Sunday, November 16, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 21

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Text Content of Page 21 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, November 16, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - November 16, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts THE BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE-SUNDAY, NOVBMBEK 16, 1890-TWENTY-EIGHT ""PAGES. '75 Astraohan Oloth Reefers, lined with eatin and suraH, all sizes,. 20 Astraohan Oloth Sa;oqTies; quilted ; satin lining, 40 inches long, English Diagonal Jackets, with Astraohan oloth revera, Astraohan cnffs and pockets. Tine Beaver Jaokets, bound and revera trimmed with three rows braid, 531 and 533 Washington St. Cheviot Jaoket, reefer shape, Astraohan collar and facing, English Plaid Ulsters, with belt and satchel. !ieoilImier&Ga 531 and 533 Washington St. 46 Colored Oloth Beaver Jackets, at 17 Plxisli Capes, with applique inaer-tibn, were $16,60, now 531 and 533 Wasiiington St. One Alaska Seal Saoque, XXX quality, 88 bust and 40 inohea long. Seal, Marten, Monkey, Bsaver, Per-' sian Lamb, Astraohan and other Fur^j Oapes at reduced prioesi ' . (}eoi.PIuiier&C 531 and 533 Washington St. 25 Patterns of Goods, Sizes 4,6, 8,10 and 12 yrs., . Sold everywhere at $8.B0. fiBD.iPiier&Co. 531 and 533 Washington St. 40 PATTERNS OP OHOIOE IMPORTED OLOTHS, Sizes 6,8,10 and 12 years, THESE CLOAKS ARE REGITLAE SI6.00 GARMENTS. (ieo.iPlMiiiBr&Co. 531 & 533 Wasiiington St. With DEEP DETAOHABLE OAPES, TEN PATTERNS OF GOODS, Sizes l4to !6 years, WOITLD BE A BARGAIN SI6.00. (}8fli.Plimfir&Co. 531 and 533 Washington St. With DEEP DETAOHABLE CAPESj 30 OHOIOE PATTERNS OF XM--PORTED OLOAZINGS, Sizes 14 to 16 years, WE HAVE BEEN SELLING THB SAME GARMENT at S25.00. lifioi.PIflffliDBr&Co. 531 and 533 Washington St. TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES. SUNDAY, NOT. 16, 1890. TABLE GOSSIP. -The Bunshtoy days which made 1*6 jrroater part of the week a delight to he Jihroad Tvoro improved hy those who wore iortvmate eiiough to have every facility /or tiding and driving, and the avenuos and Pock Bay streets wore aUve with equipages jmd pedestrians through the daylight hours, gJvinsr that part ol the uity a specially gay aspect, The Jargo nuinhar of the society sot "who wont over to Now 'York the first o{ the week for tho horso show had equally fine weather for their 6ni<(yment. Indeed, it �was an exceptionally bright week for sun-Bhine and for gaiety, and it Boemed as if almost as niahy familiar Boston faces were Been on Fifth ay. iu,N6:w .York as on Com-, inouwealth av. at home. The Hutchlns-JCndioott wedding was the prominent one of tho week. -Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bradford ond J. p. Bradford, Jr., wore at tho Albo^iarle, in Jifew York, during the horse show last "week. At that same elegant and favorite Boston house were Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. JPrinoe, Mr. tmd < Mrs. E. N. Fonno, Mr. and Mrs. Amory Lawrence, Ur. and Mrs. E. EUerton Pratt, Mr. Charles eT. Morse and servant (who sailed Wednesday for Europe), Mrs. David Nevins and Mr.' and Mrs. F. H. Prince, Tho Alhemarle has the enviable reputation of entertaining m6re momhors of the Boston *00than any other hotel in New York. The Brimmers, Longfellows, Applotons, littwrenoes, and many more of that esolu-eive set are its patrons. -Mrs. A. L. Mason went orer to New York for tho horso show last week to be With her sister, Mrs. Biolllns Morse. They entertained a'party every night in their box tmtll tho sudden death of their fother.Adml-(ral Steedmarii on Thursday, put a sad en� to �U festivities. Mi. and Mrs. Morse and Dr. ftnd'Mrs. Mason wejit Friday to'Washington to be with Mrs. Stoedman and her daughter, -Miss Rosa Stoedman. -Mr. and Mrs. S. Edward Addicks of <he Tudor and Miss Addicks sailed 'WedneB-flay in the City of New York for Liverpool. -^An oveniuB of most delightful theatricals is proinisod tho society people of Fram-Jngham early in December, which is already eagerly anticipated. Mr. Everett 'Wendell of Now York, yoxuiper brother of Prof. Barrett Wendell of Harvard College, and one of the most brilliant amateur actors in Jfew York society, will oomo over to take the part of the old dhevaller in that chitmiing comedy, "A Gamo of Cards'," which role he has acted with signal success In Now York. Mr, Harry H. Gay, tho broker, one of Boston's loading Bmatoui's, and Miss Clora Hogg, a very fin-Jshod nctress in prirato theatricals, will also take part. It will bo one of the most notsr ble performances of the winter. -Mr. and Mrs. J.Koso Troup, child and maldiwiththejatter'a mother, BIrs, Jamesof Cambridge, sailed Wednesday in the Saalo /or Bremen. -Many of the Newport cottagers came to Boston on Thursday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Hollis Hiiunewell. .-Dr. George H. Lyman, who is abroad With his fainiJy, has Jo.'isod his house on JBeacon St. to Mr. and Mrs. HoniT S. HalJ (bom Wood), where they are now settled tor tho winter. .-ih: NiluBck and ,Mr, Adamowski were lit the Hoitman House during tUoir brief etay in New York last week, .-Mrs. Jolm G. Cusliing of Beacon St. and i\IisH Alice Gushing are visiting Mrs. Oushiug's brother, Mr. AVilllam Dexter, at his house in Exetor st., "before sailing for Eui'opo for tlio winter. -Mr. and Mr.s. Edward W. Fenno of Mt A'emwi St. and their son, who have heeu at tbo Aloeniarlp in New York for the � past week, sniled yesterday for Europe for the winter. .-Mrs. John L. Gnrdner has been at the Victoria, in New York, all the week. She Was in tho great audiouce whicli welcomed tho Symphony orchestra .-it Steinway Hall, Tuesday night, and was a frequent visitor tet tho horse show. -=-Mi'S. S. A. BigeWw ha.? sent out cards toi an afternoon on Wodnesdav, in honor of Mr. Courtenay Thorpe, the clover leading Bum of Sliss Ro.-iina '^'okos' company, at her fcousc on Che.stnut St., from 3 to 5. -Jlr, Nathaniel Thayer, who Is slowly, tut steadily, convalescing from his recent severe ilhiess, is still at his summer home nt Lancaster, where tho family will remain tmtil tho fu-st 01 next month. -^Tbepourait of Hon. I..�verott Salton- irtttll, iminiod hy Mi', Huntington, is at the uit galiei-y of Williams & Everett, to bo Been fj'om toniorro%v until Nov. 25. -Sir.' Brvce J. Allui:, Mr. Herbert Leeds ond Mr. II. D, Burnlianj were lunoug tho many Somfrnet Club men who wont over to Kew York for the hoVM show last week. -Mrs. Charles Theodore Suasoll enter- .jtBlned tlie Boston Fragmc-nt Society at her ibomo on SpurlciKtk.CambtldBe, last Monday TABLE GOSSIP. -Col. Major Henry Sleeper has been, all the week in New York. He was one amon^ the number of Boston people who enjoyed Mr. and Mrs. Kendal's delightful perform/, anceof "Tho Squire, "Wednesday afternoon, -^Mr. Benjamin Constant, the distinguished French painter, who arrived from Europe last week, will spend several weeks in Boston, whither he comes to finish hlo series of mural paintings in Mr, Fred L. Ames' house. -Colonel and Mrs. WIUlaBa A. Tower of tho Tudor are in Paris. -^Rev. and Mi's. 0. E. EUot of Dorohes- ter, and their little son, leave this week for a visit with Mr. Eliot's mother In St. Louis. -^Mrs. William Amory ontertaliiod Miss Amy Baker, Mr. A, H, Pickering and others at dinner last week in New York. -Miss Susan Hale has returned from her visit to the arti3t,Churohjandhis wife at their estate on the Hudson, N. Y., and is at the Thorndike for a few weeks. ' -rrHawley and Bodfern suits, representing Boston and New York respectively, were worn during the day at the horse show by tho best dressed women, -Mr. Willis Bumstead was In New York last week. -^Mrs. B. 0. Porter was one of the con- Bpicuously beautiful women at the horse show, Tuesday night. Miss Leiter and Miss Hope Goddard of Providence in one box made a brilliant pair of beauties. Miss Leiter looked extremely English in a long, loose gray wrap, with black trimmings, and a flat hat of brown velvet and gold, She has ft Mary Anderson type of face, only fresher and more girlish. Miss Bailie Hargous was the centre of attraction for the jeunesse dore, her arm in the sUng giving her a very Interesting air. She was gowned in blue and, her hat, covered with Boartel flowers, made her, with her brilliant coloring, look Uko a tropical bird or flower. Mi's. Prescott Lawrence waa another of the prominent society beauties that night. She woie a flat black and gray hat, with a narrow brim, and a tight-�.tting light oloth coat, very chic, as all her costumes are, ~-Mr. iT. J. Hayes will have a larg* and brilliant audience to hear him when ha 'reads In Sanders Theatre on Thursday nlffht for the benefit of tho Cambridgft Indian As. Booiation. Mr. Hayes is a grreat favorite, and his miscellaneous numbers appeal to the "saving remnant" as well asto tho general audience. The programme announced is a very ntti'aotive one, including many of the selections with whioh he won his spurs. The forum soeiiofrom "Julius Cfflsor," "A Senator Entangled," "Father Phil's Collection" and "Brother Anderson's Sermon" are among the choice numbers in the programme. --Mr. T. F. Gushing was in New York from Newport oil last week, He was one of the most distinguislied looking men at the horse show. -^Mr. Joseph H. Soars of '88,who coached tho 'varsity olev.en the of last week at Cambridge, is at tho Norfolk House for the winter, with his father, Capt. Henry Sears, and Mrs. Sears (born Dudley). Sir. Scars, who waa tho handsomest and most popular man of his class, is still a great favorite with the sporting sot, who are proud to have him for their coach whenever they are lucky enough to secure his services. -The first loi'ge tea ETiven for the Ken-dais in New York was by Mrs. James Har-riman, on Saturday of last, week after the matinee. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Kendal lunched with Mrs. ButlerDuncan.and dined with Mrs. Homy Draper. -It is not an easy matter, says tho Bos- tonian, to name tho club men of Boston, but some of tho gentlemen whose claims to such a distinction cannot be denied are Mr. F, L. Bradieo, Mr. Rollins Morse, Mr. K. F. Clark, Mr, Dennie Bord-man, Mr. Arthur Dexter, Mr. C. T. How, Mr. J. L. Gardner, Mr, Hugh Cochrane, Mr. Hamilton Curtis and Mr. T. F. Gushing i while, of the younger men, Mr. H. D. Burn-ham, Mr. Edward Grey, Mr. Donnor, Mr. Shroedor, Mr.Gordon, Mr. F. H. Prince, Mr. Davie Bush, Jlr. Frank Seabnry, Mr. Robert Grant, Jlr. A, P. Gardner, Mr. G. A. Nicker-son and Mr. R. 0. Hooper aie prominent among tho many. -Jlr. Adamowskl was entertained at dinner Tuesday night, when the Symphony orchestra played in New York, by his old friend and 'Tavern Club assooiato, Mr. George Munzlg. -Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Prince, with valet and maid, are at the Albermarlo in New York. Mr. and Mrs. Prince were constant attendants at the horse show, whoi'o tjie latter was conspicuous as one of tho best gowned women of the society sot. -Mr. and Mrs. Eben D. Jordan, iFi-,, wwb Inat week lu New York. -Mr. and Mrs, Alauson Blgclow, Jr., are in Paris. -Mr, and Mrs. Rollins Morse were at the St. James in Nov,' York until they left late in tlie %voek for Wasiiington. -Mr.and Mra.W. H. Sweet and daughtors are settled in pleasant apartments in Paris lor the winter, -Mr. Fmnois Parkman ^rill remain at his country borne in Jamaica Plain until after Thunksgiving. -Mrs. Arthur Nikisch ia fao� and manner reminds one etronglyof Mns. Charles Fulrchiid. TABLE GOSSIP. . -Ool. and Mrs. Henry (J. Parker and the latter's handsome nieofl, Miss Roohel Griffith, have been at the Fifth Avenue Hotel in New York all the week. --Mi. Georxe Munzlg is putting the finishing touches to a charming full-length portrait of Mrs. Seward Webb, bom Vander-bllt. The ball ooatumo of white and gold sets off the blonde head and flnoly-ohisolled features most effectively. Mr, Munzig.has also On his easel a head of the young son of| ex-Secretary Whitney, whioh is a heautl-fnl piece of work, that artist being always most happy in his painting of children especially. -'A most useful toUet ftrticJo SsLady Gray toilet cream. --Qpe ol the handsomest palrof oarrlase horsesleen In the park in New York la that owned hy Mr. Charles A. Clapp, formerly ol Boston, now of the prominent publishing house ol E. P. D^ittpn & Co. They are exclusively for Mrsi Clapp's use, who drives la a neatly appointed viptorla, '-T-Mr. and Sirs, John-D.Sargontara again at tlie Oxford for the winter.' Mrs* Sargent Is the daughter of the Uto Dr. Daniel Har-wood. -Mr. and Mrs, James Lowrence went over to New York from Groton for the horso show. Their box was the centre ol a gay party every night. Mi'S. Lawonoe was one ol the most distinguished looking of tho society matrons of the crowds who filled tho boxes, r-Mossra. P. & J. Besso have prepared an excellent frozen pudding for Thanksgiving. Don't fall to try it. 167 Tremontst. -Mrs. Samuel R. Putnam and her daughter. Miss Qeorgina Putnam,, are at their town house, 68 Beacon st., lor the winter. Mr. JamoB Russell Lowell, who Is still Uvlng: very quietly at his estate, Elmwood, Cambridge, will probably spend part ol the winter �with his sister, Mrs. Putnam. -Mr. Holker Abbott ol Commonwealth, av., son ol Judge Josiah O.Abbott, was one of tho distinguished house party at Dr. Seward Webb's country home at Shelburue, 'Vt., a lortnlght ago. The Duke and Duohess ol Marlborov Mr. Perry Belmont, who ittrived with his ooaoh and four, Mr. Butler Dunoon, Marquis Bnperiali of the Italian legation, and Mr. jnhd Mrs. Offden Mills wore others of the party. Dr. Webb married a 'Vanderbllt. -The engagement is announced of Mr. Paul A. Andrews, son of Mr. Frank W. An-nraws of 3.87 Beacon st. to Miss Ethel Jan-ney of Baltimore, Md. --The first of the series ol readings by Mr. Sidney, Woolett will bo given in the Boston Museum THiosday afternoon. Society has been lookint lorwa,rd, for some time to this event, which will surely be well patronized, -At a dance given to a number of musical people, Wednesday night, some novel and original features wore introduced in. the way of favors. In tho centre of tho table was a drum made of clirysanthemums, and a violin made of violets. At each of tho plates was the favorite musical instrument ol the guest, in a miniature made of flower.s, some of lily of the valley, others of �('iolets, hyacinths, etc., each one being different, Tho whole was designed and arranged bv Doylo, and the effect, which was most beautiful and original, was highly praised by all those present. --TIio Elizabeth B, Sampson and the Jlrs. Gilbert E. Thornton chrysanthemums on exhibition at Horticultural Hall were displayed by Qalvin Brothers, and attracted a gi-eat deal of attention. -But a few more days remain ol the subscription sale of seats for Strauss' farewell engagement at tho Boston Music Hall, Nov. 26, 26, 27 and 80, under the management of Mr. Charles H.Thayer. There has been an extraordinary demand so far for Boats, whioh indicates that his farewell engagement in this country will bo larger even than his first appeaKince In this country, whioh was also made in this city. -Both the fashionable and the cultured worlds wore largely represented ia the crowds tliat filled Horticultural Hall last week to attend tho flower show. Some ol the finest Bpeolniens of ro.soa were those shown by A. C. Bowditch & Co. --Tho marriage on Thursday evening ol Miss ElJen T. Cheevei-, uelco of the late Rev. Dr. George B. Chcever, and Mr. George loliabod Kockwood, son of the well-known author, Mrs. Otis Rockwood, was an event In the society set of Woraoetor of no small Importance and interested a large number, ot Boston people, relatives and friends ol both tho bride and groom. Tho marriage took place in tho historic old house -Khoro the late Ichabod Woshburu, tho philanthropist milliounairo, lived, ond where his widow, a sister of Dr. Cheever, still residoa Owing to ths recent death of Dr, Cheevor the oompapy assembled �was almas* onth'tly confined to tho relatives. Bov. Daniel Q, Merriam officiated. Tho bride, who is nearly related to Hon. George Bancroft, ttio historian, looked very lovely m a Hollander gown of wWto satin and crepe de chine. Mrs. Bookwood, the groom's mother, and her three oharniing daughters, with her elder eon, Mr. H. Brad-lord Rockwood, came on from their winter homo on Brooklyn Heights for the occobIoh. The groom, who graduated three years ago from the WorcCBter Polytechnic Institute, has already made a fine reoord for himsel/ as a mechanical engineer. TABLE GOSSIP. -Miss Boslna Yokes and her company oi players have met with a most cordial reception on their annual visit tq this dty. This week, for tho first time, the triple bill \vill give way to a three-act comedy, sri which the entire company appear. "The Silver Shield," to be produced at the Tremont Theatre, is a comedy ol domostlo Interest, and is not so remarkable for sensational situations and dramatic developments as ^Ipr Its admirahlo dialogue and charming characterization, which, Indeed, iii nearly all tho works of that exqollent o^uthor, Sidney Grundy, �will ho found the predominant features. Miss Yokes' gowns ore said to be Bomothlng wonderful in this now play. -^See tho bargains In real estate on page 13. -The souvenir ol tho 7Cth performance ol "The Soudan" Is to be in the form of an illustrated book, reproduced from drawings in color,by ,Mr. Sohuyler Matthews, whose work on artistic books and Cliristmas cards lie$ well is :no^vni' as that ol Kate Green-away. The. text ia by Miss Emily Selinger,. This souvenir will be given to each lady who visits the Boston Theatre next Wednesday evening, -Tho old comedy season at the Museum continues as brilliant as over. The week opened -with "Tho Holr-at-Law." Mr. Wilson was delightfully droll, and Mr, Barron's Homespun was one of the best pieces ol acting ever ooen. "Sho Stoops to Conquer" was tho bill lor. tho lost three days ol the week. Tomorrow night, "London Assurance," and Thursday, "Masks and Faces." -A dramatic, entertainment will be given in IJnlon Hall, Tuesday evening, with a strong cast ol lavorlte amateurs, Tho farce in two acts, "The Box of Monkeys," �will be given by Mr. J, Edward Priest and Mr. Henry Taggard and Miss Fannie Leigh-ton, Miss Annie M. Gilhreth, Miss Roboooa B. Joslln and Mr. Robert A. Bamet (author of "Injured Innocents"), members of tho "8. C. Y. P. F. Dramatic Club." They will be assistod by tho Talma Club of Providence, under the management of Sir. Henry A. Barker, who will present "A Cup of Tea," with this past: Lady Cloi'a Seymour, Miss Aunio QUbreth i Sir Charles Seymour, Mr. James B. Ryder; Mr. Soroggins, Mr. Albert 6. Carpenter; Joseph, Mr. John P. Farna-worth. --If ladies once uoe Lady Gray sanitary toilet po-s^dor they �will not ho without it. -Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, Mrs. Chamberlain and MiBs Ohamborlnin of England sailed for homo from New York Wednesday. Mr. : Austin Chamhorialn and Mr, Neville Chamharlam have gone to tho West Indies; where they will spend the winter. -Cards are out for tho West Newton assemblies, which are to take place on Wednesday evening. Doc 8, 1800, and Jan. 7, -1801, in West Newton City Hall. Tlio managors. nro Messrs. Francis Newhall, Ai'thur Howland. Sevonmce Barrage and Hom-y L, Fnli-brother, Tiie matrons will ho Mrs. Julian C. Jaynos, Mrs. Nathaniel T. Allen and Mrs. Ellon P. I'errin. -Mr. W. D. Howells and family have returned for another winter in Bo.ston. Mi�s Howolls has brought back some very dainty sketches made during tlio ^summer. -Mr. G. Walden Smith's fine exhibit in the Mechanics'fair ia a really notable one, and the portraits of m.iny of Boston's best known society people are included in tho collection. Rev. M. J. Savage, Sirs, llck-nor. Miss Lincoln, Mrs. Newell A. Thompson, .Miss Lodge, Mr. Harrington and Mi-n, Dr. Carter, are a few whose pictures are generally admired. --Mr. Frank Morse anuounces a second dra'wing-room concert to he given in tbo banquet hall of the Hotel '\'endome, Wedneisday evening, Deo.3. Tbo followinK artists will assist: Mrs. E. Humphrey Allen, Miss Gerti'ude Edmonds, Mr. Timothee Adamowski, Mr. Eu&ene de Danckwardt, Mr. Ernst Peraho, Mr. Anton Hokklng and Mr. Blax Zaoh. The proceeds of thi.'i concert will bo devoted to charities, imd subscriptions are now in order. Cards of admission aro 81.eo each, and maybe ohtainod hy addressing Mr. Frank Morse, Hotel Ven-domo. -Mr. Isaac Rich, proprietor oltho Hollis Street Theatre, was one of the guests at the Imperial in Neiw York last week. -Rev. Heru'y A. Colt, rector of St. Paul's school at Concord, N. H., was in town yesterday, retmning to Concord in the aftomoou. -Miss Hattie Holland and Mrs. Wllliom Whitolcy of Dover, N. H., if era the guests ol Mrs. Browning of Loring St., BomervUle, during the past week. -The marriago of Miss Bertha, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth C. Abom of 161 Huntington sv., to Dr. Henry J. Borton cf London, Eng., took place in 'Irlnltj' church. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Phillips Brooks, the bride being given away by her eldest brother, Mr. Herman Abom. Dr. and Mrs. Borton will reside In New York.' --The American beauty, ])uche.s� of Albany and Catherine Mcrraet roses are now at their finosj^, and Gulviu has an oxcol-lentosBortmentof them at his Trcinont st. and Vendome stores. His disolay of chrysanthemums today will be well worth seeing. -Mr. Robert F. Perluns, -n-ith his sister. Miss Elsie Perkins, and liis fiancee. Miss Annie Bowditch, are vlsitiug Mr. Charles E. Perkins's family of Oommonwealth av. at their Bturlingiion, la., rosidenc e. TABLE GOSSIP. -~-Il ywn �want a good trade on ft house or lot see tho advertlsomonts on page 13. -Mr. H. M. Pitt announces the second performance by the pupils ol tho New England School ot Dramatic Instruotlou In Union Hall, Friday evening, Nov. 28. Galvinwill decorate the hall and the Alpha mandolin orchestra will render musical soloctlons, "Meg's Diversion" and tho balcony scene Irom "Romeo and Juliet" will compose tho bill. Tho third porlormanoe vrlll bQ given Deo. 28, when Mr. Pitt will appear as Jack Poyntz in "School." -Mrs. M. D. Frazar, tho popular manager ol private European tours, ivith whom the successful teacher in the prize ofllored by Thu Glodh is to take her summer vacation to Europe, has bean lecturing on Venice. Illnstratod by storeoptlcon, to some ol her last year's party, their frionde and ao-qtuuntonoes, at Veteran Hall, Nowbiiryport, -^Mrs. B. B. Niles and Mrs. Edward Glover Niles were at homo Wednesday afternoon from 4, to 6 o'clock at their homo on Beacon st. l^ � � Roxbury Tapestry. 25 Ohpioe Fattems, SHE MAICBB THE B3S3T WtETIl. One Decided Opinion of the OoUege-Bred Woman. Old-foBliionod Now England mothers are often extolled as an ideal tyiio of motherhood, while co!!ego-brcd wouion arc tho staple ot popular newspaper jokos in their alleged futile attempts to care for tUeir offspring, writes o woman in the World. Yet BtatistfcH hIiow that the mortality among native Now England stock oxooods tlint of any otlior part in tlie United Stiitos, ond tlie )roportion ol deaths to births iflconstatitly ncrcasmg, while among tho ridiculed col-ogo wouion nino-toutha ol tiielr oluldreu survive infancy, a record which I believe has never boon equalled In nny country or ago since slatistics furnished tho dota for such deductions. The average woman has e.vriorienoo In plenty, anil conimoii without e-tpe-rienoo, but she is not scientific-uot Biis-ooptiblo to now truths. She ha."! mode up her mintl very firmly on tho narrow rnnga of subjucts within hur 'mrfioual oxporience, and the earn of tho children is usually oiju ol them. Tho inorooxperlwriceanobstiniUo woman acquiros, the further sho travels from tlie beginning of wUdom. I assert that a woman scientiflcftlly educated can in throe hours be taught more obout tho core ot infants than another lu-ipllcotnaJiy untrai/iod can Icum from i>cr-Honul cxporloncc in a lifotiiuo. In other occnpalions less i(x:iotli)g tlmn a mother's, wo allow exiiericiicoaliino to coimt lor little. Wo call a niiUi a quack who attemiils topractiqo modlciuo upou tlioslraplo capital of oxp(incncB^ with no actual study ol its general scientific principals. Leading Boston People Indorse For Malaria and Every Form of Sciatica and Lumbago Are Immediately Controlled by It. Indorsed by leading Physicians. i-rloe S1.00 1 Bottlo. Sultan S*liisli Pailor ^ Suits, Our own make, worth $45. Autfque Oak Finish Chamlier Sets, Why pay $25 Elsewhere. � 1 WALL PAPER 10,000 Rolls Gold Paper, Ohoice Styles, Perfect Goods, lOQQOBQiisGold Border Eegular retail price, 50o. These few artioles are not loaders, but picked at random from our immense stock. Everything necessary to fur-.; nish a homo cheaply, moderately or eloEcantly at prices just as reasonable. We Buy and Sell for Cash Only, and Acknowledge No Oompetitor. OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS. C.E.08M&CO. THE CASH HOUSE FURNISHERS. 744-756 Washington St THANKSGiraelSCOMINff. We cun (ihovv yea a tine suftortmaat ot GrooorUS ftdvcryreuaouuUii prltiea. cHjUHjes f. smith. lis tiai 111 Cuatixldge itnet. Branch rtoro, in Salem st it� 5 0