Monday, November 18, 1918

Boston Evening Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Evening Globe on Monday, November 18, 1918

Boston Evening Globe (Newspaper) - November 18, 1918, Boston, Massachusetts All sold out In This was the report from dealers In the Dally Globe last To be sure of your copy of the Dally Globe It Is necessary that you order the paper regularly from your dition VOL 141 MONDAY CLOSING MARKET PRICES EVENING LATEST THE GERMAN FLEET ExKaiser May Return to Germany Nov A Potsdam soldiers and workmens committee learns that William Ho henzollern intends to return to Ger jnany because of disturbances in Hol according to a Copenhagen dis patch to the Exchange Telegraph The Lokal Anzeiger of Berlin states that he is likely to he permitted to Prince Kitel son of the former has appealed to his comrades of the Potsdam garrison to place themselves at the disposal of the new Government in WORCESTER IS BANNER DRIVE CITY NEAR THE GERMAN BORDER IT WILL BE THE GREATESTINWORLD Ships Started This Morning For Unknown Destination NEW Nov united war campaign turned into the home today with 16 States past their original goals and working hard to at tain a 60 percent Eleven Southern States had attained their minimum with four States 5n New four in the Middle four in the Far West and two In the All but two of the Southern States are reports indicated that Arizona led all with 202 percent of its Quota in hand and subscriptions still pouring1 The banner city was Wor ContHiuccl on tlic Sevcntli ExEmpress Flies Into Holland Nov for mer German Empress has arrived in making the trip by according to tlxe Zevenaar corre spondent of the Arrival of a Steamship NEW Nov steam ship from PROHIBITION IN WAR TIME BILL IS PASSED Will Go to President for Signature Thursday 26TH DIVISION IN ARMY OF OCCUPATION Nov American 3d Army has been designated as the Army of It is under the immediate direction of Gen the commanderiu Nov legisla tive action was taken today by the Sen ate on the National War Time Prohibi tion making it effective 1 and continuing during The will go Thursday to President Wilson for his which is confidently expected liy prohi bition j The Senate struck out the Washlnston who will be in command of the rent prollteerlnff which had held up the and without a roil call American positions in occupied terri The 3d Army consists of the 89tli and 90th divided among the 3d and 4th consists for tlie present of auout by Maj Gen Dick adoptcd the Onnttniiril flu report on the fceioml To the People of Metropolitan Boston We Must Have To Make Good We must have help from all to secure the necessary funds for our boys Boston has never failed to Without a generous subscription from you the amount asked for cannot be Let it be an offering in appreciation of what our victorious boys abroad have done and thank God for the They have 1 You must not neglect United War Work Campaign METROPOLITAN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE AIKEN BANCROFT MISK MAHY BARB BAYLIES RANDOLPH LEWIS CROSSKTT rCRTIS LlDHJG EISEMANN HENRY ENDICOTT 8 FGKBES GALLAGHEB THOMAS GANNETT WILLIAM GA8TON JOSKPH HERMAN HOIIERT HEtlRIfK JOHN HKYKU HENUT IIIiGIXfiON HENJtY JAMKS JACKSON ALBERT KAF1 IXHU8 K1BSTEIS GKORGE LKE HARKV LIEHMAN BOHKRT MORHC WILLIAM PAINE EDWAUD IlilHCE ANDREW tKTfcRB JAMEH IHELAS MInS A IllENIlEKUAST rilKXIiEHUAMT HATSIIESKY KKMIIK WILLIAM SANCKH FIIANK STKARNS JHILII STOCKTON GALEN STONE STOI1UOW NATHANIEL THAYEtt WEI1STEH DANIEL Send to Alfred care of National Shawmul It is commanded GEM Jomiuundlng Army oC COL LOGANS FRIENDS RESENT HIS REMOVAL Members of Congress May Demand That War Department Explain By HENNESSY Nov Eng landers in Washington feel that the War Department has done a great in justiceto the old officers of the the Yankee in separating them from their old commands on the eve of the victory achieved by American arms in tho great world Tlin impression IN increasing that Regular Army officers were on weeding out National Guard officers to make placet for their own cronies in the regular The indications are that members of Con gress will demand an explanation from the War Department for the re moval of such men as Col Edward Logan of the 101st of the Be Prepared Ti reMst colds by takini Father Medicine for Use Holes and Classified columns to sell Used Advertise your avion in tomorrows awl Wednes days Yankee a few days before the signing of the depriv Contlnnetl on the Second YANKEES TAKE GERMAN GANNON Entered Spincourt on Last Saturday Nov today on the march of the 3d Amer ican Army into Belgian territory evacuated by the Gen Pev Nov British Wireless week will see the greatest naval surrender which the world has ever A groat fleet of German battle cruisers and cruisers and destroyers will leave port Monday 5 for an unknown They will be met by the British accompanied by American and French representa and conducted to their destina A Berlin telegram received in Am sterdam gives this list the vessels to be handed over Battleships Ko nig Kronprinz Prins Regent Grosser Konig and Fried rich der Battle cruisers Der Moltke and Von der JJght cruisers Dresden and Em The German cruiser Dresden was sunk off Falkland Islands by the under Admiral The Emden was sunk in the Indian after it had raided shipping in the It is probable that old ships had been given the names of the ships sunk or that new ships have been built to replace THE CANDY KIDS At Last We Have a Nick name for American Troops Nov has been officially included in the rations of the American Expeditionary the Stars and Stripes an The men will be al lowed onehalf pound each every ten The ration will include chocolates and hard CITY EMPLOYES APPEAL TO MAYOR FOR INCREASES Delegates of Unions at City Hail For Pay Based on Justice and Fairness shing announced that by nightfall yesterday the advance elements had reached the line BcouviezSorbey Mars La near the German bor The report follows Headquarters American Expedi tionary Nov 1918 This mornftig the 3d American army began its march into the terri tory evacuated by the in ac cordance with the terms of tho ar At nightfall advance elements had reached the line of EcouviezSorbey Mars La Continued on the Second KXTI1A War Not Yet Army Still Undefeated and Navy Fighting Allied Fleets GERMAN AMBASSADORS PRINTING PRESS CON TINUES BUSY IN MEXICO CITY 1919 CHRISTMAS CLUB BOOKS NOW READY EXCHANGE TRUST CO 124 Boylcton Nov re ports show Gorman representatives in various parts of tho world still actively engaged in spreading propa ganda to create and feeling of hostility toward the United States and tho Allied the notorious German Ambassador at Mexico again is reported doing his utmost to make Mexico hostile to the United States and JB able to have misleading arti cles published in the seiniofllcial Mexican Recently IIP Had published through out Mexico that the German Army had not been and that the Germany Navy was still fighting the Allied 6 BELUANS Hot water Sure Relief DELLAN s INCORRECT REPORT ABOUT CHASE SANBORN CO The Chase it Sanborn was made to appear in an unfortunate liKht in the Sunday Globes report oj a City of Bos ton coffee A mistake was made in rewriting the report i the cane which was printed correctly in the Sat urday evening According to the Sunday it Sanhorn appeared as the dealers with whom David Shaw had made a con tract for whi h was condemned by experts as unlit lor As a mat ter fact was made with another base connection with the coffee resulted from nuance commissions request to take live tons still undelivered to tlie city arid curPV coffee of a usuatde This Chase Sanborn did and relieved the gity of an embarrassing THE WEATHER United States Weath er forecasts Kor i3oston and its vicinity llaln tonight and Tuesday fulling temperature increas ing s o u t Ii to west Ior Southern New glund it a i n t o slightly colder on fie m a i ii i a n 1 r a 1 n and colder fresh to strong BOUth to west For Northern New Kimland Kiiin tn niglit colder In Vermont rain and colder Increasing south Highland S a wind IT Lowest temperature In Xew Kngland last Tem peratures at S a m till lioston S a in indies lili lowest last i iii highest M Iitnnldii SS percent wind miles raining precipitation last 1M I More than score of representatives of various union organizations of city workers called Mayor Ieters tills forenoon and lold of conditions un der which they worl and Pay they re and believe such to bo If ever in tlie ctlys his has such a large group visited City Hall for this Harry JenninpB of Boston Central Labor with which organization most of Hie unions are Intro duced each tilty Councilor James labors representa tive in that was also present in an advisory Mayor Peters spoke sympathetically after the men had presented their promising to do his utmost to satisfy The tenor of tlie stories told by the representatives of each substantially the its members have not been wage advances in and that they are now receiving much less than is paid elsewhere tor thi siiniu lilnd of Unfairness was churned relative to the apportionment of money in several departments received annualy for WUKO advances The most notable complaint m this respect was from tlie Library Workers who protested that the assistant librarian had just re ceived a JiMO salary while come of tlie lower paid clerks bad been award ed IU cents week Say Some Work 365 Days a Year Not a few uf the speakers complained Unit tho men they representeil were compound to work days a with or holiday or vacation and In many case were obliged to labor overtime without extra compen Those organizations represented in cluded the elevator carpen 1iibllc and Park j and Recreation i lepartmenL women InK sanitary and sewer bridge I stationary electrical li brary workers and marine John in behalf ol elevator said they now receive only JD OS a much less than is paid outside including those in other Boston charges no fee lor olevMor Mr would hiivi tie city charge a slmi lar lo that iacted In other and that would bring In sullicient revenue in tlie Lioston inspectors the cus unnarv of a inn Drlsccll represented eight or In curinnters in the 1 ire and Sewer i ruid ttiere are from OTi to impliytd by tbe Some of them are piiiil as low as a which is about half what tlie regular union and is less than unskilled laborers are paid by the MeKernan spoke for Park and Department have soiiKht xviiRo but in increases for a long Appeal From Library Employes Thomas Brennan was spokesman for the Ijlhrnry who had never be fore been given a chance to present a new he After he had told of what lie called unfairness In the ap portionment of money appropriated for the Library Mayor Peters reminded him of the claim of trus tees that neither Mayor nor Council hai power to determine the award of Indi vidual advances In that Timothy Kelleher protested that city chauffeurs are still paid only a which fixed eight years ago that they work nights and holidays without extra Their scale calls for it day with double pay for holidays and Continued nu tlie Second Real Estate For Sale Advertise in tomorrows and Wednesdays Use the Globes want and classified columns to get the best The Temperature Today The ait tilt linlinitur up JillT i Ih Kiiy in follows IMS I HI17 Hits Ill 1 1 l in M tli p ni i in ill Iiti Cable Messages Again Accepted rsKW Nov Western Union Telegraph Company an nounced today it had resumed the ac ceptance of transAtlantic cable mes subject to Service was suspended last week on account uf con gesllou UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE American Fund for French Wounded LIEUTENANT DE WIERZBICKI Will Speak in English on FRANCE SYMPHONY HALL November at Paul Revere Frothingham Will Preside Malcolm Lang at the Organ ADMISSION FREE