Thursday, June 7, 1894

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - June 7, 1894, Boston, Massachusetts 176,467 May Average Daily QlPbei VOL XLV-NO 158. BOSTON, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 7, 1894~-TEN PAGES. PRICE TWO CENTS. r AOlinciiQna 0}lnoh on to the offer we moke yon. Any style of Eofrigerator in the market for Sl.OO down and ffil.OO per wwk nntU paid for. Refrigerators Carriages, 1 Ooyvn and il'* Piffert Carpets and Oil Clotlis YOU  BETTER. EASY PAYMENTS. \ C l&'20oc)($ii.&140WashlO�toiiSt. CONTENTS OF TODAY'S GLOBE. -Pitfce 1. Poyle upseated' and iffayes retained by the housB; Meiijs bill teCotblnittfed to the firiancB ' cOtntoittee; other legislative mattetB. � J Aldermen appropriate over $2,000,000 In a flO-mlnute session. Magnlfloent Boheme ^,for centralizing Bfistpn's shopping dlsttict. tos Cleveland starts for Gray Gables. � P. J, McDuffee, the Maiden hioyolist, has a ftaotured skull and njay die. More bloodshed and ruin worked by striking coal miners. Ell Buret of North Bergen, N .T, shoots his wife and himself., , I'aKc �. Good trotting,at Haverhill, Worcester and Dover. Prdminentp^opleat meeting of Haverhill Whittler club. Theatrical offeHines, Trustees of Boston university give a re TOption elosing its commencement. Running r^ces at Kairagansett Park. Conventioni of the boot ftnd shoe workers International union, Tmte a. Pittsburg boats Bostoninabaseball farce tain prevents other league games. Princeton defeats Harvard In the decisive baseball game, Lord Eosebery's Ladas wms the English flerby. Locomotive runs wild and crashes into a train. FaRe 4. Camp 1st brigade, M V M, at South IPramingham- - Harvard crews getting Into ishape; general sports. Trouble at the Tremont theater ended. Albee-Keed wedding in Grace church; Other wreddings. Sixty-eighth anniversary' of the Congregational home missionary sociel^y at Omaha. Pago e> Roger Williams' "banishment" explained, Page �. Rev Dr George S. Converse chosen archdeacon of Bplsoopal church. What the Unloil Paclflo wants from the United States. Verdict against city of Boston of ?S91, Indignation meeting of (typsy moth htintors. Papco 8. Rhododendron Show opens ;.the awards. Supreme council, E. A., in session. PaKo O. Important auotipn sales of horses and carriages. Pane lO. Sugar schedule may be aefeated by the house. Exhibition of the pupils of the Oharles-town evening drawing soliools. Wedding and reception of Mr Israel A. Ratshesky and IVliss Theresa B. Shu-man. The report by special agents in regard to the Boston custom house. Hamilton Smith, who advertised for a young girl for a oompniiion, arrested. Ohio republicans nominate. SPID $2�00 Aldermen in Session bu 90 Minutes. Mr LotoasBfif Claries Loif iBi on Part Loan Act. Calls it most Bemarkable Piece of Legislation. Half Sum Appropriated to " Go to Streets. Stead way from Marine Park is Now A>ssured. Pentury War Book Is the best. Written by the men who fought the Battles Over 130,000 sold. Parts I to XII at Room 6, Globe Building. Rice � Bofs of the Old Rico School. The iirst annual banquet ot the school, class o� 90, assooialion, was held at the Xhorndilco last ovoniug. The reception was held between 7 and 8, after which a bountiful repast was served, when on returning to the reception room many selections were offered, poth vocal and instrumental, and m.any sohoolday reminiscences were indulged in. The following oiHoers wore elected for the following year: C. C. Hill prea, Wm. Wood vice pres, H. F. Kowell sec and treas, B. B. Barllotc toast-master.__ Wew Opera House Opened at pamden. CAMDEN, Mo, Juno fl-The )iew Mogun-tioook opera house was opeuod this even-ins by tlie Boston opera compai^y rendering "Maritana" to a crowdeci house. At the close the uianuBers gavo a grand ball and suoiier in honor ot the occasion. Tne buUdiuK .?{iO,000, will scat 1200. and Is Considered one of the best appointed tlieaters in Maine. MORE and better - that's what you get when you buy ROOTBSEER. One bottle makes six gallons, and the quality cannot be equalled. Ail Grocers and Druggists, 3sc. The board of aldermen held a special meeting late yesterday afternoon at the request of the mayor, |md accepted the park loan act passed by the legislature, which calls for an appropriation of $1, 000,000. The board also appropriated $1, 000,000 for the laying out and constnic-tlon of highways. At B p m chairman Sanford called to order. The following message from the mayor was then read, after which the board took a recess, subject to the call of the Chain "Gentlemen, on my return to the city this morning 1 find that some unoer tairity exists as to the status of the loan recently authorized by the legislature for park purposes. An order accepting the act has passed the common councli and was referred at the last meeting of your honorable board to the i committee on streets and sewers. "If, as I assume, there la no opposl tion to the acceptance of this act upon its merits, it seems to me very desirable that action should be taken at once, so as to enable the park depai-t-ment to arrange their work accordingly at the earliest possible moment. "The calls for street construction under the so-called board of survey laws, are becoming very frequent, and it Is obvious that an additional loan will be needed for this purpose. I would therefore recommend the immediate passage of an order authorizing the' borrowing of $1,000,000 for this purpose, to be expended for street and seWer construction under these lawB, "The approach of summer makes it very desirable that the park police force Should be increased in number, and I would recommend the passage of an order transferring $5000 from the reserve fund to enable the park department to increase the number of police. "Respectfully submitted, N. Matthews Jr, Mayor. The board retired as the committee on streets and sewers, and discussed the different appropriations. The members returned to the aldermanio chamber after a recess of about half an hour. The act was then read, and the question came on the acceptance of it by the bbard. Before the Vote was taken ,A1-derraan Lomasney said: "I will vote against the acceptance of the act, as consider it one of the most remarkable pieces of legislation ever accepted by the city of Boston. "The thing was lobbied through the state house, depriving the city of Boston of many needed Improvements. I am pleased that the matter has presented Itself in this form, for I'ometlme we Win want to Inquire who these men were that pushed It through. "New Bewera and improvements in streets are needed at the North end, yet we cannot get them. NO objection is made here to the borrowing of $1,000,000, whlcji every one admits cannot be used until next year. "It is time enough to borrow the money when the time comes to spend it. It Is interesting to know that this was dons on the eve of a certain man's getting out of office aa park commissioner. The money will be charged to 1895; why is it borrowed now? I do not think il proper to pass the act," The vote on the acceptance of the act was then put,' and passed by a vote of 8 to 2, Aldermen Lomasney and Bryant voting in the negative. The report of the committee on streets and sewers, and an order providing for the $1,000,000, was then passed by a unanimous vote-ll yeas. By the acceptance of the act and the appropriation made. It will enable' the park department to make arrangements for the construction of the steadway between Marine park and Everett sq, in Dorchester, and of certain buildings and other park work which have not beeiv begun. It will alEo secure the comple-tlon of the park work now under way. An order was passed appropriating $1,000,000 for the laying-out and the construction of highways, and the city treasurer is authorized to issue negotiable bonds or certlfloates of Indebtedness of the city to the amount stated, and to sell them, and to apply the proceeds thereof. The room In ward 25 heretofore used for ward purposes has been leased to the Brighton post, G. A. R,. and it was recommended that' $1500 be appropriated for the hiring of another place suitable for ward purposes. An order was passed to the effect that the city auditor be authorized to transfer from the reserve fund $1500, to constitute a special appropriation for wardrooms, to be expended by the superintendent of public buildings. An order was passed transferring $5000 from the reserve fund to the appropriation for park department, for the maintenance of park police. The board then adjourned, having been in session but an hour and a half. THURSDAY CVlce bas wind and tide In Its favor vlttoe rau�t beat.] LISLE THREAD GLOVES, Bpodal tale at lSi,4c. worth 26c, iWM. H. BWIIE. 1 Tremont SL More Fiahting in Brazil. RIO DE JANEIRO, .Imie 0-The government lias received iuforiuation tliat part of tiio insurgent forces under Gen Saraiva have been routed at Campos Xovos, in Santa Cathnrin::, the federal troops capturing six pieces ai artillery. Tlio iiisav-gont losses were loO lulled and wmiiKied and ihe government l'isi-i,s �o kllieil and wounded, including tv.o cvptains in the former categorj'. A largo i)od5' ot reinforcements embarked irom here today for the south;_ Giant White Horse of World Dead. CHESTERTON, Ind. June 6-King William, the giant white liorse of the world, died here this morning of tpasmodic colic. The animal was being taken fro:n Chicago to Coney via the Lake &!io)e raiiroail. The body will be stuffed and sent to Chicapo. He weighed 200U pounds. Given Leave to Withdraw. LOWELL. Juno 0 - tiemonstrants avi-pearcd at the healing tonight on tlie petition of the South Nide street railway company for locations in Andover, Church, StockDole and Ewst Merrimac sis. ,1. .S. Ludlam, D. W. C. Farringioti, E. H. Mhat-tuuk, J. Tyler Steveniand Horace Coburn appeared in objection to the petition. Hon George F. Elchardson and John Davis wore counsel for the remonstrants. The remonstrants personally contended that property on Andover St would decrease In valuation if this company was alloivad to lay tracks and erect poles there. When the hearing was closed Alderman Lovojoy moved that the petitioners be given leave to withdraw. The motion was carried. McDUFFEE MAVTiE. The Plucky Maiden Bicyclist's Skull Is F'raotured, and He is Reported to be Very Low. P. J. McDuffee, the blcycte rider of Maiden, well known all over the country. as a racer, who was injured last Saturday afternoon in the bicycle rape at Jamaica Plain, was very low last night. It is thqught that ho/launot live over a day or two. Beside having his collar bone broken and receiving internal Injuries, it is found that his skull is fractured. . SHOT HIS YOUNG WIFE, Ell Buret of North Berien, N J, Then Shot Himself-Supposed to Have Been Actuated by Jealousy. NEW YORK, June 6-EU Buret, ft yonng hardware merchant of North Boisen, N J shot his young wife in the head tonight. The Burfcts lived near the Bergen wood road and tho new boulevard. They had been separated about three weeks and Mrs Buret had been living alone in their houso. At about 10 o'clock tonight Burst entered his house, and after a few words with his wife shot her in the head and tlien shot hlmsolf. , Both were taken to Christ hospital .Jersey City. His wife said she thought her husband had been actuated by jealousy. It Is believed both will recover. MRS CLEVELAND COMING. Left White House for Buzzards Bay Accompanied by Ruth and Esther- Goodby to the President. WASHINGTON, June 6-Mrs Cleveland and her two children left the white house this morning soon after 9 o'clock for the president's cottage at Buzzards bay, and will probably not return to Washington until the middle of OotO' ber. The president bade them goodby in the private apartments of the executive mansion, and waved his adieu from one of the windows as they were driving away.' He does not expect to see them again till Juno 30. when he has promised to join them at Gray Gables for a week's vacation.__ AT GREEHIWIOH DEPOT, CONN. Arrival Reported of Yacht Oneida �with Mrs Cleveland and Party. GREENWICH DEPOT, Conn, June 6 Mrs Cleveland, two children and nurse arrived here this evening on Banlcer Benedict's yacht, Oneida. The party left Washington this morning and boarded the yacht in New York at CIB o m. Mr and Mrs Benedict were with them, and Editor Gilder of the Century and wife also came herewith them. A reception was lield at Benedict mansion tonight, Imd tomorrow the party will leave for Gray Gables on the yacht, Pres Claveland will join them at Gray Gables Saturday and remain over Sunday. THE WEATHER, FAIR �WASHINGTON, June G.-Forecast for Thursday: For New England and eastern New York, fair, warmer, west to southwest winds. Looal Foreoast. For New^England Thursday; Fair, except looal shOH'ers may occur in soulilierii .sections; warmer during the day, westerly winds. Local showers have oocun'od on tho Atlantic aiid Gulf coasts; fair elsewhere, cooler in the middle states, warmer in the northwest. J. W. Smith, Local Porpoast Ollioial. The Temperature Yesterday as indicated by the thermometer at Thompson's spa: a am, 48�; 6am, 60"; 9am. CS"; 12 m, 00�; 3 pm, 05�; G p m, 64�; 0 p m, C6�; 12 mid. 54�; average temperature yesterday, 64 20-21�. TO OELBBRATJB TH�i FOURTH. and ISomervllIe Citizens Get Together Make Their Plana. There was a gathering of the citizens of West Somervllle In Columbian hall last evening, their object being to ar-i'ange for a celebration of the li'ourth of July in that part of the city. A perm.T.nent organization was effected, and the following ofTiccrs were elected: President, Alderman F. F. Phillips; vice president, J. P. Uupont; secretary, F. Murphy; treasurer, J. B. Bast-man; finance committee, A. F. Flanders, W;., P. Mansfield, I. P. Jtlce, _J. .P^.. Du- pont and~LT'M.' Llbby. It was the unanimous opinion that there should be a bicycle parade In the forenoon at 10.30, and a tennis tournament. Capt W. H. Everton of the old Powder House cycle club v/ae made chairman of the committee on sports, and the old Powder House cycle club will have the supervision of the bicycle parade and races which -n-IU follow. All clubs and unottached riders are Invited to participate. A band concert and fireworks in the evening will close the day's celebration. The next meeting of the committee will be Wednesday evening, In the Studio building. IN THE MAYOR'S, HAKJJS. Petition for a Reorganization of tho Fire Uepartment. It is understood that the petition of merchants, raunuiaclurer.s and prorerty own-ei's asking tor a roortranization of the tiro department, was put into the hands of the mayor last night. It is known that the petition lias been ready for p;esentation several days, and the coniraittoo havinii u in hand wore only awaiting tho return of the mayor. The petition is said to contain several hundred signatures and IS described as a formidable document. 3QQ Shots Were Quickly Exdianged. One Man Was Killed Others Injured. Bnildings Set Afire by .Strikers. Great Arcade, Gomblnins Business with i^leasure, Wiiicii Boston M Propose to Duplicate. Bloody Riot in Little Illinois Town. McKeesport Still In Gontro of Destructive Mob. Martial Law Lii^ely to be Soon Declared. At CaFterville IS Ended His Life in JaiL ALBANY, N Y, June n-Frank Bradford, a prisoner confined in the Albany county jail on a charge of intoxication, this morning leai.ed ivith sujoldai intent from the fourth corridor to the Htone floor below. He died two hours later at tiio hosoitul. Bradford canio from a liiKhly respectable 1am-lly in BeniiiiiKtoii, ^'t, and was a well-known elocutionist and a i)rnml!ii.'iit Mason. The lato (jen Gooi'ge 9 VViifglM- worMi mill hfiirleltaci I'ltz (undlTlilodl, 020,000 EdWfti'iJ K HiulBbury, Wlillftin Iienuison (heir or .leyliieeB).................. 705,000 WIKTtR ST Maria r Andrews................... S2;;B,500 BosKin Slasic Hall ussoolatlon (Jlnslc Hall 111)......................... 350,000 Arthur 1' Ciibot, tio.lrrey L (.'abot, Samuel Cnbol, (onc-half uiullvhlea)...... 117,500 cmeli W l.overlng; (trustee)........... 84,00i'i Irtderick L Ames................... 411,500 AlU'o UU^hardsou, 'I'honiaB J dray...... 89,000 John C Inehe.-t (tiui^tee for CuluUne I iiiiii............................ io;!,non Miiritarcl W lloyliolils............... 103,000 UiuJsu 1. miev, Jii.-ltth K I'lllRS........ 108,000 Jolin Ciiik! W I'hlllliiB, Umrne W I'lill-Hps, Anna T I'hUlipt, .Manila U I'hll- iips............................ THKSK.NT at Daniel KuB.-'eH (heirs di'vltlcea)......... gl81,(100 A II lUircenB........................ IBoiniU JolinC I'hlUlliB, WllllnuirhlUips,.vnnaT I'hUllBS, .MiirMili It I'hlllli.?.......... 1,387,000 liOotonJlinie Hall AsBOdnllou........ 5�,�00 itn.iMl'lhLl) �T Kredtrlck II Scan................... 7t;7,500 Isaael'inUJr...................... '.;4;i,00i) 'IrwuieeB .Morhodi^i Kpi'.oopal.^oclrry, .. -l^ hudlon Wes'.eyun As-ciclulion.......... 54;i,tK)0 WilliHin sheafo, I'klwin .shfafe, Harriet U lUiiehliU'On. Tlioiiias T felieafe, -Mary II Shtate......................... 05,000 William Oastori..................... (l7,0(Ki DMHemm.n...................... (IH.-IOO Fraii.'ls K Ballard, Helen M Iiigrahain... 184,800 Laura K K I'oiueroy, OatolUic I'lerce. .. 87,000 By Its action yesterday in ttnlKatlng Representative Doyle and permitting his colleague, Representative Halrgg; to retaiti his seat, the reptiblioan ntajorlty , ill the house of representatives ga^^*!' another exhibition of the apparent Inconsistency *hlch has ohttradteCiaed It throughout the session. Petitioners ana the t�ro sitting tnein of his eollego course. He ban niiide u upeciulty ol Kuglish and Greek literature. Tiie salutatoriau will b� W. E. Thorns, Watetbuxy, Couu. If You Feel Tired, Weak, Weary Worn out, run down frorA housework, by impoverished condition of the blood ot low state ot" the system, tak* HOOD�S Sarsaparilla The peculiar toning, purify Uig and vita>tal% qualities of this sucttesisiiU mfiillcin* are Moa ttlt Ihn'UsliO'it the entire systeiii, ex^lllof disease and giving <iulet, heallby artlon u fTcry orfan. Hood's SttraaparlUa Makes the Weak Strong Hood's Pillc coie all llvrt Ul�. billDoamiB ^Uttdiee, indtgtsuon, dot beadactit. itSa, ' 11 05