Thursday, August 3, 1922

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - August 3, 1922, Boston, Massachusetts ORDER YOUR ADVTS FOR fiEXT SUNDAYS GLOBE TODAY Real Estate For Sale Automo For Sale Business For Sale Advertise In the ORDER NEXT SUNDAYS GLOBE IN ADVANCE FROM YOUR DEALER Remember to order your advts for next Sundays Globe Read the Want Pages an qn J M second class natter at trafler tie tot of March THURSDAY AUGUST 1922TWKNTYFOUR PAGES BT THE GLOBE NEWSPAPER TWO CENTS PELLETIERMEN OF Elect Hart Supreme Advocate AM All Six Directors Prout of Boston Among Visitors McSweeney Makes Address LONG GUTS REED fe LEAD TO 7744 i Rural Districts Hold Possible Victory Steadily Whittling Senators Margin ot Country Precincts Yet j to Be Heard Prom ST Aug 2 By Senator James Reed Is leading Breokenridge Long for the Demo cratic nomination for United States Senator by 7744 on the face of returns from all but 508 of the 3848 precincts In Returns from 3340 precincts at 10 oclock tonight give Reed Long The Senators which reached more than this was steadily whittled away as belated re from rural where the Long strength came Through out the day Mr Long maintaineda consistent with an average lead of approximately 18 votes a precinct Jn country this ratio is maintained In the B08 precincts yet to be heard Mr Long has a chance of probably by fewer than 2000 In the Republican Senatorial Brewster of Kansas indorsed Jjy the regular probably win to Four other candidates In the Repub lican race are not within shooting dis tance of the Three Progressives epllt more than 7000 votes between while Col John chief of start of the Sevefiili Army organized of Jefferson Bar Is far In the Tho vote Attorney Jesse Barrett John Mo and The outcome of the ReedLong feature event of yesterdays probably will not be known until the complete vote has been Scat tered precincts In many counties are In cluded In the more than 700 along with the entire vote of Ozark and two Isolated communities in the By AUGUSTIN McNALLY ATLANTIC N Aug Pelletler oradministration forces of the Knights of Columbus elected all of their candidates In todays Wil liam Mulligan of con tender for the office of supreme advo held by Mr Pelletler up to the time of his came within 11 votes of giving the ad ministration a narrow margin of vic Mulligan may be man In the order Inside of with present Indications strongly In his favor for supreme In succession to James His vote against 165 given Luke startled the adminis tration They had counted on a 2 to 1 On the other they easily elected their candidates for the six vacant di The elected officials are Supreme Luke Hart dlreo Patrick Georgia John California John Xew Jersey William Minne sota George Canada Wil liam Mr Prout of Massachusetts Is held In high regard by all the With the exception of Mr who was elected a director at the age of Mr Hart Is the youngest man in the or der to receive the coveted Refprmers to Continue Fight The reform groups are not at all weary of the They are going to It tomdrrow morning with fresh vig They still insist that the order should publicly take back the basic sentiment In the original statement made by Mr Flaherty on the Pelletlor The resolutions ere to of as reported In yester calls for Mr Flahertys spon sored by the New York gives the supreme knight a gentle In spite of the fact that the Catholic weekly known to be the official organ of Continued on the Fourth Advise your friends the Uncle Dudley Editorials in the Daily and Sunday The Globe prints an Uncle Dudley Editorial every day in tlic Suffolk Law School cveulnB Law School In 17th Fouiyenr Splen did new fireproof occupying entire Derne nnd Temple opposite State Join the or division of Freshmen rlnsH now Registration also Monthly nnd Krldar Call or phone for 1824 Derne CLEASON Fhoiu S36 Dp Curley of Baltimore has po llcely Informed the in an that the supreme knight ought to apologize for his defense of It Is not likely the convention will ac cede to the It is not that any action pro or con on these specific resolutions will be made It may be that the order will issue an official statement covering the The knights got Into evening clothes tonight and danced merrily at the an nual convention BURY DR PELL At SUNSET FRIDAY Telephone Inventor to Lie on Mountain Top Had Been In Failing Health for Several Months Condition First Regarded as Critical Tuesday N Aug sunset on on the crest of Belnn Breagh the body of Dr Alexander Graham who died this morning at his Summer be In a spot chosen by the Inventor of the telephone him The grave of the venerable scien the Immensity of whose life work was attested by scores of tele grams which came today to the Bell estate from the worlds prominent is at a point overlooking the town of Cape The sweeping vista from the moun tain so admired by Mr stretches far over the Bras chosen as the moment when the body will become forever a part ofthe gilds the waters ot the lake until they are real ly what their name lakes on the arm of Although the Inventor had been in failing health for several le had not been confined to bed and the end was Late yesterday his condition became serious and Dr Ker of a cousin of Mrs a house and a Sydney attended With Mr Bell when he died were Mrs a Mrs Marian Hibbard and her David Fairchild of The inventor leaves another daugh Mrs Elsie wife of i Washington magazine Dr Bells death was attributed to progressive GIRL PREACHES IN BOSTON Mary Pittsburg Has Nerve of Billy Sunday Out Her Stories MARY AGNES Girl Evangelist Now Preaching in McSweeney Makes Address During the afternoon Archbishop Glen non dropped into the convention for a few minutes to listen to addresses by Edward McSweeney of and The historical headed by Mr announced the award ing by Gatllard Hunt of a prize to Prut famuel Beinis of Whitman for the best essay In the American history Mr McSweeneys Address Mr McSweeney said in part Tho purpose of the Knights of Co lumbus is not to American his but simply to perpetuate the traditions and spirit of American lib While the great bulk mem bership is drawn from the United there are also members who owe allegiance to other Under whatever member of the Knights of Columbus in resent any organ ized attempt by subjects of a foreign country to interfere with tho legitimate right of his to a National This attack on National liberty and honor has not even the merit of being based on Bound principles of justice on a conflict between ideals on theories of From the be ginning it has been a sordid attempt Continned on the Ninth Globes Gain The total number of Want and Classified advts printed in the Globe during the seven months ending July 31 was 1922 Globes Be sure to order your advts for next Sundays Globe SUNDAY GLOBE CAREFULLY To insure insertion in the Sunday advertiso ments under the following classifications must bein the ofllce not later than CASH REGISTERS MACHINERY AND TOOLS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS TOURS AND TRAVEL FARM AND GARDEN Want nnd Classified advts oilier than the above must be in the Globe office before i 30 on We cannot guarantee the proper classification ot on HOW MR BELL WORKED OUT THE TELEPHONE Though born In larch Alexander Graham Balls has ever been associated wlh Lowell and for t was In these communities that the nventor of the telephone worked out he details of the last centurys most Important While Prof has given to the world other notable the telephone stands out as his master From 1873 until the beginning of he once of Salem and came I was a resident to Boston every day for my professional Then I would spend my Summer vacations in Continued oil the Elchtll THE WEATHER Forecast for Boston and Vicinity Threat with local show ers Thursday Friday partly cloudy moder ate gen variable Washington Forecast for Northern New Eng land partly cloudy with local showers Thursdajeand probably Friday moderate Globes Forecast with local showers Thursday Friday and Saturday fair with little change In tem perature moderate variable be coming probably Tho Temperature Yesterday at Thomp sons Spa3 a 70 6 a 09 a 0912 70 S p 09 0 p OS S P 07 12 Average temperature CS Temperatures at 9 Last Night Ban 86 St 84 St 82 74 63 66 62 New 72 Precipitation in 4 hours to 8 p Mary Agnes child evangelist of preached her first sermon Boston at Lorimer Tremont yesterday afternoon with all the verve which has brought her into the public She strides across and around the platform like Billy acting out her stories with vigorous movements and occasion ally breaking Into song which she forces thn congregation to At the beginning of the which was somewhat she explained that she had not expected to speak In the afternoon and was therefore more or less trunk had not nor her suitcase ana she said she had had to RO out and buy herself a dress in order to Some opposition had been expressed by certain individuals about her preach ing here on the grounds that she WAS too young and should not bo allowed to for that but at the meeting there was no opposition Miss who has a pungent way of saying things at asked those who were so concerned about her not to her health was she had beenconducting services since she was she weighed 110 pounds arid she was sure Jesus would take care her Acts Out Scene of Baptism She selected her text from chap ter verse In telling how Jesus came o the River Jordan to be baptized by John she acted out the entire scene and said that when Jesua wanted people to follow Him He commanded thcpi to fol low He did not ask them He told After proceeding along these lines for a while she suddenly flung the remark at the congregation that thousands ot people are going to Hell every and most of them are which led to the statement that intelligence would not get anyone into In order to so to people must fol low This Nation was established on the principles she but somehow the devil han crept In and we are now following the garbage wag on of material As a sample of she held up the teaching of evolution in She because she had been taught It herself in the Prospect School in Pitts she and she asked if the ministers could not do something about this pollution of the minds of the grow Contlnned on tbe Seventh AMNESIA VICTIM EAST BOSTON GIRL Charlotte YoungEecovering Mind in Belfast Films in Camera Help Identify Young Wiir Widow Special Dispatch to the Globe Aug The mystery woman of Belfast came to herself this afternoon and says she Is Charlotte Evelyn Young of East a ste Prom films in her suit which City Marshal Knowlton had the clue which led to her Identi ty was found and by persistent ques tioning she was able to remember for the first time since Monday who and what she The pictures Included a snapshot of herself and a young When she was shown them she That is my Is that mo At the sight of the young man she ThJa led the marshal to ask if she meant man Henry a Belfast clerk in the Windsor and she said The pictures were shown to Mr who did not recognize the but said the young man was Samuel Klmball of with whom he had worked In the McLean Hospital and had met overseas with the Mr Cunningham went to the hospital and talked with the young woman about Klmball and also telephoned to the Klmball replied he knew the that the pictures wore made Sun day at and that she was all right when he left her Sunday The young woman finally remembered her name and of being in KennebunK taking the and of seeing Mr Klmball there She stated she had been married and has two a boy in a boarding school and a little board Ing in the She sald she was on a two weeks was due back in Boston last the day Continued on the Seventh SHOPMEN ACCEPT PEACE PLAN 1 FULL They Wire But Pledge Their Utmost Good Faith in Carrying Out Terms of Settlement Which He Proposed HOSE WAGON HITS FIVE HURT Driver Swerves Vehicle to Avoid Striking Bov Lieut Fernald and Three Others Hurled Many Feet i SETTLEMENT BY CLERKS DENIED Flynn Unable to Get Confirmation Plans to Ask Authority to Take Strike Vote Clerks Restless at Boards Delay To avoid hitting a small Fred crick driver of automobl hose companion apparatus t automobile Engine 41 of the Har vardav house in was force to awervo the machine sharply to th loft at the junction of Franklin an Brentwood sts and Appian Way 1 last where it sidi swiped a telephone pole and over Willett and Lieut Charles Fer in charge of the was on the front seat with als hosemen Bernard Joseph Flynn and John Neville were al sent to St Elizabeths Hospital 1 Each of the firemen was Bufferin from a severe shaking broken ribs and but tho condl tion of none is It is ex pected all will be able to return longdistance telephone to their homes Following a nlk wltTi nnd a telegram rom the Hailroad Labor John general chairman of the Brotherhood of Railroad Clerks on the loston Maine Issued orders ast night convening a special meetlnjr f his system executive board In this Ity Friday The order was Issued after Mr Flynn ad failed to obtain confirmation of the ews dispatch from Cincinnati that the eneral chairmen of the brotherhood ad reached an agreement regarding and working conditions with the oston among other According to tho the an nouncement was made by Grand Pros It was said that the men would accept a small cut In hut recover their rights to annual I sick leave with pay and the Saturday half The dispatch led local union officials to believe that the Railroad Labor Board had rendered a decision granting the union all its The first Mr Flynn knew of the supposed settlement was through a call from the management of tho seek ing Mr Flynn called tho general headquarters of his union at Cincinnati and says that Grand Prus Fitzgerald denied any decision had boon handed A telegram was then sent to Walter i Going to Slight Fire The hose accompanied by the was proceeding along Franklin st in response to an alarm from box sounded at for a slight flre in some shavings in the rear of Griffith and Reivers wood turning mill at 118 Western All Franklin at its with Appian bears slightly to the right and Appian way bears to the forming a Brentwood st in tersects from the crossing the apex of the The street is quite narrow and not in good condition owing to cradle holes in the road The telephone pole is located on Franklin st near the apex ot the V The small attracted by the flre apparatus ran out of Brent wood st and across to Franklin st Willett had little to spare but he took a chance and swervec his machine sharply to the The MoMenimcn of the Labor whoso corner of the lefthand running secretary made a similar Will Ask for Strike Vote Mr Flynn then decided to call his exec ou the Seventh TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Page Shopmen nccept Hardlngs plan In they but pledging their utmost pood Dr Alexander Graham Bell to be burled on mountain top at sunset on Head of B M clerks denies that R has been Amnesia victim In Belfast Identified as Mrs Charlotte Young of Five firemen injured when hose wagon iltH telephone pole in Administration candidates elected at of Mary girl preaches first sermon In Senatpr Reeds lead cut by Long to 7744 with 608 rural precincts to be heard Pace Spencer announces coal distribution North Cambridge young woman ar rested on charge of larceny of Gov Cox says he Is ready to call Legis lature If coal situation demands Pace Uncle Joe Cannon comes to see his young Joe made a Pnsre Arlington woman uhoots boarder In Rev Doremlus Scudder struck by auto n Instrument with which MacMahon boy ivaa killed believed found In Republican candidate for Governor and Lieutenant Governor speak at out Ing of Everett City Secretary Mellon leases estate in Bev from TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS PARC Mrs MascattI crossexamined all day In trial OH socalled Black Hand mur der French declare British note has killed any chance of granting Germany a Port of Boston Dr Joseph formerly of accused In Lawrence of per forming Illegal Sentence of Sam Kallstian commuted life and slayer will be paroled Pace Nomination papers filed at State House by 105 Nomination papers for the primary must all be filed with registrars of vot ers by Friday Pane Maiden Childrens Health Camp at Waits Mount Presidents of Boston Maine and New Haven Roads say they will pro tect rights of men hired since the Compromise may end Chicago trolley Pane a boyhood friend of Alex ander Graham tells how Inventor used stovepipe wire In early experi President Harding ana others pay tributes to Alexander Graham Page Kilo Watts wins In feature race at Toledo and equals trotting record for season In the second George Wiley wine 60mile golden wheel motorpaced race at Springfield oarsmen uphold honor of city in regatta St AJphonBun wlno senior j I TODAYS GtOBIE CONTENTS Pagrc of S500 pupils In Boston High Schools participated in sports the past Vagrant wins Astor Cub for schooners off Jock Malone defeats Mickey Walker in their bout Swig plan calling for vote on monthly interest not to go on Pennsylvania Board to consldor par don for Jesse Murphy on Aug Pace American League results Boston at rain New York Cleveland 1 Washington Chicago Philadelphia St Louis National League results BostonCin rain Chicago Philadelphia 15 called on account of wet Walter Hoover not to race In the Na tlonaj at opening Roxbury Town winner over Somervllle G to S other baseball open threegame series on Braves Field PlIKP Patterson and eliminated in the Seabright Invitation tennis Spanish Davis Cup team to sail for America Aug Only seven yachts finish In Corinthian regatta for the junior Owners ct Mayflower threaten to with draw entry of schooner In fishermens Pace Lieut ends life by shooting In Portsmouth Navy Yard Vegetable growers meet to Lexing TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Pace Lawrence city officials appeal to Gov Cox for his personal help in settling the textile East Boston man who accuses young woman phrenologist of says she changed his into cotton Mrs LouiseLowenberg takes poison In a Boston Carver celebrates Old Home Senate to vote on Tariff bill AUR 17 or Emergency Fleet Corp6ratlon reor Artists ball held In PQKC Two Men and An by Uncle Women of by Margaret More Truth Thau by James Albert Brookline fly and mosquito says Maiden Alder mans plan to use refuse oil from autos to destroy pest has Boys spend quiet day in Camp John deported last year to back in Maine PUKC Girl Scouts hold annual field day at Captain of steamer Lake Flournoy reports on collision off Nauset Two new assistants for Corporation Counsel Motor vehicle Inspectors on crusade atainst Improper Art Dail again arrested in Maiden man and companion killed In Ontario auto raee I just back of the forward caught the telephone pole and as the weight of the machine bore further toward the left the entire left side of the apparatu was All but Willett were thrown clear of the The driver hold onto the steering wheel and he was still in the seat holding onto the wheel after the machine turned Hurled Many Feet Lieut Fernald was hurled over the then over the fence and Into a yard on Appian Hoseman Flynn Contluncd oa the Second TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Financial and commercial Control of Stum Motor Company acquired by Guaranty Trust Returned American consuls speaking at Exchange Club luncheon say its un thinkable that will ever com pletely Page Radio Tho by Edgar Rice Bur Stipulation by Bpeclal Assistant At torney General not to press Morse in dictments now Rev Dr Luther Tracy Townsend Page Household Cross Currents in a by Carolyn Giving Him Room Gracious 1 didnt know you were gro ins the doctor has ordered my hus band to slop and Im going to mothers lor the first few President May Not Act Again May Depend on Itot Roads Can Do i Transportation of Coal Vital Point Ci Aug 2 By acceptance of the peace propoaalf submitted by President Harding voted by leaders of the strik ing railway gave their own Interpretation of each of the three We accept It is but commit ourselves to out the terms of settlement In utmost good faith and in aid of the general said the message of ceptance which was sent to President Harding If these proposals fail to bring about the results which you the responsibility of failure will not rest upon representatives of the oiy anized Views on Seniority On the proposal to restore unim paired seniority rights to the striken which was rejected by railway execii ives at a meeting yesterday In New the message declared It would certainly be a whole sale injustice of unparalleled extent f hundreds thousands of er lerieuced men who have given four 40 years service and whose value to the transportation industry Is proportioned to the length of thoir should be placed in a post ion of inferiority to a limted num ber of men who have been employed as substitutes for these experienced railroad No Violation In Strike Replying to the Presidents SUJP estion that railroads and workmem agree to abide by decisions of the Railroad Labor the reply said he shopmen had always the osition that so long as they continue o render they should abide by the rules and working conditions and1 accept the wages agreed upon by proper negotiations or determined ay the Labor Board after a hearing of a Violations of the law and refusal to abide by decisious of the board have been exhibited only by the railway the reply adding that suspension of work under nonacceptable conditions was lot in violation ot the boards deel On the Presidents proposal that aw suits growing out the strike e withdrawn and that Railroad La or Board decisions to which exoep ion is taken by either side may be Continued on the Seventh DUMBBELLS TO 6ET A LWORCF MV SPOKEN TO ME R5R MONTHS