Thursday, April 28, 1921

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - April 28, 1921, Boston, Massachusetts Sunday Globe Advertisements Should be ordered Sum mer Cottages To Let Summer Boarders Wanted Real Estate For To Let or Wanted Advertise in the Daily and Sun day In advance from ybur or Order your aittdttttfJ machinery for poultry for sale advertisements for next Sundays Globe VOL xcix 118 Entered as second clnas matter at under tlte act ot March THURSDAY APRIL 1921JWENTY PAGES BT GLOBE TWO CENTS ACT ExGovernor and His Attorney f J x 7 i Explain to Investigators What Was Done And of Nothing Improper E Hear Ten More Stock Buyers TO PRODUCE PONZI TODAY Aden Wins Legal Fight With Sheriff Blake Warner Declares Caucus Needed F By LUCIEN THAYBR Although 10 more Legislators frere brought into the L inquiry jpesterday as purchasers of stock Buring their official the ses Won more conspicuous for the Statements in justification of the Elevated Public Control in which tSxGov Samuel McCall was the Central Mr McCall was the Governor who feigned the May He and pxAtty Gen Henry his lieutenant in the negotiations which preceded its dusted all the archives of 1918 street railway his As a preface to his account before the he declared I certainly had no knowledge of Any improper conduct of any Had anything been brought to the Governors attention while the bill was in his it would have been bis duty to send a special message to the asking it to re call the bill and Institute an inquiry ot its own into the propriety of its members Not Asking Immunity Prom that point the ExGovernor pot forth on an excursion into tho father severe realm of historical nar reminding the committee that be was not asking any immunity A single in which he explained the birth of his recom jnendations for street railway gave color to the In an Elevated ptrike had been narrowly who bad been receiving h maximum of about 33 cents an had accepted an increase of Jwo I went down and spoke to those said They looked They looked as if they were having a bard Doubtless fhany of them could have made two tor three times as much working at fhe Fore River other places busy Continued on the Srrenth Wizard Must Answer to State Court Charges Official Frees Self of Contempt by Agreeing MAN KILLED IN CRASHJF AUTOS Woman Probably Will Die of Injuries Fatal Accident Near South Lawrenceflndover Line German Reparations Offer Absolutely Unacceptable Order to Fails To Fool Says London Times Joseph Burke river Arrested Charles Ponzl will be arraigned In the Superior Criminal Court today before Judge Fessenden on indictments accus ing him of Sheriff Blake of Plymouth County where Ponzl Is serving a sentence of five years imposed in the United States will pro duce The sheriff refused to bring the pris oner to the State court on a write of habeas corpus until his rights under the law were He was adjudged In contempt for re fusing to obey the writ Issued by Judge but was permitted to apply in the United States Court for a writ of habeas corpus for his own release from the technical custody of Sheriff The Federal Court dismissed the habeas corpus so Sheriff In accordance with the arrangemnms made by his and the State agreed to produce Ponzl and free himself of con MR FRENCH EXPLAINS SHERIFFS POSITION The reason why Sheriff Blake of Plym outh County had refused to obey the writ recently Issued by the Superior directing him to produce In that flor Is explained by Asa counsel for Sheriff WOVanm on In the following Issued yes113 Oak Footes machine terelay i turned turtle and he was against Sheriff Blake has not been Imprisoned a gRfvinnl his or arrested and no misunderstanding father and four other The police should exist either as to this or with 9alm that Giovanni did not reference to his attitude toward the writrecently Issued by the Superior Court directing him to produce Ponzl In that court for His delay In obeying this writ was neither defiant It was based upon tho advice of council until and un less he was directed by tho United States by virtue of whose writ Ponzi Is in his to do so he could not safely comply with the man date of the Superior United States Judge Morton an nounced today in open both to the Attorney General and to counsel for Sheriff that the latter In his entirely Justified in taking the course which lie did and In relying upon tho explicit language of tho Su preme Court of the United State In the leading case of Robta versus That upon Us seems to for bid the production of the prisoner under the existing circumstances or at the be hest of the State Court Judgo Mortons has placed nn Interpretation upon the lancungc of the court In thla case which he believes makes it Incumbent upon the in the exercise of his duties as a Federal agent to produce the prison and although an appeal lies from this Mr Blake Is entirely content with the authorization of the judge of the court by which the sentence which Ponzl Is now serving was He could not safely act without its sanc HARVARD TO SEND UNIT TO DEVASTATED FRANCE Harvard will again send a reconstruc tion unit to Franco this Summer to help rebuild the devastated To date 16members of the university have signed up to go across and IK being raised to finance the The French Government will furnish 60 percent of the funds for reconstruc Advertisements for Next Sundays Globe Order Them Today Help us out by ordering your advertisements for next Sundays Globe CAREFULLY To insure advts under the following classi fications must be in the oflice Friday to be sure of appear ing in the following Sunday Globe MACHINERY AND TOOLS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS TOURS AND TRAVEL iRDIN FARM AND Oj Pli CASH REGISTERS Want and Clasiiled advts other than the above must be in the Globe office before on We cannot guarantee the proper classification of advts ordered on Keel Estate FOP Automobiles FOP Business FOP Booms To Boarders Help Wanted Advertise in the Speolnl DlNpntch to the Glolie April Burke of 180 Lowell la dead and Amlsa Baresonlan ot 36 Chandler West Is In Lawrence General said to be fatally In asa result of a headon crash between two about 9 to night on South BroadwayT near the South LawrenceAndover Mr Burke died on the way to ths Mr Burke was coming from Andover In a machine driven John Clark of 221 Bailey Two other oc cupants of the machine were Miss Mary Cain of Walnut st and Miss Mary Burns of 2 Juniper The other which was going toward was driven by Dan aged of Chandler West Dan Barbarian is locked up charged with Only the two mentioned were NORTH READING BADLY HURT IN CRASH OF AUTOS JNORTH April of North Is at the State Hospital In suf fering with serious cuts about the face and body and a possbile fracture of the as the result of an accident which occurred on Main st near Walnut Cor this when his automobile was In with a heavier ma chine operated by Lorenzo Giovanni of tomoblle license with he was held for the District Court in April 27 By American Government to night still was without any official information as to the attitude of the Allied Powers with respect to Ger manys counter proposals on repara Consequently a reply to the communication received from Berlin yesterday has not been The views of the Allied Govern ments are expected to be transmitted through their Ambassadors with whom Sec Hughes conferred None of the envoys called at the State Department to but an Associated Press dispatch from Paris this evening announced that instructions had gone forward to Ambassador Jusserand to inform the United States that the German propositions were unacceptable to It was assumed M Jusserand would make this known officially to Mr Hughes Dispatches from Brussels indi cated that in Belgium the German offer also was regarded as unsatis There was no word as to the views of the other interested was how that officials did not necessarily regard as significant the action of Great Britain in requesting its rep resentatives in Berlin to iijquire in formally regarding the new German offer with a view to making clear the term of years over which the payments would Not Responsible for the Offer Administration officers continued today their policy of silence with regard to tho whole reparations It was un that an element of the situation which they have under consideration is1 an Intimation from some of the Allied Governments that the mere transmission of tho German offer by United States would involve the American Government in some measure of It is believed that the State Depart ment Is not ready to accept this view of responsibility on Its provided its efforts are confined to a mere transmis sion of the communication without In dorsement of any As only three days remain before the date set by the French Government for the beginning of Its move Into additional Continued on the Sixth MRS LOUD NOT TO BE WITNESS Grand Jurors to Take Up Murder Case Today Unlikely That Mrs Kate Dow Will Be Galled Prisoners Counsel Seeks a Speedy Trial MIDDLESEX COUNTY GRAND JURY STRIKE BREAKERS F EASTERN HE Gov Cox Sees Representatives of Both Sides for Meeting Sees Reason for Removal of Trustees William foreman Michael clerk Elnathan Alfred William Michael Guy Thomas Edward Jeremiah John Ethan William Eugene Ernest Franklin Chester The Middlesex County Grand J called today will be Bin listening to evidence gathered b Dist AttyNathan members o the iState Police and the police of Wake field and as well as private de concerning the murder of pa trolman James Preston at Wakefleli the night of April The Grand Jurors will be asked to re turn an Indictment charging Clarcnci Loud of 93 Stratford Melrose a wholesale shoe with th murder of the police Loud has been held without ball since the nigh of the killing of tho Approximately 2S witnesses have been summoned to appear before the Grand Continued on the Second TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Pnsrp First strikebreakers arrive for East ern Gov Cox confers with representatives both sides Tro mont Temple mass meeting sees great reason for removal of Gov McCall justifies Public Control act before Legislative probe 10 more tell ot buying street railway Grand Jury to bcsl consideration oC Wnkellolcl murder American answer Germanys repa rations proposal delayed by lack of offl cltl Information of Allies views Paris reports Ambassador Jusseranu is or dered to announce the German proposi tion Is absolutely unacceptable to Senator Lodge names Lufkin for col lector of tho port and George for chief Defense in Judge Richs slander suit opens Sheriff Blake will produce Fonzl this morning Atty Gen Allen wins legal Man woman probably fatally In South Lawrence auto Crewless loaded with puzzles Savannah Jury falls to reach verdict In Old Col ony Foreign Exchange case after nine hours Pope names two American PARC St James Connor pleads pullty of man slaughter In shooting Larry McLean found not guilty of killingJohn Fv Mc Port of Boston Mackerel and halibut are Pngc American Birl defies health officials at Montevideo to save her Prizes are distributed the Home Beautiful Exposition Miss Marguerite Walker Jordan traces the history of table Japanese Cabinet decides to place Island of Yap under civil admlnlstra j tion under the Ministry of Triumphal procession and cheering crowds greet Vlvlanl on his return to Bay State must speed put Irish Fund drive Italian girl arrives on Cretlc to wed Medford man she met during Pnice Boston Is likely to get quarantine ac commodations requested by the Mari time Association of the Chamber of t Carmello PruccI testifies her for whose death she Is being tried for deserted her and later attacked Frederick Roy Martin elected general manager of The Associated Marriage intentions filed in Page Thirty more strikebreakers arrive for leather plant In Peabody Lowell police men join those from other cities now Hiding Peabody CREWLESS LOADED WITH STUMPS AUTHORITIES April commercial loaded with 80 quarts of but minus a was found resting on the municipal landing field Nobody knew where it came from or when it and State officials were puzzled over what to do with though they promptly seized its t The State prohibition act does not cover confiscation of bootlegging air Probably the machine had come from officials and finally they decided to dismantle it and store it in tho police barracks pending de termination of its TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Pnsre Sec Davis to attempt to settle printers Clara Carroll says she took plat inum jeweled bracelet from Miss Pa tricia a fellow as a Senators assail Smoot sales tax plan equalization section of Tariff bill re Practices of manufacturers figure In testimony at New Tork building trades Pnise High defeats Waltham High In 12 31 other school baseball re Chess tournament committee grants request of Dr Lasker to resign title Is awarded to United States cannot afford to Isolate itself from the rest of tho Bedford of Standard Oil Company Hlls United States Chamber of at Atlantic Pnffr National League resultsBoston Philadelphia 2 Cincinnati Chicago 1 Brooklyn New York 4 Plttsburg St Louis American League ResultsWashington New York 5 Detroit Cleveland 2 10 St Louis at rain Philadelphia at CIcotte soon to go to Chicago to give bond In baseball scandal Harvard beats 6 to S other col lege baseball Barrett of Bast Cambridge among promising recruits with the Two interesting trophies presented to the Harvard Varsity City of Paris offers site a rtadlum for the 1924 Olympic Brookline High crow defeats Harvard firm freshman Baseball Piiffc 1CK Commrclal Commldslsn on Necessaries of Life rc appolntfid despite drastic pay 1ase Financial Page Many company dinners feature re union of 104th infantry billet ing in Springfield dedication of memo rial tablet at Camp Bartlett Mayflower all groomed for her first trip to the fishing Middlesex Club obaervei Grant TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Pnise Fllcno Cooperative Association show makes a big First British trading vessels arrive at Russian port in Black with grain and agricultural Twentieth Century Club voles against any gag Effle to Inherit estate of her Samuel Ben ner of New Household An Adventure In by Carolyn Page Household More Truth Than by James Pa ore A Better by Uncln SlN Great Voyages The Greatest Voy age Senator Walsh proposes more liberal laws on veterans disability and train severely criticizing the Govern ments attitude In caring for the and offers bill to rehabilitate lapsed In surance City Collector Deland appointed city treasurer Parke is named city col Patrolman Leon Randall charged with being champion club wlelder boy shows ugly wounds to Judge Massachusetts Grand holds 20th annual PUKC Uanvers man testifies for woman In N divorce Cork protest against decision to exe cute four Sinn Felners today sent to President Harding and Pope Government grant to Insure miners against reduction of more three shillings brings British coal strike near Maj Preblc points out difficulties of treating veterans with Inadequate fa cilities and denies charges by Com mander i Furuseths last minute appeal holds up seamens House rejects bill to relieve street railways from excise House Committee on Rules will report against continuing tax Hist Atty Pelletler glvee dinner to Supreme Knight Flaherty of the of V LODGE RECOMMENDS Essex Congressman to Be Boston Port Man Chief Appraiser By CHARLES GROVES April 27 Senator Jjodge formally recommended to Sec the Treas Mellon today the appoint ment of Representative Wilfred lAiflcln of Essex to be Collector the Port of He also recommended the appointment of Samuel George of to be chldf appraiser at The recommendations will be transmitted to the by whom the appointments are Mr Lufklns appointment Is to be ef fective as of July and it is understpod that Collector Billings resignation will be tendered effective as of that samt The appointment of Mr to what is regarded as the most important Fed eral post In Massachusetts has been foreshadowed for several weeks and it also been known with equal cer tainty that Mr who has been nn assistant appraiser under two Ad ministrations and has served the Gov ernment in that capacity while three different tariff bills were on the public would be named as Mr Liufltins appointment was urged by prominent Republicans In various To Be Next Collector ot tlio fort ot parts of the suggestion first being made to Senator Lodge by Speaker Glllott and Representative subsequently the entire Re publican delegation in Congress from Massachusetts Indorsed Mr it is stated at the office of Senator Lodge that since It was first Intimated that Mr would be theprobable np a single word ofprotest or crlttclsm has been MOVEMENTS OF JURY tocp UP IN RICH DESCRIBED OLD BP EASE Defenses Case Opens at Keene N H Attempts to Prove Judges Attitude Caused Gossip His Declarations About Jaffrey Crime Quoted Sncolnl DlHimtch to the plobc N April actions of Varies Rich on the night of the nurder of Dr Aug and since that time and also state ments made by Rich and Selectman Ed Boynton of were put n evidence by witnesses in the Superior 3ourt today before Judge Allen and a ury in the slander suit brought ty Judge Rich against Selectman Boyn The plaintiffs was closed this nornlng and witnesses for the defense wero heard during the Allen announced that the hearing would ontlnue Which IB a holiday n this Margaret Costello said on the stand hat she saw Rich pass her house about 40 on the night of the He was n his shirt She said she knew of meetings at the house of Fr Hennon n which the Selectmen at She said she had never heard of Fr Hennon referring to Richs black Mrs Margaret Robertson of for 26 years a Summer resident at said the Rich and on the Second CLOUDY THE WEATHER Forecast for Boston and Vicinity Thurs day Friday not much change in temperature mod erate to fresh east to northeast Washington Forecast for Southern New England Cloudy Friday not much change In For Northern New Eng and Generally fair Thursday and Fri cooler In Interior Globes Forecast Fair Friday and probably continued fair Saturday mod irate temperatures moderate variable The Temperature Yesterday at Thomp ons a Si 51 9 K 2 B5 3 p W P 9 p 55 12 Average temperature yes 54 Temparatures at 8 Laet Night San 82 60 Bt 42 St 68 66 44 64 68 New 56 Precipitation In Bos ft fepuni to S p Failed to Reach Verdict After Nine Hours Five Accused of Larceny Conspiracy and Judge Fessendon In the Superior Crim inal Court at last night excused the defendants in the Old Colony For eign Exchange case who are charged with conspiracy and ad ordered the jury locked up for the The Jury watvplven the case at yestei lay At last night the jurors returned to thecourt roommid asked that cer tain evidence in the case be read to The statements of Charles M BrlBhtwell and another defendant to Capt Armstrong of headquarters were If any verdict Is returned it will be a sealed verdict and will be left In the care of the court officer on duty with the jury for delivery to the clerk ol the court this The flve defendants In this case are Charles president of tho company Katharine his wife Raymond Meyers and Charles Fred and William Bouchle was auditor oC the Brlghtwell and the Meyers brothers were officers The Brlghtwells and the Meyers broth ers are charged with larceny and with Charles Fred Meyers and Bouchlo are charged with This Is the eighth week of the which began March A number of subagents of the company were tried with the but turned States evidence and In air cases were nol POPE NAMES TWO AMERICAN BISHOPS April 27 By Ben edict has appointed Hugh rec tor of the Church of St Mary Magdalen of as Bishop of The Pontiff also appointed Mgr Eman uol Ledvlna of Chicago to bo Bishop of Corpus Men For Power Plants Arrive Today Meeting Demands Yabey Says In To Get 1 ol tti With only a few days Intervening before the threatened strike ot thl employes pf the Eastern Massachil settB Street Railway Company cause of the announced of the public trustees to reduce y Gov Charming Cox yestopdsVrlt conferences with representatives the two members the Board of Public Trustees andalalo with the State Board of Conciliation tind Last evening a mass wa held In Tremont Temple auspices of the which attended by 1000 men and Officials of the last nl Continued on the Sixth Advise your neighbors to ttsp the Globes Want aiid Sunday Globe adver tisements should be ordered to iirajicr telftenial in tiny man with vtMMlcrato income van fllnl Mmnlf at aixiu fOtltllcit of flclcnt mnam to Him militant if nc wants to do so Start Your Savings Account Today With the Federal Trust DepottU go on interait 30 dividend at rate of Devonshire Water Botton our by Mail HUB TRUST COMPANY 30 COURT BOSTON WE INVITE YOUR CHECKING AND SAVIMGS ACCOUNTS SPECIAL BREW BUKKHAROT BREWING