Tuesday, April 27, 1920

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Tuesday, April 27, 1920

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - April 27, 1920, Boston, Massachusetts Read the Real Estate Advts in todays Real Estate for to let oi Advertise in the Order your advte for tnext Sundays Globe as early in the week as is See Your Newsdealer Or newsboy and place a regular or der for the Daily and Sunday Owing to tho great dealers are frequently all sold out on the Head the wants KCVII 118 Knlercil ns clnss matter nt under tho net of Mnrclt TUESDAY APRIL 1920TWENTY PAGES nv THK GLOBE NKWSIAPBR TWO CENTS STATE PICKS DELEGATES TODAY Hot Fight Over Four1 HoMsJMefJntemt Democrats Have Few Contests and Slate is Expected to Win MANY CHURCHES HAVEJOPPED QUOTA Interchurch Drive Total For New England State Reports Show Still in Lead NAVY CLEANUP IN RAGES WITH HARVARD Second and Also I Freshman Crew Win Good Margin in Each Case and a j New Triumph for Glendon I Special niNpntuli to lie Globe April Naval Academy stored a cleanup this after defeating the second and freshman crews or Harvard with its own corresponding by substantial Inargins in each It was a day for the Navy on the water and another achievement for UicU the veteran academy who thus starts his ISth season at Annapolis most It may be mentioned that the younger IDick who is working with his lather this won his spurs He has been coaching the Navy Special mention is also deserved by stroke Huntington of that who pulled a notable He sot the stroke for the St Pauls Schol eight for two Following is the time of the races Varsity Jim jSSs 12m Four and one Jialf Second 12m 15s 12m Five and onehalf 12m Bis 52m Four Davys Watermanship Best The races as a whole were among the queerest ever held Post poned from wnen it was Continued on the Fifth Kee that your Real Estate advts appear in tomorrows and Thurs days Read the Real Estate advts in todays Massachusetts will hold today its primary for the election of ilelegatos to the National conventions of the two great political Tho Democrats will elect 36 but the Republicans will choose only Previous to the campaign now go ing every State was entitled in each of the great National onvon tions to twice as many delegates as it has United States Senators and Representatives in but the Republicans now allow only one dele gate in a Congressional district vhich has cast less than 6000 votes for the Republican candidate for Congress in the preceding Under this the Republicans in the 10th Massachusetts Congressional District are entitled to one delegate only each of the other districts Has two Two Democratic delegates will be elected in each Congressional district in the Almost all of the interest in to days primary is attached to the Re publican There are nine candidates for the four places as delegatesatlarge to the Republican convention and there are also con tests in most of the Congressional districts issue in practically all ol these contests is between delegates favorable to Gen Leonard Wood on one hand and those who are un pledged on the The Democratic Contests The Democrats have live candidates for the four places as delegatesatlarge It Is generally assumed that the regular made up of Senator Walsh Richard Dist Atty Pellotler and Daniel K will be elected The other candidate is ExCongressmar Joseph There are contests on the Democratic side in most of the districts bu they have no National Mas Continued on the Twelfth POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT I POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT We favor the nomination of LEONARD WOOD as and urge the choice of LOUIS FROTHINGHAM as delegateat large who will vote for Albert Apsey Franklin Balch Tucker Bun Godfrey Cabot Paul Courtney George Howland Cox Harvey Gushing Allan Forbes Higginson George Lee Kenneth McDonald John Noble James OHare Pelletier Philip Spalding David Stoneman Robert Walcott Henry M Williams Hugh Williams ROBERT Barristers SEXTET OF ALLEGED HIGHWAYMEN JAILED Accused of Holdups in Everett and Yicinity Visit of Lewis Swett to Boston Pawnshop Results in Arrests April oC Hie bold est gangs be highway robbers In Great er in tlie opinion of the was cleaned up today with tho arrest of six young They are re according to the for several holdups in this vicinity within the past three The Job which SELECTEI Miss Margaret L Nurse Charged With Manslaughh In Court at Otter Accused of Murder on Trial at N H Continued the Filth Reports on the financial drive of the 30 Protestant denominations working together in the Interchurch World Move yesterday showed a hip advance toward the New England and Massachusetts pledged hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cause ot Totals so far reported to Regional Director Alfred Estes and tjtato Director Bevan at 8 oclock last night were for Now and for This was a gain for the day of In New and of in the The quotas are New Mr Bevan said the reports Include fur ther returns from Sundays Initial effort in the big On Sunday night only a negligible fraction of the actual num ber of participating churches had been heard in the State as a and Continued on the TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS i TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Pugo Trial of Mrs Otterson on charge of murder opens N Trial of Miss Margaret accused of opens at Ded Chief interest in todays primaries centers in Republican Bloodstained death found aban dongd in was seen at North Easton Sunday night no trace of miss ing Navy wins all three crew events rac ing with Harvard on the Reports up to S oclock last night on Jnterohurch World Movement drive show raised in New in Six arrested in connection with Everett Arctic and party icebound at mouth of the Kolyma Confusion over time abates at rail road terminals on first business day under Daylight Saving West refuses to adopt Daylight Time Marriage Legislature adjourns over IllKC in I to orders dissolution of Reading Postal clerks union places reasons for a pay raise before the out of town mail your advts for next Sundays Globe To sell poultry and sup advertise in New Bedford whaling schooner wrecked on Barbados 1ngrc Agreement i cached on the demands of the Boston Elevated Find skeleton in hospital attic of wom an missing for 30 Retroactive tax on war profits pro posed In new soldiers relief Alienists appointed to examine Dr Markoes The Idol Dancer filmed at the Olym pia Arguments concluded in trial of James Larkln for criminal Jamaica riain fire puts hospital in Page Allies noto warns Germany to fulfill the treaty conditions on pain of furthei occupation of biit offers a con ference for explanations by German to meet In Belgium May 2i Pres Wilson will offer reservations of his own when returning the German treaty to the it is reported Sen ator Lodge discusses proposed pooling of war PllRC Attractions at the Gov Coolidge replies to Now Mamp protest against daylight 1n KC Loomlixors at New Bedford may strike United States said to be biggest food shortage It has ever Irish administration attacked in the House of Commons by Lord Robert Equity fund for new Chamber Com merce Building now totals Remember Sunday Globe Advts Must Be Ordered as Early In the Week as Is Possible Until further notice advts under the following classi fications must be in the office on Thursday in order to be sure of appearing in the following Sundays Globe Machinery and Tools Musical Instruments Tours and Travel Farm and Garden Cash cannot guarantee the insertion of Sunday Globe advts ordered on Wo will try tp insert all advts except those listed if they are in the ofllce before on earlier in the week you order your Real Summer Business Board and Rooms Automobile Advts for the Sunday Globe the bettor service we can give THE while not members o the denominations united in the Inter church do nevertheless feel very strongly the importance to our country of an increase of the religious spirit which is likely to result from their AT the first step is being taken in the direction of cooperation and a general re ligious The opportunity is now with us to show appreciation1 of this We hope that ultimately result in the walking along together of all religiously minded people whose chief aim is for the highest spiritual develop ment of our country ancMts E urge the financial and moral support of the Interchurch World JOHN ALLEN GEORGE BRAMWELL BAKER ELMER BLISS HENRY DENNISON HARRY LEVI ADDISON WINSHIP CHARLES POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT HOOVER REPUBLICAN CLUB OF MASSACHUSETTS Youngs Boston Telephone 5729 Fort Hill Men and Women of Massachusetts Do you want Hoover for President Do you believe the country needs him If telephone or call at headquarters and find out how to help Hoover Home and Auto Stickers Ready for Delivery The sentiment for Hoover Help prove H to the Republican Nntlonul GEORGE BWIQHT JOHN Chairman MISS COUMAXS MltS TWO MEN SEEN IN MURDER CAR Stopped at North Easton For Gasolincjtonday Night Brother of Missing Driver Says Hair Found in Car Is His Valves Figun In Testimony Regarding Death of Lotz CoWorker of Defendant Tell of a Previous Accident at Wiswall Sanitarium IS LOTZ MRS OTTERSON CALI SAYS OR HODGDON AS HER TRIAL OPEI The first claw to the possible mur der of Oliver U Bklund of 7G Laura R whoso limousine was found abandoned on Butler yesterday with the running board and interior cov ered with was received at 8 oclock last night by Police Inspec tors James IVIctilroy and John Mc Guire of Providence Police Headquar ters while they were in Dorchester looking over tho On their return to Police Station Fields Inspector McBlroy received n telephone message from Lawrence Donlan oC North who hud soon the story in the news Mr Donlan said his foreman In his Continued on lie Koiirth By DONOVAN April another patient had met with a similar acci dent previously in tly same bathtub that the valve controlling the flow of hot water worked hard and that she had reported to the superintend ent of the hospital that hot water continued to flow after the valve was was important testimony given today by Martha Smithson Continued on the Fouith 1usc By LAWRENCE SWEENEY N April 1red Mary alias Loynes charged with murder of her young brotherinla Maurice at the Otters Continued on the Fifth RAIN TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS IllKC John Fahey outlines plans for In ternational ChainbeY of Commerce to re vive for which American dele gates will sail June Dress rehearsal of the operetta Satni given by the Vincent Club in aid of the Memorial Page Frankie Schocll defeats Cleveland Johnny Downs in j2rountl limits Resolute and Vanitio lo be May 3 or Northeastern Department basketball title scries off to a good at Camp Ames sent to probe New York strikes at Presidents Coast Defense cleans up two boxing classes at Camp Cambridge Somervllle High and iNewton High win in the Suburban Canada wins tho Olympic hookey Ijlve Tips and Melrose Aldermen reject Sunday mateur Sports 1URC National Phlla elphlaS Brooklyn New York 2 other ames American Thlladel hia 0 New York Washington 2 SI jouis Detroit 1 Chicago at Clevc James Oaffney and Johnny Kvers ay visit to Pnirc Financial Pftffc 1 Financial and commercial Less than onethird of miners in Butto istrlct report for PflKC National Academy of Scientists uss size of the universe and j Sugar conference In Washington said o bo much talk but no action so New Yorlc women announces Champ lark Is a candidate exiSpeaker less City Council votes to cancel Eastern Massachusetts Street Hallway Com panys franchise in Hyde Secretary Methodist General Con ference decides to movo dropping tho bun on a third of the min isters having reported In favor of such TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS THRO Uev Dr Straton fails to qualify as a judge ot Scotch Duarlng on potltlon for entry of Judg ment in Coil Canal put over until Friday In by Undo Five Minutes a Day With Our Presi by James Truth Than by James Miss Ldna Cutler speaks at Horti cultural Hall on farm Harvard iindowmetit Fund reaches a total of Congress conferees agree on raises in Piiy of Army and Navy Household Garden of tho movies Puke National PanKplrotic in con vention urges President Wilson to support Greece in claim for Gen Kdwards visits the Childrens k Mrs Frank Jay Gould names two co respondents In ault for FIFTH OF RHODE ISLAND INTERCHURCH QUOTA GIVEN April 20More than onefifth of Ithode Islands quota in the financial campaign of the Interchurch World has been according to reports today churches in various sections of the Sunday Globe Ordei them as early in the week as 4t Read the want ojl classified advts in todays Globe THE WEATHER Forecast for Boston 3ml Vicinity Tuesday rain Wednesday clear ing little change in temperature fresh east to south Washington Forecast for Southern New Eng land and Eastern New York IRaln not much change In For Northern New Eng land probably rain Tuesday not much change in tempera morning followed by fair weather Thurs day fair slowly rising moderate south to west Tho Temperature yesterday at Thomp sons a i a 44 a 49 12 fin i p it G p 5H fl p 47 12 Average tumporaturo yester 51 Temperatures at 8 Last Night Mi 12 St 52 42 12 42 3S SO SUGAR Will Supply Retail Grocers With Normal National Grocers Profit Sharing Company Raymond Office 1138 Board of Trade liuilding LORRAINE BallrooniH can bo engaged or private Accommodations for 30 to 75 Specttil arrangements madl for suppers It Next to Shubo Bunch Hugh Chalmers Save your Save all you Accumulate something and get ahead in the world so that you can live bet do more for your and acquire a competence for a comfort able old age or the rainy a week at interest compounded quarterly in 3 year a amounts to Huve TfOV Uuved thlH iniuli In the last three yearn k If jrou Htart INTEREST BEGINS MAY 1 Resources Over MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM LlBERTYTRUSTCbl OPPOSITE THE CttO STATE HOUSE COR Court and Washington beverage tod Mr and Mrs Colyor accept Judge Andersons conditions and are released on Fix May 4 as date for Martens depor tation Allston woman sues Collateral Loan Company for J750 because her rings pawned by former roomer were Senate subcommittee to begin investlj gallon of paper shortage BUILDING BETTER BLOOD Father Johns Medicine supplies Na tures food which Is easily made use of iby those who are tired run Recipe with Harvard Ginger AID Harvard Ginger 6 Oclock GINGER ALE A lady writes she has progressed in the serving of five oclock This is her secret Onethird glass of one slice of cube of and fill glass with Harvard Ginger She says her friends have christened the drink Harvard Ginger S OClock and adds that Harvard Ginger Ale gives that character and quality so often lacking in homemade HARVARD Boston 45 Ccuumerolal