Monday, July 24, 1916

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Monday, July 24, 1916

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - July 24, 1916, Boston, Massachusetts Advertise In tomorrows and Wednes days Real Estate For Sale To Let or Wanted Advertise In the VOL 24 BOSTON MONDAY JULY 24 rl916HFOURTEEN PAGES t ipfcOy tflB OLOBB NEWSPAPERCO PRICE TWO CASTELLANE HAS NEW EVIDENCE Pope Reopens His Soil For Annulment of Marriage on Claim That VYife Marriage Brothers Die at West Vt the f ictims DROWNINGS IN NEW ENGLAND YESTERDAY i Richard and Dwight of in Dog River at West Charlburt of in Lake Dennison at Raymond 9 in Merrimac River at Warden of St in rapids at East x Elois of in Mill Canal Edward Stevenson of 203 Wood lawn in Queechy N Special Dispatch to the Globe WEST July and his sons of William Moody of were drowned In Dog River near here at 3 this The boys were who could not got beyond his and his who was a good went to his The latter was dragged down while trying to bring his brother Other boys tried to help them while they were struggling in the deep water by pushing out but they failed to grasp The parents arrived at the scene before the bodies were recovered at 6 tonight and removed fo an undertaking room in Burial will be In The boys had been working during the Continued on the Blttlntli VANDAL WRECKS A EMBLEM Tramples Down Harp in Public Garden Mayor Orders Floral Design Restored and Guarded Plot Wrecked f Sometime Saturday Night GERMANS CHECK BRITISH AS GREAT DRIVI m COUNTESS DE Formerly Miss Anna July 23On behalf of Count Boni de his attorney In the suit before the JHoly See for the annul ment of his marriage with Anna has presented to the Pope new evidence according to the will prove that Miss Gould married Count de Castellane with the Intention of di vorcing him if later she became dissat isfied with the marriage according to Canonical law is sufficient to annul a Catholic the attor ney Nighttime which the police will regard as an accident until told to was probably responsible for the partial destruction of the floral em blem which has been displayed for three weeks In the Public near the Commonwealthav In honor ot the Ancient Order of Hibernians con which adjourned here It will not long be regarded as an ac that the upright of tho Horal harp and the of the in the design were kicked out of po sition between Saturday night and Sun for Mayor Curley declared to tho Globe yesterday afternoon that he will act today to have the design and will order It guarded night and day if Footprints showed plainly yesterday that the maliciously Inclined person had started at the top of the carefully kicking out the fgliage of the He left the job being Tightened away and he might asily have planted his foot squarely on he in Jumping out of the garden for one foot is apparently all that rampled that letter of the At Police Station whose district In ludes the Public It was said efiterday afternoon that no report had een received from policemen on the Garden route relatingto the destruction f the and that there were no lews to the offenders Contending Lines Sway Back and Forth in Bitter fland ToHand Fighting on SevenMile Front MEN OF FIGHTING NINTH WHO GOT TWO MEXICAN SNIPERS ON OUTPOST As matrimonial oases before the Holy See can always be resumed If fresh tacts are brought the Pope has de cided to submit the case In Us new as pects to the same commission of Cardi nals that examlnad Into It previously arid decided against an The commission comprises Cardinals do Blsletl and Van Apartments To Let Apartments Wanted Advertise in the Dally and Sun day now Is the time to rent your vacant apartments for the Pall and Winter placing your Daily remember that HOBOES DISCUSS Sidetrack Motion to Densure Judge Van Allison Refused Chance to Address Meeting Judge Murray and the subject of birth control were hotly discussed at a meet Ing pf the International Brotherhood of Hoboes yesterday afternoon at Morgan A motion to condemn Judge Murray was The conservative element In the meet ing for It was pointed out GREAT VITALITY AM AZES DOCTORS Dr Harris Chances of Recovery that birth control was a subject Continued on the Eighth in tetters Found in His Office Examined by the Police Dr Wilfrid the Canibrldg osteopath who was shot by Dr BIdridgr was reported by the sur geons at the City Hospital at thl morning as having passed a resiles His remarkable vitality is amazing th surgeons at the City Hospital and ther is an excellent chance of his recovers Continued on tue Second Mayor Indignant Mayor Curley said I unflorstand from Mr Dillon that the Park Department planned to leave the design until Aug which is the end of the I have instructed him to restore the design at onca and to sta tion a watchman there night and if to protect The harp was put there as a decora and there It Is going to stay until the Park Department sees flt to re move Action against the miscreant who tried to wreck It I shall leave to tha and tomorrow I shall call on the police authorities to find out who It was if they to prosecute Such a vandal should be the more asit Is the first Instance of dese cration of any floral niece In Public Garden or of that year when the ElkB the meet we shall have their emblems set out In and so with any other organization that meets They are entitled to such courtesy from the and they shall get it without Says Dillon Vandalism pure and simple waa the way John Commissioner of the Park and Recreation characterized the I it was done by some Irre sponsible person or he But it is unfortunate such things will occur In Boston in Do any thing about it what can one do but regret I wish that the Britons Take Pozieres FiveMileGain by Russians Austrians Retire in Carpathians ItaliansMakeNew TrentinoGain Left Charles if Henry and JFred Both of Fifteen laired on the Co L of Natiijk on July phields Brought Down the First Mexican Shot by a New England Guardsman and Egaii rand Perry Octane Between Continued on the Second CAPTKOENIGTO AWAWEMEN Deutschland Said to Have Big Gold Cargo Farewell Sermon Preached on TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Page British resume great ing forward on sevenmile front against bitter opposition Russians advance five miles in Riga says unofficial re P de Castellane to present new evidence In suit for annulment of his marriage to Anna wrecks floral harp and emblem in Public Garden orders it restored and judge Murray and birth control hotly discussed at meeting of International Brotherhood of Hoboes In Cttpt Koenlg of the Deutschland ex peots to remain in port until the Bremen aDrV Wilfrid shot by Dr has excellent chance of recov exchange 50 shots Vandal A The net paid circulation of the Daily Globe is greater than ever before at this time of Read by the best people in all of life in the territory in which it the Dally Globe offers splendid medium to As a want medium the Globe IB REAL ESTATE FOR SALE BUSINESS FOR SALE MORE HELP WANTED Advertise In tomorrows and Wednesdays Read the Unole Dudley edi torial In todays Tell your friends about the Globes editorial Outposts of 8th with German driven Insane by ram of French kills his own Marblehead yachting party near death in fog rescued Bye Beach Page Marked decline in Infantile paralysis epidemic in New Belief that student soldier at Platts bwB Camp has been One six hurt as truck sweeps men off oar running board at Chloopee Two American citizens landed at New York claim England railroaded them out 0tSprecIaTJprlroary election for Senatorla candidates in Maine page Australians carry Pozieres in sweep ing night British financial circles fear reprisals In United States on account of the Longdelayed Dutch Orange Book is Grand Circuit horses to race at De trolt this week Cox to drive the fa vorlte in the Jack Britton to defend his title agalne johnny Griffiths tomorrow AH tennis stars here for the famou Longwood which opens today Mathewson says thire Is a great dea of luck in managing a ball Live Tips and The by Qrantland Pnge Braves take final game In series wit the 2 to making 10 won ani six lost for the trip Weird baseball same played betwee Tigers and White Box at Chicago es cort provided when crowd rushes fo Umpire Major league pitching TODAYS GLOBE CONTENTS Batting and fielding averages of the ed Sox and Red 9ox 5 to In exhibition In N Red Sox off on Western and here to will open Page The Real Campaign Yet to y Unqle Our Business Pioneers William Five Minute by Page Stock Market Federal Reserve bank hrough discounts to hold down interest Reward of 1000 offered by individual or arrest and conviction those who lerpetrated San Francisco bomb out Friends of Irish freedom have en huslaetlo meeting in Bostons parade will prob ably surpass any in Page Pete Champlgne tells of his first sight if moving picture Leo H agger ty of Brookline and John ijollywood of East Boston sustain frac ured skulls by falling from verandas of their Pave Remarkable escape of passengers from sinking exourslon Body of James Whltoomb Rlley to He in state at Indiana State Hughes and campaign chairman Will cox hear of squab bles In the change Page Household Little Stories for by Thorn ton Page memorandum on mall censor made Kahanamoku and GERMAN KILLS HIS OWN MEN Spreads Terror in Fort Amid Fire and Shell other Honolulu swimmers smash world Fame Many strong baseball teams have open dates they wish to News of the Shade tree leaves damaged by fungus as resultOf wet Pane Men of Sd Brigade soon to have plenty of movie Bay State cavalry may get adobe mess Adjt Gen Cole declares State did ask War Department to furnish tourist cars Inactivity jarring to officers and men at Framlngham on recruiting Murray Quits Harvard who strenuously Opposed Harvard regimen Is DOW a Plattsburtf French Captors Learn Story From Lips of Dying Bavarian Boara German Submarine Selma Strikes Reef Off Rye NH July destruction of a German fortified work on the Somme front was marked by a tragic saysLa The order was given to destroy the fort at whatever In less than six hours more than 2600 great shells were flred at and the defenses gave way one one in a cloud of dust and The Infantry then went forward and the German positions were French artillery examining the discovered amid a mass of debris a Bavarian officer with his chest crushed and at the point of At sight of he Wrench the Bavarian seemed to collect then began to speak tho Frenchmen kneeling about The story told by the Bavarian and later recounted by an artillery offlcdi was to the effect that 3 mqn had occu pied the After the bombardment lad continued for a half of the men were victims of an awful Two were and of three near whom a shell not a vestige The survivors at the bottom of the subter ranean shelters and awaited their Another terrific explosion the men being thrown together In a con fused Almost immediately flames spot up from the underground There was a moment of Indescribable for now flre was ravaging the The lieutenant in command went mad and shouted wildly at Imaginary ene Then In the sinister glare of the flames tho office set furiously upon his killing one after another until he was himself bunted to The Bavarian determined not to die by the hand of his and scaled the clinging to a slope ot the only to bo burled under a block of He died soon after In the hospital to which the French officers Postpffloe Floating Hospital Today has been designated as Post office Clerks Day on the Boston Float ing This action was taken as a result of a vote at the last meeting of the Boston PoBtotflce Clerks Asso Branch Craft Has New Kind of Report Says Special Dlkimtch to the Glofcc July 23Capt of the German submarine has confided to some Intimate friends that he does not expect to leave port until her sister the has arrived safely In American The Bremen Is expected at any Not only are the Deutuchlands offir cials waiting for but the warships of the Allies are also hoping to meet the undersea Credence Is given to the report that submarines are lying off the Capes ready to defend the little merchant craft when she starts for It is said that outgoing and incoming ships have reported seeing submarines at different points in the voyage across the Not only are the officials of the East ern Forwarding Company maintaining a close watch on but agents of the Allied Powers are on the A short distance from where theeub merslble lies IB a corps of Secret Serv ice representing Franco and It Is duty to keep the Deutschland under close surveillance and There is an agent on watch Bach man possesses a powerful pair of marine Is by LifeSavers Miss Seven Hours in Open Boat Special Dispatch to the Globe N July SSAfter passing the night in a ten der Mr and Mrs Wllklns ot Bajtl Surnmer residents at their Charles Conway of jymrand Miss Cherry Head of Brook together with engineer if the power yacht rescued before 3 this by Oapt Setdcri Wells of the Wallls Sands Coast Guard Station and his volunteer The whlqh was abandoned by he owner and his party shortly after last early morning and at high tide Hep high and dry on the beaoh near the Summer home of George of about yards south of the Coast Guard Mr Wllklns and his party left MarPte yesterday afternoon shortly after 2 oclock fbr a cruise coast to Portsmouth Shortly after leav Oontlnned on the Second MEXICANS FIRE ON 9TH OUTPOST i 50 Shots Exchanged in Darkness Marblehead Women Rescue Men of Go Under Lieut said that the officials of the Forwarding Company got wise to surveillance and decided to inclose the Deutschland by German It Is has equipped the Deutschland with a new kind of wireless which will enable her to keep In touch with her home port without risk of This Inven It Is forms part of the equlp ment of all German The orating radius of the vessel permits It to talk with which Is in tune with the submersibleB So flne can these instruments be tuned that other stations pick up the Not even the powerful sta tions at Say ville and Tuckerton can tune with the except at the will of the commander of the the operator on the Deutsch land can pick up all messages sent by other stations and The report WUH renewed today and with apparent that the Deutsohland will carry to Germany most or all of the In gold wh ch was held on the interned liner PrlnaseseTn now at This go d Is in many small sacks It Is wai aYnwad on the boat under heavy iuard the stevedores Being under the Impression that the on TI placed saoks contained Sfmoulty Continued on the In Involved Regiments Refreshment Booth Perforated THE WEATHER Forecdrtt for Boston and Vicinity Gener ally Monday i Tuesday moder southerly WashtnBttm Forecast for Southern NewEng land Partly olpudy Monday Tuesday For Northern New England and Eastern New York Generally fair Monday and Tues Glob es Forecast Generally fair day and Seasonable tem peratures moderate variable The Temperature Yesterday at ThoniV ons SpB3 a 78 8 a 71 9 73 U 78 3 p 73 6 p 78 9 p 70 Average temperature yes Tlttr average year 86 Temperatures at 3 Last CO 70i 9t 66 New 74 Wnsty Precipitation in W to By WtNFIBLD THOMPSON Olobe SUtt Man With M MaaBBChu sottH EL July 28At tonight outposts of C 9th if under Lieut n border patrol at the were flred upon by Mexicans and returned he About BO shots two of which passed through a refresh ment booth near regimental headquar It estimated that they had been flred at arange of ZOO yards from Just booth was IghtedAt the Owlmt to the darkness Lieut Kleve natvrs men could not gee whether their bullets found a mark among their as sailants or No one on the Ameri can Side was The flrlhls began when two who approached an outpost commanded Robert ONall of Dorches refused tq halt when challenged opened on the July along a sevenmile running from Thlepval through the villages of Pozieres and Longueval to Guille in the Somme region of the British have captured the outer works of according to the f British official Longueval also was but tha In a heavy regained the northern end of the During Sunday the outskirts of Gulllemont twice changed The which is described as being of intense continues from Pozieres to Says Berlin Berlin is at variance with the Brit ish official declaring that entire line the attacks of the British were fruitless and that they suffered heavy Around Pozieres and the Foureaux wood the combatants came tb grips in handtohand South of the Somme Sunday was relatively following strong at tacks Saturday night against the French near which Paris asserts broke down under the French The Germans in the Verdun according to have gained some south of Considerable heavy arjillery activ ity has been in progress at various other points around Russian Drive Checked The Austrians in the Carpathian threatened with a heavy Rus sian attack in the district southeast of have withdrawn their forces toward the main ridge of the the Vienna War Office Petrograd reports the capture of additional men and guns In this While unofficial advices from Pet rograd give a report of a fivemile gain by the Russians in the RigaJ the Berlin War Office Russian attempts to advance east of that city were broken up Continued on the Third flre was being no the guards were unable to get the About the same time privates Leo Mc Carthy and Patrick on another post a hundred yards were hrctl on by Mexicans from behind some The flre promptly As the night was the sound of e shots carried 10 distinctly to camp that 11 seemed as If they were being Read the editorial page in 0f days Tell your friends about the Vnole Dudley Vf Al fired just outside the headquarters MaJ William whose batta ion formed the border guard had Just come a round of the posts when the firing He mounted at once and rode back to the scene of the which was a point where sev eral streets aome down from the east outskirts of El Paso and straggle across the border Into the socalled Gen Leroy commanding Ihe went out to the line In the I direction of the Col Logan of the 9th and his officers hastily as sembled for emergency duty if neces about JO The shots that passed through the re freshment have been flred from a point behind 3en Sweetsera which are about 100 yards from the Some of the bullets flred from the Mexican side struck a house oa the American side of the near the owner and his who were sitting on the An this house Is nearly a halfmile from In a different direc tion from the house It appeared that the tiring by Mexicans was from several separate The shots flred toward camp past an outpost o D Company of uuJer Lieut Nicholas Celebrated For Its Purft polailluafer j For Sale by tqcal Deal IBS If Telephone Fort Hill ia nkllx BELLAI Absolutely proves it 25catalli COMING TO HOTEL Near the Single Witt J Muilc BonUuntnt