Sunday, December 14, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 14

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Text Content of Page 14 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, December 14, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - December 14, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts trm BOSTON 8IINBAT' GLOBE-StJM)AY, BIO^MBEE 14, 1890-^WE]frY-MI(5^HT PAGKS. For adaitlOJinl classfflcd advertisements. small REAl. ESTATE, Free Life Insurance Policy witli Lot at Wollaston Park. It ]iBS boon onr pflrpose to inato our mothod of BoIUng roal estato the moat progrcssiTe and ivd-vantagoons to thoso who Tray of iitiy method yot dovlsca. Wo propose to kocp nt t!io front, nnd another difficulty has bean overcome whioh makoa onr position aeonre, Some hosltato to bny on tho payment plan, foarine that should they die their families would lose wlmt thoy had paid in if they wore not able to keep up tho payments. Without nuy ohargo vrhntoror, we proposo to Insure the life of every person who buys a lot of ns between tho 14th and 21st of Dooember, Tho amount of insnranoe to depend upon tho oost of the lot. This offer is open only for one wook, and will not bo extended. For particulars Inquire at our office. What bettor thing oonld you do for your family at Ohristmas tlmo than make a start toward getting thsm a homo, and with that start present them with an insnranoe on your life 7 REAL ESTATE. ROIJSKS-For BS,lo, In FlosLon, i\Ifilr,iBO,T^livldon, J\I:\plpwou(l, Mcdi'ortl, Sontoi'villo. (Jiinihridpfe, Cliolfiea, llrookltno, Jinrc.HPstnv, Randolnli. .StoUEh-ton, etc.; iiricos from FflOO niij somo ilrflfrablo farms cllfSli. SU'AN ,t jiTWOOU, 27 Scliobl St. SuMWlf* dl4 J.VllATCA i-'jr.AISr-Forsnli!. lotln .Inmalcn itlufii, noOu ft. nt 20 cpnff5 a foot; horsf; chra pasa liy It; nwnortiasfnlUiil in buahirsa and Itmnst tic sold InimodliUely. Address II. h. KICE, ^lox 03, lUook- It* MOUNTTAIN miSTWEAT H�)USK for s.Tle, Inrlndlnp fnrni of OS ncrts; .^uross tho nyKl ia ttm-room, iJllliiifd room, Jjotrllnff eto., v.'iln:il)l(> tidjimcts; sltnftted 5 tnlica from ClvtBkiU; premises in pcrfoiM. oujiriition, dolus t^ood Inislnoss; i-f>n.Hoi:s for .soltlnff Jidvfinclng vnni-A mux u doslro to reilre, iL-iyin^: nii\dft ji coinpi'tonoe. DAYII) J^LOOBI Klskfttoni, Orceno Co., Now Yorl;. Sii'.H* dl* BUSIWESS CHAWOES. Fon RAT,1S-Fiimliy Rroeery nnd .......^ ,___________ provision ........... _........isod Imnds; (.stjiblislied 20 yoara; ..j\v doing ft good buBlness of over BOOO per wool:; runs 11 tciims; ownor fotli'lns from Imsinofls; gSOOO, or nf prnlHcd value. .'J 20, Ololie olllcc._S3�* FOit BAXjJi-Tha licst lodglng-lionso nt West iCnd, flu-niBliod In lilni^k walnnt, Imtr mattrcgsofli Jul..} �Oj,'entlomt'n lodgers; hot and cold water, fnr-niice hout in overy room', fioldfor no fault; ownor has other buslnoiis. Onll at 10 Lyiidost. 8ud3t" dli I^oreSAiLE-Jl.inoSii.linilnrS room and lodB-liiB-lioilso, all conniiclcd, and tlin best tlltod and licst pnviiin eslabliiilmiont in the olty; oonio unil ueo It. (!,ill oii or ntldresr. G. 11. W1S8L0W, 7, 0 and HOUSED, STORES, OFFICES, ETC. fj rirlBliton Bla, blQ building. to lot oi\ I'ortnrnl, Kneoland and BlUOii S, EVAKS & WON, Kquita-.11: CtTOlSla to let, 211 Cambi'ldgO st O Albany st. ' - � --  , ... tononicnt, 177 Apply at 24 nierrlmao St. SuRl* 11 VfuiilUu fit, for Belling. rorlBinontli, S. 11. Good reaaons 11' TtTElV Jn: . li. COUBK'l'T, .')80 liroadwny,'0 a. m. to 0 p. m. It SO. KflJISTON-plOO or moro rnBli, balance � same (is rent, 2 :-5-3toi7, 0-room, .S-fainllv lioufie.s, In best repntr; trood noU;bborliood; nrlec oiily,S1400 each. 00ItI!kn',,'!8y Broadway.' It SO. 1608XON-Corner estate, just tbo plaoc for .T bakeiT: lionse, 7 rooms, and store; piico only g2fi00. OOlimSTT, aao lUoadway, It SO. JSWSTO^'-J,'ow bongo and stuble, Iioubp, 13 roonjs, all improvt'incnts, iav 3 13 School St. FOR EVERYBODYI Free Coal for tlio Winter nnd House Free until Jan. l&t. TInvinR 5 upw lioiiflos that wo v/isli toaispnnn ol' �bofoni ).ho spring trade, wa hiivo d&cid(!il to ofi'ovilie above Inrtucement. Tii�s6 lioitsofi iiro 8Uiifit(;d iti Somorvillc Coiuro, near achoola, clmrchoa, Btorcs, hOT-^e and steniu ciirfl; fan; Ht:. They coutidn 7 rooms and attici nro Unlslwd In iv)iltcn'norl, are bncJ; Xilastered aort iirci stttmtfld on litgh Iniid and liavti �ewer and water, free mall dtillvery, nsh men, nic. Vrloe of nil homes wnld before Jan. 1, .1891, f?.lOOO[ R100 down and fflG mouth; no extra payment ror Jntfirost; winter's coaUree; let payment reb.l.iayi. Tho bsat ChrlBtmas preaent any faniUy can havn la one of our new houBP-s, and you oan have one simply tor the. asking. WIMUJU, IISG Washington st. It PKEPAiaiffi NOW FOIt A homo, Bny a lot at KndlRot Station, only OVa miles on tho K. V. <tX, E.; CO trains a day; com-niutlon 5G0 a year; free paBs for one year to all who hiiild; 00 per cent, of the money advanced to build; a life tLmo to pay ns, .T. mcGtmSTB ^ ?Om BSn4t dl3 c47 "WasUiiicton St. A largo numljor and vftrioty of very desirable and cosy homoB for sale in this charming towTi. SWAK & ATWOODj 27 Sobool St. A-.^lOO cash, balance as rent, bnys tho doctor's houso built for him, but nevo.r oceupicd, iuBincrenainff practice reqiifring hlni to remain hi town: 8 roomB and bnth, iiot and cold water; open tireplaco, furnace, natural wood finish; corner lot, 4D00It.;p.3200, ^00 cash, EDWAKDT. HaK-Rns'GTOK & CO., 3G Congrens fit. d.Sn;5t dia A-814:OlI^, oofttg4000,fiwM;d brlek,bro\ni etono trfmraed hon-va, in jierfcflt ordoi*, 'J wiinxtca ii'om either ferry or borne cars, i'^liAVAllD T. lI/ailUKGTON CO., 35 Congress 6t. dSuKt ai:J A T Great Fulls, 4:7 acres vlllaco farm, osvnnr XA. %\'ritcH, ''.1,0 cat ion Is Iineatln N.IC.; muht rapid! v liicrens'i hi valnfl; Just ilio spot lor fiomfMveaUhv person (o Jinprovo whoro nionej- oxiwiided will chow; buildings need repairs;" prieo, B3000. ED-^y^.llD T. IIAKRIKCJTON & CO.. 35 ConBrose at. riSulU dl3 4-IffOtrsES-For 8;^lp,, Hudson st,, iG rooms, at low price; Welltngton at., 1.0 voomu, U^'ZtO st Canton at., IM raoniK, ,S10.fiOO; BL Botolph s(,. I'J rooniBj also honsts on Sterling st., West Keu'ton fit., "VVeflt Hnrlnglietd St., and nearly every Htreet in rJ;o cify at jo\v prJees and SAVAGK, 03 C[ irl, Kt, mny terms. C^ornhiU. It rooms, rents ,9(ilO, pclc< _ 1- sale, .Salem fit., 14 , - . __________['$0000, ^.2000 iiovni;:a (South Kmi, 1-1 roonia, 3 bath roonjH. rents S^OO, prleo pfjCiOO; desirable oorrieron IJoaeli st,; It hoilBen at fionth Knd ni inxctl valne; u few cx'.iell'_'nt Invest-menfe In U'eflt Knd; woll-loeii.t longh. SlCi en aci-o and upward;); f?5 down, hiilance f^U monthly; phosphste diBeovered on lots sold one yetir ngo foruiese prices make them now �.vorlh thousand s of dollars; a hu>;e naiiibnr of very prominent busl-11035 men and mnny otherif who havo piuvliased for ref*ironceK; llluiUaLed catalogue mailed free. Mo-QiyyiB A CO.. Si" Washington Bt. WSu dlO AT-EtOOSlf house, !">(:. faro.borse or cara; eewcrand wiitor, htijh bind, only plOOO;gilOO down, halanco ^'15 month, sumo rent; no extra pay-xuent for Interest. WiLli UH, 236 Witshlagton s^, IK, l-A farm, 60 acres, near lioaton, exchange for L Btore or lodglag-Uouse. "WILBUK, 1130 Wufili. Sum A�70C> rodnctlonln ngOOOOhi day,nec.l7.'00; finest nelghl ousG until AVednos- ---_....., -.......^_,.borhooaln suburba; everj' modern improvement; tlio best hargiiin yet offorod; others In all Euburbs foriialti and to let. C. W, HOWAIU), 104: Wu.thlngton st. SuM BAHJEK.S-I have been ordered to bcU a corner eslalo, Juut tho place for yoar busliiess; honuo 3 stories, 7 rooms and store; prlce^ ,':,2600. 1\ B. COIt-hKT�, 389 Broadway, BoiiLh Boaion; to 0 p.m. DOUmfBSTMit-For salfl, B'^iOoJefi^sto^ll buyer, beautiful house, 10 rooniH, modern Im-PTovemonts, good neighborhood, ets-am and horse cars, corjjerlot "i'rlnclpal," box 3U38, Boston. (iSutf dlS near Main at., lionso C rooms, pitnrry, cloBOts, cellar and SOOO eq. ft, high and, good repair; gliOO; eiiBy ttrms. JOH^T .A'iTiSOy, Q8 School bL., room 00. .SudSt dl* ITtOli SAE^E-Farm of 10 acres, 24 raJlea ont, : overlooking beautiful lake (fiOO acres), earlv Productive soil; few acres wood; good ordiard, ttcHt of wclMrater; cottRfre, 7 rooms, paliilod and hlindod; stable 30x30, and 2 large poultry houKot', bU painted, good repair, ^-/i mile ohurch, Blores and olUee, ^1400; hiUf cafili, Includhig lOfi fowl, 1 iiclfcr. exprena wagon, top bugj;v, lua-neBSeB, hay, hlvft beeH, plouvjhb, cnltlvator aud all farming toola; fcee photo. J. L, KA80:^ <t CO., iil ScV.ool ot. SSuT dl3 cet lakes, jnpt -Cosy 2-acre erjtate near Monpon-. , . the Bpot for Hummer and fall Jnoathfi; uplcndid gunning and flHhinc; 2 acre3 gfu--den land, choice variety fruits anti berries; pure well v.-at^^r; cotttige and li, 0 rooniB, in good repair; email KUible; V* nille to depot; only SOOO; half caflh. J. L. yA8pM & CO.___SiJUT (113 SAjCK-fiS-nci-o JL: niiloe to Gardner f.'irin, only 5B00; Ji/" , good market; kyepfilj cowiiimil team; 30 aereB good wood und timberpvlU pay lor the farm; l-atory houae, 7 rooms; barn 33x-18; plenty fruit; well wauired; 2 mllefl to vliluge: good nelghborfl; price �^800, big T)arsaln. YOlLNt.; t'i CO., riubburdston; KOUIUKS, 13 Exe.bauge st., lloston, or K. li. KM t'X'ir, Gardner depot. Sf^n 11;^6lt1�Ai..fcWuBt ovf-TBoRton iliio In "KverHT, alattiroof house, 10 rooms, for 2 families; nice dry cellar, wUh Miigee funiace; 7000 lett land, large lit4iblo Avlth 5 bUiUb and lots carriage room; ]nat the nlacj) for a milk or exprensinan; price, only i;47(J0; gSOO cash, bitUiuce as you like. C. K. JUiA^iSOf^, SO Globe building. fSSa jport SAr-K-Jn Everett, ho _ . . 8 rooms and ', oloetts; horse c4irB, and only n minuteB to BieamoarH; the owner moves South, and must sell; onlv i'SOOO; nlRO a nice house lot at a gicat aiu-rirlce. 0= K. JI:: E-Or cj;e>iftnge for a von r ; properly, an eniilty of gl75o In den. 0 roouiH, bath, t^K tubs, furn; every modcrij cojivt'ihonce, C2r.O 1 ed&OO; luortgagfc, ^-2700. "Owner," li^B^Jn. ited I alee, rati:,'e, and �H land; pvi'je, 1'. O. box 2iM�n, It* if? nienl houac, all h't lo go iJnston, U rf'oni, 3 tt^nv- _____...... .0(1 K.iiant'i lor f>2iiB; taTed&l'JO0;])nce.^::130D. ^'riO0ca.-h; i.:ivb -ju Ctzjt on cash JnveiJti^d, "Ov.ner," boa 3023. It* ^�St t^A't.l} or exchange, l>y as a ti the balaace to imy Sot iliielf; * firess 1> 221, Globe ofllce. ____, ____, . apurtiiifni, houfie .'Boston Highlands, littracllve and cunnnodiouf ponse commandlngly elluat^.d on a corner elevation t fiuite.s, oiiieide rooms i>unny am! tiwiclons; a perfaur Could o�ai aud occui>y a Bpleudld lunai! and le * ' invciiment. Au d;5utl my2rt I^tVR 8AX-S>--0ut of 101 br:f-k liontrfi recently . hullt by liob'irt T. J'alne, 0 now renuiln, near Hammond lit.; 5 and 7 tonms; ail m'tdern imj.nove-inei:t�; eauy t�nua of paymeuL. L. V\ KoOnUS, 11C5 Trcmont bt.______ I;WR'l5A.XX:--in Kvt-reitT havitii:^ fapieudid WW honf,-e.s, V.'.^t coaipi'.-woatrh o*:rjv(*nienees, un IiIghlHiHiH, f :; blot;!:, 'J'ucomii, Wuth.; lull itlorixiktlun in lUl lunti/jii; enciobe )-2 J�-;e. ,Sr.3*." dl4 rt-clabS l�.udl:.t' tjad did oppoft:iJ3lly; UivebUyrt'.* nnillTi ts B. Lt;i;( .-Ing tiiy; ^ily b.QJitt'd;^', 0 l..b.bu 3f Ivv. : nil- 1E70K XMols; 6lTt..'tb, � J ttuli nabic. . fiS.EA:-A few V* b trom 1^20 to f; .vlUdn 3 1'-' 10 nu �y ii'.'ih Ui Ro';,f.rvlJi "ill.-; Inilt -'�.i;iu:k, i,i hcI; In.piu M�d fctf.'t(tjf :if-r, ITM-.fUMl pot, ill!.l Jt< li!U ! l,t., V li f,. l.I-nolifcr:. ________ . EUitablt; f-jr 0- f jijipjy at '^ii't Hnr ir.Uy: v'iU Lie lit. hri^, X royin hi.!iijbfc; ft tan. Citic.-, 20 fruit trtt.e, IWj Wjatltl'^ tvii tv., 2 to 7 p. Si. ItJ- � C 13 roonjs, all imiirovt'incnts, for 3 filmUics. stable, 7 stalls and ample carriugo room; a fine estate, rented for 8000 year: prleo 87C00. COH' BE'l'T, 380 IJroadwny. I" Tiori aA.T.R-IIalf interest in a Uqnor saloonj ^ splendidly located: good r dress I) 28, t'llobe ollluo. iisons tor selling. Adit' FOJK SA.I.Kl-A I)iir({iiln( smiill groeoryund pro-violon store doinga oiishbuslnoss; Rood wood and lioal tnidoj good stock goods; will be sold for,'J2f;o If tftkeinitoncc; onner mustleuvo city. Proprietor, 80 VUlngo St. _ It' Fan. �A.]r;M-Itakdry low reliti gnuTd chnire. make money. .JAMKH I, room HO. price low; easy terms; for OKer.irellc man to KAIiUICK, as Scliool St., u SAE.1E-^ rooms on Cbcst^'r pk.i Elegantly fariilsited liortse of .17 i^.r pit.; ovorlc room let to porma-ml and gooil pavlnit boardiirs; very low rent; will be sold at (I Racridco boforo-Jaii. 1; rai'o ebnnoo lor party winblna to run (Irat-dass boaidiliB-bouse. Ad-<trcs.s !� 01), Globe oilico. It* TO TjJilT people sell you glasses that will ruin your Bight Is wrong; we have a oklUed optician nnd malic no ch.irge lor testing oyoB: orystallonscH. gl;goia glnssos, gS.CO. WllsON BKOa., 15 Tro-mont row. ' USutt nl3 TO J..KT-Nniv .1-story brlolc bnllding on Kngglofl St., auitablft for wtvtoh factory or any business requiring a lai'ge amount of room: well lighted, with good, dry b:i9omont. h. F. R0(.JEI!.S, llOti Treiuonl st. d.Sutf dS TO I.lK'jr you know that 15 Tromont row la tbo place to go if you caro to see tho Jnrgost assortment of clocks In lloston; S-day ptirlor clocks, cathedral gong, including oruiuuent, jg-l; warranted 5 years, (ISutf iil3 APARTMENTS AND TENEMENTa. TIGNEMHIV'i'S of 4 rooms, new block, Iloxbury dlBtrlot, flniahod and ready for oooupancynow: none lioctorln lloston; onll and see them; rents 311 and SIB. .Janitor, 1 Wlilttler.nt,, or T. H. HALL'S branch onioo, cor, Cabot ilUd Weston sts, SHdat^dl* TliafJBMfflWT-.9 or' <t nlansani; front toams, man and wife, 810. 333 somorvlllo av., Somor-vlllo. . , 0 bndioy St. , It" TO J.,l!i!T-New Ir oiiesler, 0 rooms, f In (luiirter oak and c; complctn in e^'ory ii.irt IJeronshiro s(i., or 34- 'I'l iiao, flist-elass location, north, furn.'ioo, rango, finished lU-ess, frescoed "ceilings, and Icular, w. II. I'OKjU*. 170 ittlotiv, ' It OMt SAI..K-A good business In n llvo pin fl? stock and good will; tho best loeallon in the town POOOOlonu .HK-'VIMKX iil'r'e'i'^'l'or'VuTthM'iirtorniiitloii sue K. s! irAV.lflO Hanover st.,Bo3ton.,'jud3t,*ai4 It THABtai'EIlS and milkmen-1 have hist boon ordered to sell 7050 sq. ft. of land on Knst 7th, iic'ir II St., ,Sonth Boston, jnst right size ,aud shape for good house and largo stable; taxed for S3100; will sell for S2C00. r. B. OORliETT, 380 Broadway; 0 a. m. to 0 p. m. It niTffllEtKE houses: also 35 house lots near depot; JL easy terms. E., box 20, OUttondalo, Jliuss, It* -.^ST li3WI>~'i'onement property, always rented: brick ooruer cst:ite, good o.-der, rent ^800, pi'lco ,<?r'800, easy terms; also wooden houso adjoining, rents ,?uPO; price 8( Into hiil ding lots, ns It Is close to city; price fi:;0,t)00. PAIKFIELI) & AMtlto, Spilngileld, Jlass. SauTThS 013 F�J!8. SA1I.,M-Al lish matUet; price S160, worth S350; cause of selling, other biislneos. Inqidre on Ilio premises, 387y3 Sharaiue av., cor. ly. CVnton St.; no brokers. It IT'iyit, SAI^E-.Small ware and dressmaking and varlotv store; splendid bitslness location: a bargain i no brokers. 1218 Tremont st^_ It* TTiOje SA3L)(3 or to let, maclilng shop anil tools; J; contract with purchaser to build machines. 0. box 1080. d,Su.J:t� dl3 I70k SAI.K-)i!i75, variety store, old stand; con-; fectlonoiy, book, paper, cigar and tobacco. 1130 "17?>U SAOil-SWOO buys li J? rooms; recelnla fiiao monthly Dwlglit St. Box 2031, Boston P. 0. lodglng-housa 17 over rent; near It" fTiOire SAI-E-Beat custom shoo iihop In town, ; 323 Main St., Woburn, Mass. SSu" nor and bottling business for _ _ _ _ business, in tlio State of CoU' nectleut. Apply nt 103 .Slate at., room i. SuM." sale, doing a good business, in tlie State of If' ACEKS ot fine cranberry land, ,'iO miles *} from Boston, 1 mile frtua fit.Ttlon, good elevation, ilowiigc and drfiinage; low for casli. F. A'inVOOl). room No. C3 Gloho building, Boston. If* BUSINESS CHAMCES. VTanted (gentleman or lady), with $0000, liy a mtin witli a long moroantilo oxperlonoo who mil lumiflh aamo amount of capital, to start a large dopnrtmont store in one of tho host oitios in Hew EiigUnili exporienoo not nooessary, Addresn Hotel Baldwin, Suite 34, Northampton St., Boston. AMOME-M A1�E baI;ory,bu8ylocation, splendid llxtures, everything pcrt:dnlng to flrsl-claas r.laoe; doing rushing buslnoss; well established; must sell immediately; gOOO. BAILEV & BAliT-LETT, 13 School. Su.'\I� ANOiirMBro blacksmith and wheelwright business In live manufacturing town luK.Il. ;onlv shop In to\ni; doing nice business; must sell Itnmo-diulely; S300. BAlXEY ii BAKTLETT, 13 .School. ATAIjr.omiV�. steam cleaning and dyeing establishment; live inau can huv ludf intereat for small amount uujney: doing good business; look this over. BAILEY* BAUTLETT, 13 School. SuM' AXtSO 10-rooni lodging-house, nlshcd; plush, blivok walimt, pots, best of boddlug; full nice lodg good party. BAlL�y 7MN ', Btailon A. SuTTbS* dl-1 NE-UlT little cafi;, clearing gSO week, muot bs BOhl; bargain. Particulars at 83 Athmtlc* -AVantod, ohterprlslng man with cash to Invest In tho Iron and A ,I.SO lunch tootn, near Bo.stou post ofllce, el. ^ffiSl-^S^M '^Ma/f? i a good -ut ^^^^^^ PAKTSfEHa- . �C000 to 810,000 steel business, and one capable' to take chargo of Boston ollieo now thoroughly establlBhed nnd doing g;iln, BAILEY AilARTLEW, 13 KehooT, SuM� ALSO provision market, established 86 years: (Incflxtm-es and tools; doing bushioss ^3Dt) week cash; cheap rent; busy location; don't mlsa this grand chance. BAILEY & BAltTLE'fT, 13 School. Suftl* AC�NPEC'ritOS.'EKir STOUCE, S.WO; will )iay for itself this month; elog:intsoda fountain; extra b.irg.ilu. ALLEN, 172 Wiisblugton at. HuM� AVAKIHSTY .STOJKF, Bieltuess; must sell juEiii, 3 rooms connected; ALLEX, 172 Washington Su.\l� AtlKSAJS. STOJSE and pool room,8200 la less than lis ii------------ ..... ALLEN, 171 dual value; Washington st. . this must sell Jlond:vy. SuM* ACIdAMl STOailM-Lllllo gem, Inrffo stock, aplendia location. ALLEN, 172 Washington st. SuM� how'athut? ALLEM, ,?200; centre of business; 1.72 Washington St. Slull* AIvOrlnoIWO-MOirSE, U rootna, you ivlsh ' ' liny teiTOS plcaso call. ALLEN, 172 Washington, SuM� ^~?iil5fi>0, ineat arid provision market, best iirtluess etreet; in Boston; cash tro/lo JflSCOO weekly; this is without doubt tho best bargain In B^ostoii._llolilJSj^l72JVaali. sL___SuM* kU down. i-KtOOiM lodtrlng-Iiouse Kutland st., cost iOO, Uiauolaaa in every respect; S1800, BfiOO liOllBS, 172 Wash 01. Sum* A CH��A1�. 8TOK1S .fA. must bo sold ^jaitrj,, Wei HOBBS, 17 t I'hul; perfect mint; Wash St. Sum* Al. l-BtOO.II lod.glng-house, well fnrnlsliod, all lull; U375 cash buys it. WILBUK, 23u Washington, BitM AlO-.KOOM lorlglufr-hbu lilK;StiCOoi:sU buya It. ' lugtou Kt. -.. 7'remont ot.; nrti-a WILUUI!, 230 Wash-hum Al�-ffiOOM lodging-house, all full; pava big; ti250 cash buys it. AVILBUIt, 230 Wauhfngton. SUM FOIt SAr.m. A EtsU In Fnnenll Hall market, clearing HOOOO yearly protlt; not changed hands in 20 years; alck-ess the only cause now; this la a chance In a life lime; quick or you losolt. W. G. MOOKE ,t CO., tia Court St. HSu* AlffiE6iTi:'AUR AWT-aiUBlest location In Lynn, finely fitted: seats70; established years; doing hlg business; biggest biu-giilu over oifyred; investi-gatlou dcsbed. AIS Washington st., Lynn. dSu7l dl2 AOlt ANiP CKAJVtlK-One-hnir interest in a hott'l of 00 roofns, cehfrnllv located In Boston, doing a good business; good oxpbrlonco, with a little money; must be sold Immedlattily. Address A, KEiraiABCJrl, 2200 Washingtou st^, Koxburv.Mtisa. ASUKSTAMTIAI, 4-Btory factory building, 40x00, with Sfiletidid w.itor power, located In a town 014000 Inhabitants,on Central Vermont R.R.; can be leaoed on most liberal terms bv applying to Ihe Korthlleld Jilfg. Co., Moi-thUcld, Vt. Suit n30 ANTl' Btoc.U-of morchandlsoor entire atoroahougitt tor higheat cash prices: city or country. U, COHN, lllJi. lllthsi., or 21 Lfeponard st., Nov, YorkcUy. AGMOCEItY aud provision store other busbicss; will sell :tt a Iiiu-gah: per manlh; jLbout i>;8(i0 rf.ciuh.'d; fore V i-l.Gloli AlI>OIlllCllNa.MiH5JI9i5i for �200. ItlPLEY ___ll*_ owru'r haa ______ . pays> fair trial given be-olllee.SuilSI.'dld, will sell room 8. ________ ivortb f?000; S20 Wnahlugtou, ili-ilSaO'-TiS: lodglllg-bouse worth �1000; BcU J'.-iOO, nud eaay Tcrhis. TUPLEY^___It* MAIv with some moaua would like to llntl a man who wards partnoriuamnfiufncl-,g buabicaa; state parllonlais. Address li 07, be olhcc. SuM AJiW-ICOOM lodgluq-lu fine locatl.ui, at .south L: A" FiltH'I't', confect laundry,pai)erH,pap lae, ulcelv furnlalied, 1. B i)B,'(Jlol>e olllce. tionery, cipir, tobacco store, ____ _ __iou_te. Applyil7'.'hark-ast. AckkiTlVi';, AXiNOt XlBSAiitxrviiri5y and frnli store In city of 10,000 jjopulntion lieen in tbe family ..... ....... SO.N it IlltAllLl:;i: 11 yeais. I'avtleulura at MAM'S, 11)4 Waahlngtou st. KuJl* Aflt XTOil.Strsia in a Wg ims-lng tmsluoss on WaKhiugtou St.; proprietor's sickness compels sale of place; price ^1201); I will buv half inteVeat wiiXi good, reliable, leinperato man find teach hlui tbebuslnees; weekly proUta average from ^00 t' _______ , - pr_ S80. Apply at ouee to W, ingtou St. P. BllOWN, 1S3S >VaRll. 11" AVOUKG Mjll^ v/auted to buy half Interest in a butter unci egg route; nice horse and team; a jTOfllfible luvr-SMrH-nl. Address A 21, lilobc otlice. BOAIlI�^BMra'"~ ~" liiture o( a i>rl iiyllig harid.'.f :it. Addl-eas D Bt.'tilA'KKS M AK U'gltlmalo busiacBS. iou Mil; for sale, leaae aud fur-... boardrng-luiuse; full, a;id ily; B.'Ulsfaotory reason for selihig Globoofllc*^_ It* wauta a partner with ^000; Address T SO, Globe olllce. Sud4t* dl4 BAKKtt*' to let bakiii.i; uleuriis. 01 with hxtnrcK, oven and all Greenwich st._dSu3t' U12 B.4 illtiS.Kiii" slllOl'VTltu-ly littelL i chairsTiow rtiui, good business; neiir ihi.-aij'cB, Wjishluivton ST.; fur si'.le clieap. CLlFI'i iHll ,t OO.'S iiuMumoth biirber siipjiiv house, 310 Vi'tuiliingtou at., luiaciui'ut. dl-u4l' dl2 bai:'B, y-rler. erhlll. If BA55 ItKIt SJf OI�, short honrB.2 ,'?'..'0O; good tob;iceo trauo. 01 lla ^lIWAlt a big Br-.crlllce ,1 Mt/UO Wliol.-i set uj); It. 1., rt; g' IVcrfdio tl tobacco store; go..iil stod:, nl'-e fix-low lent; ;irice t*200. r'lOO duwu, b:ilnuco BU('K,VOy \S';i8liiiiglon Bt, SuT>l* XSit Fr.,AJiX for Bale at ; i'xcellenr rcliiU Bto,-e in PftivI-.loiially well Ihiedjuid thoromthly il loiiiilii'U; well < siubib.lied: pilce 1 lor It; pai-t cash; r,lao, cl'iivn piellv Ii:ilU;rns aud attachments lUlIl. ;;.:3 e:,gl:ii'. etc., eu^.; llbe; to HEMiY W. KAV-.lOll.SS. LYKCli.Bl ;:tl.i:r. u|: lily , I't.iViibi , II. 1. It '.(.'BliiU, �Hi ;lx- U busl- . Ji.. p. Sliil- ' lllil- niiiil bf ;i j^-.VI.jtl, �iii,l ii Pri.vii.....n Blor,'. lit a ( re:il sacrl- l.i; piiioeii .iv.-ii bilk ilhiT biiBl- hit -.v). ti.iii liU.n .jr Bltlil tiiijtin �.���.l on ; till . Is il t llif llliiili.ii'; iti il i-'. i'.il'li L. V. LJ ijW-N Ob -< o:lU VViu"' If A B-iur; li .id tiiiiP. i J'O' '.2""ii '1 i'lli''-. ��HOil 1 I'lOii'i'l'i'lil ll'v''.. : ni'I ; l.ilcii V -.iV/l .t-N I r onco need nnswer; rofcreucca exchflagod. Riving full n:lmo, D o5, Olobo olUee. ________at, Adcli-ess, It^" P2I.iNTlW KSTA"UK�ANTT for m lo; �no buHlnesn j Icp.ise; SlX) call owner'a olllce. Acme Investmeut Com-pany, 114: Boyloton at., room 4d4.___lt*_ ST<QtBt!Ei~l''or sale, corner grocery ant\ pro-vlslon store, in tbia clt.y; ilne location, laryo buslnottH! UL a bart;aiu if Bold at ouco. CUAS. 15. ALTiKK, -Aii Conrtet. cl-SuSt* or cent, on a capital fitocl: of 0-10,000. Tboae meaning buBino38 will picasn addieBB K l'i3, Globe olHc^. IX"^ W.AJf 1?E"D--A Bmart, fenorgetlo man, ^Yith from ;&3000 to ;j(5000, to travel v/lth an entirely new Invention; tho right party can double hia money in SorH moniha; no Knowledge of tho bnalnoBa required. AddieHB K 83, Globo oflloo. Sui\l* WANTWEEP-An energcHo man with ^3000 to fiOOOO, to take tho csfabllflhod Jobbing trade of a factory wlilch la nboitt tosell u'hnloaalo trade only; must have beat reference as to ability aud lutogrity. Addrcaa K 70, Globo omce. It* m'f'K l)U8l- but an establiahed WAWTKIJ'-X'artuer with j?500 ii: u(.'fl3; this la no venture, but a........______ business built tip gradually through 0 vear's of nquaro dealing, lloai.on liond ami Surety ' , a nni-tner with gCOOOto ,5!10,000,in a nmnufacturlng bualnca^, fully psiabliahed. neiir Koatonj malting staple gooda.Bold till ovor New Kngland. Addreao H t�it, Globo olilce. It* ?!P^/0"i nccdod In n eafe and reliable buslnega, _______ _ -........ every city, that will pay from j^lOO to ,"^'200 pormontJinotpioilt; no oompetliion, lis tlilB buHinoHs IB protecLodby patenta controllesl by tbid company; exfluulvo territory given. Addvc6:> A. T, TllOMi.'yOi,' s, in new building, Sli IJo.vlstou fit., with III! convcuicnces. BBADIvJSY & STOKER, IIJ* I&cvoitslillrc s�.. A-WBI^MIVtt'Jl'ON fiT.-l'o let, house of 1(1 r. ' ' " IILNIIV W. SAV-iVGl! , In i;ood order ,0S Court Bt lor, deftirnblo rent ^(700. BASKSOSlvrs to let j, liBbt aud airy; sultiible for t low prlco.s; high, dry, . _. . . , . . for stoics or saloons oi-ichauictU I'Urpoiies, in an cstiibllsbed looal biisl-uciS centre; will be tltttid up to suit immeilliite ti'u-aut^. Cidl on or address i\lr, 1)1 FFLli^Y'. (1114 aud ti^O Shawmut nv. .SuUtt b21 C(OTTA<*K to let of 4 / .Somervillt ; rent j room.i, if: GlLSll.N. Lijjdtn a v.. If DKtiK KOO-tE-I'urnishiid: llr.hl front ofiico, one llishl, sleiiiu heat. BliOWjs', 280 M'asii- DIlVlLNG-IKHXtM, fiUiube ....., to let, partl.'illy f unilBbed, ii of buaiders lo stitrtwith. Api�lv at :i W. Cuiiton 61. 11� IVashinKtoii st ulllciis and bUHiue.sfi room .; Bh,-am heat and elevutiir. d.Sulit* Xl CY . v. SuM' OOCMK-To let, II yriNcy A- co.. HOtKiiU-'I'o let, 120 iy. Ci Qi:i-N('v �_co^ HOUFIK-To let, '^'�'iii'-'IJi-SIH-.t mo Cliiimbe 2fc> .School St. sowT , �8 Sell 103 lluilfion 28 H.ibi.i.l St. H rooms. ,'JuJI� lit. 10 rooms __SuM� 0 rooiuB 8ul\l' . _ to h't (if 17 Hue roouis n'l ttioriuinh :e-Itiiir and (itimUtl'ili, pleiihiuitiv end licccBBlblv loc:;ted; suitublo lor boiirdlm;, lodjjlnt: nr private residence, fii cticihl be undcil.-t in T�.'iris or aiierl. u\.-:its. Al'lily iit house, (H:t Shiiv.iiuit av. dSutf(ilM In l(fi,\b\ny. neiir Soriolk iToiifit'T^^ cl o:iler nuil i;.'i:lr:ible iiiitl r luomh. Aiiply to Gl'.f . :-iit 11. Ll.LlO r. w.iiilfd. eelille ul the iilb. 1 1" i-ife ilv pf lluli \\ atliili;: -.''liiltli liOiiii ill .MiiU litr . city. A;uirc i 1,1. or 1. Suilof (ill ueuicrit, '. i.iit 111 11, Ghibii illh BlJibl.-iroia till ,lh- ti, l.-t i.n .'-lii It. V. S.Wl li-; !!� :iii itanii' ViVi.i. lu: Aplilv iil -.t.Mh lli^si! ill, I'l lil,i.�-i'llii;liU: lii'iii ,'r ivnd P. iir.'U St., ,'IH, 27 jll.' i'b-: . .Vpi.h Liii rv'LUuH, filO pi iiiti.Tl.o:! bi;. HSl �ibi bt i.'il 1 iil J.i till TV 1..V Uti lir iJi|.i ii lin ID. b.ii L.\HV'10N r liv brloyi (iv.'ri�r 1 LIVA ii,M li' fi i:i St liii; 1. ,�X 1 id Hi and ; flvM 111 ,4101 crij,!. , 1 l.llUi.'lit Il.'w, ii Jill.' ibiinci.: If. l;. ii.n-L i h'l. at lo iiill i'i' .-lit. in liiilii .ll.r,!i,; M ill bi' I; rr-iUiii . K. 1> t.Mr. llinXL'Y. U.-utf 'TOKI.fl, ni.t�, hi ______ . (.'auibr,iii:e; ^oi'A li C.ilULL.lOUA. I'r ipcit �-.1 .iiid t.-tii m iiilk.iisi, ki\v it., Cauibil'.i^. o li-l lu .u.iii."': . new- hnndsomo 7-rooiu house; il, A3 uclubltors, near electrics and K. Y, ^lVlU. R. li.; 2.'�/t rnllM. 1030 VfaahluBtoD st.. lloston, ii to V p. 111. lt� ripiO I.iF.'-jr, JL, t'f^rde rinif, r.,ET-In south Hoston, nice Btore with 1 or .iL 2 rooms In the rear; ;lu3t vacated, sultalilc for groceries, |)rovislons or balteiy; low rent; good loca- tion. 1). Ii. BAIUI.VM, 280 Ii; St. It* TO Ijllix-Princeton St., Enflt Boston, half of house, (I Itirpo rooms, ^14 a tnonth: nlon .suite, (1 pleasant sunny rooms, filC n month, ll. ItKED, 113 IJevonshIro si;., room 00. fi.Sit* nilft ffj.iRT~nonsO and storo oij FedCirnl St., -will JL bo Jet separately or together. BKICE S. EV AN,y ifcSON, Eiiultttblohulldlng. It rffiO lJllilT-"At South End, storo on Tremont st., Xfiititablo for almost fliiy business. JA.S. 11. HAYEH, No. 708 Tremont Bt.. . BuTThtt dl4 ni^Olj'K'X'-Houses on AVoreeater St., fllioO; Ihid-L lijy St., Dorehesfor, SSM. ilRlOJS 8. JSV^l-N.S <fc SON, EqultablQ building.___It TO Jf/JBT-Physician's olllce, all fnrnlahod, with library; also squaro room. Apply A 'JO, Globo OfflCJ). II" TO I/ET-M.nlden, lleln St.; 1843. Boston. house S rooms. Holm ct., rent jjilB. WM. B. HOLM, P. 0. box lt� Tit JjHtlT-^^ow house, .ICverettsq,, 8 rooms, bath, hot and cold VAiter. Koom I), Globo building. It rriO IjET-IIouso 12 rooms, 7 Lowell st. X provetneuts. Inquire iid Warren ay. all Im- rH^O JLlil'H''-House 7 rooms, gtlfi; also tenement 4 .1 rboms, ,510. WILBUIt, 23G IVa.sbiugtou st.lSuM WAK7.'EIIi-To lease,....... , room for house nnd sign painting, city or .So, building, store or largo Boston; will do rep .1. (IIDI)lXG!l,2a3 Ira. Aildri'B3locallty,ront,eto., 4ibBt,..,so. lioaton. It* WAWTKEi-Wcll lighted office, with large stor-iigo room In same building, at once. Address A 2.1, Ulobo oince. lt� APARTMEWTS AMD TEWEMEP/TS. Elegant new apartments of 0 rooms and bathroom each, with all modem donvenloncoa, soparnte front and back doors, cellars, und scparato In overy respect, ga2 nnd S23 per month; also a f ow 4r-room apnrtnients, same tta above, gl7 per month; rofor-onco required from each applicant. SAMUEL nANO, Ailstou, near station. SuW ili APARTKIENT Of ,e rooms and hath; steam heat; MOM13STiniffi~To let nt TJpham's Oor., Dudley ami Bird st. stations, elegant apartments, �, 4, D, (J, 7 and 8 rooms and bath, liSlO to S40 per month. ALBEnT 0. PRAY, lit Upham'a Corner, ot 11 Central st. It." Ij^ILATS-To let. West Chcoter pk.,near Huntington av, ftnlslKid In marble and cherry, llled vestibule and hall, electric bells, lift, janitor, steam heat, 0 and 7 roomn, besides hirge and numerous cloaots; flflOO to S600; also olllces in Pemberton so, N. W. LADD, 23 I'emborton Bq. fiutf o20 FILA.'iL^r to let of 4 and 5 rooms; hot and. cold water and bath; rents from JilS to S23 per nionlli. Apply to ALEX KING, cor. Westminster nnd StcrllnB sta,, new block. It* ^^J!JAT,^.*i_conneclln/f rooms, bath floor; ' week. 10!) East Urookllno st, Si a It* FH, AT to let, So. Bo3tou,4 nice rooms, J?2 weeUiv Al neighbors; wide street. (122 8lh St. It* . 4 rooms, hath, range, bells, door 70 Palmer St.; rent rcnsonablo. SuM* �jfJiJLAT to let, J litter. 70 Pi HOTBl/WAYr.AWll>, lefc.tenement of D rooms,'-' 70 Pleasant St.-To _____ . - , of them front rooms; enlranco iroin abnwmntav. nnd I'lcasant at.. Aiv ply to M ABSHALL UOltDON, 10 Pleasant St. .Sunl* Syi'rK of 6 living rooms, balh, bi'ntry, store room; flti?arn h(;at, modorn convenlonces; .liml-tor's service; very low rent, .-Vpniy to Innllor. Hotel Kensington, 33 Welllnglon St. It* SVUVHSi-i und C rooms aud bnth, with all flie modern oonvenIences;inpi'.rfectiepnlr; plcosnnt and very reapootablo Burrouiidhigs; rents )?17 to ,''i(22. Apply to Jau]tor,jl� Hammoml st. Hiid.'Jt* dii StjITJil ofO roomB to lot; up one flight on Wig-glcBWortl) St., off Huntington av., Itoxbury, to a small family; rent (JIO. 14 BO, Oiobo ollloo. It* ^YJr'J'E_t,oJot, 0 rooms, on Columbus av I lUM, 21 School Bt. W. A. It* JL 50 and 08 onn: st, iUid bath; llgUls, and 2430 nntl 2440 Washington st, and . Olin: St.-New suites of 4 and 0 rooms sfeaiii heat, range, curtains, electrJo all modern Imru'ovoments; rents very � " � ' � �� 0, Ap- 3t. 31* lov/, and special Indueemenls nt nresent time. Illy to innli^r, or A, B, 11. ClIAPIN, 7B Jlilk st. dlO 1113 14 18 18 20 21 28 25 27 2S SO � partiuulni'ly tbla ono a flat of 5 rooms, elegantly furnished; (iost 81600 Oct. 1; will sell for flSOO (isflh; low rent; Trcmont near llouis Bt.; everyrlilng eoiniileteforhousekoeplug. lt'22. Globe ofllco. It* rpo MS'T-1 to 4 minutes' walk Dudley st, depot, i N. Y. it X. E. (0 minutes to foot of fciummer at.), lery pleasant buUo of 4 to 7 rooms nnd bath; range, set tubs, cloolrlo looks, curtains, etc.; rents vei-y low nnd apodal Induoomont at preaent time. Apply lo A. li. II. CUAPIN, 70 Wilk St. di3n3t* dlS TO U.Tlil'jr-To roopectablo working peoplo, a few It-room touemonts, for 87 pur month; located near Iho lioxbury crossing; iiJeo storo and 3 rooms oonnectod, for glS. Apply, Mr. WILLIS, 48 Pren-lusat. , Sudst* dl4 rKHP KjBil'II'-To rcspectablo worklhg chi.'is, fane-J lUi'iita of 3 riioms, in good roiialr, on llnrrldon av. Apply to MrB. O'BIllKX.Ko. 0�2^_Kud3l.' dl4 prTii) 1iVex~To respectable oolorcii families, tene-Ji ments of 3 and 4 roouiB. In good repair, rents Sfi to lUO. Gallatonco on ii. aiAY'BKUKY, reirrBD Northampton afj^_______Sudlit* dl4_ niMli^ilvilil'ir^A choice suite, Boston Highlands, in iL enpecliilly dcalrablo loeiitloii; all convenleiiees and verv mnjlorato rcnt;ar:tre oiijiortunlty. Lt.'CICJS W. CKAlil, 17 Tllllk Bt., room r,. dSutf b25 ril'yo^TjM'T-'.^ very iileioiitnt. nultca of -i inoma A eiieb; atit rnuire, bnth, dour oiu'iieis. etc.; will be li4 very reason:ibli) to siiiiiU i'amllie.s; can lie seen at liny fUno. Applv at 34 Blilley Bt., Ashmout, It* rH^o"rjjii'ii'--ln Everett, tenementK oi' from .^j to 7 IL rooms; rent Irom li'B to fSlfi jtcr uinnth; house, 0 rooms, bnth mid turuuec, ^rit>; one of 0 roomn, nil Improvements, ?2,'i. Apply UE^'HLRKON Lll.'.IS., llinvlbornat,, Everett.___I'SuM* dl2 riT'io JT/K'i-"'--'i'ho lou-er tenement of 5 rooms, open R. tiro-place, range, all miulernimprovemeuts; tlrflt-clnsB new house; no flUiHll cliUdrcn; cor. iiliiln and -Morehmd sts., Winter UlU, SomervUle. A.E.UILL. RnM* Til> IjUST-West Eurt, near Cambridge tt., a few IcncidCiiln of 3 imd 4 rooms. In good reiinlr; rento and Bil. -^l>P]yJimlter WJ/o K.i;rove^Btjud8t'dl4 niii l.E'r, ih summer at., Everett, noilr Bqnaro; X 0 rtioms, set riiuge, sepilrate batli and ivator cliiset anme door, new curtains, new stable; r*int moderate; seen .Smidny. It* Tim I^ET-2 snuny, warm sidles of 4 rooms and bath, ninge, soapstoue tub.n, luit :md cold wiuer; ri'lil IJIO. Mr. HOPiaMB, cor. IJluo IllU iiv. ami Hand SL It* Tit T,li-'S.'-Albany St., near ;<orth)im;)ton et., 4 and li rooms, balli luiil rtiiigc; new Iiouki'h. An-jilyloT. L. CUiJKELLV, 103 East Lenox St., cor. HaiTlBon av. yull* HEIO IvBX-2 nice BUmiy corner suites, 0 roi^msT AiiMvii'in coiivenieiictis, in liotetii (ialntca aud Cerlruile, Trcmout Bt., near Huntington nv., Uox-buij-; moileritto rent. J. K. CKOXAN, 23 Court at rpo IAr!e-\ nlci' aiUte of 5 rooi X tnodern (ionvenleiicea nt. �I3 Iviu to .lanltreps, suite 2, tl3 Ihnernid st. iS nnd batli with uald si. Apply it* JLroDuiB. (?: CONKELLV -.SI 10 101 ICntit Leno.^ st 1.75 to �3.7B week. Ai: 1U3 E:ist Lenox bI., cor. 3, 4 liply liar mil b 1'. L. nts A. per week. Jl liiiprovcn llAYKH, 7113 Tr rnjii i^B'f-Yi-n .t i.ou ft., .Mt. I'll ruiiil, eonvciii'.-iu-ei ri-l ;irtv. ,1AS. II, on I St.______ .suTthtf iiI4 Miu nl of 4 Inige rooii..4, ot 3 Iluil-luiiint; liiirsi', elc'tric :iud rteuni . -\piily at li-- oms, i'orlh tiiltablo fi .'Viiilcrson ; housi^kr-c^itng, 1S = j:]V'j;' tl SfKIll'l'tl mi-'vi'Y 1 let. 30 l:. .t Cl>,, '-'!) 1 iet". 76 Al it U(l., 2K .iuM" 8. bulb. Qri-N(.:Y iV CO.. 28 Sii.oul t\. cbi r'an-\F.7.ii:S'V to let. 1)1(1 Ti.'lii .1. flO a niiiiiili. gri.'.'i'Y i rfTK.-vf:?.)!! .5. ,V1.' il r lick, r|iiii:iVK."sri' .8. roiiiiiii, ,?4 1 \\�^^ to let, 1 :; .so. �.M:;\- Bt 1,'I'LNC'V A- t'ii.,;;ti .Scboi ,>i'TN~tiriHT 31)11 tv. iil'si iilitl jr7 n liijiitli. (JCI.NCV ,. -I rii ii.1 iiti. iii.-iliin .U(, : 4 r.ini Bl., I-'l? S.IV.K, at iil lii ill ll' iHil 1 ,ib"i iiirj i Ues o JL fiiiirli:hti,v.-:i: lUV.'lilTf ILH, IVj �J V L, (i;) Court tl., Iic-.b-iiiile 'ieui'Ui M la-'htl.'ld t .(. .V. i;. It. il. ti Li'iuii St.,Ho: o let. No. no" r-l5 a mouth, i.'-b. lit. or. 'iiihill. lii rriKWIDMMWTSt of 2, 3, 4 or G rooms, i ley St., cor. Adams, Hlghlanda. 312 Diul-It* � nt fi......... I., ]-^orchCI^l^�r| ply on prein- - dl3 ifc'u'.'tis Balilwln St., .^ptilv lo A. anuzi dlS WAWTBB-Jan. 1, a flat of 4 or 5 rooms, with rooms vicinity of Dudley St. station, AildrosB T 38, Globo olilce. It* ji rr tm05ias PIC-2 or 3 furnished rooma yfc < to let on ono floor, Bultablo for light houBO-lieBpiug; beautiful locttlou, cheap renl; would lot Blnglo, It* BOARD AND ROOMS. 21ie03C,'rjT]VS st.-Nlcelf-furnhihodsquaro nnd side rooms, gas, heat, etc; resjionslblo norsons, HuW* dl4 O ISOYICSTON PI/.-Excellent table board, ^ H^; Sl:ueiatlcRct3,$a.S0; �dl;lnor,^l,15. HntJot* dl4 2OJ.0t7C*?iSTK]a VI,. room, suitable for two men rent reasonable. --A largo furnished bath and 2 closets It* SMOXl^lTMS �t.~Nlooly furnlshea rooms; heat, gns, hot and cold water. sunny It^ - _ ._____, Sd houso from Beacon St., side and ppor rooms ali reasoimbly rates. iS.Sn g JOY st 31BlD"ir.Fl!N<3IS 1*1,., rear Itooma to lot from ,91 to g4. llevcro House- BSir 4BTir(DICIWaJtAai VI^.-R mrgo rooms, hot oiKl colli v/ater; use of bathroom; ;;(4 per week, K aoTLVmnVtS SJ^.-lInndsomely furnished ty front room 3d floor; Bqvulre, sunny rooni 2d lioor; parlors; excellent board; references; Inveatl-gafo. l'.Su* dl2 6WOSCOB1STEK. SKS.-A nleii dlidng-room and kitchen for housekeeping purposes, or as an olllcc; also other rooms fo let; plenso call. It*' 7ItIN��03LBi SI' End _____________, off Ilansou st.. South �ITamlshed front rooms, heat and gas. It'' 7YA]ffiMOUTim 8T.~Uouao taken Dee. 1, nowly-f uriilahed sqnaru and side rooms, en snlto or single. TTliPSu* dO SlPEMIJlKiaKtlB st.-2 Giinny-sldo rooms, also a nlouly furnished squaro room, first floor. (\ S*AIRtlI� SQ,-2 handsome connecthig rooms, /; TKMPWa ST., West End, largo fur-^ \J niahed side rooms, with or without board. Sum* OfJ liTKBE ST.-rPm-nlsbed room, stoam \j heat, running water, etc.; rent g3.50 por weslt. ______ ISOi:.�.IS ST.-ritst floor, furnished roonia; has fireproof fiafoi use of kitchen. It* O n MONlUlMtlCNT 8iIi1TAK,E, Chnrleatown. jU i -'To' * -�- � � ' parties. b-ao let, furnlsiicd or unfurnished largo room 111 floor; aJlconvenleneeai very low to permanent O Q raTANIFOKIJ SIT.-To lot, ft very dosir-jLi O able room for Ifght houaokcoplng. It* OQ MBJt'5�OKyjK. _______ ^10 alcovo room.lirst Illght,fVory convenience �Vory dcBlrnblo Iront '13, ^ U furnished, Plimpton bed �Sunny front parlor, per Tveek. It* Q Tl imHOKllNifiHIAM ST.-HaudBomely fur-OX nished back parlor; terms very reasonable. QO 'WAIS.WICIt �T-3 rooms aud hath; all modern Improvements j moderate rent to amftll family. It* O O TKMI� 1.115 ST.-Front room to let; private OO f.iJnlly. lt� QQ OLAJStEMONT IP 16-, ... 2 or 3 partly furnlsbed rooms off ColumbuB av.. rout low. It'* fJJjiVSIEMOMT J1�K.-Newly furnished *y\J filde rooms; furnnco heat and g.ia. " H.Su* Q Q ANW ^OWNTOWI-Xt.-Ifront,8quaveand OO sido room with large oloants; dinner at* Si.BO; also nice aide foom,'i'o closet; (512. JJXTTlLAJwn mi.. side room, oldlng bed, largo It* 4 /\ JMJTBIfc ST__Finely furnished rooms; ybv parlies vlslllng Boston accommortatoa ti\an-slently; single gentlemen, COo. dSu4t* dia A Pt JPINCJK.WB'y ST.-To lot.aquate ilnd sldo roonia, with heat; also tablo hoard. It* A rr ai"Fj:.ktow bt, . , ^ i lor, also aloovo and aldo room. haoK and front piir------- l*t� ft O MANCOCIK ST.-jiJ furnished rooms. -To lot, pleasant, nloely KA JWO'WHOXN ST., near Beacon-U ^ desirable furnished rooma. �To lot. It* n t l�W)t�HT S'lr.-To lot, nicely furnished OX square room; rent low; references exchanged. But* dli />if AJyl/EN ,ST.-Great hivrcalna In rooma; O O newly furnished. M. E. KELLEUEB. ,SSii* rjQ OHMSTISBS, HS)!.- __________........., Furniahod und uufur- _ nlshod rooms to rent, with board; nfforencoa oxohangud;_____dSu4t* dl3 mtUl-JLAWllS 8Q.-Verv pleasant imliy; gentle-asiiiu* rtlS rypT w. mtuH-JLAWiis sq. ~v 4 i sldo front room with privato fin man preferred. (70 lEUTH-AlVM ST.-HnndBomcly furnlsbed i if sunny front room, largo closet; alBo cosy little. ESii* dl2 SA AI!''l*,M3TO�r st.-Front room furuisbod, hot, .....-......, .'Jy !old water, furnace heat; rent It* g)i^ 'WAIIEill.KW' Ay. - Sijniiy warm ftont room; hot aud cold water; i tllglit; gentlemen ilerred,:. dSuOl* lUO WKnT NKUVTHSW IHT.-Largo alcove and side room, newly and clc;rantlv tur-nlsbiid; all conveniences; rent rensomilile; iirlvate family. It* riJMEBTKM J�K.-SiSiJ. ___ ......... d, large room, 1 illgtil, Vory Wiirm; ilao sunny side mile, with closet, pi jier week. It* XUO furnlBbt' ll"I.'iSA8ARIT H'll'.-To let, 8Ult rw'uoxr..STOiv s'1\-to let, to gcntio-X,^j\y men only, 2 furnished loilglng rooms. .Su3I* pleasant, aiiuny It*:, Xt>0 front room to let. 'B 'yij WKST OHJBSTI!It I�AK,K, cor XO 4..Columbus _uv.-Elegniit parlor for man and wife, 3 Binall rooms fi board; every thing UiBt class dated; terms reasonable. gentlemen; Uiblo transient aceomo-lt� �t 4-i WKMT Ov\JVT�W ST.-Vcrv deair-X'dtX able squaro sunny room, front, llrst fligliL i5Uil3t*_ dI4 -�out parior; ler, lioat, gas, tip- -j XK WKSTCiXTOIVfiT.-I' X fj> tJ clonet, hot and cold rit'bt bed; other rooms. relorcnocH, 219A f arnliihcd rooi o 'WKST CIIES'l-'KK Pit,-Bqiinie and Bide rooms, singly or en Billte; board; a. _ If , BiUte 6-fcTlct, 1' 11.* It.rjIHi.K'i' ST., cor. Dcnrliorn-Nlceiy f m^nlsbcd rootns and tablo board. It* OQQ COlLUJJMtL-rt AV.-.Mcely fiirniolicd ^0?> room ou the 161 floor. If ,U.JX aldo room; board If ,--A equarc and iU'Blred; 0 o'clock Sud4l* dl4 OftQ eoi.iiMuiia av i-tOij) niahed alcov ------- llnndEomely tiur- and square room,well heated. IVSu* dlO OO^ TKEMOIVT S'l ^Uyy av.-To let, ftirnisl sunny fr TI 4 ?OI.�;MHHi� AV.-To let, picnaii O'.Ji-'rc: stmuy furnlsbed rooms, all inoilern ^�t'lilciicct; gcntlcuu'ii only. OX'i luraand fiqiuire too dSu3l' dl2 AV.-C'c ills; nlsoe: i'olle -Ull'fi itbonrd.  dl-t iil;lila u vi'iy I illsit jiliritir; i iitrnl lucalii 0, ni let, nieelv fur-,0 night; 1 tv/o .t,, bnth room, is IS part of lillv. ___________iLSulf ilu nilfi 'ivoifiTJi[A.'iii*'i'oK f;x.',^v'"gii;^": �>./V) BlZLil tuniihliiiU room, suitnble fur Biiigie lirivi.t^'Iiimlly. Inquire ut silllo i. If li't7~faclng tBlii'd front t and iiold If In 431 __lUucViiin:ut pi:., > lur luul bide loonx co I^t; lunuit-e hcut; nut) AV.-TO �IctifiUily fnrt inii' 0 .;j ilriit liuor; iilfo ot), - OUIB. Hult- dl-4 i.-h^^. y^\\\ hot iindcf.lil AX',-Sfiunro rouui, y\\U\x\* ItVH AV.-Kic rliu:!; '.Unners. 518 Slli!'(.) A v.. 1 Sevfrnl wry deiiiriiblc ro �or. C ini?, \ iUeiit Uible It* 'Jticoid b(i.- s'Kb or wllb-11* BOARD AND ROOIVI3. Ct (\ TJimMONT ST.-'Frone rooms, phtiih \> X V furniture, olosots.heat, gas, -water, togotlior or separately. . ,11* n-t �1 TMEMOWT ST.-'l'o let.4 fiirntehed OXO rooms; also pilrtdr. dSu*t> dll /tTo SilOW OASIUa wnhtea fop mah; also I) O y pwtfarm scaios. i AMES 3HAT, 00_ Trav- ors et. SUM* i jQ\f back rooms 1 tocma rsnaoiiahltj. aT.-To let, front and If tnOfi WASMOBrKTOW ST. - .Sunhy Xx/O aqnure room, 1 lilght, gS.fiO; side room. �1.7B| botu nicely furnished; bath, Im-naodi Al board g8. -It* OC\t fi WASMOTTOBr ST.-NIMly frtr-^^KJ'Xv" nished rooms for light liouBokenping side entrance. Sail* A'E'Siy^ r6oms with board in tho house department Of till) Tromont Oolloko of MuBlo: t.d InrtlCB not <;oniioot<i(! wllh tho infititution, J(3 to jSB per wook. Huntington av, cor, Oitlnsboro at. it AMASnmsoME room with (rvtsry convonionoe to let to getiilomdn or gdntljlraiin and lylffl- Address K 20, ulobn ofllco. , It* BOAItm wnnfcd for an oldorljr lady, who re-qulrofl Bonio little attention Conronio rlienmar tism); private family iicar the city; would furnish room. 0 33, Globo omce. It* BOAja� for 1 or por month, _ - - chililren; splondldhome; ISIO Address E 50, alobe olllco. It* tAiOK MAIr-Front room, steam heat; rent * low to permanent patty. B 00, Olobft oflloo. It* OtaljBKMM' boarded: totms reasonable. 0 Ca:ndon St., Sd bell. HICJCSOX. dSu7t� dll "OPOT.WI81!lK� front room, with ens, hot and Jfeold water'In room, bath upl tllght. Suite 1, Hotel Norwood. It* �jlJUlttlWJeHriJM upper rooma, house fttst^olnss; .SCjirloo ga; rcforonoes. 600 'J'reisont, opp. Clarendon, It* '�SipIftWMIiJEM squaro room and kitchen, gns, jr Ifa.iiS per week.- IS Worcester St., sulto 3. It* FtfKtWISMKltt BtOOM in mlviilo family to lot by tho day or week. Address E 00)GIob6 omco. �T;'.VH5,WI8Mli5!IJ rooms; 2 connecting rooms tor V light Lousekeoplng; '^8 iloi' \v<icK ,00 Ash at. It* FiritWIffllBHlO room In prlvrtto fitmay, Baok Bny. Addroas t 30, (Jlobo oineo. StiM* GBNTWBMAW wants room nnd partial hoard In widow n private family; room mUat bo pleasant and oomtorfablo. And boiitrt flrst-olnsi); about su por w-eck. Address O. 0., P. O. box 1310, KoBion. Y' AIUlEB \vtaIilnB board and linraingdurlng con-XJ nnoinont will And homo comforta and modoratn charget, Mra. WOODBUltY, 816 E. 4thSt., So. Boston.  , , SH4t* nSO I;AI� Y will let nicely furnished rooms to quiet J pnrtlos. W 75, Olobo oflloo. dSiiSt* (112 LAIR'S 15, square room, furiiishod, prliie KS; line loeailoti. 32 Olaremoiitpk.,o(l' Colmnbua* TVT.Jil'WT.X furnlshea rooms forllp.hthOustikcep, J.1 ing; connected or single, ' '� -----� ofllce. Addi-oaa 0 i)7, Olobo It* TKOElf.Y furnished nlcovo room, In flrsLolnsa (i location, .South End. It OO, Olobo oflloo. It^ NirCE!lL1-F0K5r,tSH)K!c front alcove room, for man and wlfa.or 2 gentlemen. 48 Applotonat. �pil!Il.�OSrS IW, SlGABtOIl OF A JL jileaannt liouie. with good care for a llttln 6hilrt, can find Uuch by calling at 006 Hth St., South Boalion. auM* PAJIKtWIB. nnd bedroom, nlcoly furhlahtid, with steam boat, central part of tile dtv, to lot by tho day or wook to responsible panius. E 73, Globo ofllce. PAHitJLOSlt AJStt IKltTCKESr, funiishedfor houaokeoiilng, No, S Oruton Bt. It" KO<(MS-To lot, 8 furnished rooms, for light housekeenliig, In privato family; rent low to rlglit party. , 57 St. James St., nighlands. it* TJ OOBM-To let, 3 nicely tnrnlehed rooms with X&< heat|^g!iB and Will let for light honsekeop- ing, 06 . t Brookllne. It* "O illiOM wanted by a young oouplo, with privilege X�j of light housokeouing; rent not to exceed pS.BO; or a oounlds would like room ill Bame lionse. Address D 50, Globe ofllce. It* "OOOMMA'mfil wanted, by young mii.n,ntfl72 XI; Shftwmut av, dStiSt* OOiM(3-To gentlemen; li .Sttvnlford St. heat. gasi bath, 81 SUtf d7 EOOMMATEl -wanted by young man. Charles ot., off Chandler, �0 Hb ItC CSOtrAJtlB KOOM, newly fnrnlahed, desk bod, C5 not and cold water, to roupootnblo pnrtlesi S3. OAotoHBt., right beU. ' ^ StULrAltH and aide room, sunny and plcflennt, neatly fnmialied, open gruto; privato family. llOMyrllcst. ' It* Csft'UAlSEl and side room; always warm i also one kJ forllghthousokeeplng.dlE. Chesterpk.FSu'dia TO lilKT-By American family, in 1 niinute'a walk of Oontrnl sq., Ciiinhrldgo, a nicely furnished single room, gas, furnooe boat and use of hath; only American geutlemen noeAapply. D ISi, Olobo ofilce. WSu* dlO THE A3LVOIJ,TON, 108 Tremont st., first en-ttanoo from BOylaton st,; elegantly furnished obambers to lot to families and single gentlemen. dSutf o23 TO I.HT-2 largo unfumlBhed oonnectlng rooms; steam heat, gns, shades, hot and cold water; on WaBhiugton St., So. End. Address D h'i, Globe oilico. lf� TO T>WT-A large front room, furnished complete for light honaekoejilng, with water. Apply at 12 MyrUo &., BoaUiu. It* To iil!l''i'', 85 Rutland sri,, furnished square room, 3 illghtn, S3 per week; with board If de- sired. To ILKT-3 parlors, formerly doctor's rooms; carpels and siisdos furnished. B70 Tremont st. To- MOT, a amall furnlsbed room near Meeting House Hill, ,91 por week. A 23, Olobo oliloe. ririO 3f.,KT-l X keeping. nice furnlshoil rooms tor light hoiiao-145!) Waslilngton St.. Itoxbury. It* To I'iEX-A nicely furnished side room; furnace heat, In privato family. 25 Allen at., city. It* WANTIBIS by lady, n squaro room with hot and cold water and use of bath; no gne or heat: 212 per week; wUl be permanent; � flights only. P 40, Globo Ofllce. 11* WAWTEW-At Koath End, by a lndy,an unfurnished square room, wllh liot and cold water; nohentor jrns required; 2 flights only; ftt 82 per week. P 40, Globe office. It WAKSKEX BT.,Roxbnry. 243; spaoloUs alcove room, fully or partnily furnished; also other nlco rooms; privileges In kitchen for house-kocping If desired; to let low. ll* WAJtfTjai*-Two or three looma furnished fOr light honsokeepliu!; state lowest terms to por-mnncnt tenanta. D 82, Globe oiUco. dBu3t dI2 20I�,U nicely furnished rooms for light housekeeping. 7 Bond St., ofl! Milford and Monson sts. por Week, newly furnished front sldo room, tS)a very desirable. 27 Mommleat square, Charles- It* DOCS, PUPS, ETC. FOIt l8AI.,E-Malo mastiff, light fawn, black face, short head, 140 pounds, great watch, J!10j male bull, short head, 1 year, 10 pounds, gooa �watch, lino looking, )37; male Dull, long head, 1 yoar, nicked, fe'C; male ooqkor sunniol, good on rabhlls, BO; male setter, trained on binls, RIO; ferrota, |! M, bull terrier aildreso JOE aCilLEHU. illy. ;, .111., 00 irindaor It* HA1VII>S�MI3 thoroughbred miilo liver and wltlte cocker Mpanlel, 4 monltis old, very flmall breed, ,97: Hue female fox terrier, in whelp, 18 nionlliB old, R12; flue pedigree. M. II. KANLETT, Kocklnnd, JIo. fluM* HATn'TisOMES'r' thoroughbred English grey^ hoinid male pup In tbo Stale; solid faun color; 31';; nioutliBold; prize-wlunhiKBtock; prico aao. M. 11. llANLETT. Hooklnnd, Me. SljM* HASTSHSOBiIlK thoroughbred black and tan ni.ilepups, 10 weeks old; line pedigree; 810 eni;li;6 Iba. stock. M. IL KANLE'lT, box 803, lioekland. Me. dSu3t* dlS TKffillU!: 8ETTBK. niPB, warranted pure X broed; price glo. At STEVENS' e-xpress stable, Dorchester Htatlon. It* MeJS'Tbo solii,round head bull terriers, 4 montha _"''''L '�w prlee. 1805 Wiisblugton at. 8liWdl4 PyCH- For Bale, thorougiibrcd jrag pups fl inontlia old. -A.pply at 50 (iivrden St., West End. It" SMA^jX^ dog for sale-An Italian groyhoulidr weight about 2 potmda. QEOKGEA.'Vf-INSLOW, DIAWJONDS, JEWELRY, ETC, CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Wnlelios, ilSnmoiiils, jewelry, etc., on credit nt :iish iirices,at_200 \\'asblnBton^Bt.,roomO. dBu7t*dlS a you aware that we jiay the hlgliest casii a. price for old gold, silver nnd nlntlnuni. broken and worn-out jewel , 17H Tremont fet.; take i. 'I HOOD & KEYNOLWa, valor. d.Su30t* nl4 FiiXl hAjLis, at a oncrilioo, ladlea'~~cTir�tiir~pln iiontilnhig D dluinonds. JC 00, Globe olheo. It* Ot.H 001I.r> niid silver-We pny the highest ciish price for all kinds ot old gold, silver nnd platinum. WALTEI! I. HAND, 17fi.Ii Tremont St. WATCMKS on low weekly nayinonta: rings on low weekly luiymenia; Jewelry on low weekly pavmeuts; clotlilng ou low weekly pnymenti. An agent, will call and show samples by uddresBluc t 53, Globe olllce. ' i' OJ'.l^Tir-Walobca cleaned; miiln.sprlng8, 75 Y-Sllclitly iUBl^im-miide olothliig; I li;ivo a voiv laii,'� lik on baud, which must be sold out nt once; k at these prlceE; riue i(\-lnterovereoata.li3 togtlO; . ,'?4 to f 10; ciiiits and vests, Jt'2 to ,?,0i pants, ill to ii; remeiiibf r, thi-ae goods have been cleaned and repaired luul ai'o far better thim new clioai), remly-luiido clutliliig, and win cost you very much leas; alto the Iltiesl Hue of kcuIs' new eustoui clothing in iJoijtoii, niiutf liy Louie ol ilio beat trdlors in the VI. S., wlilcli 1 v. Ul Bull for one-linl! Ibelr oriBlnal coat, fiotllll End ('lolllllii; .Store, 17 �-'��� av. und 2I)B freuiiint bi. D. U ', in and i'l'l^h.-iiraiut . LUCE. 'IbSiHuTtf I'l.&O up my7 liClXfi^S of, iinrty jes, fclu.k. sailii , .Mlii. IH'FF, 11)1 . , . and evening Mil plush, HlUlilly woiu, Plensnnl Bt..SuTWTh-dl4 AltK A 5ITI WS, bcaver'mufl'i wltiriir wiHiout a 34-iiicti eiiiw lo luiucb; great hurgaui. Address Jt'.11, (Ikibe oiuiic. If K O K CtilAiM KVH AV.-Laige front.warm tjMmltJ roOiii, Biulablo for 1* per&ouB; txcellent bijaiii; references. U* O l^J nltUcd Biimiro ami �l(la boaid. � HandBoltiftlv fur-oonss to let', wKh BuMl'Th* dli 57*>K h.itl.,*;-Au fleg.-iut Bonlsklutacque.bcRvcr .iitmndiiB, leas Chan one-hKlf cost; Blie si. Can be seen nt 70 Washington st, ESu* IWIsiir io puro&sra"sciOrsirin" (Bci;, *ocnnd" hand, 40 busC Address ilrs. L., (1,18 Trcmont bL LASflFM and gentleinen'a gnrmeofs altered, ro-patred luid prensed: 4S WtoUir tL, i-oom 13. AUCTIOM SALES. My EHlttAlE SfSVOfr Jk- CO., . Suoeessors of Charles H. .t Edgar Snow, Mossnohn-setts 8alo Stable, No. 36 Endlcott St., Doaton, Elghty-fonttli apceliil anotlon sale ot hlBh hrod, Beleet galtcd troltfng family nnd gentlemen's driving lioraoB, from Michigan,- to ho sold WEDNEaDAYi Doe. 17, at 10.30 o^blook, , ' , ^ Tho following nro all sound and kind, and will bo �warrantod ns such, until Thursday night, Deo. 18, unless otherwise stated at thno of sale. These horaos will arrive Monday noon, tho public are lii-vilort to onll, examine, rido behind mid teat tliclr quaUtlea nf any time previous fo sale to satisfy yourself that we onn sell you moro good family quality and moro undoveluped speed for ymir money than oan ho foimd on saio In any other atable in Boston These horses will bo sold with tho above guar,antee, also two car lends of Hllnols und Iowa hor6ea,whloh will arrive TueBday and Wednesday morning adai>-tod td all klndu ot gonorfll tiso, from the heavy drnit domi to tho driving horse. All young, sound aud kind, and wo have positive orders to sell them with out regard to cost, with our usunl warrant. V. V. BKUCE, Anctloneor. No. 1. Bay horso, 6 years oltl, stands 16.2 hiinda, weishs 1060; sired by George MlUor, ho by Eoynl George; dam, Lady Italtorty,,record 2.20; this horse M a very flno nctor of extraordinary quality for ll gentleman's driver; ho is simply flrat-oinsa In every respect, can trot vory fast a full mllo, and Is ono of tlm most plcnslng horses any one can pnr oliiiflo to rldo along dlntnnoo with; he H ft good ono, No. 2. Bay horse. 5 ycnrs old, stands 15.2 hands, weighs 1.040 Ills; Blred by LlMo Mack, dnm by smith'#HambIetouia�; this horSo la n. line driver, a reader ot 10 miles per hour, gentlo nnd Rind for any ono to use, can trot extra well with a motion that is Just right to .make a fast trotter, he is a round made bxtra patterii for durability; whoovor pnr-ohnses this one wiU be uleaaud with hla future devcl-opnionts, as wo consider bim ii very promising horse; this ono with No. 1 will make a very flue pair. No. 3. Bay horse, 0 Years old, stands 15.3Va hands, welgns 10061 aired by Geo. Miller, dam by Notable; this Is A perfect flrst-olaas family horse In every reapect, not afraid of Bteani or oleetrie oars or any ohjoot, will plensoiany gentleman looking for ft irat-olnss family horso that la trusty ,nisd reilablo; 10 can road 10 mtles per hour and cAn trot very faat; ilie tlupUonto ot this irorse is hard to find as ho Is a trotter ami family liom combined. No. 4., Dark ateol gray horso, 6 rears old, stands 10 hands, weighs 1100; Blrod by Tecamaon. he by ifimibMno Gift, dnm by Onrrlw; this horso la a flrst-clnsq notor with family qualities, oan road 10 miles per honr, full ot oourago and a vory promising road norae: he oan also trot extra well; any gentleman lookintf for a flMt-oInsa fine big horso Will he pleased If ho piirohasoa this one. . No. fi. Dark steel gray niftto, B years old, stands 1C.3 hands, weighs 1060: sired By BUly Johnson, ho by Mnslerlodo, dam by ,Sir Arohlo; *hl6 mnto Is a very trappy galled ono of 12 miles per hour, lull of aoiirago, and ivlU please soirio person looking for a nrst-dlnss driver, ns she lo tao light gait una stylo and can trot extra wfilt. Nob. 6 nild 7. Pair bay mrercs, B and .0 years old, stand 16,8 Iinnds, weigh 12160; sired by Kowo's Morrill, he by Walker's Morrill, dam by Ifnka of Crawford; this Is a very nice, Rmooth pair of mares that cnli I'OUd 10 mlhls per honr and can trot extra well; this ib a often luokod for, hut seldom found for flaSo In Boston; any person putohaslngthem will have a fine pair of family rnaroa. Ho. 8. Dark ohestput horso. 8 years old, stands 16.2 hands, wolgh* lOOC; sired by Detvaowr, dam n thofonghbrad; thl.i horse IsOne of tho kind seldom found for solo, as ho can rend 24 miles In 2 hours, and ploaao his driver all tho time; he la a wonderful road Uoiae, not one in jrtiny n oar load Uke him; ho has family qualltlos that cannot bo hoot and oun trot faatj anyono will ho pleased it they Snre.haae this ono, if they are looking for ft flrst-olaaa river. No.O. Bttyhori... ._________......._____________, WMghs 10_4(5; filred by �Vlindotbllt, dnm by Carl's , 6 years old stands 15.2 hands. Magna. This Is a fory flno shaped harsa witii lots of action, and a Urstvoluss reader of 10 miles jier hour, has extra qualities, una is ft very nloo gentleman's horse in every resi)e j^ Siiocial Aniiouncomont. On MONDAY, Deo. lo, ftt 10.30 0. m., wo shftU'l hold a special auction, sale of 1 carload of horscsf) consigned byOoorgo P. Kcobey of Iowft| Mr. Seoboy i] expected to have hie load hero In time for Saturday's t Bale, but,.owing to ft delay hn tho road, sent us as reqiiesting us to hold a spoclnl Bale on \ Monday 1 these horses ^viU vary In weights from I 1400 to 1060 lbs. each, iiiid consist of good blocky built chunks and heavy draught, coal team and Ico wagon horses; these-horsea will positively bo sold to tho highest blddere, without reserve or limit, and It you want a good, Iirst-class horse at a bargain bo snro nnd httehd this sole, ns Air. Scoboy's ordtra ftro to sell them without regard to price. StiSI On WEDNESDAY, Dec. 17, ftt 10.80-ft. m., w� shall hold our reguinr auction sale of 3 carloads, being 00 hendof !MlclUgan,ICan8as and lowahoraoa: thoae horses tvlll vftiy in weights from 1000 to 1600 Iba. each, and oonslac of thoae adapted to farm, express, wagon, lumber, family (ind all other uses where ft flrat-olasa young, aoiind horse la roqidred; also a few saddlers and extra good family rlrlvers; thoae horBes, ns'ln all oiir Bftles, will poaltlvelyba sold to the highest bidders; regardleaa of-coat or valiio, and trnthfuny described and honestly represented at sale, and fully warranted as represented or money refunded, and trial given untU Thursday night, Dec. 18. P. S.-We shall also aell about 20 head of aocll-.mated or aecoud-hand, horses of nil kinds and descriptions; among them are 1 pair black horses, 6 yenra old, weighing 2800 lbs., been usedbyacon-Iraotor, and are sold lor want of use. SudSt dl4 By GIMEOKT BECK as SON, Auctioneers and Appraisers, 41 and 43 EUot st. (between Washington and Trcmont sis.) On TUESDAY, at 10.30 o'clock ft. m., our Inst snia of tho year ol new furniture, aold to payndvances and (.0 close Invoices, consisting of (Ilia pnrldr enltos. upholatored In latest patterns of coverings; odd easy ohiUrs; couohes, suitable tor parlor, Ilbraiy or onlos; rattan chairs, four extra fine: parlor Caiilnet bedsteada, costing from |jl50 to S200enoh; and also dliamher iihd library furnlBhlngs in variety, 'llieso goods win be sold without reserve, and should- command the attention of all looking tor llrBt-clnBS f nr-nltiu-o. Also 40 vory flue engravings arid ono elegant upright pianoforte, coating one year ago g700, and original warranty will be given to purchnsers ofsftme. Siid3t dl4 By B'WT-JGK 8TJEXSOW, Auct's. Medford sq. Will bo aold by public anotlon on WEDNESDAY. Deo. 17, at 2,30 p. m., house of 8 rooms nnd 7470 feetot land, situated on tho corner of Snlem and Park 619., Medford, Miina., bounded on Park at. 08 feet, and on Salem st. 74 feet; this estate la In a niosti 'desirable looaUty for an Investment. I'or within 2 yoara nt moot It will Ira demanded for busintjss purposes; In fact, a business block with tenements ftbovo the first floor could be,made to pay a hand-somo intoroBt :it Uio present time; on ra leavo Boston AMalno station, Ilnyiuarkot sq., nt 1.45 p. tm; get out at Park st. Btutton nnd take Park at., going In a nortlierly direction, to Snlem St.; houae will be open for Inspection at 2 p. m. SiidSt dl4 LO.S1T, FOUWD, ETC. By jr. FKAHrit IPICICKTT, Auvt.tonoor. Combination Auction Rtablei, 243 and 246 Friend Ct. and 154 and 150 Canal St., near Lowell, Eastern and Fltohburg depots, Boston, headquarters for sale horans hi Now England; aceommoda-Uoiio for 800 horses; auction sales every WedncBilay and Saturday at 10 a. m.; horsea of oU grades, uonslftntly ou hand at privuto Bale. ABSnNIISTKATOIC'S ISAI.I: OF six mmm (soo) horses From Oltio, Indiana, Iowa and Mlolilgan, Belonstna to itlie Kstote-of tlio ILato J. C. Klohardsoii, EmbrncinE horaea of all � grades, from tho powerful draught to tho light driving horae, and incUidIng coniiuoil huslncss, otreetcrB, cxprcBs, light and heavy draught, obnrso nnd fancy shapes, elegant drivers, saddlora, carriage and coach horses, in matched pairs and single bor&es; the latter classes as well us the fancy express ami high-class draught horses were persohoUy selected by Mr. Richardson. AiTOtlon afilea of from 60 to 100 horsea will be held every WEDNESDAY nnd SATURDAY until the slock la disposed of: horses at retail nt all limoB: 31)0 horses arc now on hand, tho balance In transit and bonglit for future ahlpment. Each nnd every honso will bo faithfully described at anle ftud atrlotly aold without rcBorvo to the highest bidder. The above horsea are flrat-claas in every pnrilou-lar, without fault or trioka of any kind. AH Intending purchnaoi-s are earneatly requested to call and examine and ride behind any ot the horses, as we shall be pleased to show them. Per orderE.B.JIALEi^BpoclalAdministrator. 4t dli By r.JBWIS jr. BIK� di; co. Bromfleld st. Awot'rs.ii Wo again respect-fully call attention to tho extraordinary iirl auction Bale of .lapnuose porcelains, sUkfl, bron-,;e8, screens, etc., now taking place at our gallery, ;V2 I'.rovulleM si.; by the speeial request and for the accomodntlon of our natrons, wo -will com-menee the Bale tomorrow, StONDA-Y, tho 15th Inst., at 10.,'iOa. m., and also at 3 p. in. as herotofore: over 1000 lots"Bill 1 remain to bo dlspoaed of, and altliough our sales rooms wore crowded during the past week wllh lovers of this boauUfiil art thora atlll remain �-mie. raro and oholoo pieces; we shall positively commence the auction enlo tomorrow at 10.30 a, m. sharp, rain or shlno; sealji provided for ladies, who also And It to their advantage to iitteud this truly groat auction sale of Japanese bric-a-brao; do not forgot time of sale, tomorrow, Monday, the 16th, at 10.80 a. m.; also every onauliig day during week. _ BuStf dl4 Bankrupt stock ot fine pictures at. auction. Wo filiull sell at public aucUon at our salesrooma on WEDNESD.VY and THURSDAY, Doc. 17 and 18, lit 10.30 n. m. each dny tho finest collection of plc-turcB over offered to a Boston public. Tho collection embraces ongravlngs, oil palntlnga, water colors, ctoliluga, postelfl, etc.; historical, religions, BporUns, Ideal and marine exumples. An opportunity like this seldom oncurs. where parties can Beleol their Clirlstmns gllto at their own price. Every picture win positively bo sold. Iiadlcs especially Invited to attend thia Biiie. �ud6t dl4 T>00-Lost, bull terrier pup, white and brlndlo X/ spots; unawers to name Dnudy. Return to 48 Montgomery St.; reward. SuM* FOUIBiJrt-In South Boston, Dec. 0, a lady's sliver wfttell and clinrin, which owner can liave by proving properly and paying oliargea. J.\MES f. BBYKOLUS,7�G7th6t, jLl* Jpo�7W�-Setter. Address P 80, Globo offlcp. SSu* FOUIM'IS-On Tromont st.. Call 361 Shmvmut av. ladles' gold ringa. It* Lost-On Iloaton & JInlne R. R., on 0.05 p. m. train, Thursday, between Boston and Wyoming or near Wyoming station, a lady's poeketbook containing owner's card and a cum oC money. Tha finder -will be liberally rewarded by lea\'lng-with OEO. H. HTKYEHH & C(i., 118 .South at., Boston, Mass., or 70 Trenton St., Wyoming. . Sull* L'OST-On Wnahlngton St., near HoUls, ft tliir? rod 8nakowoi)d c:uie, silver liandle, embossed vine pattern. Return eanu or send word and racelvi reward tcS. P. CRI'l'CHERSON & CO.. 8 B031 worth ot. SSu* Lost-Sninll puB dog, llghtspot on end ot nosei anB\yer8 lo niinie of Don. Finder rewarded by returnhigsame toi\lr�. E. P.OSOOOD, 41 HeathBt, \\;in^r_im_ It* LOIS'i', in Boston, Salurday, Deo. B, a boar skin mufC Will Under plenso address Miss M. A. .iONES, Elm St., Brookllne, Mass., and receive snltablo rew-ard. It* Lost-Opera gl.-issea, nt HolUs Street Thontro, Friday evening; brown leather, tllmmed with gllf,; plenso return or address -vvliere they oan ha found. 8. CLARK, 101 Franklin Et. It* LOBT-On Tuesday, Dee. 8, a brown nnd whlt -.-V llberid reward XV win bo paid to parties gh-lng Information aa to who ' ' ' .......- .. L. P. mlBUBo'd my dog on 'ftaturday night, Dec. �. '. I,A'IT1E, M. D., 34 Auailn Bt., Caiiibrldgepott. ST01'.,i;3N-From Mt, Hadley, Mns.i., 1 go. . . . movement No. a,174,l�68, Wnltham make, uiono. .. Ilolyoko College, South told watch, case No. 2801), )By M. Ar.JJXA]V�I::lt, Auelioneer and Appral.-ier. At Iho Grand Central Loan Company, 43 Kneoland Bt., oor. Harrison av., Boaton. Mass., our 26ih on-nunl auction sale of unredeemed diamonds, watches, Jewelry, BOlId silver and silver plated ware, etc., etc., will begin TUESDAY, Dec. 10, at 2 p. m. dally, and for the accoinmodailon of the public who cannot attend during tbo day,evoryov�'nlngafipeclnlaalo nt 7 o'clock, and will conttauo till Chrlatuias; every article we guaranteo as represented by our nuo-tloneer or the money refunded. A. ARONSON, Manager. Sud4t* dl4 By M. HATCH. Atietloneer and CommiSBlon Merchant, 230 and 238 Tremont at.; household furnltui-e, bankrupt Blocks and Job lots ot mcrchaudlso bought lor cneU, __ Tin-'.SDAY, Deo. 10. at 10 o'clock a. m., at storo No. 121)3 WashlniJ-ton st., large stock of genH' f iir-nlshlng, dry and inncy goods, millinery trimmings, couniei-s, Bhelvlug, show cnnes, ofllce, gns lUtnres, elc, eve. 'lUis in a liirge, clciin aud varied stock, coBUng between three and four tboUBimd doUiirB, and will poaitlvcly bo Bold to tho lilgheat bidder. ' dSil6t dl3 By .JAMES MOKBIS. Anotloucev. Will fell al auction, TUESDAY', Dec. 16, at lO.SO .1. m., at the rooms or Loan Fund Co.-178 Washington at., 2 new large size McPhail upright cabinet gnind 7L';i-octave plnnua; 2 new medium-size Mc-I'hnll cJibinet srand 7>/'a-oclave planoB; 2 Everett ujirlgbt grnlul 7i/;i-octnvo pianos; 1 Ivera & Pond nprlglit c.Hbbic-; (rrnml 7Li;-ociiivo piano; 2 new Xor-rlb lie, rieteher u;irlgbt plmiog, inabogiiuv onBCB, cabinet grand, 7Lij-0i.'taves; (.'lilekerlng. Woodward it Brown and other well-known makes, Snlll* By C. T. WALKJEK. At Wnlker'6 horse and carringo mart, 100 and 108 Poi-lbiiid St., on TUUltSDAY, Dec. 18. at 10.30 o'clock. BpeclHl Bale of uonnlgned aocUmntfd horacB, oonslstuig of pncera. trotlere, culdlcrs, matched pairs and ianilly homes; fuU dcscrlpUou la Tueadny's and Wednesday's Globe. SuJI Fon 8AX.E1,_____ _____ . auction, ou Saturday, Dec. 60 Ncithfle'id at., by public -. i �---r'^Z- "0. a brick houto containing 18 rooms in Uio best of condition and pavlnB � obToamoats o&a ho made to Mr. .1. LtWifiN" BudSf* Oti well; gram "L. B." on case; 1 gold SwlsB watoh, InllUila ''A. C," on case; 1 gold ohl English watch, opon face, koy-wlnderi 1 gentloinnn's vest chain, gold; 1 gold pin (twist of gold eet wltn small diamond) 1 1 gold pin (round blnok enameled head); 1 gold Btal) pin with Norwegtnn ooat-of-ai-niB; 1 gold stall pin sot with 2 pearls aud 1 rnhyi 1 gold atab pin with ametJiyat head; 2 gold stnbplna, dulsy and forget-me-not united with chain; 1 'Venetian Mosalo pin; 1 gold bar pin; 1 necklaoo of 77 Roman gold nendn; jglOO reward la offered for the recovery of tho above-named property.; 0100 reward is ofCerea ....... of tho tlU " � � for the conviction f 3 tldef or thievea, and a suit- able reward ^vIll be paid for tho recovery of any of tho artlulo8_ named above. A. L. WILLI8T0N, Treasurer, Northampton, ilaes.. Doc. 18,1890. SuMW dl4 .OCEAN STEAMERS, ETC. VAIiBSODTH (STJEAMSMII" CO. X .l.U;d)- - _ _ _________________ ____ (Ilro- ... The tust nnd poiralar Btciimshlp "Bps. ton" sails from pier I, Lewis wharf, iioBton, for Yarmouth, N. S.. every Tuesday and Friday at 1() a. m., making close connocilons at Yarmouth tnall points lu Kova Scotlii. Returning, sails Yarmouth for Boston every Wednesday and Saturday evening. Tiio "Boston''' carries a regular mall to and from Yarmouth, N. 8. For rntes ol jiaBHiige, Btaterooms, etc., apply to J. F. SPINNEY, Agent, pier 1, Lewlfl wharf: ,f, G. HALL & CO., 04 (Chatham St.; TIIOS. COOK & SONS,S32 Waaliington St.: W. U. EAVES, ticket agency, Paiker House. BuMThtf d7 ii Kfi T- ISTKEKAGK TICKETS cXO^tilf iroin Liverpool, Qucenstown, GL-ia-gow, Londonderry, London and Belfast; from Brls. tol, CiirdllT, etc., at lowest ratcB. Warren Llna Bteauuiblp Co,, 18 Post Ofllce sq.; drafts for sole. _ ThSSuTtl Ja24, CUJV'ARM I^ENE-day i - - -______ Steamers leave every Salun . or Liverpool vlaQueenstown; 8oytltla,Deai 13;Pavonln, Dee. 20: Cutnloula, Dec. 27;calilU piiBSngc. soil, S80, JIOO. ALEXANDEIt MAKTIK -ivgenf, nil Sialic St., Boston. dSutf Jiil'J DRAMATIC. ABKI-Pni NOEIOOt, OF ACTITf�, a , practical training school lor stupe nsplraatsi pnicticc combined with study special fentuie; every pupil prh-ilcL'ed with apiiearlng lu nil Etatte produo-tlouBOf Adeljihi Dminntlc C'/ub; teriiifi excei'llon-nllyrtnsoiinbie.ClIARLEB LEON ARD FLE'lCllEIi, Mannger, room 2U, 110 Tremont at. Siidlf n23 DKAMATro - Young with borne experleii itmaleur druiusllc club. lady nnrt wish to . Addi-cjia A 83, Globe ficutleman 'pin a good' J. iF. COIjEM-4.'X, vocalist auil dancer; ama-, . tcur mlnsirela couched. Address 2 Union ct., Cliariestoivu. ll. PVX'ILH wnliled m i Addreui ' i K 8-1. Globi-oHli ll ion and drnmaUc nrt, e. ll* THE C/ILL ROOM. Nl Thm-i Clahti 10 ., at 7..16. i'.i, i'rlv iSt'hon! lict-, 1^ li'rof. Onrd. t Trv-iiioiit St. lb iitist Tueb. and laily. d.SuOt* dlO Fop aadltioaai elasEtSetl gdvertlsemcats. 7 - small