Sunday, December 14, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, December 14, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - December 14, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts 10 THE -BOSTON SUNDAl GLOBE-SIJOTAJ,,; DECEMBER 14, 1890,-TWENTY-EIGHT,/PAGES.,, AIOH& THE ACTORS. DESIRABLE LIST OP MS rreseiis. Price at Otliffr storos. Pi'ioo. $12.00 Pearl Opera Glassos , $6,00 Gold Eye Glasses . . c2.95 $2,00 Gold Eye Glas.? Oliaino 95c. $10.00 Gold Broooliand Drops $15,00 Gold 17atcli . . . S30.00 $25.00 Elgin Watcli , . , SIS.00 $45.00 Diamond GaseWatoli c29.00 $36.00 Diamond Ear Drops S23.00 $10.00 Diamond Einc; . . SS.OO $25.00 Large Diamond Eine SJS.OO $5.00 Mconstono Eings $3.00 Garnet Rings . $5.00 Gaxnets, Emeralds $4.00 Heart Lookota . $25.00 Diamond Lockets $5.00 Imported Brooolies $12.00 Gold Beads , . Mrs. Leslie Carter's Debut- "An Ugly Dtickling." ; Rokfln and "The Henrietta/' Banlons' New "Siipcrba," "Roscdale." A ITev? "Olemenoeau OaEe"~"SondaE" -Hyde Specialty Programmo. tlian 'boforo for Stngo Manapor MoOarty and his associates., .Tliii aoting, too, is slTong nnd offeotivo to a dcfirroe.' ManaBor lomp-kins' famous success can run only a fow woiiks loliBor, as productions not to bo do-forrad chum tho Boston stage soori after tho �new year boffino. Manapor William Harris, over anxious to pioase tfio HoTv'ard patrons, will switch off from niolo-drama this wook and give asoa' son of first-class var: oty. In Hyde's root from H; specialty company, d: �B(\hm,an's Tlioatru, Brooklyn, _____ jurod one of tho loading vaudovillo orcani ____ _itar _.;ydo and he has so- SB.50 S3.50 S2.S0 S6.00 $12,00 Gold Initial Sing , ,S5S.OO $8,00 Heavy Gold Bands . c4.50 $10,00 Heavy Seal Einss . S4.7S $4,50 Solid Gold Scarf Pins S2.50 $15.00 Seal Diamond Stud . S9.75 $1.50 Gold Collar Buttons , 9Sc. $35.00 Larcco Diamond Stiid S28.00 $10.00 Waltham �atoli, 3-oz. S5.00 $25.00 Gold Pilled V/Wn . SIS.00 $35.00 EnbyJewolled Watoli S25.00 $35.00 Diamond Eing . . S23,00 $6.00 Gold Mounted Seals . $2,50 Moonstone Buttons . SB.00 m 82,so $3,50 Boys' Seal Rings , $2,50 Girk'Emerald Eintis , Si.SO $2,50 Girls' Moonstone Eina;s SI .50 $1,50 Baby Rings , . , , SLQQ 75o, ITapkin Rings , . . . 3Sc. $2,50 Baby leok Chains . . c1.50 $150Baby Lockets . , , cS.OO $2.50 Baby Silver Oups . . SLOO WiiToi s timm $2.50 coom sE^r c. o. d. It is seldom that any woman wins, on her first appearance on tho stage, conimenda-tions so cordial and so general as those gi von by tho Neijy York critics to Mrs. Leslie Carter. Tho star's appoaranco at tho HoIIis tO' morrow ovoning, therefore, is awaited with a go*i deal of oipectatlon. Mrs. Oarter is said to possess raro natur.i,l ad-Tantaaros, keen dramatic instinct, unusual maonaotism. and a fine capacity for portraying the deeper emotions. She is further dO' clared to possess many of the qualities which have enabled Agnes Ethel and Clara Morris to win distinction. f m EWE nl, 1301 Wasluiisrtou Street. Tirtdledy Winks in Court. "Tiddlcdy Winks" is so well known in tho parlors thi^ season tliatonti in not especially Burprisod lo soo it in tho law reports. It finds its way thither, howerc;-, in a peculiar way i!ius(i-alhic the benighted con-diliim of tho Australian mind, which knows not tiia "liddlcdy wink=." Tlio Australian l.iiw Time.s reports, acc.nlins lo a i)ul;Usln.-d summary, a case 1.11 wliicli a ciiiiif juFiicoaiid tivo usso-ciatos considered the Mucstion as to whether tlio wore "ti'Jdledy v/inks" afjpUod to a per-son was ibelious. The person aKgnevedby having: )"'--n called by that cpilhot produced in court a M'itness M'ho considered liiinsolC an expert in slancr, and who dejined tlie verb "tiddlcdy wink" to moan "to use little dodKc-H to accomplish one's ends." 'X'he ludijos, ncvertbclcss, dooidod lhat tho word was not libellous. "PictureBciue Ireland" Tonight. An entortajiiincut, tjuito out of tho usual order of Sunday niKht oll'orings, is to ho expected at Music Iiall this e-conine. Walfiho and Gorman'.s new "Picturesquo Ireland." with noted Irish ballad singers, will assuredly lind appreciation. Over lOU beautiful tableaux., presontLns scenes in every cor.iity in tho land of Erin, arc to bo shown with a series of portraits of famous Irishmen and Irishwomen. There will bo music by tlio Mcii-^.elssolm lady auarlet, solos by Misses "sther G. Connelly. Jennie MalUt, �Klloii '.iiyea of Hartford, Marijarot JIullon otKow i-Iaven, Messrs KupeneO'Connor,,1. F. Shee-lan and other.s, with recitations from Miss )atber;nB Moore. Irish national music^vill predominate, and at tho scale of popular ii'iccs adopted, it will bo strange if Music fall is not packed to tho doors tonight, Fi The Bed Man's Bevenfje. Indian dialects havo done much in the Introduction of nc^vr sounds into our lan-ruago, says the Chictigo Globe. To illustr.-de, those are a few of the counties in tho uov,' State of Washington: KUcl:itnt, �Clichalla, Btafll, Btumanla, yaklmn, Wiiliiaicuni, Klttctits. BuohonilBh. Tho American red man has not lived in vam, and his revenge on tho white man is something-terrible when it is considered that the loJ.ter must go on trying to pronounce Bucii names as the foregoing forever. SATSUMA VASES. riJcso fire Gcnntao Goods, rloh la Jfij>auetti tracery of ^^old al.d color, chiiraciertslic In iiiiilrlj: aad sur/aoo (lt.^lpi, |>*;rfect In all rcsp'.-^u, Hf ItrJjls Hinge from 1 U, ,'1 feet. I'rlw-A ticiri f 5.00 to f30.00. ItbeMom hajipeiiE Uiot dtsirallt pircu- ol lUlB choice ware caubehud at Buch abEurd fl^uree, but theee ai* || a piclied Une of .tce.liti' fiamplcB, lliniled tti niunber, anfl we ofler tl;, m a ClirtstnuiB Leader while tlH-y Ihtt. ^.'o i;lU U.more acoepta-ble to oon-rio!f-r/ji:rt or to Elnipl., lovera of itrt tl.:ir. a piece of frzqujElte SaU fciiji.a, a^ifl visitoi* will discover In l;.r,iii A Hart nclidcv J'ind. V.'e li;v!i ,v' Mrs. Carter is to anpear in a now phiy, "Tlio Ugly Duckling." According to tho man-aijemont. it was suggested by Teuuysou's pooni, "Tho Sisters." and Hans Christian Andersen's pretty f.iblo o� "Tho Ugly Diicii:-ling," do.spised by it.T. follows, which proves to 1)0 n .staiiilj'swan, and awakon.s t loironvy and admiration. It is a nlay of social lifo in Now York at the present time. ManagorE. 1). Prioo has certainly selected a strong company to support his star, in-cludins McKHVB. Arthur Dacre. 15. J. Hen-Icy, ^^^ II. Thompson, John Flood. R. V. Cotton. Kaymond Holmos. Mcrvyn Dallas, Newton Dana a,nd Messo. Helen Bancroft, Helen Russell, Ida Macdonald, Fannie Batcholder and Ida A'ornon. The play will bo staged with tho original scenery and decorations eurployod at tho I3ro.adway Theatre, Now York. Tho entire artistic work supervised by Mr. David Bolnsco. "STTPEBBA" AND ITS GLOKIEa. Xjateat Eanlon Speotnelo Comes as a Eoliday Offering. Years of, work havo boon devoted to "Superba." the now pantoraima ballot spoc-taclo that tho Hanlons are to bring to the Globe Theatre tomorrow evening. It is a fairy story, devised by Mr. John J. MoNally, and illustrated with such an array of unique tricks as only a Haulon could create for the public delectation. One of tho special scenes, represantiug an African jungle, has an elephant of realism that is startling, tho chattering monkeys, frogs and toads, the snakos horribly pictured in green and gold, and all mannerof croojiing tilings, and the wild hoa.sts of the jiinglc, to all aunoarancos s.avogo enough to cat one without tbo least provocation. Tiio trausformation.q presented in "Sn-porba" arc pnuioiuiced the most brilliant yet devised by tlicso amusement purveyor.^, wlio liope f-hvit their now oft'cring ^^�ill as U\x outrank "l dlcnt per-fornianco as Bertie, tho lamb, wil not bo able to resist t)ie de.'?ira tosou it aga n; who huvo not experienced tho nloasuro-giving qualities have a thorough treat before tlicui. "The Henrietta" will he set with a completeness \\-orthy of tho 'J'remont's high reputation in that respect. Only ono week of Howard's comedyis allowed. a.sMr. Kobson has a novelty in reserve for tho holiday wock. "Kosodale." ever a welcome play when worthily presented, is to bo given iiroduo-tion at the Museum tomorrow evening. It is unneooBsary to speak in commendation of the merits of tho comedy which Lester Wallack first made famous, and which has fiven honest pleasure to so many audiences, 'his revival will have especial interest as ijitroducinc Mr. Eben Plymplon as the gallant Elliot Grey for tbo first time. Mr. Boniface is to bo tho Miles MclCcnna. Miss Clark as Lady Florence. Miss Addison as Tabitho Storke, Miss O'Loary as dainty Rosa Leigh-who will not be glad to see tlicin again, with Wilson's Bunherrj'Kobb, .Mr. Davenport's JIatthew Leigh and Olive HomaiiB as little Sir Arthur/ "Kostdale" sbciuld bo a g-reat niar-'uoL for tho public, lloyt'.s "Bunch of itcys," with new songs, new medleys, new g.'tgs, new business and new lines togi\-e a fresliness (othe pcrforra-arico is to be the Grand OiM'ra liouse card ibis w�ek. Miss Ada Botliner niaUes a lively and pleasing Teddy, Ixmis We.slev is credited with great success as Grimes, and W. C. Crofibie's Snaggs is iironomiced a capital piece of light comedy acting. The rest of tho company are said to do "excellent well," and tho poronnially popular play will no doubt ag.iin justify ita reputation as a money and plaudit winner. ATTRACTIONS DIVEBSE. A New "Clemenceau Case"-"The Soudan" Bocm-Hydo Specialty-Bijou Enjoyment. Tho fa ." Oliver Hyron is a coming star at t"lie Athfiueuin. Mr. Byron is doing a tremendous business. Tiie elevated rail-riir.d scene alone would besulficient to carry tho play. A grmi carif is the Garfield loa-liut. made out of thcrailroad tiesover which President Garfield wcs carried iu his car from WashJug'lcn io Long Branch. �J'he iiuction st'le oi s'nts for the C.-.det.s' thealiicais will lake t-lacc at tlie I'liui-lit Theatre on Tliursday nflenioni ncM. 'j'iieiu should be a careful uttesuinn to this f'.ct, for tifier tbo sale there eiiii hardly remain niiiny good places. Meanwhile, Mr. Vi'iliiaiu Sevmoui's aeit hiuul and cunning areiieing psi:rc,ibed over the rehearsals, he h-.iviug taken charge iberoof. Ho stieulcs in the wurmcstwayof tbo uptilude aiid-brigUir.ess of the corps, .and Itioks for a perfoniiance creditable to professionals. Tho "boys" are working heart and.soul to do all that can be iUirtcilsil to them, ;uid ai'o v,ta;'ii.a: ont countless .il'.ppers and innumerable properties to get tlio "knack" of the dances and tho ease of tho situations. Yonne Sofhern is credited by many critics with dolnic the best work of his stage oaroor m ''Tlie Mtilstor of Woodbftrrow," ond ho is -Raid to htivo branched out as an emotional actor in a way which no longer admits, of comparison with his father. Not only is his individual performanoo highly praised, but the members of his company also come in for strong tributes. 'Thoy present a sorios of characters as interesting as a gallery of portraits by Dickens. Ho follows Mrs. Cartorattho Hollis. Onoof the worthiest .of charities is tho Avon Place Homo at Carabridgo, and on Wednesday evoniiig next tho Kamblors, headed by Kendal Weston, will give thoir third performance of "A Box of Monkeys" atBrattloHall, Cambridgoiin aid of this Home. "In Honor Bound" wilLfalso be (fivon, with a notable amateur cast, inclitd-ingMissAlys Hardy, Miss Helen Emery. Miss Gertrude Lonir, Blorriiim Bruco and Weston. Tho Orchestral club of .18 pieces will render music, and tho old Cambridge society leaders and Harvard boys will give special attractiveness to tho au-dienco. Every seat, both on tho floor and the gallery, was filled by the fashlonnble nudieiico that gatliered at Odd Follows' Hall, San Francisco, to attend tho entertainment given in honor of the aoth birthdtty of tho veteran actor, Walter M. Loman, so pleasantly remembered here. When tlio curtain was drawn tho handsome face of tho whitediii,ired veteran apnoarod and ho recited "The Ocean," by Byron. Lat,;ir he acted Sir Peter iu a soeiio from '"Tho School for ,5candal," and ho closed tho long and attractive programme v.'itli a recitation enti tlecl "Peace." Rich.ard Goldon's tonr of Massachusetts still goes on with unobatod furor, and the tavern car boomingly in advance with its chockfulnoss of agents. Largo business is quoted from tho several towns, v/hilo tho car itself is credited with a magnetism not bohmd that of the attraction of which it is the forerunner. Tho visitors' register book in the car .shows already 20,000 signatures m spito of its continuously densely crowded state. I he company aro to nlay this week atHolyoko. Cliicopeo. Sprhigiiokl, Warren, iSponcer .ind Worocstor. Tho oar keeps ahead of tliam just one week. Tho recent aniionncomont in several newspapers of jirojootod porforinaucos of Mr. Augustm Daly's comedy from the Gorman entitled "7-20-S.'' by amateur performers, sooms to havo boon made in ignorance of Mr. D.ily's stage rights in the niece. Mr. Daly has, by arrangement Avith the Gorman author, whoso work i.s fully protected from uiiautliorizod translation, acquired the exclusive right of stage representation of this pieco m the United State.'i, tind will contest all performances, amateur or, of tho .substantial text of this piocein any tr.inslatioii, or under any title, by legal injunction if necessary. . Two most interesting novelties are pi'ora-isod, at the JMusonm tho Monday after Christmas. "Betty's Finish," a new one-act comedy, by Mr. Clyde li'itcli, which seems to have somo reference to "tho higher education" of girls and tho relation of that education to love, will havo its first stage prosentation, Misses Ryan, Acres, Courtney and O'Leary. with Mos.9r3. Abbe, Hart-wig, Booth, Hallett and Davenport, are to bo in tho cast. "The Solicitor." that reigning ioroo comedy success in London, willbe givon Its first American production tho siuno evening. Misses Clarke, Sheridan, Campbell, O'Leary and Acres, and Messrs. Plynipton, A'Vilson, Barron, Booth. Davenport. Abbo, Wado and Hallott should gi^'e the comedy very brightly and briskly. For the third porformanoo of the New England School of Dramatic Instruction, Doc. 20, Robertson's delightful comedy, 'School," is to bo given, with this cast: Lord Boauloy, Mr. D. E. Olmo; Dr. Sut-clilio, Mr. G. F. Farren;Beau Ftuintosh, Mr. J. W. Rose; Jack Poyntz, Mr. H. M. Pitt; Mr. Krux. Mr. Corl Soranton; Vauglian, Mi\ Q. C. Clinton; Gamekeeper, Mr, S. D, Salmon, Jr.; Mrs. Sutclifto, Miss Emily Bramhall; Bella, Miss Annie Atliy; Naomi Tighe, Miss Margai'ot Dodge; 1 illy, Miss Maud States; MiUy, MissMar- SaretMadden; Lam-a, Miss L. N. Brooks; lara, Miss E'lorenco AveriU; Mamie, Miss E. A. Turner; K tty, Miss Lottlo Adams; Uotty,Mis3Emily Bleakman;Tottie, Miss L. Knibbs; Louise, Jliss A. B. Roberts: Mabel, MissGordolift McDonald; Mollie. Miss E. Billiard; Dolly, Miss Margaret Dean, Seats are in brisk demand. WONDERS OF NATURE AND ART. That Marvellous ManeiJ Horse the Gi'eat Maenot at Austin & Stone's. Tho placing on oxlnbition at Austin & Stone's Museum, of tho magnificent Oregon tlioroughbrod stallion, Linus, has proven to bo a masterly stroke of managerial policy. Multitudes attended dming tho entire week. Tha aggregate attendance was rooordod at a little over 70,000 persons, and it has been next to an impossibility at times to satisfactorily take care of them. Prominent horsemen from distant places havo soon this equine plionomoiion. Tlio spectators havo represented all classes and sections, and universal has been the appreciation of the beauty .and wonderful luxuriance of tho stallion's extraordina.t-y foreliop. mane and t.'ui as they trailed iu glossy, silken inasscs upon tho floor of tho platform. There seems to bo but ono verdict expressed. That is, tliat "Linus is a niuvvel of marvels, uuliko any oqnino wonder ever befovo seen in thiy citv." So great has been tho success attotid-iug this first week of his exhibition, that Ifauaenrs Stono & Shaw will retain him another week. Special matinees for tho benefit of ladies, children and family parties will bo given each day. Other interesting features abound in tho ciu'io halls, and aiiother rattling spcciidty show is to bo expected. _ Austin's Nlckelodeoa. Every feature at Austin's Nickelodeon will be new this week. The bill is a long one, and the feature that will interest tho ladies particularly promises to bo tho public "make-up" of Loy Fen, the Chineso beautj', who will iilso tell tho ladies how to remoin young and beimtiiul. Slie also promises to mend in an excoediiigly skilful manner all broken bric-a-brac and make it as good as new free of charge. Prof. E. G. Johnson promises lots of fun iu his act of hyimotlsm, and at ovary performance he will havo a dozen subjects i^-hom ho will cause lo do all sorts of absurd things. I'he otherciirio features include; McGilley's shadogr.iphs; Lizzie Sturgeon, who plays on tho piano with her toes; 1 rincess Lucy, tlie tiny midget, and the A bino family. �Wiley and S,^nford'^ Transafc antic I'audo-viUe company and Clark and Williama' AU-Slar speealty company will furnish alternate performances in (ho tlioatro. All tlie specialists arc now here, and will present a bill altogether difloront ironi last wctdc's porfonuiuioos. Tboy include: Lillian Vincent, AVilliams and Hov.'ard. El ward Lor-rett, Thompson and Siiiith, Maggio Lawrence, Wiley and Sanford, Berthtt Keynold, Arlio LawTonce, Emery and Russell, Allio Morrison, Phillips and Lovoll. Charles Colo-man, May Lewis,Clark and Williams, Loua Livingston, Bert Emerson and others. Tho ivord cimtest for the dictionary closes Deo. 26. whan tho lists will bo carefully examines! by a committee and the dictionary ati'ardod. __ GrJind Museum, The drama at the Grand Museum, corner of Washington and Dover sts., this week will be John A. Stevens' sensational play, "A Great Wrong." Tho play abounds in exciting situations and the story is one of excocdmg intercot, treating as it does of tho life of a man tho vicissitudes of whoso (xperienoo aro of the most extraordinary nature In his boyhood days, in order to preserve tbo good name of his mother, ho confesses tho conini!.ss:oii of a criiiio of which he is innocent and is cnndeiuned to Ii.ass the remainder of his days as a member of England's penal colony in Australia. See-iies iiud incidents in his life there, a daring escape, mutiny on shipboard, and his cxperien,-;es as a cast away - '^^i.--, more drama._________ - - -..... Ell wards iu tho dual roles of Kenneth Rar-don and Richard Bright, (Charles Baningor as Benton, Kato Glasslord as Eliza, Justin Papo as Cant. Brapdon and Miss Aiinio McVeigh as Milly. Jliss N'ettie Morns with her troupe of educated pmucs and dogs remain another week. These remarkable littlo aniiDiils,win the heart of every, spectator. Thou- feats aro out of the usual .irder, and they display an lulelligenco which is astonishing. � _ Filling's World's Museum. The bill th.1t Manturer Pilling oilers to the patrons of the World's Museum this woekis one of unusual variety and c.vtent, and ono is expected to give the utmost satisfaction. At its head is Charles P. Blatt, the strong man, who gives many remarkable exhibitions of strength, including the breaking of big iron and steel horseshoes with his hands. Tills is the last week of Blatt, and the last opportunity to see him, as ho sails sliortly for l^uro))e In addition to Blatt lliero will appear m tho stage bill Charles L. (jregory. in his clever feats of balancing with barrels, tables, cro.syes, \ orld's iluseum. 1 he cciupauy v.-ill make us first atipeuraiiC>.-ou the ^2d. The usual vavideviile enterucnmcnt will alio bo cou-rinuoo. 1 ipooarti, and ais oxpeneiuics a.s a cast-on Desolation Rock are among the notable features of t lis thrilling Q. The east will include J, Gordon COIMT AM LECTDSE. Tonight's Offerings in Music Hall and Theatre. Star Coarse Attractions-Facts About Eussiian Rovolntions. Doings and Plannina(s by Musioians Here and Elsewbere. rt is a noteworthy fact that theBeston Philharmonic is tlie only grand orchestra 310W engaged here in giving popular music to the people on Sunday evenings at popular prices. The corps under Mr. LiHteiuann's direction includes 2C violins and violas, 13 cellos and bassos .and a complete military b.and of 20 men. Tho airay of solo talent to appear in conjunction with tho orcbostra inchides; Mi.s.s Mabollo Monclalr, soprano; M.i33 Edith Christie, violinist; and Mr. Thomas E. Clifrord, barytone. Tho programme follows: Overture, "Anncreon"................Cherulilnl ^'out^uHo from "Jltilsniitnier Nlglit'a Ureani," Mentlolsflohn Kei'ltnUvo and aria. "Brine forth tho licnt l!ol)o," from "Tho PrmLlpnl Soii",.Art)iur8ulUvan Mr. T..K. CLIb'KOnu. violin solo, Andanto and flnnle from E Wlnor couocriB.......................Mendelssohn Stlsa ISDITII .CHKISI'IE. Air, "0 ralo I'ornando," from "ha Travlata," Donlzettf MfBS MABELLE JtOIfOLArR. Symphonlopoein,"0mi)liale'83i)lnnfug'\Vlie6l," aalni..Saon8 Two CIronaalan Dances, fro'in "T!ie Msoiicr of till'. Caucastis." (Kew. First tlmo fn Boston)..............................C. Oni .Soiitf of tho 'ToTftador, from "Cnnne/i".......Ulzet l\fr. 'f. K. OLIliTOllD. Serenade, impromptu.....................Ofllet Son^, SniiiiiBli Serenade..................Metra Jllas JIABEEIjE MONCLAIIi. Wftlti Caprice.......................KubhiBteln ECONOMY IN BEVOLXJTIONS. Popular Errors ConcerninE the Means, Employed by Nihilists. Tho coniing visit to this country of Sercuis Stepniak, who sails on the 20th inst., will do much to dispel tho popular errors concerning the moans employed by tho Nihilists to secure tho success of thoir revolutionary measures. 'This famous revolutionary leader in tho Russian movomonts has been so closely identified with every .attempt made by tho Nihilist3,.to,accomplish their ends, and with the financial means at their command, that his statements concerning this phase of the Russian plots will bo vastly instructive. Ho claims, � it is understood, that the sacrifices made by his confederates and the rovolution.ary party in Russia at large have never been equalled by tho peoples of any nation in a IiTw struggle, and his personal experiences are likely to substantiate tho Pttsition ho takes when thoy aro made known to the American public through his lectures in his coming tour. He appears first in this city at Chickering Hall on Monday ovenifcg, Jan; B, when his opening lecture will be upon "The Russian Revolutionary Movement." A Hundred and Fifteen Artists. In the Star course concert Monday night, IIB musicians of Boston and Allst<m take part, The Schumann club of tho latter place is to sing under the leadership of ClaronoB S. Hay; the Beethoven Club of this city is to play under the direction of Oliarles N. Allen, while Miss Gertrude Ed-mands, tho popular contralto; Mrs, E, Hum-nhroy Allen, soprano, and George J. Parker the woll-known tenor, take part. The programme, of entertaining character, is as follows; Organ recital, Priest's March from Athallo... � Mendelseolm Sir. ,I!ydcr. Clioras, Bong of tho VUtlngs.............Fanning Sclittmana Cfub. Soitot....:......................TJnpuhlfslied Boetbovon Club. Tenorsolos{WllnB, WhitherKow_I Pray ^ ^^^^^ Mr. Parker. Duet, Tuscan Folic Songs.............Carracfollo Mra. A-lfen and MlBB Edraands. Chorus, Kogulsh Love...............Khelnborgor Schumann Club. Contralto solo. Alia Stella Confldento.....Robandl MfBses Edjnnndcand Pray. Violin solo. Andante and Ilnale from Violin Concerto......................Btendelasohn Jlr. AUon. Chorus, Tinder Blossoming Brniiclies.... .Hellraund Schumann Club. Soprano solo, with Ihito obhgato, Lo, Hoar the Gentle Larit........................Bishop Mra. Allen and Itlr. Van Santvoord. ......Plnsull Bass Holo, King's Jllnatrel.. ,11 r. Hay.. Chorus, LUto Silver Lamps '......... Sclnnnanu Club. Pnet, .From Masanlello.......,..... J^lt'&ara. Parker and Hay. Soprano solo, GalUa................ Mra. Allen. Sextet, (a) LlchtCTtnnz, from tho Ballet Musfo to Foraniors.............Rubinstein (b) Seronado....................GUlei .. Bamby .. ..Verdi .. Gounod Prof. Cromwell's Fourth Lecture. Tonight Prof. Cromwell will aolivor his foui'th illustrated looturo at tho Tremont, choosing for his subject ono of vast opportunities for grand illustration, and also for tho happiest of "talks" such as the professor is most delightful in. "Berlin and the Gorman Empire" is tho subject. It cannot bo too omphatioally and earnestly said, or rtithor repeated, that for a coni-tortablo month's journey an evening with Prof. Cromwell is beyond compare. Seated at ease we are carried by tho m.^glc of his beautiful illustrations and his vivid descriptions to tai'-away lands. Prof. Cromwell furiilBhes a magic carpet like tho convenient vohiolo of the Arabian ties, c ho lights. Berlin is one of the loveliest of c and wore it alone Prof. Cromwell's top would afford all a reasonable man could expect; but he will take his listeners all over Germany and show them tho countless beauties of the fatherland. Stoddard Among Danes ond Swedes. At Boston Music Hall on Tuesday evening jiid Saturday afternoon of this M'cek ,Tobii u Stoddard will give his lecture on "Sweden, tho Queen of tho Baltic." In this lecture, conceded by all his audiences of the lu'csent .series, to he one of the most charming in his repertoire, ho unfolds the first pages of his note boolc of Scandanavian travol, wliich proved so enjoyable to him last sum-raor. His journey began at Copenhagen, where ho made a short stay and was able to appreciate as never before the works of Thorwaldsen.who has now become almost the patron saint of Denmark, Thence to Gothenbm'g, the second oity of Sweden, in whose vicinity Mr. Stoddard was so fortunate as to be able to enjoy experiences of Swedish homo life and hospitality. 'Then followed a sojourn at Sweden's beautiful capital, Stockholm, and a visit to its former capital, now its chief historic site, Upsola. The fitting climax to this journey, whoss novelty and beauty were a pornetual delight to Sir. Stoddard, was a sail through the heart of Sweden by the Gotha canal, a work whose engineering achievements seoiu to bid defiance to the laws of gravity, .\s his photographer was everywhere his vory shadow, Mr. Stoddard does not hesi-taic to promiso eiooptionnlly fine ilhistra-tions. Next week will take place tho lecture on the "Land of the Midnight Sun." Olof Krarer in Tremont Temple. A unique attraction is promised iu the Boston Lyceum course next Tuesday evening. Miss Olof Krarer, a real Esquimaux woman, 33 years old, yot only 3 inches high, is f o lecture on "Greenland, Its Manners and Customs." It will be strange if Tremont Tomplo is not crowded. Before the lecture there will be organ solos by Mr. T. P. Ryder and singing by the Nilsson ladies' quartet. A froo reception matinee to children will bo given at tho 'Temple on Tuesday, when ti multitude, of young people should seo tho htOo Innuit lady. 'BOSTON MUSIC ,� HALL. Preludes and Echoes. Reynolds, Carlo &, Prescott's "Living Pictures" will be oxhibiteu in Indiana and Michigan cities this week. This company have visited IE States and travelled over 4000 miles since opening their season six weeks ago. Mrs. Jennie Patrick Walker.. soDraiio; Miss Gertrude Edmands. alto; Mr. Albert Lester King, tenor, and 51i-. Myron W. Whitney, bass, will be the soloists of "The iMcssiah" on Sunday evening next. Mr. Carl Zerrahnwill be conductor and Mr. B. J. Lang, orgtmist. In the next entertainment of the Commonwealth course at TromontTomplo, Dec. 18. the Aiiolle male quartet. Miss -Mira Bell Ross, HOiiraiio; JUbs Cbeneverdl, whistling soloist; Mr. Carl Merrill, cornet, and tho boy p).ini.' , witSi llrst-rato Seats. BURMTT & TOllTH, Miin.ngei's. Palaces, SUPERB MUSICAL TAIBNT. Delightfut, instructive, Historic. Frloes. S5� 3S, CO ota. On sale, today at Music Kali. TiiE merriest parlor gama lB"'Polltlcs." ffl OF, MC. 15, 'wijc-i. BE iNOiiirnxiD iiff Ticni -OP- That!.^ro,announced as the present week's bill at this noted theatre, which has long catered, at popnlar prices, to the best family patronage in Now England.' � BESPIl#'m extraordinary gharacter Of the Bill, the regnlar Prices prevail, as follows: f Admission' \Q Oeiits Seats, Balcony Circle  - 20 Cents Seats, Balcony .... 25 Cents Seats, Orchestral. . . . 26 Cents Seats, Orchestra Special - SO Cents Seats, Boxes ...... $|.00 nettie garun, Tho popular lady performer, ia � refflMkaUi �Wiro Act, Juggler, the cohens. Eetnra of this ovop-eiitertaining famll?,, fa en9 of their lute Oomedy SnooeesDS, inissi.dri i5c. MISCEXir.ANEOTJS POBTSSX. THE OLD SEDAN CIIAIE.......Austin Dobson THE WELL OF ST. KEYKE...........Soilthoy ODE TO A BKYLAHK.................Shelloy INCIDENT OF THE FnENGII CAMP..Browning PARADISE AND TIIK I'Eltl____'.......Wooro THE Gr.ANn.MOTlIElt'.S APOLOGY... Tennyson THE SKELETON IX AH.tlOUIi......Longfellow KATYDID......................O. W. llolmos 'fHK BELLE OF THE BALL-P.OOM.......Prnetl A rOHTEAIT................Frederlok Looker Boglna 3 P. JI. Tiokets, BOc, 76o., SI.00. ABBEY .t SCHOEFFEL____Props, and Managers. Tomorrow Wmht at 7.45. Saturday ilCittiuoo at a. Doors open at 7.15 and 1.30. EnsraKemeut of tUe Oomodlan. company of players, ViuXev the X>Irectlon of In Bronson Howard's Next WoeU. Mondny, Dec S�f of the engngerafgwif First production iti HoBtou of Archibald I), (iordon nnu Ad. Corbett'a American Ooinedy, in 3iictB. IS MAMIACffl A FAIMSE? Rraiid Xtra Mntliiee Xiaas. I nSO Begliuiatc ot 8, PROF. G. R. CROMWELL'S 4th Illustrated Lecture. *t}� -AND- TiTJE GEBMAN EMPIBE. Boi ofilneopen today at 4 p. m.__ Sr- THE CADETS. ^ Anctlou Sale of ISoats for the OADET THEATEIOALS AT THE TIlE-troXT TKEATKE, Tliursduv, Dee. 18, at 2 p. m. SAVE $43.00?icS"GALIF0RNlA. J. C. Judson it Co.'6 pcrBonallv coiuhiritul Cnli-forni!i. Kxciualons hi broad t:(i.uj:e I'liUinan lovcc-l6t slijepiiip curs via I>env*'r o:. itto Gniiule K. i;.. the �wnlc Um- of the v/orld, lawa Uoeton via >;e\v Vork �t i\ow Kngland It, It., everv Tlnu-Bday. I'J, nuon. Eacli eicureion In charge of an efllclent and jxcntlo niiwly t'icurslon manager. PuUiiuui aud (oiniiit aleeplnecara ihrouyh from lioston to Chl'.:ai;ti. rinn KranelscD and 1/Os Ainjidea. ?.''or ratee, rt-st'rval ion of berth, ttc, call on oriiridreiss J. C. JIUISON & CO., S22 Waihlui^ion 8t., Boston. Suly o5 of all teindB; shadcgrftnhs, gieitt novelty; vftrlcty show \rlth prlut!nK ::U readv; ^inytlJng you Vi&ut. Hull Amuseuieat Bureau* Ctiui't su XX* miss jessie beetley, Serio-Oomlo, FITZGERALD & KELLEY, Eoflned BkMoh Artists and Novelty Perfpnnenh � ' j-IilAN, " , The popular looal Xeiior. ; jO'BRIEN &|RENO; r Irish Eatertalneru, in a now and .vory .pleasing i skdtoh, � & kelley,; Kmookahout Song and Dauoe Artists, ik tholz nnlijuo prograffimo. grifFwiTuams, Banjo Artist, Hist appearanoe this season of those well-knoira Dutoh-Oeltlo performers. jack talbot, In a Tcry fnnny Btnmp Speooh that wffl le sat to please. CORNELLO & NEDO, In k clever ejiibitlon of Fanoy Bkatlnj, peasley & The well-known Slcetoh Artists, re-engaged. chrissie & barry, The always popular entertainers. two star features. The engagement of whioh will he oJBoially on, noncoed, too late for pnblioatlon In thii issno, will he also presented, 20c., 25c., 50e. I, fc\�UI, CUUI, UUU( CONTEVCOlrS rEKPOICMAXCia. GAIETl OI'EEA HOUSE, PUOVIMEWCB, IE. I. B, F. KEITH........................Proprietor P. F. COA'HELL..............Eesident Manager TV ecu of I>ec. IS, 3:3Srr3E3:-<aL-^?3C3-TTDES EVEWINOS AT 8, Matinees luesday, TUursflay and Bstardsy Bt 2.16 O'CldcU. populak prices. THE eyou, pmr-AJUELi'iiiA, I'A. B. F.KEITH.......................Proprietor E. F. ALUEE.................Eesldeut Manager Wecl� of Bee. 15. opera and specialty. . Prioea lOc, SOo,, SBo. Continuous Perforimutetk) * 41