Sunday, December 14, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, December 14, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - December 14, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts �THEV BOSTON' SUNDAY GLOBE-SUlfeLY.^ 14, 1890-r-TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES. 9 A Poor Widow, and Eight Children Left to the Mercies of the World. "Ho could have botjn Bavod If he woulcl only have com6 to Dr;'VraiTen." H6 Wa poor widow tlilnltu, of ter seeing the great number ot casea of the aauio kind whloh are tunled away cured- every day after w'e or two mngnedo trcatmbnla; The doctor hna a wonderfnl power, the pift ot nature, and he will pay IJOOOO to any ono showing more wonderful curea, hy simply liiyinR on of Iranda, in tlie Inat two itibnths, Uiali ho oah. Eecorda and positive proof can bo aeon at lila offlco diUly, I'ol-. lowing Is a partial llat of the many thoiiaand wonderful onrea that have been performed by Dr. Warren, and they will be pleaaod to answor all (lucoUona to any who miiy call or vrAta them -. V. B. Kelloy, 82 TVebater at., East Boatou; Margaret Cumniina, 80 Dwlght ot., BoBton; Jolui Sullivan,' 17 South May nt., Beaton; R, C. Wliltehouae, Boothbay, Me.; Kftto FoUonabco, 33 nigliland at., JInrlbpro, Maso.; George H. Pago, 1 Konheater at., Boaton; Mra. C. 1'. I'OBaiT.Lyndoat.iMaldon, Jtiisa.' ' Owing to the great rush to aeo tlila .wonderful Doctor In November over Thiw Hundred Patlenta wore turned away, and, by tbclr earnest sollcibitlon to bo. cured, Dr. "Warren haa oonaented ".for a few days mora to give consuUiitlona, treatment and med-Ichie �i;:eo to prove to the public tliat he is tlie �ron.test tiivlits; Mnffnetlc riiysician of tlio age, and that he can by the simplo laytiks on of l&ancls euro chronic caaea wlUch have been pronounced Incurable by aome of the beat' doetora In the world. Under his MnKiiotic toncli. the lame are mndo to walk, the blind to see and the deaf to.hear. In fact ho can in a few mluutqa relievo "all of the ills which flcah la heir to." life will cure Dyspepaia and all Stomach Aihnonts, Infiainniatlon, Hardening and all dlaeaaea.of tlio Liver, Catarrh, iironchltla, j\/ithraa and nil diaeaaca of the Lunga, Borofula, Ataceaaes, Timiora, ItclUng and Bmiiing Bmnora, Oancevoua AfHictiona, .ill Chronio Slcin Dlacaaes, InOamraatoiy, Sciatica and ^uacolar Ittieiunatiam, Bright'a DIacaao, Diabotea, luflararao-tion of the Kidneys a)id all Bladder dlscnfles, Leu-corrhma, Ovatlau Irritation, llarrcnneaa, Irregidaii-tloa, Diaplaoemenls ami all Chronio , AdUctiona peculiar to women. Dr. WnrrcM �srill grtvo to every jiarty wlio oalU rtiU'iuK tlio montlt of Ilo-combor coKsaltatloii, one troatmont nncl medlciMc free, to prove that ha can and doea oiire the above obronto diaeases. Heraembor, this offer la only good for the month of December. OfflSoo Ilonrs! �.80 tO IS. � to O, auU Satm-day cvoiitnffs, '? to,�, at 38 Milfoid St., cor. Tremont, Boston. m BOX . AS^OBl^TKflEWTS. On the receipt af gl, g2, ((3 or g6, wo will send by oxprcaa', to any nddreaa, a well-solectod asaortracnt of Beautiful Ornamonte and Dooorationa for a Ohrietmoa Treoi'.that vriU be h Joy jn any household. Personal Uispeotion of our Stocli hivlted. Oar 6.,10 Olid IBo. G�,'S5B Colmnbiis av., Boston. SSutf nib3_ Wf, MaKe the Clgur. Tou Make llie ScioUe. Tiger Cabana ^SlSlS- L. MILLEE i 60X5,1*0 Chambers at, S. y., W'f Vs. dsnly b29 ct�, gU Brogpista, etc Try it liliS, l^os., 819 Vi ashUi^ton St. Evctywhero that Burning, Itclilng or Humors ailllct hunmnit..v, Instant relief ond aiieedy cure can ofltiflllv be got b.r CAdTUS BALM -VBZ. 2Sc.ts.,60 BlUip BKOTH. using ______ SlClS CURE. State Strebt, Deo. 13,1800. Stoolcs vvoro gonorally liiglve.r at homo. Atchison eased Vs on opening to 31, lost to SOVa. ralliod to aiVi, reacted to OOVe.and atiffoned to oloso at 30%, off '/i from yesterday, tlio 4s gaining %, to 78Vi, but the incomes lost Vj, to C2Mi. Boston & Albany iraprovod 2, to 100, the riRlits lioldiiig ISVj. From 1D2 Boston & Maine lost one point. Central Massachu-,s8tts wa.s Vi better, at 17%, the preferred looking up 2 points, to 38. Chicago, Burlington &ri2nincy softened Vt, to 89%. Chi-capro&AVost Miohi/ran-droppod Vj., to 42%, and Fitchbnrg preferred Ve.toSO. Mexican Central was Vi hieher, atlOVa, the 4s ditto to 69%. Now York & New Eng-land common ivasnot quoted, but the preferred bold 105. Pullman advanoed 4 points, to 178. Piom iGVa Union Paoitlc declined to close at 45%. West End Sti-eot Railway was nnohanged, at 80; the preferred improving: Vi, to 83. Wisoon-� sm Central moved up a ppint, to 18%. i3oll Telephone luvnpc at 210, while Lamsoti was % botter, at 22'A. Bay .State Gasimproved Vi, to 28% ; Fort Wayne Elocirio a point, to 11; Sugar receipts 1%, to Sfi; Thomson-Honston Vi, to 39%. European Welding sold at CO, against G2 last previous sale, West End Laud was in demand at 20M. to 29%, oloains, at 20Va, up % net. Lamoiuo sold at 25 oehts. Coppers found AUoue?, Vi higher, at, Atlantic itp �M, at lO'i/a ; Boston and Montana, a point to 43; Butte, Vs to ISVa; Calumet &, hold 245, and Kearsargo 10 rospeotivoly: National sold nt 2%. Osoo ola shot up 2%. to 34%. Qnincy lost 5 points, to 85, but Tamarack gamed 6points, to 135. Wall St. was irretfular today, but while fluctuations were wide for the two hours' trading-, the not resalt was to leave prices onl7 fractionally changed from last msht's closings. OponuiB quotations came at material declines under heavy soiling by the orliitrage brokers because of a report of the failure of a largo operator In London, said . to bo largely interested In American secuMties. The failure was after-wai-d reported to be of no signiiicaiico.' There was itood bviyins all along the Hue, however, and the opening losse,s were mostly recovered in tlid'half hour's trading, the general disposition being to discount a fitvorablo baulc statement. AVhen the demand slacked, �the traders, who ore bearish and are fighting the rise, came in to hammer the market, and the advances over the openuiK prices were in many cases completely Wiped out. There is a large short interest in t\\e market at present, and any attempt to cover would result in a material advance, because so much stock has been taken from the street that as the market advances there is a soaroity of ofteringa. The decline, therefore, made no rurther progress, and the bank statement had the efCeot of rallyinjg the list m the last few minutes. The market closed firm, with a good feeling at the rally. Railroad bonds wore quiet, the liatling for the two hours reaching only 8618,000, but the firmness of yesterday was continued and most of the list are slightly higher than last evening. A iew marked changes occurred, and Bui'lington, Nebraska 4a rose 1 to 87; St, Paul, Lacrosse 7s 1, to 108 i Erie seconds, 1, to 96; Forth Worth & Denver firsts, IVi, to 100; Lake Shore seconds, IVa, to 120. Louisville, Ne-w Albany & Chicago consuls, 2, to 02; Wisconsin Oenti'al incomes, 1, toSSVi. There were a few losses and Canada Southern seconds lost, 1, at 94; Oliicago & Paciiio fives, 1, at 103%, and Michigan Conti'al consols, 2%, aU 120%. Money unchanged, and comparatively easy. Bar silver, 104%, in London, 48y8d. London was firm and a moderate buyer favor the purchase of the present stock of si^'ver, amounting to about 13,000,000 oiu-.CBS, and t'.ie purchase also of an additional amou:>t. eoual to the annual retirement of natiianal bank notes, estipiated at .$20,000,000, thereby adding about 830,000.000 to the circulation. Senator Power today introduced a proposed amendment to tho bill to reduce the amount of United States bonds to bo required of national banks, so as to provide that whenever ihfi notes retired under existing laws of national banks sliall aggregate 81,000,000, it BhalUie the duty of the secretary of tho treasury to purcluise silver bullion to the amount of $1,000,000, and to pav for the same with. United States notes, to be issued precisely the same as provided for under the actof Congress approved July ^1s;at Joiiea said last evening: "I feel bullish on the marktit, believing it is a purchase on breaks. Tiie bank statement tomorrow will bo favorable and llie money situiitum is getting better. Besides, the meeting on Monday at Jlr. Moi-gun's house will sliow 'sir. Gamra'ack is quoted by his friends as more or less bullish at this time, on tiie btdief that money will steadily get easier, and msv coiiipol the short interest to cover. He predicts that money will be a drug for at least two years tc come. Tho Financial Chromole has a very favorable review of the Atchison report. It says all the expectation?^ Iniilt on the reorgaiMZa-tion Imve rieen reaitssd. NeV York & iivw EnEland, long a target forbear speculators, has had more than its share of uniust criticism of lato. Fortunately for this property, the initiated and lar-seoing investor can' smile in scanning these offu.sions, they aio so transparent. For t le benefit ot those who cannot perceive 116 speculative intent of these stories, a few cold facts given. At no time during thepa-stfiveyoars has tho New York & New England atood upon so solid a foundation and with such assured nosaibilities. It has a live man.agomont, lionost auil .iudiciouS, cripplod by no on-tangling trusts,. its flotUluK indebtedness .being easily carried, it can defy criticism with figures that cannot lie. Sept. 30,1890, figures sliowcd in its'Ki'oss oaruhiKs an increase of S400,0U0, leaving, after deducting fixed charges, operating oxiienaes ami preferred dividend.';, etc., 149,000, being thrqii-quartors on 1 per cunt, on tho capital stock of tho company. Tho receiit loaso of the Providence & Springfield railroad to the New York & New England has boon remarked upon. This deal was, in fact, an admirable move on tlio part 01 tho Now EiigltMid. It way rescvuiid from a competitor prep.ired to pay a lai'go .sum for it, and thus insured 1111 undisturliod entrance into that city. It closed annoying lit,igatii')n as to tormiiial I'liciliUoa, and bvtho nnmioction of tho Woonsookot & Pa.>icoag railroad,giivo a direct lino to Boston. Tho extension of the road to East T'hoinpson also connocta the cities of Providoiico and �Worcester, between whicli there are valuable trattic relations. Tho entire local bus-iiiosa ot tho Now England road is being r.apidly developed. A* largo number oE new sidings have been pl.aced for the bettor handlin.g oi local bulk freight and 1000 now oars havolieon arranged for, under most satisfactory terms, thus giving abundant f acili ties for moving tho iiifti'easod freight oiTerod to the Kv,>d. The' all'sUrdity of a reflection on the financial stability of tho Now England on account of tho stock in the view of the general depression and tho fact that the railroads assumed to bo tho strongest dropped in fai.' greater proportion Is sell evident. Among those who know the true position of tho property and the purposes of the admuiistrjition, Hioro ia unshaken confidence and these air bubbles of "sales and rooniverships" will explode sooner or later with tho nsufil "I told you so." Congress has reported a resolution to extend the time for payment of duty on goods ill bond under tho old tariff from Feb. 1 to July 1,1881. Tho amount of goods in bond at this port, (iub.i6ct to tho old duty, is Sl.033,134, and tho duty 5702,263. Central Massachusetts is being advertised very frequently. I presume some people are anxious for tho stock to advance. Success does not seem to orowii their efforts. . . . Tlioro are some stocks that tho Frank Jones-Sinclair party ia not in, and one of these is Central Massachusetts. . . . Tho man who buys Thomson-Houston on a scale down will make money quicker than the mm who sells it on a scale up.-[Home Journal.] Mr. Edison declines to accept his election aa director of the Edison Toy Phoiiogr.tph Company, in order to place the ro.sponsibility for the fiitvu'O upon the present diroctors. ILINT & PEttB M,U!qDEXTE. 1800. 1889. Tncroaso. Miloogo...... 025 370 December- l8t weelt..... ?r>0,B(J5 47,888 2,070 Since Jan. 1.. 2,700,007 2,188,070 618,027 �WiaOOKBlN OENXnAI., LINKS. Mllcago...... 823 828 December- 1st week..... R93,78e 87,072 5,704 Since Jan. 1.. 4,871,009 4,000,490 871,110 The Boston �tock exchange has admitted for dealings in the unlisted department tho Pettingoll-Andrews Company, which is engaged in tho electric light and railway supply business, capital $200,000, in 8000 shares of $25 par value. The oiQcora are: F. E. Pettingell, prosidont; B. A. Andrews, Jr., vioejjresident; D. A, Andrews, trens-uror; C. B. Price, secretary: and they, wltli Ambrose Eastman, are its diiootors. The Railway Asge says a suit is .now ponding in United States Supreme Court contest-ittgthe right of theAtohison company to hold a lease of the terminals at St. Louis, which it was supposed it acquired by its purchase of the St.Louis.Kansas City & Colorado. Should Atchison be defeated, its St. Louis purchase wiU terminato five miles from the city. The last draft representing the balance of the Mexican Central subsidy, less the amoimt collected by the Mexican Central from July 1 last, will bo drawn Deo. 20. The net amount the oompauy receives will be determined liy tha price 01 silver at that time. Tho balance loi't tlie company after retiring its priority 6s, will not probably find its way to Boston before March. rUNT U TV.m MAltqBKTTU. 1800. 1880. Increase. IStwoekDoo.. �l60,8a4 47,886 2,077 Since,Inn. 1.. 2,708,007 2,188,070 518,027 The leading boars, for the time being, have espoused tho bull aide of tho market. Their object in doing so is to lelp put up prices, so as to obtain a higher level from which to sell.. They have tried this trick before, Hn.d been unsuccessful. Tlio wtcy in wliich the holders ofTania-raok threw their stock overboard to get money to put into Tamarack, .ir., is quite too Bignitifeant for anything.-[Beacon. The Boston & Maine road wiU put a reduced second-class passensor tariff to tho West into effect on Deo. 15. Tho reduction to Detroit will be 00 cents and to ChioaKo 75 cents. The now rales are made on tlie differential basis claimed under agreement 0/1886. There ia a movement on Chicago Board of Trade to return to old method of distributing quotations of prices. The Groat Northern opened to tratlio on Deo. 7,121 niilos on its Pacific extension in Montana. Track-lttying is now prog;ressinK at the rate of tn'o milea a day, and it is expected that tho Rockies will be reached by Christmas. Two thousand men are at work; Supplies are being concentrated in Flathead valley west of the mountains, where a force of several thousand men will bo employed, and tho line hurried to its terminus on Paget Sound. Surveys are in progress on tho Belt Mountain line of tho Great Northern from Monarch, Mon, for the building ot two branches to Barker and Neihart, which will open up a rich mineral region tributary to the sliver and copper smelters at Great Falls. Geyser is soiling at 1 cent. Another attempt to further postpone next Saturday's sale of t le Powablo is understood to do on foot. Franitlin Interests are said to have $600,000 available for the purchase of the property if desuable. The stockholders of the Maine Shore Line Railroad Company of Maine meat at Maohias on Wednesday, to elect nine directors fully representing Washington county. In the now board Calais 'will havo two directors, Eastportono, Pembroke one, Deunysvillo one. East Machlas one, Machias one. Cherry-field ono. An extension of time will Do asked to hold its charter. The boar campaign against No-w York & New Bnadand, is not yot over, but it is probable that it Will not bo pressed to the point ol depreciating the stock much further. . . . West End should be good for a nice profit The sales of land liavo cent. High rates have tempted aomo of the.brinks and trust compaiuoa to .Inoreaaa their holdl genorail at present. ngB of time loans, but thow la a ndisposition to buy time paper . _____nt. One largo cotton mill was offered time money by throe banks yesterday. Call loans were at 6@10 per cent.; t^me loans, 6@9 per cont.; business paper, 6(J ,ia3,471 Wsmk baUncla.................... l.snn.OSB h'ew York oxcliancos...............lOO.lSfi.lOS Xew Y,-.rli balauoOs................ 4,�18,()0B Treasury debit at olearlng........... 58l,5ri4 'J'lio New York Commorcial Bulletin rO' ports IC banks as reooivlng 91.089,000 tho Piist week and shilipiiig 52,590,000, a not loss ot 81,507,000. Those banks .shipped 81,080,000 more of currency thiin thoy have rocoivod, in addition to which thoy sustained a loss ot $401,000 in gold. Tlio receipts of currency were from widely .sciitfcrod .points. Shipments of gold, �wore all to Bostoii and Massachusetts cities ivml considerable currency also. Chicago & SS. Louis took very little. Philadolphia & Pittstmrg took S1.0flO,000, tho balance of the shipments being to Now Orleans. Tho treasury lias transterred a good deal of inoiiRy to tho South, The Chronicle Jiguros a gain to Now York banks tho past week of $22,205,000, and a lo.'jK af $17,340,000, H ntit gain of ,?4,805,-000. Money lias averiiped about 0 per cont, for tho week, and tins was tho minimum at banks and trust companies. Timo money is still reported unobtainable, although 8 per cent, bos been bid. Thursday attornoori.a broker was authorized to ofl'ora round amount at 0 pec cont. and 1-32 commission for 12 mouths, but those who wanted to borrow 'did not do.sii'O to make so long a contract. In the commercial paper market there has been a bettor fooling this week. Some business has been done at TVa por cont. for GO days' indorsed bills receivable, 7%igS per cent for 4 month.s' aoceptancos, and 8 to 9 per cent, for good single names having from four to six months to run. Tho troais-lUT clisbui'sements this week on account of bond purchases havo been $0,733,365. As purchases would be with premium about $9,750,000, there will bo abou $3,000,000 more dialiursed. Govovnmon'. bond interest due Jan. 1, which has not been prep.iid,-ndli bo $3,112,414. Exchange on Now York: Chicago, 25 dLi-count: St. Louis, 75 discount; San Francisco-sight . 6@10 premium; telegraph, 16 promium; Now Orio.ins commercial, 135r 150 discount; bank, par; rates nominal Cliarlcstan buying par, selling Va premium, Savannah buying Vi discount, soiling Vs discount to par.' Tho bank statement comes with a gain of over $3,000,000 in t le reserve, leaving the surplus above the 26 nor cent rale $007,-076, a heavy increase in specie, aooutrac-tion of loans and a loss in deposits. Full figures, with compai'isoiia, follow Loans and discounts... .0385,007,000 Specie............... 70,340,000 Legal tenders.....,,.. 24.4.03,700 Net deposits.......... S7(!,74fl,600 Olruulatton........... 8,557,000 Reserve held.......... 94,7l>�,7()0 Uesorvo required...... 04,180,025 Surplus........... 007,076 Increase, 8601,000 2,601,800 400,500 177,100 10,200 2,902,300 �1�,4BB 3,080,726 *Decronso Clearings at,Boston and New York for today and thS week ending today, with compaa-isons, ara appended; BOSTOK. lano, 1880, glD,13S,471 17,111,005 Today. Kxohanges. llahtnoea.. Week. Exchanges. Baiiuices.. 1,355,088 1,088,601 00,409,010 0,140,373 101,051,281 11,070,851 Becroaso. 1,078,184 280,613 10,531,605 1,032,078 Today. Eioliange8.JiiO0,4n5,103 Balanoos.. 4,318,086 AVeoK. Exchanges .710,000,551 Balances... 27,085,784 KBW TOBK. 13S,237,(�47 4,644,709 761,400,040 3i,288,280 81,704,080 220,044 21,704,080 0,303,562 The treasury yesterday transferred from Now York to New Orleans $290,000 gold. Sterling exchange tt fraction lower; cables, $4.84% ; demand, $4.83%; QO days BiBht,$4.79; coniinorcial,60 days sight,$4.7C; money in London 2%@3 por cent.; discount 4i�i4% per cent. Paris 8 per cont. routes, 96 francs 26 centimes for account. Gold at Buenos Ayres yesterday, 201 per cent, promium, , Government securities dull and iin-changed. SAXiES OB" BOKDS AISTD STOCKS. A the iaiid. will certainly 'evolopmont of tho dis-Bulletin. at present prices, been good lately an improve with the i' trlct.-[Commercia---......_. Apropos of tho Auies-Weat wedding in Boston, tho father of the happy groom, Mr. F. L. Amos, hits settled tho sum of $1,000,-000 upon his son as his share in tho joyous occasion.-[Journal ot Finance. The Bell Telephone Company now haa imder rental 478,725 instruments, or 888,-650 more than at tiiia same time a year ago. Tho oiitirc issue of S5,000,000bondsot the Belt Railroad Company of Baltimore has hocn sold to a syndicate of bankers composed of Brown Brothers & Oo. of Now York and London, Alexander lirovi-n & Sons of Baltimore, and other loading bankers. Hon. S. N. Aldrich, assistant United States sub-treasurer, will aa.suiiio tho duties of president of tho State Nation.'il Bank on Monday next, retaining an oyorsiglit of his present office until relieved hy his successor. D. L. Demroon has brought a libel suit against,!. H. Wilson, editor and proprietor of tho Torch Lake Times, for $10,000. Wilson has been arrested. It ia understood that a now issue of stock will be made to go witii the bonds of tho Union Pacific, into which tho floating debt will bo funded. The Boston News Bureau wired to New York for an official confirmation of the report that the Calumet conglnmcrato had been cut on tha AJlonez. property. In response it received a despatch quoting Jlr. Stiuiton as saying; "Wo had news on tho 11th tliat we liud cut it. but whore �R-e out it was poor. Thei-o is no further news." It was announced in tho Pliiladelphia Exchange yosrerday that Narr & Friend had paid nil notes recently given by them in settlement of their accounts to the members of the Exchange. The Calumet & llecla Company is understood to have had $860,000 due to it from purchasers of its copper, but owing to the tiglit laoney market it did not cro^'d them, and this fact accounts, presumably, for tho non-payment of a fifth dividend this year. The accounts all ara perfectly good, including tho compaiiv'o best cu.'itomer.s, find it is to its credit that it recognized the sharp conditions prevalent in the monetary situation and did not add to the resulting mercantile irasettleinent by pressing for payment. The stockholders will not sulTer and a pnymont in Jaimary is quite probable- [Transcript. Tamaraclt produced 742 tons of mineral in Js'ovember. against 720 tons in October, 701 tons for Septcralier, 700 tons for Autfiist and C9OV1 tons for November, 1889. Boston Stock Bschange.........Deo. 13. Tho following are tho sales as reported today.showins the highest and lowest prices; BOKBS. Amount. Atoh.,Top.&B.Fo4s. .i>44B4,S7 do.......inoomos.. ;tl7O05O Boston Unilod Oas fia... SIOOO do........2d Bs.. fiHOOO Chlclinr. i;No. 2d0s. 822000 do.......dub. Oa.. �2000 Chic, Bur. & V4 SullivanH. 70o Topeka...... West End.. S0% Winter Har ,. IVlntliroii.. OOo IVoUtiston . 5O0 ItAlI.KOAn RONns. 10 2i^^ 7fic EASE m UlONSY. Kate at Clearing 9 Per Cent.-Heavy Gain in Bank Reserve-Bonds. Decidedly easier feeling in money. The rate at clearinK this morning was 6 per cent., and mouoy was offered at the close nt 5 per cent., but found no takers. This is evidence that the banks ara accumulating funds, and vrilb a softening in the rate for time loans the banks con begin to retire their clearing houso certificates. New York funds sold at 30S33 cents discount. Note brokers report an increasing demand for commercial paper at 'KiUS Per AtahCMia. 78" income 5s 53% Ui.ViiiNls 87 C,11A-N6s 00 ild (Is...... I'ebeuGs. 05 C, B ,t � Is Denveit. 80% 1921.. .. 80 lowatliv. 0I.% C�nv6s.. 00% Ch.MiStP, lVestt)v0sl04 ClutWM5a 90 l)el,L,Sl-N'7BlOl Eastern Gs.l20 F,Ei.MVU5llS iinst'ned. .. Mrx Ccn is 69% >;Y*;NE7s.li9Va Og fc h C 08 .. Or.Sh'rtLCs. 07 O.SLAU.N'Cs .. Knird2d58 .. WistionCen lotii.-is. 01 income Ds 33V2 78% 07% 95 lOS 01 10s RAILROADS. Bid. AsUed. BosA-.Prov.251 252 CentMass.. 17 10 do prof.. 37% 80 C,B&N.. 40 C,B*Q. . 69% cii<fc WM. 4!) Clev A Can 0 do prof.. 18% Conn Jsl'aalie Enstern.. .158 Kltebhurff. SOVa Flint &ra .. do nreJ.. 80 Mex beat , 10% N y & H E. 32% do piot. . 105 Oro.Short�;^i8 00 44 1?8 85 83 Ogd&LC. ^ ordColony.KJi! OrcShortlS. .Uutland... dopi'ef.. .. TJnlonPao. 45% West End. 89 donroC. 82% IVlBconCen 18 da pref.. .. HIMSO STOCKS. Allouei;... S', 13a% 5 BostonManufaoturlu^.Company...  J-^00 2'!�aoUBonMami(i\ctnr'ing Co.'.!'. !976l&fi77Va 20 Manchester JllUs.................161 2-t Boston Belting Co................200 S Trcmont and Suirolk Mills..........WO 2 York Jlanut'uoturlUK Co...........?';s% 5(1 Croat Falls aiaiuii'adturliig OO'.. -�W.l 40 do....................� �. .100ya@iqo% 8 f.owoll Bleanhcry.----'.----'......H};!/? 8 ChleoponMannracturIng Co........ "'i^" 5 Dwlght Manul'aoturing Co.........j ',',2,, 1 I'aelUc 511118....................ll'^t''' 6 Stark,Mills.....................1J92 18 Amorv Manufacturing Co.........lli; 11 >;na^Uia Jtauufactiirtug Co.........550 35 Naitmlceag 8t,.'am Cotton Co........tlO 52 Knnvleb.S Worcester 1!...........I'S 25 hontilaim ,t Mo. lilver K.eoin.......5 02 Northem railroad. X. 11...........'?'J 4. E. ,t T. FldrbauUO ft Co...........iiO 10 Wakoilold Untton Co..............1.^41/3 8 Fireinoa's Fire Insurance Co..... . .101 2 Merooniilo F. M. and Inauvanoo Co. .101 6 Nallonnl Car Co____...............,60 5 Brooklliio Gaslight Co.............l-SS.,, Rl,600 Boston ,fc Maine B. 7s, 1893........ gl,000 do. 79,1894..................... MOO Clioslllro 11. �8. 1890...............10* U(i.500 Uiitlaud Kallroad 2d 5s, 1898.. ......-.onyli. ?3, 1807............107' f.2,000 Florida Midland H. �s, 1910, coup, on 12-/ ^l,000 JMetropolltau .Street R. Os, l,Sn7......lOSVt '1,000 niitlniiri P. lat niort. Os, 1002.......100% " ........3l4 .........- . .,_____........................00% S7,000 MUmeapolta City 89,1809..........13014 88,000 Og. & I,. Cham. 11. Cons. Os, 1020.... ..........................lOOiKiQlOl S5,000 Iowa Falls & Sioux City 7b, 1017.'.. ISSVb g5,000 Sew England Tel. Oe, I800.........104 86,000 Keokuk .Street Railway and Power Co. fls,1010..............tlwlotglOOO p,,.i,wv, ,niiu,uu iuimuiiii iiu OS, xavo....... l,.> 81,000 Chi: Burl. * q.ll. 5s, 1001.........100 vb gl.opo Old Colony K. 03,_ia�7^;j^........ 82.000 Cedar Baplds A; Mo. Klv. It. 7s,'i91o!l3l4 82,000 do 7s, 1801......................1 r - - ' M'O'W Stock Exohango...........Deo. 13, FIBST OA,r.,L. ItAlI.KOAPS. 25 Atch,T&SF 31 20 do....... aot/fl 36 MO-TCon,. 10% 25 Union Pao. -10 26 do....... 46a/i MININO COS. SOO BrunsGoldiao SOO do.......l!(o 26 Butte,feIlos 131/3 10 Bos.liMont 4,24 600 Catalpa...370 SOO Clir.vaollto.2So 100 Diinkln.. .000 110 Humboldt.25c itiKiNO 00s. 400 LllUo CmefSSo 100 .National.. 2^ 25 Oauiiola... 34v SOO SantaFo..400 lami) 005, ' " lit l" S 60 Bos Wat _ 100 E Boston.. _ 200 Laniolno.. a4u 25 West End. 201/4 60 do....... 20% l!I6aKI,LANE0US COS. 25 LamsonStS 32 50 Th-U Eloo. says WEIW YOmC STOOK MAEKBT. Vestorday'o Closing Transactions oa the Stook Exchaage. H�w YoRit, Deo, 13.-Money on call lias boon easy, with all loans at a per cent., and closing ofTerod at 3. Prime mercantile paper shows a botter touo, with a little more business and slightly easier rates, 00 to 00 day.s' indorsed bills rooeivable bomg ciuotod at 7'%! four-months' aoceptancos, 7%@8, and good single names with from four to six months to run, scgo per cent. Bar silver, $1.04. Sterling axchnngo is auiet and steady, with actual business at �4.'78 for 60-day bills and S4.83 for demand; the posted rates aro $4.70Va iO. of Uldhcst. Lowest Bhart^s. Atclilson............ yiVi aoi/3 9,100 Canada Southern...... 48i/ii 48 (100 Chieago.Bur j( QiUnev. 90% 90 1,900 Cotton OU............ tO% W,> �00 Clev, ClJi. Oh 41 St L... U0% 6�Vji 1,100 Chicago Gas.......... �7% OO'A (2,400 ChoaaDoako .fc Oldo____ 16Vi 10% 600 Clieaiii: Ohio lat pref.. 41% 40J4 400 Del, Lack & Wesfu.... 128 120% 8,000 Erie................ l3 18% 800 EocMng VaUoy....... 231, Lake Blioro..........lOtA LouUiVllleANnahviUo.. 74^ MleUlgan Central.... Mlasoiurl Piiclllc...... Mobiles Olilo...... Northwestern....... New .lersey Central.. Nortlieni i'acltio .... Nortliern Pacldc pref... ,.:. New York & Uew Eng'd SSVa Padllo Jlall.......... 81 ileadlng.....,.......S0% Illchmond .ii; IVest Point 16% lUchm'd ItooklBliiud.......... 73% St Paul.............. 52s/a et Paul * Omaha...... 22% Tennessee Coal & Iron.. Slya Te.ras Bacitlo......... 14:V8 Union Pttoltio......... 4GK/a Union Poo.Denv* Giilf 21 Western Union........ lOVo IVabush Padllo....... Wa WheeUng A IMie Erie.. 2S�4 rullman Palace Car----180 Bilver ooiUtlcauis......1.05 Sugar............... 54^ Load................ 15 vs Petroleum, bbie....... 05 Sales of stocks today aggregated 10i!,100 shares. _ Ifow yoric MinlnK Stoolcs. Nisw YOBK, Deo. 33.-Tiie closing quotations today at tho (Jonsolidated Stook and Petroleum Exehaugo were as follows: Bid. Asked, I _ _ Bid. A�ked. cubre: of Trade in Many Lines During the Past Week. Stflcks Have Moved Slowly-Receipts and Slijpmoiits of Cattle. Quotations in the Boston, New, York and Ohioago Markets, Trade durinK tho week has boon nuiot. Tho necessity of buying only.sinall lots is apparant from tho reports (jiving tlie aggro-gate of sales in oaoli lino. Tho state of tho iiniincial in.irkot, the woaitonlntf in credits, and tlio usual desire to carry light stocks at tho b(MjluiiinK ot a new year, are tho prinoi-pal causRi. It is hardly iio.ssiblo that the inanufacturors have 011 liand at iirtisont their usual aiuount of raw material. Wliilo tho mills havo bought freely at times, they have turned out a larger amount 01 poods. Tho oxpeclation that blglior prices wore to prevail for several months luduood this increased production. >Suoh calculations would doubtless have mot with their donirod results had It not boon for tho condition of tho monoy market. This has produced a woakenine in tho values of raw materials, and jobbers havo been quiok to demand a corroapondins reduction in the prices of tho goods, which thoy have oithor contracted for or are intondiuK to buy. The woalilior has not been favorable for the movement of heavy goods. The ChrlslmaH trado,'whloh is just opening, will produce a temporary improvomeilt in most linos, whioli will influence in some degree tho other branolies of business, dealers avo expecting a heavy trade in .Inn-nary, and a Btiffening- in prlcoa will follow any etrengtheiiinjj in tho demand, however small. Dealers claim that their stocks wero well broken by tlio fall trade. That prloe.i refuse to decline in some lines under a reduced demand is almost concluBivo evidence that such statements are true. Tho ndvniico n niatorials ivas porfoctly natural, and should prices rise alter tiio holidays tho causo muot be attribiitod to tho state ot tho supply, LoiitliOr haa movod slow, but tho outlook for a Rtvoiiijor doavjud ia improvinK. Manufacturers are almost ready to aoiiiit that loatluir prices aro low enough. Jobbers are securing somo slight conoossions in sntlu shoes. Manufacturers cannot lower tho price on other goods because the oost of maloriala iius not boon roduood suUiojont to enable them to do so. Tills Is espooially true of calfskins, buit imd solo leather. Hides and rough leather aro firmer. On good Western buif hiiles prices show an advance of Vic. Rough leather has improved in conseauonoo of tho condition of tho hide market. Tho movoment in dry goods has been slow. Tho only feature of tho market has been tho decline in the prioo of print cloths. Cotton (foods have ruled (luiot without any chong-om auotationa. It' is o.v;peotod that tho prices on woollen goods will have to bo lowered, as stocks havo not boon roduoed fast euoiiKh to allow agents to nuvlntain tho advanced values. A pressure to soU would be followed immediately by a decline in price. There is very little doing in prints. Few orders for spring goods are boiug placed. Wool is in a strong position and valnea are' very lirm. 'J'ho reports from foreign markets have been very oncouratfing to dealers. Sales havo been mostly of small lots, Australian wools have been in botter demand during tho week. Poor wools aro not hi good rcQuost, nnd it would take greater concessions from lioldor.s to induoe nwniufacturerB to buy thoni. Lumber is auiet. The supply is limited, and this is not tho soH.son for tho demand to be very strong. Dealers are looking for hifflier values when the spring trade opous. The genernl grocery trade has been cmlot, Prices In the sugar market liavo dooltnad during the week. On rotinod Eranulatod values havo fallen olT Vac p lb. Tho Loul.'ji-ana crop, which is now being forced upon tho market, is tho direct cause ot tho present weakness. The crop is larger than usual and lioldors areauxlous to dlBnoso of it before April 1. R. 0. Oushman&Co. nuotod rofinod granulutod at G@6V80. The reeeiiita (or tho week at the four ports were aa.aSOtons. The oousmnptlon was 25,360 tons- Tlie receipts Bince Jan, 1 have been 1,140,000 tons, and the consumption 1,1-11,S0B tonw. Provisions havo boon in fair demand. RoooJpts wore hoifvy. In somo linos vaJuea hiivo advanood. Potatoes aro in short supply and higher prices will prevail thou have been soon hero in several yoai'S. Eggs and Intttor are both iiighor. Tho flah irrtdo has buen dull. Rccoii'ts wero light and a firmer fooling prevails. Dealers n;ro determined to doraimd higher prices for both mackerel and sardines. _ BEBIT, V3!iAI., LAM3. Trodo Satisfactory to the SelltuK Intor-eeto-Tho "Weatbor Favors Trade-Demand Fair. Tho advices received fi'om British live stook markets duriiiu the past week quoto American iivo cattle higher at London, with no change at Llvoriiool. Tho demand is improved, .and a good many extra Christmas cattle aro being placed upon tho markets. Tho lioavy supply of extra quality dressed beet is selling well and fair prico.i are being rocoivod. Freight siiaao is quoted from 55 to On slulllngs and no space open for coiitraot fortius month. Insurance premiiimH show no change, but the losses are ronortod heavy and cuttlo aro arrJvln(j in a ^ad condition. This � tends to hold values iiigh for all prime cattle and assists shippers in keeping: loBsos about oven. The following havo been theshlpmonts from Boston and New York for the week: BOSTON BUiPMISttTS. Slonmor. Oattli). Bcof, nits, Mlohlgiin.................... (100 1,09* Georgian.................... 807 2,748 Venetian............780 ---- Cremon..................... 300 .... Kaviirro................. 520 1.250 Bcythla ........................ 2,118 6c 1 hind quarters, oboioe, loVaSllo; common to good, 8@0M!0! foto quarters, ohoioo, Boi common to good, 4^4% 0; country dressed hogs, B�ir6o. Mutton.-Kxtra, V ft, 8(811,0! common to grood, 7@9o; spring larab, ohol a Eastern, 10((j)12o; common to good, 0@llo, Potatoich.-Houlton hobrons, bnsh,; Aroostook roao. 81@1.05; N. H. and Vt. roso, OOo; N. Y. bnrbanks, 00@B5o. AprLES,-Choice native bftldwlns, $,'?.60 cl^lP'bbl; Maine and New Hamp.sblro haldwins and greenings, $4@4.50; No. 3 New Hampshire and iVialne baidwins and groonliigs, 82.50@3; Maine hubbardstons, SJ@4.25; Maine harveys, 83.60@4; pippins, SSiffiS.GO; pound sweets, Si; talmftn sweolg, 33.50; New England mixou variotes,$3.E0S 2.75; common a,pi)les, S1.E0@2.B0. WHEAT. GEArW. PBOVISIOW3. Despatches Heooived by Famiim. Eear-don & Oo. Keport Prices as Below at CMcago. All tho news reooivod during the day favored an advance in wheat. Tho market has been steadily advancing for four days. The trades havo boon buying a lotof wheat thoy did not want on tho expoctatioii that a proniluont short would cover his sales, thus finding tliomselvos with a lot of whoaS on hand today, tho soiling of which spoiled all advancn, the market closing just wbero it did .I'')'iday. Brndatroot'.s says wo have ox-ported '10,000,000 bnaholH since July 1, and have only 28.000,000 biwhols to .spare for the balance of tho year, covering 32 weeks. Corn was weak all das', and olcsod at tho bottom. Among the sellers today were the buyers ot tho past' few days, who bought when it was above 56 and sure to go to 00. Oats wero weak in sympathy with corn. Provisions were weak. Tito imraonso carrring charges prevent any buying to sponk ot, and until tho January stun is placed there is no uso trying to bull the maricot. Ononlng, Highest. Doo...�,., 02 ?13 , May...',,.. 1.00% l.oia/o COUN. May......, BS'/s 53''/8 OATS. ' May....... *6% iS-Vs route. 10.37Va 10.07ya 11.35 11.10 LAno. 5,00 5,00 6.871A 6.87ya 0.(15 5.-15 snouT niBs. 5.18'% 5.16 5.75 6.73 ,rnn....... 10.35 May....... 11.38 llco..., Jan..,, May.... Lowest. 01% l.OOi-Sh 5.57Vp 6.82'A 0.S71/S Closing. 01�4 531/1 *5Vi ,ran. May. 6,07VSl 5.70 BACH rNDIAW OOBT SIOOO. Estimated Expense of Dlsposse.tsing the Bed Man. Sinoo tho Fourth of. July, 1770, wlieu this govornmont began, the Indians havo cost tho Unltod .States ^1,000,000,000, says tli6 Globe-Democrat. When the old Pequot chief mot the Pilgrim Fathers near Plymouth Book and said, "Woloomo, Euglishmon," ho spoke for 1,000,000 Indiana. That wos tho oslimatad number of the red rape then living within what lire now tho bounds of tho United States. And so it appears that to date the act of dispossessing tho .aborigines has oost SIOOO for evory buck, squaw and papooso UviiiK on tho soil when tho whito man came. Those ari3 round lignros, but thoy are very close to tho exact record. Three years ago Mr. Tom Donaldson, who is now in charge of tho Indian consiis, made a careful compilation. HoBbowodthat from July i. 177Q, to June 30, 188B, tho Indiana had cost the government ?,920,239,28'l.O2. It is safe to say that tho four years added to the record since Mr. Donaldson's rosoarobos will bring the ligures np to $1,000,000,000. This on-ormoiiB nmouut I3 about one-third ot what tho war ot the robellion cost. Ono-third of the$1,000,000,000 has boon spent in pacifying and civilizing Indians. Two-thirds of tho $1,000,000,000 have been absorbed in fighting IndiaiiB. Soiiator Doolittlo ot Wisconsin onoo ventilated this Indian war business. Ho was in the Senate when it was proposed to negotiate a peace w th the Navajoos. Several other eon.ators demurred to tho cost of the proposed treaty. Mr. Doolittlo told them something about tho cost of tho Indian wars. At tho aaine time ho gave somo iu-terosting facta about tho origin of thcio Indian wars. . What is known as tho groat Sioux war started in 18B2. At tiiat time there was perfect peace on tho plains. Some Mormons were driving tlieir oattlo toward Salt Lake. NoarKort Laramie was a gathoruig of Indiana. Tho military post was thoro, and the Indians werooampod near it. Ono of tho Sioux killed a cow belonging to a Mormon. Tho emigrant aomplainod. Tho oiiicor in command at the post sent out a siihordlnato with 20 men. This little force went to he Indian camp and de- Totals...................3,827 heiv yonit BlUPMBOTa, Onttlo. . 356 ' Alio 155 200 100 8,110 Beef quarters. 2,0(10 8,100 4,320 1,�0� 1,380 080 5oU 63S.'n 15% 04 Amor'n iriag AUCB...... Argenttt..,, Adams...... Astoria.... Asiien...... BoUe Isle... Brarisliaw.. Barcelona., Breece...... hi-imswick. Bullion..... Oaled's.BH Con PaclUo. Cro\rarolnt ChrysoUto., Oattle Crook Col Central. ._. CouC'aliVa. 2.05 Com'wealth. Comstock t. do bonds., do scrip... Col Goal.... Clioltar.... Donkln.... Iienver Olty Eureka Con. ., El Orlsto.....65 Fath deSmet Kreelund..... Gould ifcCnr Homestako. 8.00 IloruSUver. 3.00 Hook Oaal. .. .04 1.75 .06 1.65 .03 .12 .86 .11 .06 .25 .02 .80 .13 .21 .20 .85 .09 .05 Iron Sliver.. i.OO Iron Hill... .. I Lacrosse... 1.60 J.eadville... .05 Jllellcan,., 7.50!.Mutnai.... .00 i Moulton.... .10 Mom...... ., lilddiebar.. .46 Monitor.... .. Navajo..... 1.851 North Star.. .KSlOntarlo.....88.00 .16;0i)lilr...... 3.00 1.80 OrT & Miller ,. jocrldcntal.. .. Pli'luouth ,, Phteuix L'd. I'hOBnii, Arl I'oKifii..... Qidolallvor. do Dref... l.SO .06 .40 .04 .10 .05 1.00 .11 .60 1.00 .40 .08 .14 2.00 1.50 .50 .60 .26 0.00 2.00 Steamer. Arizona.............. Teutonic................., City 01: Now York........... Auraiila................... Persian Mou............... Anchorla.................. Croma.................... Denmark.................. Ludgatc nill................ I'ortJ'hilllps............... Cai-amdian................. Builalo................... Totaln...................2,070 15,740 Trade for live stock at tho Brighton and Wutertown slock yards during tho past week has lieeu iiiitlKfiiotory to tho soiling intiireats in all brnnclios, yot somo trrowling was Indulged in by speculators and jobbers aa is always tho case on a good market. The demand for dressed boot, mutton, lamb nnd veal caivea has been firm, with no groat chatigo In prices from tlio.'se Previously quoted. The weather has boon favorable to tho trade. During tho next two weeks dcaJcrs will have somo very oholco Christmas hoof and mutton on oxhlbillon. mandod tho surrender ot tho Sioux wliohad killed tho cow, Tlio aUoniativo that tho camp would be tired upon. Tho Indians replied to tho domimd: "Wo aro willing to pay for this animal; wo will pay you in buf-liilo robes or biifTiilo skins." Tho army offloor declined. He repeated his demand (or tho iminodiiito surrcndor. Tho Indians rotiised. Tlio oflloor giivo tho order tulire. Tho 20 men obeyed. In 20 minutes tho soldiers wero killed and scalped. That was tho beginning ot tho .Slou.x war of 1852. The war lusted three or four yours. It cost tho United States between 15,000,000 and 820,000,000. Tho NavaJoQ war was another which Mr. Doolittlo told about. I^or many years after this government acquired the territory in Wliich tlio .Navajoos lived tlioro was no trouble. One day a Kavajoo Indian was visi ting tho fort where tho troops wero. Ho (rot into a quarrel with a negro lioy boloiig-mg to one of the oiiicor.s. The stipDosltion waa that tho negro Insulted tho Indian. The Iftttor drew his bow iind put an arrow into the negro, killing him. Then ho l',od to his tribe. Tho oflloer sent a dom.tnd forthe Burreiidor of tha Indian. Tho tribe rol'usod to give him up. Without any delay the troops wore marched out and war was began. I'hrou c.%mpaigiis were made against tlio Navajoos on thin provoca^ tion. TTio Un i ted .States troops wore boaton in each of thom. This Navajoe war cost tho government nearly $20,000,000, The biggest ot all recent Indian wars was the ono about whicii least was published. It began in 1803, It had its origin in a comparatively Inslgaifioant matter. A contractor for turnisbiiiglndiim supplies .sent to the Sioux agoncios what was Buppo.sod to be prime raosspork.Thoooiisignmentwas found to consist largely of heads of liog.i. Tho Indians wont back on such rations, and took tho war path instead of the souao. Gens. Sibley and Sully conducted tho campaign. They had 15,000 troops unjlor (' In this Sioux wor the. . them. "Galvanized Yan- BOSTOBT PEIOlSa. .. I Rappalian'k. 31.60 Kob'ion Uoii 2.40'Savage..... .. Sierra Nev.. .10 Btorinont... 4.00 Sautlaco ... . . :Si:vf.r'iN,r(l. .'lO Small lh.111,3 .uO Shot-liuau... 1.50 Siiil'.'i- <'r,:(:lc .. Sul :van.... .. Uuh....... W.iO Vei Jacket.. .30 l.DO 1.70 .04 .80 .86 .02 ,85 11 north National Bank..............m ' a copy of �Poimes." At all toy store.:. ,?l.oi. Quotations for Eound Lota of the Staple Commodities. Flouk.-Fine, .?2.7ufc2.06 h? bbl; super, ?;3'5;.'!.7u; extra and seconds, is.75; Jlinne-Gota biiUci-.s' clear anil straight, SG.2C';'t5.8C; Michigan atone. ,?4.5o7i5.50; winter wheat, Blraiglit rolled, $u.2,~,'a0.75; winter patents, 55.60'iiG; spring patents, SB.7ei&0.a6. CoiiN.-Higli mixed, 07o; steamer 7o\-low, (15V2KGOC; steamer mixed, 64Vj(a�no. Oath.-Choice to fancy clipped, 07(tt'G8c| No. 3 white, 54yi:(ffi55'/uo; No. 3 white, Dy@ 64e. litiTTER.-Creamery, Northeni extra, 28'@ 2O0; Northern extra (IrBts, 25r2Gc; Eastern extra, 2;i<t'.24o; Weatoru extra, soft wood t)kgs, 245(,2Gc: AVestern extra, hard wood hkK.i, 2;io; Westerti oxtra firsts, 21g22c; tirsls, 17't'20c; roooiuIs, 12r(;;:lBo; Northern June extra, 21(ai'-.'2o; Western June oxtra,20 ^^21e; dairy Vermont, extra, 23c; Now York extra, 22c; New York und Vermont extra fir.sts, 20;<i22c; Now York and Vermont lirst:i, 17iE]yc: New York and Vermont low giades. lO'ttlSc; long dairien, New York and t'ermont, 3fi'. :es, extra creamery, 28 a.aOc; extra dairy, 22:!!.2t)c; extra firsts;, 18''>,20c;fii'8t1, ISJli'o; trunk Initler, in Vi or 'A Ih prints, extra, i> ill, 2-t.'_'.2uc; extra UrstH, 21iffi2yo; under graihiS, 12ii.l_8c,, lot 8),l.. -.- _ ... - _____ oivoii) market is quoted at 50.i}, Eoos.-Nearby and Cape fancy, S2S:.l5o; Eastern extra, ;!0c; Eastern firsts, 28o; Vermont ,iud New ilampshiro extras, uoo; Nov.i Scotia (uid Nen' Brurisivick iirsts. 28c; Prlnco Edward Island firsts, sao; Canadian firsts, 25r26o; Michigan extras, 28o; Western firsts, 23'.h;25o; limed, ll>><i20c. Jobbing, KSlHo higticr. BEitr.-Cuoice, kooB," as tiioy wore called, made their ap-poaranmi. Tnoro wero sovoral rugimonts ot these "Galvanized Yaukoea," svnd tliey did good servlco against the Sioux. It may be explained that "Galvanized Yankooa" wore Confodorato prisoners who toolc the oath ot allogianoo and enlisted in those rogiments to fight Indians in proforenoo to remaining in Norlliorn prispns. DlsfcTacefiil, [Harvard Lampoon. 3 Proctor (determined to be aevoro)-Wliat? do you mean to deny that you havo boon playing pokorl Hero aro the chip.i, throo coior.s,und there is tho basket to hold them. What do you claim to bo playing? '94 (in cliorus)-Tiddledy Winks. Management, no Imsiness enterprise is as SAFE or PEOJITABLE as Mini^ for the precious metals. Tb.6 MAx-MAZEPPA mine has aa honest, oon-servative, intelligent management, indorsed by the hanks at Denver. The company pays regular monthly dividends of 1 per cant,, which will be increased in January next to li per cent. Enough ore now developed to continua dividends over 20 years, Present prioa $1,15 por share. Will soon be $1.25 Pull particulars on application to Colorado Mliiii Inveslnioiit Co., 8 Congress St., Ooston> SuTThttdlt OB" THS For Sale at $3 Per Share, To Pitt tUe Mm, no-w nearly com-pletod. In rnnalns order. Sovpral oiporta bnvo i!.Tamino(l thOBO mines, ftnS tlioy all proiiounco tlism its htivhig an tmltinlteiJ amount of ore In sight and 40,000 tonn on tha dmnpa. Tlio mill wUl liavo a cipaolty of 200 toni. per day. Tho not prollta \vill bo upward of T�n Dollttn pal ton, taking it at the efltlmatos niado liy expertSi thoroby Bhowing about ^2000 pur day. Aa ooon oa this mill la at work the stook wffl bilnj many tlm�s its Jace valuo. Make chookfi payable to T. PARK BUGHER, Tfewr, 45 snoABWAX, N. 'x. WHEAT, CORN, OIL Bought and So6d IN LARGE OR FRACTIONAL LOTS On Small Margins. "Wall Street and How to Speculate Successfully.'* lyialied Free of Ohargo. Ont-of-town Orders Have Iinmodiato Attention. s. M. mmm & co., 66 CaronsWrs St. and 27 Congress Sq,, Boston. Eegular dividend of ONE PEB OENT,, amounting to $10,000, payable Deo, 15, on shares bought before the 16th, Dividends to be increased in January to 15 por cont, per annum, payable monthly, ProBout price $1.15 par share, subject to advance, without notice, Gar shipments inoroasing, Over $3,000,-000 in sight. mwim mmmimT co., JAMES GIFILLAN, TREASURER, (Ex-Treusuror of Vultod State�>. H ooweKESs ST., nosxoir. BuTIhu; dl4 Wooirfol SoGoess ef rWhluli ._________, iBtreiigtllun by Bupnlying _ , OIioinJlcAl EUict u.vnamto totaea oi restore &ni3 the body tliq ,wbl(;h It Is couattiiitiy belug robbed. 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