Sunday, November 16, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 17

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Text Content of Page 17 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, November 16, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - November 16, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts DM MORE ClironiG Catarrh Cured by Drs.fiarroll and Pearson After Others Failed. A Little Talk with Prominent Specialists About Diseases. �-(Jatarrli, Bronohitis, Asthma, Deafness and Sympatlietio Troubles Oured, Thb Globe roportor callert npon Mr. Olmrles^ 'Cftlvorley of 71 isoiicon St., who volunteerca tie following tu to bis traatnieiit c ooati t u-' tlon. I became great-int. o. aAi,TEKi.KT. ly alarmSd, (n4, considering that It was best and cheapest to call upon the most suooeasCul and oxporlonood phy-(jlolans, I oolled npon Drs. OairoU and Pearson, and i BhaU not soon forget tlie thorough and rapid manner hi which tliey effooted a oure. I think that they liave saved me many dollars by their treatment."' The reporter then, as a matter of curiosity, called at the oflloo, 176 Tremont St., and asked for the phyaiolarut.. Dr. Pearson was the only one present. He Is an energetic man, and shows the thorough, praotloal physician by every "(vord( teunly alive to thb necessity of the latest Information In all branches of his pro-toaalon and the use of the most modern Instruments. "The treatment which we give," said the doctor, "has stood the test of years, and thousands of people Wjoloo in good health all over this oOuntry, who but tot mi treatment would bo languishing In alokuess. X say all over the comitry, na by our system of home treatment we are able, auoccssf ully, to treat patients at any dlatanco. "We have patients m South Carolina, nud as far west as Kentucky.and north into the Dominion of Canada. For the'removal of, polypi, 1.0, growth In nasal passage and the upporpartof pluvrynx, It Is^iieceagary to have patients come to tlieoffloo. By our method no pain Is inflicted by �uoh treatment. Piitienta almost totally deaf, owing to catarrhal dlaoiiao, have been restored to perfect hearing, and afflicted with asthma who have been forced to alt up night aftor night in order to sleep have been, by our treatment, easily relieved ond cured.All thoaevarloua troubles caused hychronlo catarrh, which aro but phases of the disease, and tor which �o many are treated, nil anooumb when the chronlc'oatarrh la cured. Tou will find," con-tinned the physician, as tho sciibe nroae to leave, "that nine out of ten of your friends sufCor from patarrb In one of Its Btngen, and that sooner or later Ihoy will have to come to mo to he cm-od." Xiv�, Carroll aud iPoarson ^Lreold school (regular) physicians, and can be �onsultod at thok office hi Boston, In tho - Evans House, 175 Tremont St. SPECIALTIES; Diseases of the Kar, Throat and Ctmga (Conaumptlon, Asthma and Bronchitis), Rheumatism, Dyspepsia and all diseases of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys. PATIENTS AT A DISTANCH aucceasfuUy treated by mail. Offlcs hours 9 to 12 a. m., 2t <;4p.m,andTto8.30 tTonlngs.eicept theevenlnga itS'Tuoadayand Thurs-Soy. SnKDATTB from 0.30 a. y'y'to 12.30 p. m. II. a E tew dats AJTHB Mrs. Dr. L. K. SHAW'S CEI,EBn,VTED Moth aud Freckle Lotion *� la '^rarranted to Kemovo Freckles, Motli-PatGlies,Sallowness and Tan in lo duys, without injury to the oWn or health. Also a snro cnro tn all cnoos of Salt Rnenm, RiUB Worm, Pimples, Black Bteads, Flosit Wonns, Rouirh ISlciit, etc. Benders the skin Beautifnl, Wliito, Soft, Clear and Fail-. No preparation In the world ft! Its kind has over equalled It. Usual strength, 81; double extra strength, S2. The nsual strength will generally aufflce, except In severe omos, or of long standing, wliern ilio stronger lotion j^iould always DO nacd. One bottle Is usually suffl-� Rlr>n. He have never had ont C01I1J Initit. AaU to see It and take l.otliiip clBC. Goodwin, Ciulcr, Wwlis it I'otter.aU druirclBla. hSuT nlS FOXDBOFT FARM DAIRY, Fresh Eggs, Bntter, Cheese. fSBATTlE SQ., CAMUIIIUUE, K.i^S. .Suit uS CHAELES F. EEKIIER, BESIArRANT, CO.NKECTIOKKIi A.M) CATKIIliR, Lyceum UiUldlng, Harvard .Sq. TTodcUnes and JI*artitH a Biiccialty. Tlio very-best of lee Cream and Ices "I ererj' do-ItllpUon made to order. SuhiOa and fancy dishes. Uullil na TOTS BALE-Unbroken (tie, hound, elnoo June, 1884. Adilrces, ttotinf otter, M X7D, UluUe ofilue. 11' IHSTAmBDTIB. Horses That Trot or Pace in 2.30. Records of Gilt Edge Trotters and the Blood lines. Over One Thousand Newoomers in the 1890 List. � This Veok The Glodb gives the second of itsBoriesbf horsataWos. FollowinBon last, week's issue of the "best records" on the bookstodate, this table is.devoted to tUe newcomers in the 2.80 list in 1800. It is tho first time that a daily paper has over presented siioh a table, compiled in its own office, and will bent the official list by over throe months. * It will be seen by the tables that Aloan-tnra leads tho sires and boats the beat previous record of additions to tho 2.30 list in one year by four. As a future table will group the newcomers under their sires, the present one will bo loft to explain itself. Pacers aro in italics. � � A. B. C, h. m., by Lumps. i2.20%. AbbloV., g. f., (4) by Aberdeen-dam by Pea-vine, li.SSVi. . . . . Abaalkilt IW/to, b, h., by Bourbon Wilkes, 0.27. Aberdeen Willsea, oh. m., by Wllkle Colllns-Auboidalo, by Aberdeen, 2.20. ^Icmon, oh. c, (3) by Nutwood-loaa by Aloyone, 2.20V2. Actress, b. m., by Nlokerbookor, 2.aOMi. Ada, gr. m., by I'airy Gift, 2.20%. Ada, blk. m., by Legal Tender, Jr.. a,23�A. Ada do Clare, b. f., (4) by Lord Kusaell-Ald* by Hamblotonlan 10, 2,20%.  Addle 0., b. ni., by Glostor, 2.29. o Addle De., oh. f, ( 8) by NnnTOOd-^Aaelalae, by I'hU Shorldnn, 2.25%. Ada G., blk. m., by K rrlam, 2.2eVl. Add:' �- Ella! G-Bella Wilson, by Add; io llayea. m. ra., by Judge Hayes, a.sq. _____le C, 2.201/^. � Addte C, 2.20. Admore, b. o., (4) by Advent-KentnoS OlJlby Edward d., 2.2G. JI3gon, b. 0., %. ^ , , Beeswax, ch. g., by Diamond Volunteer, 2.26. Belle Boii^ 243'''''' '"'"'^^'^^'^''^^ ^^'^ ^'^ Amer-'"BeUe," g'. m.t Jy Danutlesa-dam by Clark Cbiet, 2.27%. licllii Archer, b. m., (3; BeUeB.,ch. m.,byWa 3) by Rene, 0.27%. ___________ _, 'nrwlck Boy, 2.20%. Belle IferguBon, b. m., 2.28%. Belle IlamUton, bUi. in., by John E. Wood, S.92%. Belle of Navarre, b. m., by Ambassador, 2.28%. nclle R., b. m., a. t. b., by Hambletonhin DownCiE, 2.20%. Belle S., b. m., by Menelaua, i.STA- BeUe Vara, b. t., (4) by Vatlcan--dnra by Xstelle Eric, 2.22yi. Bellevlew WUkea, oh. h., by Rod Wilkes-Lady Cussell, 2.20%. BeUe Willies, gr. m., by 7onn_g WUkea, 2.28%. Belle WUaon, gr. m., (4) by Jim WUaon-dam by Thomas A, Soot? 2.261/4. Bellman, b. h., (4) by Indiana-Lulu T. (2.20) by Ericason, 2.22%. Belmont, 2.30. Ben DaWs, b. h., by Arotnrns (?), 2.2._. Ben If., b. g., by Smith's Mambrlno^,2.2o-,v Ben Lambert, ch.. g., by'.Qolddust LJiinbert-dam by Younsllogftith, 2.27%.  1 Ben WUlluma, b. g., by Iron Duke, 2;20)A. Bert B., ch. g., by Dan Brown, 2.29%. yto.).)/j&niiis, b. g.,2.268A. Bertie Sprague, b. m.,by Gov. Sprncno, 2.20%, Bessie S., b. m.. by Prince Albert, 2.29V4. Bessie WlUtes, b. m., 2.29%. Bessie Youug, blk. m., by Joe Young, 2.24. Ketiicl. b. m., by Beauclero-JfeUJe by Black Ranger, 2.20%. Uettie IC, ch. m., by Mambrino Lexington, 2.2oya. Bettle Mao., ch. m., by Abdallah Mambrhio, 2.29. Big Chniloy, b. g., by St. Jame�-Oyhthlana Ann by Goldsmith, 2.27%. Big Injun, oh. �., 2.26%. � Bin Nye. 4. g.,S.30. ^ lUUj' A., b. g., by Bay Tom, Jr.-dam by Tom Hal, 'BiUy Brister, to. g., 2.27. Billy Gault, b. s., by Frank Noble, 2.! . Billy H., b. g., by Mnmbrlno Dlok, 2.20 Billy T., ch. K., i2.28�,ii. BlUy Tovrin. b. g., by iion of Oasslus M. Clay, Jr. -dam by son of Strader's Hambletonlan, 2.28%. Billy O., ch. g., by Thomas Jotferson-dam by Thomns ,7effieraon, 2.26. Blrriii!. blk. m., by Sbiggnrt-Jain by Patchen Vernon, 2.30. Hirdlc, b. in., by WlUrlwlnd Chief, 2.28%. Bisewuod, 2.28. lilsnioiit, c. h,, by Victor von Bismarck-Dnoky Almont by Almont, 2.24, lUnck Dininond, blk. g., by Mltton'a Goldnst- -Lndy Taylor by StockbridceChlet, 2.19%. IlUiek Diamond, r. g,, by Gray Harry, 2.28. II act A'ell, bl. m., by Hardtack, 2.28. B ack Dick, b. g., 2.S7i/i. Black George, blk. g., by Royalty, 2.26, 2.80. Blnck Hawk. ulk. g., by Orphan Boy, 2.20%. B/a/:i:ur, bl. S. (4), by Patchen Wllkea-BeSieT by Draco, 2.30. Blaine, b. R., by Almont, Jr., 2.26-Louisa by HamUn'a Patolicn, 2.28. ' Blameless, blk. (., (8) by Black's Hambletonlan- dam by Governor Sprague, 2.80. Blanche, 2.30. Blanche Grant, gr. m., by Gen. Onnt, e.SB'/i, Blanche P., Br. m., by UuU, 2.20%. Elazoberry, br. f.. (3) by Roseberiy-KeUl* by WUl's Crusader, 2.211.4. Blonde, ch. m,, 2.29%. Blue Boll, b. g., by Blue Britain, 2.22. Blue Charlie, ro. g., by Waplo-dam by Paulo, *'Bo'b Maaon, b. g., 2.27%. Bob Fhikerton, b, g, 2.30. Boone WUaon, gr. 0., (8) by Jhn WUaon, 2.21%. Brilliante, ch. C, by Brilliant, S.SO. BrUllantlue, b. m., by Nutwood-Crepan by Prln-cojia, 2.20. llrothor G., b. h., 2.28%. Brother Oeers, b. g., by Old Hank, 3.28%. Brother Jim, b. g., (3) by Intrigue-Minnie by Whidaor, 2.29y3. Bro�Ti Cedar, b. 0., (8) by Red Cedar-dam by Guide, 2.20. Brown Nell, br. m., 2.30. Bruce, b. g., by Black's Hambletonlan. 2.80. Bub McLuiigblln. ch. h., by Charles DIokena, 3.S0. Buaiiicer, c 1. h., 2.27V4; JUirl, b. p., by Brmiilc McGregor, 2.20%. Burt Sheldon, blk. c., by Warwick Boy-Cole by I'rutemun horse, 2.;iQ%. Hush, blk: m., 2.S7i/j. BuKlm-U Cliicf. b. g., by Mnmbrlno M., 2.s0. Butcher Boy, cti. g., by Volunteer, 2.28. Bycra, b. g., 2.a0. Cxsar, b. g., by Stoinway-Ollta by Nuhvobd, 2.181/". Uiilhoun, b. h.,by Pilot Medium-dam by Boy SlliUlleton, i.'iVVi.. Ciill'iil Back, cli. g., by Mark Field-Daisy by Bo-veii/:f.., 2.281/1. Ciilyco. blk. i., (3) by Endymlon-Opponent by Mndrlil, 2.2OV2. Cauiiulo L., u. m., by Harold-Pern by Belmont, "I'aiididate, oh. h., by Pnoohontaa Boy, '2.20%. faiiuon Hall, b. h., by lied Jacket, 2.20V . Churlic Ii., I'll. "., liy Juliu Logon, 2.29%. Charlie Hicl.!, b. g., by Iowa Mttmbruio,Ti.2B%, Charlie M., ch. g., 2.2714. Charmer, bll:. m.. by Black Clond-Lady Knoi by General Knox. 2 27. Chfettr A., ch. g.. br Tfinna Ethan Allen-dain t. b. by Black Prfliih, 2.30, r'a Hamblfl- ^OAfj(er/r|M^oh, g,,; by atrothinore, Jr.-<J�m by ^OTiestnut � WURM, oil. h., by Bed WUtaji-Fannlfl D.,by Star Almont; 2.20. Chimes E., b, g., by ClUmoB, 2.28%. tfta!*�OW�f 2a!(v''""^''P^'' Modlum-<l�mbr C lief, b.'B., tMta bo a ringer, 3.20%. ' ,-� .Church Boy, b. g., 2.38%. ' Clam Z., b. m., by Capri- /i. Colnia, gr. m., (4) by Eloctloneer-Sontag Mohawk by Mohawk Chief, 2.201/1. Comua, b. h., by Luciia Brondhend-Dutch Kate by Jlmuile, 2.30. Conductor, gr. 0. (3) by Electioneer-Sontag Mohawk by Mohawk Chief, 2.26i/i. � Coiiundriim, b. g., by Barkis-dam, tho dam ot Nellie M., 2.25Va. Col, Forrest, a, h., 2.29%. Col. Kipp, blk. h., by Arfitoa-L&nra by Qoodlng'a Champion, 2.30. Col. Tom, b. h., by Lumps-lAila Morton by Whip Clay, 2.28%. Col. Walker, b. g, by St. cloud-dam by J. B. Clay, 2.25. Conuettc, blk. m., by Altamont^dam by Oasalua M. Clay, 3.30. ^ Cora 0., b. m., by Whippleton-dam by Nabno, Corn McGregor, oh. m., by yorgns MoOrogor, 2.27. Oora MaoGrcgor, oh. m., by Poijus MoOrjgor- Coranda by Coriander, 2.27%. . Cora S., gr. m., by Harold, 2.26%. Coral, b. f. (8), by Electioneer-Columbine by A. W. Richmond, 2.26. Ourlnne, b. m., by Jlambrlno Startle, 2.20%, Count Ilal, b. g., 2.27. � Count Wnldcinar, b, h., by King Rone-dam br Long Island Black Hawk, 2.20. Country Medium, b. 11., by Happy Medium-Country Medium by Ansonia. 2.28. Bqusm Joe, by Del Sur, 2.22y3. Crayon, b. 0. (3), by Cuylor, dam by Oontraotor, 2.20%.' Oremonia, b. m., by Anaonia, 2.28. Crepo MoNctte, b, {. (4), by 'Pm-k, 2.28%, Creaoent, b. g., by Oreaoo-dam by Capt, Web-ater, a.23ya. Grescont, b. m., by Belmont-dam by Alozandor'a Norman, 2,26%. Orieket, b. m., by Slolnwar, dam by Dolpbbi, >, t. b. thoroughbred, 3.10. Cricket, b. m., 2.30. C. T. L., oh. g., by Oon. Wither*-Lady Gllbreth by GUbreth Knox, 2.24. Our Dick, \i.e., by GlbrnltiM>-Mnttie W., 2.83%. Ouyler Boy, ch. p., by Cuyler Clay, 2.28%. Cyclone, by Enalpn's Hamblotonlan, 2.26. Cyclone, apt. g., 2,28. . Cyclone, on. g., by Whipple's Hambletonlan, 8.80. Oyolone, Jr.,l>. h., 2.27. CyniB Il, blk. h., by Nutwood-dam by Jack Roberts, 2.39. 0. W. 0., oh. g, by Adonla-dam by �oe of St. Clair, 2.23Va. . C. IK. L., b. g., by Mllsvaukee, Jr., 2.25. D. Balsy, oh. m., 2,27%. Daly, b. h., by General Benton-Dolly by Elec tloneor. 2.22%. Dandy, b. a., by Atlantic-dam by Blazing Star, 2.23%. i Dan H., by Grantham Chief, 2.28%. ' Daniel Lambert, oh. h., 2.28. Dq.phne, b. m., by OoL Hambrick-dam bjr Dlok Monroe, 2.26%. Barling, b. m., 2:30. DarUngton, b. K, by Wellington-dam by Ham. blotonlan, 10,2.20, . Dave Thompson, b, g., 2.24%. Davo WUson, b. g., by Kenney'a Denmark, 3.34%. Baoid Copperfiem, blk. g., by Quina Chief, 2.20. David Jonea.h, g,, by P0ttcaall72.26. ' Dawson, b. g., by Manaaeld-Louie br Hambletonlan, 2.191/i. Be Jarnette, b, h., by Indianapolis-BeUe by Lit. ton'a Warfleld, 2,30. Beaeoii, b. g., by Bon Bolt, 2.26%. Dcoor.ih, b. h., by Mainbrino Patchen-Hattle AUen by George WUkea, 2.26%.. Defiance, br. h., by William Bysdyk. 2.27%. Doloho, b. g.,by Ouoco-dam Edward ETorett, 2.29%. BeligM, b. m., by Good Luok, 2.80. Delia McGeo, oh. f., by Walkbill Prlnos, 3.28. Delmarch, b. h., by Hnmbrlno-Ella O- by George Wllkea, 2.18%. Delmont, b. g., by Howes MoGregor, 2,30. Dick, b.g., by Major Benton-dam by Baoon'a Ethan Allen, 2.24%. i>i'c* B., b. g., by Stonewall Jackson, 3.20%. Dick C, ch. g., by Robert McGregor, 2.28%. Dlok Smith, ch. g., by Luke Brodhead-Oalway Mold by Bockaway, 2.17. Dictator, ch. g., by Hooker, 2.29%. *Dldo, 0. m., by Judge Gould-Rennle br Joe Young, 2.24%. ^ BUi^on'i h. a., by Dictator-Jane Oarllale by Antar, Dinah, b. m.. Little BUly, 2.20%. D. N. 't., oh. g., by Maaterlode, 2.30. Boelor A., b. g., 2.26al. Doctor J,, b. g., by Alllo West, 2.2S. Doctor B., g. g., a.20%. DoUio, b. m., by Mambrino Diamond-dun by Live Oak, 2.28. DonL.,b. h., by Fisldmout-ITotmeg Mold by Thomas ,lreneraon, 2.20. Donald Maokay, gr. �., by AUegro, 3.24%, Dr. MUler, b.g.. by Young Volunteer, 3.80. Dr. Saift, b. fi,, by Baywood, 2.26. jjr. aiovi, o. uy xjrjwuuu, .a.^o. Duchess BuaaeU, b. m., by Mambrino RuaaeU- Duchess May by Hamblotonton, 2.20%. Duke, ch. g.,.by Iron Duke-dam by Lakeland. daUah, 2.24%.' Dusty MUler, ro.m., by Trloeps-dam a Morgan, 2.23%. � ... . ,: Dynamlto,' Wk. g.,-by 'Bob ffraakllni-dajn by Blaokatone, 3.2B3^. ....., XI. ^EdrljrBlrdjro. h. (*)', by Jay Bird-Beulah by Eastern Boytb. g., by Little Eastern, 3.37%. _ Easter Qirl, b.m., by Elghi Boy-dam by Ontario. g., by Ohrisman's Patchen-dam by 3.25%. TSjl %y, b. Whipple's Hambletonlon, 2,288/4. Ed Wllkea,,by Bartholomew Wllke�-dam by Stogkbridge Chief, 2.29%. , Edclwela, b. m., by Colonnna -dam by nartman horse, 2.30. -Eu Marsh, b. g., by BeUanoe, 2.29%. Edgar WUkes, b. h., by Ethan WUltea-Oarrle T., by Kentucky Prince, 3.24%. Edgardo, b, e,, by Bumor-dom by Jay Oonld, 2.27%. Ednah Boring, b, m., by Tonng Waverly, 3.26%. Edward, b. g., 2.29%., Edwin play, oh. g., by Harry Clay, 3.39%. Egbertle, ch. h., by Egbert-Annie by Oottrlll Morgan, 2.80. Electrician, b. 0., by Blectloneor-Roboooa'by General Benton, 2.24y^ Electricity, b. m., by MootloneeT-Midnight by PUot, Jr.,2.24%, Elkcrt, b. h., 2,29yi. Elkborn, b. ., by Onward, 2.80. Elko, b. m., by Lumpa-Katie On by Mambrino Patchen, 2.29. EUa B., b. m., by Guy MUler, 2.28%. Ella E., gr. m., by Chicago Volunteer, 2.86%. Ella Rosebud, b. m., by Happy Medium-dam by Almont. 2.28%. EUa WUkea, ro. m., by Favorite WUkeft-damby Joe Downing. 2.20%. Ellington D., gr, h., by EUlngton Boy, 2.28. ^(sie Mack, to. m:, by Legal Tender, 2.20%. .. Elate Wood, 2.30 ' Emuia M., nh. m.,by Highland Grey-dam by Doa-lei Lambert. 2.28. Einin.v Batch, ch, m., by Nabob-dam by Night Hawk; 2.20%. Etnm /.,., b. m., by Sea roam, 2.24%. EmnuiJr Willies, b. h., by WllUam L,-damby Pilot; Jr., 2.27%. .,,,,, Enyineer, gr. g., by,Locomotive, 2.26%. /inr/mccr, gr. ii., uy Enola, ch. m., 2.28%. Enright, b. h.,by Nu' ler,2.23. Enright, b. h.,by Nutwood-La Oracle, by Otty. lJi'ena,'gr. 1, (4) by Aloyone-4amby Clark OlUcf, ^Erie'Gh.l, b.m.,by Lord Almont-Erie Mold, by Star Hambletonlan, 2.80. .Eryln, b. g., by Jhn Ervln-dam by Thomas Soott, ra., by Nmwood-Starling, by Ouyler, m., by Hamlin's Almont, Jr.-rrsnala, m., by Antao-dam by Hilton 2.20y�. Est�lle,b. 3.26. EtelkAi by La Ethu ju^un., u Medium, 2.20y2. Etollo, b. h., by King K�ne-dam by Bogular, 2,26V4. Eva WUkes, b. f., (4) by Star WUkos-Maggle West, by Star Hambletonlan, 2.20%. Evangeline, b. m., 2.30. Evange ' Evonmi Evangeilne', b. f., (2) by Director, 2.28%. Evenfii " � TwUtglit igellne, b.f., (2) byD ihig Star, b. m., by It by Dictator, 2.39. Commodore Belmont- iiicTOo^', b. m.,^b^_^Evcrnlond, 2.24%, 8.22%. Exit. Hr. in'., by Konanta, 3.20%-dam by Oon-tractor, 2.28%. F. ^ ^^J^"". Jr.. h.. tiy Falcon-dam br Dauntless, Fanchon, h. m., by HamdoUoh-dam by De QroH's Alexander, 2.2i%. Fancy Bess, oh. m., by Ohnedo WUkes-dam by ArUngton Denmark, 2.27%. Fannie G., ro. m., 2.20%. Fannie R., gr. m., by Grey Champion, 3.34%. Fanny Swope, b. m., by Florida-dam by Tilam-brhio King, 2 21. Fanny W.. b. m., by Hardy Horse, 3.80%. _ Fanny Wilcox, b. m., by Jeromo Eddy-LlMls by Piedmont, 2.20%. Farrls. ch.h., by MoOnidy'a Hambletonlan,2,26%. Paustlno, b. c, (2) by Sidney-dam by Crown Point, 2.23%. Fay, b. g., by ElocUoneer-Mary, s. t b., by Fred Low, 2.26. t'edora, b. m., by Tom Brown, Jr.-dam by Yonng NlRTOr Dick, 2.27%. ' " Fillmore, ch. g., bv Alcantara, 3.39%. Flora G., b. m., 2.S0. Flora Mac, blk. m., by John Cole, S.37>A. Florence B..'i>. tlx., * Florida, b. t. (3) by Montana WUkes, S.26V4. Flossit Beed, b. m., by Mambrino Abdalhih,2.30%. Iloggy, b. g., by Alcantara, 2.27ya. J^oiTM( TOi-ej, b. h., by Bourbon WUkea, 2.22%. Foxwpod, ch. h., by Nutwood-Lady Foxy by Daniel Lambert, ' Frank B., br. c, (3) by Oollgny, 2.80. . Frank C, b. g., by Meaacngor Chief-Luoy Pops by Qustott's Telegraph, 2.10%. Frank M., ch. g., by Prium, 2.18. Frank p., ch. g., by Black Harp, 2.88%. Fiimk p. Porter, b. h., by Egbeit-Puas by Brown Prank s., b. g., by JubUee, 2:28ya. Fred Milts, to. g, by Nathan Mllle, 2.27. Fred JI., blk. g., liy Daniel Boono-daal by Olsre-hind Knox, 2.28%. Fred S., b. 0,, 2.20V.. Freddy C, li. g., by i'crguson, 3.27%. Fred McUrouer, b. h., by Robert McGregor-dam by lioiiiuliis, 2.'.!D%. , Fiewloin, h. c, yearling, by Sable WUkea-dam by Arthui'ton, 2.20%. I'rce Oolnuge. Ii. ii. by Abbotsford-Agnes,2.27%. Free Trade, 2.20%. o . /� Fnglcmaii, b. g., by High Prtvate-dam by Edwin Fon^jt, 2.27%. Giunaleon, blk. c, (3) by Gambotta WUkoa-Lady Pepper by Onward. 2.25%. Gumblur, bl. c. (B), by iiambetta WUkea, 2.80. Oambonlio, Wk. c. (.I), by Gambotta Wllkej- Maud by Garrard Chlet. 2.27%. Gninbryon, b. c. (3), by Gambetta Wlllte�-Ada Byron by Eudcld, 2.20%. 2 go"'"'"' '''' '''^'=�"''-*""i Dlototor, 'OaeHght, gr. g., by AJax, S.2S"A. G_ebbart, ch.e., (3) by Kentucky Prince-Langtry by Mtoaeniter Diu-oc, 2.21%. pen. Un/ord, b. g., by ilorrey PulUng-Amy by Black lien, 2.24. A. \aumsLuiiu, uii. u., uy jiliuibuiiuuo, a." .</1h- Oohlust Prince,J)._h., by Star Bnshaw-Rose 0.,, ^ ----, -....._Jbort-Alloe, by BoU Morgan, 'Good Gift, ch. h., by Fairy Gift, 2.28. Governor Luoas, ch. h., by Attoriioy-Sally, by Tramn, 2.20%. Governor St. John, oh. h., by Amboy-tlam by Printer, 2.27y2. ' , Oriieo'Gotharii b. in., by St.,Oothnrd, 3.27%. Grand Isle, h. g., by Wlnooukl-Ablile, 2.2Wd,. ^ Oraiifs Abdallah, b. c. (4), by Abilnllah Bruce, 'Omftan, b. c, (3) by WUkes Boy, 2.24y3-Annio Almont, by liostwlok's Almont, Jr., 2.30. Groat Eiisterii, li. g., by Hwcoiiatnkca-Annie Hough by Kentucky Prince, 2.2-1%. , Oreeiibacka. b. h., by Prlncopa-lorotta by Ilam-blotonlnn, 2.271/1. _0rccnbii9h Star, b. h., by Oreonbuah-Mablo by Byron, 2.2BY-,. Greenwood Belle, b. m., by, 2.20%. areyJoe, gr. g., by Simon Trader, 2.28%. tfrey Tobe, et. g., 2.2l)i/i. Grit, b. h., by Oinvara-dam by Billy Ryadyk, 2.20%. e Grovor 8., b. g.. 2.27ys. QiHirnnteo, br. Ii., by flambletonion WUkes-Maggie, by Meteor, 2.26%. Gua Voltz, b. 0. (3) by Pballas, 2.13%, 2.20%. . Ouy, gr. li., by Slilloh-(lain by Shoo Ply, 2.10. It. Harapahiro, b. h.,byWoodford WUkes-Rosalie by Swigcrl 2.201/1. Hannibal, Jr., gr. g., by Hannibal-MoUio Welch, 2.27%. HarSlman, b. g., by Kulckoibooker, 2.231/*. Hardahell, b. g., by Oomiuortoro Wllkea-dam by Contractor, 2.28. � Uargiu II., to. g., CUnltoi^dam by Oopporbottom, m.20%. Hannonla, b. m., by IMemory, 2.25%. Harold Jr., ch. h., by Harold-Maiden by Belmont, 2.27. Harry, b. 0. (4), by Ellal G.-dam by Joalyn horae, fi.281/,1. . Hafty Belmont, b. g., by Kentucky Belmont, 3.29. Harry Eiialgn, b; h., by Eiialgn-Capltola by Smith's HamWotoiilftii, 2.27. IlaiTy Hall, ch., h., by Boil Patchen-Cora by Edward Everett, 2.241/i. Harry Howe. b. g., by Swlgort-Amanda by Weat-eT Chief, 2.37. HaiTV Strathmore, g. c, (4) by Morgan Strotii-raoro-Nancy Hazzarrt by Sam Ilazzard, 2.20. Harry atriileawny, blk. g., 2.20Vi. Harry T., gr. g., 2.20%. Harry W., ch. g., by JlTonnroh, 3.20%. ! artlord Boy, ch. g., by Wulthain, 2.30. I arvcy, b. g., by Kentuoliy Volunteer-dam by Flying Cloud, 2.22y2. Hattle S., oh. m., by Matron, 2.20%. llayden,b.g.,by Ilumbletoniaa Mambrino, 2.20%. //���( yfM, (ilk. m(, 2.30. Hello, br. m., by Sherman-MoUle by Boott's Draco, 2.27%. Hermitage, b. �., by Pretoiidop-dam by Paddy Bunia, 2.23%. Hermod, b. g., by Oxmoro-Wanatah by Wedge-wood, 2.2OY4. //. k ., 1). g., 2.24%. Hiram K.,br. g., by Aiitenor, Jr., 2.30. Hlxle McGregor, ch, f., (S) by Robert McGregor- Liirty Wllkea, by .Squire Xiihnage, 2.27%. H. L. J., b. mf, 2.!!7%. Ilomeslate, oh. g., by Gibraltar-Kate by Volaii-teor, 2.14%. Hotioat George, b. g., by Albert-Fanny Orowder by Tom Crowder, 2.23ya, Honesty, b.g., �28. Horace, b. g,, by Swoepatokea-Canadian marc, 2.20%. Hugare,\>. h.,by AlgeriaWllkoa-dambyiDr, Here. 2.20. Hugh, ch.g., 2.30. Hugo H., blk. g., by Hugo Prince, 2.27%. //ttwmw. ch.g.,by Sidnoy-Huninilpg Bird, 3.18%. Humming Bird, oh. h., 2.26i/i. lIUBSnr,b. 0. (4), by Jersey WUkes-WalkUl Maid by WalkiU Chief, 2.'20Va. Hylns Boy, b. g., by Uyl Boy. a.20%, las-OIndoreUa, by Jersey I. Bnokman'B Idol-Nettle B., Ida C, b. m., 2.27%. Ilia Norwood, b. m., bv Norwood, 2.20. Ida .S., b. t., by lUirtoii's Hardee, 3.25. Idavnn, b. b.; (4) by Earl-Mela by Thomdale, 2.221A, 2.26y2. Idolater, ch. h., by Brougham, 2.28 - , , , ^ ^ ,. Idolf,b. h., by Baokman'a Idol-dam by Stonewall Jackson, 2.30. ? , , ^ Ilton, b. h., by Commodore Belmont, 2.28%. Indiana BeUo, hr. m., by Miiiner Chief, 3.20%. Indianapolis Boy, b. g., 2.30. Iniloo WlUtea, b. in., by Forguaon, 2.20. lugot, br. h., by Nuggot-ilaplo Leaf, by New York, 2.20. Interest, b. h., by Omvard-Little Fortune, by Scott's Thomas, 2.20%, Inventor, b. h., by Di by llepublio, 2.30. , . Ira a., b. g., by Brusaols, 2.20%. Ira M., a. h., by Blue Bull. 2.30. Irene, blk. m., by Alcantara, 2.28-: mtnlstrator, 2.23. Irene, b. m., by Star Wllkea, 2.30. Uaimtlosa-Lady Washington, -lola, byAd- /nVi/)oi/, h. g., by Billy H., 2.30. ^ _ ^ Irma 0.,^^ m., ny Jhn Wilson-dam by Pooahon- 'ronm'od, it. h., by Jim WUaon, 2.24%. Ironwood. b. h., by Blackwood, Jr., 2.30i . Ivorine, blk. ui., by Blank Chariey, 2.28%. I. X. L., b. g., by Walker MorrUJ, 2.261/1. J. J. M. B., b. h., by Solenlto, 2.30. J. M. O., g. g., by White Lino, 2.27%. Jack Shoppard, b. 0., (3) by Audorai J, Jack "sioppord,"' bV 0., (3) "by "Aiidorson WUkea, 2.28%. jIay-U-Seo, ch. 8., by Vermont Abdallah, 3.29%. Jack Shiel, b. o.,by Eoaa WIUcos-dam by Hardin Mohawk, 3,'io, Jack the Ripper, blk. g.. by Almont PUot, 2.80. J. 0., apt. g., 2.20. 1 1 ,. ,.. J. C., b. g., by Wtnnebngo Chief, 2.24y3. Jeff Davis, br. g.,by Atlantic, 2.281/4. Jenny S., oh. m., 2.80. Jenny Soott, b. m., by Wlnflold Scott, 2.29.. ' ^ Jenny Wren, blk. m., .by Hatlatorin-dam by Re- '"jorryfb^K^fby Henry Patchen; 3.20%. Jessie Oalnea, br. m., by AUlo Gains-dam by Fly- .'oam',2.38%'. : by Hampton-Nollle Ones, by Lltiao NeilT bik. lit, by"Homulna. 2.20%. Uttle Hock, b. h.; by Bullet, 3.28%. Llazlo, b. f., (8) by Gormon Onstlo, 2.20%. .,^liizit //., b. m., by Longatrider-dom by^amaen Denlnnrlc, 2,32. /.ittietnont,. b. m., by Jeromo Eddy-Lliile, by ricdmojit, 2.2Di/n. ' ^ LMo S.. br. m., by wUdflr�- io/i/, br. in., liy Wrinht, 2.27%- Lottery Ticket, b. c, (3) by Dexter rrluoo-dnm by Nutwood, 2.20. Louis p., b. g., bv rickoring-l,ady Plotaon by Happy Medium, 2.20%. Loulaa.,2.30. Lui'Otta, b.m., by Victor von Blamark-dam by Bourbon Wilkes, 2.27V4. Lucille, cli. in., by Elgin Boy-dam by KonmoUy Ohlet, 2.20i/>. LucUle, b. 7n., bv Revenue, 2.20%. Bucille, b. m., S.ilO. , Lucy Abbott, b. m., by Abbottsford-dam by Don Juan. 2.20%. Luhi B,, b. m., by Loula Napoleon, 2.20%. Buta Mc Curdy, b. ni., by Boy wood, 2.28. Liihi C, 2.33%. Lulu Gates, b. ui., by Al West, 2.201,4. Lycurgua. b. h., by Aberdeen, 2.20%. Bydia mikes, b. m., by Red WUltes-AUoen by Mambrino Boy, 3.27%. Lynotte, b. t., (3) by Lynwood-dam Lady BoUe, 2.J0%. . M. Mac, St. g., 2,24%. Mack, ch. 8., by Jlotlon, 2.29. ^ Ij^'iok, b. h., by Thought-dam by Bflly Ring, 'jln'ligio A., b. f., (3) by Attorney, 2.27%. Maggie F.,]i.m.,ii.i8. Maggie H., b. in., by Harney Wllkea, 2.28%. Maggie ll, b. m., by Toin Soott, 2.30. Maggie Sultan, b. in., by Snltivu, 2.30. Maggie T., b. m., by Sir Charloa-diiin by Fowler's Tom Patchen, 2.28%. Malor A., ch. g., by Major EdsaU, 2,80. Major Flowers, b.B., by Bourbon Wtlkos-dam by Strntlunore, 2.20. ' . Major Lniidoi�, b. e., by Hogan's Administrator- dam by Oakwood, 2.27%. Jlalabnr, b.h., by WoUgewood-Kitty Abbott, by Abbott, 2,27%. ' " ' ' Mambrino Medium, b. h., by Happy Medium- Kate Keen, by Mainbrino Champion, a.iisya. Mambrino Prince, b. li., by Jefferson Prince-dam by Harris' Mambrino Chief, 2.27%., Mambrino Queen, b. in., by Nobby 8., 2.20%. Mambrino Thorn, b. h., by Oon. Washington-Cuba by Jlambrlno Pilot, 2.20. Manancr, g. c, (2) by Nutwood-Casslo, by QoorBO wllkea, 2.10iA. IManulgan. b. g., by Messenger Chief-dam by Dr. Almont, 2.3B1/3. Margaret M., b. t., (3) by Plokpooket-dam by Chouery'a Grey Eagle, 2.31%. Marion WUkea. b. c, (2) by Garnet WUkes-dam by Iowa Duroc, 2.30. Markland, b. h., by Victor von Bismarck, 2.21. Mark Slriue, oh. c, (3) by Slmis-Loulse P., by Blue Bull, 3.24yA. ' l^Iarshal Maid, b. ni., by Dom Pedro, 3.27%. Martha Wllkea, b. m., by Alcyone. 3,27-EUa by Chvrk Chief, 3.20Va. Mary Ccntllver, b. m., 2.39%-^ Mary Ceoll, b. m., by Maooy's Hamblotonlan, Marii Lou, b. f, by Potoakey-Snay King by Mambrino King, B.ioyn. Mary S., oh. lu., b; Cloy, 3.28. "In "' ward, 2.231/3. May Bird, b. Chief, 3.20%. _________2.21%. (5) by Aloyone, 2^0, br. g,, by Sweepstaluis-dam by ing Shakespeare, 2.; . Jim, gr. g., 2.20%. Jlmfllalno, b. h., by Dundee, 2.80. Jim Clinker, h. g.,by Clibkor-dam by Hickory Boy, 2.27%. Jim F., 0, b., by Intrigue-Mlnnlo by Windsor, 2.28. Jim Friel, ro. g., by Tom Hal, dam by Van Doon, 2.27. Jhn Star, gr. h., by Star of tho West, 2.20. Jim Toaoh, 2.20%. Jimmy Tentpest,-K. h., by Tempest, Jr., by White's Bluo Si.U, 2.20U. Jim WUkes, gr. g,, 2.20%. Joan, br. m., by Waveliiud Chief, 2.30. Jocko, blk. g., by Mambrino King-Grandmother, bv Hiiiuhn'a Almont, Jr., 2.10y,. Joe, ch. g., by Tom Hunter, 3.29%. Joe Baasott Jr., b. h., by Joe Baasett, 3.29%. Joe Eastman, ch. 8., by Robert McGregor, 2.20%. Joe Kenney, b. g.. by Alwood-dam by MHUgan's Bellfouuder, 2.26%. JooM.,b. g., 2.20%. Joe Moreland, b. h., by Woribnrn, 2.80. Joe R,, oh. h..2.30. Joe WUkos, br. h., by Ai ^sntara, 2.80. John A,, ch. g., by Edisard Everett, .Ir., 3.30%. John B., gr. g., by Sylvester Smith, 2 28%. John Bonar, g. g.. by IngoisoU, 2.30. John Bull, K. g., by Jim WUson-dam by Legal Tender, Jr,, 3.57%. John L.. blk. g., 3.21%. .John E., gr. o. (3), by Moody-dam by Young WUkea, 2.20%. John S.j blk. a., by ,ror8oy Prince-Lady Auguata, 2,30, by Aainbrotoniaii, 2.21%. " Johiiny BoggB, b. 0. (3), by Sung of the Woat-dam by Mambrino Gift, 2.20%. Johnny Smoker, b. g., 2.2Si/jj. Josalyn, b. g., by Bnshaw Goldust, 3.28. J. P., b. g., by Louis Napoleon, 2.26%. J. R. .t.,l)lk. g., by Idol Wllkcs-dam by Harriaon Chief, 3.20Vi. . nUotte, g. f., (4) by Fleldmont-Crop Ear by PI ot Duroo, 2.281/1. Judge Purple, b. a., S.SO. Judge Hlcrer, b. h., by Bll by Mambrhio Patchen, 2.28 J, W, Tedford, gr. g., by Hall, 2.26%. K. Kadljah. b. m., by Bed WUfca�-dajn by Lehipa (thoroughbred), i.28%. ^ Kaleur, b. h., by Goorge Wilkes-Fair Lady, by Dictator, 2.28V3. Kansas Boy, blk. h., 2.29%. Kate B., br. m., by Legal Tender-Khody by Oop. perhotton.Jr., 2.28%. ' J ir Kate Bender, b. m., 2.21%. ^ Krito Caffrey, blk. f, (3) by Obaries Onffroy, Ka^ Clark, b. m., by Thomas Jelforaon, 2.23- Lady Goldamith by Hamblotonlan, 3.20Vi. Kate Lewis, b. m., pacer, 2.27%. Kcoler, b. h., by King Reno-Ada WUkes by George WUkea, 2.281A. Kenneth, b. g., by Kentucky Prhico-Mary A., by Mosaonger Duroc, 2.28'i/a. Kcno F.,ob. p., by Little Moak, 2.17. KcnsettMold b. m., by Keiisett, 2.30, Kentucky Boy, b. h, by Victor von Blamorok, 2,28. ICentnoky Jim, b. h., by Black Diamond-dam by Ralloy's Stor Denmark, 2.28. Kentucky Russell, b. a., by Mambrino BqsseU- dam by Fonmaught, 2.26. Kenwood, br. g., by Fairy Gift, 3.18%. Ketarah, b. m., by Kensett, 2.30. Keystone, b. fa., 2.28y2. Khedive, b. h.. by Lauilaeer, 3.30. King Chester, b. o., (3) by Pralris King, S.30%. King Herod, fc. s., by Herod, 2.28. ^ King Bex, b. h.. by King Rene, 2.20%. King Spraguo, bU�.h.,by Governor 8pr�gn�-MoUy Whitefoot by Little Priam, 2.28%. KingJ'oskey, ch. h^ by Petowskey-Susie King by Mainbrino King, 2.17. King Rook, b. h., by Alden Goldsmith, 2.80. Kingsbui-y, b. m., by Kentucky Clay, Jr., 2.28%. Finney, b. g., by flon of Walkllt Boy, Z.SSiA. loto, h. h., by Marmion Goldust-Mischief by J Wilkes-MhiB Bemis ^nalgn-dam by Tom .y Aloantaro-dam by Amerloan "jlfn'ry Miirahall, b. m., by H"ly Wllkee-dam ]yy Mambrino AbdaUah, 3.17. Mascot Boh. b. g., by Col. Howe, 2.20. Mason B., bl. g., 2.30. Massasolt, ch. m., by Phallamont-Theresa Lambert by Daniel Lambert, 2.26%. Master, b. 0., (4) by Maaterlode-dam by Magna Charta, 2.30. . Mntanzasi h..m.,by Lord Ruasoll-Malmalson by Alexander's Abdallah, 2.20%. Mattlo Marco, b. m., by Monaco-Mattlo Hunter 2,1234, by Prinoo Pulaski, 2.201/2. Mottle P., b. in., by Jackson Temple-dam by Tom Hyer, Jr., 2.27%. Mattte Solomon, blk, m., by Dlrcotor-Maria Solomon, 2.30. Jliittio Swope, ro. m., by Young Jim-dam by Mnmbrlno King, 2.30 Mattlo Willtea, b. in., by Barney WUkes-dam by Tltua 2.24%. Maud, ch. m., by Aurora, 2.20%. Maud Adair, b. m., by Fred B. Uinos, 2.20%. Maud 0., b. nr., by Cnliforula Nutwood-dam by Stelnway, 2.27. Jlaud d., b. ra., by Sir Charies, 0.27%. Maud F., b. m., 2.20%. Maud Greenwood, b. m., by General Knox-dam by Bnvndy\vlne, 2.20%. Maud M., cr. ra., by Cheatham, 3.30. Maud SlnRictoii, b. m., bySlngleton-damby Way-land Forrest, 2.28Vi!. Mnttrt Stillsoii, oh.m., by StlUaou, 2.20%. Jlaud White, eh. m., 2.30. MaurlqoS., b. a., by Coupon-dam by Col. Hay- m., by Jay Bird-dam by Seneca ilay 'Kliii!,' b. 0., (4) by Electioneer-Qneeu by Alexander's Nonnan, 2.20. May JiUtcht'U, gr. m., by Paaaaoas-dam by American Star, 2.21). May Queen, b. m., by HamUton-dam by Warwick, 2.27. M'Llsa, b. ra., by Simmon-DoUy Hazard by Sam Hazard, 2.2714. JlcAlliater, bl. h., by Bhiok's Hambletonlan-dam by Waterloo, 2.20. McDowell, b. h., by Trtton, 2.26. McGregor WUkoa, b, 0., (S) by Robert McGregor- Dowoy Eve by Georjo WUkea, ---- SIcKlnnoy, u. 0," MoMlUlon Boy Nonpareil,'2. W%. Maxioell Star, blk. g., 2.26. Mecca, b. g., 3.28. Medina, b. g. (rhigor said to be Gov. C). 2.27. Mcdora, br. m., by Youug Rolfo, B.3Wj,-da Knox Ghri by Ooneral Itnoi, 2.22%. Medora, bllt. m., by Bourbon WUke�-dam by American Clay, 2.37%. _ Mollasa, bl. m., by Nutwood-Endora by Ouylor, 2.26%. Momonto WUkea, b. h., by Bed WUkes-Duoky Almont by Almont, 3.20. Mercury, ch. h., by Summit, 2.30. Mercy CeoU, b. m, by Macey's Hambletonlan, 2.20%. � Merle Moore, b. f., (4) by Victor Von Blamark- dam by sou of Blaolrwood, 2.26.%. Merlin, b. h., by PhaUas-MUa C, by Bine BuU, 2.271/i. Michigan Matlle, by Pilot Medium, 2.20%, Midnight, blk. g., by Nigger, 3.23%. Mlko fi., b. g., 5.20%. , Mike Bowerman, b. i., by WUton, 3.30%. Mike Logan, by MUie Logan, 2.36Va. Milan, 0. c, by Victor Von Blamark-dam by Colossus Jr., 3.20. MUkshaks, sp. g., by Strathmore-cam by Prince, 2.28. JlUton Blackwood, blk. h, by Blaokwood-Irene by Volimtoer, 2.201/4. Minerva, g. m., by PUot Medlunv-dam by Donlol Lambert, 2.22y3. Minncalor, b. f. (3) by DUineator, 2.18, 3.36% Mlnnlo, 0. h., by Messenger Chief-Koao by Broivn Ohlet, 2,28yi. Minnie Belle, b. m., by Mambrino Davla, 2.24%. Minnie V., b. m., by WUkcaonlan-dam by Charlie Hnlcom, 2.20Vl. Mimilo v., biR. I., (3), 2.20%, Minnie Leo, b. m., 2.208/*, Minnie Moore, b. m., by Toronto Chief-dam by Clarion Chief, 2.24. Minnie P., b. m., by Porter Leonard-dam by Ottp-taill AVnlker, 2.2�1a. Mtvnie Wtlkcs, b. m.. by Ira WUkoa-dam by Mambrino Exceielor, 2.20%. MlU'iio'a Almont, br. h., by Almont Sentinol-Minnie D., 2.2814. Mink, blk. m., by Alcantara-dam byAdminla-trator, 2.231/2. Mlas Olovcrand, b. m., by Ayfonm, 2.26 Mlaa Lodo, blk. m., by Lodo-dam by Black BiU-tan, 2.2oy2. Miss Malollca, b. ra., by Startle-Josale Kh:k by Clavlc Chief, 2.24%. Miss Pauley, to. lu., by Bayhawit, 3.26%. Mies lledmon, b. m., by Bourbon WUkos-dam by Weatwood, 2.20yo. May B., h, m., by Charles B., 2.80. Molllo K., b. m., by Baaliaw Hambletonhm, ^'m^((v Mnlloy, b. m., by Red WUkea, 2.20. Cecil Morgan, 2.27 Va. : g.. oy m., by I i, gi'. m., 1 KluHe, ro. g., 2.24%. Kit Carson, g. ,.. ----- ------- Kittle B., br. in., by SUver Heela, Kitty Bayard, ' Gray Dick, 2.28%. "Uver Heela, 2.20%. by Bayard, 2.20%. Kremlin, b. c, (3) by I/ord Emscll-Eventide by Woodford Mambrino, 2.22yi. Lady Babcock, b. Happy Medium, Jr., 3.80. Lady BeUe, g. f., (8) by PUot Medium-dam by Boy Stlddloton, 2.28%. Lady Belle, oh. in., by Paaaaooa, 2.28aA. Lady DouRlasa, b, m.. by Arlington-dam by Vol. unteer, 2.20'' Molly O'Ooniior.'eh'. m., by Swigort, 2.26%. Monaaoo, b. g., by Rlngold-dam by Peto? Whet-atone, 3.27x4. Money Huntflr, b. h., 2.20%. Manila, bl. f. (3), by J'atclien Wllkea-Honda by Wedgowopd, 2.2(1%, ' Montniift WllkitS, b. h., by Rod WUkes, 2.20. Montgomery I1VAm;i, gr. 0., by Jim Wilson, 2.27. Monte AVcsl. br. g., by m.atmcmt, 2.26%. Moon'atono.ij! f. (2), by SiUtan-Montana Mold by Oeorgo WUkos, 2,28%. ' Moorflohl, b. h., by RIchwood-Fanny Cox by KoBDUth, 2.20%. atosns 8., b, 1l, by Hawthorn�-dnm by MoOmoli. on'a Black Hawk, 3.22yo. Mountain Bon, b. g., by Blue Bull, 2.2.i%. Moxte, b. g., by WTirwlok Hoy, 2.26. Mo.Tte lliatoga, b. h., by I'rochmiatlon, 2.27. Mugieump, br. g., by Pilot Chief. 2.29%. Muacovlto, ch. h., by Nutwood-Helna victoria by Hninhletonian, 2.28%. Murtha, blk. t., by Stamboul-Poale by PhixtaU, 2.80. Myrtie, oh. m, by WUd Indian-dam by Daniel Boono, 2,20%. N. by Victor Von Bhimark, l4"'�ckj;'Jfr7i'ce,'i-;'^'-.^ ^^'"'^-Lcmonade by i^'^X!Z'!;Sti^lJ, ^^"'"'onlan-dam by Lamur, b.g,, 2.28. Bofaira|4;i26^ "-"l-k �ot;a,_da� by Laura G., b. m., by Electioneer-Fannie Lewis by Buckdem 2.201/*. r., ui.k. lU., bv Bo------- Maid by Blaokwood,/r., 2,20%. luckden, 2.20i/i. Laura Dooiie, b. m., by son of Masterlode, 2.24%. Laura F., blk. m., bv Boatvriok's Almont-Black iaura T., b. m., 2.20%. _ _ Lee, ch. g., by 6cn. Lee-Slater by Oen. Taylor, 2.20. Lee B., b. a., by Star Hamblotonlan, 2.20%. Lena ll., blk. m., by Alaska-Drew Girl, 2.20%. Lcnah 11., oh. in., by Antar, 2.22%. Una miktts, b. m., by Ferguson, 2.20V4. lieonore, br. m., by Daatiwood-dam by 2.24. ^ Ijconwee. Eoho, by Syklea' llnmbletonlnn. Lcfiriard Rose, sp. m., bv KUbuck Toui-dam a.t, b. y Thorpe's Ounioy, 2.161,4. ly, blk. 0., by Joi. Young, 2.26%. Leta llowe, b. f., V BaUUava, 2.20%. Len^bi, b. h., 2.28%. JJda D., U m.,_by BriUlant Oolduat, 2j80. Lightwood.b. h., by Nutwood, 2.'ifl. , Gaotte, b. �., tS) by Laacd�-dam by Dr. Hen, 2.80. Little Cyclone, g. E., 2.28%. _ Lltao Jolm, b. h., by Charlie Foster, 2.27%. Navldad, b. g., (4) by Whips-Lady l"hom, Jr. Wmiam'B Mambrino, 4.22%. Keal Whitbeok, blk. g., by 2.20Va. Neil v., br. h., by Detractor, 2.22. Nellie Allison, b. in., by Forest Hlatoga, 8.39. Fellie B., b. in., by Notable, 2.24. Nellie C, br. m., by Louis Napoleon, 3.26%. NclllD D., br. m., by Taylor, 2.27V4. Nc.UloM.. gr. m., by Barkis-dam a Canadian mare, 2.27%. Nellie Mason, b. f., (8) by Onwanl-dam by Woodford AbdaUah, 2.204/4. Nnllle McGregor, b. m., by McGregor Chief, P., b. m., by Meeker's Hambletonbiu, *'ll^et^oK., 2.36%. Nellie W., gr. m., by Bolla Ooldurt ir.r-0�m by Horiuau Temple, 2.22%. Nelly, b. m., by Red 'fl'Ukes, 2.27. Nettle O.J b. m., by Jim Xrwln-dam by PUot Duiuo, 2.26%. Kettlri L., b. to., by Thatcher's Hambletonlan, 2.27. Nettle Mac gr, m., by Caliban, 2,28%. Neva, oh. in., by Harold-MegoUa by Belmont, 2.30. Neva4a, bl. g., by Bonrbon, 3.20%. Newmont, b. h., by Belmont-Lula by Harold, 2.20%. New York Dictator, b, h., by New York-IdaT. by Dictator, 2.20%. Nllthtliigale. b. ni., by Ocgood's Patchen, 2.30. Nlinbua, b. h., by Jieu Fiauklln-ilam by Broken Le�, 2.2nyt. Sln.v C, 1). in., by Little HamUt'jn, 2.28. NUluMcGregiir, ch. I., (8) by Robert McGregor- by Slradcf'a Ihiiubletonliin, 2.28ys. KoiiiliiatMr, b. o., (3) by Stranger-Sapphire by Jav GouUI, 2.28%. h'omlnoo, b. h.. by Stranger-Sapphire by Jay Gould, 2.24a,i. Kurria, br. a.. 2.2By 01,1 Ciovv. ch. g., bv Onward, 2.27. Ollviilo,ch.ln..2.28%. Oitblr, bl. in. (4). by tilmnious-Miss Emalley by Inilluiiupulis, 2.bO. OriLiitje Leaf, b. a., by OraiiKu Blossom, 2.29% Original Fuckage, b. g., �.28. Orinoco, b. h., by Sliumona C2.28), 2.20%. Orioir, b. g., 2.30. Orrle Bprugne, br. m., by George Bpragne, 2.26%. OthcUo, br. hi, by liultan-Atlanta by Tho Moor, (4),by Don Carlos-Nellie Otlaby A FACT. Wo have just complotea the MOST SUCCESSFUL SERIES OE BABGABf SALES ever given In our experience. The success of these sales was rtno to tUo fact that we SOLD EXACTLY WHAT WE ABVERTISEH. MEXT WEEK Wo shall have a general MAKK-DOWN In EVEUI DEPARTMENT. NO MAIL ORDERS FILLED DURING THIS SALE. SEVIALL WARES. Bllvor Stoiils...............,. 6c. B flojon Stookinot Shlolds............ 7c. n pair Horn Strips................�. lOc. a dozoh TapoMonsnros .'............. 3c. Monrnlns Plna............... 3c. por box Linon Bolting...............25c. a piooD Oovorod Foathor Bono........ 9c. per yard OolorodEmbroidorySilk, lOyda. 3c. a spool Blaok Spiitil Silk.............250. a dosoa Blaok Spool Twiat............ 8c. a doaoa Pins (400 in a paper)......... 5c. a papor Elastic Gorsot Laoos........,.' 3c. oaoh. Hook and Eyo Tapo...........' 5C. por yard Fancy Silk Elaatio........... I2c. por yard Fanoy Silk Bolting.....'.....8c. por yard Oxydizod Pins...............lOc. oaoh Fanoy Stlok Plna.......... ec,..<*!iOlif,. Bono Buttons............... 6c. Vox LiNiNCS. Bomnants of Silesia, host quality,. 80. a yard Fanoy Silosla, tost quality......15C. a yard Dollar Oaavas, liost qnality...... 15c. a yard Oottou Surah, boat quality... ,�.. 17c, a yard Oanvas, lioat quality.........�..' 20c. 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Boat quality Thibet Lamb, 98c. per yard, regular prioe $1,60. . ^ Bost quality real 3-luoh A.Btraahaii, $2.SO por yard, regular prioo $3,50, SPECIAL.. 600 Seal Olives, lOc. a pieoo, rog. ]^lae 17o onre (runnDr), 2.21). I'lml M., b. g., by Sliifitilieatcr, 3.20%. rnBsongur, b. 0. (�), by UeU WUUca-dam by Mambrino I'luchon, 2.80. Pearl It., br. ni., hy Luona nrotlhon4-Mand Mo-dliim by Unppy llodlum, a.aTVii. roolt-n-boo, ro. g., by IJluo Boy-dam by Qroen'a'. Buahniv, 2,27. ronco, b. li., by Ulenzl, fl.aOMi. Perilous, blli. m., by I'eaoomafier-Jforftby Bnporb, a.27%. , I'tiiilliiniont Girl, b. m., by Phnllamout-Pooahon-tna Olrl by Pocahonliis Boy, a.27%, l*hnllono, b. m., by Pbullamont-dam by King. Hlohard, 2.80. Piny Iloyi b. h., by Almont, Jr.-Play Girl by Jlamliriiio Pntchon, S.27JA. Plough Oirl, blk. ni.. 2.2ilVi.. Pilot Rird, b. t. ( . ' by poofthontne Boy-lTono . Drew, 2.2iy!i. b.g., by Prlncopo-aom by Mara- b. 0., (S) by Tiinooost-Elvira by .'relmlYJi.'fti., by Onward, 8,28^-Laura 8.. by Piosi>nt,' b. k'.| by Yomis Kolfe-dam by Wbalo-boiiu Knox, 2.2aiA. ^ . Protty BoUo, b, m., by IHosaengor Olilef-dam by I'rlnoo,ob. g., by LyBniider, 2.29- ' by 6'm'irbury'ii SinBher, 2i2B.' ^~ Cliw"'" 20%�"' ''" Ji^Bbort-dam by ^ark Prince Kugono, h. g., by Bonrbon Wllkea. S.pni'. Prince Frederick, lia. h., by Valontlno, 2.30. Princa Uogaith, Wk. h., by Kontuoky Prliioo-tlo Uogan by Hairy Clay, 2,20iVi. PrtnouL.,!). h., byUourUou WUkoa-Dalay Mon-roD by Jim llonroo, 2.80. ' Prince 1I, ta. g., by Liio Prinoo MoMalioii, blk. fc., uj -,,.,,.,.,,, Prinooas AlUw, blk. m., by Ilextor Prlnoo-JVWlUo by Oon. MoCloUiln, 3.10. Prize, b. h., by I'iloteor-Olnsa Eyo, 2.30. ProoTOOllnatloii, li. b., hy Clinllonffor-dam br Woodtord AbdaUah, a.afti/,. ' Proctor, b. c.,p) by Pnnooast-sUonoa by AIox-nndpr's Alidnlbvh, 2.20. Promol�r, b. Vi. St. CatlMiine, gr. m., 2.29. St. Joe, b. g., by Jimlo-ilnm by Laeonla, S.SO. St. Vincent, b. h., by WUkea Boy-AUen, by Mam-trlno Boy, 2.30. Ht. Catherine, a. m., 2.20. Baladin, b. b.,by Sultan, a.SSVi. Siilllo Urahnni, h. in., by Hutwood-OStattle Onu ham, by Harold, 2.2()Vi. Sally Hanger, b. m., 2.271A. Sam llarrlB, cU. U.. by Boafwlokl AJmont-tonl*-� nn, Z.liU'A. Sam Keith, b. Ii.. by Egmont, 2.27. Snii*(!i/, gr. g.. by Bandy Lako-dain by SK Omar, 2.26. hiirnb B., gr. m., by Wamack'a McasengBr, 8.80. Siir(;ont,_g. g.. by Ilro>ra Jug-dam by General ' fc'i'i-K('.irnr.''l). g.. by Tarltt, 2.8914. Scloiit Gtrl. itlk. in., by Ambaaaador-Hattlo I'lioiims, by llliil r. 11., by Luciia Brodhead-Dutch lUUi by Jliiiinlij, 2.2i>^>i. .Scml'l'ioiilc, ii. in., by Sultan-Lady JIackcy by Bllvi-rllirciidB, 2.24. .Situ;,./!, b. m., by Blackwood-KoiiUle Wllkea by GeurKo WUkea, 2.20. �f rpolet, b. t., (it) by King Bene-Belle Hewitt by Bolniot, 2.30. Shuiclian, b. g., by TwlUght-dam by Mambrlao Downing. 2.25:ii. Blii'lby Makl, g. m.. 2.29. Sherwood, gr. c, (i) by Barkl�-dain by Oolduat. 2.27. Kliylnck. b. h., by Charley b.-dam by Knloker-bccker, 2.20^i. Sidney J., b. g., by RevoluUon, S.BBW. fciiurro La buUe, oh m-. by lUaBterlode-dam by Piiallioy, 2.28. SlcllSlit, b. g., by Signal-dam by Whirlwind, Suift Skliiiior, blk. h., by Alcona, Jr.-Fentaiia by Abiionr, 2.1(1. .Silver Ituw, b. 0., (3) by Eobert McUretor-Snrlio by lliimVib'loiilun, 2.20. ^iliir Cliiud. ,'r., u. c. f3) by Silver Cle�d-<Iu�i by .Mujiinti'ltc'B Horn, 2.2�i,<!. S,r .ilUn, b. ni., 2.30. Sir Arthur, b. g., by Kevatonn. 2.261,4. Sir Uellc, b. h., (*J by tvlo Wl'Jica-dnm by Enfleld, 2.23. Slater llatefnot. b. m., by Kent-DoUy by Caaalua M.,Cliiy,.Jr.,�.2eyi. Frank Wolford, '^.a-lVj. Soudan b.h.. by Happy Medium-Maria Bturgeaa by Almont, 2,26. Sominn, br. g., by Combat-Mandette by Capoul, a.aoyg. spears, b. h., by Doctor flpeara, 2.20V4. Spocdaway, b. h., by Brook-diuu Nanette by HnnUirluo. 2.2404. . Speedy, b. in., by Whip, a.2714. Sperry's IKM/monf, ch. h., by Wcatmont, 8.271/4. _Spiagno Snporb, br. h., byWUmat-Nelly by Black Diamond, 2.311%. . Sprague Wilkes, b. h., by Tommy WUkea-dam by Governor Spraguo, 2,18%, Spingno Wlnahlp. b. h., 6y WUmar-StelU by K. B. Wlnahri), 2.2oyi. ' St, Viilpntlno, b. h., by Weatwood-Laura by Amorlcan Clay, 2.20, Stamina, br. f., (2) by Patron-Elena B., by Ellal Q., 2.201^. Stella, gr. m., by AbdaUnh Olenooo, 3.20. Stella Ilclniont, b. f, (3) by Bolmont-dam by Harold, 2.27ya. , � � ' Sterling, b. fi., byHaroldaon-Laura WUUama by Holablrd'a Kthan AUon, a.aiVi. Slornberg, bjk. o, (2) by Willtea, Bo3�-ranny Allen by inaok Alien, a.anVj,. � , Storm, hVn. 0., by Brovvii Ual-dam by John Dlllnrd, Sr., 2.a2ya. Storniiuvny, b. h., by Chlcheater-NaUid by Bel. mont, 2,20�4. fitrnngur, b, g., by Tllton Almont, 2.30%. Btri�iurU.,i7.o.,V) a-aai/i. Sti-albland, b. h.,by Strathmore, 2.2fii,^. S/ralhsa, ah. t., byStrathmiiro, St.ii. Btratliwood, b. h., by Stratlimoro-Amalnda, by Bliiiikwood, 3.2..tVb. Sti'ontla, gr. g., by Sam Purdy-dam Bcaale O'Mal-ley. 2,2r)W,. Sutt.tcnlier, 0. h., by Jim Scrlbor, 3.20. BiilBun, b. m,, by Hlectloneor-Siiale by George M. Pataliun,Jr.,2.1.sVa.' Suitor, br. h., by Bliiokwood-Sue by ThomdnlB, 2d, 2.25... Bullnna, li. m., 2.30. Sunrlao, ch. in., 3.27. BunaotPatchoiiib, h., by Bencoa Patohen-dam by Wlnthroii MorrUl, Jr., a.'in. Sunsliuic, li. m.f by ,100 HIU, a.afiVa. Superior, b. h., by Wood's Hamblotonlan-Mag Bordoii by Anierloaii Star, Jr., 2.281/4. Suipass, oh. g., by Davla Patohen, a.21Mi, 8uaan B., b. m., by JInrk Antony, 2.30. Buaette, b. ni., by Eleotlonoor-Huay by George M. Patchon, 2.a8Va. Sunetto, \i. m.,by Onward-dam by Mambrino Timo, a.asya. Susy Brown, to, m., by Brown Hal-dam by Hnrdoo, 2.2(11/4. Suzernlnft, b. h., by Grand Sentinel-fiUadow by SaiUcrvUlOj 3.29V3. Swancook, b. 0., (3) by Advance-dam by Ooraatr, *'swotbHfe'-ch/nt.',by Favorite'Vllltea-iiarii by Wcalwuod, 3.271/4. Sweotnoaa. b. m., by Young Voluntoor. 2.2014. T. ^ Tarter, b.^ g,, jliy St. LoiUa-dam^^y j^^U^vayl�^eJ, b. g., by Almont Pilot 3.20. Ted McMnhon, b. g., by AloMahon, 9,21-Daley H., by Hamblotonlan Prince, 2.203,^. Telegram, oh. g., a.24:y3. Telepfiono, b. if., by JSmplro-Lark by AbflaUab Mainbrino, i.2r,% * Tonipoat, ch. m., by Snnahlne, 2,37%. Tempest If., b, g., i.MMi- Toinplo Bar, b. h., by Egbert-Nettle Time by Mambrino Time, S.aBi/j. TiMiiiyaon, ch. g., by Eden Goldust, a.afiili.. The llaven, bllt. 0., (4) by Ellal .U., 3.20Vi. Thornton, b. g., by Alcantara-Thomdale Ufaldby J'liorndalfl, 2.2eyi. IVlie Hen; b. in., by Dr. Hcrr, 2.21%. Tlpsoco. br. h., by Loul3 Narioleon-<lam by Gart-bnlrfl, 2.30. Toboggan, br. h,, by O'l Clipper, 2,27y3. Tocsin, ro. li., by Almunt, by Star Denmark, 3,29. 3Wi,b. K., 2.20%. Tom Aracn, b. g., by Enoch Arden-^am by Denmark, 2.21. Tom Hughes, ch. g., hy Trlirlinm. S.aOVi. Tom Jacobs, b. g., by Chirk'6 Hambloton. 3.391/1. Tomniie, ro. a., by'KUbnck Tom, 2.30. Tom llull,2,27V.i. Tom McCarthy, br. g., 2.20 Vt, Tom Mtller, to. g., by Harkaway, i.iUVi, Tom Porter, b. g., by Lumps, 2.24^ il'oin Itodgers, ch. g, 2.20<!4. ...... , by^wlgort.lj.aaVi. JPEEMOWT AN EBTIGMA. Tony H., b. g., , Tooa, b. f., by Enllold, 2.28, Trannfer, to. g., 2.37i/a. Sh'casure, 0. h., by Aberdeen-Ladora by Btradert CaaaliiaM. Clay, Jr,,2.20. Trego, oh. h., by Egbert-dam by Ribbon, 3.26%. Trim, ch. h, 2.30. Tf Ixlo, b.m., by John Goldamith, 3.301/4, Troy, b; 0. (3), by Joe Young, 3.26V4. Turlc, b. g., by Coriander, 3,a3�^, V. TJmbor.b, h,, by WUUam llyadyk-dam by Alcalde 2.3!iy4. UnaVukoe, b. m., (4) by Guy WUkoa-Blanohe by Arthurton, 2.2BVo. Union Medium, b. h., by Happy Mcdlnro-CamUla by Ouaalua M. Clay, Jr.. 3.20. V. Vnldamlr, b, �., by Harold-dam by Belmont, 8,28. Valentino Bpraguo. b. h., by GUblrd's Bprauao, 3,2ftiA. VnllBSa, b. f,, (3) byVaaoo-dam by Maglo, 2.10. Van Buron WUkos, blk. h.; by Voung WUkea, 2.2eya. Van >i. W. Walter C, b. b., by Moscow, a.28Vfc. Walter milon, b. g., bv WUton, 2.3Y. WiilturMao, oh. h., by Don-CUpiier byBdge-wood, 2.30. Walton Boy, gr, n., by WeUlngton-dam by Edward Everett, 3.24W,. Wuvoland. br. li., Wavelnnd Chief-dam by Koyal Ilt;vengc, 2.271A. Wtat Wilkes, blk. c. (*), by Slmnions-Nellie West by Alllc West, 2.2bVi. Whitewlnga, ch. E. (3), by Montezuma-FlaiJe by Kentucky Clay, 2.20�,i. //., ap. g., by Bed Cloud, 2.20. W. H. Balloy, b. g., by Vldotte, Jr.-dam by Del-monloo, 2.22. W. H. L., by Pilot Mambrino, 2.28i/!i. Whalebone, b. h., by Hambletonlan B'mnby. a.271/4, WlckC. br. h., by Egbort-Jano CarUslebyAu- iVll'd wft'kes, blk. a., by Yonng, 3.28Mi. WUdey, b. h., by Wavoland Chief-darn by Koyal Bovcnge, 2.29. Wilkes Bee. b. h., by Alcantara, 2.27Miv ., Wtlkesmont, ch. h.. by Tretnont-Lady WUke� by Oeoige Wllkcfl, 2.2�yi. wmuimiite, ch. K.,2.2nM!. miliam J., b. g., by Elgin llo/, 2.201/b., WiUlace, b. h., by William 1 2.2U!'i. WllVli Duke ot Bmnawlot, Klng- Wallace, b. h., b.v Mambrino Genriide by Jay Gould, Jr.. 2.20i.'i;. miidior H., b. g., by Wlndaor-dam by BcUin. 2.'-Jli.'j. Winifred, g. c, (4) hy Idol, 2.20Vj,. iri,,.,(oii' mikts, b. h., by iUack WUKes-dam by Almont, 2.141,..;. . , Wiiodblno, b. e., (2) by Nutwood-Four Lhioa by Blackwood, 2.28. ^, , , Woodie.nh. g., by WoodfonI Rnox, 2.S014. Wyundotto, b. h., by Artemus, 2.30. rcaEye-.lee, b. by WUkeeonian. 8.J9H r�t-0, b. g., by Onward, 2.271^^........ foek-O, b. g., by Onward, x.-ii^^. Young Vermontcr, b. g.. by WalkUl, Fawn, by eon of Young Columbua, 3.30. 2dr-BUMk Skvl'trk, br. g., hy Dlrigo, 2.2214.. Zero, blk. 0. (8), by Ale�ntar�k-4�mby Gray Earle. 2.20.  . ZUlali 11. (8! by Soorates, a.BSVi-Zoo llaiKiuund, br. ta., 2.80. AlinauVlATlOKJ I'SEU IK vuts TULa. b. bay gr. grey n.. roan \\h. whits i:h. oliestnut blk- bh:eit h. horse m, mare f. tllly q. celt a.' t.%. u'lSd to be. Alliui Lowe. The Bftfcst moans ot sottiiig rid ol a, bad ooufh is Dr. Bull'8 Couifh Byruji. a5 ociuts. Joslah Royoe's Analysts of the Wptedi Pathfinder. ; An analysis of tho yery peculiar and note, worthy (luallties that marked tho late Gen. Fremont would douhtlosa he u charming task for a student of psychology, if only' odequato materials were at hand, writes Josiah Koyoe in the Atlantic. As it is, tlio man must long remain in many respects on enisma to tho puhlio. Always, aa the Odyssean gods show their airy nature at tho moment they vanish, this fictitious being would boar about with him, in the real world, signs of his insubstan. tiallty. If you tried either business, or polioltlos, . or warfare in his company, he would at ' first seem so finely made and genuine a , live creature that the artful qualities of his purely,ideal and manufaotured essence would escape your notice. .You would fancy him to be a flesh-and- '' blood man, and a great one at that. Only, wlion you had onco invested in his vast: enterprises, or had trusted your beloved cause to his oare, ere long he would begin to show siffus, as, it were, of vanishing. And by and by, aftor mu.oh puzzling on your part fta to the sincerity of his purposes aud tho true wisdom of his soliemes, you would come to observe that, after all, things never liapponed to him as to mortal men, and that le bore every mark of being a fictitious character, a man in a play, an entity of tho footlights, a purely literacy figrueut. You would then indeed fiud that yon had invested your money of your trust in: yaiu in his untlectakingai They would cothe to naught; w >.ilo aa for him,-in what wise was he to b aim V Can a man help it If, despite all, he a a fiction-a creature escapee. from a book, wandering about in a rea, wodd when he was made for dreamland. Of course he has his character, his fine qualities, his plans, his hopes, his thoughts. What Jaquea, wliat Bound Table knight has not? Of course, then, he could talk with you, plan with yon, undertake va8t things with you, and could himself accidentally come into possession ot a gold mine or play at oofttfUoring a province. But, then, of course, all this would merely be'play, and' ' you could not hold lim responsible for it. Notliing would come of him in the end. In all his life he would accomplish absolutely no one signilicant thing. A vagu?, cand( Efliostly .industi*y ended oaly by death i 1 would touch upon and begin a thoiisand tilings during his career of flitting and of falling; but that would be all. Ho would have here no temporal mission, booausa his only true place would be tha world of shadows. He would he subject to no ordinary human estimate ot his qualities in terms of their visible triuts, because ha would bear no fruits, and his qualities would be those of romance. Literary Women Not Homely. In London they are bringing up the ques. tion again as to whether literary women aro always ugly. Now they are not, by a long manner of means. You see, too often, fame comes to them when age Is beginning to appear. New York can boost of oomo extremely pretty women who earn their llvlpg by their p^ns. Ethel Richmond, who Is Just now abroad, looks like a dainty little lady who has just stepped off an Easter card. .,-,, , Mrs. Percy, tall, slender 'aii*''daik. with magnificent eyes, looli^s .like, r A Spanish woman. �' LilUe Hamilton French is another dotb beauty. Frances 'WllllamD has great, soft eyes, beautiful brown hair, and a skm that any society girl might be envious ot, Tliore is Agues RuGsell, dark and .wiltU' a chic air that isossentiftljy Frpnch. , ;'..;;:;<':; Why, one could keep on for fialf an 'hr- telling of the women who are pretty, and are attractive, and are well dressed, while tho dowdies could be counted off on your fingers, and ore really tho exceptions that prove the rule. 'Bboww's BBONOHiAi, Tboohhs" sts ex-oellent for the relief of hoarseness or sore throat. Sold only in boxes, 25 cent^. GORDON'S. 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