Thursday, October 14, 1915

Boston Evening Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 2

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Text Content of Page 2 of Boston Evening Globe on Thursday, October 14, 1915

Boston Evening Globe (Newspaper) - October 14, 1915, Boston, Massachusetts T THE BOSTON1J Plays The Steinway The Worlds Best Piano Inspection of the Steinway Grands and Uprights at Steinert Hall is cordially Steinert Sons New Englands Largest Musical Instrument House Steinert Hall 162 Boylstoii Street J and Victor Arch Street Between Franklin and Milk WOULDBACK IT UP President of Andorra Says So in Always Ready to tend Its Voice Toward Peace NEW Oct Grant of London arrived here today on the French Liner with a letter from Pierre President of the oldest and second smallest republic in the to President as head of the largest President Font congratulates Presi dent Wilson upon the stand taken by the United States for neutrality and also upon the material aid rendered to the The President of An dorra nlso states that his republic is ready to lend its feeble voice toward a peace which is located on the southern slope of the ad iacent to France and became a republic about the year It contains 7f square miles and has a population of approximately EUGENIA KELLYS MOTHER IN COURT Talks For an Hour About Applying For Assistant District Attorney Says Matter is Stil A Woman Going to California Alone or With Every I dont care how competent and independent she leels a little more at when trav eling or with if slie can rely on a responsible paid to look after her comfort and Thats a special feature of our Personally Conducted Parties to Join Its the beet way to especially for if com safety and very mod orate cost are to be taken into ac The cost of it all is surprisingly If you will or drop in at tho office and see I will be glad to explain every detail of the famous Personally Conducted New England Passen ger Agent 204 Wash ington Phone Main NEW Oct Edward who withdrew a charge of in corrigibillty against her million dollar htiress before Magistrate House last went to the West Side Court yesterday after noon and talked for an hour with Depu ty Asst Dlst Atty This caused a rumor tlat Mrs Kelly applied for a warrant for the ar rest of at least one of the men whose names have been closely with that of Miss Magistrate told a reporter no war rant had been and that although he had seen Mrs Kelly in conference with he had not faTked with That a visit of Mrs Kelly was a desperate effort to prevent her daugh ters marriage to Al Davis of Broad was admitted by John her Mr seen his 163 West 77th said Mrs Kelly had not con ferred with him since the day after she had been served with the summons In the slander brought against i her by Al Davis about two weeks I lie said he did not know of any definite action line haci decided Mr Mclntyre told a that Mrs Kelly had been ad i vised by friends to make a drastic at tempt to prevent her daughters rnar and that the visit to Mr Bleier re i 1 Kelly is determined to use every means in her Mr Mclntyre i but what action she will take has not i been decided upon j I had a long conference with Mrs Mr Bleier She carne to i see on the advice of The i matter is still in abeyanceThat Is all I I care to 1 TO NEW CLUBHOUSE FUND Hundreds of friends of the Dorches ter Catholic Club are anticipating with pleasure the clubs annual Autumn party tomorrow evening in Intercolo nial Dudley The affair will serve to open the social All the arrangements were completed at a meeting last evening in the House ouis May will be floor director Robert and will as aids Henry Michael Arthur Leo Leo Oswald John Thomas Herbert Daniel Donovan and eph Tinreeeplion tormniuee is yontiK women who have always sitd in the clubs them Alice Josephine Dunphyj lidlth Alice on Dolly HKn Mat Anna Irene PRACTICAL SAFETY WORK INJJAY STATE Industrial Accident Board Member Tells of Joseph Parks Speaks at Dinner of Factory Kdwarcl of Was the speaker after thi whose years oppress them are more frequently tired than They should take EamrOc bottle for 10 certs to pay for uti Edward Agents 400 West 23rd New York The FamoiiR Tonic and Reilorativc noon8 session at the Cambridge in connection with tho Health Week Dr Reynolds spoko on In the evening Dr R of tho Cambridge AntiTuber culosis was tho Prior to the evening program at the association there was a dinner oi factory superintendents and foremen at Miss Murrays at which Joseph of the State Industrial Acci dent was tho OH Prac tical Safety Work In Mr Parks said in part through its Indus trial Accident has an enviable reputation for efficiency In results ac complished and economy In the cost of these results in connection with the Safety which stands first and foremost as the best idea for promotion of social etll ciency and economy among the working people of the Kmployers who adopted the recom mendations of the board have saved their insurers more than 41 petr cent of the amount ot compensation paid to injured workmen during a given as compared with the same period of a prior year when safety de vices and safety committees were If employers had no other reason than purely business reason of econ omy and they should not hes itate an instant in cooperating with a board which wishes not only to sava useless loss in human lives and but also to keep insurance costs and thecost of doing business down to the lowest possible Many Accidents At this point Mr Parks showed about 50 stereopticon pictures of Injured em and explained the conditions which brought about such mak ing it plain that every injury was pre Now that I have shown you these ho went please do not think that safety work is entirely up to the The employe is a most important factor himself in the preven tion of the possibility of the occurrence of his own accident and of an injury to his fellow The adoption of safety devices will reduce accidents to a certain extent To make the safety work there Is needed a vigor ous and constant campaign of safety education and organization The makes recommendations for the prevention of Injuries by the adoption of mechanical safeguards and the adoption of precautions of various But It makes H glaln that merely to Instal mechanical devices by no means solves the problem of acci dent Safety In which the employes actually recom mend devices and have an active hand in formulating is absolutely necessary if anything is to be accom plished in tho way of cutting down the terrible waste of human loss and suf Only in this manner will it be pos sible to obtain any appreciable and ulti mate reduction in the loss of wages human efficiency and in the cost of insurance paid by We hear a great deal concerning the increase in the State tax and tho burdens placed upon industry by various kinds of so cial but the cost of work mens compensation insurance is really and truly of no appreciable moment when compared with the benefits pro the selfrespect the misery and privation the families held together and the homes happily kept Costa the measured in dollars and the as shown by the statistics on file at the office of the is vets Based on the value ot the product of the working people of the the of AVorkmen s Compensation insurance for each 100 of is less than 1 cent if the cost was assessed upon the public which ultimately pays the it would add only onetenth of I cent to the cost of living for each dollar not too high a cost to pay for such blessed benefits as are provided by this humane Massachusetts employers deserve the greatest possible credit for the favorable attitude they have taken toward this law from the very In the first nearly employers volun tarily accepted it in the following year the number was almost doubled after a little more than three we have about with employes under the Massachu setts leads the country in this who have refused by their Hilenee and inactivity to cooperate with tho are annually losing an op portunity to an of on each reported And reported In juries have increased by reason of the addition of new subscribers to an aver age of over per On this the cost of the sins of omission by employers of labor IK about Actual Wage Loss To this wu must add the cost of the loss of experienced workmen from em ployment annually for ubout working This cannot be es timated but the actual wage lost IK nearly Some not lar the busi ness men of the Commonwealth will alien to the fact thai accident and disease prevention if ua as lire prevention and the control of ecnta iou and There will one day be no hesitation in accept ing the aid Driven hy I lie prae tiie ami in wu a iid oi Christian imi orthy the of hnnuii rain a ni bra a n 1 think and H the JMO and worthy o o Does Glenwoods are always Brim Full of New Wrinkles m GLENWOOD The Glenwood Balanced Baking Damper is far ahead of any is as positive as the turn ing of xa railroad tostart the closed to this one damper for kind ling or baking and best of it cant warp or The Glenwood Revolving Coal Grate is easy to shake at all and simply fine for removing It is triangular in with three different sides for The Glenwood Sectional Top is interchangeable pieces can not wash boiler can be placed at the back as well as in front for quick leaving the front holes free for The Glenwood Shelf Under Oven Door Is not automatically raises and lowers as oven door is opened or It is always level with oven great convenience when basting meats or removing The Ash Pan rests on a roller bearing frame open door and it rolls out at the slightest neat and Glenwood Iron is smooth and easir est of any to real delight to the most exacting Get one and youll be glad ever after Write for handsome to Weir Stove For Sale by Leading Dealers THE By William Hamilton by William Hamilton In search of her Lost Annette llllnffton and her party Hail for mutiny on the Hteumnhtp Is quelled by tailors iind An nette and her friendo bocomo the fruosta of coffee planter of and later nre captured by Insurrectoo led by Hernandez and lilu who ntao take Neal i They carry their prisoners oft Into the purwuecl by a party of jurkleu from tho seek to find their gunner Neal CHAPTER Blindfolded and Neal was led for miles over an almost untrod As he went ho and twice he could hare sworn he heard a womans a voice that he know voice of Annette Once ho heard her Suddenly there was a There Wat much whispering and the low torn chattering of many And then Neal heard another Neal Neal There the trampling of a heavy he and enough is as good as a He swung on his thrust the brute out of sight and Neal noted now that he was eonfined in a He jumped at once to the correct con This was a He examined his cell The mortar The fort was very He took out his i they had still left him stabbed I viciously at apace in between the I Suddenly he and with good for there was a distinct tap tapping on tho other side of the Somebody was rapping out tho Morse cried Neal Annette knew the Morse code and so did And in Morse code they talked on the divided That Annette That Neal Ars you comfortable The tapping was returned Then It be Save for the bugs there are about a million of them Fame but Im 30 Jamaica 25 I Franklin 18 Wlnthrop Opera Hyde 0 EnBt Du5stl EiiHt 0 Somcrvlllo 27 SB Odd 8 Sept 14 Maiden 15 Melroae 9 Waltham sy Beverly Lawrence Lawrence Hiiyerhm Hnverhlll AmmlHiry Lowell Lowell Lowell Marlboro Ncerthnin Mil ford FltchlMirB WincliencloC Woreefiter Worcester LeomliiHter Soutlibriage Webtttcr Atliol Sorinffneicl ew WeBlOcld Oneru AVIIllnmstown Photo Atlttms Uroskton in I il of all 1 io work 1 he lleli is tho i ami it is il best ef LOCAL LABOR d i j Cnion IKli Uist appointKJ Kul rainjtfdfN to i 11 labor 11 in ion will t hi oral u I be hffon of i fur tJif for the I 111 i n K K Tunnton I Mlddleboro Kail Fall Fall New New lille New Irovlncetown i Greenfield i North MAINE 4 Oet Oct 7 Sept I 3ft Sept Oet Sipt n Sept Wept HO Oet 1 Oet 18 Sept 18 18 1 S Sept 18 Sept Hept 17 Oot 10 Sept 11 U Sept X8 Kept 14 Sept 23 Sept 28 JU Oot 2 Oet 2 Oot 2 Sept 8 25 Oct l 28 Sept Oet 5 Oet Oet 4 Oet Oot Oet 12 Oet 18 Nov Oet 20 28 Oet 8 Oet J7 Hiill 11 Hcpt 15 Oet 1 Oet Oct t Oet B Oct 0 Oet 7 Oet III i 27 home HJi THHfST FOKTH A AND 8TKOKKD HICK t of to be tnot out Were especially interested in the accounts of men who are main UK their first have a proposition for such du a hatis of Confl ana Paul Revere Trust 50 Devonshire Street Also Copley Boston Annsv Flonnci Mc Kul Allen Hclin jirtiuile Anna Lena 1 will b a iiJiuher oi1 1 fat uns m 1 o in crl anil 1 j lions Clayton The toward ih fumi for a KIPPER Medford Attorney Was Formerly Superintendent of Congregational Sunday ufitd n lifelong resident and known attorney of dieo ytB friHy at Mnin Mr Kiilf M nift with par aly nvo and fuily i lie ami then beaiiliy llow about yon chain and what of a then ni al a gigantic paii t a tiuge ulioiiMer and Another and NeiiI felt himnell 11 violent y into t he fled apart A was door Quite returned An There 11 rattle at Die door of A reeto opened the dour sat upon the lloor a jug of waur and a of Alincst at the time there id wi a iled ili wan a r dnniion Mle at the door of Annittef her tapping brute waw en these Clly Uvermoro i Sprlngviilo Btmvor i New Oldtown Ilinto Mimic t Orono South Km kJlind I I Bur I llurbor j Ipeni Van ICoillto i Curllioll Oiirra Irvsiiuc Iort Jillrlleld Mi Mllo IlKtli South nrililHwIrk HUowlieBilll Oaklund NEW Nahhuii 8 HJ MillKliester HO West MaiKheBter 10 Keene 3 I ranlilln H Opera 1 j rlnriinont la W GATHER TO JOKEACH OTHER Where Freak News About 200 Will Form Line With to March to Oct 14 About 300 members of tho Baldhead Club of representing New New Rhode Island and will Invade Wln sted today to attend the fourth annual banquet of the famous Odd Fel lows Hall The Club and the Elks Homo will keep open house for the and this even ing a reception will be held at Hotel at the conclusion of which the club members will form In line and escorted by a biuul and drum corps will inarch to Odd Fellows The toast list follows George Wood ruff of touHtmastcr Judge Seymour of address of wel come Admiral George of National John Kodemeyer of Ca Hnlrialls and Con gressman Davis Oaltcy of Straightening Out BaldUp Kiggs of New Hairbreadth Postmaster Philip Troup of Now Shipping Hairs Over Par col Post Hates on The most handsome baldhcad will re ceive a the homeliest baldhcad a set of the tallest baldhead a years subscription to the Wlnstcd Evening the shorten liaidhead an auto the fattest baldhcad a the thinnest baldhead a pyramid of tho baldest head a and the hairiest luUdhead a There will be a number of surprises of wide the golden rule Is his standard of reliff He says he has 135 acres of fine land in the Walla 18 miles from Walla NOW STATIONED IN HAITI A Boston Lawrence is with the llghting United States who are disarming the rebellious Cacos in The Cacos killed aucl wounded 10 braye seasoldiers in ac tion but young Gulp appears luckily lo have escaped He is the son of Mrs Lena 2S6 Co lumbus and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at Its local offices on April 17 Already he has had many interesting and exciting experi ences while serving with the oldest branch of the 28 Nov 26 2 26 20 27 28 2U 2H J8 tO ID j WEDDED 65JEARS Mr and Mrs Cornelius Dorr of Cam bridge Observed the Anniversary With Four Children Cornelius an oldtime member of the Boston Chamber of und Mrs Dorr observed the 15th nniiiversury of their marrirute yesterday their 15 Washingon A wine that asks your favor because of its Made in America for You cannot a better champagne at any Insist on Having It SPECIAL DRY mid BRUT GOLD SEAL Spuklini Burgundy on tho Market Sold An interesting feature was I he pres euee of their four Krederielc Dorr of Mrs Helen Iseiley of Mrs CyiUB Swan Sodgo wlek of and Mrs Herbert Hayes of and members of their aiiJ Mrs Dorr rcecived from to Fitly KUesls greeted Hoth are in jjoocl health and despite their Mr and Mrs Dorr were married at old Winter Street CotmreKUlioniil in Mrs Dorr was Kmllv Oertrnde UiebaidH of Norrklffe Hlie was 10 at the Mr Dorr is a of N and Is now Ki years lie eume to iioston as a in down inil ruriaii iniide a r ou the tinionh to bi iicrved Nov in Interiolonial J Thiee new were euro At tile of Ihe Inion hust deleKatiM era from the strildiH The rltuation m thai was and a eontribui n The names jJ four new by A tnHi on i are thy becomi Uf lie IVie of I Itfnandez bv merely ble uft ner for i until r of i n m if tin iiiupiitei Mrn iiutn uid Kuihejine Kiddt f of one Oliver Kiddci vi this tt iiaii Inion laht to of the 1ltLll next were The regular of the union label j section of the Boston L w ill be I ha anomaly 1 o Hbnmbled never blr from her wondering without wi fojth ii hand ixnd hr Annetle war tiiere was KM much doellily in the expresidon of thin half half that hhe In i1 inet 1 tnbroittd to IIH Arid these BotneUilnp eln wometiiinK uKfeliiiK for expreHHion in wideopen a the I lirria Annette into a Corner of tile PRINCETON THEOLOGICAL 1 SEMINARYS PRESIDENT N Oet Kev Ur KobK moderator of the Ires byteilan hits been IHMONT Bcllowt I M lit lliirllUBlon JH Itiitlaticl 11 SprliiKlell 45 riiiihe St a Wlillf Klvir au BrulUeboro 0 HIIOOK ISLAND 4 Iawtlicket 10 inaugurated an president of Seminary to Mr lrinielj retrigned in Dr Ititehlo Hmitli wan inuligu raled as a ASKS MAYORTO AD HIM IN FINDING A WIFE Not READ THIS STORY DAILY IN THE GLOBE SEE IT IN THESE MOTION PICTURE THEATRES STARTING MI JJohtoo it lloutloeluil UVi 4 4 UiihbhiKtuii Mefil Howtlolu Uontitfi Sijit 4 Tremout J uu Ji Oliiru 1os New Britui i Hartford Nvv Alhldlelown NiirHjrli IlunleUoti Itoekville SO IS B 11 ai 1i 1 50 8 able to Iind uny young wom en inelinitd toward marriage out whore lie Lawrence of afi hat written Mayor ey of this asking Ihat Miiyor iiKsltit him in finding a Hanil Jyiiwrnriee heurd the praises of thin flty KUtiK by the wife of a UrishiiiKton lias proved Mich H jewel for I hr thai iK neluntr me lh i I wreilee hat he efmies from ami in one of the lineM i in Tin land and lie tliinUc there niuist Ii irijie illte her u here she fame lie life lonely on a ramh ami be need a MIVE he is weighs 155 Jiyiit III brown a kind und lov lutr qi wid DARK AGES OF MEDICINE Many cathartics arc noxious of fensive to taste and Some people think that they are not taking medicine unless it has a bad Otherwise nobody would think of taking croton oil or cnstor oil or salte to move Jhe They belong to the Marsh except in extreme emer never were It is now possible to take a laxative that will give nature a little gentle assist ance and to increase the dose when more action is tho tiny Pink laxative make this possible and they never Your druggist sells A free sample and a useful book on the treat ment of constipation will be sent free on request by the Williams Medicine Perspiring and Sore Feet annoying and cmbu iruunlng troubles CKII tiuHlly be Here it Uio qulckeut and unrest rem edy Two tuljlcapoonrulB ot Ciihiclde compound In n warm foot bath Riven Instant Dont cnuure Toot torun of uny By thin treatment uiul ciitlouncB run tie rlKln If iind Horo huiiliinn It actu through the remuvinfv the eenttJ ut uny drui or at Mdliiil