Tuesday, January 17, 1905

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - January 17, 1905, Boston, Massachusetts If you want to put your Ads in the Globe wants bring the best The best way is to advertise in the Globe wants bring the beat VOL LXVIINO Of Lydia Pinkhams Vegetable the Great Womans Remedy for Womans No other female medicine in the world has received such widespread and unqualified No other medicine has such a record of cures of female troubles or such hosts of grateful friends as has Lydia Pinkhams Vegetable It will entirely cure the worst forms of Female all Ovarian Inflammation and Falling and Displacement of the and consequent Spinal and is peculiarly adapted to the Change of It has cured more cases of Backache and Leucorrhcea than any other remedy the world has ever It is almost infallible in such It dissolves and expels tumors from the Uterus in an early stage of develop and checks any tendency to cancerous Suppressed or Painful Weakness of the Stom Nervous Gen eral Debility quickly yield to Womb causing weight and instantly relieved and permanently cured by its Under all circumstances it invigorates the female and is as harmless as It quickly removes that Bearingdown extreme dont care and wanttobeleftalone nervous Melancholy or the Blues and Those are sure indications of Female or some derangement of the which this medicine always cures Kidney Complaints and of either the Vegetable Compound always Those women who refuse to accept anything else are rewarded a hun dred thousand for they get what they Sold by drug gists Refuse all lived with his parents and worked with his father at the Readvilie car repair He Bave up employment brake man at the request his father who had grave fears that he would be killed if he Geary of Hyde Park Crushed by Train Backs Down Upon Him at South William of 3 Frazer Hyde was struck by a train which was backing into the South sta tion about last evening and instant ly The accident happened on track about halfway to the end of the The body was taken to Jones undertaking rooms on Lagrange and there Identified by the It is not known how Geary happened to be on the but his father said last evening that his son was once a brakeman at the South station yard and knew some of the men there He said he thought that when he left the train at the South station he start ed to cross the tracks and go out to the Gearys together with four brothers and two are lie CUT OFF FROM Three Miners Known to be Dead and a Score of Others Entombed in Burning Illinois Jan miners are known to bo dead and a score of others are entombed in a 000foot shaft of the Decatur coal companys cut off from rescue by dense produced by a flro that started this afternoon in a mule FIRST SNOW IN 10 Flurry in Where the White Flakes Are a Decided Novelty Cold Throughout Jan cold weath er is throughout the penln Snow is falling even in where there has been no snow in the last 10 Steamship Hohenzollern Jan North German Lloyd steamship Hohen from which went ashore here was floated this afternoon and is now safe in the AFTER STOCKTAklNQ JANUARY 1905FDURtEKR TWO Greatly Reduced L 232 Prevented Pneumonia I was troubled with a bad cold and was threatened with After taking the first I iound myself much improved and after the third I was entirely rid of the cough and soon began to gain in strength and Signed Ed ward 134 Sandusky Mother and Daughter A longstanding lung trouble had left me thoroughly run down and I improved so much by taking Father Johns Medicine that I gave it to my sevenyearold in whoso health there has since been a marked Nothing equals your medicine as a Signed Colds money 01 All The bridge and structural iron work ers strike is The union wins an advance of 2A cents an hour and the closed shop from the three largest and the other firms whose jobs were struck are expected to agree Four employing 10 signed the unions original agree ment two weeks Last after the unions meeting had accepted a new cents an hour and full union from the George Fuller construction the Koebling construction company and the American bridge com the meeting ordered full crews to start in thin morning on the building on Washington beingbuilt by the Fuller and on the Hemingwuyst chambers and Dearborn st jobs of the Rocbling The number of men ordered to the Slegel building la while 21 arts directed to report at the Uoubllng The American bridge company has not as yet started Its but was in ne gotiation with the union so that the conditions could be established and un derstood before it began The Schumacher Penn steel company and the Fort Pitt bridge company are expected to agreo The company on the Atlanticav station for the East Boscon tunnel will probably be sent to that job today if the company signs in as 14 men are required there and the union had 14 men on the strike list last night after the assign ments had been made to the Fuller and noebling Several compromise offers have been made the embodying the cent rate since the strike started two weeks ago They did not contain the other provisions secured In yesterdays that every man go back and that the jobs be under strictly union Some of the members at last nights meeting wove opposed to accepting the but the advice of the more con servative men The union dpclded to call back mem bers who have gone to union jobs out of for the other contractors who if such a step is The firms which have not as yet signed were employing about twoscore men all told on the jobs they now have in The new rate will apply to the ele vated railroad extension construction and other big jobs hero this Last night 25 men were admitted to the union by card or None of them have been at work in this city during the Butler of international vice arrived while the meet ing was in He was satisfied with the His purpose here was to order strikes on every job being done in other cities by the general con tractors involved in the trouble He will remain in this city until the entire matter is Business agent William who conducted the strike and the settlement negotiations for local was givan ci unanimous vote of thanks by ihe union last night for his ANOTHER Master Teamsters and the Drivers Consider Hew There was another conference yester day between the committees of team drivers union 25 the master team sters association regarding the terms of he 1805 The drivers representatives reported he decisions of Sundays meeting of ho The conference lasted two The drivers representatives left o present the case to the meeting of he executive committee of the union ast which was Another conference will be prob ably possibly not until tomor the time being optional with the unions THE Jan for Tuesday and Wed For New England Fair Tuesday Wednesday slightly fresh southwest co south Local forecast for Boston and vicini ty Fair Tuesday and Wednesday light to fresh southerly to west erly The temperature yesterday aa indi cated by the thermometer at Thompson spa 3 a m fj am 9 u m 12 m 8pm C p m 8 p m 12 mid a average temperature yesterday 23 The temperature as registered In the following places at 8 last treal Nantucket New Tfork Washington Atlanta Snvantial Jacksonville New Orleans Br Louis Chicago St Paul Bia luarclc Omaha Denver The Globes forecast for Wednesday and Wednesday anu generally fair Thursday slowly rising temperature southerly to westerly TUCKERS PARENTS LEAVING COURT THE MOTHER HAVING TESTIFIED IN HER SONS BEHALF MR AND MRS ALBERT TODAYS GLOBE opens its case Atty Thomas Vaheys tes timony by two handwriting and courts admission knife and stickpin features of the Strike of the structural iron workers declared men get an advance of cents an hour and tre closed William Geary of Hyde Park killed In the South station train shed by a train backing down upon Ill ge Election of senators today by Massachusetts Dr Calrd again leads in the Massa chusetts cities division of the Globes groat educational fund Gypsy and browntail moth suppress ors present petition to legislature with broad and drastic bill calling for ap propriation of News of the water Real estate Republican members of the common council to meet In caucus with the purpose of presenting a solid front against the sewer loan Thursday IUKC Attractions at the Supreme court ordere a new trial of Senator Burton of Opening of the convention of the united mine workers in Convention of the state council of car penters in Page Atty Thomas Vaheys opening ad dress to Jury in Tucker Joseph Ijeo of Massachusetts civic league speaks at meeting of the New England womans New England Sabbath protective league has Us annual meeting In Agents report brisk business at the New York auto show Massachusetts man buys an Poultry and pigeon show opens today big list of Page Philadelphia police believe the is a lone schemer he will be tried in New Ten pupils of the Cambridge Latin school temporarily by Princi pal Bradbury for absenting them selves from their studies without Deputy high chief rangers appointed for the Irish National Victor out of work and de spairing of bringing his family from likely to die from his attempt at suicide with carbolic Sec Hay again calls the attention of the Chinese to Russias charge of vlpla tions of Die the original ver sion of You a Mason presented by the German theatrical association at the Dudleyst opera John Howard of engine 17 badly hurt by being thrown from the hose wagon at the corner of Adams and ISllet Bavarian mutual aid society celebrates its eighth anniversary with a Boston Order of Railway elects Massachusetts has a large meeting in IllKft Financial Much Interest in Chamber of Com merce to be held Hot For Health and Pleasure RadioActive owned by U S Fine winter climate Hf teen miles reservation drives golf nine ty days Hotels for all Write Bureau of Information Hot for Illustrated Uncle Jed Says Other gingers aint wuth mussn up your mouth for longslda o Asthma Can be Relieved By taking Sure There has never been made In any country a better whisky than the We shall show you that the Charles is Innocent of the murder of Mabel We shall prove it conclusively by the perfect alibi which we can furnish through the testimony of witnesses whose disinterestedness is We shall show you that the stickpin found in Tuckers pocket was his own and that Mabel Page never saw it it was bought in Portland by Tuckers late and Tucker had worn it hundreds of times in his We shall show by four handwriting experts that Morton slip found beside the body of Mabel Page was not written by but by Mabel Page We shall show you that the knife fouud in Tuckers pocket could not possibly have inflicted the wounds found in the body of the mur dered Tucker broke the knife because he had out that the after first questioning him and allowing him to were again directing suspicion to a paroxyism of fear he de stroyed the though he did not throw it We claim that his actions in the matter of the knife those of an innocent man who found himself suspected of a crime he did not Tuckers connection with the sheath is entirely con sistent with the sheath in the fish He had attempted to sell the knife in but did not and then put the knife back in his pocket without putting it in the We shall show that on the day to sell the knife he went to the theatre with a The knife fell out of his arid in picking it up he cut his We shall show by medical experts that on the statement of medical examiner Mead a singleedged knife could not have inflicted the Svounds in Miss Pages Wood has fqund blood on the coat and on three pairs of Tuckers Tucker frankly says he does not know how it got It is scarcely probable he wore three pairs of trousers at once on the day of the The spots on the Prof Wood said would not make more than one ordinary drop if put Tucker had on day he went to the theatre in Tuckers alibi proves that he could not have gone nearer to the Page house that day than Cutters He had no opportunity to commit the We shall show that Tucker was buoyant and perfectly normal only an hour and half after the time the prosecution says Miss Page was His walk to Weston was iu no way He was accustomed to an outdoor and having finished his work at home that it was only natural that he should take a walk after The defence does not ask any except that which is due to innocence the defendant asks verdict except that and justice TODAYS GLOBE TODAYS GLOBE Smoot case witness says there was tacit understanding in Utah that one senator should be a gentile and one should be a Page Household dally lesson In history and boys and girls Bowling matches In the different Pres Ban Johnson comments on the Taylor English high defeats Molroso high at ice Sam defeats Joe Reed of Lynn in Webster in Jive Commercial Pujje Direct examination of Prof Bemla closed at the gas and he passes into the hands of counsel for the com Mlsa Annls JIansfloW of Helen to rnarry John Harvard Instructor ana Bill to be introduced in legislature to make school board appointive with the mayor and 19 ber to five Bay state men not sanguine aa to tariff revision two parties of Boston lans national Baldwln memorial fund starts with In six William Nash of former ly In practice at the Suffolk sent to Westboro for observation as to hip men tal condition other court Mrs Charlotte Bickford left letter to the Globe explaining her reasons for Gloucester fishing vessels may be caught In Ico off Board of aldermen adopt an order of Intiulry relative to the Massachusetts gas companies and the New England gas and coke They Met In Jan IGMlss Mabel acd stepdaughter of Dr Speer of this after noon became the bride Hyderabure a Japanese scholar and Rev Chllton Powell married them In Grace Episcopal Among those present were Ur and Mrs Speer and Miss Tljq mot In Boston last Address Earns Atty Gen Parkers Congratulations and Defendants Mother on Witness Stand at Forenoon Ses sion It was obviously a relief for Charles Tucker to come into court at Bast Cambridge yesterday know ing that he was not to listen to more allegations and assertions by the prose cution but would from counsel and persons on the of circumstances which pointed toward his For two full weeks he has sat looking upon the efforts of the prosecution to mass its strongest force of circumstantial evidence to sustain the charge killed Miss Mabel Page at the aspect and Tucker seemed to become more buoyant in expectation the reversing of the situation during the days to When he came in yesterday morn ing he looked better than he has at any time since the trial There was a tinge of pink in his and he seemed contented as the day It was a day which satisfied so he said at the end to his He heard his junior Thomas make an opening statement that at the close drew the congratulations of the attorney general and Dlst Atty Step by step Mr Vahey went over the main contentions which marked the government testimony of the last two and told wherein the defence would show them to be In error until he controverted every one of When recess came in the his first Tucker called Mr Vahey to the cage and seemed happy and grateful as he shook one passed Ills arm over the broad shoulder of his counsel and smilingly expressed his thanks as he whispered in Mr Valleys The prisoner saw his mother on the stand for a few She had been called merely to describe her part in the admission of the police to search the house the night of her sons Counsel for the defence introduced evi dence to support the claim that the de fendant was deprived of his rights when the police searched his house on a war rant issued for a Knife and Pin Chief Tarbox and Francis Spraguo clerk of the Newton district confirmed the assertion of counsel for the prisoner that the warrant was asked for first to search Tuckers HatJe the of Fortyfour years Public What does that mean It means that the Jewett Js a public demanded it represents the needs of a very large percentage of piano music If the Jewett were not a very high type of piano it would not have received such unqualified commendation of musicians of international and certainly it would not have maintained such popular favor for nearly half a Yet the price is most reason and terms of payment may be made about as When Shall we Show the Jewett to You fiend m your votes for youj candidate in the Globes great contest See Page for a When the clerk said there was no law to permit a search under such he admitted thai the police suggested a search for a graphophone alleged tohave been stolen Chief Tarbox said he did not know about the alleged missing sraphophona until the warrant was applied for the Inspector testified that he bad informed some time tlie loss a and he suspected that it might be in Tuckers When Mrs Tucker was called to the she admitted that she told tho police they need fihow no say ing Charlie has done nothing You may come in and search his At the end of the day the court hand ed down a decision admitting the broken the Tuckers clothing and all other evidence obtained in the The court stated that it did not appear that the search had been made upon the as the docu ment was not shown and was after ward indorsed with the return of no service It was the view of the judges that Mrs Tucker admitted the and instead of their serving the warrant the search was made at her they held that It was com petent for the prosecution to use all Continued on tlie Fourtji We Believe in President Roosevelts Policy And Make Always In All Ways A Square Deal To All Honest In and FULL avo According to 1 Jiye or See that our etgnatun is branded on the cork Taylor 108185 State Hanover ami Union SMOKED test 7c Limited to 10 FANOT YOEK par Limited to 1 dozen to ctieh FDR TUESDAY ONLY FROM THE BLAUK BOOK CORNER CASH And Hvery Form of ACCOUNT Eight Eight BEALE 8 C0lr JOS tf