Saturday, April 8, 1899

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - April 8, 1899, Boston, Massachusetts Real For Sale Should be Advertised When People are Thinking of Yotif Want Ads for TJit Sunday Glbbe to Pfonw VOL LVNO SATURDAY APRIL 1899TWELVE QMnB PRICE TWO IVORY and price of a Brass Bedstead sits very hard 011 youv enthusiasm it is a damper on your But the price of our White Enam elled Iron in the latest architectural with complete mountings and trimmings of bur nished in less than that of an ordinary wood They have all the open strength and neatness a brass In durability they are hot In beauty they are certainly the equal of the brass since they make up in color what they lack in From a color the ivory and gold is more effective 1 than pure The amount of brass work varies ylttj different The designer ias been requisitioned to Beautify the unamelled and the iron frames ire now cast in forms of extreme v aiiie Furniture DRAPERIES AND 48 Canal Watch the Window On our regular semi weekly special bargain Kneeland street window will be full of Xlomet flannel nightshirts for sizes 14 to regular 5ocent which we will offer for Monday only at Thirtyfive Cents Tuesday theyll be 50 cents King Largest Clothiers in the Washington and Kneeland Seen our hat yet BOYS WEAK OUll After an experience of nearly a quarter of a we are confident that we are male and selling through v 60 stores the IK 12 City Hall Av 82GourtSt CONTENTS OFODAYS GLOBE KlglHh II S duo to arrive in Boston today IrruisporL Mendo expected Uvto this afternoon will be given berth ut plor Now England South Thirteen lives lout and nlno persons Injured by another fire In the million aires district In New Death of James Doolan of Salem In a Somerville police station was due to Ills bliJBc In Cambridge on Harvard near Iho Grand Junction railroad last night Ions Harry Worcester of Motlfon hilled while at Thirteen Lives Lost in Another HUH WHILE AT Medford Lads Life Cut Short Harry Worcesters Skull Crushed Rock Dislotad From bv Edith lujurad in Not April at play Scltth Hurry the Gycnrold eon of Charles Worcester oC almost insuaitly killed this afternoon at the rondenc5 of Survanu St Denis on Forest The children had been altendlng a birthday party at Mr St Denis home unil were playing in an adjoining field at base of a pile of One of tha rocks was dislodged and struck young Worcester on the crushing ill Iho Another rock struck Vila IHtlc play ituitc on her Inflicting an but not Massachusetts OH NEW April Massachu In command of Capt Nlcoll Lud left the navy yard this afternoon to join the North Atlantic She anchored at and will leave there on Monday for her destina Soldiers Killed by Exploding April the accidental explosion of a shell In the iortvess oE Huy today two soldiers were killed and two officers and four soldiers were A street adjoining the fort ress was devastated by the Trlftl Justice Horace Bush April 7Trial Justice Horace Bush died at West Brook fleld at 10 oclock James Doolans Death in He Had Been Placed in a Cell 011 Cliarp of AutopsyRevealed No Trace of Par Week Until Paid anil Will Buy Combination BookCase and In Quartered Oak and Per Week Carpetssi Parlor Suits ss Per Week We pay freights to nay town la New England nun car fares within SO miles of Mall orders given careful atten Free at BABY CARRIAGES ROBINSON 140 Washington Dock Admits Jamos Doolun of who was found dead In a cell at the aomcrville police station yesterday hav ing been taken into custody Thursday afternoon and locked up on a charge of died from a stroke of An autopsy performed af ternoon by medical examiner assisted by Dr Swan of showed this ASa re Hult of their work they failed toflnd the slightest trace of City physician who sent the man to the station house tinder the belief that he was present the Mr Doolan was found IH semicon scious condition shortly after 4 p m lyingupon the lawn which surrounds the residence of George Derby on Highland opposite Syca more He was discovered by Dr the city and was later examined by Dr Thomas the medical It appear from the investigation of the police that In company with another drove a load of furni ture from leaving that place yesterday Dr Perry stated to reporters that from the outward personal appearance of the man he thought that he was Intoxi although physician waa un able to detect the smell of liquor on tho manH Dr Dunell found that Doolan was unable to and deem ing It wise to ascertain If the man was Injured in any he applied tests to determine whether Doolnn was suffer ingfrom a concussion ot the brain or from a fracture of the He failed lo find any Indication of such Tho physicians ordered his removal to the police At yesterday morning he was found dead In his and Dr Dear born was Ho aald that in his opinion the man had been dead an Thursday night William malinger of the firm of Lee called at the police station and sought to offer bull Cor the release of but Sergt who was in said the man was not in condition to be released on Mr Bltikcly then asked to see but he was denied the privilege by the acting tinder orders of Chief is not allowed to let any one see a Mr Blakely was Kreaily Incensed at his be lieving that Doolan was not People who knew tho Stead man In Salem give him the character of a re sober and Industrious WAS A RESPECTABLE CALL EABLY Want Ads for Tomorrows Globe to secure proper STENOGRAPHERS Who lit jrasont lend bnslaom ad drwi itid raoelve handsome und nsalul artlglu fm oJ WMYH 8t ftps James Doolan Was a WellKnown furniture Hover In April sur prise wns caused here today by news that James a furniture mover of this had been found dead in a cell at the Somervllle police t Mr Doolan was well known here as a respectable citizen nnd a man of excep tionally good He left here with a load furniture for Boston about noon His friends here refuse to believe the statementof the physi cian that Doolan had been Political conditions In Jamaica left In almost a chaotic plate by the adjourn ment of the Boston team will piny at Richmond today several college nines will phxy their first sumes of Die season base ball A Chicago man robbed and killed In his store after a desperate Close of the dog which has been qne of the New England kennel clubs most successful Yale faculty will not allow tho Dun ham clnbu crew to race with the Har vard clubs on the Big totals In tlie City league bowling tournament series will be finished next Charles Jackson of battery light Injured at the exhibition Italian who attempts to murder an aged farmer at shot down by infuriated Proposed trust of coffin manufactur Richard Hammlll of Watertown ar rested on charge of Start of 24hour goasyouplease race in Grand Central New Weavers at Iontlac follow those at Dodgevllle nearly 0000 looms now idle in the Cuban generals reinstate Gomez and will appoint committee to help him dis tribute the and to help him in forminga rural Hermann observes Its golden Pnjge Death ot Stephen White of East who was injured In a Knee land st Johnnie and Michael Elyko of Boston find their mother In New York and per suade her to return Catugnlo sentenced to 30 years for counterfeiting de Marco found Legal battle over the receivership of the Boston and Montana company may come to a sensational head Latest news from Dl the alleged murderer of James will not ba brought back to Boston he will be tried at Stockholders of Mudge shoo company East N anxious to ilud out the cause of the factory Ex Pres Cleveland and parly had good days sport at Centervllle trout Opponents of replacing the Tremonl st tracks win a skirmish in the house Snunders order passed bill to reduce number of Boston democratic caucuses Suicide of Paul a Boston man In Reunion of the Boston alumni asso elation of Coburn classical Combination of woolen and cotton In with enormous Buildings and stock occupied by Geo Shaw Co and Congress st damaged about by Knormous catch of seals in the gulf o St Lawrence so far this Death of MaJ Phlnney of Barn Alleged forged order swindler unde Admiral Kauta feels Insulted by ac tlon of the German consul In Steamship Norseman docked at Eas Boston she is seriously Officials of the Consolidated system said to be uneasy over the threatened Meeting of persons opposed to relaying tracks on Tremont Inge Good things in the retail Ires MeKlnley to be the uhitf speaker at diamond jubilee of American Sunday school union May Funeral of Mrs the gover nors Official train to carry Baptists from Boston and New York to May anniver saries at Sun Sensational slump In Harbor front Real estate Piige Important auction sales of horses and Pngre Mrs Groleau testifies In suit against Rev Mr Leclalre at Lowell that sho found her mother and the defendant In compromising Beef court of inquiry admits as evi dence the reports of army Capt officers and crew of the Pavonla 8iven medals for devotion to Natives of the Island of Samal rob the treasure chest of tho steamer Kwonghoi and kill her first Boston Bangor steamship company sued by Miss Edith Waterman of Bos ton for value of a trunk and con Shamrocks lead keel cast Thorney crotts shipyard guarded by Again It Was District on 5tn ires Starting in the Home of Millionaire Where a Whole Fam ily the Flames Jumped Two Blocks and Claimed Another Victim There Nine Persons Were Co incidences Between This Newest Tragedy and the Windsor Hotel Bad Blaze Visited the Cambridge Started on Harvard Near Many Workshops Were in Tenement Houses Also Were Meade Expected to Arrive Late This lames Started in the Holton Byildingand Spread firemen bid Splendid Work in the NEW April lire second only to the greater Wind sor hotel appalled the city to Again It was in the millionaires dis just 20 blocks north on 6th Thirteen lives were lost and nine per sons were Strangest of the flames jumped two blocks from burning house to an skipping the millions of property and scores of lives In the oncl house one life was lost and several persons wove The lire started In home of Wai lace millionaire president of the New York steam heating com who lived at 2 East G7th Mr Andrews and Ms entire besides six lost their lives in the twinkling of an The two servants who escaped were badly one probably AVhtlu the flre was at its night and all efforts were directed to the Andrews the sparks set fire to occurred wiped out every member of ths family save Air St who was In six of the eight one of all the mansions In the not even the house next door at 4 C7th nor the Andrews 5th av which connected with the burned was even Yet the flumes leaped two blocks and burned two upper Htorlos in the house of Albert Kust 09Ill It was IJii tills morning and police man MoKnlKht of the East 17th st sta tion stood at Slh av and Oiitli in of Col Paynes the splendid granite pile built by the with its queer conical slate He heard an The next mo ment a great burst of light Illumined tho corner Iilre Fire yelled going up the block on The Andrews house ut 2 East 67th just around the corner and opposite the big gothic house of George was the house of Albert 3 East Basement and first story were a two blocks away arid directly to There one that of an old retainer of the wtis lost and seven more persons were Remarkable were the coincidences be tween this newest horror and the Wind sor Tho flames spread so quickly of flames that shot halfway across the street and were curling fust up ward toward the other Not a soul was in The bloel was Nobody was in the win dows of the Andrews alreadj ITjj to the front threi A Stylish Jit Is essential to the With the right head covering half the battle of good appearance is without it every effect dressing is In Hats our Spring Styles are vxll right at every look and wear full The prices HarpdooA Lynch 171 Hanover Below Open THE clear April 7 Forecast for Saturday For New Ver with Bhifl Injf to northwester ly Bftles Saturday Sunday For Massachu Rhode Island and with hhlftlng to northwesterly gales Sun day For New fair In south clearing In northern portion Sat shifting to west erly Local In the followed by fair afternoon and night brisk to hlffh easterly uhlCtliiff to north and und light to Civssli westerly Tho temperaluro as Indi cated by the thermometer at Thomp sons a a m 37 6 a m 9 a in 13 m i p m m 9 p m 1li mill average tomTiuiituve yestcr duy K The foreaist for utcirm center last nlglit was over Vlr niovlntr with rain then IlllliiB over the states and most tit1 Now and high easterly vvliidK jiiovttllina the coast from Hat loriB to It will puss during and cloav weather with tern iHittinrop between and 00 at the highest A ml westerly winds prevail Sun day and probably At thp bnnauetB rootntly tendered In UoFlon to JrpHldtmt Admiral UumpBoii tincl Ounl Fommery champagne wan uelectQtl for Us pure that escaue was cut They started at dashed the Ite and but no one Fire Flre Flre he pound ing on the iloor with his night stick with all his But from within no sound came save the crackling ot the The drawing room floor was all ablaze and from the second story win ilows little jets of flame were For five minutes the policeman yellet find but within was only si Then from the basement came a dull and tho side windows of the house which looked out on Mr Armours back yard fell At the same mo ment flames spouted from the fron door of the Andrews and from the windows on the second and thirc McKnight could stay no Pur sued by flames that leaped from tli front door he jumped down the The house was ablaze from cellar to and all in five The house next In peril and up the front steps went Me rapping with his shout Ing at the top of his voice and pounding on the It was the splendid home of H 4 ICast and here tlii family wero Out IntOj the street they hurried in their night clothes to bo cared for by kindly Bu in the Andrews house the flames wen holdinghigh Every wludov wus the roof was on thi flames wero leaping far out into the street and a fountain of sparks wa shooting high up Into tho air and thei blown by he brisk south weist wind that had full sweep aeros Central on the same fatal the at 07th Instead of 47th st the same rumors of incendiarism spread strangest of rteht across on the same northeast corner was another Gould the home of George Ijike that of Helen Goulds at ii st It escaped practically The Dead and THE DEAD At tho Andrews flre Wallace aged presi dent of the New York steam heattne Mrs Wallace aged his kitchen parlor St Mrs Gamaliel Mrs Andrews St 13 months St Orson 7 years St Wallace 3 years At the Adams flre tio years house THE INJURED At the Andrews frac tured In leaping from window at Pres byterian hospital likely to contusions and slight burns Presbyterian hospital will At the Adams Albert real slightly cut by Mrs his 40 shock treated at Presbyterian hospital and sent to Savoy Miss cut by falling glass taken to Presbyterian hospital injuries Miss in juries slight treated at Presbyterian suffering from shock now at Presbyterian engine company hurt while trying to rescue MaryLough lln treated at Presbyterian hospital and sent leg fractured in jumping from window at Presby terian shock tind contusions received from Jumping from upper win dow at Iresbyterlun Mansions of The block In 5th av opposite Central between GOth and G7th is one tho most striking along that whole nt retch of millionaires In It krc und In each dwells a Bach house IH of fine archi tcclure without and of magnificent decoration Those houses are numbered from SD2 on tho 80th si corner to S50 on the 87th st In S52 lives Col Oliver brotherlntaw ot Whitney In 85S Mr and Mrs George tho Albany millionaire family In 855 Perry In Mr and Mrs Mr Armour Is also a The center IIOUHO In tho It cost to In It is now Includ ed in the cutnlo of Wallace another Thin honno joinod with Kait 67th making a perfoot U Mr Andrews and hln wife lived there with retinue of eight With wero Gamaliel St hln wife little Mr St John KJ MiH Andnnvs In tho tjth uv lionso on Thursday night wwroi but two Andruw Kuloy an1 tho Tho houBO wnJ for but fully It was In 3 Emit 07th st where the flre Heroic Work by When the firemen got quick a they it was too Two mor alarms wore turned three in In the the entire neighboi hood for blocks around was in a panic People poured out the mansions 1 nth 00th st and 67th st In their nigh Where are the Andrews and S Johns waa on every But not soul had seen Not a face ha appeared at any It was a furnace within the ssplondl and now It was death to ente A dozen streams of water were pourin on tlie flames in live minutes after th engines and the llremen wei assaulting the lire from the roof an extension the Rothschild house nex And then the firemen could Two poor hemmed i like rats In a trup they wero standln In the one window and looking out o the rear of the fourthstory diagonal toward the Dth av IIOUEQ with which I For ono moment in tlie luri glare the firemen saw the poor crea lures agonized Smoko was curl Ing already out of the Wait wait cried the but shriek waa their Annlu tho hud jumppi She Toll on the extension toniiocling th two and when the Humes die iiwny she was Jound imconsclou and badly Sho will Another and this tlmp it wa Bnrnes Over und ovo thoy saw her turning In tho Sli fiH on her head In tlie a nltifv When the ambulaiuio got Ilier she was unconscious und horribly 1 Her was broken and crul ribs But tonight sh still without a chance of re Jlut while the women worn Jumping the liriinon were lighting to get In froi thu It seemed an llwasonl 10 They fought their wa flic TUiril Given a Berth at Pier New England South Preparations Being Made for the Comfort of the Regiment at the South Will be Met at Quarantine by Col and State She Shows a Clean Bill of Health There Will be Little Cant Barrtty Struck ly Hose One of the worst fires that ever vls ted Cambridge broke out in building wned by on Harvard icar thu tracks of the Grand Junction last night about Severn manufacturing n the midst of which the Holton bulki ng was as well as many tene nent were in imminent danger jf destruction for over an and hat a much greater financial loss was lot sustained is due to Uhe splendid vork done by the members of the Cam bridge flre The lire started presumably on the first floor the Holton which s occupied by Samuel better known as Samuel Its appear ance was remarkably sudden ac cording to residents in the the stieet front of the building was in flames before an alarm wassounded from box By the time the first piece of ap paratus reached the scene the flre had already st to the south side and had seized the building of the Riverside boiler works on the south side of the A second alarm was sent in at once from hex 28 at followed by one from box 17 at and a general alarm at called every available piece oC apparatus In the city to the Chief Hopkins of Somerville and engine company 1 of that city also re The flames were making headway on loth sides of the street and seemed to be beyond the control of the who were driven back time and In an Incredibly short time the entire threestory Holton building front ng on Harvard st was a seethingmass of The flre made amazing head way toward the rear of the and this portion the structure was quickly blazing The Riverside boiler works opposite furnished excellent Once seemed as If the high wind would carry destruction through to Mnin st and to the river Tho firemen could not get near enough to the blazing buildings on the Harvard st side to save either of these They were decidedly at a Chief Casey was not slow to recognize the extreme necessity of lighting it from behind the Riverside boiler Lad ders were secured and used as battering and entrance was effected Into the shipping room in a detached build Ing In the A hole was punched through the side ot the building nearest the and several lines of hose were put through the men being shielded somewhat from the fierce The galvanizing room of the works was in great and It was recognized that If the tiro gained a foothold here nothing would save the factories on Main st und the surrounding Frequent explosions told of the pres ence which made the danger The heat was By this time the flre had gained such headway on the opposite side of Har vard where it had that the threestory L of the Bay State works building had begun to Tha Albany and two large tenement blocks owned by on tne cast side of the blazing Holton and occupied for tha most part by Swedes employed In the caught two or three times on the creating ooiiUrnuUon among tha who hurriedly packed what valuables they could and made a hasty valises and various articles of furniture were hurriedly taken to places oE and crying mothers and children were comforted by neigh who at this time did not know whether would not be seeking safety In a short In the It of tho Holton building tha flru hud taken firm Here was slt URted a sawmill connected with the Bay State metal where bathtubs were Chief Casey superintended the fight at thla portion of tho burning Hero Capt Garrlty of engine who was atsslstlng In handling tt was struck full in the forehead by the Immense stream from one of the which temporarily had gotten away from the The torce of the blow seemed enough to have felled an Capt Uarrlty for a few moments was lUi received a bad gash over the right In unite of hlu while still lie attempted to gu back to his but was ordered to desist by the chief until he had sufficiently re His wound was bound und he was BOOH back at tha head of his Strenuous efforts wero then put forth to lho ouo und Unit story building occupied by tho Duft wagon spring These are anxions days for the rela tives and friends oC the 1200 men who compose the TJ S and who are coming to Boston on the transport Up to a late hour last night no word has been received from Highland of the of the and it is doubtful if she arrives before late this Orders were received at the quaran tine station yesterday to hold the trans if she should reach there during the until Col Hyde has an oppor tunity to confer with Capt Wilson and Col Pew relative to docking the All the preparations have now been made for the vessels As soon as the port physician examines the troops at course there Is no sickness on she will proceed direct to pier New England South where tho regi ment w 111 Immediately upon receipt of the news that the steamer has been sighted off the Gov Wolcott and Col Harry Converse will take passage the police boat Guardian and proceed below to meet and welcome the return ing It Is that no one will be allowed on the nor will anyone bo allowed to board the transport at consequently those who have friends and relatives aboard will have to wait until the regiment arrives at tho South Scores of men are getting thlnss in order for the reception of the regiment at the and last night the last of tho 40 tables at which the men will eat their meals were with a chair for each The west side oC the basement has been made into an impromptu mess with a string of electric lights over each and at tho right of the entrance the Immense In which sev eral new ranges have been put and sccro of cooks wero busily engaged pre paring the first meal for the The whole regiment will be accommo dated one and judging by the immense amount of commissary stores that are already piled up there will be no lack of Tons ot provisions were carted into the building and for the first 10 days a different bill fare will bo served each At the end of time It will be and judging by on 44 The April Winds That Tell of the ffirth Tell no sweeter story to humanity than to announce that the healthgiver and healthbringerf Hoods tells of the birth of an era of good It is the reliable specific for the cure all blood are founda tions of nearly all Therefore follows that Hoods is neededin Both sexes and all ages praise It never Spring Sar sapcirilla is invaluable as a spring medicine it invigorates tlie whole take it every spring and through the year as a blood pursier Weak and have been and sickly all my Hoods Sarsaparilla has tnade me healthy and and would not be with out Ierttie the spring am obliged to take same kind of medicine languor and and I find Hoods is the best to wake a person feel cheerful and New Swelling in suffered a year with pains in iny liip which swelled A friend advised floods f took it and it has entirly cured Lillie Britten Health Bun wife was all run down in After taking two bottles of Hoods Sarsa parilla she was feeling better and is now perfectly Eats well and sleeps Charles troubled me so could not keep food on wy Hospital treatment but after taking Hoods Sarsaparilla f am entirely Continued on tbe Fourth Spring ami Fall Spring and Fall I take Hoods Sarsaparilla and it does we good than any other medicine Springtime For years f have used Hoods Sarsaparilla in wy fan ily as a spring tonic and purifier of It is a Sarsa parilla for indigestion and general and it worked like a could not sit up or f was troubled so with indiges after taking Hoods Sar I work all day and feel in perfect Miss Clara Sick Evczy f was sick every spring for five f used Jive bottles of Hoods Sarsaparilla and have not seen a sick day since Impure abscess formed on my right caused by impure Hoods Sar saparilla has wade me as sound as a dollar and the cure is permanent Languid and Feeling languid and with no appetite or took Hoods Sarsa parilla with the best lor general debility I think it superior to Hoods Pitts care UVCP iltsf the nonirritating and only cathartic to with Hoods