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Lowell Sun (Newspaper) - March 25, 1948, Lowell, Massachusetts Shirley School Supt. Refuses Comment on Impending Probe .Executive Council Investigate.... Conditions at State-Operated Boys' InstitirHoYi .Robert T. Gray, superintendent of the Industrial School lor Boy's, refused to 'com- ment today on-the'Impending' in-' vestigatlon of conditions at-the Institution .and. "the charges which led to the probe, approved yesterday by Gov.' Robert F. Bradford. "Another Hitler" The-investigation of conditions at the'local school by an executive council commit- tee was requested by Governor's Councilor Patrick <J. McDonough, Democrat; of B o s t o n, who charged that Gray "has set him- self up like 'Hitler." Me- Donough.hurled the-charges and that he had requested such a probe because the school super- intendent tailed to parole a Ply- mouth ' Ms '-another, two of the scheduled time. 'v McDonourh failed .to Identify the boy but boy'i mother wanted him .to out Thurnday Instead of Saturday In order to "buy of ;CIUW Training: Walter Bell had no objection to the advance date for. the -reason xtalcd. But .Superintendent who net.hlmncif up 'like Hitler, refused''to approve.. "This wag not, In my opinion, an ..unreasonable' .'request. and would further help the rehabilita- tion of this boy. This school has been a source of criticism and M think an Inquiry Is In order.'' When reached by The Sun for a statement today, Superintend1 ent Grey said that -he had no comment to make to the. press regarding the charges or the probe. His only statement, was: "II they, want to investigate them.. When-the investi- gation starts'will be the time to do the .'explaining.- I have no statement for the newspapers." However, the., superintendent dld.admlt that'.thc Plymouth boy was'not released early; but gavjc no explanation. The will con- duct.; the' inquiryT which 'McDon- ough been approved by Gov. 'Bradford, s is- headed by Councilor 'Victor A. Friend, Re- publican, of Melrosel Sun Seeks to Run Radio Station Here Newspaper Requests FGG.Grant Permissipn jfor'Gonstruction March ..25 ThVLowdl (Mass.) 'j'Siin yester- day asked the-Federal Commun- ications commission. here': to It permission to construct operate a new radio'statlon -in Orwell. -Because'.the FCC Is loaded down with work, It Is not eject- ed that the. request win be taken weeks to come, although there-Is, an out- .side that a ..decision may forthcoming If permission The Sun said -that it planned to con- struct a 5000 station..with transmitting lacIUties in either.. Tyngsboro: -or where options, have 'already, been obtained on land.. .This would make the proposed station "the most powerful "within 30 Jniles of WLAW.'v It the' sta-' tion belong to' thus to of "its time to be. .of-particular pie of Lowell and- because -the programs ..would originate In .and around "l-oweU, not New York city, Chi- cago, or Hollywood where so many of the chain broadcasts come from. The Sun contends that thesfe network broadcasts; vof .course, have 'very; definite 'place in radio, but It also holds., that- so, too, has the Independent station which can give the people In Its neighborhood that local service which chain station clearly One of The Sun put It this "We propose to broadcast programs that are local to our general area as are the dally editions of The Sun; We wfll lay considerable stress on- the- news, local, .suburban, state, national, arid in- ternational.' of course, there will-be much more to the station than mere news. .We plan a .station which I feel certain will afford the .people in and around Lowell considerable .enjoyment, entertainment; and '.'information that is today' available to theni on-no other The. Sun's petition' before the FCC seeks permission' to operate a 24 hour, station, but it is stated that it ait least at the to operate between the hours of seven in the morning and midnight Presuming the FCC grants permission, it. is the indention of The Sun to commence con- struction of the station almost once. SHOP Friday Night 'TIL P. M. the Friday nlrht for EoKter plnr- By all note the fash- Ion ads In to- dayY Ixwell Sun. There's still 48 hours to clothei yourself in a bit of Easter gladness.: .when even little 'can be angels...when little and big sisters thrill to be told how adorable they look. SUDDENLY It'll Be Easter U. M. T. THE LOWELL 6 Brlllgt Bob Conildlni.. .36. ComloB 3B Divld- LnwrenCB; TODAY'S INDEX ID! Dot Kllgnllin, 37: Dr. Hurlick.. .141 Hive You Htird .1 PiUr I .21 Eduii.-...... n Kudu Programi... 7 18 34. 35 Women's...20, 21. 22 County News Today on Pages and 32 Associated COMPLETE United 'P.reu 'Asioeiated Press' W-ircpkoto 70th Year No. -71 Lowell Mass. Thursday March 25 1948 X 40 Pages 4 Cents Popular NavyfilueWfll 1948 Easter Paracfe Sun Worhen's Editor Finds Lowell JShops firimmihg OverWith New Spring'Fashions at Trieste "Yugoslavia Galls Up Women Conscripts V. Edgar Clark TRIESTE, March 25. inforced British troops battle dress began digging" In with rnortars and machine-guns along the Yugoslav frontier to- day amid'reports Yugoslavia, was calling 'nine classes of women conscripts to the'Colors. The border guard Jias .been strengthened, so heavily this week that.more troops now.are reported posted along .the fron- tier than at any time .were -stopped lirorn trying to march through Ameri- can-lines Trieste'last Guard Hlfhway-.- .Tnc; point of-heaviest' r elnf orce- riicnt appeare'd- ;tb be, 'along the highway between the free city of Trieste and .the port, of Pol'a, at the. southern .tip the Istriari This ..runs from 'the Yugoslav ;zone of- the terri- tory.'; into.: the Anglo-American zone. 'Observers believed that any Yugoslav: .a.ttempt, to "seize Trieste by-force of arms would come from the Yugoslav zorfe. British authorities deprecated the operation, saying It was "rou- tine field exercises." The'lieu- tenant in.command, at-the cross- roads said "this' is not the first time we have done' this in this By .Aiine Donaghue shopping.for- a new wardrobe for first .appear- ance on Sunday, arid other, .occasions what fashions'; the women ".of Lowell, discovered? Plenty of -new 'ones, 'and all stamped with, 1948 style char- acter. They have found these last few shopping'' days more fashions with .narrower, more rounded, more natural shoulders; smooth, neat bodices; the'raqst flattering of little-waist- lines; 'and skirts; long and-full. But this -spring they're not tod long and not too full, and some are narrow... The style for spring of 1948 is the full-length coat, with a dress to -make-a complete costume. This en- semble will be found in all price lines. The big color for spring-is In- navy. This is .one spring, when black 'plays :second-, fiddle, board, coats, .'CMtlnurd an Still Seek T.wo.More A-Bomb Test Ships :Sunlc HARBOR, March 25 Two -more ships survived the Bikini atom the .de- stroyers'Mugford and have been 'scuttled in deep off -Kwajalein 'Atoll. The ships were sent to the bottom Monday after' being studied by scientists for 18 months, 'the Navy announced. This makes nine target ves- sels that have been sunk so far. Both were too. radio- active to be used for s'crap. State ;and Bedford "Police .Continue Conferences, and .local j police -today conferred again in an effort to open up new paths leading to the solution of the mysterious death here Saturday of Jesse E. Grant, Cambridge fire and police depart- ment signalman. .._, Out of the investigation-yester- day came the following results: in the' swamp near where Grant's'life- less body, was found, was identi- fied, by Grant's widow as possibly being his. -The size fit- ted. Grant's, head 'size, his wife said.' Joseph .Martin, who operates a garage near where Grant's -'body was found, told police-that-.Grant was wear- -he '.garage a few discovery, of the body. ;He said the.hat found in' the h'at'-wb'rn Branded. -Vnthie Previous that a family, queried earlier -by the police, had- fied, were branded as untrue by police." "The husband works a shift from 2 'p.-.m, to midnight; the police the wife, fear- ing Mhat.'a homicidal maniac niigfit be" loose in. the moved in with Pinehurst dur- ing the husband's .work-caused absence. She took her small, son with her, police said, The.'Grant parked near the murder, oj accident, has not been turned over to, the .family yet, .police said. They gave no indication when it would be released. Will Wed Concord Reformatory Inmate on Easter Sunday Brockton Sirl Will MarryMa'n Who Has 14 Months of Confinement BROCKTON, .March 25 (INS) attractive Brockton brun- ette will be .married on Easter Sunday at Concord reformatory to-an inmate whom she has-de- fended'since he got Into trouble with'authorities four years'ago.. '.Miss Rita Forrhan, 24, will wed George H. Bussey, -21. 'After a brief ceremony, she will return home and Bussey will resume his life behind bars. has'known George for. the past five since.he lived In Avon and' attended .high school there...' Went to Shirley George first got Into trouble with the' law four years ago. He was sent to-Shirley school. His good conduct won him his free- dom but he back-as a parole .violator. He home; for more tfian a year worked hard as a paint- er's helper. moved from Avon to Brock- ton. Police seized him and charged .him with theft of three Rita remained by him even as he was sentenced in Plymouth court in 1946 to a term at the Concord, reformatory. They corresponded during- his stay there and last fall he. again won Ireedom, under parole- con ditions.. He was sent back 'late last year as a parole violator. George recently riage, .to Rita- although 'he still has.'J.4 months of confinement ahcad.-She accepted and arrange- ments were made with the Protestant chaplain at ,Concord for the ceremony. Short Lived Flood Threat in Lowell Area Appears Ended short-lived.threat that the Merrimack river was to go .'oh a spring rarnpage with the resultant flood damage appeared ended today as a .cold wave slowed melthig .snow's in the northern watershed and the rush- ing stream was down a foot and a half from therpeak. ,The height of the river at the rear of the Boott mills this morn- ing was about 53 feet. and-.the level of the water was dropping steadily. The height of the'stream was 54.53 feet point when the peak was reached at 11.15 o'clock Tuesday night, and since that time the descent has been gradual. Damage to mill -property which borders the river was negligible, an official of the Locks and Canals stated. today. The base- ments of some of .the mills re- ceived seepage but not in amount to cause'concern. U. S.1 TREASURY March 25 balance March THE 'WEATHER Fair, Cold. Tonight; Cloudy, Cold Friday. See Full "Report Page 3. Blind Vet Is Top Scholar' Rartlci Sh. College MANCHESTER, N. H., March 25 (UP) James Barrett, of Chicopee Falls, was the highest 'ranking student in ihe freshman class at St. Anselm's college today, but he couldn't see his. name at the top of the dean's list. Barrett 'is blind.. An ex-marine, he lost his eyesight- when a booby trap his face on Guam. But that Japanese mine .didn't from winning an "A'." in every course his first semester. Not that Barrett dreamed 'held ever'to. win college hon- ors after he 'came home maimed from the Pacific: -.He didn't' even believe -he'd able to go to .-That's where ,John Garrity, fresh put Army air-forces, re-entered, Garrity and Barrett' had been boyhood playmates in Chicopee Falls. They were classmates at Calhc- drnl hlch school In and they met again after the war. _ ;Garrity, who planned to enter St. Anselm's, urged Barrett to join him. 'Barrett finally agreed, but he couldn't figure out how he would make the'grade. Garrity showed him. He bought a .recording machine and each day after class ;he read ifrom Bar- rett's text books into the device, making a record of the chapters assigned for study. Then Barrett .played back- the it at difficult pas- sages and listening a second time and sometimes a third, It was a lot of extra" work for Garrity, but he didn'.t mind. It paid 'off, not -only in friendship. Seems the name right behind Barrett's on the dean's list was "John Garrity." Deranged Vet Kills Self After Fight With Police Latter Say Victim Imagined That He Was Wanted for Murder BOSTON. March 25 deranged young war veteran -shot himself to death" early today in a barricaded Beacon Hill hotel room after an. hojjr-long battle with police whom he had invited to "come and get want- ed for murder." Police said Harold J. Benedict, Jr., 23, of Somerville had no criminal record and that they, knew ol no charges against him. A veteran of the China-Burma-In- dla recently was dis- charged from a veterans' hos- pital. Left Notes He left two notes in the room which he converted .into an en- trenchment by piling up furni- ture that defied police efforts to dislodge him until tear gas was used. One note read: "I didn't kill Tom Jones." Po- lice said "Tom Jones" was a make-believe .person. The note was signed Silva." That was'-fthej 'name .Benedict used. shortly, midnight wKeri he telephoned Joy Street police station and told the desk lieutenant he was wanted, for murder in. San Francisco i and could be found at the hotel.' Believing the call the work of a crank, police dispatfced a sin- gle prowl car with six -men. When they reached the hotel', however, Night .Clerk Harold Perry told them Bertadict had urged "him- to -clear' the fou.-th floor guests -because "there's go- ing to be at Cop Just then, Benedict .fired two revolver- shots from his' fourth- floor room at policemen posted outside to .watch his window. Lt. Donald F. MacKinnon called for reinforcements and tear-gas guns Continued on1 Piinrc to Negotiate onlriesfe Would Deal Directly With Yugoslavia ROME, March ,Aii agreemcnt between Italian printers and. pub- Ushers -today ended the Italian newspaper blackout "In-Its fourth day. ROME, March'25 foreign office announced today Italy was ready, to 'open direct negotiations with Yugoslavia on Trieste, within the spirit, and let- ter, of American-British: 1-rcnch'vsproposal' the' free state .'to'this': country! An'-officlal spokesman :said :the Italian., government's that until; the .Trieste problern peace .-and Yugoslavia would be Impossible.' In Agreement' The foreign. office .also'. dis- closed that ,in the last few days Italy and Yugoslavia had. reach- ed an .the fate.of Italians deported; from yenezia Giulia province to' Yugoslavia and. of Slavs remaining in Italy after the frontier changes fixed by the peace treaty. The new turn in the Trieste situation 'came as fresh "strikes tied up parts' of :.Rome, flurries of were, reported from scattered points .-'in- Italy, and Cnilllmil-il nil PnKe Greater-Lowell Red Cross Drive Goal Virtually Assured Reported affinal-Meeting-' Last Night With Returns incomplete Greater-Lowell Red Cross chapter today is virtually, assured of reaching its goal. During the final scheduled re- port meeting held last night on Liberty additional subscrip- tions of were tabu- lated, bringing the grand total to or 86 per cent of j the goal. A number of teams reached or exceeded their quota, and all division chairmen, in making their reports, indicated that re- turns are still coming in and expressed the' belief that their respective divisions would ex- ceed their quotas by the end of the campaign. The drive headquarters at 130 Central street will remain open through April 3-'to handle final returns and accept late sub- scriptions. All Clow To Although the only division to go over the top to date is the business division, almost all the other major divisions came close to reaching their quotas. The business division has 'done an outstanding job. .With a quota of this division has solicited The women's division, last di- vision to begin solicitation, has subscribed 'of quota, only" a few .percentage points from the top, and indi- cated, hope of subscribing 123 per cent of Its quota. Other major divisions report- ed, as- follows: Industrial, sub- scribed of a quota; commercial, .subscribed of a quota; public service, subscribed of a quota; government and' education, .subscribed a quota.- Towns Report In the towns division, South Chelmsford, which exceeded its goal at the previous report meeting, reported, a total'of subscribed. Othisr towns 'going over the top Carlisle, with a goal and'.subscriptions Immediate Military Leaders Ask Expansion of Armed.Forces .WASHINGTON, 25 nation's, top.military leaders asked congress today for an. Immediate expansion of the armed services and the drafting of men-19 years of age. Secretary of Defense Forrestal grimly outlined the' recent turn of world events in urging stops to: make the United States-mili- tary might match that of Com- munist Russia, Forrestal said the odds still favor peace and' the free nations of'-the world. But he asked congress to ap- prove'immediately: 1. An increase in the present authorized strength' of Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force manpower, by officers and '-2.: .1" cash :'ahd '.for the armed, services to cover this expansion. s -This ..presumably would; bev'.in addition to .in the budget 3. "Drafting by. selective "serv- ice of men from 19 to 25 years Inclusive. -He -said this .would provide men. ljut added that only about probably would be taken. He estimated probably would volun- teer.'' '_ 4. A permanent system of universal military training which would become 'fully effective within years. said this would provide some -men each year with basic training. Forrestal said some of the de- tails of the expanded armed serv- ice program must be presented later behind closed doors. Confirmed by Defense Head Third Era Looms for Lowell Area Military Reservation. LOWELL Confirmation of a story in The Sun a few weeks ago which disclosed that .-the vast Fort: Devens military reservation was .be- ing readied for training pur- poses was made! last.night by- Secretary of Defense Jarniji V. Forrestal. disclosure "was made in a letter; rejecting, a posal made by Massachusetts congressmen :that the site be a'center for cehr .Amy air force re: search laboratories and ac-r tivities. The possibility exists that the great wartime base of World-Wars I and U wffl be utilized in connection with the Universal'military train- ing program. .In The it .was pointed'out that fire .de- partment crews, then a token force on duty ilnce, the cessa- tion of hostilities, had been, re- turned to full .wartime strength, by the addition- pears to'.confirm The Sun's orig- inal '.storyj In rejecting'the gressrhen's proposal, Fbrrestal on'the Army's fort. Leading up .to.xForrestal's statement, was v the ment' -by air, force that 'planned to Its elec- tronic testing and research activ- ities at Griffiths field; Rome, N. Y. Removal of such activities from Cambridge, Rcdbank, N. and Wriitht. field, Dayton, Income Tax Cut Only Few Days A way, Say Gongressmeh Expect Pros. Truman to Veto Measure 1 And Legislators to Override Hint WASHINGTON, 'March 25 tax cut you've, been hearing. about 'for almost two years is only, a few days 'away. That's the consensus today of congressmen who favor tax re- duction and those who don't. The house completed congres- sional action yesterday on the Republican plan to cut personal totaling Dracut, with .a j income taxes this goal of .and subscriptions I year. The cut would be retroac- totaling and Pepperen, live to Jan. l; with a goal of and sub- scriptions ;.totaling Remaining towns rin .the divi: sion .reported .as follows: .Bil: lerica, subscribed, goal Chelmsfbrd; sub- scribed, goal- North Chelmsford, subscribed, goal East Chelmsford, West subscribed, subscribed, goal Chelmsford, goal subscribed, goal Littleton, gotU CoMtlmifil nil .PlbKw Thirty-two THE STOCK MARKET NEW YORK, March 25 (INS) undertone in stocks was steady today withv prices- nar- Most -pivotal is- sues .were firm., to. .higher. Gaining scant.: ground "were shares like Bethlehem: Ui S, Steel, General. ican Smelting, Santa: national Standard 'Oil Consolidated Edison and American Woolen. Losers .included Chrysler, Du Pont, Allied Chemical, Texas Co. Y., Central, Hiram Walker, Pan American Airways and American Car Foundry. President Truman now has un- til April 5 to approve the .bill or veto-it; The advance information is .that he will veto it. And Democrats and Republicans ex- pect of congress> to put; up the'; two-thirds -'majority' votes, needed to override a veto. Sees' Spending: President1 Truman would al- most certainly cite the need for greater-than anticipated' spend- ing in opposing a cut In government revenue at this time. The armed forces want congress to add upwards of to'their proposed budget for new fiscal 1. One high government official said the treasury 'deficit In-the new fiscal year may exceed if-taxes are cut and defense spending' ;Is.' Increased Rep. E: Cox, D.j ,Ga., voted for the tax indicated that he. might vote .to sustain m veto in light of increased de- fense -needs. He said many oth- ers who voted for'the'bill prob- ably shared his: views. Republican leaders remained confident of victoryy pointing out that'-both the house and senate passed the' bill .with majorities considerably greater than .the.two-.thirds needed to kill a veto. The senate vote was 78 to U. or 18 more "two-thirds; in the fo 67, or 51 votes to'spare. National Safety Council to Honor Qoncord, Mlmmgton LOWELL--Two Greater-Lowen towns, Wilmington and CoricoM, were, among 14 Massachusetts communities scheduled to receive framed.honor roll certificates for year 1947 .with- out a highway fatality. Motor Vehicle Registrar .Rudolph F, King said they'were among 303 smaller communities throughout the nation-that'will-be so hon- ored by the national safety coun- cil. Other Massachusetts to.wns on the Hingham, Hud- Longmeadow, Maynardy 'Montague, -Oxford, See- So.uth THE GIANT STORE iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Open Tonight till