Sunday, December 14, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 7

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Text Content of Page 7 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, December 14, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - December 14, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE-SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1890 --TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES. & oo. Officers' Annual Meeting Voted' Illegal. Cliiflf Consul Emery Ousts Delegates OpjjQsed to lllra. Prospects of a Split in the L. A. W. State DiviaSoD. A fttU sizCfPlusU AlbnininaUogany Inside, liQUUug 20 pictures, 49c. A , fteiiutiful Silk Plusli Album, tlntea hiside, holding 44 jplcturts, I'omer: price $1.50 for c7c. One lot of 300 Silk FIusli Albums, Bllglitly damaged by sea water, for-mer prices $1.50 to $2, this lot SSc. .One lot of 150 Leather Albums, slightly damaged, holding 44 pictures, former price $1, this lot 59c. A. Sim Plush Autograph, Album, tinted inside, metal word Autograph on cover. . . . ; . . 17c. A Silk Watered Plush Autograph, full size, sold elsewhere at 49c, for ��.V ' . - 25g. A Plush Toilet Case, containing three pieces, white flttings, JBrnsh, comb and Jlirrov, a great bargain^ �� 76c. �A Plush Collar and Cuff Box, a ^great bargain . . . . . . All Indestructible Head Doll, hair, stuffed body, length 121-2 Inch, price...... . . . vgoc. Ail All Kid Don, bisque hfead, flow-iilig hair, length 15 inch, price . 256. A Kid Doll, bisque head, with flowing hair, with chemise, shoes and stockings, length 22 Inches, price . . . � � 73c. Beautiful Dress Doll, bisque head, 15i Inches high, for . . A^b. A^Fnll-JoInted Doll, bisque head, flowing hair, length lOi Inches, for. '� ' � ' � 97c. A Mechanical Walking Doll, beautifully dressed . .... SI.29  A Beautiful Shell Work Box, lilglily ^oiKshed ...... 4 4Sc. A Mechanical Train . , . <49o. ,A Mechanical Fish, anew toy, 62p. A Mechanical Meiry-Go-Rourid, iglit llavo had it for the asking.; But somfethiilg; in thp jtintur'B of ,.a heavily dhorgod, bomb, was exploded at the division ineotintr, held Friday evening; and ,it will probably b^ many months before the division affairs' can be'again put In sinootti rithning ol'dej-, ; While there have been no open hostilities, it has for a year, been .evident that' tltere wasalaclvOf'hnrrtlpnybStwfeeh the 'chief consul. Dr. W. II,. Emeryi and iriembers of liis oabinelj, pr,))oard^ of ojaoej-s, as' fhejf ]^to qallod'. Tlje election of ofiioers iaSt.j^uniiJiei; resulted in brln'glnii many' fHendS''',ot;'the chief consul into office, giving his''ststiiot giipportors a majority vote Of the'boiird.' 'It was .therefore a surprise that, *!ien dele; gates to.the hntioiial coiiventipn.^ we're Chosen .by this board last Soptemher, only ji fcfv qf tlje chief consul's active supporters' were dleotod. ^ , ,,',,, '.;,, .This.was the more iinportatit'frdiH tWo faptthat Itwas generally knO-WJi' thei' chief consul intended .stapdiiig as (i bandi.dato for oitiiet the presidency 01'the ri'rstr Vice-pi'k^i-denoy of tlie national, leagno. � TUeae Offl-oers are elected by delegates se(nt fi'pm.the soyeral State divisions. "' ' .. ','�� .. The statement has frocmently b�en iiiad-a, whether or not with' authority is iiiikilown, that'a majority of the delegates' elecrtod- at the September meeting would vote againsj tie chief consul for any oltice iii tlio national body. Accordingly, the friends of the doctor sought for some ilieans of resairi--ing . .-. � . . , -.i Ilieli'I.ost Authority. They accomplished this, bbjeot; Friday evening bj EE. 25c., COc, gl, IjMITH BBOS., Props., S4& WaslOiigton si. tSTould Kesiftn if 'His Position Could be I,-'. ,.r. ' SatisfftotprilyipiUBd..; !Dr. .Emery was iiitefvie'n'od by a GLonE reporter at his home, 100, Warwick st., last evening.' � . . , Ho said: "I tim the presiding oflTicorof tho Massachusetts Division, but, as such, I ajnin no wise responsible or accountable for its action -upon any matter. 4t the last annual national convel'itlon I received the unanimous vole of the Maasa-cliusotts delegates, wliioli would seem to bo a prettv good guarantee of my stiviKiiiig throughout the State. Because oortKin members of tho State board fonud tuu.'t that thoy did not receive tlioir notices lu the meeting in season to attend, as provided for under the bylaws, and because n ma.iority of tiio, mcihhers supported thorn iu ' their boliot that they should have had a voice in the most important meeting of tho year to the extent of declaring the meeting Illegal, was no fault ot mine, nor did I take any part lu securing that end. '. "I was perfectly Satisfied �n'itli thO' delegates chosen at tho first moetinaf, and on Friday evening proyious. to tlio opening of' tlio meeting one 'of the gentlemen, speaking ot . iny candidacy lor tho first vice pribsldottcyassurod iiie that I#oiild receive the luinninious indorsement and'support of tho delegation at the convention should I allow my name to be presented. . : "The three gentlemen whose names were dropped from the list of .dologates are all recognized as earnest workers for the good of the sport in the State. I was not aware, nor am I "lio^v: that they wore not favorable to. mo, and X can account for their being dropped from, tho list only, on tho ground that some of tho ggntlomen who voted for-them at the first meeting changed their minds. "Certainly I am not Responsible for that. "The djuGStlon .ot my. ro-olocti,on to the vico-presuleiicy played no.part in.thoproceedings so far as 1 Wfls concoriiod. 'FMERAfS FIYE ffIRS, South Armory Games Were at His ]Iei;cy. Sncccssful Sports Managed for 1st Eegiraout by Experts. Peats of "tlie Alliletea at Teoli and Madison Spare (Jarden. WUili HE .BE DEFEATED?' The Athletic Association of the 1st Regiment gave their iirst annual sports in the South ArmoiY, Irvington St., last'night, . 'Tho iminonsohililding.was wellcalculttted to acoommodato the affair, and tho sideS ot the big flrill hall were lined with people Interested in the games. That tho games wore a success goes without saying, for.tho uianngemont was'of a liigli class, and tho work in tho field and stioolal oxliibitions first rato. The latter lost a little by the Vastnoss of tho hall, but were mo,st enjoyable. The oflicials in charge of the games wore as follows; - . i Ecferee-GoorRo V. llonls, 1). 'A. A. Insiieotora-I.lout. ,1'i'ed^V. '^'bltliig, Sorgt^ S. F. llarshuU, wmium U. Kiirle. ..ludges at Ulnlah-S. K. Snn'tord, B. A. A.: T. 1". Monney,B. A. A.; Lieut. George F. Ulill,�\Vllllnm F. Hunli; " u . � � . Field JudgeB-iliij. Prank II. Brlgge, Sorgt. Fred T. Mayors. Cant. P. A. liyav, Charles 31. Lluoolu, U. A. A.,,ilnx'l'aylor, B.A. A. '- Tlmci-s-J. 0. l.iUhrop, Harvard; F. M.'Wood, B. A. A.; K. 1"). Sears, H. A. A. .Indgp. ot walklui;-EiiKQilo E. Merrill. . StiU-tcr-n. S.. UorulBh, B. A. A. , Clerk ot oourso-Hnrrl80u (1. Otis, B; A. A.; assist-nht clerk, Lieut. ,1. J. .Souther. ^Soorer-rJ. H.,Cln,use.u, 11. A. A.; assistants, Llouts. W. S. I'epperell, W. K: Lombard. Aiiuounoer-liiiltouo liuokloy, B. A. A. Slnr�lial-Ot:s H. Marlon. . Among the distinguished guests present Wcro:-.' '.'... 2d Lieut 0 M Flanders Col and itra Hookwell Oaelto Society of l^Bw York and the Port Ohestor branch of the saaiB organization �was won bj the Gaelic by a soorfe of 3 goals and 0,points to Port Ohestet^s 1 Coal and 6 points; . The lacrosse teams ropresonting tho Staton Island and Manhattan Athletic clubs next appeared. The Staten Islanders proved to be tho hotter players and won by a score of S cPals to 1. . The Rugby game of foot ball, as nliiyed in England, wns givod to tho audience by IC men ropresonting Canada and the same number, calling themselves the Now Yorks, played a game that rosultod in favor ot Now York by a a score of 1 goal mid 1 try tol goal for Canada. Tlia Rutgers Collcgo football toam played i 20-inlnute halt with tlio [.Tnivorsity ot .I'oiinsylynnia toam. Tho Kutgors men Wero Frost Col and Mrs Thomas R . JIathows JlaJandMraOLIIovoy Ma] and Mrs FO King Cape, aud Mrs C Pfall... Ist Lieut and Mrs Wll- Ham S Pepperell Capt &Slr8 F W DalUllgor Capt I'erlle A Byar Ist Lieut A Olondon Dyat adLleUtOFQUlnby Capt ,t H Erothlnghani isl Lieut 0 1) (Ireoiio capt William U Ames l9t Lieut J J Souther 2d Lieut Charles U Lalte 1st Llbut Fred'k Whiting ad Lieut Albert 0 Tllden I'iOU Assistant Surgeon end Mrs'll a llearhiB Iiispeotor Bllle rraotloe � and Mm G F Han 2d Lieut 0 F Batoholdor ist Lieut Albert li Ohiok adiLleut Geo ,r Vlokury Capt Henry W Atkliia Ist Lieut .lohn.K Smith '^The- first,event Was the 100-yards dash, and it was divided into four heats. The tridl heats brought out a good field and narrowed tlio list down to oiglit men without any specially close contest. The second round found four men left to contest in tho semi-fin 0,1. The second heat iu this part of the race was a big surprise, Finnerau of the B. A. A. beating out Thompson, who waa pl'Otested as a professional. li'our men started in the railo racfc. They went olt at a sprint pace, but soon canio back to their limit. Lindsay went away in pretty stylo, but could not keep tho oaoo. Wjggin of tlie Riverside Boat Club started 0 cut out the work at the half, and forced , jiiidsay out of the raoe, beating the others ly almost a lap, oil which nine made a tnlle. " The potato race was next on tho card, aiid after a laughable contest was won after three heats by L. W. Walkor fi'om throe contestants; � ' ' � Tho final in the hundred yards dash was but au exercise sprint for Finiioran, who got going in sploridid style, and ran away from his field. F. W. Adams, Company B,had awalkover in tho mile at the heol-and-toe gait, and did bis mile alone. The tug-of-war brought out throe teanis, Tho first trial �n-as between Companies Q and K.' The latter got the drop by an inch but tho others wore surer, if sic beat them out by 10 inches. WO B.E00ED3 BHOKEW. DRS. HENION IN TREMONT TEMPLL Hundreds of Hopeless Sufferers Cured of Their Infirmities. AErlSSE AND WALK. HEALING WITHOUT MEDICINE. Beoults in tho 'M. I, T. Indoor Atlilotlo Giimea. Yesterday in the Exeter street gymnasium tho M. I. T. Athlotlo.Olub' hold its annual indoor meothig. The 20-yard dash had !iC onti'ies. Thirty-throe men came to the scratch. In the 11 trial boats the beat time made was 3 seconds, the slowest 8 a-B seconds. Tho event waslinally won by 'Violo, '1)1. In the tug-of-war '02 oamo Off victorious. The three teams wore closely matched C'Ol had no team entered). '08 succpoded, alter a very liard struggle, in geitmg an inch from the Freshmen, but when '02-was met the champions of last yoai'proved too much for them. The spivn-hig oventwas omitted this year, and in its place the 20-yard dash audropo* olimbiug wore substituted. There was also one other now event on tho list, the individual tug-of-war. No records were broken, but Heyivood suoooBdod in t oing tlio record of Cft. Gin, in the runnmg h gh jump. Iho points scored for tho class cup'were as follows; '91, 20 point, 4 firsts and seconds; '02, V,i points, 2 firsts and 1 second; '9,S, 20 points, 2 firsts, 8 seconds and 1 third; '04, 8 points, 1 first and 1 second. The events follow: Fence vault-B. It. T. Collins, '88, first, 8 footTVa llnnhes: .Dr. Bullet,'01, soeond, � feet 0% Inches. ' Standing liigh tunin-Wason, 'dlj first, 6 foot ai/4 Inches; Keene sooond. 1 inch lower. PuttliiK the shot-Dr. Bullet, fim, Sit feet 1 Inches; Collins, soeonn, SO feet 7 Inches. Kumilns high jump-Hoywood, flrit, B fMt 6 Inoheti; Mason second, 6 feet 5 inches. xwrnrar-TAiiD dasu.  First round-Second*. First heat. Boss, '0.').......................12-B Second heat, Johnston, '94.............a . .'S 3-0 'rhirdheat, Bovd, '03......................S 3s'i Fourth heat, Amlorson, 'Oi................ ..'i 1-6 Fifth heat, Spencer, '01..................2^6 Sixth heat. Lord, '93......................0 Seventh heat, Foster, 'P*.............,,.,. 8Vi Eighth heat. I'rench, '02................,.. S l-B Klhth heat, 'Keeue, '01..............3''2-B 'I'enth heat, Vlele, '03.....;...............'3 Eleventh heat, Hawloy, '01............,.. .SlA 8ooondround- Flrst heat, Boss, '03......................SVj, Second heat, Lord. '03....................81-0 Third heat, Keene, '01....................Ul-D Fourth heat. Vlele, '01.................... SVi Third round- Fll'St heat, Lord,'03......................3 l-B Second hent, A'lole, '01..:.................3 l-B SSFlIial hmtr- VlelQ.................................,.,.1 Lord......................................2 Bbsa..............w.......................8 Time-Ui/is. Individual tug of war-Won by Haivey, Wardnor second. Tug of war, '03 vs. 'Od-'D3 got the drop by about an Inohi '9'1 then took a big brace, and when lime w(t8 called '0;i had but one Inoli. lloim ellmblnK-Won by AnderBOn,'02, In B%8. Sturgls and VUue wore tied for second place. Vlele withdrew, giving Sturgls second nlaeo. �. Tug of war-'02 -vs. '01. won by '02 by i inches. lluimlng hlffh iilek-Won by Waaon, 'Dl, ^Tltll'a Ulek ot 0 fcetli4 Inches. irinal, '02 v�, '03-'92 got the drop and pulled '93 oil' the cleats. Tho ofllcers were: Beforee, J. L. Batchelder, Jr., M. I. T., '00; judges, C. Jt. Lincoln, B. A. A., M. Burfeo, M. I. I'., '80, E. L. Hamilton,'01; time keepers, J. 'faylor, B. A. A., T. M. Wood, B. A. A., H, G. Gross, M. I 'f., '88; starter. H. B. Cornish, B, A. A.; elerk of course, E. Cunningham, '01; as-slstililt clerk of course, W. 0. Dart,'911 scorer, W. B. Poland, '00. WINDOM IN NEW YORK. "Arise and -walk, and Immediately he arose, took up his bed aud Avent forth among them all." Most forcibly peojile wore romlmlod of this passage lu the Holy Scriptures, na Seated Irl-Tremont Temple yesterday morning thoy saw one after another of the lame, halt and blind seek tho imwcrful aid and mighty touch of tho Bootors Ilonlon. What power these men possess caniiot perhaps bo satisfacl^rlly exvdalncd, but tho sense of seeing and hearing cannot bo denied, and tlioso who were prcsonk yesterday morning saw tho strange and wonderful things now related. A man w-ent upon the stage who had been' deaf IB years, and In three minutes, under the powerful touch of Br. Uenlon, ho Was made to hoar tho softest whisper. An old lady who was so lame she had to bo lifted upon the Bttxgo was cured lu live minutes, and waltzed around the stage with the doctor as nimble as a girl. A senaatlou w'as created by tho oure of a llidy, one Bide of.whom was paralyzed; In 10 ml-nutes she was walking around tho platform as well as over, and with tnivra streaming from her eyes ^vith g^tl-tudo'flho oxdaimod! "This Is the work of the Lord,' and' as she passed out of tho theatre tho audience gil-vo a rdiising round ot ohoors. Cases of lameness, :loatnesa, neuralgia, dyspepsia and lumbago wore cured by the score. Tho doctors will Ileal tho slok In Tremont Temple every morning next 'weok, free .tif bhargfl, from 10 to 11 o'clock, and wo advise our roadera to go and witness theso marvellous ciws. Prs. 'Ilonlon'aro located at tho Quinoy Ilontto, whore those who are able to pay may go from 0 a. sn. till 6 p. ni. Consultation f rco. They treat every known disease' with n suooess unparalleled, and perform iJl BUrgloal operations; no matter'(\-liat your dllUoulty may be, or what doctor aays you cannot got well; go straight to the Quincy House and consult Dr. Ilonlon, and onr word for It, you will not be disappointed. Tho Drs. WIU use Tremont Tomplo every morning from 10 to 11 o'clock, for several weeks to come, 'and people who have not visited Tremont Tomplo .should . ,Jae. li. 1'. Dearborn. Won by Company O by 10 Indies. rOTTlKi; lO-rOL'.NU tUOT. A. LIudoay, Co. B....................... 3*. J. I'limeran. C:o. C.................... Distance, i;8 leet lOVi: Inches. ...1 ...a ...3 E-OOT BALL UNDER CO'VEK. The Game oa It is Played in Englimd and America. New YoKit, Dec. IS.-The last of tho series of three evenings of sport furnished under the auspices of the. Staton Island Athletic Club at Madison Stjuare Garden took place tonight. A came of foot ball tmder "association" rules played by teams representing the Confei's with Leading Bankers and Bank Offioials-^Planning for tho Relief of the Financial Stringency. Nkw YoiiK, Deo. 18.-Secretary Windom held a tliree-liottrs' oonferenoo with a number of bank ofiloers and bankers on the fhiancial situation, and a full expression of views of the financiers on the situation, the effect of additional silver legislation aud othor matters was obtained and then the conference ended. The only statement which tho soorotary Would make was that he was gratified at the news 'of the movement of gold from, Europe to this country and that the government would do all iu its power to give relief to the financial and meroajitile oommiini-tios. He refused absolutely to bo interviewed, but parties close to him stato that be will not talto any immodiato action as the result of the conference. He will probably remain iu Now York over nigtit, but will be iu Washington on Monday. Tho following gentlemen attended tho conference: J. O. Stuart, president of tlie United States Trust Company; Presidents Knox of the Bank of the Republio, Baker of tho First National Bank, Williams of tho Chemical Bank, Coo of the American Exchange, Ives of the AVestern National, Per-Idns of the Importers' and Traders', Cannon of the Cliase National, Tapoin of the Gttlla-tin. King ot the Bank ot Commerce and J. Plerpont, Jessie Seligmau and James B. Colgate. SENATORS INT OOBTITERENaai Trying to Devise a Scheme of Iplnanoial Relief. 'WASHrNQTON,Deo.l3.-Allofthemombers of tha Republican senatorial caucus committee to devise a scheme of financial relief were present at tho meeting this aftomooh. As was the case at yesterday's meeting, the preceedings were confined to a statement of individual vieM'S and no formal proposition was laid before the committee. 'I'lie discussion, however, hiid tho effect to indicate tliat a majority of the conimittoo would favor tlio plan of � purchasing the $1:5,000,000 surplus silver, and also the Sherman proposition to reduce the amount of United States bonds reijuired to bo lield by national banks. Further than this there was no sign of common giound upim which tho diverse elements represented on tho committee could iind standing room. luciuir}' will probably bo made of tho sec-rotary ot tho treasury as to ills opinion ot the effect of tho above mentioned proposi tions. After discussing tlie subject for an hour the comnuttoo referred it to a sub-committee, composed ot Senators Sherman, Allison, Aldrich, Plumb and Teller, in tlio hope that it could agree upon some dotinito project to bo submitted to tho full committee. MESSAGE TO OOKGRBSS. President Expeoted to Recommend Relief Legislation. Washington, Doc. 13-The cabinet mooting yesterday considered tho financial condition of tho country, and a.s aresult thoPres-ident, it is understood, will send a messageto Congress early next week, suggesting as a measure of relief the enactment of legislation for tlio issue of additional currency based on increased purchases of silver. Secretary Windom, wlio is in New Yoi-k city today, conferring with bankers us to tho best method of altordmg prompt relief, is said to favor tho puroliaso o) tlio present stock of silver, amounting to about 18,000,000 ounces, and tho purchaso also of an additional amount oimal to tho tho actual rotiromeut of national bank notes, estimated at S20,-000.000, thereby adding about S;iO,000.000 to tlie circulation. Exports and Imports of Specie. New Yobk, Dec. 13.-The exports of specie dm-ing tho past week amounted to 8327,470,of which 3102,400 was ingoldaud .5225,070 silver. Of the total exports ,?G00 in gold and 106,000 silver went to Europe and 8101,800 iu gold and 20,070 in silver went to South America. The imports of specie for the week amounted to .�41,811 of which .?37,000 was in gold aud S;i881 silver. HtrrOHlKSON.-In IhW diy, D60, ll.jaiwesjtt Bhtohlnson, SO ynr. 0 mOB. t A*. Fnneral r];bai Ills lato residence, 820 Dorohosto; nv,; SundAyi t.\ 1.80 o'clock p. m. Horvlocs at tho olinroh of tho Hosary al a o'clocK p. m. n�laUve� and friend* Invited to attend. New Vo^k paperg please copy. HTOT.-In Boston, Charles E. Hunt B�nrlil�Bat & o'clock Sunday, 49 Butland sg, KATZMAN.-In this city, Deo. 13, MarBi* widow of Jacob Katzman, 89 yts. LEIGHTON.-In East Boston, Den. lf>,NwB. I*tgll�-ton, 4D yra. 11 mos. B'aneral private. M-CRPHY.-In Charlestown, Deo. 18, Teddy Mnr-phy, Drother-ln-law , of Patrick Doylo, Funeral from residence. No. 19 Beaoh St., Oharlestown, on Sunday, at 1.30 o'clock. Belatlves and friends invited. jniKPHY.-ln Cambridge, Deo. IB, John Mnrphy, CI yrs. Funeral from hla late residence, roar 18 Sparks at., Jlonday, Deo. IB, at 8.1B a. m. Eehi-llrcs aud friends Invited to attend. PIKE.-In Boston Highlanda, Deo. 13, William Sidney PIlco, U8 yrs. Fnnnrol from Egleston Square ^IcHiodlst chureh Sunday, Bed. 14, at 2 o'clock. Pclatlvea and friends In'Vited. (Out of town papers please copy.) REED.-Ill this city, Deo. 12, Etta D., wife of William a. Iteed, 31 yrs. FOR MURDER IN 1868. John Bleyer, After 22 Years, Sentenced for Life-It Cost the State of Kon- "' tuclw $25,000 to Convict Him. 'LOUISVILLE, Ky., Deo. 13.-The noted oasA Of the Commonwealth against Joiin Bleyer, for the niurderof four colored persons in August, 1808, came to an end today ill tlio liOWls Circuit Court at �Vanoobui'ff. He was sentenced to the penitentiary for life. IJleyor murdered all of a colored family except two. The State and defence were both ably represented by counsel, but tlw Ingenuity, and ability of, defendant's counsel, althougli 22 years have elapsed since tlie deed was committed, could not deter or prevent the jury from Inflicting punishment. Twenty-five thousand dollars havo been expended by this State, 22 years have gone by, yet justice, although slow,' has been none the less siu-e. MISS DILLON'S REVOL'VBR. deaths. ftxpenslve, costing bnt76 cent*i ton Kt�i.e4by raSj, �Wfiman or chUd with perfect resnlt, mttkln* a mrtelii nlcot "dam" than by tho old method of using � w�odeheggor sewing over the hand) Jo eltiU nea-eaaaryj a wonderful Invention i .well ^wgi ttne"! time to eiamlno it For sale by 3. M. BMVET, 681 Wnshington at., oor. U, Orange. _____if;:, LOOIt--Jnat to Inereaee biislnosi between JJOTf. and Xmae, we wlU oiter crayoii porMWta, vmK � hand-ornamented gUt or bronze frame, for S8i tTi��� , portralte are eqaal to ahy that oan be produced n� � i20: these are not orayonette or olir-brusti plotnrp�( tut regular S20 crayons; yon wiU find this a raro, opportunity to secure a flno crayon to give away aa aOhrlstmna present; please call and Invcstlgata. ,' Standard Portrait Co., 833 Tremont at., Boston, lt� See PagejsMand 15 For additional small classified advertisements. DIVOKOE r.AW�. W'AKEFIELD, 28 School at., OOlce 89, la the only ; legally ttiithorlzod lawyer who la advertising ,thl� atHsoiiilty in Boston; refers Superior Court, clerk's. ' Olllce, for authority; beware of persons not lawyers, as tho law forbids advertising divorces, except by members of the bar; cases now entered for January. Call or wrlte.____It* : WUKItf tho print, appears -blurred yon ahpulil have yonr eyes tested at once | wo have skilled opticians and mako no charge for teating the Bightf. n nerfeot lit In crystal lenses, �1; sold elsewhere for, S2.B0; no guesn-vvork In (Itting glasses at our optical Scpartment; open untU Op. m. WILSON BUp8 , IB Tremont row. _d8utf nlJ P" ~EKSOarAT,,-We offer SIOOO reward for a oongh or throat trouble flast stages of disease excepted), which cannot bo relieved hy a proper use ot Dr. X. Stonft'a Bronchial Wafers; samples free. Address .Stone lied. Co.,.QuIncy, 111. BSuB2t nl REAU ESTATE. ALtrOKATIVK INVKSTMKNrr-Block of tenement property near Dorchester av., Soutli Boston, 10 rooms, 10 tenements, .rented extremely low at 1008 per month, same .tenants from 2 to IB yours; don't owe a dollar; glSOO; can have mort-gago of gaooOatB per cent., cash JtiaOO.on which "t -ivlU pay 30 per cent. net. TBACY, 00 Broadway. AMK.ICIC, swpll-rront honao at So. End; 13 rooms and bath, S tenements, nr8t-ola8.i order, gSSOO; another on sawyer St. suited for 1 or more families, modern convenlenoes, �34BUi 100 other estates for sale by KDWA.RD TK.'i.CV, auctioneer, Ac, 00 Broadway, So. Boston. It* ItAlEIil cimneo; house of 10 rooms on Bth ot. ___families; same as new, large lot, genteel location ; only 81)800: house 12 rooms, 2 or 3 lamIUcs,lii perfect orcfer, 82600; brick house of 12 rooms, elO: ;aut location, near K St., g37B0. TKACY, 00 iroadwuy. It* ANOTIIKK MAKiaAISr-B houses, near B St., South Boston, excellent eoudition, rented at paOOO per year, 810,000; a block on first st,, 25 tenomnnts, good condition, water closet on each floor, 12,600 feet laud,81S,000. TBACr, BO Broadway. It* oil NAl.'H or to let, B newhouses on Partridge av.. Winter Hill, Somorvillo: these houses ore weU built: thoy are wlvriM; with 7 good rooms, roof slated, cellar cemented. Mystic water, good sewerage; near churches, schools, ateam cars, stores; horse oiu's will run by the head of the street before Ohrlatmns, nil ot which beueUla tho houses wo have to sell; sold on easy terms, g22B0: rent {118 per mouth and water tax; the' bath tubs in these houses are lu the'kitchen; this hi a great Improvement; any ono can see to look at It tor a moment to always havo tho water warm; it costs nothing; not g(l a ............. of the a iTenny I " " 10 . ... open a'unilay. It year for a smalt family; it Is the thing "of the 'iigo; . .. ...A... ..,  ni.,,i5f|.yg at 31 ,Tenny Llnd PAllTKIDUE, 6B llanovorj good yard; 2210 ft. land; "keys at av. Apply to UOKACE " " inday. BUSINESS CHANCES. FUJENISKJBl) Jl�l(l�IN�-KOOM to lot, 18 good paying boarders, and more coming; rent taken hi board. Apply at 073 Tremont st. It* LlilAB,B3 and furniture of lodging-house for sale, now full of good paying lodgers; sold for mi fault; eaay terms. For full partlc\ilar8 address l;^' 24, Olohe Olllce.__SuM* k-IjA'EtlES' and gents' resliiurant; r owiuir going 8outh;must aell;uobrokers, 1 83, Olohe office. It* HOUSES, STORES, OFFICES, ETC, CIOCIKTV JIAIiM-TolBt, for loilpe rooms, k3 Jlomluy, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings; wo havo 7 or 8 halls, and there are aoino oven-'ugs not taken lu several halls; price pcroveult-13andB3.BD; ontrauou'63 llanuver si. Appl lOUAtiEPAKTUIDGE&.OO., BD Hanover St, Apply to mo H'^iaT-Lowor houses on Partridge av., Ko. 2. 'Xund So. 10, B rooniB; good yard, iiytttlo water ami cioflct Inalile; rent glB. Apply for rent and keys at 31 Jenny r.iiul av. It APARTMENTS AND TENEMENTS. IJil, ATS to lot of 0 rooms and bath with all modern improvomehts; newly piUntod and papered at 86 Albion ut. ^__It* ROOMCi-3 nice unfnrmshcd roome, for house, keoiiln^ for a couple; rent reasonable. 18 Klrkland 'It* WoburA 'Womim Comes Wear to Injuring a Bwltolrman. �WpBOKN, Mass.,, Deo. 13.-An exciting �piSode occurred at tho Green st. crossing ol the Boston & Maine railroad this evening which came near belnS a serious matter for James iM. Oallahan, the switchman at that crossing. A section man called to Mr. Callahan,who was iu his switch house, tliat a woman was on tho track. Callahan wont out and took .tho. woman by tho loft hand, at tho same time flashing a lantern in her face to see who she was. A mutual recognition followed, aud tho wotaan, who was Hannah Dillon, 23 years of ago, Iciiowing that Callahan was a special polica oiiloor, said ho slioiild not arrest her. Oallahan then heard the click of a revolver and made a grab for Miss Dillon's right hand, whon the revolver was oxpladed, A tussle ensued and Miss Dillon flred the revolver again, the ball passing naiU' Oalla-han's hip and tho firo burninslils coat. Oallahan finally overpowered the woman, and succeeded, witli assistance, in getting her into the switch house, whore tho two had another struggle, the woman fighting like a demon, breaking a lantern and kicliingover the stove. The revolver was seciired and a boy sent after a carriage and tho woman finally taken to the lookup, and with tlie assistance of Otllcor McDorniott was lodged in a oull. Two pint bottles filled with liquor wore found in her dross pooket. Miss Dillon's mother was sent to au insane asylum a short time ago. Siri'jrn of l rooms and bath j very uttraotlvo for amitll family; references. 82 Sterling st. SuM* T~'")ENBM.IJSfT to let of 4: or B rooms; full view of harbor; hot and cold water; firat-olass locality. 208 Webster at., Koat.Boston. It* BOARD AND ROOMS. IUB'OKIBTOIU.AM st. - Large, nowly-tur-nlshed front room; heat and Water, large cloaets: suitable tor a doctor, or uiualclan or artist.; SS.BO per week; also 2 eouneoting rooms, suita'olo for light houBOkooplngi 82.60. It* MI8CEL.1.ANEOU8, *.ne�ii| rwoar. * TTMNXKOM, lJA�IE8-Mall2c.stampfor A. ecalcd luatructlona for enlarging your bust five filches, Ufllng Emma Bust Developer: absolutely guaranteed; our24,-pngolUustratodcataloguemaUod 'or Oo. Emma Toilet Tremont st.anSt'nlO 8-HAY rAIltOIt C]r>OCK,. including or-nament, guaranteed for o years, only g4 and SB; other iiatterns; wo have the largest asaortraont m Boston. WILSON BltOS., IB Tremont;.^row-; ,oi�n until 9 p. m. dSutt .1113 Gir.T WAl,!. ^ Borders Ic. a yd.. I�AI*IJU Oc. mOI,!/- ^ ......, _ ^_.,;mouldlngalV20.,ft.;.lowest, ni-icca and largest assortment fii-Iloaton; window Bhhdea made to order. ''PERKISS' 04 and �* Ehot at. � . SudOt* nl4 il mounted and made to brder at short notice: also di^saahlrt protectors. T, A, 11001115,-621 Waah-Ingtoii St., Boston, opp. B. H. Whiie'a..__lt�_ CAItPET So. yard; best flat Irons, 4o. lb.; gas globes, IBc. oaih; croekerj-, glnas and tin ware, loweat prices; open ovenTtiga. YOUNG'S, 102S Washington at. ThSSuTlOt d4 ATj'l, ICINMS of rdf rlgerator work a siieclalty;,' marketa Uttted up; also meat blocks and benohes, corned beef tanks and counters loraale. E.N. HTJTCniNS, 16 North Centre at. It* TO PRlNTEies In Beaton and violnlty-Pro. poaala wanted for prlnthig a small monjhl.v paper, for partloolara, caU or address 27 School t., room 74. ________ ' It* "ioa.! �WAI.I. rAPEIES. blanks, 40.; biii�, iuo.i W lieat -gilt mouldings, 2o. foqt, at WILLIAM IdATTHEWa, JR.'S, 147Mllkat. tf" " " ap7. Ina.i SMO-WCASES, doska, 10 aloves; offlra glnas front; tables, atSol8,,bar. WHEELER'S, 77 Essex at.  Suil* SilO'^V CASES, oonntera, sculea. store stools, standing doaka, eio. JAMES SHAT, 00 Trayere 9utl4t* dl4 -II o CMMHTEIS ���., 2d door from Shawmut J., O nv.-Very largo parlors,price &ii jalde room i82. Qil^ aiWIOlV X*.l't.-2 largo square rooms, ole-gnntly furnialied. with large closets, suitable for gentlemen; with all modern oonvcnieneea, furnace heat, etc.; also othor rooms; prleos renaonahle. SHd7* dl4 Worth Adams' Lost Ketiirns. , North Adams, Mass., Doo. 13.-'l''ho Hathaway lad who left homo Monday to go hunting and has boon missing since, greatly alarming his parents and friends, returned lionio today, having gone to Pownal, 'Vt., with some boys he fell in with. MARKIAGB rNXEBrTIOWS. Alliortll. BicMoi'd,43, and Mtiry 'Wakellold, 22; Frederick A. Edwards, 33, and Annie L. I'ernald, 24; William II. Logan, 30, and Estello McPheraou, 2U; Williams. McLeod, 20, and Margaret Molntiro, 23; Allchaol J. Aloynlhrfn, 22, and Sarah Alexander, 20; John Walker, 26, and Margaret Flaherty, 23. MARRIAGEIS. PATCH-nOBA'HT.-ln thia city, .Dec. 10, by Rev. ' Wi 'i\ Chose, Levi M. Patch and Agues Hobart. WEBBliH-OOSTKLLO.-lu this city. Dee. 11, by Kev. Richard J. Barry, Hiram K. Webber and Hz- zlo Costolio. DEATHS. Elevator Company Aasiens. LuvEKNH, Minn., Dec. I'i.-The Iowa, Jlimiesota & Dakota Klcvator Company, operating nine warehouses on tho Burlington, Cedar Kapids & Northern railway, has as.signed. Liabihties 4100,000; assets mi-knowu. _ Failure of George C. Taylor. New Yokic, Dec. 13.-Tho failure of Goorga C. Taylor was announced on tho Consolidated Excliange this morning, Hia liabilities are small. BIRCH.-In this city. Dee. 13, Mary .L, widow of tho lato Charles II. Birch, 70 yrs. l-'unoral from bite residence, 11)17 Washington at., Monday morning at 0 o'clock. BONNEY.-in this city, Dec. 13, Jennie Isadora, youngest daughter of Henry C. Bonney of Ded-ham. Funeral in IJedham, from tho roatdonce of Daniel Bouncy on Tuesday, Dec. 10, at 2.30 p. M. Friends are invited. Burial private. )OUULEV.-ln Roxbury, Dec. 12, at roaldeuee, 14 Mlndora at.,Brldget,widow of John Cnrloy, 72 yra. Funeral mass at 8t. Francia do Sales church, "\'er-liou St., Monday, Deo. IB, at p o'clock. Relatives and filcuds Invited to attend without further notice. . OADIGAK.-In ChelBea, Dee. 12, Jarnea H., son of John and Catherine Cadigan, 20 yra. 3 inoa. Funeral from the rcHldenco of his iuirenta,48 Med-ford at., Monday morning, at 8 o'clouk. Servleca al St. Rose church at 9 o'clock. Rehitlvea and frlcuda are invited. DUOGAS.-In Atlantic, Dee. 13, Noia T. Duggan, ,10 yrs. FunenU from residence, Walnut st, Monday, Den. IB, at 8.30 a. m. Mass at Sacred Heart church lit 9 a. m. Relatives and friends Invited. FITZ1"ATRICK.-In South Boston, Dec. 13, James Filnpatrlck, formerly ot Charlottetown, 1'. E. I. Funeral from the itsldeneo of hla sister, Mrs. Lantry, 264 E at,, Monday morning. IteqiUem mass at St. Augustino'a church at 9 o'clock. P. K. lahind papers pleaae copy. FRENCH.-In Maiden, Dec. 13, ot diphtheria, Leila Earl, daughter of Fred W. and Helen French, 8 yra. 9 moa. 22 da. HOtiAN.-Inthla city, Dec. 10, Lieut. John Ilognn, paymaster !)th Reghncnt Infantry, Jl. V. W. Funeral Irom the armory of Company E, 9th Regiment, corner ft Essex and Chuuueey sla., Sunday, Dec. 14, at 1 o'clock p. in., aharp. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. Servlaea at the Cathedral ot the Holy Crcsa. GORMAN.-In thIa city, Dec. 13, John T., son of John C. aud EUzabeth M. Gorman, 2 yra. 2 ila. Funeral from Ida late reeldencc, SO 3d St., Bo'jth Buaton, .Snndiiy, Dec. 14, ut 2.30 o'clock. GODFREl'.-Iu Ihla city, Dec. 12, Zablna H. Godfrey, 07 yrs. ___ Zetland Lodge, F. * A. M.-Tho ofllccra and mem-bera are rt-queaied to attend the funeral servlcea of our late brother, WllUum 8. Pike, at the Eglchton Sciuare Melhoolhl churcli. corner Washlngt'jn and Beethoven aia., Boaton IlighianaB, Sunday, Doc. 14, Old folks and young folks play tics" with eijii;J cnjoyjj.-*'!. 'Poli- ul 2 p. ni. ilaaoulc bnrIuUervlet;.__ iTulw E^^^ THOMAS WA'I'ERM.IN, LOWERS CI Treniout sw. %J sqimro uml akto r'oomsj Dtoum hiuit and mod-ernconvonleucya; looiitlou uuBiirpuaaQdj 0 o'clnok dlntuii-B. Ownoi-. . It* q mA.wv w'JL^o.rsr st.-to let, ucmvo room, nloi*'� furnlahod, oabliiet bod, 1 al^ht, lm\t, gas, hot uiiu \' OMIXiOW wanted lu wholeaulo liouao by an . Amftrlcan,23 yearsof age; good roforeucua given. Addrcaa B 49, Globe olllce. It* I>OSl['ll''IO)V wanted by young lady aa collector. . or writing; beat roferonofia. Address F 26, Globe Olllce. It* Sl'i'irA.'l'ION wanted; deaervlng, obliging young nuin, good penman, ablo to do any kind of work reipiirliig tins rtorvlncaof a Htrongman; mnd-craMf wagea. 7H:J Washington at., opp. Hoilla. it* fell1'!lr'A.'i''i^�^^'-'StronB young AmcricTiirhouaiT-7 work girl; tiewing, nursery; &'A.liO expected; city orconntiy. 823 Washington. It* 'Ql'rtJA'J'ION'wali'tod,''l\ K to cooking, relerence. 98 Revero at. It* (HtSi. wanted In a anuill family out of town; good refcrcncea. Addreaa O 30, Globe ouloe. It* AGENTS, PARTNERS, ETC. AOKIVTS-Wanted, amart. inUtlUgcnt agents to sell bouda on tlie inatalment phm, lor a reliable incorporated companv; y50 a week canboeaally made; numbers from i up now ready. For partlcu-lara Intinlro at 13 School St., room 43. 8nM* MAIjE and female ngenta wanted to reproaent a new co-operative plan of supplying gooda at hall tho usual eoat; aalary or eonnnlaslon. Victor Mercnntilc Co., 179 Tremont st., room 31. It* I>.lLit'JCXK^ wanted with ^100; duian reataur-, ant; good cliuuee. AddreaBD20, Globe olllce. WANTJKW-Ono good man and one lady to act in Boston aa our si.eclal agents. The Coumiou-'ivcalth AsaoclatUni, 1 licacou at. It* MALE HELP WANTED. /-tABI�,'*;TMAK:.Kllt wanted _ that uuder- VJ'aUindH jilclute Iraulliig. CHARLES HADLE'l'T ,t C((., 701 Tremont at. It* �r\KUO CI..ERIt wanted v/lth throe or four JJ yeaiH exjterieneo for city atoro; beat of refer-eucea retpUted. Addreaa D 49, Globe ottico. It* WAN'TKO-5 men. at once, to atart Jlonday morning; salary ,^12 tier week. Auply with to M.J. MONROE, 670 WMhluglon at.. retcrenco room 19. anil WANTKM-Exptrienced hoy to 111! In slgna and show cnnla. R. RATIGAN & CO., 84 'iViir- ren at., Highlands. It* �\roinvo MEJV wlio wish to learn to out gentlo-JL men's garments -will receive a thorough practical course ot ioHtruction .'it the Boston School ot Cirtilng, tho oldest cutting eatuljllehment In New England, cor. Cambridge and Buwdoln eta. 8ud3t'* dl4 FEMALE HELP WANTED. GIKI^H to Icam type eettlng. 364 'n'ashlngton ' aU N. B. I'rintera wanting compositors pleaae call.___________________It^ HOirHUKEIiHMSEivautedfor widower; one who hta some lurnlturo. Address O S2, Globe onice. It* 'r AI>BKS wanted,i?18 weekly; no canvassing; In-I J close Blamp. Box cau,_Bochesler,N.H. Su4t*dl4 �T "Ali>V~iEAKHicitS-^ins'tr;ictlW"g^^ XJ*tlils light and p.rolllablo occupation for ladlea; qiiaUiled t'i oi�en r'.ioma lu 4 weeks. Mrs. DODGE, lu Court St., room 2. 11*' WAXT�I�, at once, a v.-et nurse; a man and wile; a cUambermuUl; nurae; a compaulou and girl naslst.-mt; no waahlug; take trusty uev/ orriviiia. 782 Wasldugloa at., opp. Uollis.__It' WA'KTK.W-llonsowork and second girl; references reoultod. Call Monthly, 98 Revere St.. olT Churlea.__It* _ _ la hie and kitchen S3 Chandler a-; call between 3 and* Y^TA Si'rED-Exjwrienoed CANAlllrr nntn �K,EI�. a eta. i oloalng ont^ alcknesa; bargolna. 88 Kneeland at. dau20t*nla AUCTION SALES. KAr-E BROS. * �WAT.r^ACE. Great Woateni Horaij Jfart and Commission Stables, 40 to 42 Traverse at., 100 to 108 canal St., neat Fitchburg, Eastern, Lowell and Maine depots, centrally located in the horse market)':on O'raverso Bt., near Friend; nceoinmbdatloii^'for ' 180 head of horses; auction Sales every'^Vednes-dayttudSaluirddy. . ', ' , on WEDNESDAY, Dec. 17, at 10.30 a. m.,we shall offer for sale by auotlon 8 oartoada, being 00 hoad.of Indiana and Iowa horacs,con3igned to ns by M. QiUmi of North Manohester, Ind., J. C. Ross of Walmaii, Ind., and Mr. Hendericson of Iowa. These horses wHl vary In weight from 900 to 1000 lbs. each, and ftio adapted for heavy draught, express, farm, family, log, livery and general buslnesu uao, togotlier with Bomo extra roadhoraea.all well broken to alnghiand double harncHS,and are us as biling dn extra lot throughout. The above-mentioned lioraos will poaitivoly bo sold to tho highest bidder, regardloaa of coat or value. Enoh and every horse, as In all our sales, will be honestly described at aalo ami warranted as repreaentetl or money rofilmlod, and trial given until Thursday night. Dee. 18. J. II. MoFARLANE, Auctioneer. ........L_...... ____i_ SuAU dl4 DRESSMAKrNC, MILLINERY, ETC. 7'S�,msis�iam:juv�,, outtmg, nttln.g; _wlU go laa U out by Iho day. Add vlUaph,oft Columbus av. Addreaa Mil CARll, 7 Green- ; ,lt* JACKSON'S school of cutting, r. 30, Hotel'Pel-ham, oor. Tremont and Boylaton stu., imparts highcat uluoa of Inatruetlon Inanlontlllu nutting, bnel-iug and Httlng; terma, �6 to )320; cutting and llttlni; a apeclaltyj patterna cut to measure and warranted^ 14/rir.,IjlNEJieY-Hata, bonucta, made and lYi trimmed, 26o., 35o., OOc, 76c.; gents' necktlea . embroidered and oronhoted to order; fancy work a specialty. 703 Washington St. ^_It* DOCS, PUPSs .ETC. ENOT.I8III MASTirF S�1I1�, for sale, 7 'months old: good watch dog. Address S. E. B., 24 Chelsea at.. East Boaton.__It* F'ttlV SAI.U-A short-headed bull terrier slut, 1 yr, old.welglit 15 Iba., bred from Dr. Hnll'a Jlax; warranted thoroughly houao broken and a little gem; lOao a Bhoi't-headod male pup, 7, Avceks old.olear whlto, with a s(m" w tall; bred from W.C. Ifook'b Iloetor: extra flno slock. Call oraddreas J. l.,110 Itnt'horfOrd av., Charlestown, Masa._lt*_ I'liblt SAr,K-rE'ngll3h inastIB dog, 4 monthsokC _' a beauty; price 1812. Addres. ilEB A'ATE Inatruetlon hi telegraphy by a com- ------'teacher. Addreaa T 40, Globe office, lor it* pit IV. JL peieht terma. DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, ETC. DIAiUON� aE'tVBr.Xl'K' of every deaorlp-lion, studa, coUar buttona, cuff buttona, ear-ilropa, hioo nlua, scarf pma, ringa, etc., etc.; ove* 1000 plecea (o aoloct from. Norrls Piano and Diamond Co., 37 Court at., opp. old Court House; e�-tabliahed 1862. It* MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. BAHOAIXS in Christinas gifts; pianos and op. gana, new and second hand, g25 to �1400, oasn or eaay terms of payment: beat makes of violins, banjoB,, muelc bosea, strings, etc. Norrls Piano imd Diamond Co., 37 Court sL, opp. Court House; estabUahed 1863. It* MUSIC. 2p;C.-�^'J-OMIV I-ESSOJfS, SBo., by O elasa eiportoncea .teacSiai, Addreaa Globe olllce. aflnat-A 1, It* HAiVtETX'S OltClMESTUA-VioUn or cornet lessons. 50e. O.ArthurpL, Charlestown. MEETINGS. Special Meeting of Cabinetmakers, 8CAi�AV, Ueo. 14, at & o'clock. AT grand army hall, 95Va Oambridgo St., Kaat Cambrfda;e�, CHIROPODISTS. COKIi'SI OOKNSI Sl/KK KEJCJCEP-Dr. WIIITISO, chh-opodlst, 132 ttemont at: cojju, bunlona and Ingrowing nalla treated ndttious ' ' tlio method la Infamuiol Sundaj-s, 10 to S. LOST, FOUND, ETC. LOS'l', Timradtty afternoon wldla shopping, Uro ringii, one crjneo and one topaz, i'lndar will bs rewarded by returning aoma to Mra. I� J. PIPER, 087 Tremont at. 1^ LAUNDRY. W.iSMIXO and Ironing wanted to do at hom� by Protestant ^ wiB go our by the hour or day; boat of rel'erencei. Addi-eaa DBl,01ob� ollioe. . If FOR ADOPTION. Foil AltOPTIOST-A fine, healthy, nnOe child. 8weJlab parentii, S wealu old. AddroM 8 05, Globe olUco. IS*' $88 Pages 14 and 15 "For additional small classiUcd advertissmeats. 1 01048805 65314994