Friday, June 12, 1896

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - June 12, 1896, Boston, Massachusetts AT POPULAR THE LATEST HAT THE English Split Straw High Yacht is the i correct hat for Young black aind fancy STRAW HATS AT POPULAR THE NEWEST The ZEPHYR STRAW HAT SEE Our display of French English kee and Panama STRAW COOLIDGE REVERE ONE OPEN I Mail and Express Orders Carefully DOUGLAS SHOES BEST IN THE 00 styles nnd widths in Patnnt Vjci Kid mid all of BiiMet we nmke ana sell more 811 olioes than any other manufacturer In tho By making only one line and developing that to the highest degree we to produce and sell thronch our own mores the shoe on earth for Etiual in inlue to 5S flt and wear WASHINGTON 12 CITY HALL 33 GREEN POSTAGE STAMPS FOR Poquonock Fisherman Got 8 Cents for 68 Barrels of NKVV June first of tho week a fisherman from Po named caught CS barrels of porgies in his tho fish vtre rather plenty In the marlot ho to send them to New He up in and after Kfvoral hours hard work shipped them to a New York commission Today ho received irom the merchant the jiroooods from the sale in a letter oontcining a For his OS bar rels qf fish he received four 2cent post Dge When his fish arrived in New York porgies were adrug in tho and had to take any offer THE Juno 11 Forecast for Friday For Now preceded by local showers In northern portions and brisk westerly For eastern New Y o r fc generally northwesterly Fair slightly warmer west south west diminishing In The Temperature As1 Indicated the thermometer at Thompsons spa 3 a ni G a m 9 a m 12 m p m G p m a p m 12 mid average temperature yesterday GO The Weather The Indications are foia continuation of through and possible Sunday slowly rising tempera ture wfnds qOMBIJfE BUSINESS you go out for v wheel baby in one of out new per week bays Refrigerators Parlor TERMS OF CREDIT Deposit on oud per Week Iteponlt on god Per Doposit on tSO and Per Weak And larger HMIOUIIU In Bunia Order w V Take your Old change for a modern We aooept 81 rer Week thereafter until the linlanoo ii Neml A utttmpi for 18B6 Over 900 ni EVERYTHING FURNISH A tad for our Bicycle ROBINSON CO 138140142 Mini Bfiurt ihd CONTENTS OMTODAYS 6LOBE Pneo Hanna selects Hobart for rice presi dent and decides to straddle the finan cial Question Missouri democrats are solid for Strange conduct of Manley condemned by Reed and his Patrolman Coughlin of division 7 at tacked by three men and forced to fire one McKinley men alarmed over the turn of events In St JqhnCyr of Blddeford proud father of Lenora the actress of West dies In New Opening of Combination Med with three good Pour pretty professional bicycle races in the national circuit contests at Gal DOro beats Eby In the first block of their Harvard crew gets a ducking Pennsys men in fine Council again refuses to pass the school loan Application for warrant for arrest of James Donovan ufdny by Judge Boston beats Cincinnati Cleveland and Baltimore Union sq Baptist to be occupied tonight for the first Fall and Portland win league Beautiful day at amp at Framing Meteor again shows her wonderful power In a light Fiftyfirst annual regatta of the New York yacht club sailed in a rattling breeze Emerald beats the Colonia in her new Tom who will meet Corbett at San Is capable of taking severe Big New York horse exchange loss Wedding of nnd Miss Caroline Peaslee of King N the American acquit and Gen Weyler will release him in a few Intelscholastic athletes who will go from here to compete at the national meeting at New Public library to use a new book Pnaie Lively session of the trial of Belascog suit against Mr Three negroes lynched John Mulligan reelected supreme dic tator at the session ot the supreme Knights qf in Wrenn beats Stevens at ten nis at N J Hobart will play the ex champion in the Policeman Attacked by Three Bvangellst Moody Invites internatlona Sunday school delegates to Paise Real estate Paw licenses to sell fireworks to ba Company to the southern union station gets promptly at Point of Finos will not run this because it cannot fencein the City hpspltal trustees recommend the purchase of 10 houses fpr Sinking ot the schooner Maud B Wetherell by the steamer Croatia the rescue of the Fay and Lynch fined and sentenced to Imprisonment for illegal voting In wart 19 Page Important auction sales ot horses anc Pnare Congress adjourned unusual compli ment paid to Speaker DOIT and the Harvard denta arrested during the celebration fined eaoh Brlggs fined Assessor Segee to be investigated by Revere Board of of the Mens metropolitan republican now CLOTHINS ON BIVBR Police of Division 19 Have Myitery to be The police of division 16 are Investi gating what may prove to be anothei case of suicide or simply a Shortly after midnight a pollcemai found a black serge coat and vest or Back near the corner of Gloucester on the banks of the The clothing might have been left there by some worldweary mortal or dropped by Although of good there was absolutely nothing In the pockets or about the garments which would leai to the identification of its Liquor Offenders June 11Miohael Mur phy was arrested this evening on a bench warrant en a charge ot breaking the liquor and Antonio Ransbottorr pnd Constanso were avrestet IPF the U g revenue Kuro relieves Croup 7 Very Both His Clubs Used on His Own She was accompanied by two women friend from South The horse became frightened and nil throo were thrown from the carriage and severely shaken Held Ground Well and Saved His Three Alleged Assailants Are Under Patrolman John has rained the reputationIn TCast Boston of being a terror to the Htf has iad tussles with but the most severe was lhat of las They tried hard to do him up while he was making an but he kept his nan and had them Coughlin was kicked and pounded and pummeled and choked and clubbed With his own but that didnt do and finally one of his assailants got a bullet In the face from Coughlins re Coughlin was called to 253 Marlon st about to arrest Patrick Welch of 149 Chelsea for alleged While he was talcing his man to the box it Brooks and Marion he says In his written statement of the was aUacked by John Edward Wlnn and Martin all wham are more or less known cer hut were Cougrhlin states that Ryan got his long club from his Wlnn grabbing nlm by the throat at thec same and Ryan him with smashing his which probably saved his By this the officer the man had both his Wlnn still his grip on his and they fell to the While I wastrying to get says the I was assaulted by and Wlnn grabbed me by the throat a second Ryan was raising my long while Norton had the short when all hands of uswent down on the ground Wlnn had me by the and I drew my revolver and discharged one It struck Wlnn In the The shot had a decidedly cooling ef fect on Coushllns and they got him and out of the He picked himself and hair covered with His prisoner made no attempt to es Everybody within hearing dis tance was gathered on Bremen where the scrimmage took and there was plenty of excitement and Had not the officer suddenly put an end tn the thing by firlnff ashot It Is not at all improbable he would have been as there were doubt less others In the crowd who would have been glad to pay oft a grudge against He took his man to station and im mediately on their arrival Fro hook sent patrolmen Farley and Splilane after the directions having been given where they might be found by patrolman They met Sergt and In a short time Ryan and Norton were under arrest on the charge of assault on an Patrolman Coughlin sent a doctor to take care of and another physi cian had already The bullet entered the right side of the face near the passing upward and back ward by the bone In front of the lodging under the scalp above the It was removed without Wlnns injuries are not considered The other two men will be arraigned In the Bast Boston district court this and Winn will be brought In as soon as he la able to be He haa received some and his face will be pretty sore for some while he had a mighty nar row escape from getting a bullet in the The officer was not seriously Which certainly U the excellent condition he is In for he had the severest possible strain In many dif ferent Ha lost both of his A boy brought his revolver case into the station after the affair was All three of the men are Ryan and resides at 245 Paris Wlnn 8 and resides at 240 Paris and Norton Is and lives at the corner of Havre and Marlon Tho police assert that Wlnn was ar rested last Monday for and allege that Ryan has served time for highway lipFadden a Vlptor pt June the republican caucus this evening 470 votes were cast for county favor Ing perham Heald for senator and City Marshal McFaddep for sher Iffii against 105 for the ticket favored by the WatervHle enforcement league against It was the largest caucus In the history of the party In this Mr McFadden was serenaded after the Old Ladys Arm Thrice June 11Mrs Clark of Chapman 70 years of was thrown from her carriage this afternoon while driving and received three frac tures of her right one near the the other two above the Lung Kuro heals Sore Foraker Will Go to St Louis in a and Bradley Will Not Let His Boom Drop Out of Oov Bradley will go to St leaving Frankfort Sunday night in a special His visit has much political He hal no Idea of going to the con vention city until he received news to day from St Louis that McKluloys nomination was impossible on the first Bradleys letter yesterday Indi cated that he Is still a and that he will not permit his nnmc lo be and was his aggressive Tho news from St Louis tonight Is alarming to the McKinley men In Cin Oov Fornker suddenly niailo uji his mind to leave for St and he is to take a special train oetrly tomor row moi All of the McKinley leaders here have been in conference since early find the long distance telephone betwetni this plaoxi and Canton has been steadily in use since S The news fro St Louis Is that the sliver have got and have declared that they would violate their Instructions if Homo one of thu spokes men for McKinley should not come out and definitely stale Ills exact position on the money question before Wednes and that the sound money men from the having arrived at St Louis this were confident since Hannas interview of yesterday that McKinley was out of unless he should positively declare at once that lie was In favor of the gold Amongpoliticians here tonight It is believed that Forukcrs appearance In St Louis will he to the detriment of whom ho Is to MISS DEAD Death Certificate Issued by Dr Anna Stevens Did Not Satisfy the Health NEW June Lenora an who tor the past nine months had lived In the boarding house at 44 West 27th died there sud denly last Pr Anna Stevens of 217 West 42d st was called to attend Miss Cous ens on Tuesday and when she died Dr Stevens gave u cortlllcato de claring heart disease the cause of The certificate did not satisfy the health which referred the case to coroner The autopsy made at showed death tp be due to Coroner Hoeber prdered Dr Stevens and the dead act ress friends tp appear before him to morrow Miss Cousens was 32 years She was born In West where her parents are said tp be She was a member of the Verdi quartet In The Sunshine of Paradise which is now playing at the 14th st Last year she sung a so prano role in the SLAUGHTER rtr JACKETS An CAPES 17 WH 19 WH 18 WH TOOLQSE OUT AT Williani TREMONT HIS HAPPINESS KNOWS NO John a Biddeford Apprises Customers of the Birth of Three Bouncing Boys at His June hapi piest man In seven counties tonight Is John whose wife gave birth to triplets early this John owns several cows and peddles their milk this and when he come down town this morning his cus tomers wore greatly surprised when he Informed them that he wnst father of three bouncing The trio ot youngsters aie all doing As soon ns the news sprout through the neighborhood the people living there visited the Cyr house to look at the and throughout the fore rcon friends of thD family living in tho city made pilgrimages to the farm to congratulate tliu overjoyed parents and to the nmmuul addiilon to the citys This is the first time In the history of St Josephs church that triplets have been baptized and Dr Thlvlerge dcea pot know that trlplttssvere in this FINER Terms Imposed on the Four Leaders of Johannesburg Reform June is announced that the terms imposed on the four leaders of tho Johannesburg reform John Hays Lion el Col Francis Rhodesand George whose release has been decided upon by the Transvaal execu tive require that in default of the payment of a fine of each they shall suffer banishment from the territory of the South African The conditions of their release upon payment of tijeir lines are the same as those required to be observed by the other members of the reform cqnimHtee who weio recently set at name that they shall abstain from Inter ference In the politics of the South Af rican BWOIPS OF lOYBAHOLD Took Paris Green Because She Thought Her Hair Would Not Brow June 11A 10year oW glrj named Mary an Inmate of orphan and Industrial home a Methodist died today from the effects of a dose of Paris taken suicidal Intent on last Tha assigned for the act Is disappointment caused by the loss of her was of a beautiful gold en color and fell in curling rlne ieta over her It was cut off because the rules of the Institution re quired The Idea was fixed in her mind that her hair would never grow Its wilful waste to use this old method of lighting when you can get the Improved Welsbach which burns half the gas and gives three times the Fpr Bide at All genuine liftvs ll on HANNA SAYS New Jersey Man Selected to Run With Ohio Clique Decides to Straddle the Money Question and East and West Are Expected to be Satis Democrats Are Solid for Bland and Free IS MAHLEYT TRAITOR Strong Suspicions Regarding the Reed McKinleys Spokesman Was the Only Person Consulted the Speaker and His Friends in Maine Are Bitteri in Their Denunciations of Himj ST June 11 McKinley of Ohio and Hobort of New upon a platform that will mean gold to the old men and a larger use of silver to the silver This seems to be now he outcome of the If McKinley could have his way he would nominated by This is sentiment with It is a sentiment which he would like to nave the pleasureIs npt to bo There will be a roll call after the nominations have been and al though McKinley will have a large ma jority of tho delegates there will be up unanimous action until have gone on Senator Allison know three months ago that McKinley would be the nomi but he felt as hla people had stood by it was not his place to throw up the Senator Quay Is In the samo He assured Mr Allison within tfie last two weeks tliat although MoKlnley was certain to be the nominee 56 votes In Pennsylvania would bo cast for oven if they were the only votes which tho Pennsylvanlan Oov Morton will also be voted If for no other reason than that Mr Platt wants a show down of the men Who are for him and who are against him in the Nnw York He to make the roll call a page in the political history of New even though it may have no ef fect on national As for Mr Reed even Manley con cedes that Ills name will be presented and that votes will be cast for As a matter of the paltry handr ful of votes which quay and Morton will receive will bo a pitia ble spectacle from which one would think they plight to be It Is their tohave thla record and they have the gratlfl the nation by acclamation which Mr Mc Kinley so much Cliuiincpy Depew will nominate Mr Senator Lodge will name Speaker Reed and John Baldwin of Council Bluffs will place Senator Alllr son before the All these three with the tendnnt oratory of seconding the nomi will be HP much waste but it will all be indicted upon the Hobart of New Jersey for second seems to be written upon the Now that his name Is upon everybodys everybody wants to know who hu and why he should b8 selected McKinleys running The answer might be written In three wants This for the faithful fol lowers of the Ohio but it does not satisfy public Why does McKinley want him Be cause in the fight that is so soon ap the republican candidate for the presidency knows that hg carry eastern state he floes not want to be landed high and dry by the silver GARRETT HOBAttT OF NEW choice farVice who has not been aligned with one faction or ttie could not be put in the position pf rewarding frirnils or punishing We were forced to go to a state where factional differences did not pre New Jersey presented to us thii neutral conven tion of had with great enthusiasm and to pre sent Air Hobarts to the conven and his large personal following in that stall meanH accessions to tho rs publican He is wall known both in New York and In even though he may ueetl HQmeilnlipiiuctlon tothe He Is ttlisjlmoly sound on money which Is a matter of HUpcemp Importance These are soma of hla but above all we regard him as the man Who redeemed New Jersey fiSfji ocratic and we believe that with his name on the the 30 electoral voles of New Jersey are us good an cpunted now for Mr Ten votes are not to They would the votas of either Kansas or and would be MARK RECEPTION Mark Hanna is anxlou and worried over the This communi cated Inconfidence Ho his closest friends and telegraphed eicolufiively to The CJiobo last is still whispered in and in of far more Importance than Mr ManleyB abandonment of Reed for The carrying all the east ern states being therefore the question as to where should la found the strongest candidate In that section became one of pressing We should have been fflad If dr Morton would consent to take the sec ond said one of Mark Hannas close friends to me this Bui there not roem to be any that thlB will As a this IK probably the best There are factional troubles In the slate thft Rulnes which Mr Moiton would have become u national and brought an unnecuHHary complica tion into the and even New York might have been Uepew IB too much of a represenla live of the uud tag bitterly hated by the anil elo to be coiiHldered for a Cornelius HllHH selection would be recanted by Platt and his and would be politically Ex Beo Traoey was thought of for some but It wag finally concluded to abandon the idea of taking tho vice presidential candidate out of New and the uunio conditions prevailed In Senator Quay to up with the name of it is tp we that no man could be islMttd In more than the aggregate Votes of Colo Idaho and It is easy to why Mr Hobart Is most available from our His namn win be u salve to the torn factions In New York and Prlng another eastern stateInto the republican col So much for the tlpns which have governed the selection of Mr McKinley haa been dubbed the Ohio not BO much for his dash strategy as fpr his facial duplica If McKinley resembles then Continued the Flfih More Curative more care ancl skill Jo more inore von derful cures by Hrtnrfs H Sarsaparilla Thft nny TUo Quo Bluod tin or AD TWO PABTIEyiVIDE ST Retrpcrats Shout for Blanq in One Part of the While the Republicans Try to Come to Terms ST June guide book poot might say tlu river niishe3 the feet pf St 1iit us u guest of hospitable I liesiHute to oast such u ciuel nsiperalon upon thu pcUnl extreinltlCH of iny gnicloiis licml Therefore 1 content myselt with thesimple Btuiement that the father of waters lows In a yellow strenm on tho eastern Hide of the Five blpclcH up from the river bunk Is the Batitheni On the parlor llooi of that lioUU Hit the national cqmmlttee of tho republican compound of u member troni eueh state and In nearby puiIar stand magln workingiia wonUeiK tliroueh tills man and In the procession that pours by him all day Down I lie vast corridor lounge a jabberingcrowd ot oftrly comers from with nothing to do but jab ber anj eut their while brother Abner McIClnley ot New and cousin Osborne ot look on In pride and from relatively cjulet Seven blocks further or 12 from tho Is the whit building that has been built for the uesslana of the 11th national convention of the re puWlcan and halt a clocen or from the Is the union wlieie the fcateH of Continued on the Scoontl BICYCLES Down Per Week will irnm date till June 17lh ijuwu lisa per We Dejliiig fpr vernal other STANDARD BICYCLES Down Pir Send for our Bioyole ROBINSON 138HOU2 Washington Adams and Book Depot Care Iasu Our Sttixl 4 or 1 BOO Furniture Over 8OO Employers Can save time and trouble in hiring their help using The Globes Help Wanted Try it next ST June Tom been betrayed appnars In the flamingl headlines In an afternoon and that question in a dozen different forms has been on the lips of every poll tlclan In St Louis If Mr Reed has not been betrayed Mr Joseph Manley of tha recognized leader of the Reed forces for several months Is the most unforti unate man In this But let the1 facts speak for When Mr Manley made his statement last the statement In which he said that Mr MoKinley wdulfl be nom inated on the first friends of Mr Reed were amazed at Mr Manleys bad judgment In glvlntr utterance to such an expression at that It was true that these friends of Mr Reed know perfectly well that Mr Reed could not be and that Mr McKlnloy would but all the same they saw no necessity of proclaiming that fact from the housetops ao long as Mr Hoed was a formal Murray the national oom mltteeman from Massachusetts and who for many months past has bean active In trylrs to bring about tho nom ination of air felt hurt ai Mr Manleys illadvised Mr Crane had not been consulted about the and knew nothing about It until afterlt had been In tho hands of the newspaper correspondents for somu Mr Crano told Mr Manley that lia ought not to Havo issued such a state ment without having flnjt consulted with him and the other friends of Mi MiManleyg excuse was that had not been able to see Mr Mr Crane suggesteo that Mr Manley i could very well have waited a a few or an before lie had made h3 and that no harm could have come from the So far ao Mr Grille knew at that time noomi In St Louis knew ot Mr Manlevti intention until the had been signed by Ivlp and WHS general Apparently Mr Maniey acteS on hta pole nnd without asking the advlc of any Here It is proper to say that tiia w is in such form that retraction was possible there was m loophole of escape t tiro ugh the atlon of some man as Ins misquoted or exaKgsrated Mr Man loys The statement was rarefuly prepared and typewritten In Mr Mauleys I It was then siKiisd by Ale This having been vewesentatlves of the two piias associations wore sent I and to them wua delivered a cppy of this By handing it to the press tloijs Mr ManHy knew that it i appear in every newspaper in the coun try this Kvldeniiy he did not want his literary tq have a Um Itud Mr MUD lay cook every precaution tot secure the publication of his statement In the exact iangnage used by and to have It appear Hlmnltnneously In tha cities of the east as well as those of thai west In where Mr Reeds friends would be the first to see well as I in wliftra Mr HecU CouUiineil on tlie Seventli A LUXURIOUS WUeu you have flniphed the tiona tliat affect your and youad heia is A matter your saerecl Never have we you will you uprlgUt seat that rivajs tlUs In There Is no explanation otjt its virtue the fact is all that oaa To be sure it lias arm sis inches that follow the tire outline ot the arm from Theu it has winged with an extra deep seat sloping back yet these features not fully explain the secret ojt It is a chair tiittt oue never You feel sure that you wjjl buck and buy it some hy the la only Paine Furniture Go 48 Canal COMPLIMENTS GALORE tiro beunl eviuy day tit c ami for 0 mipeilor tinU mo44i BVory ttiul pusltlvfly uitiHiuailMl tor1 nialiuuna nuj trloj tuviu CHOJ015