Friday, June 4, 1915

Boston Evening Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Evening Globe (Newspaper) - June 4, 1915, Boston, Massachusetts Globe AdvLs Bring Results Boarders Wanted Cottages To Let Real Estate For Sale Use the Order Sunday Globe Advte Evening T Edition X VOL LXXXVIINO 155 FRIDAY JUNE 1915SIXTEEN PAGES co PBICE ONE EVENING TO GERMANY KILLED R in o Italian Defended His Tailor Shop From Starving People Robbed Stores of All DRESSING FETE Swatting Employe With Liquor in Whitney Store During the Evening TEMPEST OVER REMOVAL OF CLOCKS June of hun wanton looting and subsequent to the evacuation of Mon terey by Villa were told today by passengers arriving here from that Five rioters were killed and 12 it Is by Rafael Fer an Italian when a mob attempted to raid his tailoring estab Ferrlgno is said to have been A police force organized by the Villa authorities prior to the the arrivals proved powerless to check the but after three days of vsilance committees made up of Mexicans and foreigners are reported to have brought order by drastic women and chil dren participated in the According to an American passenger who reached here the last VUlls train Monterey May the departure of the last of the Villa starving people started out In large bodies to loot grocery and butcher In some cases ef orts were made to purchase food from mall but the exorbitant Total want and olassiCid ttdvtB printed in the month of May Globe 2nd Paper Globes lead Advertisers Use the Globe Because of the Ex cellent Results It Brings On All Kinds of To get your share of the trade of the best clientele in New use the Globes adver tising General Stores After satisfying their followed y the looting of liquor lie It is began to attack gen ral mercantile usually f the smaller for the larger were oo well guarded to successful Many small establishments were ompletely cleaned of their Prior to orders were given hat looters be shot and this was done in several both by the lolice and the vigilance When the Constitutional forces en ered the the mob Is said to have requested permission to This was lenled ami orders were issued to shoot down any one guilty of The Constitutionalist forces at Mon terey are estimated at from 3000 to5000 and are endeavoring to establish normal conditions in the Several carloads of food supplies have been received from the American Red Iross and distributed under the Islon of American Consul General In part alleviating Further food supplies are There has been a large exodus of na free transportation being fur ilshed to the border by the military au i Merchants of Monterey orho desire to come to the border for the purpose of eplenlshlng their exhausted stocks are being given free transportation and re mission of customs ITISA ADVTS BRING THEBEST JSULTS GIPBEIMAKE ADVTS I Business For Sale Offices To Let Real Estate For Sale Use the Order Your Sunday Globe Advts Remember the Globe offers the beet medium for the Bale of new or used automo Read the in Todays Globe Gowan Tells of Whisky Drinking Harry Cowan of a former employe of the late Theodore Whit told the jury in the Whitney will contest this morning of a windowdress ing fete years ago In Mr Whitneys when drinking of whisky was fol lowed by the swatting of stiuash pla over the face of an employe named The term windowdressing fete is not Mr but that of ExCon gressman Joseph counsel for the contestant of the Mrs who the Mr OConnell was also fcJnd of the no windowdressing festlvt According to Mr Gowans rices demanded and the request that several of the employes would gather ayment be made rought In gold or silver AND STILL ON NOTE MAY BE VIEWSONWASHINGTON SHOWING AN UNOBSTRUCTED NEAR AND ONE OBSTRUCTED WITH POSTS NEAR MILK FAMINE RELIEF PLANS ARE READY June tWlthoutwalt ng to sea how the contending military factions of Mexico take President Wil sons Administration officials are cooperating with the American Red Cross in forward comprehen sive plans for relieving the Mexican civilianpopulation from further distress and resulting from the Incessant warfare in Southern AH of ifce relleplans which Gov ernmental agencies are aiding wore ready to bo aid before the Red Cross executive committee They In clude the uisanlzatlpn of special com mittees In the principal cities of country for the collection and forward Ing of supplies to Mexico supervision over the movement of supplies efforts to secure either free transportation or reduced rates for foodstuffs to border and Instruction by the Govern ment to consular officers and military posts along the border to aid In as sembling and moving food Meantime the effect of President Wil sons demand for order on the leaders of the various military factions In Mex loo Is still awaited with It Is not definitely Itnown here whether onot all the factional leaders have re ceived the Presidents al though official advices told of the re ceipt by American consular representa tives In Mexico of Victory for Villa Meager official advices received hero confirm claims of a victory for Villa In the battle with Obregon forces at Upon the result of this battle hinges supremacy In Central and pos sibly the success of a final effort to bring the contending factions together to establish a new Details of the capture of Silao Wed with large quantities of n with Mr Whitney of an evening dress and whisky would be frequently bought outside by one of the Witness said on one occasion he and Mr Whitney spent the night Thorndlke you how you got there asked Mr we could all We In crossexamination the witness de clared that Mr Whitney stopped drink ing in after speaking of It to Do you recall one of these window dressing Mr OConnell queried In the course of his when Mr after there had been some came in with a squash asked Elvedt If he was ready for his lunchi and then swatted him over the face with the pie I think theres been some mistake on said It wasnt Mi but Mr who did Wasnt it at Mr Whitneys sugges tion I think Witness explained that during the first four or five years of his connection with the store from 1888 he knew noth ing about the but after that time whisky was usually at when the windows were to be We would have something occasion ally said rWhat was It pursued Mr whisky Who bought It I bought It then I guess Mr Whleney and others It was good deal of a festivity at these wasnt it said And that was largely due to your having whisky wasnt it I dont It didnt bother me How long did you stay there those nights We sometimes stayed all Witness said he was sometimes sent out for the whisky by Mr but Continued on the Fifth ammunition and by Gen Villa ispaton a agency ForelKi were the V in a dli agency from received by Miguel Diaz at given Tlla agency Foreign Minister at Carranzas the dispatch fled south ward after their to Join on lUe Second ENTHUSIASM IN STOCKMARKET Demand for Steel and Other Throughout the List Prices Rose 2 to 4 First Hour Sales of THE United States Weath er Bureau forecasts For Boston and Its vicinity Falltonight and light to moderate variable For Southern New England Fair tonight and Saturday moder ate northeast For Northern New cloudy tonight and Saturday moderate variable For Eastern New Fair tonight and aaturday warmer Jn central portion moderate northeast Lowest temperatures last night Con N 34 with frosts temperature at 8 a 50 Bos 66 New 56 58 New 80 Boston observations at 8 a m Barom eter temperature highest tem perature yesterday 62 lowest last night 44 humidity 68 percent weather clear wind 4 miles an The Temperature The thermometer at Spa records the temperature up to 3 p m as follows loin S a 49 fi a 49 0 a 56 12m 64 1 p 63 2 p 62 8 p 62 For Business and Pleasure Use the Boston Worcestertrolley for Worcester and Intermediate press and accommodation NEW June The victory of the United Steel Corporation In the dissolution suit by the United States Government was made the occasion of an outburst of bullish enthusiaam at the opening of todays Stock Steel the outstanding although Its initial quotation was somewhat The first trans action consisted of one lot of shares at 64 to compared with yester days close of The next sale was a lot of 2000 shares at followed by 1200 at 6 lifter which it reacted slight In the first 15 minutes shares of Steel changed Steel pre ferred rose 2 and throughout the list there were gains ranging from 2 to 4 Other Trust Stocks International whose affairs now are under Federal opened with a gain of 14 and American which also is beine investigated by the Federal opened with a sale of 7000 shares at 42 to against yesterdays close of Distillers was another ob scure specialty to show a sensational advancing 8 points over Trading slackened toward the end of the first but the turn over In that time exceeded Profit tak ing with the result that some early gains were altogether while others were reduced to minor Pteel held better than other yielding less than half its Har American Can and Distillers fell 6 and 3 points respectively from 6 an po their high FORD MOTOR CO DECLARES MILLIONS IN DIVIDENDS June The Ford Motor Company announced today that It had Increased Its authorized capital stock from to and had declared a stock dividend of payable July A cash dividend was declared on the original authorized stock of but the amount was not made The stock dividend Increases the holdings of Henry president of the by The stock Increase brings the Issued capital stock of the concern to valua tion of The remaining It was will remalf In the companys to be used as conditions demand In the The i tempest continues overthe order of the Board Street Commissioners the removal of term to be sidewalk and It IE very that the matter will eventually be threshed out In the as a determined is being made by some of the persons affected by the or Clocks appear to be the rock upon which opponents to the Street Com nissloners order make their and hus far the publicity devoted to the op position has been mainly confined to statements relative to the Injustice that he public might suffer through their The1 fact has been generally that the is not an at ack on sidewalk but on side walk obstructions of all including osts used for holding up heavy mar According to the Board of Street Com mlslsionevs the recent order calling for of all structures which can bo termed obstructions anil which are unlawfully occupying space in the pub ic is merely the currying out of a needed power given to the com nissioners by the Legislature of Sidewalk conditions were so bad that ho Legislature passed an act empower ng the of Street Commissioners to make rules and regulations governing the placing and maintaining of advertising jermanenf and temporary awnings and structures projecting into or placed an or over a public highway of the city of Those rules and regulations were made by the Board of Street April and took effect June It is therefore a year after they went into effect that strict enforcement is be gun by the the members of which feel that persons having structures com ing within the regulations have had am ple time to remove them and conform to the Say All Were According to the Board of Street Com missioners every 9lock or other obstruc tion is in position unlawfully and there never was a legal right possessed by any city official to grant the In it is said that many of the throughout Boston were erected on a quasipublic ground with assurances that they would be used for lighting but soon developed Into advertising pure and sim When the lighting system was changed from gas to electricity several years more than one post was left standing and later was adorned by a goldpainted mortar and pestle of a druggist or some other advertising de It is said one clock was put in place over night under the guise of a lamp Since 1910 there have been scores of applications for clocks and they have been Two exceptions were those of the Institution for Savings on Tre mont near La Grange and of the ChlckeringPiano According to the Street Commissioners office it has been erroneously published that Mayor Curley signed the order for one of the The bank is was granted Jan and the piano concern permit Oct With few if It Is said all the In one manner or are used for advertising pur and in one according to Chairman Goodwin of the Board ot Street the clock has a decided monetary value to the owner That clock IB said to be owned by the lessee of the who turn the clock to a tenant and the tenant pays an extra rental be cause the clock advertises his bust ness of watchmaker and On Temple pi there IB a post suit able for a but Instead of a time Piece It Is adorned with a gilded os representative of the feather con earn which owns Further up on the same side Is a clock1 which tells the world to have corns On the Continued ou filth SAYS HE KISSED MiSS MARSH ALL Frank Freeman Had to Testify of Reluctant to Tell Source of Board Money at It Will Inform Germans No Guns Were Carried on Meyer Gerhard Is Bernstorffs Emissary to the June in the situation be tween the United States and Germany has been transferred rom American to German and the preparations for the next move and the next actual step in the diplomatic ne gotiations over the German submarine policy now are The latest American note has not yet been put on the out its tenor is so well known on both sides of the At lantic that the situation is the same as though it actually lad been While no information as to the details of the Cabinet meeting were given it is understood that the draft of President Wilsons note was read and that it was Fhe conference between the President and Ambassador Von Bernstorff is not believed to have modified the tentative terms in any with the note virtually on its way and an emissary From Von Bernstorff speeding to Europe to enlighten the German diplomats on the prevailing sentiment in the United another period of watchful waiting has And this probably will continue till the German reply is a repetition of the Lusitania borror should disturb the Patient Awakened Twice to Take Sleeping June Free In the hearing be ore the Municipal Council on Alderman Stlckneys charges against Miss Mar the superintendent of the Tuber cttlosls told of kissing Miss Marshall on several and of visiting at her home in when re called for crossexamination When attorney Peters sought to learn the source of Freemans Income since his return to this he refused to It was only when Alderman Wood threatened to have City Clerk draw papers and compel him to testify under pain of penalty for contempt that he weakened and said that Miss Cook and Miss formerly diet ician and had supplied him will funds during the past two William who was discharge from the hospital for violation of rules testified that he had been punished threi times by being put in the death charn ber or anchor while Freeman who had violated the samu had es oaped punishment at Miaa Marshalls Miss Margaret Sheehan of Groveland said that there had been a fireworks eel ebration on the Fourth of the day that her uncle died at the and when Miss a had report ed the case to Miss the super intendent had said that just because on was uying was no sign that they wouli all The dying mans brother was th one who went out to stop the Freeman Broke Only Four The hall was taxed beyond its capaclt again this morning when Kyan for Miss called I response to inquiries Freeman said Mrs Miss Cooks sister 1 where I sent a letter t Miss but 1 didnt see the lette and didnt know its Mr Barnes talked to me about Mis but not about conditions a the Judge Ryan asked him it Mrs ISame had ever told him tnat there were certain few who were trying to mak trouble for Miss Attorney Pe tors objected to the Introduction of hear say but Mayor Uiirtlott BUS talned Judge Ryans contention that I served to show a state of The Freeman said that he hud been to about Freeman was asked If ther were any rules that he had not broke and he said thathe of only thre that he had the rest soln to be4 at and leaving the Continued ou tlie Second President Completes President Wilson finished the new note to Germany today and laid It be fore the It probably will be dispatched to Berlin late tonight or larly No arrangements have yet been made as to the time when it will be made White House officials said today that while the President had penned the note he had consulted with Sec Bryan over the principles and the He also has been in constant con sultation with Counselor Lansing and also with Atty Gen who in vestigated affidavits that the Luei tania carried The Government is convinced there is no ground for that contention and the note will so inform FirstHand While the President and the Cabi net were discussing the note a Ger man agent was on his way to Berlin to present a firsthand report of the interview which Count Von Bern the German had with President Officials at the German Embassy refused to discuss that but it became known authoritatively ttiat Meyer who sailed from New York yesterday for Copen hagen on the steamer United with a guarantee of safe conduct ob tained by the American Government from the la the He IB an attache of the German Colonial Office and has bean in the United States several repre senting the German Red He goes to Berlin to present firsthand the views of Ihe American Govern as Count Von Bernstorff got them from President Diffi culties of communication through the war the German Embassy have deprived the Berlin For eign Office of a light on the American Lansing at The dispatch of the envoy was the basis of much confidence In German quarters where it was an understanding on submarine war fare satisfactory to both Germany and the United States could be His is real ized as a difficult one because feeling among German officials and according to reliable advices has been that the American Govern ment was seeking to deprive Ger Contlnuert on the Second Order next Sundays Globe In Remember to order your advts for next Sun days Globe REGARDLESS Of the unseasonable weather we offer Native Asparagus At 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