Wednesday, September 28, 1938

Lowell Sun

Location: Lowell, Massachusetts

Page: 2

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Text Content of Page 2 of Lowell Sun on Wednesday, September 28, 1938

Lowell Sun (Newspaper) - September 28, 1938, Lowell, Massachusetts THE LOWELL SUN WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 28 1938 It Opens "with ang THURSDAY at 10! Standard Time, of Course Shortly before 10, Thursday morning, an aerial bomb will rise high above the Bon Marche and in a loud, staccato "BANG" proclaim the opening of our DIAMOND JUBILEE, In rapid succession, fifty-nine other bombs will vie in tonal volume to accent the Importance of this great occasion. As the sixtieth explosion occurs, our doors will open wide-in hearty welcome to our biggest Birthday Party in three generations. On the following four pages, you'll find SIXTY glorious one chosen because of its outstanding value to represent a year in the colorful history of the Bon M'arche's march of progress. Six bie, bright, cordial floors fairly sparkle with hundreds of other Birthday just as important and just as value-full. For your own sake.. -for your family's sake.. .for your home's sake, BE HERE THURSDAY MORNING at 10! THORSDAY'S AND FRIDAY'S PURCHASES WILL APPEAR ON STATEMENTS RENDERED NOVEMBER FIRST A Nationally famous label you wouldn't expect to find on such excellent COATS for so little money 6-60 Tric A S'-orrM of delightful fashions nnd warm fnbrk-s in .smart- I.v tailorfd nnd flcwfi. BOK cnr.ts! Ri ffcr ,_ Coats! for Misst-s nnd in Black. Tan '-tV Winfl- and i! Mixtun.s. for MJss.-s i J-: Women. J Floor Genuine Value in Genuine Leather BAGS Jubilee Prim Our bcpt-sHHru: styK-s! Top-han- dles, fronK-s. In calf, sui.'d-.1, buffalo and guai- nkin. Also and faillos with unusual s'n.-'H franios. Bl.'tck, SiiiCc, Navy, Croon and Plum. Strict Floor A Famous Label on every pair FABRIC oves Price d.M'.T.-n! in Wool SUM) Values Pullover. .Cardigan. .Classic Wool Sweaters That's Our Jubilee Price! Rejoice at these calues in SKIRTS at Bhop Becond Floor 3600 prs. FAMOUS 5 SILK HOSE SAVE 59c ON THREE PAIR Imagine it! 3 and 4-t.hrcad chiffons and 7-thr.'-iil sf rvicr- weights, all guaranteed Fl RST QUALITY.....RINGLESS----nnd RK-ENFOKCED HEELS AND TOES! You the sturdy wearing qualitios thnt. havo made World-Boat or Hosiery famous, -so stock up now and save! Hosiery Floor For the First Time in Bon Marche History, We Offer Our Most Popular Brand of Regular Quality at 2- 46 For JUBILEE DAYS ONLY Smart, youthful, tailored or dressy FUR FELTS! High crowns, brims, ail-purpose hretons. "Pork Pies" and oven our famous Cockade Beret! Black. Brown. Xavy, inr. Teal, Purple Plum and Laurel Green. -i'v-23. Hat Floor Amazing but TRUE Our ENTIRE Line of Women's High-Fashion Fall SHOES Jubilee-priced TV-W nrv.? f'rs you, lit ui'l licht arid low v. ill you uh'-r; try c-n YCK'R jv-tir of i <AMISOIK TOP LINTS! SOFTKK TOUS: PLIANT SOFT PATENT AM) CALF MI AKO Shoe Floor Our Diamond Jubilee Presents the Seasonrs DRESS SUCCESSES at the astoundingly low price of Jubilee Price Rayon Crepes! Wools! Rayon Velvets! Plaids! You'll find Dirndls, all-purpose dresses, Tucks, Pleats, Swing skirts, Jewelled touches, Satin accents, and Color contrasts. Black, Teal Blue, Wine, Grey, Green, Rust and Plum. Sizes for MISSES JIINIORS WOMEN Jubilee to Form Corsets, Corselettes, Girdles, Panties and Pull-ons Reg. 96' Jubilee Price Styles for the Junior Miss! Also Women's strongly boned Corselettes with inner belts, well boned, side-fastened Girdles, and Lace- back Corsets with elastic top and 4 hose supporters. Sizes 26-36. Floor Superb Quality Rayon Undies 46c 2 for 86c Reg. 50c and 53c Plain and fancy weaves in bod- ice and buiit-up Vests, Step- ins. Panties, Briefs, Bioorners and Chemise. Reg. and extra Floor New Wrinkle-proof Rayon Undies 36c 2 for Regularly 50c Panties, Step ins, Briefs, Vests, and Bloomers. Reg. and extra sizes in Tearose only. Run.- Undies Street Floor Marvelous 16-Rib Oiled Silk UMBRELLAS Reg. 96' Ea. Price Silvered frames, reinforced tips and clever handles of bcne, crystal, and amber. Choice of designs on Brown, Navy, Red, Green and Natural Oilsilk. Floor Sparkling with Value Costume Jewelry 36' 2 for 60c Reg. 59c and Sl.OO Gold. Silver and Colored Stone Pms, Clips and Earrings; i, 2 and 3-strand Pearl Necklaces with sterling silver and Rhine- stone Clasps! Matching Pearl Bracelets and Earrings! Jewelry Street Floor SAVINGS on MERCHANDISE of MERIT for YOU YOUR FAMILY YOUR HOME1 t {NEWSPAPER! ._ NE WSFAPEEl