.' 'Douglas 'Aircraft, American -Airlines, Columbia Gas .and duPont advanced frac-. tionally. i Stah- dard. Brands and Celanese Corp.