Tuesday, October 10, 1916

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Tuesday, October 10, 1916

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - October 10, 1916, Boston, Massachusetts WonderfulResulteffom theGlobes Be sure to have your Real Business Chances and Automobile advts appear in tomorrows VOL 102 TUESDAY OCTOBER 1916EIGHTEEN PAGES PRICE TWO CENTS LPACKED GAME WON BY SOX IN I4TH DES1ROYERS M SEARCH EXPECTS KAISER TO KEEP PROMISE ii i i Wilson States Position on Submarine Activities Two of Kingstonians Crew Picked Up of Remainder in Doubt DESTROYERS CEASE SEARCH FOR CREWS By WINFIELD THOMPSON R Oct by fcight United States destroyers for tailors of the British freight steamer one of six torpedoed Sunday off Nantucket was discontinued on wireless orders from this port this Rear Admiral Knight expressed belief that all but two of the men had been picked up by an Bastbound which had taken hem out to Sea without reporting for Jear that using her wirelees would Jeveal her position to the PRESIDENT CONFERS WITH LANSING TODAY LONG N Oct it was announced will come here tomorrow for a con ference with President Wilson con cerning German submarine raids off the American coast Mr Lansing Is expected to remain over night at the Presidents Summer The announcement that the Secre tary of State would confer with the President confirmed the impression gained here earlier in the day that the American Government considered the attacks on vessels off the Amer ican coast by a German submarine as fraught with grave Continued on the Teutli Continued on the Third S irculafion ncreasing V Sworn statements of the average Net Paid Circulation of the Daily and Sunday as required by the Act of Congress of Aug for the six months periods noted below Net Paid Daily Globe Six Months Ending Six Months Ending Six Months Ending In considering the Boston should always remember that the great bulk of the Globes circulation is in the Boston shopping A 9ItUl Net Paid Sunday Globe SPARKLING MOMENTS IN A GAME JAMFULL OF BASEBALL GEMS By WALLACE GOLDSMITH Y M5HT A MATCH i WANT SEE THAT FINISH MYERS MADE A MOST CATCH OFF THEM HE STOPPED MRJANVRIN AT THE THROW IS GOOD FACT ITS VERV CHILDS LOOT NEARLY IN WHICH IN THE I31B JLEWISi GRABBED ONE THlRt OUT WITW A THESAn PROVIPEDBY MCNAILV FOR Eleanor Held in Somerville Entered Several Houses and Stole Getting in One Eleanor 12 years found by Mrs Frank Friend in the upper part of the latters home at 411 Broad Winter at 1 oclock yesterday later con fessed to the to whom she was turned that she had been the cul prit for whom the police have been looking for several weeks on the charge of housed arid stealing She admitted having entered four houses besides that of Mrs She took pocketbooks from each and in one house secured a bag containing three purses in which there was money aggregating After she had been taken to the Som erville police station she was questioned by Chief Kendall and to jhim admitted having entered various Later she accompanied him to each house and illustrated in what manner she had se cured an entrance In each place and showed him the room in which she had obtained the Continued on the Third WILSON BELIEVES UBOAT SITUATION SERIOUSCALLS OFF TRIP TO SEE BIG GAME LONG N Dot serious does the President regard the present submarine situation that he has canceled his engage ment to go to tomorrow to witness the third baseball game of the Worlds Want and classified advertis ers use the Globe in Boston be cause of the excellent results it brings on all kinds of busi During the 9 months ending September the Globe printed more Want and Classified Aavts than the sec ond Boston BELLANS Absolutely Removes One package proves it 25c at all druggists Lets you eat what you like C1 I 1 i bold THEY DO SAY THAT THE PLANKED STEAK or PLANKED LOBSTER Staved for Two Is the Best Ever HOTEL HOLLIS CAFE Tremoiit Boston TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Pago Red Sox win thrilling game with 2 to in 14 German U63 vanishes United States destroyers cease search for missing President Wilson to confer with Sec Lansing today on submarine fiomeryllle girl of 12 years arrested on oharfre of entering houses and stealing purses containing nearly Fuse State and city reports show decrease In new paralysis Greater Boston Red Cross campaign opens with enrollment of 242 new mem Federal Government officials to Inves tigate strike Boston towboat Police seek three men who boat Con stancl Pasfmowltz In light on Portland Sunday Pasfmowltz died Unidentified man killed by train at Fred leader of carmen n Ele vated strike In dies In Jamaica Pake West for Senator Hollls de Everett woman said to have received presents from Mayor French of Concord in Portland Body of woman ex humed at Police arrest 22 strikers and sympa thizers In effort to check rioting in Lynn men arrested after auto chase at charged with highway Pafee Candidate In speech at Phila declares If put in will end blacklisting of Ameri who are exercising only American Sec Baker says that under Wilson America has wrested financial suprem acy from Sammy Robldeau bests Frankie Mack in 12round bout at R Thomas Mott Osborne makes slashing attack on Gov Whitman and resigns from Sing Sing Several families driven to street by early morning fire In East Bowling Pace Walter Cox scores victories with Ma bel Trusada and May Putney at the Lexington harness Harvard coaches point out faults to be avoided at football start ing a new week of Brooklyn ready for a huge baseball Paste Sidelights on BostonBrooklyn The play at Braves Field in Page Second World Series ball game dis cussed by Van Yesterdays game between Red Sox and Dodgers rated by National Commis sion as best ever played in a Worlds Grantland Rice says only Henry Miracle can now stop the Red Christy Mathewson comments on the Worlds Series PBKB Financial Real estate Paee Commercial Attractions at the Pa ice Some anxiety felt for liner City of due off Nantucket Pace Strathdene was nred on without says her THE OFFICIAL SCORE BOSTON AB R BH TB PO A Hooper 6 0 1 1 2 1 Janvrin 601245 Walker of 3 0 0 0 2 1 Walsh 3 0 0 0 1 0 Hoblltzel 2 0 0 0 21 1 Lewis 4 0 1 1 1 0 Gardner 600036 Scott 412418 Thomas 4 0 1 3 5 4 Ruth 0 0 0 2 6 1 0 1 1 00 tMcNally 010000 2 BROOKLYN Johnston 5 0 Daubert 0 Myers 6 1 Wheat 5 0 Cutshaw 6 0 Wowrey 5 0 Olson 0 miller 0 Smith 6 0 1 7 12 42 31 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 18 4 4 0 2 0 6 1 1 1 2 3 2 4 1 0 1 1 0 5 6 4 1 7 6 10 24 0000 0000 Threebase Batted for Gardner In 14th fRan for Hoblltzel In 14th tOne out when winning run was Innings1 2 3 4 S 6 7 8 9 10 U 12 13 14 Boston Brooklyn Twobase Home First base on er Left on Brooklyn Boston Sacrifice Lewis Base on by Smith by Ruth Struck by Smith 2 by Ruth Double Myers and Miller Janvrin and Hoblltzel Cutshaw and 2h Dineen on Quigley in right Connolly in left TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Page Allied memorandum to neutrals de clares that all visiting submarines should be irrespective of pre cedents on belligerent Kansan arrives in Boston with story of being held up by Page a UBoat Can and Cannot by Uncle So They Five Minute by Bay State brigade to bo sent home as soon as trains from El Paso are avail puKc 13 Sec of vrar Baker talks at City Club un Industrial Preparedness and makes address at Matthew Kales Wilson Pro gressive Report that special primaries in Suf folk County districts affected by reap portionment will be held Oct Puce Household Diana of the Great by Ethel Lloyd Little Stories for by Thorn ton J TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Federal Supremo Court opens Its Justice Brandeis beginning hla Judicial State Fish and Game Commission tells hunters how to preserve Qeraldine Farrar captivates audience of COOO at Water front Puee Germans drive Rumanians into moun tain passes north of Bucharest Teu tonic forces capture fortified island In Danube River southwest of Ferdinands Serbians and British rout Bul Norman Boston aviator In has narrow escape when plant Is shot to pieces in light with German Ambassador Gerard returning to in form President Wilson of impending ruthless Uboat warfare and German support of Mercury climbs to record hight of S3 for Oct 9 in Army increase a burning isrue before British which meets tomor row belief Government will not yield lu agitation for conscription in E VANISHES COUNT IS 2 T01 AT BRAVES FIELD Game of Wonderful Fielding Feats Watched by Gainers Pinch Hit Scores Pinch in 14th Myers and Lewis ShineRuth and Smith in Great Duel of Southpaws By Boston Brooklyn Clink your to the classiest of ball which was forced to travel 14 innings before It oould down the aggressive boys from old Brooklyn They wore and to the Boston Red Sox belongs the glory being the man to fail to make the The greatest play of the game came in the 13th inning and saved the Red Sox from With a man on second and two Smith sent a weak fly to short left and it looked all over for the Speed But Duffy Lewis was to be Glmes8andWpaid official figures for the flrst two games of the Worlds Series follows Oct 9 Oct 7 Total Players Clubs Each clubs National Commissions of giving one of the greatest exhibi tions of baseball ever shown in a Worlds To the great delight of the immense crowd of the game grew more interesting every until darkness was fast set ting The chances are that an other inning could not bo Robins Get Good Start The Brooklyn men came back strong after their and dis played a true fighting in one case going too when Olion tripped Thomas rounding The Brooklyn men were on the line and roamed around the dugout like young once objecting to the Boston rooters band playing Tes in these is a viola tion of tho The visitors were put in good humor at the very when Myers smashed tho ball to the center field fence for a homo only run they were allowed to get in the 14 Full of Thrills The game was full of Myers played a grand center saving the day for his team in the when it looked all by a great throw to the plate after taking a fly from a fast THE WEATHER Forecast for Boston and Vicinity Tuesday fair and Wed nesday continued cool fresh northwest to north Washington Forecast for Southern New Eng land Partly cloudy and colder Tuesday Wednesday con tinued For Northern Eng land Fair preceded by rain in Maine Wednesday continued Globes and continued cool Wednesday and Thursday dimin ishing northerly Forecast for Eastern New Tuesday cooler extreme southern por tion Wednesday continued The Temperature Yesterday at Thomp SOMH a 68 6 a 68 9 a 71 i 81 3 p ni 80 p 60 I p 68 12 Average temperature yester I 1324 average one year 64 Temperatures at S Last 62 42 Si Ki BO 64 OH 42 New 64 Wash Precipitation in 24 hours to 8 p heard and how that native son did cut loose Tearing along as if it was a case of life or he made one final reach while twisting Continued on the Sixth During the month o Septem ber the Globe printed more Want and Classified Advts than the second Boston Sausages as a health food SnyderMade Sausages are only tender young as easy to digest as lamb Not slightest danger of Indiges because flavored with dis tilled essence of fine herbs in Stead of irritating raw More delicious to the See our Exhibit at the Food Mechanics 9th to boxes Price 33c Ask your dealer for SnyderMade Little Sausages SnyderMade Hams are extra One for ronatlnff of their rnUd and nitreme Batchelder Snyder Per Navahoe Just Received NEW SEASON Malaga Raisins and Jordan Almonds PIERCE CO Tranont and Beacon Copley Square BogtOB 185 wholesale BriwikUoe FOOD FAIR MECHANICS EXTRA FEATURE WORLD SERIES GAMES RY ecrcTRic BOARD