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Boston Daily Globe

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - December 23, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts GLOBE ENCYCLOPEDIA Is not offered for sale any-where outside of New England  at any price. It is almost Impossible to mi the demand in Sfew England. The World Will Go Oil Just the same after the OIiriBt< mas rush is over. See that your ad. Is In Sunday's GlobO if you want business. Xlj-m. 175. BOSTON, WEDNESDAY MORNING. DECEMBER 23, 1891-EIGHT PAGES. PRICE TWO CENTa Dr. Warren's Troches A KUARD AND CURE. Lkwiston, Me., Nov. 17,. iSgr. American Medicine Co.: , - Sirs-You should mention in your ad. that those Troches ta,l<en in the commencement of La Gi-i'ppe will cure it. I know several who proved them last winter while it was raging here. They not only keep my own family free from the grip, but they never have any bad colds, as they break them all up by the free use of them when they first take cold. ' L. H. BUCKMAN, 118 Oak Street, Lewiston, Me. EX-SEBTATOB HENBY W. BLAIB Pronounces these troches "A Medical Miracle. They relieve at once. They work a permanent cure when cure is possible." ROBERT B. MANTELL, The Actor, After using Dr. Warren's Troches, says; "I can assure you the benefit has been astonishing," A CLERGYMAN'S INDORSEMENT: West Hanover, Mass. America Medicine Co.: ' ^ . Please send me two boxes of Dr. Warren's Troches; as I find them one of the best remedies for the prevailing Influenza. W. H. DOWDEN, Pastor of Cong. Church. These Troches should be used very freely in the earliest stages of the Influ-anza or of a common cold. Br. WBrron's WUd Cherry and SaraaparUIii TrooUes ar� for sale by druKitlsts generally. Box sent by mall on receipt, ot �5 cents by the AMERICAN MEDICINE CO.. Manchester, N. E Wtf d2S 1400 Odd Articles THE PRICE, When named, if it does .not strike you ridiculously low, then name your price and e;oods are yours, WE P5?OPOSE To give you tlie benefit when you need fi:oo'ds, Desks, Easy and Rocking Chairs, Pedestals, Shaving Stands, and Countless Articles Useful and Ornamental. � , (.*'FI.001K8,)- � I 790 Washm^ton St. Xlvenlnss tlU io.' <Dpi�. Moilis St. thos. kellv,. jas, f. hayes. OOg^'T That We Are The People That give you more value for your money than any other house In Boston. Large variety of Holiday Goods of every description. Albums, Toilet Cases, Manicure Sets, Worli Boxes, Smoking Sets. Shaving Cases,etc., in all colors of Plush; also in Metal and Oak. l i:.Y TO .��.!: �WASHINOTON ST. 41(122 ALL GOODS Purchased up to 3 o'clock Thursday will be delivered the same day or early Christmas morning. PaiDe'sFmitireCo. 48 CANAL St \ aemii 8iii� soitM * PRAYER BOOKS And Fine Religious Articles SUITABLE FOR CHRISTMAS GIFTS. 5 (8 and'so Essex St., near ffashlBgloii SI. C C. Patten, Old Boston Bank, says: "Salixis cured me of La Grippe and colds. Purely vegetable. All druggists. fpO :ruei::.;;. A:iasilii,iii-i.uilm!iiiiiiweii free. All \"\U. llr. \V. 11. l)ri>l)V, Vi-i lloyiBMii 6t., liLv 'iic'iiv'!!; ut. atui i'iirl; aq.. 1 JUi:>it. ro-uu 7. in CONTENTS OF TODAY'S GLOBE. Pace 1. Rapid transit conainissiou stranded on a legal rook, Young Field still refuses food. Examination into his sanity will begin today. New York Republicans hope Blaine will accept. Story o� the burning m mid-ocean of the steainahip Abyssinia and the timely rescue of her crew and passenpers by the Sprod. Alleged plot to burn Nem York property on Christmas day. Jimmy Carroll knocked out in the 43d round; Coroett and Mitchell sign articles for a match. Paso a. J. I. Case, owner of Jay-EyeSee, dead, Capt. Edward L, Baker commits suicide. What the People's party will do in Maine. Queer story of a safe robbery in Springfield. Paito 4. Wow parochial school at Maiden. Charlestown's new parochial school. One Ames against another in court. Last meeting of the Boston school board for the year. Fane S. Observance of Forefathers' day In New York. Philadelphia and Plymouth. Amateur and trade league polo season opens; regiment wins from the B. A. A. Now elections in Quebec to be ordered today; a thorough investigation of the Mer-cier admlnlBtratlon to he made. �Washington news. Roger Q. Mills' condition such as to cause his friends grave concern. Dog fight in Tennessee leads to the death of two men. Tin-PIate Consumers' Association makes a statement Pafie 8. The proseoUtlon in the Barnaby case rests; yesterday^s proceedings in the trial of Div Graves. Bostori parties vjf inly try to obtain possession of a child. , Highly epicod testimony in the Gloason divorce trial. Howard's letter. Executive council today expected to recommend Dunlap's pardon. THE WBATHEB. � Washinqton, Dec. 22-8 p. m.-Forecast till 8 p. m. Wednesday: ITor New England, occasional showers, followed by warm weather, southwest winds, slight changes in temporaturo; prob-ably colder, fair Thursday. For Eastern New York, light showers, TtAIN southwest winds, clearing during the day, slightly colder Wodnocday night._ Loeal Poreoaats. The storm of Tuesday has moved north-' east into Canada, A second storm is forming on the gulf coast and will probably move rapidly northeast toward Now England during Wednesday. �For New England tUo Indications are; Cloudiness and rain Wednesday and Wednesday night, stationary temperature, southerly winds backing to northwesterly by AVednesday night; clearing, colder, Thursday: fair and colder Thursday night and Friday, _H, H. Claytok. The Temuerature Yesterday as indicated by the thermometer at Thompson's Spa; 3 a m., 6 a. m., ; 0 a. m., 40�; 12 m., 48�; 3.30 p. m., C2�; G p. m., 52�; 0 p.m., 62�; 12 mid., C4�. Average temperature, 46%�. T. F. Herrtueton from Boston. Kansas Crry, Mo., Deo. 22.-A man named T. F. Herrlngton, having a ticket from Boston to San Francisco, created a rumpus aboard a train here. He drew a knife, and said that the men thought ho was a spotter and tried to put him oil. Mrs. Doane Seriously Injured. Newton, Uec. 22,-Mrs. F, M. Doane of West Newton was serioufily injured by slipping and falling down stairs at her residence on Davis st. yesterday. Her left arm was broken, and she received other injuries. if en Imm^ till lm% Plush Easy Chair, Gents' Reed Rocker, In Sultan Plusli, any color. Sold everywhere for $10, Pull roll. List price $12. A beanty, i A LEGAL Rapid Transit Coinmissioii is Stranded. Desires to Buy Laiifl in ol Its Would Then Sell Property It Did Mot Want. Plan Would Save Boston Millions of'Dollars. But Constitution May Have Jto be Amended. The City of Boston Rapid Transit Commission is virtually stranded on a lepral rook. After several months of investigation, of plana being submitted, testimony being taken and various systems for the solving of the proDlem of rapid traftsit being considered, both in this country and Europe, the commission finds itself practically powerless to proceed further without first invoking the aid of the Massachusetts Legislature. The question involved seems, at sight, a simple one enough, but it has farreaohing oonsequenoes. It is one which might make a difference of millions of dollars one way or the otlior to the citizens of Boston, and it the rapid transit commissioners carry out the solieme now In process ot formation, the bfilance will be on the right side when the reckoning is made. The difficulty is largely of a technical character. Heretofore, whenever the city wished" to take a certain amount of property, belonging to a private individual or corporation. It really meant that it had to pay for the entire amotmt ot the property owned by the party. Though the claim made was not of this character the result was just the same. If the city In widening a street wanted to take 10, IG or 20 feet from the front of a property 200 feet deep,the owner, if he cared to object, could make the city pay for the entire property, while he really retained four-fifths of it. All he had to do was to refuse To Accept the Gompcusatlon awarded by the city, and take the case into court. There it was only necessary for him to prove that the tafclncr away of some portion of Ma property in front Impaired the value of the entire amount, and that for all practical purposea it would have been as well for him If the whole had been taken away. Usually the property owner has beeil awarded substantial damages, amounting ,in npt a fow.lastancos to almost the value of the entire amount of his property, while in many instances the part talceuaway did not constitute a tithe of the whole. Then when the city had improved the neighborhood the fortunate owner, whose winsrs had been clipped, sold out the remainder, often for more than he could have got for the entire property in the boffinning. Now in solving the important auestion of rapid transit the commission is brought face to face with the problem, will it have to pay tor property the greater part of which it will never need to use- It Washington St. andTremont st. are to be widened, as seems to be the general impression. It would take millions of dollars to compensate the property-owners along their fronts for the damatre done to their buildings. The commissioners believe that It would be far cheaper for the city to buy out the property altogether, use whatever may bo needed of it for tlio purpose of travel, and then sell the remainder, < They believe that it would result in considerable saving to the city if this plan were to be adopted.. But here they are confronted by a difli-oultyofa serious nature. The law will not at present permit tliom to take more property than they really need, and tliey are forced to look for further powers in order to enable them to do so. This will bo one of the first things the commission will do as soon as tbo Legislature convenes. It will recommend that the city of Boston be permitted. To Buy Oh*. All I�ropcr< j-of Which a portion may he needed for the purposes of improvement, and then proceed to carry out tlin plan above outlined in detail. Ex-City Solicitor Kichardson, now a member of the rapid transit commission, was requested by tlio board to look into the matter and give an opinion as to whether or not the city has such power. He .)ia.s stated that it has not the power in his judgment. City-Solicitor Babson declined to oxptesi any opinion on the matter, as it had not been brouglit before him offlciaUy. Qther city oiHoials declined to talk for publication, also. And hero another complication may arise. If the city, or the commission, should ask the Legislature for power to levy property to a ereater extent than is really needed by the necoBsitiRS of the case, it is a matter of extreme doubt whether the Legislature lias any such power to delegate to the city. Competent lawyers say that under the bill of rights, which Is part of the constitution, no such power rests in tlio Legislature, All that it has power to do is to take whatever property is needed for puljlio improvo-inent, except witli tlie consentof the owner, and wlien it attempts to frive power beyond tliat it is an open (jucstlon whether It would not ho exceeding its authority. It is thought by many leg-xl lights that it would require a constitutional amendment to enable tlie city to buy property beyond the extent it really needs, against the protest of the owners. The rapid transit commissioners spent three hours yesterday afternoon in exocu-tivo session, at their offices In tlio Excliange building. It is understood that tliis phase of the question was discussed, and ill-. Ricliard-son's opiuiau submitted, hut the members of the conuiiission deoiiiied to say wh-dt action, if any, had been taken, .Some of tlieni, who weru .seen, would not deny, liowover. that the mutter had been under consideration, but would give no opinion us to the I'osult. ,So that it would soom that tliere are some unsuspected difficulties still in the way ot solving the rapid transit problem in the city ol Boston. No Doubt of its Genuineness. FsANKFORT, Intl., Dec, 22.-A meteor weighing 10 pounds foil in the barnyard of George Stein, near Cambria, last niuht. It tore a great uole where it fell, and was em-baaded about two feet in tlie ground. Jt is nine inches long by seven wide and two thick, and resembles the shape of a turtle Ehcli. It is pronounced genuine. was placed in Dr. Combe's sanitarium at Wood Haven, L. I., some weeks ago, escaped today by scaling the walla. Miss Smith has a, homicidal mnnia, and had threatened to murder the whole family it she over got an opportunity._ KNOWS WHATJE'S SAYING. Englishman Says the Chilians Actually Spit In the Faces of Americans In Their Country. San Dikqo, Cat., Dec. 22.-The steamer Keweenaw, Now York for San Francisco, has arrived from Valparaiso. One of her passengers, an Englishman named Edmund-son, in the course ot an interview said: "The treatment which American citizens receive at the hands of the Chilians la outrageous and wholly unwarranted. England would not stand it a week, "I know what I am talking about, and what I say to you is authentic. "You will be astounded when I toll you that the Chilians will actually spit in the faces of Americans on the streets." STILL REFUSES FOOD. Examination Into the Sanity of Young Field Will Take Place Today Before Judge Robertson, New York, Deo. 2Z.-Edward M.- Field continues to refuse food today. Ho took only some ice water. The jail physician was the only one who visited him. The examination Into his sanity instituted by the family will take place at White Plains tomorrow, iludgo Kohertsou lias been appointed commissioner for the hearing. Dr. Douglass and the physicians who have examined Field are expected to testify. Charles W. Gould, assignee o( Field, Lindloy, Wiechers & Co., has had several conferences tho past two days with ,S. V, White. Mr. Gould says ho will probably make a statement some time between Chrlstmns and Now Year, He claims he cannot make a oomprohon-lieuslvo statement without tije books that wore in use prior to the reorsanlzatlon of the firm, and those books are not to be found. His statement will be based upon the books which he became possessed of as assignee at the time tho firm failed. DBANK TOO MUCH WHIBKBY. Miser Eerrnan Haupt of Ohioaeo Dies In Bags and Iioavos S35,000. Chicago, 111,, Dec. 22.-In an old rickety lodging-house at 181 West Bandolph st., Herman Haupt, a German, with a fortune of 535,000 in his own name, died last night. Yesterday afternoon Haupt drank four pints of whiskey. It proved too muoh for his constitution, and death claimed him for a victim. HauDt had no idea of the value of money. He came from Teirstenthom, Germany, nine years ago, his father having died leaving two sons 560,000. Haupt's brother is a prosperous clothing merchant in Eoohester, N. Y. Herman, however, fell In with hard drinkers, lost his portion and neglected everything. Remittances camo from bis family regularly and often. Although he did little work and continued the liquor liabit tho depraved man lived and dressed most penurlously. and became a confirmed miser. In the shape' of hank books and certificates Haupt left proof of his wealth, and his $3D,000 will go to hla brothers, as he had neither wife nor children. LITTLE HEW TESTIMONY. Kelly May Have Been Struck by Steamer's Paddle Wheel. Newport, E. 1., Dec. 22.-Little or no Important testimony was taken tonight at the adjourned session of tho coroner's inquest into the death ot John F. Kelly of Boston. William F. Kennoy of Newport testified that he first discovered the body lying face downward, between tlio rooks, high up .above tho reach of any save the liighost tide. The clothes were nearly dry. There was no Head covering. Surgeon .Siegarlodof tho naval station tea-tlQed to attending the autopsy. In his opinion the man was not drowned, but he saw no wound sufficient to cause death. The wound over the right eye might result from a glancing or falling blow, as from the paddle wheel of a steamer. Death probably resulted from tho blow or a shook received before or at tlie moment of entering the water, Another session will be hold tomorrow morning, when oflicers of tlio Steamer Plymouth will be present and testify as to tho actions nnu words ot the deceased on the boat. It is expected that It will bo shown that deceased was thou in a peculiar mental state, which might lead to suicide. OK0EB OF VB8TA IN TKOUBLE. Anplioation Made tor a Beoeiver and an Injunction at Baltimore. Baltimork, Md., Doc. 22.-Today application for a receiver and an injunction to restrain tho Order of A'esta from paying out money was filed in tno Circuit Court here by a certificate holder. He charges tliat tho order. has made wortliiess invBstmonts and is insolvent. He states that he was induced to take a (^eriili-cato tor mao by fraud and misropresouta-tlou, and does not expect, unless the oliioers are restrained, to oraw any money in payment ot the oortificato. He also charges that tlio oilicors of tho order intend to wind up its affairs about February and remove all money from the jurisdiction of the court. The order is quite a large one. If a receiver is appointed tliere will be about $100,000 to distribute to lodges in various parts of tlie couutrj'. NOBCBOS3 TOOK. HIS BYE. One of the Bomb Thrower's Victims Just Out of the HospltaL ' NbwYouic, Deo. 22.-.T.ames Robertson, tlie yountr man who was so severely iniurod at the time ot tlie explosion in tho otlica ot Russfcil Sage, was discharged from tho Chambers su hospital today. He lives at Bergen Point, N. J. His face is oaiii fully diatortod and the riglit eye completely gone. WALT WHITMAIS'S CONDITION. J3i8 Phyaloians Say He May Livo Through the Nieht. Camdkn, N. J.. Dec, 22,-Late tonight Wiilt Wliitman's physicians .said there was no change in his coiulltion. and ho would probably live througli the night. Has a Homicidal Mamo. New York. Doc. 22.-Miss Parmelia Smith, who lived with her parents at 01 North Henry st.. Williamsburg, and who I Ate i'oisonEd Head Llheese. KkiiIjAnd Cknthh. Wi.':., Doc. 22.-Five nieiubers of llio liiirry faniily wlio le.sido hero hecam� .'iiuldciily ill yesterday after eating some head cheese proiiarcd by Mrs. Barry, 'rreatmcnt relieved all but two.wlio are quite ill. A piece of the clieeso cn beinii analyzed was found to contain ar.sonio. The matter has been plaood in tlie liiiiids of tho distriet attorney, I.'rorainent Citizen of Nynck. NVACK, N. Y.. Doc. 22.-A!hDrt A. Biiviii, a prominent citizen ot Nyack, died today. He was ni years of age, and was tlic nephew of the lateCliarlos Bisfon, fir�t president of tlie Northern New Jer.sey Kailroad Company,____ Tho 1884, '87 and '89 VlntaeCB, These being the three finest vintages, immense quantities of the choicest growths were bousrht by U, H, Mumm & Co,, heno� the remarkable quality and delicious dryness ot their Extra Drj'; by new device, wire can easily be broken by nand. INICKJF TIE. Fire Hagod in Hold of the Steamship Abyssinia. M of Mmi ToM Passii Spree. Delayed a Little and She'd Been Too Late. Not a Soul Was Lost from Ill-Fated Vessel. Steamer Cavalier Supposed lost With All on Board. [CopyrlBlit.] Southampton, Dec. 22.-The steamship Spree rescued the crew and passengers from tho burning Guion liner, Abyssinia, in the mid-Atlantic, Deo, 18, at 1.80 In the afternoon. Not a soul was lost or injured. Wild shouts went up from the tender tonight, as she left the side of the North Gorman Lloyd vessel, the Sprco. The hurrahs came from tho crew and passengers of the Abyssinia, whose 147 souls had been reaouod from threatened death in midooean through tho gallant services ot the Spree. On Deo. 18, about noon, tho Abyssinia, which sailed from New York for Liverpool, Dec, IS, caught fire. Care was taken not to alarm the passengers, and Oaut, Mm-ray bent every olTort to smother the fire. It had evidently been smouldering lor some time, and when an attempt was made to ascertain tlio extent n volume ot smoke drovo back tho explorers. It soon became evident that the vessel was beyond saving, and tiio passengers were quietly told to make preparations to leave, the crew laboring meantime to retard the advance of the fiamos, which threatened to burst from the hold. Tho passengers behaved well, oven the women showing wonderful courage nnder the circumstances. All oyes were strained for a vessel, while the drowlne Xleat ot the nook told of Increasing danger. Capt. George G. Murray, when he saw that death from fire and water stared his ship's company in the face, at once put out a signal: "Ship onflro; stand by at this moment," The Spree, by happy fortune, sighted the doomed boat. She was not a moment too soon. Stopping about a quarter ot a mile away, tho Spree sent out hor boats. Smoke from tho burning cotton in th� IVbld was working through tho docks, and already coming up the gangways thickly, but there was no panic. Everythiiis; was done with tho groatoat ooolnesa, though with the utmost expedition. The passengers were lowered by ropes fastened under the arms, and the boats made trips until all were removed. An hour's delay and all would liave boon lost, Capt. Murray was tlio last man to leave the Ill-fated boat, and then tho flames wore licking the docks and clinging around the masts. The Abyssinia was a shoot of fiamos, and as the Spree steamed on her way with the rescued the Abyssinia's main mast fell. She was loft In midooean a burning wreck. A groat swell was on at the time, and tlie passengers wore drenched in the transit to tlio Spree. The weather was not very cold at the time, but just as tho rescue was being of-feotod a snowstorm aroso and raged for a short time. The pasaengora had no time to save any effects. From the time the fire was discovered by a man smelling smoke in tho hold until Capt. Murray left the ship it was not two hours. i "If that boat had oomo up a little later we would All I�o at the ISnttoin of tho Atlantic tonight," said the boatswain of the Abyssinia to Thk Gloue corrospond-dent. Capt. Murray sooraed ooorossod with a sense of misfortune at losing his boat, and gave tho details of tho loss to Tim Gloiik corrospoudont with evident sense ot narrowness ot tho escape. Tho Abyssinia was carrying cotton, apples and pork. Most of tlie passengora were lor Liverpool, They will bo sent on there tonight, Tho crow (foos on tomorrow morning. Contributions wore taken up on tho Sproo for llio benolit of the crow andstoorago pa.s-aongcrs. Five hundred dollars was colloctod. There wore only six women on tho Aby.s-slnia, and throe infanta, Tlio crow numbered 88; the stocrago. 30; second cabin, iO. Tliey were cared for well on tho Sproo, which had room onougli lor the rescued, as her own list was small. Tho Sproo roooivos no indemnity for saving tho passengers. It was puroiy a work ot humanity. Tlie paasenBcra spoalc loudly in praise ot their treatment, but this is not tho only event in the Snrce's voyage, Sunday, about C o'clock in the moniiiiK, The touit ^ViiB eiKiitcd. Tho steaniHhip is Irom Hartlepool, Eng.. on her way to Dolawarc. .\ boat sent out by her to the Siiroo was upset. Second Otlicer Ciiarle.i Pollock went in search of tho cap.sizud men, and they wore nicked up. but one m'Us nearly doHd. and died as soon as tliey reacliud the Spree. The lona had broken her shaft, and the men came to toll llio Hpreo and to got her to tow tho lona baok. Nothing could bo done, however, on account ol tlie delay already experienced, Olticor Pollock showed tho utniosl earnestness in his solf-sncrince. Everybody snolio words of pralsu of him, and shook hands with him wiiruily on Icuv-iiu; the boat, NEW ENGLANDE'HS ABOAKD. PaancnEor List of tlio Lost Stenrashlp Abyfir.inin, Nicw York, Doe, 22,-For the p;nt live years tlio st�aiiHliiii .\by.'!sinia has been running between Vuucouver, li. (.'.. uiid Hong Kong, as one of the Ciuiadiaii Piieiiie lino steamers, and this whs her lirst trip for tho fluiou line since then. The pii'ncn^er list l the Abyasiiiiiiii w;is as follows: .Miss Marv Wolfeiideii. Full Kiver, Mass.; Mi-.s. 1". Woodfiekl. Springneld, Mass,; .loliii Harvey. Toronto: .lames Cook. England; llolierl Cartwrii.'lit. \ew York: Helen Cartwritrht, New Vor);; Jo.seph M. Kerr, Salt Lake City: Ira Williams, Salt Lake City; -I. U, Kichardson, Salt Lake City; Charles Masicy, Montreal; Mrs, P. J. PillinB and two children, Troy: James Johnson, Miss Nellie TiBho, Frank Foritty, Patrick Flanney, David Williams. John Dingle. Kate Donahue and sister, Providence, K. I.; James Currie. Chicago; C. E. Lan-dop, Michael Honnesaoy. W., A. Stooker, S. Anderson, C. O'Brion, Jamca McHalvoy, A. Sheriandy. John H. Schalatz, .lohn H. Pope, Sor.antoii. Pcnn; Emil Boghptj;, Anton Olaon, D. Wilkins, H. Honrich, Johann Bitohor. H. Kraft. Robert Bodler, N. Zuckorinan. Cornelius Hammond, Frank Belamay, Toronto, Ont.; R. Reilly, Boston; J. Craig, Boston: J. Orpian, Toronto. Ont.; � J. MoVoigli. Pawtucicet, K. I.; B. G. Currie. Chicago: M. Baker, New York; Mary O'Hara, Boston; S.Carben, \ViihamKildery, Min!),uka, Ponn.; H. Arbar, Poter Johnson, Honry Spencer, Daniel McMillan. _ HAS SEEN MUOH SBEVIOE. Abyssinia Was oi; Ono Time One of the Cunard Lino Boats. Tho stoamsliip Abyssinia was built in 1870 by J. & G. Tlionipaon, at Glasgow,, Soot., for the' Cunard Company, boinp a sister ship to the Algeria. The vessels were .'!37G tons and had engines ol COO horse-power; The Abyssinia was particularly a favbrlte with tho com-Piiny on account of her fine Jine.t, especially her stern. She was atrlotly a first-class ship and had a cabin finished in birdaeye maple. She was a moderately Tost voaa'ol and lused to make tho trip to and from New York In eight and nine nays. She never mot with any aooidont during her term ol sisrvioo with the Cunard company. In 1881, when the Sorvia was built, tho Cunard company gave the Abyssinia and tho Algeria to the builders, J. & G. Thompson, in part payment for tho Servla. Tho Thompsons ovorliaiiled the ves.sel8 and put compound onginos mto tlioni. The Abyssinia was cliartorod by the Canadian Pacific railroad, running between A'^ancouver and Hong Kong. When that company built three now steamers of their own. reeently, the Abyssinia was sold to the Guion line. It is said tliat President Grant returned from his trip to Europe on tho Abyssinia. Her slater shin, the Algevla, was sold to tlie Red Star line, and is now in service under the name of tho Ponnland. BIOKBD TIP AT SEA. KICKED OUT, Cyclone Killy Meyer Bests Jimmy Carroll. RllM-Haiito on llie Jaw In 43J RoiiDJ IB tlie Business. yet to be named, could not give a definite decision at the end ot the sixth. Immediately after signing the Mitohell^. Corbetc agreement, Slavin and Mitchell repaired to tlie Herald office, where they met Arthur Lumloy, representing Charley Johnson, John L. Sullivan's backer. Slavin and Lumley agreed to meet at the Herald office next Tuesday, at noon, and sign articles for a fight to a finish foi 810,000 a side, before the club offering the largest purse within IE weeka. Each Bide will put up 82500 forfeit, and the Herald will be final atakeholder. Two Dead Sailors Found, and Burled in the Bahamaa. Nbw York, Doc 22.-The brig Ideal, Cant. Drew, 12 days frorfi Porto Rioo, arrived in the harbor this morning, and the caotaln reporta having picked up tho bodiea of two men at sea, which may lead to tho solution of the problem as to how tho ve*, ael that they had shipped on was lost at sea. "We were sailing along tho edge ot the gulf stream," tho captain said, "and on the morning of Oct. 25 our lookout reported a boat two points on the lee bow. "I orderod tlie helmsman to keep oil, and as wo come close upon it a man who was sent aloft sang out that thore men in it. "It took considerable time to bring it alongside, and in it were the dead bodies of two men, Ittelied to the seats. "The atern haa been broken either by the launohing of the boat when their ship was deserted or by the heavy sea, and she was half full of water. "We got some canvas and wrapped the bodiea in it, and, as wo were,close-to tho Bahama Islands, I decided to bury tho bodies on shore. "Two days later wo had a quiet little funeral, and the crow consigned tiia sailors to their graves. "Worked in India ink on the arm of ono ot the men was the name Jamoa Shaw. "Nothing of Interest lias taken place since, and when homowara bound I made up my mind that that would be my last voyage, and on the next trip my former mate >yili be captain." Capt. Drew was bpru at Manchester in 1827, has sailed to most every port in the world, and while in charge ot a Calcutta ship roacuod IfiO people from a burning passenger ship bound to Australia. THINK IT THE CAVALIER, English Steamer Believed to Have Boon Lost With All on Board. London, Doc. 22.-A boat hnirkod Cavalier and a number of pieces of new wood which evidently had not long been in tho water, have boon picked up off tho Soilly islands, and it Is believed that tho steamer Cavalier, which loft Gibraltar Ueo, 8 for Falmouth, haa boon lost. Tho Brltisli steamer Indian Prince. Capt. Forsyth, Rotterdam from Now York, reports that on Deo, ly, when 1(5 miloa from Bishop Rock, sho passed an abandoned Engliali steamer, Tho seas were breaking ovbr tho derelict anci the weather was too heavy to allow the Inuian Prince to auproach near ouougli to make out her name, Tho details as to the abandoned vessel's riff, hor color and other matters, tally exactly wltli the Cavalier, and it is tho general boiiof that, attot tlio stoamor was abandoned, everybody wlio had been aboard ol her was lost. The Cavalier was a British voasol ot 1197 tons, _ CAST UPON THE KEBF. Steamer West Coast Wrecked in Port and Nino Mon Lost. MuNnociNO, Cal., Deo. 22.-While tho steamer West Ooaat,was haullmr alongside the wharf at Point Arena, yesterday, her niooringa parted and her stern linos fouled the propeller. Capt. trurno ordered sails hoisted immediately, and tho steamer had Just gained lioailway, when two heavy aoas struck hor, soiiding lior oji tho SouUi root. A number of the crow took to llio ship's boat; The boat cap.sized and nine men-two matfts, two ongiiioers, tho cook, cobin boy and three aailora-wcro drowned. Tho captain, flromon and two soainoii were saved. Tlio Weat Coast had a cargo ot railroad ties. Blio was owiiou In Saii Franelsoo and was valued at 200,000. She was iiartially Insured. __ LUOE-MOHHISON. Wedding in Ohio m Which Bostonlnns Took a Part. YouNfiSTOWN, O., Deo. 22,-This ovoniiig at 8 o'clock Agnos Everett, daughter of ,1obn W, MorrLson, imd Samuol Waterman Luce, foriiierly ot Boston, wf^'o married in the First Presbyteiiau eluiroh by Dr. R. II, Evans. Tho ushers were Messrs, Gilbert IJooth, C,W. Bray. William Hitchcock, Dr. W. II. Bucoluier, John W. Morrison, ,Ir,, T, K, Heex and Perry Owen, ail of this city, and Mr, IJlniau ot Boston. Tho bridesmaids were: Miss Gray, Ihid-Bon, N, V',; Miss llrowji, Cleveland; Alias Allen, Triiy, O.; MisH Maraton, Ann Arbor, Mich,; Miss Kobbiiis, Niles; Miss llydo, Fanningloii, O.; Mias Luce, Boston, and -Miss Kiuily iloniicll of this city. The liest man wus Jlr. lloori.'b Dill of Boston, .'.ir. iiiiil Mir. i.iice will leave on llio ourlv iiioiiiiiig train lor liostyn. .HILL PAHDOI-JS WELCH. Democratic Euporvisor Goes Free After Six Houre' Ineiirooratlon. .Syn.ici'sK, N. Y.. Dec, '."_',-A .special messi'iiger bore to the prison fruiii Gov, Hill II iiai-doii for 'I'liyliias ,1. A\'eicli, tlic DeiiioCTatie sniieivisnr (if the third ward wlio was eoiiiinitte',1 tit the pi iiiieiitiary iliis alloriKJon by �lii-i!ice Koiiiioily for ,'J0 days to;: coiiieniiit cf eouri. Stoddard Cojivicted of f'oreerv. iliiiiHKV CiTV. .V. i; Dec. 22.- Edwin Stoddard. �.vlnilrioJ toKet *,",u fnun the I'ltts-iiold (Mass.) NatiniKtl Bank by u leleKraui to wliicb ho siciioa the name of ,Iohn ,S. Wise, a wealthy deiio.sittir, was convicted of forgery lieio todaj'. A. Good Chew of Tobacco should be tough and sweet. By using Five Brothers Plug Tobacco you will find theso qualities. Your dealer has it. Record of Battles Won and Lost by the Victor. Weir Has No Difficulty in Defeating Allen. Corbeti and Mitchell Sign Articles for a Match. Nkw Oblhans, Dec. 22.-Nearly 4000 persona attended tho great lightweight light in the Olympic Chih tonight between Billy Meyer and Jiminy Carroll. Tho puraowas $5000. SiGOO to tho winner and $c00 to tho losor. Meyer was seconded by Eddy Meyer, Link Popo and All Kennedy; Carroll by Bob Fitzslmmohs, Johnny Griffin, Austin Gibbons and James Carson. ' Frof. iTohn Duffy waa referee. Carroll weighed at lasVa, and Meyer 138% pounda. Five ounce gloves were used. Meyer wound a small bandage around his wrist. ,� At the request of the Meyer- party tlie pivot blow waa barred. llintY JtETKR. PEW HARD BLOWS STBITCK. Fight Between Burns and Fitupatriok a Very Tame Allalr. MoNTREAn, Que,, Deo. 22.-The fisrht here tonight between Bobby Burns of Boston and Jack Fitzpatriok ot Canada was almost a farce. They wore aix-ounco gloves, and at tho end of tho 10 rounds which they were matched to fight neither man apneared to have received any punishment at all, arid the refereo called it a draw. There were very few hard blows struck durlngr the 10 rounds. It looked more like a contest lor points than for blood. The only sign ot the latter was in the third round, when Fitz-patrick accidentally struck Bums' noso with his wrist. It was tho tamest affair seen here for many days. HOPE BLAINE WILL ACCEPT. St. Andrew's Cross was formed at 9.16. The first round indicated that both wore extremely wary, for not a blow was struck In the second Carroll planted two heavy blows, and in the third round Meyer was al lowed first blood. In tho sixth round Meyer was forced to tho ropes, and in tho seventh he was driven around the ring. Tho fightins then grow hot, and tho round closed with honors even. Several rounds passed without much damage being done or either man gaining any advantage. Both foil in the 14th round, and Moyor fell against the ropca In tho IGth. Tho 17th closed slightly In Carroll's favor. In the following rounds up to tho 2i)th, though some good blows were Gxchangod there was much feinting and boxing and the crowd grow impatient. Some hard fighting onanod, and In tho 3,Td round Carroll waa knocked down and looked groggy. He was again knocked down in tho 34th. Meyer grow very nggrcssive. Ho seemed tho stronger, but was knocked down in tho 30th round. There waa vigorous fighting in the 37th. Meyer pushed mattois and in the 42d round Carroll waa again knocked down, Afterwards ho was forced atoimd the ring. In tho 4;id Meyer waa aBgressivo and Car-roil weak. Heavy exchanges followed, and Carroll received a In nvy jab from the right on tho jaw and was (pu ihe ground fully 20 soconda. Moyor waa declared w inner amid great chooting. ______ MEYBB'S KECOKD. Has Fought a Draw with Jack MoAu-lltlo, tho Proaont Champion. Billy Meyer was born in La Salle county, 111., February y;i, 18U0, and is of German luid Irish extraction. He luua been in tho ring six yoara. Ho foiighl draws with Harry Gilnioro, Andy Bowoii, Jack McAulilTo and George Mulvoy, and waa dofoatod by Andy Bowon. His vic-toi'ios aro as follows; Opiionout and placu. Itoiuiils. Ytinr. I'midy Wi'lHli .11 Htrecilor, III......... 1 ISKfi I'mlcly Wolnlnit linililBwi.od, 111...... .�? 188(1 Olau'loy DnIPV at. Wood/pnl, 111......113 1H811 ,Ilii;U (JiillHBlloi-at Daiiii, 111......... 4 1KM7 Hurry (Jllnairo at Si. Crolr..........' B 1887 leury (lUaioni at Korth JailBon...... I 1B88 Danny .Ntwllaiin at .�VHnniiapcilla......',>0 1888 .lai^k noivpiiral, Aloxaiidria, Vu...... 0 1800 SPIDBB HAD THE BEST OF IT. Some Eattling Sparrlnu Exhibitions in Manchester, N. H. MANCHKSTKit, N. H., .Dec. 22.-A throo-rouna glovo contest between Ike O'Noil Weir, tho Beltaat Spider, and Arlie Allen, chauiplon llghtwoight ot Now Hampsiiiro, attracted a crowd ot over 1200 people to Mechanics' Hall tonight. Tho cxiiiliiliou was a very eiover ono, Woir'a ability and .scieneo overmatciiing .VUen's pluck and heavy liitting. Prior tu tho .set-to a nnmber of clever exhibitions were given by Jlartin Sneo ot Haverhill and linehanan ot Bolhiws Falls, Lanlry of Cambridge and youn;; Snea of llavci'hill, Mlon and Daily of -Manchester, and Tom Holland of Coiieurd and Buchanan. Tho latter was a rattler. Holland, who is a Btonocuttor. displaying astonishing sldll and .itic-ngtli, and is being looked on as a coming champion. The first roimd betwoen .Mien and Woir was about a atand-ejf, llin .Siiiiloi* indulgint? in considerable monkeyiiw. in tho next round lio wadod into .\llou and drove him all over the slai-re. The third and last round v.'ivs a pretty exhibition of seieneo. alUiousli the Spider had iearly I ho best of it. COBBETT AND MITCHELL SIGN. Arrangoments Made to Box Six Bounds in MftdiBon Square Garden. Ni:w YoiiK, Dec. 22.- Junies L'orlietl and Charlie Mitchell signed anicles ibis after-noon to box .six rounds ill Madison .Sqiuu'o Garden wilbin seven weeks Ijmiii this date. Both men will go into training at onee. Clorbett wanted to fight Mitchell to u finish lor tlio 512.000 olTered by the Olympic Club of New Orleans, but iMitelioll would only tight to a finish uniier London prize ring rules. Ordinary tlovos are to be used and the Stakes dlvidoo according to future arrango-mont. Mitchell also refused to enter into an ad-ditlontJ round in case> the referee, who is Members of the New York Republican State Contimittee so Express Themselves with Great Unanimity. New York, Deo. 22.-Nearly all of the Bepubllcan State committee members were seen today by Thu Globb correspondent rogaidlng the probability and advisability ot Mr. Blaine's candidacy lor' the presiden tlal nomination lor '02. Tho sentiment ot the leaders was unmis-talcablo. Nearly'every one said: "I hope it is true that he will accept. 'Mr. Blaine is the only candidate we can elect."__ WILL LIB IN STATE. Preparations in Kansas tap Beeeptfon of Senator Kumb'a Body. TovtncA, Kaa., Deo. 22.-The State officials of Kansas, prominent citizens and re-preaontatives ot tlio G. A. H. and other or-ganixatlons will leave Topoka tins ovenlno! lor Konsas City on a special train over tho Santa Fe road to meet the committee lu charge of tho remains of the late Senator Plumb, Upon the arrival In Kansas City of tho Washington special on Wednesday morning, the remains and the oommitteo of honor will be transferred to the Santa Fe special tram in waiting and conducted to Topoka. At Topoka tho train will be met by an immense concourse ot citizens, and tho body escorted to the Capitol, where it will he in state for a lew hoairs in the mas-niflcont Senate Chamber, which has been appropriately draped wltli mournins emblems. At 2 o'clock Wednesday the special train will proceed to Emporia, where; after proper coremonies and final honors the body will be Interred. Mrs. Plumb la still beannst uo bravely. The ladios of Emporia, who have been her very intimate friends tor years, are dolnsr everything in their power to alleviate her grief. It is feared that tho strain unon the already enleeblod health of Mrs. Plumb will be too muoli for her and oauae a relapse. . GAVE HER LIFE FOB HBB DOLL. Burning of on Inaane Asylum Entails Death to Several Inmates. BitRM.v, Dec. 22.-The Provincial insano asylum at Sloswick was burned last night. Thoro were many exciting scenes, and several of tho unfortunate inmates ol the insti-tutlon perished in the flames. Ono woman who had been rescued rushed back into tho burning building in search, she aliouted, of her clilld. The "child" was a doll with whicli tho manasers ol the asylum had permitted her to comfort herself, sho believing that It was a babe from which sho had boon separated. She was burned to deatli. Anothot woman could not be lorced Irom her bed, but lay singing loudly a song declaring that sho was awilling martyr at the stake. A rescuing party had almost reached her when they wore driven away by smoke, and when they again regained the spot the poor woman's martyrdom was accomplished, _;_ Fred K. Feloh, Manchester. N. H. Manchkstbr, N. H., Deo. 22,-Fted B. Fetch, a prominent lawyer and attorney loi tho Granite State Provident Association, died tonight from pneumonia. He was 31 years of ago. In these days of ornaments, trinkets and dress, 9>^\d is often the least part of herself. It is just the same with some Writing Desks. They are so bedecked and bedizened that convenience is the smallest part of their good qualities. We luive prepared a Desk, especially for our Christmas trade, in which convenience is iirst, last and always supreme. U is as finely made as the most elaborate French Escritoire, nor is it laciving in beauty of shape. The decoration is simple. Colonial carving on tlie lid, a brass gallery around tho top, and burnished brass guards and trimmings. All tlie money is spent on llie Desk itselfs in making it spacious, convenient and fully equipped. The inside construction provides for two ihiiwcrs, with pigeonholes, compartments, pen ca.scs and a full width overhang. The lid is hung on automatic sliding hangers. At our price of ?i5.00 it is a capital Christmas purchase. Our 189; Catalogue, containing many siyle.'^ of Deslcs, is ready for deliver} and will be sent to any address on receipt of five ti-cout stiimps to cover jio.staL'.e and packing. aii'sFimilifsCo, 48 CANAL ST. I