Sunday, December 14, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 23

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Text Content of Page 23 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, December 14, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - December 14, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts WATCHES WITH ENGRAVINGS OF MONOGRAMS AND ALL DESIGNS. nickel silver silverine oxidized silver gold filled solid gold open face hunting case; Gold-Filled Watches are made with screw backs and bezels, and absolutely dust proof. Also made with hinged backs and engine turned. Guaranteed to wear 15 years. on^�.o3!ia'ocsr3Ft_A.a?>3Ea: watohes with htdepehbeot SEOoro HAITDS, BTABT, STOP ^KD FLY-BAOK ATTAOHMENTSi NEW WATCH JUST OUT, AND THE ONLY LOW-PRICED CHRONOGRAPH MADE IN THIS COUNTRY. a watch is the handsomest -AJH>- MOST USEFUL TO0 oak GIVE TO a WOMAN, GIRL, BOY OR MAN. Gall fflt Sbb Tliei � IF YOU BUY And find Watch.Is not SATISFACTOBl, WE WILL REFUND MONEY OR EXCHANGE WATCH. Our Solid Mokel Silver Watch is the lowest-priced article in the market that can be guaranteed Reliable and Durable. Movements are stem wind and set, jewelled balances, quick trains, straight - line lever escapements and short, regular winding. Kon-Magnetio. BRANCH OF THE S34 & 835 BROADWAY -AND- a 158 MOMROE ST. THE SWEEP-SECOND WATOH, with stop at-taolunout for timing to fifth seconds, with this exception la found only in tlio moat oipensivo WALTER OAMP, tho highest authority on foot ball nud nil athletio sports, says of it i "I have mado a praotioal tost of your stop wp.toh, and it is oortainly tho most oonToniont and reliable watoh I have tried. Before using the watoh in tho Harvard-Prinooton match in 1888,1 tested it for timo-kooping qnallties, and found it 'on the dot.' It has my moat hearty rooommendation." THIS STOP WATOH was adopted by the Intor-oollogiato Football Assooiation. HAVE SOLD THOUSANDS to physloians for timing pulso, and to bioyole riders and hoys and mou engaged In athlotie sports. THE lYSTIC OEDEfiS. Numerous Elections and Installations. Fraternal Visits, Entertainments and Dances. Pinanoial Standing-Initiations-Sentinel EohoBs. Boston LocIeo, No. . 25, I. O. O. F., conferred the third desroo on nine candidates last Tuesday. Tlio rendition of tho work was pronounced the finest ever given by this lodBfl. Next Tuesday, Doo. 10, Boston todso \yiU"confer the initiatory degree on leyoral candidates,' Maiden Ilodgo. No. 201,-\vill work the first flegroe.Tnesday. evening, Deo. 10, and Mid-fllesex Lodge, No. ,1'^, tho second degree tho I7th. .i Fifty havo- Signed tho petition for a Re-bekali Lodge in Maiden. Bunker Hill Lodgd. will work tho third degree on Monday evening, Doo. 22, instead oftUelCth. _;_ . Knighta of Honor. Hipfliland Lodge initiated two candidates on Thursday evening,' and elected officers for tho ensuing term. , Tho meeting was honored by tho presence of Deputy Supreme Dictator AVilliam H. Simpson of Florida. He delivered a most interesting address on tho condition of tho order in tho tioutli, and In Florida in particular. He paid Massachusetts !iu cloaueut tribute for tho liberal Bpirit and promptness with which her mcm-bershiphad on every occasion responded to the distress call, especially during the prevalence of tho yellow fever in 1888. In his duties as deputy Bupremo dictator of the Southern district ho had travelled over 8000 niiles during the past year in visSting lodges in tlie South, Bud gave an exceedingly lattoriiig accmuit of the condition of tho ok er in that section, pictator Johnson of JJroadwny Lodive, South Boston, followed witli a c.ipitul speooli. A committee i\'as appointod to mako arrange-pieiits for a public, iustallntiwi. ]5rotlior Bimpson paid tho otticers of, the lodge a rlatteriug couipiimont for their work in the initiation ceremonies. Union LoJgu surprised at its lastmeet-Ing by an unexiiocted visit from Wrand Dictator Coiiant, but, as is always tlift case with this lodge, tliey wero'tliorouglily 'proparod, and tlie manner in which tlie initiatory work was performed on two candidates is seldom surpassed,ovch by uiiiformod degree Etaii'B. Such active lodges .'is Union arc a great encouragement to tlicgraiul oiticers in ilioir earnest efforts in tho upbuilding of tlie order. The visit of Grand Dictator Coiiant and Btaft' to 'Wakefieid on Wednesday evening was productive of a fair-sized gatlieringof knights, tiiere beinfv representatives of 13 lodges present. After an address by tho Brand dictator anadjoui-nmpiit mado to tlie banquet hall, v.'hero a,bountiful collation was served. The time was profitably employed in li.steiiing to remarks by Past Grand Dictator Hill of Norlliampton, Grand Chaplain Watts of Charlestown a.nd others. A loi-ge gathering is assured at tho meet- ng of Stoiifharn f^odge, Tuesday evening. Oec. 10, as t!ios9 who once havo tasted of their hospitality cannot bo kept away. Tlie grand oiiicers visited WhitmanJ^odge on Tliursday evening. There v,-as an at^ teadanoo of at least 2ri0, special trains having been run from Middleboro and Plymouth. The work of initiation was performed by tlie Plymouth Bav degreo staff on two .candidates, one of the latter for Hathorly Lodge of Kockland. The Be.ssion was followed by a lino supper and interesting spoalcing. Tho following deatli notices have been iled at tlie Gr.and Ijodgo ofuoo: Charles branch of Pilgrim Lodge, East Weymouth, nitiatod Aug. 23, 1877, aged 30. and died s'ov. 23, paid S201: John II. Powers of Cliickering, joined June 1,3880, aged 20, and died -Nov. 20, paid f217; George A. limery of Tremont, .ioined July 21, 1870, need 37, and di;-d .\'ov. 21. jiaid S2[!0. At a meeting of L.-auon ]jO("n;e the following ollicL'rs Wert- el'.'CtcJ; Dictator, I..ouis R. Avay; vice-diclntnr, Benjamin F. Spilman; reporter. L. E. ^Vilkins; niinucial reporter, .;B. .S. M.ultou; treasurer, W. T. Mrlum; chrplrau, H. BonisrL'.'n; guide, Vict-r 3C. jjlliaix.-:; giuirdiap, (i. Grei'ubnrg: sentmel, jf- ..1. Cube; v:;.-:t uiet:;t'/r, W. il 'i'unlia; representative to Grand Lodge, B, S. Moul-ton i aUernate, W. H. Tapliu. KnJeMa of Pjrttdas. Past Gr.and Ohanoelto L. L. TarboU, who was so seiiously liurt Th.anksgiving day, is slowly recovering. P. G. C. Dr.Woodworth, who is taking care of Brother Tarbell, says that ho will bo able to oxch.ango his bod for a reclining chair tomorrow and in about two weeks will bo able to use crutches. Ivanhoe Lodge will celebrate its 21st anniversary tomorrow evening in Abbotsford Hall, 2 Bow St., Charlostowii, with a musical and literary entertainment from 8 to 0.00 and dancing from 10 to 2. Joiui Hancock .Lodge and Old Colony Division, U. R., of Tamiton, will hold a concert and ball in Armory Hall Friday ovon-ing. Peter Woodland Lodge of Lynn on Thursday evening received and entertained about 17G mombors of Constantiiie Lodge of Gloucester. ChanooUor Commander Join W. Going of Constantino Lodge, in behal! of his lodge, presented to Peter Woodlani Lodge a iilush case containing two solid Ivory gavels. A banquet was served. Chancellor Commander C. B, Newton, aocoiuiianied by Grand Prolate C. C. Kger-tou. Grand Keeper of Record and Seal Charles A. Cross and Grand Maitor-at Arms D. ,E. Denny, paid an oihcial visit to Chevalier Ijodgo of Lowell Wednesday evening. Visitors woro also orosent from Wamosit. Lo-woU. Samuel IJ, Hiuos and Middlesex lodges. Tlio full board of grand officers paid an offlcial visit to Harmony of Brockton Thursday evening. The rank of knight was worked on four candidates. A banquet was served. Visitors were present from Fall River, Lowell, Boston, Whitman and Haverhill. _ Improvea Order of Ked Mon. ITio meniorial service held by Agawam Tribe and the Rod Men of Danvers in memory of the late Great Sachem Charles H. Symonds was well attended. Past Great Sachem Charles A. Russell was present and entertained tho brothers with an appro-^riatnjong talk^ lirearuTof il. tjaranur will visit Toto of Springfield on Wednesday's sleep and Ousamequin of Springfield on Thursday's slooi). Taratino of Swainpscott will at its next council (Dec. IB) entertain Chicataubut, Man.ataux and ^VinnHpurkot Tribes. Great Snnnap George Steele will also pay tho tribe an official visit:. Kyoto of Boston gives a peace danco on Tuo'sday's sleep. Koeha Council, D. of P., of Waltham opens its fair on Wednesday's sleep. Squantum of Boston holds an entertainment .and pe.ico danco on Monday's sleep. Mr. T. Litoiiman, G. R., will visit Wono-laricett tribe oC Lawrence Monday evening, L.ast Monday's sleep the council-fire of Hiawatha Council of Orange was kindled in auipio form by the great chiefs. Tho adoption degree and raising ut> was performed by Miunestema Council of Fitchliurg, 'A. H. Patou will raise up the chiefs of Hobomok Tribe, Jan. 1, and Wapiti Jan. 2. The great iiicobouee of tho United States, Tliomas K. Donnelley, and Great Sachem nrovin and cliiols of tlie tn'oat council will bo present upon both occasions. �Passaquoi and Moliawk of Haverhill will havo a joint raising up in City Hall, Jan. 8. Wenonali Council of Danvers, at the last council, entertained over 200 visitors, rep-re.'^cnting six councils and eight tribes. Syuantum Tribe will hold its second annual entertainment and peace dance at Odd FeUows' Hall on Monday evomng, Dec. 15. United Endowment League, Plttsliold Lodge of Pittsfield admitted three at its last meeting. The lodge now has 07 members on its roll, and expects to turn tho century number at its next meeting. liuroka Lodge of Lowell will give a musical and literary entertainment, followed by a social assemlily, on ^Vcdnesday evenim;, Dec. 3 7, at Huntington Hall. Several of the supremo oiiicers and members of United Lodge have prom'sed to bo present. An invitation is extended to all. On Fridav evening last Dorchester Lodge of Dorcliester entertained its members and friends by a line musical and literary entertainment given Ivy professional t.alent. Supremo Instructor Dodge was present, and reports a large attendance and several applications for tlio next meeting, the collation following tho entertainment. Providence of Providence initiated five at its last meeting, and a large number will be admitted at its next meeting. International Pratemal Alliance. Harvard Assemlily of Cambridgepnrt, Mass., held an enthusiastic meeting in Raymond Hall Tuesday night, initiated six now members and received several iippliciitionM for membership. Tho election of officers was lield, and they v.'ill bo installed ac tho next meeting of the assembly. John Collier and the cabinet secretary delivered short addresses. Tho Massaohusott Stato convention was held in parlor 12,- Piu-ker House, on last Wednesday. Tho Stato Assembly was formally organized by tho selection of the following offlcors; SpeakeruJohn P.Brawloy of Boston; ex-speaker. Dr. R. J. McCormack of Salem; vice-speaker, John Collier of Boston ; clerk, J. F. G. Medland of East Boston; treasurer, L. R. Kruger of Chelsea ;6orgoant-at-arms, A. M. Knight of Worcester,. and doorkeeper, J. H, D. Blako of Cambridge-port. John Collier was elected roprosonta-tivo to the congress of the order, and Dr. B. J. McCormack alternate. Eoyol Aroauum. A now council to be known ns North Bil-lorica, 1S23, was instituted by Grand Se6ro-tary AA^orrall, on the evening of Doo. 0. Grand Guide McKonna and also several members of Lowell Council wore present and assisted in tho work. Twenty-six charter members woro taken in on trio institution, and several more will come in at tho next meeting. Arthur W. Holden was elected regent, and Joseph Kills secretary, xlio council will hold regular mootiiiKs m Matliew Hall on the second and foiu'th Wednesdays of each month. Dr. George 0, Pinkham has been appointed medical examiner for the Lowell district. About ICO members of Boston Cotmcil as-semblod in their council room last Thursday evening and elected the following officers: Regent, F. A. Fiagg; vioo-regonta H, L. Huff; orator, J. P. Wile.v; secretary, J. L. Hovoy; collector, H. S, Worrall; treasurer. W. A. Wood; puido, G. J. Viokery; chaplain, G. N, .Smith; warden, B. H.Godfrey; sentry, G. M. Hollis; first representative to the Grand Council, S. M. Tourtellot; seo-ond representative. C. R. Dane; alternates, A. W. Damon and .1. L. Thayor; trustee for three years, 0. R. Dane. Waverloy has elected Henry S. Harris regent, and F. J, Chaplin, secretary. She Order of the World, It is proposed to so arrange the calling of assessments that they will date tho first of each month, beginning Jan. 1,1801. Charles H. Baker Lodge, Natiok, was instituted Dec. E. The following officers were chosen: President, F'rank I. Corson; vice-president, Ella M. Wood; secretary, B. Clifton Britton; treasurer, Clarence J. Lllis; and Claroiice J. ISllis. , , , Strafford Lodge, Great Falls. N. H., which was instituted Dec. 'li. has the following officers: President, Ida S. Shapleigh; vice-president, I'rescott B. Hinsman; secretary. Alary de I'Etoilo Desmaries; treasurer, John P. Meservo; ch.iplain, Susan F, Smith; luar-filial, Arthur IJ. Roliinson; guard, Sarah A. Paul E. Buckley. Tho following is tho list of officers of the Tremont Lodge; President, E. Clifford Paige; vice-president, William B. .Toy; eso-rotary, Alexowana Joy; treasurer, Frank 0. D^liiiio; chaplain, George B. Nicholson; marstial, Fred E. Burnham; guard, Alexander Reed; sentinel, John B. Walsh; past president, Charles S. Stone; medical examiner. Charles S. Stone; trustees. Alexander H. Byran, Gerald Cotter and Albert G. Rockwood.__ United Friends. Red Rock Council of Lynn at its last meeting installed as C. 0. and V. C. (Jeorgia A. Harris and N. A. Jennings, respectively, for the remainder of tho term. A ballot is now required on all applications for reinstatement from members who have not paid assessments within the limit of time allowed. Cosmos of Boston will hold its annual meeting Wednesday evening. Election of officers for tho ensuing term, together with other business of importance will call out a large attendance.__ Iron Hall. In point of membership the Iron Hall stands number six among the ti-aternal orders. One of the most valuable erifts to the fair recently held in Philadelphia was a beautiful crayon picture sent by sisterhood branch, 500, Cambridfjopcrt, of "The Old Elm Tree" in Cambridge, under which bratod its anniversary last week, giving a varied ontertaiiiiiiont, pleasing to ail. Ifriond David N. Aldrioli, who met with a very unfortunate accident last week, is an esteemed member of Branch ;)80, Lowoll. His friends hope for his speedy recovery, He is also a momher in good standing in tho Masons, Odd li'ellows and Eureka Lodge of tho United Eudowuiont League. ITew England Order of Protootion. The grand lodge oflicers of Miussaoliusotts make the following official visits tliiswoek; Tuesday evening to Pilgrim of Randolph, and Saturday evening to Security of North Cambridge. Asiatic of Salem received a visit from its deputy. Sister Kittio W. Learned, and suite, Monday evening. Shoo and Leather of Boston received a visit from tho grand olHoers Thursday evening. Two candidates were initiated. Thirteen members of Alplia Lodge of Chelsea were present, including Secretary Charles E. Reed. Visitors wore also present from Trinity of Modford, Goodwill of Everett and America of Chnrlestown. Tho mombors of Good AA'ill Ixidge, N. E,' O. P., of Everett, on Thursday evening of last week made a visit to the now residence of Brotlier G. F Harvey on Buckman St., and there enjoyed themselves by indulging in an old-fashionod house warming. They were cordially received by Mr. and Mrs, Hervoy, who woro completely surprised, and who woro made the recipients of an (slegant fire sot in an' appronriato prosent.a-tioii speech by Warden G. W. Seaward, which was felicitously responded to by Brother llorvey. A collation was tlioii given tho visitors, which was followed by various Kanies, oto. Brother H. H. Hodg-kiiis and Slrtor E. F. Looko favored tho company with some excellent vocal and instrumental music._ Knights nod Ladles of Honor. A letter from Supreme Protector Mllbnm under date of Dec. 6, says: I bolliivo tliiLt our growth and fiondltlon will bo ft mutter of j)lonauro to you, aud I ilieroforo send you tlln followlTiB: Xetlruu'oasoln Sepfcrtibcr, 12C0; Octobor, 14,21; niiiiiilioriihlii Nov. 1, us,r)12. I tbliiU tho iacreiiHo lii Is'ovcnibor will equal tbat of Ootflber. At tlilii nilo wo Bhiill havo over 80,000 .it tho Sep-ttliibcrttcfialon. Vou will observe that durlnp mv administration wc have Imd nu uvcrngo of 7000 a ytair. Mr. F. F. Fletcher of Unity Lodge was buried on tho 10th. Tho otHcers, at tlie request of ihedecoasod,performed thofuneral ritualistic work. Equity Lodge presented its treasurer, Mr. W. J. Corbett, witli an elegant gold cliain and charm on Nov. 28. Idrs. G. D. Phillips made the presentation speech. Po.arl of Worcester initiated one on tho 1st, tmd liad a. number of now petitions. Sixty members enjoyed tho supper given by Mrs, C. E. Bath. Puritan Lodge occupied a now hall on the Otli, and celebrated tlie event by an entertainment and dance. Woodbine Lodge of Wollaston numbers among its momburs tho mayor-cli.'ct of Quincy, H. 0. Fairbanks, iind Couucilmen 0. K. Sherman and J. H. .Roberts. The gi-aiid officers will visit New England Lodge Jan. 13. American I,egion of Honor. Dudley Council of Roxbtiry has elected the following officers: C, Albert Miller; V. C, Stephen H. Hentbel; 0., Mary T. Devens; P. C, James E. Alden; S., Ellen R. Rico; T., Edwin G. Longley; C, William H. Stevens; G., Annie L. Stuvens; C, Ilattie E. Currier; W., David 0. Stemler; S., L, E. Pearson. The above oflicials will bo installed the lirst meeting in January by D. D. Q. C. B. W. Minor. There will bo a large delegation of visitors at tho meeting of Warren Council tomorrow night, interested in the workings of tho Aiislraliim ballot system in electing tho otiicers for next term. The grand ccmniiinder will visit Roger Coiiant, Dre. 15; Pioneer, Dec. 18, and Holyolce, Dec. 10. Members of Springfield, Hampden and Northampton will be at Holyoke tho evening of tho grand officers' visit. .....leiy_______________ _____ - - ________ - _____ the walls of the Iron Hall Temple when cctinpk'ted. Branch 3-1, Cambridgeport, at its last meeting, biected officers, and friends E. A. Percival and,.William Cairns made application for their lina! bjnetits. Tho membdl-a of the Quincy branch celo- People's Five Tear Benefit Order. Timothy Pickering Commaudery of Salem elected officers, aud ;s making tirrangements for an entertainment for the members, to be followed by a public meeting. Middlesex Comraandery of Cambridge-port elected ofHceis at its last meeting, and IS making arrangements to continue ilie entertainments Vi'hicb they have made so popular. The commaudery m Brattleboro received 32 applications for membersliip at its meeting ^Vednesday evening. The members of tins eommaiidery aiipreciats the obligation which tliey look and are now working for a membtirslrip in its commaudery of at least 200 members. One thousand I'isht hundred and ninety- throo relief claims have been paid to date, making the total amount paid in relief claims more than $100,000. 'X'ho total re-servo fund is now more than .?2CO,000. The last assessment amountod to $;.t2,000. Order of Franklin. Amaryllis of Winter Hill has an interesting progf.ammo to present at tlio rnoetinpr on Tuesday ovoniiig. Tlio "stay at homes" nhould not fail to bo present. Mombors of other lodges have been invited. The lodge at Sprliigfiold hold a public meeting on Thursday evening. Supremo Oounsollor Hnrvey was prosont and delivered one of Ins interostiiig addresses. The supremo counsellor anil socrotary make a tour of the "Capo"' district tins week, Prescott of Charlestown has decided that more commodious quarters are desirable, and will soon moot on tho second and fourth Fridays in ft. of P. Hull, City sq. Tho oflioers of Fremont Lodge ot Marlboro will bo installed on Wednesday ovon-ing by tho supremo organizer aud marshal. Order of the Holping Hand. Q. 0. R. Robinson and G. C. P. Green instituted Meridian Tout, 82, in East Boston Friday evening. Doc. 5. ' Brockton Tent lield a public meeting Titesdtiy evening. G. 0. M. Townsend aud Grand Central I'msteo Whipple wore present and oxphiinod the worlclngs ot tho order. A largo and ontliusiastio public meeting was held at tlie Town Hall, Wonhani, Thursday evening. G. 0. M. 'Townsend addressed tho mooting. Tho Van Blaroom Bros, furnlshod the entortaiunient, Somorville 'I'ent. 10, iield a very successful literary and musical entertainmoiit Dec. 10. Abbio 10. Shaw presided, and G, C. B. Robinson and G. C. M. Townsend of Lynn were present and addrosijed tho meeting. Much credit is duo Abbio E. Shatv and Elwin Gale for the success of the eutertulu-ment. Cadets of Tempornncc. A meeting will bo held at tho homo ot tho grand secretary, L. M. Libbey, 10 Elm-wood St., AVest Somcrvillo. Wednesday evening, Doo. 17, to niuko arrangements for the organization of a- new section. I.Iayf lower Section ia making preparations for a Christmas tree. At tlie last meeting the memtiers voted to send some token of romombranco to tho section at Merrimao. Eorol Conclavo of Knights and Ladies, Harmony Council, 3, admitted 30 members at tho mooting last Thursday evcniiis- John A.Cummiiigs Council, l.'i, of V/ost Somorville, gave a very pleasant entertainment at the last meeting. Tlio supreme councillor aud Deputy JNIrs, Louisa A.. Morrison v,-ere present and addressed the meeting. Sumner Council, 3-1, of ]Ovi;rett, gave a htorarj* and musical eiitertaintiif.'nt at tlieir meeliiii; last Friday ovening. Visit ing nunn-bi;rs WIT! iiresont from Columbia, Harmony and Friendship councils. A new cinincil has Ik^pii instituted during tho week at Deer Isle. U. O. G. O. Gen. Warren Commandery, 204, United Order of tlio Golden Cross, propo.ics to give its annual entortaiiiment and sujiper Deo. 12. Mr. Sidney C. Coombs is tho energetic chairman of the committee. At a public fntertaininent and supper by Lafayette Cominandery in,Hoiiie Hall. Stoughlon. liLst Tuesday ovoniiig. Dr. E. .-V, Wyman, grand comnumdi'r of Massachu-S(>tl,s, prei-entcd to tlie comnuindery a P. N. Ijiinncr. which was acceplud by Dr. Rose aaP.N.C. ___ Pilgrim Patbera, Xenodcbum Colony of Boslon will give a course of entertainments, commencing in January. Francis Higginson Colony of Snlcm celebrated its third unniversary Dec. 10, with selections oa various instruments and readings by tlie Campliells; aUo remarks on the good of, the urd.-r by tlio suiutmo olhcers. A {�oilation ^\'as sb"V(*d. Supriinu (niv. Brown will visit officially Manaui'ioslccagin. .Vbinalni;, iJoc. 17; Gov. CraddofK, Medford, Deo. 10. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Ritet. A regular convocation of Do Witi Clinton Chapter of Sov. Pr. R. C. de H., 3 8th degree of the A. A. S. Rite for the United Suites of America, their Territories and dependencies, will bo hold in Lawrence Hall. 721 Washington st, Monday, Dec. lC,at 8 p. m., and ilio isth degree in Sail i'orra will bo w>^"ke;l. A ttuteu rondewou." of De Witt Clintou Couucil of Radosii-iiy will bo Ueiil for tho election and installation of offlcors. A ooUatlou will follow tho work. Knights of tho Qoldon Easlo. Harmony of East Boston will reooivo tho grand officers in January, and it is hoped that sir knights will turn out and glvo thiim a warm welcome. Gen. Custer of Ijynn. having lost so much from tho Lj'nn fire a year ago, Ima fully ro-poverod and bids fair to make ft good allowing the coming year. Essex Commandory ot Lynn will on Christinas eve hold a social daiioe, and all sir knights uttoudlng will enjoy a stood timo. _ Fraternal Clrolo. Star ot Somorville received a visit from tho supremo secretary at its last mooting. Rotroshmonts were sorvod and a goiioral cood timo was enjoyed. The ollioors will bo publicly installed in January. Supreme Soerotaiy GammoiiR will deliver an address at tho meeting of Hafl.H River of West Doniiis next 'luosday ovouing. Supreme Guard Morrison and Supreme Treasurer Barney visited Cholsoii of Cholsoa Friday evening. Supreme President Hamilton and Supremo Sentinel Frasor visited Modford Thursday eveninir, _ Order of JBeia. To date this order has paid in eiok. accident and doath bonefits $70,302.05 in class I. Supreme Prcnidout Doboon has boon away for a few days on ii trip to Now York and i'onusylvanitt. Seourity Lodge, 110, Is to be instituted Doo. 15, in Torrington, Conn., with 100 ohartor members. _ Sentlnol Echoen. The seventh annual ball of Court Evening Star, A. 0. F. otA., >-ill bo held at Monument Hnll, Charlestown, liViday evening, Doo. 10. Conclaves 5C, 77 and 78, K. S. F., Uniformed Branoli, are invited to attend in a body; also the ladies'branch, Morning Star Circle, 114, Gompauioiis of the Forest, will attend. Fairvlowot Roslindalo, Ancient Order ot United Workmen, will havu its officers publicly installed Jan. 7, At tho meeting of Oliver Amos Assembly, Royal Society of Good Fellows, 78, Tuesday evening. Doe. 0, tlio following offlcors woro elected: Ruler, Lawrence A. Hoey; instructor, William H. McMahoii; councillor, DanltU J. Sullivan; prolate, ,Iolm J. Ciirr; financial secretary, James J. Hickman; reoording secretary, Jolin J. Boyle: treasHior, John Long; director.H. W. J.Me-LauKbliii: guard, Daniel W. CBrieii; sentry, Timothy Murphy; trusloos, Henry C. Griffin, Jolm B. Burke, P. J. Himglitou, Jr.; rijpresentative to Grand Assomby, .-Uexan-der B. Canning. Frank T. KilT, conductor of Beacon Light Lo(ti,'o, Golden Lion, was given a surprise parly at 02 Pearl St., ClielKoa, Monday even-iiip, about-10 being present. A sborl cntir-taiiuiient was given. Including piano solos by G. W. Fernando/, and Ida Cowley, songs by J. B. Cowley, O. N. Wilder. Mr. Laskey, M. Mcllady and others. Sister Averill, in behalf of a low of his friends, pivseuiod him with an olegantly �ngravod watch. Anew lodge of t!io American Civnporative Union was luslituted at Tliroo Rivers on Dec. 3 2, with a listof 60 charter members. E.vcelsior Lodge, U'utod Order of Equity, 3 3, holds its second assembly at America Hall, 724 Wasliington St., on the evening of Dec. 30. A musictdaiid literary entortainment was HOME-MADE GIFTS. riven iiy Union 8 of tliB National Betifiiit .Inlon, at Lincoln Hall, Cliorle.'- 'J'ho nioot:ngs of Aptiletou Lodge, Bav Slate League, are veritnblo r-nterlainiuont.'i. Last Monday evening, .Miss Fannie ila iii-v in recitatinus �ind musical selt'clions; I'liil. and Mrs. Merck in tijiMr guitar r.ud banjn duels; Prol. Merck's .Simtlicru ditties with b;iujo i.ecouipaium^^m, aud Harry Lo Jlarri, the redoubtabUi "Widow Bcdotl," nn ini-persoiiation of nnirkcd iibility, fiirmed iui eutortaiumeiit worth lioiuMig. On Monday evening, ir.tli inst,, tho above artists with new talent will be pre.^^�^l. A Fine Christmas Present. No better Christmas pro.son.t for a bright boy or girl can be found than a copy of "I'olitics," the parlor game that everybody plajs. Every copy sold coutaius a puzzle in flBitres, aud tbo publishers offer $100 in cash prizes for tlie three best solutions of it. These easti prizes will be awarded Feb. 1, ISW, At all toy stores.. Price Sl,^oo, How to Prepare Fancy Baskets, Table Napery, and Sim lar Decorative Novelties for Christmas. Tho baskets to hold "fancy work, photo-crapliB, haudkorchiefs," etc., aro various in design., many of thorn being in tliomsolves objects of art. Numbers ot fancy shapes and iirotty now straws aro seen, but in almost every case the Imskots are oriia-inoutod with gay silk or satin linings, finished with a tall of fringe or Much may be done by tbo use of simple aud iuox-ponsivo moans. Tho fancy basket horo shown, to buy all finished would be exponsivo. It can bo mado at homo quite cheaply. Buy the basket in its state. Procure a can ot deep pink onainol paint, or any shade do-sirod. Send 30 conts to Harrison Brothers, and Gray's Ferry road, Plilladolpliia, Ponn., and you will got the paint satoly by mHil. When dry the lustre is beautiful. Shako well tho cans bnfore opening, and stir oontonts thoroughly bolero using. '.I'ho basket must bo porteotly clean. Apply tho onamol with u fine, chisel-edgo brush, and brush out evenly.. Let first coat dry 24 hours, then apiily second. When perfectly dry aljout tho top, arrango to hang upon tho outside strips ol niuk and ollvo ribbon in varying lengths, tho end of each strip bi.'iiig tipped with a liammorud siivor crescent. To tlie top of llio inside is to bo sowed tlio bag, wld di is to bo formed of upright strips of ribbon ol dilferont colors joined together. Tho bag is turned under at the top to run ill a drawing-string. China silk m:iy bo used for I ho bag part it pivfcrrcd. (Enamel paints will make old and odd f uriiiluro looli like new.) For table napery there aro choice, dainty, embroidered 5 o'clock teai'loths and sor-viettcs, in a large ^�arietv, rtiady staniiied. One damask leaelotli lias a cliarmini,' ilo-sign o( daffodils, which is to lie omlinod and veined with silks and gold tliro:.d. Another lias an all-over scroll pattern, that would work up well with terra coUa slmdi.-s. Tho tea serviettes aro sold to match. Soiufi pretty iiiottoes, to bo embroidered on satin serviettes with gold thre.-ul, aro: "Food not on, as the oyster cried." "Tlio butter's spread ton tliick." "A loaf of bread is wliat AVe chiefly nood." "Soup of tlio evening, beautiful .soup." "Pi:ppcr and viiii'gar aro very good indeed." "\S'ho for such dainties would not stoop?" "Some g.nve tliem plum cake." "The Utile lishes of tiic sea." "Game, or any other disli." "(Jut us another slice." "Triiic, if you pli'a.-ic." "Tho goo.ic, v>-iili tho bones and tho boai'T." A'mo tea clolii has a largo circle of drawn work placed tinviirdson icorneroi the cloth. Acro.i-i this is thrown .^nray of daisies, outlined aud veined with a blue and white lloiirishin:;-tlir ails. Tlie dB.->ig:i makes a good show at the costiif very little labor on ih" par:, nf tnc mbroidercr, Tho while liiii ii clotlis with worked borders and insertions ;ir(! very jiopular; tlio i;oriit'rs ha>'(! s \vcrs; gold thread that will wa.sli pt*r-f(M'tly i.s u-iud greatly in coniutictiou with whit ctTcet of tlio glass and china lhaii uudcrncits, here and there, of Initii d.'Untily i,'mbniiii. ri:d. At the art stores riciily emhroMeri'd ciiitre pieces aud lc;il shapes for du> leys and suulU mats seem just no,v most poimlar. For these, tho inaple, grape, horse ciicstiiut and. lily leaves aro ch'isfin ;i.s moUels. The leaf "designs stauiiHul on linen may b? buU'.jlii wiiliiuu-terials for working at a trilio over a dollar. .V tini: unilce ol Ihe ivtiry cotr.;ress cam is eliaruiiiig for a te.-i clolii, ospeelallv wh.'ii enr.ched with ii wide border id Uiidiroiderod squares, sot point to point in a lov.-. Homstitciiing is tho favorite way of tin-isbiiig tlie,borders of linen just now. Colored and ^ilk cloths have had ttieir ci:iy, and even tho white ones with fancy stitch-Ifig aro seen no more. ,Sp;icht i.l on tho sotil. In cuilery. which has always fonned a Etai'lo article for weddiim' gifts, there aro some lovely uovellii:.s. An oval ease, plush enveved. containing a carving set with ivory-ltindlcd knife, fork and silver knita rest, ccines at S14. Tlie same withstag ban. dies is SIO. .V Uuger case i.'outains a roast and :iste.ik eiirviic: knife with forks to match, and eoines iit .^2.1. .-V stiU lai-ger case com taiiis a roast, ste:ik, tish aud pio knives and ler'.cs, and tiie iirioes run up to SlOO for a pearl har.dled .set with elaborate chasing and ieauiifui iliigree designs in tho broad bl.idcs of the inu e.nd tish knives. AmoUji' tlie regulation thing.s jewellers carry iu stock today aro the beautiful miurblo and Mexican onyx clocks, but it does seam it pity to buy such expensive thinss when you know it isn't good form to cars a clock ra the drawing room. '�us merciest carlor souiq is "f olitiab" 61 36