Sunday, November 16, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, November 16, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - November 16, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts THE BOSTON StWBAT 6LOBE-SOTTbAT. WOTEMBER 16, 189P-TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES._ Silk Blazer Waists. 600 Ladies'All Silk SnraTi Waists, 25 styles to select from. Greatest BAE-GAIIT ever offered, Ohance of a lifetime. Oolors, Black, Uayy and Evening Shades. Sizes, 32 to 42, bust measure. Eegular price, SilO.OO to $82.75. Monday, $8.50 Plush Capes . $25.00 Piusli Saoques $30.00 Plush Sacques $37.50 Plush Sacques . $4.49 $15.00 $20.00 $25.00 ^6.50 Cloth Jackets . . $3.49 $8:00 Cloth Jackets . . $4.49 $8.50 Cloth Jackets . $4.98 $10.00 Cloth jackets . . $5.49 $12.00 Cloth Jackets . . $6.49 $6.50 Peasant Circulars . $4.98 $9.50 Peasant Circulars . $6.49 $3.00 Black Astrachan Trimmings . $1,50 per yard. $2.00 Angora Trimmings . . . 98c. per yard. $2.00 Russian Lynx Trimmings . . ' ^ 98c. per yard. $2.00 Astrachan Cloth Muffs. 98c. $3.00 Russian Hare Muffs. $1.50 $3.00 Seal Plush Muffs , . $1.98 $14.00 Beaver Muffs . . $7.25 (Beaooa Sksel.) 1900 pairs Ladies' Fanoy Low Shoes and Slippers, in all the latest new styles, Jatent Isatheri beaded and ooze oalf. ust tho thing for danoing and evening wear. We shall close this lot at exactly half their cost. Oome in and ; ees them. 'SCO pairs Ladies' Trench Goat Foxed ( Button Boots, Kangaroo Tops, made j ott a Waukeuphast last, hand-sewed, regularprlce $5.60, our price $4.48 ft pair. �'SCO pairs of %\q Oelebrated Faris Kid / Hygienic Boots, made for tender feet, vety Boft and pliable, band-sewed, S3.87apair. ^ � 200 pairs of oui Celebrated Goat Foxed, Ooik Sole Boots, $3.75 a pair (Ttcmont Street Salesroom.) Boaoon School Shoes are the best in the market for style and durability. 1 We warrant this shoe. If the customer is not satisfied, we will refund the �money. All siaes and widths. 'Best Grade Veal Oalf, Youths'sizes, SI.50. Boys' sizes, $1.75. ^est Grade Oalf, Youths' sizes, $2.25. Boys'sizes, $2.50. 1000 pairs Ladies' Oro^uet Rubbers, 21o. a Pair. Smallwares. Cut Prices for this Week. Usual price, Oni price, ^^tnoilriUEflgeElaB. tio............... BO' 2c. a yard %-Inoh I4:6noIi Loom, Blastioi heavy..----12o. Sc. a yard 3V4-Tard Heavy Elaotlo Oorsot Lttoeu....... Bo, 2c� ICld Heel Proteotors for _________16o. IOC. pair Bpoolal priooB on Bhoe Droasinga i TJeual prloe, Blzby'sBoBt.......... Bo. Bixliy^ Beat, large.....lOo, Bkby'aB.B.B.Pat.... 12o, D.iy & Martin, Imported. lOo. An Extra Large Box Blacking...........12o. Almal^oliah.......... 20o. BonTonPoUoli........IBo, Blyoerine Boliali.......26c. Raven Gloqa Polish.....2Bo. RnhinnPrenoh Polish... 3Bo. Bizhy'aEoyal Polish.... 12o. Wood'sLadloa'Pollah... ISo, Wood's Boyal Polish----18o. Our prlooi 3c. a box 5c. a box 7c. a box 5c. a box 5c. 12c. 9c. 15c. ISc. 20c. 7c. lOc. iOc. Carpet Dept. We found it simply impossible to meet the demand on the Oil Oloth advertised for last Monday's sale, We have scoured another small lot, and will offer tomorrow 4300 yards of the same Oil Oloth at i 9g. Per Square Yard. Upholstery Depertment. We are showing some beau^ful designs in Silk Plush Pillow Tops' at very low prices, ART SILKS. 60 pieces best quality Art Silks, 31 inches wide, all new patterns, 75c. a Yard. Antique Curtains. Just received from the importer some verp pretty patterns. The prices are very low for tie goods, $2.00, S3.00 a I SWISS cURTAINS. I Special for This Week. 50 pairs Swiss Ourtains, very handsome patterns, extra lentrth and width, worth $8.00 a pair, only Gyrtain Poies. 2000 Cherry, Ash, Walnut and Ebony Brass-Trimmed Ourtain and Portiere Poles, e5c. Each. Brass Rods' for sash curtains. , I l-2e. a Foot. We are showing the best Derby Hat in Boston for the momey. The Hat would" be cheap at $2,00. Our price is $1.50. . Doeskift G-loves, two fastener, fine quality, worth $1,75, $8.37 a Pair- i�ht Shirts. If you wish to see bargains in these goods never before equalled, oall at the corner of Tremont and Beaoon streets in oUr Gents' Pumishing Department, We offer you Uight Shirts from 50c. to Si Each. You will say when you see them that they are worth double the price asked, Two of the Greatest Bargains Ever Offered in this Line in Bostdn. Special Sale of Bound Books. 6760 Fine Books, hundreds of titles, all popular works, Piotion, History, Travels, Adventures, Poems, &o. These books are handsomely bound in cloth, with gilt decoration, excellent tyjle, good illustrations, &o,, only 2lc. Each.. Special Sale of 25c. Paper lyovels. 10,500 25o. Size Paper Books,, by such authors as Geo, Elliot, De Witt Tal-mage, Hugh Oonway, Mrs, Alexander, Rider Haggard, Bertha Olay and dozens of others, hundreds of titles to select from, 4 for 25c. As the above sal.e is for the benefit of our customers, and not our'competitors, we reserve the right to limit the quantity to any one customer if necessary, f 60 Parlor Vase Lamps, in threede-signs, oolors and shapes, hand-painted and solid colors, trimmed complete, with Miller duplex burner, .extinguisher, and 10-inoh dome shade to match. Our regular price $3.98, for this sale Holiday line now being opened, we have the largest assortment ever shown in Boston, and if you desire to avoid the rush later on, would suggest making your selections now. Josiery Dept. 100 dozen Boys' Gray Mixed Shirts and Drawers, good value at 37o. We offer all sizes at 25c. Each. Ohildren's and Misses' Heavy Merino Vests and Pants, a special for this week, five oases only: Sizes 16,18, 20 in,, each . , . l5o. Sizes 22, 24, 26 in,, each . , , 25c. Sizes 28, 30, 32, 34 in,, each. . 3Jc. Yarns and Embroideries. 60 pounds of the Best Quality German-town Tarn, 9 skeins to the pound, to be sold at the very low price of !l2�c. a Skein. 48 spools Embroidery Silk . . 25o. Twisted Embroidery Silk   . 3c. Madi'as Tidies, each. . >  t 21c. Silk Madras Tidies, each. . . 25c. Silk Hand Painted Tidies, each 6Sc. 2-Focket Shoe Bags, each . . S5c. 4-Fccket Shoe Bags, each > . 3Cc. 8-Pocket Shoe Bags, each . . 47c. Laundry Bags. . 2ic. a box a box a box a box a box a box a box a box a box Tremsiit Beacon Sts. In this department we are still selling our own importations of last spring at prices that cannot be duplioatea. We ask our patrons to compare our goods with others offered at the same price. Ladies Hemstitched, unlaundered, all linen, 3 for , . _. , . . , 25c. Ladies' Pine Quality Hemstitched, all linen, 2 for ...... . 25c. Ladies' and Gents' Silk Mufflers, at very low prices. Gents' Hemstitched Initial, unlaundered, all linen , . . , , 25c. We uiidersell all of our oompetitors in this line. LAOROIX MIBfERAL PAINTS, 18o. and 22c, odors, for only I5c. All other oolors at proportionally as low prices, 6-Foot Artists' Pine Easel, complete with Rest, Pins, &o,, THIS WEEK ONLY. 25 new, well-made Violins in half size, three-quarter size and full size, We are selling these at half their value, Your choice, $1.98. Pull line of new violin. Banjo and Guitar Strings, ENGRAVED VISITING, For low prices and fine quality of work-' manship and stock we lead fas usual), We engrave copper plate in the latest style, and from it print 50 fashionable size Wedding Plate Stock Oards for only We guarantee this to be the lowest price ever quoted in Boston, Fresh importation just received. Many kinds and prices, from 31o, per hundred to 16o, a dozen, HIGHLAND MILLS OOMMEROIAL SIZE WRITING PAPER, only 28c. Per Ream. Tremont and Beacon ts. Examine our stock and you will see how much money we can save you. Every roll of pUper that we sell is fully warranted in every respect, and our prices are about one-half what is charged elsewhere, We sell nice attractive Pattern Paper from 5c. a ROLL upward. Samples sent on application, _ Tremont and Beacon Sts. HE JnGGLED FMRES. Gardner Mathematician Dead. His Genius Astonislicd tlie Astronomers. Great Some Wonderful Oaloulations He Made. WnrMOUTH, Mass., Nov. 15.-Leonard Gardner o� South Weymouth, noted as a mathematican and calculator of astronomical liappeninss, is dead. Mr. Gardner was a BeU-oducated uion, but his calculations on tho transit of A'cnus a few years aco aston-Iched some of tho eminent astronomors. ^ Leonard Gardner was bora In South HmgUani July 18, 1800. His educational kdvantairea consisted in attending, as !io blmself graphically described it, ^'a $300 nhoolhouse in the summer and n 600 one in winter." His love for mathomatios led him at the �Be of 10 to purchase a copy of Flint's ^'Sur-teyintt." He applied himself eauorly to the mastery of tho elements of ceometry |nQ triponometiT. Btudyiiii; evenincs by the He i)erse- Mul Blare of a tallow cajidlo. lerea UEtil ho mastered trlgonoipetrT. In X848 Mr. Gardner moved Tvflh his and wont to work in Ix)ud's box mill. He has since continued to residein this vicinity, and lived happily with the partner of his joys until her some years since. In 1840, while at his mill one day, he kicked at an empty nail Itee, and severely wounded his foot. Wldle confined to tho house ho first conceived the idea of computing the eclipse of the sun which was to ocourlu ISful. Ho commenced tho work, and prosecuted it at his leisure and during evonlngs until Its final completion in IHCa. During tho progress of this work Mr, Gardner fi'oquently visited a Boston book storo, and purchased from time to time various works to assist him in his computation. The curiosity of the book dealer was aroused by the rareness of the books called for, and one day inquired of Mr. Gardner what he was doing with such works, adding: "You buy books that nobody also over buys or asks for." Mr. Gardner explained the naturp of the work upon wliich ho was engaged, wliicli greatly interested tho dealer, who es-prcissed a desire to see it wlieii it was done. When it was finally completed he carried it in to tho dealer, who ailvleod him to take it over toOainbridge and show it to Prof. Pierce. He took it over to Cambridge, but, finding tlie professor absent, showed it to Lieut. Davis. The latter examined the work carefully, and manifested his surprise that an uneducated man. as he expressed it, could have performed such a work, supplementing his remarks with tho declaration that "there were not six men in tho United Stales who could have done it," This work, with tho transit of Venus across the sun's disc for 1874, and tho lunar eclipses from 1874 to 1000, which were ooiin)uted by Mr. Gardner, were bound, making a volume of 8S(j quarto pages, and nresentoil to the Hingham pubVic library. The work was unfortunately destroyed by llie firo which burned the library some years ago. Mr. Gardner M'as bvsily engaged upon the transit of Venus for 1882 when this dire calamity overtook his work ol' years. As the traiisltof 187* waastm fresh fa UU mind, he dropped tho work upon which ho was engaged and commenced afresh the labor of replacing the lost work, or that part of it relating to the transit of 1874. . This work occupied about a year, evenings being the leisure time which Mr. Gardner could spend upon it. It contained 413 Quarto pages of fine ruled, six lines to tho Inch. It gave tho time of tho beginning andendingof tho train of tho transit in 53 places uijon the earth. After tmisning the copy ho went to work upon tho transit of 188:! again. Anioug tho other more ramarkable works performed by Mr. Gardner were tho "Opposition of Mars with the Sun in tho Nineteenth Century," which contained 40 pages of neatly written figures, and tho computation Irom Nowcomb's tables for finding the Heligcentrlcs Co-ordinates of Neptune from Jan. 1,18S8, to Jan. 28,1900." Mr. Gardner was for many years sealer of weights and measures for tho town and one of the board of assessors. HJSAHtNG SET POK FKTDAY. Benjamin T. Taylor AiToiipied on ClmrKe of Murder. At 11 o'clock yesterday tho complaint against Benjamin T. Taylor, chm-ged with the wilful murder of Wilder I". Ilutohings by shooting in tho oftice of his stable on Lewis. St. Friday, was reached in tho Municipal Criraiiial Court. Judge Ely was on tlio bench, and the accused ha\'inff been called to tho bar, the complaint was duly read to him by Clerk Ingalls. Lawyer W. W. Doherty, after consultation ^vitll the alleged man-slayer, otfured a. motion to have the order committing him to await the action of tho grand jury vacated and a hearing set down in this court, for next Friday. JuUBO Ely acceded to the request, and pending this.hearing Taylor was taken to Charlos-Bt. lail, 100 Banquet Lamps, in rich gold and silver finish, trimmed oomplete, with large linen shade, with 3-inoh silk fringe, Miller duplex burners, $3.98 Each. One lot of Hall Lamps, in green and amber oolors, trimmed oomplete with polished brass frames, burner and ohimney, This is a remarkable bargain. Only S2.49 Each. 100 Parlor Vase Lamps, oomplete, with Duplex burner and shade to match the lamp. Only $i.98. 18 doz. Ladies' Sewing Lamps, with burner and ohimney. 1 lot Glass Hand Lamps, with burner and ohimney, IOc. Each. 24 Eleotro-Bronze Vase Lamps, with Ansonia patent centre draught burner and 10-inoh ribbed dome shade, SI.59. ITo, 1 Sun Burners, 5c. each. Uo, 2 Sun Burners, 6c. each. Miller's Duplex Burner and Extinguisher,^ 24o.__ Oarving Kniyes and Forks (the knife has a thin, sharp blade), 69c. Per Set. Imported English Oarving Enives and Forks, stag handles. Only 98c. Per Set. Imported English Oarving Knives and Forks, with rubber handles, 8-inoh Spanish blades, $ 1.23 Per Set. Imported English Oarving Knives and Forks, with stag, rubber or celluloid handles, 8-inoh Spanish blades, extra quality, $ 1.49 Per Set. Imported English Oarving Knives and Porks, with stag or celluloid handles, 9-inoh Spanish blades, fine quality, Per Set. Imported English Oarving Knives and Porks, with extra quality stag handles and extra long Spanish blades, B 9 Per Set. Also full line of the finest quality Oarving Sets (3 pieces in set), sterling silver trimmings, with or without cases. 98c; .........^.i....%\.OQ Specials for This Week. 1 lot of Selected Subjects, size 20x24, framed with a 4-inch shaded ornamental chestnut, 1-inoh steel inside, very handsome, and is worth $3.50, OriSy S 11.25 Each. HAEVEST MOON. Onoemore we offer thi^ beautiful etching at a very low price, framed in a 6-inoh oak and steel, and very handsomely polished, is worth $10,00, for this sale Only $4.98. HAEVEST MOON, Etching, framed in white and gilt, worth $15,00, 100 Frames, 8x10, real blaok walnut and gilt, with mats, a bargain at 60o., Only 29c. Each. 1000 Cabinet Frames, worth lOo., Sc. Each. 25 Framed Photographs, a regular $6,00 picture, while they last, Si.98. Framing Pictures to order a specialty with us. Wa manufacture our own frames, and we are satisfied that our prices are the lowest. 150 Solid Gold Baby Eings, 300 pairs Speotaoles, nickel plated rims, usually sold for 50o,, 1 large lot Genuine Meerschaum Oi^ar and Cigarette Holders, with genuine amber tiimmings, would be a bargain at 60o., Only 25c. Each. Tremont and Beacon Sts. Toaopoons, strlotly silver platod on whito motal, omboBSod pattern, per sot......49c> Desaort Spoons, skrlotly bIIvop platod on white motol, ombosBod pattern, por sot.. 75c. Table Bpoons, strlotly sUvor platod on white metal, etaboBsed pattom, per dozen... $1.98 Medium Tork, stiiotly sUvorplatedouwMto � metal, embossed pattern, per dozen.. .$1,98 Medium KriiTes, silver plated, per dozen. $).29 Fmit Enives, ailvor plated, per set...... 39c. Nnt Ploka, niokel plated, por set........49c. Six Nnt Plots end one Oraolr, niokel platod por set.........................89c. Combination Seta of 0 Frnlt Enives, 6 Nnt Pioks and 1 Nut Oraok, per aet......S3.29 Qnadniplo Plate, Gold Lined, Emboasod Nnt Bowl.........................S4.49 Qnadniplo Plato Castors, 4 out glass bottles...........................SI. 79 SEMI-POKOELAIN TIIEEEY PLATTEBSl 17-Inob, only- .................. .49o. eaoh 18-lnoh| only...................... 79c. eaoh 20-Inob, only..................SI.19 aaoh 1 email lot of odd DEOORATED TUEKEY PLATTEKai 16-Inob|Only......,...,, .SIC. eaoh 18-Inob, only........ .$1.19 oaob BOOTH'S EOYAI. BEMW?OEOELAIN OUPS AND SATJOERSi Teas, only....... Coffees, only..... IRONSTONE CHINA SQUAEE SCALLOPED PUDDCJO- NAPPIES i e-Inob, only................i2c. saob 7-Inoh, only...................i8c. oaob 8-Inoh, only...................21c. oaoh O-Iuob, only................... 29c. eaoh YELLOW MlXnsra bowls and BAKrN0 NAPPIES I 3-Pint Xollow Mixing Bowls at8c. eaoh 4-Pint Yellow Mixing Bowla at......lOc, oaoh 0-Piut Yellow Mixing Bowls at.....I4C. oaoh 8-Pint Yellow Mixing Bowlsat.....19c. eaoh 12-Pint YoUow Mixing Bowls at.. .29c. oaoh 16-Plnt YoliowMixing Bowlsat.. .39c. oaoh 1-Pint Yellow Nappies, only........5c. oaoh 2-Piut Yellow Nappioa, only........6c. oaoh 3-Pint YoUow Nappies, only........7c. eaoh 4-Pint Yellow Nappies, only........9c. oaoh 6-Pint Yoliow Nappies, only.......lOc. oaoh 6-Pint YoUow Nappies, only.......I2c. oaoh 8-Pint YoUow Nappies, only.......I6c. oaoh 10-Pint Yoliow Nappies, only.......19c. oaoh PLAIN SOUND PUDDIN& NAPPIES i 1-Pint White Pndding Nappies at----9c. oaoh 2.Pint White Pndding Nappies at----lie. eaoh 3-Plnt White Pudding Nappies at... I3c. eaoh 4-Plut White Pndding Nappies at... I7c. eaoh B-Plnt White Pudding Nappies at... 23c. eaoh BLUB BD&E PIE PLATES i 8-Inoh, only.................... 6o. eaoh 9-Inoh, only................... .6c. oaoh Individual Sida Dlshos (for sauoos and vogotables), only.........,.....5c. English Printed Dinner SetB,112 pieces, extra fine underglaze decoration in either of two oolors, worth $8.00 a set, only S5.98. Owing to the immense snocess we have had with "ADDEELEY'S" Celebrated Dinner Set the past week, we will continue to sell it for the next week, as it is positively the best value we have ever given for Thanksgiving. ADDEELEY'S ENGLISH WAEE Dinner Sets, Eocaille shape, Louis XVI. decoration, 130 pieces, SIO.98 a Set. To our customers who want a high grade EICH BOEDEE DINNER SET wo offer only 20 of "Booth's" New Eiohly Enamelled Border Dinner Set of 130 pieces on their Eoyal Semi-Porcelain Ware. This is unlike in decoration any set ever offered in Boston at $24.98 a Set. Wo cannot land this set after this to sell for less than $40, Eeal Carlsbad China Dinner Set) fine hand-painted decorations, good shapesjsquare plattersifestoon plates, all gold edge, 130 pieces, only Breakfast Ooooa, B boxes for........... 50c. Pea Beans, 6 qnarts for.............. DOc. Capo Cranberries, 6 quarts for......... BOc. White Wheat Graham, 13 pounds for.... 50c. Wheat Berry Flour, 6 pounds for.......2Bc. Very Best L, M. Kaislns, SMi pounds for. 50c. Ondura Layer Eaialna, B pounds for.....BOc. Bmith'a Hanovor Oraokors, 6 dozen for.,. 25c. Cold Paoked Tomatoes, 6 oans for........ BOc. Maino Swoot Corn, 6 oana for.......... .60c. String Beans, 6 oans for...............45c. Blueberries, 4 oans for..............50c. Snoootaah, 8 cans for....... .60c> Vi. pound Pure Pepper........ j>4 pound Pure Pimento.. ^ pound Pure Cassia .......... Vi. pound Puro Ginger.. ... 1 pound Soda.......... V4, pound Cream Tartar.......... pound Clovea.'............... 1 box Poultry Dressing..,..... 1 box Minoo Moat..... All'tor 25c. 1 Pint Bottle MixedPioMes...... 1 Pint Bottle Gherkins........ AUfor 60c. Po� 25c. Crosse & Blaokwell'o Oranga Fool, por pound..........................I9c. OroEEo & BlaokwoU'o Lemon Peel, per pound, l9o. Crosse & BlaokwoU's Jelly Tablets, 2-qaart Blue...........................25c. Oroaao & Bkofcwoll'a Jelly Tablets, pint aize...........................150. Beat Leghorn Citron..................23c. Tremont and Beacon Sts. 2000 dox. Fine Blown Tumblers, Inolnding Ale, Ohamjiagno, 'Whiskey, Older and Tablo Turn' biers, only 1300 Full Size Toilet Bottles, aiiuaro ahapo, imi tation out glass, with largo stoppers, worth 29o, eaoh, for this week only We claim the lead on Oarlsbad China Dinner Sets for decoration, shape and prioe. CORflPARE THEgVi. English Printed Tea Sets, 66 pieoes, a regular $3,60 set, only $2.49 Per Set. Eeal China Decorated Pish Sets, consisting of large platter a-nd 12 plates worth $7,00 per set, only isils. Breadf Ijoaf and Blsoulti pans, turned enagsaft wired top, aU aizea, at 5c. and 9c. Each. Heavy EETINNED Pndding Pans | h pint, 1 pint, 1 quart, g qaartg, 4c. 60. 7c. 9c, Eotlnnei Jelly Moulds, Wheat, (Jiapea (ind 0am ipint 1 plnti^ 110. 1# pints. a pfata, I60. Carlsbad China Hand-Painted Game Sets, large platter and 12 plates, only Set. 500 Eeal Carlsbad China Ice Cream Sets, in 20 different decorations and as many shapes, 13 pieoes, worth $3,60, only $8.98 Per Set- Eeal China "Cannele" Pluted Pudding Dishes, handsomely deooraied, fireproof inside dish, only 9o.  llo. 14c. Plain and Kpped Tin Measuring Cups, Sc. and So. Each. THE "Intelligent" orCi CAN, i-qt. aizei Special Reduction to only 35g. Each. At this prioa no one ahonld buy an ordinary oil oan. With tho INTELLSCJENT ClU OAN yon oan flU a lamp in tho dark, end beside bainf; notiScd when your lamp is fnlliibln sho ImpOB. aibia to run your lamp over. EVERY CAN WARRANTED. 800 Hoovy Shoot Iron Drip Fans, 6t only 8x10 9x12 'iasl8 IggaO 90. lOo. IZc. i4o. Double OoTor Oval Top, Sheet Iron, Self-Basting Koast Pans, with pat, alido opening, at For 8-pound Tarioy For 12-ponnd Turkey Hand-Painted China worth $1.60, only Salad Dishes, Pine China Decorated Salad Dishes, only 660 Full Size Cldor or Water Pltohera, in fanoy out glass patterns, aovoral styles, worth 20o. to 39o, eaoh, FOK THIS SALE ONLY. Speoial Bargains in Bon-Bon Dishes and Baa-kota, 1 lot) of Imported Bon-Bon Baskets, in a variety of fanoy oolors, worth 490, oaoh, at only 1 lot Pearl Glass Bon-Bon Dishes ontirolv new only 1 lot Imported Glass Salad Bowls, allnew, fanoy ahapes and oolors, aotually worth from $1,25 to $1.49 oaoh, our price, We have tho largest atook of Cider, Lemonade and Water Beta In Now England, This wook we shall offor speoial Bargains In those aots, ranging in prioe from Sc. to $3.93 Per Sat. BACCARAT TABLE CRYSTAL Wo have every ahapo and stylo of This Celebrated Waro now in etook, atPoaitivoly tho Lowest Piloes. RICH CUT GLASS. Kew Patterns and Dosigns, at SpeoloUy Seduced Prices for this wook. Tremont and Beacon Sts. China Salad Dishes, decorated with spray patterns, only 39c., Eacti. Genuine English China After-Dinner Coffee Cups and Sauoers, _ with Worcester pattern borders in all colors, worth 30o, each, only i 9c. Each. Eed China Decorated After-Dinner Coffee Cups and .Saucers, worth 25o. eaoh, only i5c. Each. Hand-Painted Ohina Bone Plates, only iOc. Each. Hand-Paintad China "Cannele" Frait or loe Cream Sauoers, only IOc. Each. English Dessert Plates, handsomely decorated in colors under the glaze, a regular 25o. plate, only I5c. Each. Special Sale of Stock Patterns. We shall close out this week at ruinously low prices a number of our stook patterns of decorated dinner ware. Desert Plates, S4o. a dozen. Tea Plates, 77c. a dozen. Breakfast Plates, 89o. a dozen. Dinner Plates, 98o. a dozen. Covered Vegetable Dishes, G5c. each. Covered Butter Dishes, 4.1c. eaoh. Individual Butter Plates, 27c. a dozen. Pruit Saucers, 49c. a dozen. Sugar Bowls, 37c. eaoh, Platters, lie, 14c., 32c., 450., 72c. each. ITappies, lie, I3c., iSc, 26c., 29c. eaoh. Sauce Tureens, 64c. each. Large Soup Tureens, Si.9S eaoh. Small Soup Tureens, 84c. eacL Tremont and Beacon Sts. S9c. 98o. Hot Full Soasonod Jlaplo Hand-Mads Ohopptog Trays, 24C., 290., 390., 49c. BOO Maohino-Mado Maple Chopping Trays. Thsji aro the boat gooda produosd, 23c. to 59c. BOO Maohine-Mado Maple Chopping Bowla. 9c. to 24c. for the largest, l.lot Individual Butter Prints, at'only cc. Each� Hot Imported Carved Broad Eonidfl, round and aquaro. In lato designa and mottcos, jnst landed,  24c., 34c., 39c., 44c., up to Si.690. Each. 1 lot IXXX. Pleoed Angel Oako Pans, with' tuba and projecting top plooes for rovaraing position ofpau while ooolingi at 39c. Each. Botlnned Turban Moulds, with tnbe, at B9c. Each. 100 Enterprise Koat Choppers, No, 5 No, 10, largo family Bias Sl.69i S2.69. Tho Genuino Dnnlap Steel Skowora, 12 aasortod akowero in sot, at 24c. Per Set. The OLD RELIABLE Turn Table Apple Parer, nt ^7c Each. Niokel Platod Indlvldaal Nut Craokora, IOc. and i9c. Each. Brown Bread Steamers, with oovera, ot I9c. Each. Heavy Pndding Bteamora, Without tube, 2lc. 400 Botinned Squash Stralsocs, Small, Medium, I9c. 24c. Wiatnhe, 240. Large, 29c. Dov6i- Egg Boaters.! 2o Spiral Egg Beators. 40 Fronoh Whip Egg Beaiisra........126 Laoidera' Patent Potato SlioeiB____490 Tegetablo and Ps-tato Mashora. ..240 Colanders, 9 and I2c|: Enamel Handle Mixing Spoon.......5c|! Nutmeg Graters.. 2c. to 50. Oooklo Oattoro----3c BiaoultOuttora. .,.3C ' Doughnut Cutters.. 4c 1 lot Hoavy, Hetinnod, One-Piooo, Hand Porgod Bastbg Spoons, lO-In., 13-In., 14411,, 18-In, 5c. 8c. 9c. IOc. Imported Salad Sets, box wood, oUva wood, horn, oellulold, &o., all now Unda, $2 Each. Tremont and Beacon Sts; USED TO IMPOSING TEMPLES. Bishop Newman Says Cheap Architeeturo Will Not Impress Japanese Favorably With Christianity, Tlio convontlon of the missionary committee of tUo biehoDS of tho MBthodist Episcopal church was oontjnuod in the Bromfield Street M. E. church yesterday moming. Bishop 2 to be appropriated, SC4.0,!)07 liad already been dieposod, leaving a balance of 525,445 to bo doled out. .^Resolutions on the death of Clinton B. Fisk were imaulmoualy adopted. AMERICAN CANOBlSTa. Informal Banquet at tho Thomdike Xiast Bvoninfi:., The American Canoe Association was In session at the Thomdike yesterday. Prominent members present were: Com. Walter U. LaVson. Boston; Secretary and Treasurer Balph F. Brognn, Lowell; Jamos W. Cnrtwright, Jr., Boston; Ur. G&orire L. I'armele, Hartford; Raymond ApoUouio, Winchester; Paul Butler. Ix)H'o11; Ed%vard S. Towue, Holyoke; Dr. Sydney Elahop, Bridgeport.Conu.; 0. Y. AVinne, Albany; T. P. Gaddls, Dayton, O.i W. Howard Brown, Albany; H. M. Stewart, Rochester, N. Y.; J. V. Dorland, Arlington, N. J.; H. L. Quick. Yonkers, N, Y.; J. Arthur Gage, Lowell; Lincoln B. Palmer, Newark, N. J.; William G. McKendrick and H. E. Telly, Toronto; AVilHam A. Hall, Boston; Thomas G. Bud-ini^toii. Port ICont, N. Y. Au informal bamiuet was given in the evomug by tlie New Englana members of tho association to tho vifiiting mombers. Wfcitor U. Lawson presided over the galh-enoE, aunibericE about 60. "LEFT-OVERS" AT HOTELS. KumerouB Gentlemen Who Missed the Last Train for Home. The "stranger within the gates" who missed tho last train for homo yesterday was as uumoious at tho hotels last evening, as is usual on Saturdays. Among tho "leftover" at Young's were: Hon. Clarence Hale, Portland, Me.; ijolin A. Brown, i'hiladelphia; George D. Bills, Chicago; AV. M. Oler and wife, Baltimore, Md. 1 H. D. Troop and wife, St. John, N. B. Ttio United States Hotel hud E. A. Board-man, Mcrlden, Conn.; J. A. Blgelow, Concord, N. H.; S. E. Barrett, Chicago; W. J. Morgan and wife, Cleveland, 0.; AViUiam K. Armstrong, New York. The Veudome-L. M. Hickman and fam-ly, San Francisco, Cal.;F. W. Whitincr. lartford. Conn.; G. Edwin Alden. Fort 'ayne, Ala.; Harold Brown, Nowiiort, K. I. 'Iremont House-R. H. Slosson, Chicago; F. K. Kogera, Proviiieiice. K. I ; George H. Nyo. T. A.-H^alker, William T. Balrd.TSew Y'oik. Fish, Sala, N. Y. Adams Houao-Col. 0. 0. Burrill, Ellsworth, Me.; William W. Mnrston, E. W. Paige and wife. Now York; K VI. Fuller, Albany. N. Y.; H. H. Cartwright, Roche.ster, N. Y.; Arthur L. Kent, Binphamton, N. Y. The ReyiioldH.-Samuel G. Howe. Providence. Il.l.; C. J. Perry, Ktchbutg; CharloB B. Young, New York. Qiiincy Uoubo-B. J. Derby, Dcnnlson, Tex.; Jo.scph G. Crawford, li. R. Shirley, NewYork; J. J. Morrison, St, Louis, Mo.; N. av. Littleflold, Bangor, Me.; F. S. Ramsay. Baltimore, Md.; av. A. Kowcomb, Augusta, Me. Revere House-"l". K, Dawson and wife, Portsmouth, N. &; 0. AV. AVUliaais and wife, Concord, N. H.| W. Tsi. Humphrey, Halifax, N. 8. Crawford House-Rev. A. 0. Thompson, Lowell; W. A. Montague, llitluth, IMum.; C, L. Bowman, Hamburcj. Mich.; AVilliam E, Haline, Mauohester, N. H. , , Tho Thorndiko-C. B. Vaux, F. A. Wordoll, B. F. Kogau, New York; I. V. Dorland, Arlington, N. Y.; 0. J. Stewart. L. B. Palmer, Kowark. N.J,; H. M. Stewart, Rochester, N. a:.; H. L. Quick, Yonkers, N. Y. BITBUKBAN PRESS. Largest Attendance of Members for Three Years. The Suburban Press Association held Its monthly session at tho Crawford House yesterday afternoon, with tho largest attendance of members for three years. After the usual bamjuot caino the business session, at which applications for membership were received and matters of interest to the craft conceruiug advertising and kindred tojiios were dicoussed. AA'. H. Twombly of the Chronicle, Reading, Mass., read an able paper on 'Reading Notes," which was discussed by Editors Loo of Pawtucket, K. I;j Linllold of Bridge-water, Billings and Cook ot Mllford, AVhit-aker of Boston, AVatcrmou of Athol, and others. The matter ot petitioning the Leglslatiire for a change in tlin law ot libel was somewhat discus. tions for dciinitB action in tho matter. isease BeonTua ouiArrh aJIccTs yout bend It la not thftftt* fore a local diseane. It it did not exist i�t vou> blood It could not munUeat JiUelf your noati. \iloo& now In your brain Ifl before you ftnish rotidlDg tW* Mtiolti Imob. in your heart upiiin, and t�(.>on dUttlbate:l So your Uvor, 6tom:K'.h, Uid:ii:>ii uiid no on. �\Vhat vhluh cUnduuttiS bit lm;)urlUca and thoa ponna* ntuitjy cuiva ciLirrh- The succeua of Hood's Sartju-piuUU us !V Ifnicdy lor catarrh U vouoliod lor by muuy people U hus cured. Hood's Sarsaparllla Sold by all areSKlflta. git �tiforS5. PtxsjiftrBiloBly' bjC. 5. HOOD it Co.. Ai)oMiomrl�)�,I,ovreU, aiMfc- iOO Doeesi One Dollar D8C