Sunday, November 16, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Text Content of Page 7 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, November 16, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - November 16, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts I THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE- SUNDAY, NOVEMB'^ 16, 1{^90- -TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES. BLUE DAY. Griffitlis Seriously Injured. . 'Tis Sal 111 Williams Won Close Same of Amherst. Varslfjf Eleven in Practice on Jarvis Field. STw Haven, Conn., Nov. ic-The Yale iam had an opportunity to show ita metal )odor in a foot ball game ivith the eleven from the University of Pennsylvania, The boys were eaual to tho occasion, and not only defeated the Pennsylvauians but rubbed it in, to the tuno ot 00 to 0. This grand score, however, was not effected, before Griffith, the right tackle of the'University of Pennsylvania team, had been carried from the field with broken ribs, and Dewey, their left tackle, had retired with a badly sprained ankle. The close call which Prinooton had with the visitors a week airo has been the topic of conversation, and there is no doubt that Yale folt some little anxiety upon entering-the conflict. Buoh was the interest in the event that 8800 people surrounded the reotangle at the Yale field on which the game was played, and Yale's supporters howled themselves hoaiso in cheering their team on to Victory. There was no betting, the U. of P. men, of whom there were 200 who accompanied their team to this city, were not ot the betting class. They did not care to bet on the score even, and the only ofCer of money was made of 8 to 1, and it was not aocopted. The day was perfect for tho game, neither Eun nor wind being present to give one side or the other an opportunity for a choice of goiils. The first half Yale had the ball at the opening ot the game, and tried the V, gaining five yards. Barbour passed to B. Morrison, who made a fine punt down the field. Vail captured the ball but, before he could return it HefliefinKor downed him on University of Pennsylvania IC yard line. Three times the halves on the University of Pennsylvania tried to get tlirough Yale's line,,but instead wore carried to within a foot of their 10-yard lino. Then Thayer kicked down the field. McCluiig caught Uie ball and ran 30 yards before Griffith tackled him. By intorforanoe of Schoff, Yale got five yards more and then McClung took another clear Twenty Yards Ijy Artful DoclRrlne, and Hefflefinger helped in warding off the University of Pennsylvania players while he ran. McClung was downed on the 10-yard line, but Bliss scored a touchdown .as soon as the ball � came in pl.ay. 'L'ho time of playiuB had been five minutes. No goal was kicked. The ball was brought out, and with tho V the University of!vania gained 20 yards, but there tho Yalo rusli lino liold them. Then Thayer kicked and McClung , returned it. Again Thayer bousted tho ball � down the field and B. Morrison returned It. The kicking back and forth was lively  lor some time, andfiuaily B. Morrison lost \ the ball by a fumble. Thayer kicked again and this gave Bliss an opportunity to i turn the ball. .Wlieu the ball caniobackto Bliss he made as if to kick it, but instead .dodged by Schoff and rail a clean ;J0 yards before he was Bucoesstully tackled. Two rushes, the final by Ehodes, carried the ball over Pennsylvania's line for another touchdown. Time, 16 minutes. By this time Yale had become fully awakened. They ceased kicking and began to work the men back of the line. Bliss and MoOlung botli made pretty runs aroiuid the end, and linally S. Morrison was crowded over the line for the third touchdown. The Pennsylvanias worked that V again, but failed to secure a yard, because Hefflefinger landed among them before Camp had scarcely got the ball and started to run without gaining a .yard. In attempting to rush Thayer then kicked tlie hall. It was not returned and Bliss made a touchdown, running free between the University oi Pennsylvania goal posts. From tliis touchdown a goal was kicked. At the start Camp gained five yards on tho V,and in tho scrimmage which followed Dewey had his ankle badly sprained. It required 15 minutes to get him in sliape, and when the ball was put in play Bliss ran SO yards. MoClunsr punted the ball. It was a bad pass, but toll into Bliss' hands, who touched it down and A Goal Wiis XfLlclcecl, I'he U. ot P. lost tho ball to Yale alitor trying the Vnnd being downed witliout the cecessary five yards advance. Morrison caught Thayer's punt and ran a short distance. Holcomb snapped the ball back to Barbour and quick as a flash Rliode.^ was through tho Pennsylvania's rush line, only to ba downed on her Ifi-yard line. Wallis went througli the same as did Kliodes. Bliss took the ball within two feet of the goal lino, and Morrison carried it over. Rhodes made another touch down and the first half closed with the score .'13 to 0. Dewey did not appear when the play for tho second half was resumed. In his place was Heisman at left tackle. It was a repetition of the first half. Pennsylvania triod tho V, and tlien two rushes, and finally a kick by Th.ayer. Morrison or McClung would got the hall, carry it well up tho field, and touchdowns would follow. Rhodes, .ifter 10 minutes of play in the second lialf, made a touolidown. Bliss made one two minutes later, and McClung tlie third after four niiiuites more. From McChmg's touchdown a goal was Idoked, making the score 4(i to 0. It was at this point of ihe game that Griffith was oadly hurt in a scrinimago. Ho tackled Ehodes brilliantly, ai d fell under the weight of a dozen or the p ayers. ^Vhen the others righted themBo vcs Gntiith was unable to move. A iihy.sician was summoned, and declared th;it ho liad several broken ribs. Griliith was removetl from the field, but before ho could he placed in a carriage became unconscious. Restoriitives were admiiiisterert and lie was taken to tlie New Haven House, where the bones were sot. Graham took Griffith'.s place and thegame went on in the same old way, Yale crowding the ball to tlio U. of P. territory, where there was JPei'fect Unanimity of Work by the rush line and the half-hacks. JIc-Clung and Rhodes each secured touchdowns, from one ot whieh agoal was kicked. Then MeChmg made another and darkness put an end to the ga,me. Tlie final score wns 60 to 0. The teams lined up as follows Yai,k. HartweU____1. c Wnllts. .. .1. R.. lipfTleflnger____1 Holcomb....... H. .M<,rri6on. .. .r liliofJiis____r. t.. Crosby. ... r. g . llurbour....... McClung....... lillss.......... 11. AlorrlBon..... .r. g. .1. t. U. or V. .r. e.. . . WjUUins , OcMX'.v, )U'lnmi\u r. t... .ThitnitiMi ..........\ :ioiiB| ; ..Full-b.l.U... Ilefcrpp-Mr. Oeurgr- rrlncduii. I'mpire-Mr. lluiclilnaon of Uiirvavd. The team which represented Yale today, is in all probability about the snmo as the one which ajipear before Harvard at Springfield next baturday. The rush line, with the ejcoeption of Crosby, will remam unchnngea. Khories may take his place on the right end and some subsUtute play in Klioftes' place. 'Xhe work of Bliss and McClung in today's game gives one ot them a sure place behind tho lino. Williams is the favorite Yale hivlt-l)ack, but lie is still very lame from iu.invius received at priwjtioo early in the season. He was on tho field today in Ins suit, however, and woulrt have played had bis services beeirrequired.'"Harvey, the full-back, is laid up, and probably B. Morrison will play in that position. � Among tho old foot ball players on tho fieUl lodny were Walter Camp. Howard Knapp, A. A. .Stagg and "Kid" Wallace. All wore vociferous'in their praise of tho work done by Ylilu's rush lino as well as that hohind'the lino. �� ., PBAOTIOE GAME AT HABVABD. Varsity Score Five Touohdowna to Second's Throe in JTirat Half. Tho Harvard Varsity eleven failed in its attempt to arriuigo a game with Dartmoiitli yesterday, and played a practice game with the second eleven instead. Tliere were several huiidi-ad spoctntor.s on Jarvis field wlien tho game liegan, at.S o'clock, but the approach of darkness and the rain drove most of thoiu away before tlie game was finished. Tho A''arsity scored five touchdowns against the second eleven, throe in tho first lialf and two in the second No attempt was made to, kick goals from any ot tho touchdowns, partly becnuso TralTord was not playing on tlie team, and cousequontly there was no one to kick goals, and jiartly because Cumnock did not care to waste time. The only score made By tho second eleven was a goaf from tho field kicked in tho first half by Frotliinghain. The score tlion was 20 to 5, but it in no way reju'ouents tlio actual merits of the two teams. Tiie-first eleven was at a great disadvantage, in that it played men; tlie second team Iiad two extra half-backs, who Slayed in the lino when tlie first eleven ad the ball, consequently tlie Varsity players had hard work to make holes in the opposing rush line. Several times . in each half the second eleven had the ball almost to the Varsity goal, but they were unable to get across. Prothiiigham had three splendid olianoes for goals from the field, but he missed two of them. He is not playing so well since his iiqiiry, and has been something of a disappointment. Fearing is playing f ull-baok on tiio first elovoii until Tratlord comes out again. Altliough tlio first, ol oven scored more during the first half than in tlie second, the playing ot tlie team improved wonderfully m the latter half. During tlio first tliroe-quartera there wa.s a lamentable lack of siiap and team play wliich is not very promising. Two or throe times in tlie first half, Willie running heliind his V, Lake got ahead of liis men and triod to push along all alone. As a result, he failed to make, more than five yards occasionally. In the last halt he did better, and once went half tiio length of tho field from tho kick-off. Corhett made but littleground yesterday; this was partly his own fault and partly because there were so many men waiting to tackle him. , , � �. Cumnock played brilliantly at times and poorly at otiiors, but he has improved so much in tho last few days tliat he will probably bo in his old-time form by next Satur-urday. He will certainly try � to play the game of his life and his pluck will make up lor any loss of training. Cumnock had liis hands full with Mason. The latter' got by tho captain' repeatedly, and downott tho half-hacks,almost before tliey had started. He ran well witli the ball himself, and made some strong taokles behind his own Ihie. Alward tackled splendidly; He brouglit his knov.'ledge ot wrestling into the game, and threw the runners like lo^rs of wood. He was weak in blocking, and gains were repe.atedly made tlirough him. Ho liad a strong and old player against him, however, in Bhmcli.ard. Shav.f played opposite Finlay yesterday, and had consideralily more trouble with Finlay than ho has had with Trafford. Fin-lay went through hko a flash, but was inclined to over-run his miin. Trafford had an easy time witii Heard. Newell did good tackling, but was oft side most of the time, and gained but little ground. , Shea did good work for the second eleven but found the Harvard rushers a different set of men from those who roprtSseu ted Amherst last Wednesday. Tiie general opinion in Cambridge seems to be that if Shea had been properly coached earlier in the season he would have made as good a tackle as either Newell or Upton. Hallowell was as reliable as usual, always on tho ball and always preventing gains around his end. Dean did plainly the best playing for his side and Harding was not far behind. Dean broke through the rush line every time the ball was snapped back, and more than once brouglit down the runner with a loss of five yards. The absence of Trafford was noticed most in the interference of the first elovon. This part of the play, with one or two exceptions, was bad throughout. Tlie runners had to loolc out for themselves:'again and again when they Kucceodod in getting through the rush line they were quickly brouglit down because tliere was no one at haiKt to keep tlie second eleven men away. The gains for the second elovon were made mostly by Mason, Blanchard, Shea, Harding, Lee and Bherwin; Frothingham's punts, too, kept the ball away from the goal. For tho first eleven, all the substantial gains were raado by the backs. The two toiims were made up as follows; SKCOKD EtKYltN. ... . .r. 0... .Mason , , r, t.,.. Blaniiliiird .....r, 6----Slinw ., lifings ..Hoard ,.. Shmi ______Miller ----Harding ........Loo .. . .Shenrtn .... nincdcn ...... Ferry ----Burjtess Frothinghaxn FlKSr JCl.UVKN. Cnmliock. Alwiird. . Kinlfl.v.. . CnvljBton. Trafl'ord.. KewoU,. . IluUowell. Dean.... Lake..... Corbett.. Fearing.. 1. .1. t. l.g.. � .Qimrtor-back.. ; j-IIivU-baeltB. ,.FiUl-bnok. wrCiiiiAMs wms close game. Amherst Played Well and Was Strong In. the V. WiLLiAMSTOWN, Nov. 15.-^Today about 800 spectators saw the Williams and Amherst elevens in one of the closest .and most exciting games played on the campus hero. The teams were so evenly matched that the ball remained most of tho time within 10 or 20 yards of the centre of the field, and till the last moment it was impossible to tell to whicli side the victory would fall. AVilliam.s won the g.^ine by her quick trick work and, or, more directly, by the bea'utiful rusliing of Street. lie it was who made tlie only touolidown, and played the best game ot all. Ainlierst'.s strong point was the V. In this 'wsy slio hardly ever failed to gain. A drizzling rain foil throughouttbe game, leaving the ground soft, impeding quick woik and causing tho ball to no often fumbled. Amherst had the kick-off. ,Sho used tho wedge with powerful effect, and Pratt made a fine rush. Williams got, tho ball at her own 2B-yard lino on a tumble. She could notg.ain, and Hall punted. Pratt returned the ball to .Street,who advanced It 1 ."j yards. Amherst secured tho ball from a fumble on the centre ot the field, rushed strongly hut was forced to punt, ,'ptreet caught, slipped and was tackled in his trucks. Tlie ball was soon lost to Amherst on Williams' 30-yard line. Amherst could not adv.ince. Hall then rushed for Willi.ams through Amherst's centre. Ho and Street soon had the ball at tho centre of the field and Cluett advanced it a little. Then came the most beautiful play of the ?raine. The hall was passed to .'streel. He orged through tlio opposing line and tliough tackled by all the hacks, kept on to (he goal where ho was again tackled, but too late. Tho cheering by Williams'men was tremendous. Brown kicked a goal. Score, tl to 0, This touchdown came 15 minutes after time H-as caiied. Amherst advanced out eight yards fj-oni the centre ot the field in a Y and five yards more on lier opponent's foul play. After pushing on a few yards she dropped the bail and street Rushed It lo 'Vnrils, but it was brought hacic because of an offside play. Street gained 10 yards by the criss-cross. Hall g.ained eight, but soon had to punt, and the ball was Amlierst's at the centre of the field. Allen started the ball for Amherst, with a gain of 15 yards. A foul play by Williams and a rush or two brouglit it to tho 16-yard line, M'here Williams got it from a fumble. Bigelow, Street and Hal) made 80 yards. Amlierst soon got tho ball on four downs, gained nothing, and lost it on her 40-yara line. Anotlior beautiful rush by Street of 25 yards, followed up by Amherst's off-side play, brought tho ball to Amherst's 20-yard line. Amherst got the hall on downs at her 15 yai'd line, gained 'AO yards by Pratt, but soon lost at. Street and Wilhajus made long gains to Amherst's 10-yard line. Strcc^t was hurt but would not give up. Alexmider took lb;-, place ot Gould, who was injured, 'i'li-o-and-a-hajf minutes remained for a touchdown, hut Amherst braced and kent her opponents back till time M'as calle'd. Score, (i to u. After five minutes' intenuission tho game began again. Brown made a long pass to Sired, who gained a few yards. Street, liali ami Williams itoiiii had the ball at Amherst's 2i)-vard hue, 'J'iiero Aiulu'l'st secured it, but h.Kt it a niouiciit after. Here the referee caught Lew;s slugging and Jacobs took his .Strong rushes by .Street, HotohkisB and Williams brought the ball williin six yards of Amlierst's line, but again Amherst took a powerful brace and repelled the Williams rushers. They got the hail on downs, kicked and secured it a.^ it came to the gioimd. Hero Allen of Willinins was ruled off tor si uggins. and Williams' stock^went iovrsi. But Spaulding took his place nnd filled it well. Stroetgainod eight yards. AboutlOyards were then lost on a fumble, but not theball. It soon went to Amherst, however, who Slnrto fiO Ifards by X'lne ItnihoB of Cutler, Pratt and Kaloy, through the centre of the Williams team, till she landed theball on Wilhams' 20-yard line. There she lost it. Hall made good gains and punted to Amlierst, wlio downed at the centre of the field. Delaharre slugged in sight of the referee and had to give place to Talcott. Williams soon got the ball. Street and Hotcbkiss rushed and Amherst secured tho ball. Pratt soon liad to punt to Street, who 1v11s dowiiod at tho the oontro of the fiold. An offside pliiy g.ave Amherst the ball. Slio failed to gain, and lost it. Street rushed 10 yards, but the ball was brought back nnd given to Amherst boonuso of another offside play. Pratt rushed to AVilliams' Mfi-yard lino where tho b.all was lost by Amherst. Hal soon punted to Pratt. Amherst vraa downat in short order ami lost tlio ball. Street then made several strong rushes, and readied Amherst's ,'iO-yard line. Hero secured tho ball, and Talcott made a long run to Williams' ao-yard Ijne. Powerful rushing and shoving advanced the ball to Williams' five-yard line. Here was a critical point in the game, and tlio spectators wore excited. The ball was snapped to Amherst's halt-back, but Lafay-etto bolted through the lino and tackled him in his tracks, and spoiled Amherst's best chance for a touchdown. Hall soon had to punt, and Amherst downed tho ball .it tho centre of tho field. She was unable to gain more than 15 yards. Street and Hall made fine gains, and the ball was being steadily driven down Amlierst's territory when time was onlled. Score, (! to o. Tlio defeat was not a surprise to Amherst. Both teams played a plucky, fiiip game, and they are almost equally deserving of praise. Street, Williams, Hall, Lafayette, Hotcbkiss, Bigelow and Cluett played well for Williams. eet around tlio festive board and enjoy themselves in the good, old-tasliioiied way. Probably no township in Hmv Eng-load numbering over 2000 soulsi^aii boast ot containing 100 persons over three score years and ten, yet this the number of invitations sent out, and over BO responded to tlio call. It was an interesting company that gathered at the McNaughlon homestead tliat pleasant November afternoon. Four score bright and lively old people, ail of whom had passed the allotted tune of life and several of whom were fast approaching the' end of a century. There wore four brothers and sisters of the Hicks family, tlie oldest, .Toseph, aged no, and the youngest, I..oin, aged 70. There was Rev. Joseph D. Wieltham. tlie oldest living graduate of Yale, bearing his OH years with and with mental and physical powers well preserved. Ho or-cupied the of honor at the head of the table. At his left sat his wife, a chanuing old lady ot 82, and at Ijis right sat Jtrs. Eh/.a Mear.s, a sprightly old lady of !i-t, v,-lio got into and out 01 her carriage without as.sif;tatice. An interesting feature was the .singing, which Included tho good old tunes of long ago, a number of the old-time song li(jo!v,s having beou procured from Bosiuii. Tiiey had a merry time, did these aged peoide, and felt for the time as jolly as boys and girls. _ Q,ulnoy Eleotrlo Stock Increased. QtriNCT, Nov. 16.-The stockholdeni of the Boston and Quincy electric street railway voted to increase tho capital stock from 600.000 to 3100.000 today. [CopjTightlSnO by ilic tscw York Associated Press.] Berlin, Nov. 16.-Prof. Koch holds su-pryuio sway over public iuloTesfc. Tho publication ot his statement yoatorday bus in-tonsified tho excitement both liero and abroad, and from every centre ot Europe and America tolegrunis ot iiinuiry aro pouring ill on ICoch, I'fulil, Cornet, Bergniiinii and tho other medical men who aro known to he engagod in treating patients by tho now luotliod. Koch's clinique in Albreclits strasse, the imperial sanitary institute, Reicli's gosund-heitsanit, n-hero Cornet nnd othor Kochlsts aro at work, aro swamped with letters and personal applications. Many medical men, including a number of English and American physicians, have been studying tho process under Dr. Levy, in the small wards of a private hospital, whoro Prof. Koch lirst achioved striking results with small means. Here, since October, eight prominent euros of consumptives have been in progress. Dr. Levy every morning shows his patients to tlie visiting physicians and illustrates tile peculiar features of the new method as visible in individual oases. Addressing a group of physicians in his private laboratory, Dr. Levy said: "'.riie romcdv not only attacks particular places and groups ot bacilli, but rapidly .anniliilates all tiiborculous bacilli witli which bodies aro infected. We now know that the curative matter acts equally upon all groups. ' '"i'he first care is to free tho organism from bacilli. To attain tills and wo apply massage at nn early stage ot the treatinoiit to tho glands, joints, etc., affeotod by tuberculosis in order to force tlie bacilli wliicli have encased themselves, in cysts into tlio blood channels, where we can more easily reach tlioiu tlian wliere they ore in tliose parts where the ciroulation has little inUu-onco. "After the massage and the injection subdue tiie bacilli all that remains to be done in oases of tuberculosis of the bones is to remove the dead pieces of bono and to restore the general health of the patient." In order to meet the pressure of cases Aiiotlior Hosiittal Is to be established in the Alexander platz, where the Hotel Germaiiia is being transformed into wards, having 160 beds for consumptives. Dr. Pfuhl reports a strikingly rapid euro of lung tubercles. Tlie patient was a man aged 42. He had been ill for six years and lis case was apparoiitly hopeless. Tho lirst iijeotioii was made Nov. 6. The usual symptoms followed after the'injection, Tlie increase in fever and siclaiess were followed by a distinct change in tlie char-actor ot tho sputum and a notable cossatioii of tlio cliaraotoristics ol consumption. Br. Pfuhl  promises the patient that tliough it cannot replace tlie parts ot the lung that aro gone, the remedy will onsura a liealthy retention of the smallest portion left. Tho secret of the composition of tho lymph lias been communicated to Profs. Bergmann, Fraeiitzel, Brieger, I^ovy and otiier intimates of l^rof. ICoch here; also to Prof. Weigavt ot Frankfort; Dr. Rastj chief ot tho Hamburg hospital, and Prof, Nothna-gel ot thiVVionna University. Prof. Nothnagei, addressing the students of the uuivefsity, said: " "Wo face one of tlio greatest intellectual achievements in tho province of medicine tor centuries past. Prof. Kooli'a discovery has a far wider scope tlian Jonner's, and ia perhaps the grandest feat in the history of our solonoo. What inspires mo with admiration is notso muchtfie actual discovery as to tho method of bacteriological research, whicli must serve as tho basis ot all future discoveries in that lino. Tlio present moment Is among the most sublime that humanity has known." The students shared the fervor of Prof Nothnaiiol. ami choorod him to the echo. , Prof. IJlllrotli holds that Prof. Koch's method places it beyond doubt tliat a remedy will be found noforo Ijohr for Cnxicor, which is still tho greatest mystery in medicine, as experience indicates that carcinoma has a bacillic origin. The only skeptical criticisms of Koch's discovery come from French mcdi9ai men. Prot. Bronardot, doyen ot tlio Paris inedical faculty, ia reported to have written a letter in which ho advises incredulity regarding the eiiicacy of the remedy until its nature is fully known ami sciciitilic proof given of its eCfectivcnosa. "Until it'o know," says Prof. Bronardot, "the composition ot tho remedy, the history of tho experiments on animals and the prolonged therapeutic cifoots on patients, no one ought to pronounce definitely on the method." M. Pasteur and Prot. Bouchard aro said to be withholding their opinion for similar reasons. X'lieir attitude, however, does not affect tho medical fraternity outside- of France, who have personally watched the process of tho cures by tho now system. Prof. Bergmann lectures tomorrow to physicians only on "Extoriin.l Tuberculosis," and Dr. Fracntizel on Monday ou "Internal Tuberculosis." Dr. Rust will begin tho treatment of patients by the now method in tlie Hamburg wards next week, preparing tiio lymph in his own laboratory. Prof. Koch has entrusted Dr. Woyl of Frankfort with tho treatment of cases in tho Institute of llygiono there. Prot. Koch is also rocoiving communications from English and American medical men regarding tho method of distributing tlie lymph. Dr. Comet has reooivod the fourtli class decoration of tlie Order ot tho Red Eagle. This is tho first decoration given In connection with llio discovery. The rush for Prof. Koch's statement increases. A quarter of a million copies have already been sold, Tlie piiblishors refused 10,000 murks for early proofs. The Sanitary Council of Austria will send ;wo ot its mombers to Berlin to secure the ,ympli, and will tost tlio treatment in the Vienna hospitals. upon William F. Kecgaii and Edward Hart-nott, the victims of the East Dedham stabbing affray last evening, Both pleaded not guilty, and were held in $1000 each for appearance next Saturday. In default of ball they were committed to jail. arnoud WrTHDKAWS. Ha Abandons tho Oongresaional Field to Another Candidate. Pao-vrDENCin, R. I., Nov. 15.-It is reported upon the best of authority tonight that Hon. A'Viirron O. Arnold, Republican congressman of the second Rhode Island district, has withdrawn from tho contest which, on Nov. 4. To. all-round Job printer would like a situation In some buslneas bouse that do their own printing. I'rinler, Hotel Maiden, Maiden, Mass, Address t 183, Globe oiHce, '_ TTO'iJSEKEiEPiEIl - Situation wanted as XX housekeeper in widower's family; good cook and seamstress. Address 0 182, Globe ofllce. It* PATlVTEiilE--Fi'r6t.cla8S wi'rkman wants situation i will work cheap nnd furnish tools. Address H 100, Globe aillco. . If RKCH8TI3RE]I� PII'AKM'ACIST,' 12 I years* experience, best of reference, wants a sluiation_flt'_5)ijcts jViblresa R 113, Globe offloe._ It* SITlJ'ATIONw-im7STa~irookkeopcrby a Intiv ivltb experience, ctfmpclent, very Jainlllar with iuslaliuent syHtem; references to any deslrcfl extent will be furnlsilied. Bo.-c 73, Jlurilioro, Mass. _______^ _________.Sud3t*_nlll_ Sji'TUA.'rfOK-\\'!wtc(hhy n competent Am'erl-.-. can gill, a i)ei-iuancnt situation, to do i^ni)khi,s; or general Imusowork; heat of references given. Address T 137, Globe oHlee. It* SITl:'trA'l,'I�Rf"\villi(ed~ar'tlii7le~rirF'ot-~o"H ,_ light work. Addre.13 .Miss .S, JUrf^NINGS, 3n-l TreiTKUit st. If ACENTS, PARTNERS, ETC. LIVte AOISNTS wanted to sell my sleel tack puller; sample, 15 els., by mail; good pay; new idea. C. l, WAllD, Cavendish, Vt. It* PAR.X1VJI5K wanted on butter and egg route in Ciiarlestown; no exnerlenco renula'd. D 103, Globe onieo. If MALE KELP WANTED. BOY wanted lo feed job press. CO., 11 LaOrange st. C. K. loratte It* BllASS chandelier and (ablemakcr wanted: only tlrst-chiRs mechanic capable of taking lead in such departmnnt need apply. CRAIGHEAD & ""'----------- B. ,fc M. R. R. ' " KKN'TY, Ballaidvalo.llass.i Suit BAKEK and confectioner wanted; must bo flrat-class on bread, fanoy cake and pastry; steady ^.job; Amori(!an preferred. Address S 170, Globe oiiieo. Sum* B.l.AOKSMUXIlI wanted, td work on express wagons; a good .iob fm- the right man. N. C.ILL::!?!');^! l-'U Clmrlestoii-n at. 11* Il^ I KB'T.cirASS blaiViUKTolT 'Alll, Giobeolllco. llnlalier vi-anted, It* MA2V wniiteil of good achlrcss, who Is a practical Uiilor and cutler, who ia willing to lake tiold ot a small busliiCHB and make himself useful; also 1 good jour tailor, Apply to or adilress J. M. BRADLEY, Aliriovor, .Mass. aihM* MAX-Wanted, a pood, steady moii, wlMi good reforouccs, to drive Icaiu and do buying ami selling in furnlturo business; waacs about ;j't2 per week. Address W.J. RYAN, 170 Cambridge St., East Camhrldge, Mass, KuJi* ''^AN''r3':jl�-2 briglit American boys, aged T about in years, lo learn the retail shoe business; tlioao Jlvtbg with their narents in or near the city pretorrert, A|iplyatO. F, Al'l'LETON'M, 238 Washington st,, Boston. It WAlCTKIJ-'l'Ieket agent, troup going Soutll, leave ImrnedJately; deposit ^10 for trunks fur . . leave ImrnedJately; deposit ^. nlsliod; salary and percentage. 8 181, Globe omco, "W- 'AITJEKS wanted at 0 Water st. WYMAN. It- YOlnVO MASr wanted to learn tho men's furnishing goods business. Address T 13-1, Globe olllco. It* FEMALE HELP WANTED. First-clnss waist (rlmmers, good positions for tho right persons. Apply to Mr. Marsh, at Mmo. ELIHI!, Ill Boylston st. G'SR.t^ wanted from the Provinces for general housework in Hyde I'ark, mont St., room 2. Apply at 1-1I)A Trc-It G15tll'.,S wanted to work on custom coats. Apply atnu0ourtst.,4lilghls. If Gtunt smart table girl wanted at 2-liA North at,, near Uulney market. Come ready for worit illoiiday jnui'nliig. It* HOtJSEICUJ.llPEtl ..........., _ family; liouseu-orkgirl,I'anilly2 2-t7 Wasblugton st. wnntcd, S-I, widowers' .......CAMI'BBLL, It* LADIES wanted to take sowing to their homes. No, IBU Eliot St., Boston; hmira 8 until 5, It* ri"lA.r)I.OItES9 wanted, (Irst-clasSj to work with Xa Jonr Temple pi. wunteii, nrsi-ciuHBj lo wurK wii,n Ajiply to LEOPOLD SCHVVAllZj^^2-l WAWJTES*-A few more girls that understand ladies' hair dressing, cutting and s' none hiit experienced ones need �i>ply. Hair Store, 62 Winter st. and Bhampooiug; European ,tt* WA1VTMI>-A waiting. - second girl; 2 Boylston pl- also 2 for noon If WAXTEH-2 flrst-elass girl coatmakcra. Apply at 22 Chapman pi., room 7. _It* rr K N. S. OIUM, at 'Mrs. ARCHIBALD'S 4 O select oOloe, 130 Main St., Charlcstown. It* REAL ESTATE. AT SOirXlI K�ri�-Hoiieo,17rnoms and store, excellent order, all oooupled and rented ul J5 , Albert ,S. Harwood; ward 7, Rev. Francis B. Iloru-brocijt. W. ,1. Follctt moved that any vacancies occurring in the nominations be hllod by the delegates of tho 'ivards. Tlio convention chose a ward and city committee as follows to serve one year, five in each ward: AVard 1-.Jolm E. Bri.Hton, Hosea Hyile, .Tohn W. Hhan. William F. Grace, Bruce R. Ware. Ward 'J-T. F. Oilday, L. K. Watson, W.O. Tultie. K../. Harlshoni, .1. If. Williams, O. A. ."Vtkins. lOiie to lie dropped.) Ward ;i-Edwaril H, Mereliaut, Chnrles P, Hall, Cbavlpf; W. Sheuard, K. A. Burden, (icnrgo T. lincoln. Ward 4-.lames H. llolivcr, E. H. lC(!nney, Frederick liHiller, i'. A. Mc Ticker, F. I. Fal-keiiliury. Ward r.-M. H. Duriind. I. R. Smith, Charles 1*. McAIeer, Charles P. Clark, ,Ir., ,lolin*(ilover. Ward 0-C. Howard Wilson. G. W. Uliuer, Dfiviil ,S 1ouuh, \S alter Sl'mrns, Sydney Harwood, IJdwaid A. Hill, William J. Follelt. _ Say They Didn't Do It. Dedham, Kov. 16.-Samuel Porter and William IManuol were arraigned before Trial .lustlco Wiiketiold this afternoon for alleged asiauit with dangerous weapons J. Newman &, Sons, 51 Tremontst. iri;wEitAr,,s. dSutf Bl2 BILLIARDS AND POOL. jgir.]:.iAKO Ajvi� i>uor.'TABX.iis on IBfBTAI.MESiTS and easy terms; second-hand tables ami all kinds of billiard fiiraishlngs. The Briggs tables are tlio standard evorywhoro. Send for catalogue and latest rules free. OLIVER L. BRIGOS, 070 Waahlngton aU, Boston, Mass. SuMtt READING MATTER. FKEK MMAIUNft MAXT.ISJC-lf yon are undecided what papers to subscribe for, scud us your luidresH with lUi:. sliver, and wo will forward your name to publishers all over the country, wiio win send you magazines and pap(n's of every do-serlptlon In abnndauee; it Is the best luveHtmentyou can make of n dime; it nfll yield laryo anil nleasing results; try it; subscribe to no paiicr without getting our price. Hub Subscrllition Agency, box 3001, Boston, Mass; mention Sunday fhobe. It* AT sown KOSXOIV, block tenement liropurty oil :i�t St., brick and wood, slaled roof, in excellent (ioudltlon, water (iloset on each floor, about 101) rooms and store, 12,240 feet hind, 8lin,000; iinapiireaehable bargain, near Dorchester av.: -to ro 0 feet laud on fitb at., clioice location, at -Ilic. per loot. TRACY, 00 Broadway. It* A-8TOI� VAIflllVO .BS1'31VT!-Wc build and have for Bale houses on tho Instalment plan, l^orfolk Building and Loan AHsoeiation; particulars BRIGGS, MO.SEM * CO., 7 Exciiange p{. Bllil JTHUS HAMil or to let, on Partridge av., Winter ? Hill, 3 now cottages, slated roofs, cemented cellars, 7 good rooms, bath tubs in kltdion, whore tho air and water ore always warm; Myotic water. Duo Hardens, near schools, ehurohes, stores, steam oars; horso car tracks are being laid by the head ot the street today; for sale on easy terms, g2250|^ to let at 1B18 per month and water tax; keys at .34 .lemiy Llnd ttv. Aimly to H01IACI3 PARTRIDGE, 60 Hanover st- other houses to let on same street, Ko. 2, Ko. 10,14 and 10, glD; No. 00 .lonny Llnd av., 021. Apply 34 samo street; can bo seen Sunday afternoons. It j? largo hennery, 2 acres land, at i^iontrese station, 1 mile from Wakolleld; easy terms, )?30QO; key at station, 100 It. from liouso. Apply to lIOKACiS PARTRIDGE, BB Hanover St. It MISCELLANEOUS. PHOTOIIRAPHS, ITG. Glace Photograph Panels In ArtlstH Designs. l-'icufih Jfnrbli! aiit.1 OmnrU.iUier Clocks akUfiilly ropnlred by (.'-xpt'.rt worknu'ii. Henri poHtaL Clonka �will bf! ('.jillod for anrl rtellverofl. KEEXK, tho Jfiw-fillfjr, LKOl WiKShingtiJii hU_It \srillKXlliti print" npneiirs blurrerl yon ahc^xild t T hiive yourtiycs tJ*at4Ml at once; wn havfi akUled optlolnna (init nnikc no chni'tiu for tnaUng thr; siglif.; ji pnrfeot tit tn crviitiil lf;na'.^3, SI: sold elatjwhore for ^2.50; no tjucHaw'iu-Ic in IJtMn^' giuBsea at our ontlcal (ioparttnent; open until n J), m. WILSON BROS., 15 Troniontrow. cLSutf nl3 '(iii'if�Ei^Wi^OVTtrri;^ formaWng your own llavunn olgara, with snfllcient tobn/jco for 35, packed in book form, recinli-in^' only to be rollPd by any uncxperlonoml person to proauco n. clgai Biiperlor to any (Lomeatlu; sent orepald on receipt oi 01. lUivnua. Tobaco Co., Boston, Moss. ThStfn* nl3 ATTKNTIO^i, J.AWIES-iMnil2c.8tampfoi oeuled InBtructlons for enlarging your bust llv� Indies, MBln^ Kmmn Uiist Dovelopor: nbsoliitols RUHriint.r;C(I; onr 'JJ^page iilufltrated catalogue inaUe*] forOc. KniniR Toilet Jiazar,ii24Tremont0t.Su8t*nlQ 8-]l>AY I�A.S�a:.OIl clock:, including or-nanicnt, gmiranteod for 5 yeara. only $4i and &5; other patterns: wc have the largr-*--------" Jioalon. -VVLLHON BUOS., 15 Tl until 0 p, ni \vc have the largest assortment In vernont row; open dSutf nl^ �. HOWKVEK yonr watch may ba WILSON* itltOS. you should see,at 15 Tren\onf row; American wntchos cleaned or a new main. HprhiR Inserted, pi; watches loaned, Batlsfactlon Ruarantfod; /pen until U p. m. dSutf nl3- PkW*r�JVXi7-Wu" offer fffoOO ro\vanl for a cousli or throat tronblu {lust stages of dlseaao oxcoiitcd), which cannot ho relieved by a proper uso of Dr. X. Sione'fi Hriinchial Wafers; samples free, AddrcBrt .Stone--Med. Co., Quincy, 111. SSu53t .nl mounted and made to order; come early to avoid the crowd. T, A. AlOOKE, 621 Washinffton, IJostou; opp. K. H. White's.__It* KK>WY'gi famous bust devetopel' . s; liJirmleaa, pnlnless: send stamp foi 11. ALIvAX, 2138 Fulton st. Brook, 8u4t* n2 ItJL never falls fiartlonhiiw. yn, N. Y. ITiOSt SATTj^-10,000 steel taok pullers nt 25ctB, 7 each; new thing; agents wanted everi^vhere; big prodCa; sainpUi 15 ats. C. h. WAltl), Cavbndish, YE. F'~ IltST-CXiASS crayon portraits and frameT �(16;g5down, filpovweek, ~ " � evenings. 31 Temple St.; open SSu* Showcases, counters, scales, money draw*. ors, clothing tables, etc. JAMES SEIAY, 00 Travorast. Sud4t* nlO WAJLT- 2�AI�KMS, blanks. 4c.; cilti : best gUt; mouldings, 2c. foot, ab WILL: MATTJtKWH,.nt.\S, 14^Mllk8t. dSutf o 10c. : ap7 ROUJWM STEAK, 10c. lb.; alrloln, IGc.; 2 lbs.; 25c.; iamh,poultry,wlioiu3ale or retail. 5>orth St.; dSuTt* nl3 (Si OK for aelf-nddress, stamped SP.awO cnvolope. M. XSAICEU, SablnsvUle, Pa. It* MEDICAL.. 7 Tremont row, opp. Hanover st. All who are tront> led with any complaint of a doUcato nature, thosfi wlio lio not wish to conlldo in local phyalclans, can he (pUckly ' day. Siiil* QTR-tOTiyK.13 successfully cured by a new lO method; no pain, no relapse or detention fropi buslnoaa: special atl^entlon given to the treatment'of prlv.-tto uiHoaaea; oonauUutlon free. Dr. EIJMAKDS. lOJIolUa at__SudSt* ' nl6 OK.ANGE sst.ossoais la ft positive cure for all female disoaaes; send So stamp for sample box. Mrs. Dr. L. J. COLLAMOUB, parlors 25 Win-t�r at., over Clmndler'a, special agent. It* S""OXEWTIFKC TKEATMENT of ChroluS jind ^'ervous dlseanea. Electrician, Mrs. Dr, DILL, room 10, 203 Tremont st. ShSt GOI^ItEN Pll^f^S for ladles; rellovo In two days; send 2 a-cont slampa for a free trial. Mra. Dr. BELL, SOI Cotnmbua av. SuM* FURNITURE, ETC. " ANTIQUE CMIIVA. sllvor, furniture and UriC'iirimio, South Son Islnnd and Indian roUus, Rhells, minerals, fossils, books, ongravlngSi tfec., at-S. JACOll'a, OA Boiicon sr., Boston. It* ANTBOSrlTjf'lJKSlTUliE finely restored, for sale lit Vosvcvs' Antique iStorCc SO Uoylstou fit., Ciimbrldge, It* D^ES'llts'FOIt SArjE-2second-hand oak roil^ top desks, !lVi5 find 4-foot, used only 3 months; alHo an oak slandhig desk, 6 feet: alBo olHce stovo and plpo._ Addroas M 108. Qlobo ollice. It* "I^OIK SAI-E-An oak chamber sot, complete"; v also riniHSola atalrand hiiil carpets: all new. Box 200, lUiHJon. _ SSu* ITTuJENHTimE, carpets, lodging-houses and ; Mats bought for cash. C. M., 8i Chandler st. dSuSt* nlo IFOUNWwhatT wanted at WILLIAM'S Fur-nlturo Kooms, 122 Eliot st., 1 flight. SudOt* nlO 0,l,I,.TOI� BE8K.8, ETC., for sale, lowest manitfaoturors' prices. Union Desk Co., 10* bury St. BSnTTIitt 08 SUTTEES for sale or to let, 30 npholstorea, soatlJig eapaoltyaoo. AddiessS ITO.Globo office. Sum* CLOTHINC. ONJ-IT ^300 cash-Desirable summer resUlenco, or (jootl homo the year round, 11 ami lerfloB, Aadress VT. 11. HA [NE.S, Boston. lear horse cars bo.v; 20, East lt� HOUSES, STORES, OFFICES, ETC. HOWSKS-To rent, B Bluall new houses, 0 rooms; hot and eold -water, nicely papered; moderate reills; ^vlthtn f> minutes' wall: ot iJ sta-ticuis, iMouiit Hope ami Roslindalo. ApiHy onuidresB li^I'.JVAhlCEU.lH ,Sliitlo:ijit.^Ilo.xbury. Hud7t*nl(J J>&Ui7lV MAJUL's^To 'lol, I'ortridKoTliiJirfor . daneliiit. for parties, meetliiBS, etc.; lllliorulan. Foresters', FUHlUers', Franklin und Hanover Halls for society lod^e meetliiL'S, parties, wotldlnits, etc. ' ply to (lOltAUK I'AH'nillHii;, Xo. ftB Hanover. LOST, POUND, ETC. LOST or stolen Nov. ] i light exprosa wacon. bodv painted Krcon, .(.'eerpafnted rtid, wood liuo wliOfllB forward, savern wheels behind. Please Inform E. CORMLKV, 10 Chestnut St., .' iAMoi!m cvpir ibv- rfoxa ^^tf\J� -18 Diamonds, very large ai,d a per. loot blaze; price 8250, been sold lorSi^J. Noma I'hino and Diamond Co., established IKo^, 37 Court St., opp. oourt house. It* (Jli^nA niAMO'a'U CUO88-80 diamond* troUI'V/ very large and showy; a perfect blaze: price 8000; originally coat glOOO; to settle an oa-}uto. Korrls I'liiuo and Diamond Co., established ,86a, 87 Court St., tipp. Court House. It* HORSES, CARRIAGES, ETC. IjiEAT-To let, a sunny flHt of 3 unfurnlshecl ^ rooms, with bath ami all convculenees. ' ^' 08 Em-It" erald St., city. *Ij^I..A,T, 70 Palmer St., 4 rooms and bath; rent. gl7 per month; 2 to 4 p. m.; Inquire. SuW- IAK OE furnished front room and kitchen for J 1 ionseKt;eplng; also furnished rooms. tlDoverat. TE-To l^i,~iie:rA\'ashiuBlon"8T,7~6uite~i �ulsbod rooniii. sin " heat; rent very low O fnrulsbod rooms, singly or eii siutc; stoam lt> rjlO I.KT--2 largo rooms and sink room, modern X ImprovemeulB. Applv at (i Jlrlggn pi. lt� 3 UNFIIKNIHIIEO rooms, steam heat, everj coin-eidcnccB* week. Ko. 1 Bclvklurc st,, suite4, BOARD AND ROOMS. InltAnrOKU �T.-T" lec.newly fnmlshe.l rooiiLs; eloseUi, bath ami heat; ^'entl.-nien (mly. ~t~i\ isiriS'i\'CB�~prr---.st7Teou7very jL\.f able square room, liiMt door, steam heat; with or without board. .SudSt- nltl Q A CJIKSTEK. .SQ.-.Suite ot front rooms. tUrh one largo stiunrc room; IliKt elasa board.SuM* ^ i funiished or partly turuluhed rooms. It* BIJTTEK AND EGO route for sale In Bos-ton, cMli trade, price ff260. (iloho Olllce. Addroas T 130, It* PAUT* new patent nice. Clnbe of wanted wtlh capital, to introduce a article of merit. Address H 102, It* FINANCIAL. Ci.t A i\f\i\ I.OAX on real and per- t^fJV/.VfV/w sonal properly. In small or large jiMH'MlilJi; all I'UMnefls conJldentlul. Call or addicsa KW.VN i ATWOOD. 27 Bchool St. Sud7t'' nlll DRE88MAKINC. DItESW.MAXS.J5It that tboroiiRbly under-.HUuuls all kinds ol lining, culti. draped, Fr,-nch bVBtem, would like a lew more eiu:agcm*'uts by Ihe .lay In private families. K 180, CMk- olllce. If SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, ETC. SHOltTJIANO, typewrillnK. _ ______....... etc., at the lUiftten C<tmrner E-F.ngilfiU muBllff male pnpi will make eitra Urge dou. 6 178, Olobe offlco. It* A K PtlWCK.IVBTl' �T.-Tolet, 2|slde rooms; 4:0 also table board. If f\A CHANHEElt ST. - Itellable tr^fc w-antert for nicely furnished room; conveniences; moderate rent. parties modem It* ICC WKST CHESTBIt I'M.-To let. X O O large front room wi-ll lurnlshed. It* ^^^"R~s�''^wsIii'r ._____, A v., cor. W. __________. . large sunny alcove room; Ul waler; rent r(�a^(Wlabie. Sprlug-hot and If CIEIAMHKU-T0 lei, desirable furulBhed front chamb'T. julvale til 80 High �!.. ChurleBlown. terms moderaU'. No. SuJl* boarded; terms rcasonalile. 0 2d bell; DU'KSDK. SiuHl* nlO Camden si., 2i KOoiil lo let; ste:iiu heat and gaa. '' 12 Ibiihella 81.. sulle : If ONIi '%VO.^I .VX win board children reasoiiu-hiv; nldn turidilicd sfpuue room to let, 1 llUbt. Cull at Nn. 2 I'lirwcll av., oil Pctplar St., West l.nd. Mrs. ^vIll^l,:. n- rj^^o H.ET- _____ In a suite, uuluruliilied. except carpets and shades, or will furulBb It deslrca. tour rooms. *,liiglc or ?u smte; steam hc:it, biilh ami }j:ih; corner house, bay window; eleclrle aiul Hack liny cars; 16 mlnutt'B from Tremont Houae; u^nus rcii-sonablc; cafe near. Address II101. lilobe* WANTEW-Ciood homo In private landly fur boy SVji yenrs old; short aisliuice from elty preferred. Addtesa Mni. ADDIKUX, care Station A. SuM* HOKSE8 TO BOARD wanted by the wlnteri good stable and yard. U. H. LOW, 74 Fraiilt' ' Iiii B^., Quinoy.__It ITiois SAUB-.1. nice caravan Xor one horaeT-? biillt on (Concord pattern; .tlso 2 express wagon* and ouo covered grocer wagon. 126 Chnrlestown at. I^oit SAI-E-A good~vork horse tor 818. Caa jio Men at SiO flarriaon av. It* le. 1200 lbs., and shifting top Apply at 48 Shawmut av.,8i5te S. H01E8U for Kile, wagon,cheap HECtUIO, horses, h.trnessaud stand; great bar. _ g'dn. -Viiply at 136 Merrhnao st. SudAt* nl9 T> DllltllY ,� Co., l'i-1-1 Athintlottv. BuTThS'nia MACHINERY. I^1,E\ A'roSft-For sale, a 'rt'hlttler elevator, U >o. 211., all hi e-wllont repair. In ruuulnff order; cau bo seen eveiy week day, with all tho posts, ways, counter balance and Slckerson's aafetv; h wanted tlUs Is a tlrst-ehiss machine; will be soldkt a. low tlgnro; to bo taken out us soon as Jan.l, ot b�. fore tf desired; sold for no fault. Apply at 55 Hun. over St. HOklCE I'AUTIUDQE i CO. -windhisaoa, second-hand, also for sale cheap. it rg-lUE ilectrlc and machinery Co., 71 Sudbury at., X general electriglaus and machlnlatss flootrioul and mechanical and electro-mechanical appiuatu* Mid mechrtnlsnts designed and built tc order. It'* MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. BAUOAINS Iltf MANOS-Do not boy uuiU you have examined our stocJi; bocoqO. hand pianos, J12S. |?r.O, i?7C, glOO, B160, glVs. 5200: new nprlKht ami sqtiare phinos. 8225. tf950, 6276, 5300, Jisfio, IjlOO; all warranteil for o years; fuf eiiih or on easy leruie; no trouble ttj show our foods. Ivorris rjano & Diamond Co., established 1S62, 37 Court St., opp. court house. It* ^7''a"''^*^'^'' 7-octave piano, rosewotxl catie7 i tf round corners, carved legs, perfect ba new: Stool and cloih. Janl'or, il6 Columbus av. SuJI* MUSIC. " OHCJBESTKA Mrsit!IA.'VtS wanted, Jji-dies piel'ernwl; state knvcst salary. Adrtresi IL PAL^llj!, 020 AUaulleuv. _j_ lt�^ B.AIVJO Axk� STAiJK daiicJng tltugliTraU hilars. \r. F. fl.t(,'0-N", s;i Cauri st. .Su'l'lh* nlu \7,161.�iv 1 a u til I by !i ^ Kt -'ill ^^"menVb,^o t"t!7; V Bo^toil Syuiphiuty Orchcslrii. 72 -Vppieton at. Classified advertisements. small 9 02