Wednesday, July 6, 1898

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 1 of Boston Daily Globe on Wednesday, July 6, 1898

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - July 6, 1898, Boston, Massachusetts JUNE SUNDAY WEDNESDAY JULY 1898TWELVE PRICE TWO He Sailed Info A Four of the Bid ThemFearful Lot of Oregon Was First to Join These With Gloucester Did Nearly it Es caped if TJieyd Started East New York Alone the Only Fighter on That OFF SANTIAGO DE July p P via King I July p a chase of GO miles to the the Brook closely followed by tho overhauled the Cristobal after she had run ashore and had hauled down her Capt Cook of the Brooklyn went on board of her and the Commander of tho Spanish cruiser came forward to surren der and was taken on board the New which came up an hour after the Brooklyn and Oregon had completed the capture of the Cristobal The latter was not seriously though she was struck several times by shots from the Brooklyn and During the chase a clever maneuver of Com Schleys in heading due west to cape while the Cristobal Colon had taken a more southerly direction with a much greater distance to rendered the Spaniards escape impossi There seems to be no doubt that the Cristobal Colon and perhaps the other three Spanish armored cruisers would have escaped had it not been for the prompt of Com The his alone was in a position to attack the Spanish ves on the Second When the sun blazes fiercely and the air is hot and comfort becomes the first considera tion in respect to matters of Yet one need not forsake style withal we can show you how possible it is to make effective concessions to hot weather neces sities without sacrificing in the least that trimness of effect which marks the man of taste in We ask attention to our display Unlined Sack Pongee and Alpaca White Duck and Flannel Real India Seersucker and from white or fancy IACULLAR PARKER 400 Washington COMPANM f GENERAL NEWS PllSC defeats Taylore in 30mile race at Willow Grove Philadelphia Taylore breaks the hour record Indisposed to allow Ihe con trol of racing to pass out of its hands news Eight deaths believed to be all vic tims ot Beverly harbor Body of Mrs Parker washed ashore at Hampton beach two ladies hats alao washes ashore and sunken yacht discovered John injured at dead list of injured in tho wrecked building Gallant rescue of 73 persons from the capsized schooner James and Ella in the Tennis at N J Lonswood cricket clubs team beaten after a close BrewerMorse nuptials a brilliant so ciety event Gov Blaek of New York to call a special of Puce Boston again beats New York Cleve land loses and Cincinnati does not play National league Jeers adds his victories at Charter Oak winning two out of three Frederick Kurd succeeds George Travis as assistant attorney Tug brings latest news from St Mi chaels ondDawson New England leapue has to owing to poor returns this Iuge U S Senator Mason has the Spanish flag that lloated over Cavita fort on May Fuse Funeral of Judge Charles Levl Wood bury largely attended by mer politicians and Fiftytwo rare for exhibition in placed In pen on steamer Pros Andrews said to have withdrawn from the contest for superintendent of schools in Christian Endeavorers gathering at Fuse Col Hoods regiment of yellow fever Immunes ready to do Cuban Page Street commissioners say lines of East1 Boston boulevard will be estab Face Charles Low of Boston meets with fatal accident at N Nsw tax laws bearing on real estate British ehlp after with steamship Endsleigh off cape Sa reaches St badly stove up Boston schooner James Seaman lost at sea with eight government may buy tank steamship Liucillne for a water John Waters of Charlestown to bo brought back from San Francisco to an swer a charga of Fngo Yachts Jeannette and Alice encounter a thrilling experience off Hampton Program of water sports to be held at Wlnthrop Friday and Satur day of this Page Important sales of horses and Punre Large portion of destroyed by Senator Hoar advocates the annexa tion of but opposes a general policy of territorial acquisition by con Chicago newspapers will resumo publi cation tills Everett council postpones action on the THE July for Wednesday For New arid Ver fair weather warmer variable becoming For Massachu Rhode Island and warmer south east to south For eastern New warmer southerly Local forecast Fair rising temperature south The temperature as indicated by the ther mometer at Thompsons spa Sam Gam Sam 12 m 3pm G p ni 9pm 12 midnight 60 average temperature yesterday 70 The weather Thursday will continue generally variable winds be coming with rising tempera ture warmer MEMBERS IN THE Significant Notice Sent Out by Abandoning NEW July Pierpont Mor commodore of the New York yacht has Issued an oftlclal notice to the public that the annual cruise of the club will not take place this The reasons given for declaring off the cruise are that the comparatively small number of yachts in commission and the restrictions upon navigation in force at the principal ports would seriously impair the success of the In the statement says There is another consideration which is deemed the country Is engaged in thousands of our citi zens are risking lives In her ser in tho navy particu many who are members of the Enterprise Loaves July training ship Enterprise sailed this having run in here in order that the men 1 might take part ill Portlands great ebration the I July p sn oot to open negotiations for remains in cabinet council this after a short decided to continue the war with all risks while a single soldier Gen Shafter has his siege guns In posi ready to enforce his demand that the city should Tho president is very anxious that Admiral Sampson should force his way Into the harbor isf Santiago to help in the reduction of the Spaniards said to be again contemplat ing the surrender of In the tackled tho four big Spanish cruisers almost single handed and inflicted heavy damage then he headed off the with the forced her and Capt Cook received the surrender of the Spaniard Oregon and Gloucester did the most Important One Yankee which raked the Vlzcnya fore and killed 100 Had Cervera sailed as he first he miuht have possi as there would have been no more than converted yachts and the New York to dbstruct Hearst describes the condition of the wrecked Spanish warships on the southern coast of Com Sehleys naval battle off Santiago last Sunday morning described by a par ticipant on tho U S S Cervera and other prominent captives allowed to cable to their Admiral Vice Admiral Villa Globe Wants bring the best returns to owing to The Globes enormous lead in A trial will convince Gained Verdict of Always Sold DAMSEL 232 Washington Capt Eulate and other high officers transferred to the St to be sent to New Spanish authorities at 8 p m yesterday gave out that the Teresa and the Oqtien do were lost and that Cervera was a Reinforcements are now actually on the bound to The 1st 1st division of tho 1st army corps left camp Thomas last night to go to the assistance of Gen Corrected list of the killed of the regu lar army at Santiago gives the names of nine officers and the list of wounded offi cers is very including one brigadier Limit John officer of the on the Maine the night she was blown taken to un asylum in Balti on the verge of The in Santiago beln allowed to leave the city on The Spanish auxiliary cruiser Alfonso XII burned to the waters edgo at government calls Sa gasta a and an Italhin admiral says Ihe continuation of the war would a Tho postofllce department decides that postage to Cuba rind the Philippines will be the same ua to any other part of the United IJeasurs introduced into congress pro posing to raise colored troops for United States at to serve two Condition of affairs In Santiago some thing awful foreign consuls trying to Induce Spanish commander to surrender American troops reported as in good Some talk of either Cer vera or Capt Kuhite for Lieut MEW Heavy Siege Guns in Reinforcements on the and Time for Bombardment Coming Desires Sampson to Assist by Entering the Work on hospital ship Hay State ho iiiiiiily nrre funds Common council of Kverett unani passes an order to pay SV a month to live family of each enlisted man from lhai Pnrkr Iceland ol the 5th Continued on the Fourth July 5Sanllago has not yet The bombardment of tho city was scheduled for noon to but there was a hitch In the per More than the time when the curtain will again rise upon thetrastdy of war Is Tho city Is certainly but tho exa t moment of its fall cannot be The find may be haslnnel by the made known in a telegram from Cea Shaffer that he has plaved several rifled jnortarn in position to shell UK and by the appeals the foreisu who Insist that Gen shall hold out no It understood that Ihf president is very anxious tbat impson en ter the and if there is any hesi tation on the admirals positive orders nny be sient to The glow of victory lias been dimmed by new Within rilic shot of Santiago the American army is en camped waiting either fur reinforce ments or for the navy lo come to its Will Admiral defying chui Hr on thv hills or hidden in the drisii by the jortliciI i ins en and over Die submarine mints and place the city at mercy This question the uppermost As soon oiifirmaliou had received ol the thai tinSpan ish iirriscii almost the American It iicarne to whether hi cihiiioiMtlon 01 could be cuuntiHl The matter was CMU In the caninet mei alter li giiims were tent tlhattvr utiU Ailmlrnl Sampson directing them to confer and decide upon the bust policy to bo Up to the present time no answer has been re There were runicrs today that Admiral S impscm has iilriiidy attempted to fores but they lacked official eun In it Is not believed that Admiral Sampson will attempt to gain an outrange until the shore bat teries have been Thin may take some reports from Santiago show Morro despite all the hammering which It Is said to luive undergone lie A merionn squadion anchored within its is able to line Its The batteries fu its rear along the rast shore of the lurbjr are still unilc Il Is the opinion of the mlll firy ami naval exports that the next movement will lie a comblred attack by tho and navy upon Jlorro castle tnc these the troops assailing tiiem on the lam sde under the cover i ol the guns of the When ihey have been taken the hir lioi euu bo for an opera tion will not take lonyer than a and then Admiral Sampson ean sail up to the Sixth Massachusetts Has Left Camp Alger and Many Guns and Horses Have Gone From Tampa to Brigade Leaves Camp hen tins oini has bin reached the inattfi of in tneir ies prnitlin the Spanish ean be ri i to maina stub born intlictiui aii injury possible on our n rrny It ii Iti1 tlirin a hopeless ilitm thiit lime the Continued ou he Fourth CAMP July Cth Massachusetts left Dunn Ijorlngr tonight at for S there to embark for Today was the first time since this camp vvas established that a whole bri gade brol camp at It was the M 2d 2il army un der the command of liriij Gen Garrii Last the Sth Ohio rcrelyed or ders to leave this evening for but two the tilh Illinois ami the Cth did not get tin r orileiK until this The orders then were to yet away soon as ami It to It the lh thivo hours to IMnaJv to march off the The orders came just as the men wore koinfT to and many of the men embrace the opportunity to In a 4ood supply of while others too cxclteM to eat no one knows when thiy will mt another square li Is to Sc how cjulckly a body of well traluel men can got on the ami the Cth Massachusetts save LI beautiful cxumililication of how this work can be Before every man luul his roll thrown iiis shouhler and was ready to hut the bugle did not When the cLill dki come ry man jumped to in One was shouted All aboard for and no way AIihciih the nth was ihf lasi M receive its onuis it nisit to march off the unJ 1 the boys of the Sth Ohio and the Gth Il linois save the bay state boys a glorious seiul cheetJnR uucl waving their The imriils also added to the enthusi The weather was glorious and the rain last laid the so that tho march from the camp to Dunn Lorlng station was not nearly as trying as it otherwise wuuid have Immediately theorders to move were received Adjt Bntler Ames threw his campaign hat out of his tent and jelled with lie luul a smile on his countenance that illuminated the whole Tiie recjinient looked line as It marched off the lield and reminded one very much of the departure of the valiant Id when it left camp Dewey six weeks The line soldierly appearance of the reflnunt a striking The men inarched with a steadiness that cannot lu tniiiKssed by any regular reijiment in the and tho Cih no equal at camp or any other Kvery man when Col Woodward save the order to murch had a detcrnnuod look on his and all left the lield the picture of At Dunn tile wait for the train had a tendency to try the boys nervous so t tiger were they to Btt but all left in tho best of spirits ami tempi Many compliment were thrown ut the by otliecrs sationed here as the boys marched into the One colonel at the quartermasters depot said ou lie