Thursday, December 14, 1922

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Thursday, December 14, 1922

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - December 14, 1922, Boston, Massachusetts Holiday Purchases Patronize Globe Read the advts in todays Globe Use the Globes Want and Classified col umns to get the best Christmas Shopping Do it Save money by patron izing Globe Read the Store advertisements in todays Read Uncle Dudley VOL OH 167 Entered as second clflsa matter at under the act of March THURSDAY DECEMBER 1922TWENTYEIGHT PAGES 2 BX TUB GLOBE N10WBPAPEB TWO CENTS ASKS HARDING FOR RAILROAD TIES TO NEW ARMS PARLEY FIREWOOD FOR NEEDY POOR House Renew Naval Building Race Points to Foreign Programs in Light Ships and Submarines I Deo 13 By notice that the United States cannot avoid a new Naval program in swift cruisers and fleet subma rines unless treaty limitations are extended to such was served by the House Appropriations Com mittee today in reporting the Naval Appropriation A sixline placed in the bill by the requested President Harding to negotiate with Great Japan and Italy for such an extension of the limitation of aircraft to be The committee report said large cruiser and submarine programs were planned adding In other competition ii on again in the single direction to which the unratifled agreement the Washington Naval Treaty does not and if it be allowed to go on the pursestrings again must be relaxed and this Gov like all will be con strained to launch a new program to the extent necessary to keep us at least abreast of any of the other Harding Not Consulted President Harding was not consulted by tho committee witli relation to Its limitation conference The pro Continued oil the Tenth TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Pnitc American League moves to reduce homerun House Appropriations In reporting Naval asks President to call another arms saying United Stales must enter new building unless cruisers and submarines City workmen reducing 0800 railroad ties to firewood for needy poor of State Fuel Administrator Phelan charges Philadelphia Reading holds back its proper quota of shipments to New and calls on Senators Lodge and Walsh to lay matter before Interstate Commerce Elevator girl helps rignt fire on eighth floor of Blake Trial of five men for Hcrtin murders Is Building ori campus of Assumption Wellesley City ahtits water from families on Ferndale Dorohesteii Investment bankers urged by John their to guard busi ness ethics associations campaign to ttcHJfy public Victory Notes must be fseitted tomorrow or interest will be ttenator Lodge offers a Constitutional j amendment empowering to roguluto child and womens Mayors Gloucester unil Marlboro give ideas on taxation before Special State 1flge 1 Flank Sweetscr appointed receiver of Intercity Trust arter lively hearing on bankruptcy Police testify that posing as cement had liquor Frank Hamilton witnesH in divorce says wife lilt him with stick of Tiiunton dentist found unconscious in gafiflllecl Sec your newsdealer or news toy and place a regular order for the Daily Sunday Readthe store advts in todays Remember 11 RICHDALE GASOLINE Is all Road Tested PnKC Senate debates bill four Seven coal sellers summonsed into Roxbury Court In short weight and false scales Daughter of John slain testifies that Mrs Brunen gave hint husband was to bo Page Near East Relief tells present location of Finance Commission report on syna tjoeue purchase will be ready this Suit for filed by trustee of Inter national Service Corporation against Harry Nathan Tufts and alleging Christmas seals on sale in eight 1asc llrs Gerotilcl denies husbands ohargo in Salem divorce Scenes of disorder In British House of Commons over Lobor members de fiant demand flor further measures to relievo Cutters watching two suspected rum runningschooners off Harvaid seniors elect George Owen first Vngrc Three privates in Fire Department promoted to acting Iollce claim to have founrl source of poison liquor In Hyde Baldwin president of tha Traffic Club of New Bill introduced In Stale Senate pro viding for State Automobile Insurance Department and compulsory liability Insurance for automobile Page Executive Council receives Gov Cox nomination of members of the new Commission on Administration and Thcophllus KIIIK of Quinoy celebrates TSIh birthday by adding to King Family Kci Cross gives priority to relieving nerds jf disabled Ilan for united control of Army and Navy is laid before News of tlie water PIIRC Execution in Tiusela totalled in 1 resident Ilrum of Uruiuav and nr lUrrera light duel neither Nine little from Long Island Hos pital make a trip to town to see Santa Angrlo New York school prin addrcKses tnitarlan Pause I Senate subcommittee votes unanimous 1 ly to recommend confirmation of Fierce who made good while be ing sought by Federal officials for eight given minimum prison William prominent in electrical dies in New Page William testifying at Daugherty impeachment sayb Gompers hoe hounded him since the McNamara Striking Chinese sailors from Prov idence may be brought to Boston by Im migration Workmen Sawing and Splitting 1800 in Municipal Yard at Franklin Park to Heat Homes in Boston SAWING AND SPLITTING RAILROAD TIES AT THE CITY YARD AT FRANKLIN FOR DIS TRIBUTION TO NEEDY POOR OF Four workmen of Park lice reatlon armedwith ma chine und afternoonon the task of railroad ties to be dis tributed to Bostons needy Thr first afternoons nulta u hole tfii workmen say couple of days will make this pile The work is done at the Frank lin Park yard of the Park arid Recrea tion The whine of the and the1 thudding ofthe music to the cars of fuclless attracted large crowd to tho The work was clout under direct charge of Clmres Hogan of the Park For a time tho work was delayed the amount of sediment Iri the ns a result of which the saws frequently were got the knack of overcoming this diffi culty the work proceeded The tits were cut into stove 22 inches and chunks wore split Tho system undor Whiuh the kindling be has not been mined AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE Advertise in the Daily and Sunday Globe During the months ending November 30 Globe printed linesof and Accessory ad leading the 3d Boston having Daily and Sunday by Remember to order your Real Business Chances advts for next Sundays Globe SUNDAY GLOBE CAREFULLY To insure insertion in thn Sunday advertise ments under the following classifications must be in the office not later than MACHIMRRV AND TOOLS MUSICAL IN8TBOMENT8 TOURS AND TRAVEL FARM AND GARDEN SHOW CASH REGISTERS Want and Classified advts other than the above must be in the Globe office before I on We cannot guarantee the proper classification of advts ordered on HERRIN MURDER TRIALS OPENED Five Accused of Share in Mine Massacre State Attorney Says Victims Were Promised Safety Defense Counsel Assails Chamber of Commerce WELLESLEY FIRE ROUTSOTENTS Assumption Academy Is Scene This Time Blaze the Third in Two Weeks on Campuses Dec IS By completion by the prosecution ami de fense of their statements to the jury and the Introduction of the testifiony of the firm three witnesses for the marked the opening today of the trial of five men charged with murder In uection with the Ilerrin mine Amonp the spectators who crowded the Williamson County Courthouse wero Franl head of the Illinois mine and Oral secre tary to John president of the International Mine who down thu proceedings in Beside Judge Hartwell sat tho jury of 12 in blue and khaki 11 of them farmers and one a union Among tho farmers are two ex Dolas State repeated the history of the fatal Herrin not and outlined the testimony upon which Storage Building Burns at Loss of Continued on tbc Tenth Special PUpulch to tho Globe and girl studpntu nt tho Academy of thr Assump ii sftloct Catholic boarding were awakoiiffl and marched out of shortly after 11 oclock hist overling when a fire on the academy grounds hncamq threatening and firevnon were almost nowovless hecauao of lack of writer Tonights lilrixe was the third of un known origin which has occurred on Wellesley campuses within the past two The fire ultimately iburned Heelf out in the building in which It an uninhabited building used for storing The damage was estimated at The aolc pumping engine of fire department is being and the department had to depend tonight on natural pressure from the Continued on ilic Tenth Pa 15 FAMILIES City Shuts It Off for Unpaid Taxes Asa Result Some Have to 63 Without Too Owner Claims Property Is Sold Fifteen families on Forndalo Dor wore without water last night as a result of the action of tho City Water Department in off the supply owing to thn owners failure to pay the water The in the name of Mrs Abramson of 79 Quint but she Is said to have sold the property two flays ago aud asserts is not responsible for the The action at the city authorities has caused considerable hardship anil suf The 16 families affected Include more than 30 Some of them wero without heat as well as unable to obtain coal for their they were depending on kitch en AB these have hot water tanks They were forced to draw the flres to avoid Water for most pressing needs was AIM AT REDUCTION OF HOME RUN American League Magnates in Favor System in Attempt to Check Slugging Carnivals ELEVATOR GIRL IN FIGHT AGAINST FIRE Men Help Check Blaze on Eighth Floor of Blake Crashes Into Washington St Discovering a fire on the eighth floor of the Blake Building at Washington st anil Temple pi about last Miss Lena 20yearold elevator girl seiized a fire extinguisher in tho corridor and with the assistance others held the Ire in check until the arrival of fire apparatus in response to an The fire was In the estab lishment of Maurice Cohen whole sale The fire occurred at a time when thousands of passing tho Washlnstonst side of the building and several narrowly escaped Injury when a plate glass window fell to the streot as a result ofthe intense Frag ments of the glass crashed onto the sidewalk and street and thero was a rush for doorways and other places of Miss who lives at 1692 Wash ington South was passing by the eighth floor In her car when she Baw the reflection of the flames Inside the jewelry She stopped the car grasping an brolce Continued on the Twelfth Continued on the Tenth TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS PHBC After plea of Ambassador Child arid warning from Marquis Curzon the Turks adopt more counciliatory atti tude compromise on prohibition ot minorities United States Senator Moses not san guine of suocoss for President Hardlngs proposed dry conference of iipomcrville woman fights off assail Dal Elreann approves vote of for of Gov Gen Healys estab lishment at Viceregal despite protest by Snow expected to follow breaking of cold wave Bostons dancins receives O K of Licensing State Grange gives sixth degree to 830 Page Children of History and by Margaret Thru Piilltnanti ilonton to FlorLdtt Ras and West Everglades I Atlantic 284 Washing1 ton A quart of cranberries will serve twelve Makes the finest nance for roast beef or Buy Eatmor Every Outdoor The TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Pnjjp Going It by Uncle My favorite y Irvin Atty Gen Alien calls conference of district attorneys to consider dry law enforcement and other important mat IliRC Commercial PlIKP Harvard shuts in hockey game ai the School hockey players got outdoors for practice on the Princeton beats winning the Intercollegiate eocccr True story of HlklCarpcntlcr bout hushed Paris newspaper Pnitr Four Armory bouts fail to go the McGiU University iof Montreal on Yale fooiball schedule for Dartmouth defeats Norwich in basket ball 58 o 7 other Howling Three women nm1 dansf hv automobiles in Financial In Financial t Mayor boomed as nert lovernorat dinner in hie honor by the II1321 TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS PllRTO Archbishop FumasoniBIondi will be appointed Apostolic Delegate to the United Htate HeglBtrur of Motor Vohiclsd Goodwin makes plea tor safe and sane Clemenceau cheered as he leaves Xew York for Initc Radio Woman Mayor of pays visit to President assures Gov Cox he favors purchase of the Cape Cod Household Treacherous by Barrett Wil Careful by Mary Doug PnRc Household Pone cast only percent of tho registerod vote llafrlgtin may re Crass divorce libels of Merton and Harriet touthworth on trial at East Radio fog signal lessens perils of Unusual ofllcial tribute to the memory of John Wanamaker will mark funeral services today in THE WEATHER i Forecast for Boston and Vlotnitjf Thurs day Increasingcloudi ness and slightly warm followed by rain or Thursday night and Friday winds bo coming East and Southeast and Increas ng by Thursday Washington Forecast for N or th e r n New England Fair followed by Thursday night or Southern New England Increasing cloudiness and slightly warmer Thurs followed by snow or Thurs day hleht and Globes probably occasional rain or snow and somewhat colder moderate shifting becoming The Temperature Yesterday at Thomp sons a 26 6 a 24 25 12 28 3 p 32 6 p 32 I p 26 J2 Average temperature yester 27 Temperatures nt 8 02 16 St 12 St 26 22 24 26 10 New 21 Plucky Elevator Girl Who Led Fight Agalns CALL ON FEDERAL HELPER COAL Phelan Charges Reading Holds Up Proper Quota Ms Lodge and Walsh to Seek Interstate Commission Aid Company Refuses to Send Says Administrator James State emergency fuel addressed letters yester day to Senator Ijodgc and Senator asking them to place before the Interstate Commerce Commission his made public yesterday for the first that the Philadelphia Read Railroad is responsible for holding up large shipments of anthracite coal to Massachusetts and other sections of Now According to Mr Phelan tho road has for some weeks refused to allow Its ears to be ustd to move coal Into New Krig asserting that New Kngland rail roads do not return its cars nor send Continued on the Sixth For if you operate a laundry or cleaning or dydng es tablishment or arc in any other butineas requiring economical ia a GE Motor and Control just to The Guarantee of Excellence on Goods Electrical QB Motor Oftltn are dlmplmrina thlt aenriot tifatll For Less Noise and More Motors Beware the three spendthrift brothen in your friction wmstol Where one the others Electric have done tony with fheso wagtefnl triplet in our most modern facto slip and BO difficult to ovoid with mechanical are practically GE Motors and due to inherent qualities of workmanship and mate rial are long lived and Expense for repair and maintenance is Every business man thinking of expansion should know the GE Motor dealer in his He Is good man to consult on motor problems and can give you If you do not know Congress 5000 State BaMaa Office jt otors A Product of GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY Committee to Draw Rule Junior Organization to Start April 18 Will Aid Disabled Players led to By OLEART NEW A reduction In the home run hitting which has marked the last two big league campaigns to be the American League magnates at their annual meeting in the Hotel Belmont this afternoon voted to have a com uijttee determine on the standafd Ization home which would Continued on Tivelfth Far 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