Sunday, November 16, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Page: 14

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Text Content of Page 14 of Boston Daily Globe on Sunday, November 16, 1890

Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - November 16, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts ,13&15 For additional small classified advertisements. BUSINESS CHANCES. BUSINESS CHANCES. FoTH SAJ.!!:-Ensv (eras, one-halt Intoreat In "Sd fob iwlntlng business m Boston. PHirPS, 230 �\Vaslilngton St. WSti* nl2 t!i' Heat location In Boston. 17 Taylor St., cor. MilforrtBt. _ .___1'* I^IOKSAXH-Jtnre chnnce; go ? Ing lioHBo at .9011th End, fndnft IG rooms, low rent; room BS, Gloui good paying lodg-r lllaokstono so,* le building. It* Those nro iJidlcs' extra heavy Gold 'WRtclies, hand-ongravcd cnses. Ko more to bo had at tills jirlcc, Also a few Diamond Case W.atohes, g2�, worth g+B. Open evenlnirs fill 0, 8nt. till 10. KKENK, tli� Jeweler, laoi WflalUngton tt. It TO X.ET. Elf^it greenhouses all stocked and Btoclt for sale. Adarew I, 140, Globe offloo. It* AFI�H MCAKK1RT) flrst-olnas netel'borbood, where everybody rats fisb; splendidly Dttedj clieaprent; must be sold IminedUitely: bteecst liar-gam ovor offered 1 ssno. BAILKY �!! BAStLETT, is School. SiiM* _sa��l?F�fK-Bal!eiTi c't)'., ^ ,,^,___............ 76.000 In-,Tiitnnt6{ flnely IWtod.ln every rartlciUar; beat SOrlaiblo oven inaUei homo made oooUllls! only moment conneoledj doing nice business. BAT1A\ & BAim.ett, 13 School. SliJl* ANOTITKJt lodging-house near Oily .sq., Charlcstonn, elcBaiitly f lu'nisheil, blaoU walnut, mahogany, velvet and bnissols carpets: fnll nice lodeersi rent gno montljj piloe low. ISAILFA & MAllTLETT, IS School. 8UM� _____,. ........,....... ... _......., _.....biK lanndrv, cigar trade, newsnnrer ronto; splendid oorta fountain, finely fitted n every parllonlari JIOOO. BAlLisT & BaRTLETT, 13 School, SaM� BKSX variety store In Bostonj oomeri A8XE AM laundry, best location Boston; ealab-Ushed years; latest Improved machineryj finely eonlrped In every particular! nice teamj business increasing rapidly. BAILEY & BASTiETl' 13 Soliool. SUM* A 3L01�OI?f GISro-IEOlISE. Chesler sip, want offer; easy terms. B.i.ILfeY ii BABTLTJTT, 13 School. It* OTLIO establlshod pointing and wall paper business; will sell seiiaratoly; also variety and grocery store opposite school; business chances of all dcscrlnUon. People's Bureau, 15 Cornhfll, room 2. dSuSt* nl6 AMKOOKI-IWE ST. lodging-house, cle-gantlv furnished; will Bcll earpeta and shades onlv If desired; rent BOO month; don't niles this SOO'O bonanza. BAILEY .t BARTLETT, 13 Hohool. PROVISIONS-I have a fluo ohnnco for an honest man with 8!500 as partner; can guarantee 825 week year round it satisfactory; have largo orders to fill during holidays; corner store at Highlands and can have lease; rent taken out In trade. Address B 200, Globe offlco. It* A i:,0�GIKG-IlfOtISE, WnBh. St., near IIol-A. lis, 15 rooms nicely furnished; full nonnancnt ledgers; rent R50 month; carpets and hedrtlrig first cinas; glOOO, en�v torms. BAILEY .fc BAllTLETT, 13 SchooL It* A KKSXAITHANT-BnstoEtloeatloninLynn, XX. finely fitted; scats 75; established yoo; big business; biggest bargain ever olTercd, _ tlon desired. BAILEY JjliAKTLETT, 13 School st dSnOt nl2 , doUig nvestlgtt- A-TjOHOKVO-HtOUSB, 17 rooms, flOboard-ers, SOOO. STEVENS & liECIC, 235 �Washington St. SuM* A-I,OttfireG-KOCSK8, ?SoO to R2000; good sti-eots; BOino flue bargains. STEVENS & BECK. SnM* A -VAItlHTY, cigar, oonfecllonery, stores, A hotel, billiard rooms. STEVEK8 &, IJECK, 236 Washington at, _ SuM* f merchandlBo or entire stores I)ought __......_____ cash prices; city or comitry. II. COIIN, ifl East lllUi St. or 21 Llspenaxd St., Kow York city. It* AKX stock r----------------- for highest cash prices; A �0 Wasfdn �0-K�OM bonrdlng and lodging-house on :ood street, pnjlni well. ItlPLEY & CO.,^326 gton St., room I KICE cash provision market for sale cheap, __on account of sickness; no brokers need apply. IC 114, Globe ofllee. It* AFlItST-CIvASS meat and pastry cook; also an experienced waiter, in or oui of iflWh. X. X., 68 Fincknoy st._It^ , piCO; pays SCOnlonth COOll k CO.^iO ABAItEE Y and confectlonerv store, rent �15 month, nicely fitted prndt; wlU loan you llie money. ' School St., room 71/3. Afawcix goods, confectionery, clears, small wares, general variety store; sidondld Irade: S nice rooms oonneotoU; extra rare chance; a bargain; no bonus; InvesUgato. C0LE31AN, 3 Treniont row. SllM* ATAltlETY store, 8 rooms connected; siek-neas; must tell; J(250. ALLES,172 Washington. Bull* A tomi. ALLEN, 172 WnsWngton si. iHl'.fC ten and Jewelry re-iiplncRs; ])lenty of work all the time �53 r� CJi�rA.lS�E-nno watch JLJ pairing bnplncRs; ])lenty of v ' It; low reni; on leaKo 11' desired; easy ..........- l.RuM* ; iilcnl ni; on 1 brokers. AiUliess Jl loS.Glol BAStEitY for sale, run by the present owner 0 i-ears; nice sl/jro and all counter trade. Iiuiutre ut 50 Kew Ileiitli St., Koxhury. S.Su" BAItatSilK's bikh* to let, all furnished, one chair, nicely located In hotel; rent moderate. Apply nt J/overlu's Hotel, 'Pllton, K. H. SudUt nlO BAISBEIE fiiMOI* for sale; 8 elialiB; price ifMHO: ,?fjO down, the remainder on insliilineiils, 'J'. KGOJs'ajs' ^c Co.,31 Exchange Bt.,barber supplies, BlliM* C03VFECTI01VEI5Y, fruit. noRR, corner store, long established; price I'lirticiilars of emehy, Haverhill, Ulasa. periodical hual � �?:i76. It* i Alt fiTOKM, trade guaranteed jefildbliBhcd trial to buyer. Address S liI3, Globe since. " It' Cm 17 years; c lable; cniiHe, 2 storen. lOO SUiiilford 6t. It* aJ'ft lilg 6acTlllci'; excellent rt?t.all atore in f'rovl-UrAce, Jl. T., ext'PptiomiUjMvclinUcd �nil tliorouahly Blocked; good locution,-vTOll caLabllBhcd; -will hpU much loBS than cngt; no us'! lor It; pnrt rash; (iIro clean, jiretij- �wliolcBale biiBlnous; pruBS patterns and nti-aclnnont� S(?t up; herb cutter, dnm mill, pim on-' ...... Amily cllhtr to ifino, Pit-!., 16B for sa good paying niodlclne business may ai>ply ale -Parties wauling a Inoss may ai>ply' iu persoa at ZSl'Ceutre St., lloxbury; no hrolcere, HudSl^ iilO T^ilUItMrieHEIHodglnB-house, ISroom.^, always JT let at good lu-ices, l0(*ated near BrMukilne st.j price, jJOCO; a bargain; call at once. e. S. WOLl'l' CO., Oil Oourtsi, It* "OUIIXISHEW lodging-house, 12 tooma, nic. r dining-room, separaie eiifrance, located on thoi Dugllf.-ire to (lejiotB; jiilee, gCOO, is worth JiSOO; nnist !ell._ li. S. -WOLI'E & CO., Court Bt^__]j*_ I'jitriciVlSliElI) locrBlng-houne's on Hancock, ^ BOAvdoin, Temple, �Stanllord, Myrtle, Green, ChaniberB, i'lnckiiey, Treinont, Wiiuhnigtun, Dwigllt, I'^OJt SAT..E-A well cstabllahed mttnnfnetu^ �ing business In Boston, requiring but little oapl-tjil. Address P. 0. box liOi, Boston. _lt� HOTEL to rent In N. Eng. city, 15,000 pop., 60 rooms, now doing flrst-elaaa buBlneso; rates 93 per day; license; plans now drawn for doubling capacity; furuitnteat appraisal ;rent reasonable jsplon-did chance for a good hotel man with n few thousand dollars. Call or address ,10EL IIAYDEN & CO., Baidcers, 10 Congress St., "oston^Mnss.^^^^ HAEF INTKmEST m machinery bURliieBS for sale; establlRhed 20 ye.ars; gSOOOor gSOOO capital required; this is good opening tor yqimg man with business ability. Address look box 6, noibury. Mass. , aSnSt* nl-jl HAX and grain business, produce, etc. W. H. SOLOMON, 113 Devonshire st._SuM' LOI>�JIN -a party with a small capita), to In-veRt in business of g4000 or fflOOOO yearly. W 160, Globe ollloe. dSuSt* nl4 APARTMENTS AND TENEMENTS. I am having a groat glB watoh sale nt my storu tills week. Fine nickel Elglns worth S26 and S28, In gold filled eases nintked down to jJlB. KEENE, the Jeweler, 1301 Wnahlngton st. It SEVEBAX- (DHOIOE SWITES, Including corners, all light and sunny rooms. Bank Bay, South End and lloxbury, from �7B to '"^ month; apartment hotels a Bpooinlty. BOGEita, 200 WashlUB-Um Bt, room 10, Rogers building, SuWFlZt: iia IJITES-To let, B new BUltes, 4 and fl rooms, �18 to S22; S now ready: rents eommeuoe Doc. l; BcoonrTlst.' 8. W. KEe'sIe * SON, 800 Warreu Bt;, Roxbnry.____BtlT* nlO S~UITE8 of 4,connecting rooms to let to American famllien In model block, cor. Harrison av. nndl^noxst.; good-siied rooms; rent 813 and {114. per month. Apply to janitor, OOlS Harrison av. wudot* mo igiTE-To let, C sunny rooms; sot range, separate bathroom, laundry, st-cam. , hoot, convenient to steflm and horse cars, to atliutn only, 00 Dartmouth St., Winter Hill, SomerrtUe. SUITE to lot of 6 rooms, 1901 a, also houBO 1003 Washington St., will bo let reasonably to flatlsfne.-tory tenant J keys at Davis' store,1901 Washington s(. iSSu* SUNNY EliAT to lot In No. 005 Huntington av., near Roxbury crossing, 0 rooms and bath; Bteam heat; modern conveniences. Apply on Uio prendses; Janitor's flerviees. SUITES-4 and 5 rooms and bath, modern eou-venlenees. In good repair, quiot^and very respectable neighborhood; rents �17 to $22. Apply to Mrs. GLY'NN, 40 Hammond at, ._It* CtUITM of 4 rooms and use of laundry to let nt is 30 Apploton Bt., in flrst.-olass order; stairs and halls oarpoted; rent g28 pormoiiUi; can bo soon any time. * SUITE-Wanted, oft Columbus av. or vicinity, Rult^ of C or 0 rooma tor family of 2, " - - L., Boston posi: offlee. Address 0. It* DUITE8-0 rooms; steamboat; Janitor'ssorrioo k7 vori' moderate rent,<r. Apply to Janitor, HotOj Kensington, 88 WcUlngton at._SnSl'M SUITE to let of 7 rooms and bath; all Improvements; aeparato entrance; 2 minntea from steam ond horaa cars, ./ypply ly 74. WyrngD at. It*::; mo RET-TTow steam-heatfld brick apartmentB, X 2436 and 2440 Waahlngton at. and BO to 00 6ua �t., of 4 and B rooms and bath, range, set tubs, elaotrlo llglita, gas, large closets, ftororoom, awnings, bUnda, Uf t, bells, tubes, eleotrio looks, etc.; telght and otmny j very pleasant aarroundinga; elcp-trlo and horse cars In. all dlreotlonfl, being ^vlthln 200 feet of Dudley at. horse oar ataUgn; rontfl low. Apply to Janitor, or A. B. H. CHAPIN, 70 Milk at. dSliSt* olB TO tET-Apartmont, 0 light rooMfl, on pleasant corner; separate entrance, furnace, gaa, range, batli, double parlora, first floor; American neighborhood, SomervlUe; near aloroa and rallroada; oars poas; rent, 821. 14� Franklin at., room 36. lt� TO 1.ET-A choice salte, Boston Highlands, In especially desirablo location; all oonvenionoes andvi!rymodoraleront;arareopport,iinlty. LUOIUS W. CRAM, 17 Milk at., room 5. dSiitf b2S , TO liET-Flata, 4 new. Bunny, modern rooma, bath, Baa,rango; glS to 820 month. 2644 Washington at. dSu4t* nl4 3no EET-Rent gl8, tenement of B Tooma and L bath. Apply to J. E. SCOTT, Lauriat av, near orehostor atatlon, N.Y. <fc K, E. railroad. ThSii* iil3 T" O I..BT-A desU-abl* upper tenement, all eon-vcnlonceR, steam heat; very good looallty; D mlnutea from steam cars, 47 Monument at., West Modtord. It* TO I.ET-A nice anlto of 7 rooma and bath; large oloaeta, atore rooma, refrigerator and oonl - -  � - - HOPKINS, cor. It* room; liard wood flnleh; rent, S36. Rand at. and Blue lUU aV. TO 3t,ET-5 rooms near Aahmont atatlon, Dor-chOater; 4 rooms on one floor; all the conven-lonecfl. STEWART, 724 Washington at. dMu3t�_nl8 TO EET-3 or 4 sunny rooms in a comer houae, furiiishel or unfurulflhed; use of bath. 21 Broadway, E. Somorvllle._ It* TO XjET-A few rooms for housekeeping; bath ond Ml oonvenlenoosi rent low. 41 Sharon �t. It* TO EET-C rooma on flot on Whitfield at,, cor. Park, Doroheater; rent, 015 month. it* TO r.ET-Suite of 4 rooms for housekeeping; rent low. 217 W. Springfield st._It* TO ICET-Handsome suite of B rooms, good neighborhood, electric cars, splendid scenery, Roxbury; runt 814. AddrcBB 0109, Globe offlco. ESTEMENT to let, SO IMaex Bt, 0 rooma and bath. qUINCY BUI^EINCM ST.-Elegant square room, ^ hot and cold water. Call Sunday and Bee It. TIioso gentlemon'a watch chain rolled goldatooR; every chain iajf-wear Byeitra; this price, iBl.08, f, OpoaoVonlngs till 6; Saturday til 10. KEENE, Tlio liliwolor, 131 Washington St, OO TYAIKMOUTM ST.-To lot, sunny square Zi ,u room up due fjlijlit " " nishod; rent reasonable. also front parlor,^fur- OO BT. eiIltAiei.ESaT.-Snlt9 0, oftOhand-10r,nlcely furnished rQoma,prlva,tofamlly,8Su' OK HANOOOK. ST. - Desirable furniahec Zi(J apnrtmenta with all modern' �rtc. today and Monday. Orerfn Restttumnt, MOO AVashlnttton St., and the Elect o Restaurant, 1800 Washington st. Admission freeji It' or? C!:.AllEMON1" PK.-Warm, comtort-^ t able rooma for winter, furnished or unfurnished. W OQ IIEKWICIC l-IC o� Oolnmbna av.-^lU Front aquaro room, h,and80moly furnished, I day or week at 42 Harrlao; NICE SQUAIEE leooltto let to lady, with hoard. Addresa R IBS, oFbe offlee. A A UOVEIH ST.-Finely furnished rooms; atrangors vlaltlng Boston aoeommodnted tran-alentiy; Blngle room. Boo. dSu4t� nl3 PESISONIS in Bearoh of a^ood home, and care for an Invalid or aged lodflcan find such by calling at 690 Bth at., Sou^h Boal^h. " It* yt O EEVEItETT rSz<u rooms to lot. ST.-Kloely famished dSn4t� nl4 PARtOlS, and bedroom b let out by tho day or week to aome reapectablo irtlea,evory thing now, central nod In a nice location M 137, Olobo office. ^2 AWI�ERSON ST.-Houae of 0 rooma. Inquire at 3B Revere at. A A CHESTNUT ST. ..Ohaxlestown-Square ^yband side rooma; exoallent board; private family; unuaually pleasant; veiy moderate. SSu* TjIiEASJJtfT boarding (iaeo foralltUo girt or X boy can bo found In prlOTO family by addressing N174, Globe office. It* A a UNIOSr PK..-A very dealrable aunny back parlor and aldo room to let with board to anybody who would appreciate a good homo, Su3t* n9 EOOMS-Furnished roqiia to let; largo front parlor suitable for alphjjlolan or other business; also 2 square ohambcra, hotlpd cold v.rater, furnaeo heat; pleasant aunny roots; desirable location; moala If desired. 98 Waithili at., 2 doora from_ Tremont at. I' lt*l( A rr WORCESTEK ST.-Fnmlahed aquare 41: 4 andaldorooma;wlllletforllghtliousckeeBlng. ^ly E.. SrltlNG-FpSlLB ST.-To _ ______let, fur- _ nlahed room, heat, gas, laundry; rent, gl.BO per week.  _ _ It* ROAST TUIOSETjwlth our 20c. dlimer IMonday, 11.30 to 2.3(1 0 dinner tlckota, SI; seaUs 140; sorvea 1500 riialB a day. FBANIC'S dlnlng-rooma. 21 Harrlaon ir,_, It* only. _____________ ______^ furnished rooma, modern conveniences, for gentlemen HuTTliSSt n2 gQ CHANlOEEIt ST.-Nicely ROO.M9-To let, 2 larg^ square pleasant rooms, nicely furnished; prioe!2; also side room. 19 Greenwioh st., off Hammod, Roxbury. It* PC Q STERX,IW� 6T.~To let a large front O O furnished room, up 1 flight. It* ROOMS-B50Trenionljiti, mifm'nlshed parlora and sldo room, conrleledj dining room and kitchen, together Or separijply. It" K A WEST OEBAIl S'T.-Large aquaro with tj O flide room connectod � " �-. - . upper left-hand bell. mcely furnlahcd. King �Sum* ^ ,___________ ______nicely furnished .square room; rent 16w;prlvato famlty.3uT*nlO Q-j^ �WI�miT ST.-To let, rr-l WEST ]SlEOOKi:,rNE ST., facing i X Blackstono aq., aquare and aldo room to let. rffi IHANCOCItST., i nnt rooma. near State House, pleao-FSu* nl4 OA MYIITI-B ,ST.-To let, furnished rogm 0\J with board. it* ortMEN ST.-To let, nlcoly furnlahed aquaro and aide rooms, beat, etc.; rente low, SSu* Qt CHANKICEII ST.-Nicely furnlahcd O X, room to let to reapeotable partlca only. SSu' Q O EOieT AV., Roxbury, to let, a small brick OO house of 10 rooma in good ropoir; near Bteam and horse oars; all modem Improvements. Apiily on the premises, or 25 e. Chester pk., city. it* C A APPEETON ST. ______ furnished; eveiy convenience steady parties. Aldove room, ilewly ..... rout low, to It' 85 '''V-*-'''''^^*-'^ ST.-sunny alcovo; also ' other rooms O K WAiaittEN AV.-In smaU family, O.iJ pleasant front room; well boated only large i;u, gentlemen dSu4t* hl4 WANTEM-Capitalist to manufacture n valua� bio piileut, or will sell Interest. GRANT HIIN-TEU, I'rovldonCB, R. 1. It* CteOKA BUYS a aafc and reliable business, flPAifJt/ neededin every city, that \vlllpay from ^100 to $200 per month net proflt; no competition, as this business Ir prottjotedby patenta controlled by this ooinpanV; exclusive territory given. Addresa A. T. THOMPSON & CO., 13 Trcmout row, Boatrai, MofiB. dSutf 014 Thia Watch was taken 111 trade. It la fnll Jewelled, of English manufaoturo, flue solid ISk. Gold Cases, fully gimrautocd; It cost at least gSB new. Open evenings till 9. Saturdays till 10. KEENE, the Jeweler, 1301 Washington st. it APARrrWEMTS AND TENEMENTS, A-NEAR IROPI.TWY S leaaant and sunny; 3 Wlndowa.__It* -� OO WARREN AV.-Excellent table XoO board by week or single meal; also furnished rooms, near Junction ot Columbus av, It* OA1 ooeummus AV.--Sido room; board iii/X In house It dealrod; fl o'clock dinners. Sud4t* nlO OOiO OOXyUMHUB AV.-Uandaomely fur. i-iyO mailed alcove rooia; cabinet bed. closet and washroom. large It' rinEWEMENTS-24 Chadwlok St., 3 rooms; 20 Xchadwlck, 8 and 'fl; S932 Washington, 3; 073 Albany, 4; 0(1 New Heath, 4; 2 Canidou pi.. 4; 90 and 108 Warrentou, 3 and 4. Apply at 03 Harrison nv. 0 to 10 a. m. BSu* rpENEMENTS In South Hoeton; 3 large rooms X111 perfect repair; newly papered and painted; fti,,�7and gs. Apply to Mrs. O'TOOLE. 10 West Bth St., grocery atore. _ dSu3t* nl4 __......______________ ST.-To let, liandKome Hat of 6 rooms and bath, range. Ret tubR, eU'Clrln bells, tliarblo luiUs and large bay wln-id; rentgM.. IIENUY W. SAV-"..... It ^-y308ft WANHINWTOW. tubs, dow; jusl completed,,. - . AGE, U8 Court St., cor. Cornhlll. rfflENEMENTR to li t, 3 and 4 respect-. X able working class, in goo  ' � ' " ........and $10, _ abhi working class, in i Cambridge at.; rent SO f lOVa No. Giovo St. :)od repair; located hear Apply to ^atulori -WE8TEAN1I' A v.-To let, elegant flats of 5, 0 and 8 rooms, beslnes bath and servant's ,om: everv room open to sunlight; steam heat and d'crn eonveidenee; rents S37.B0 to (JBO; IndueenicntR. HENRY W. RAVAGE, �3 every n special Court at., cor. Cornhlll. It .....'ililit Millord, Ohaiidlei Columbus, SliaW' Dariinouth, Ainilekm, Hanson. Upton. Brooklinc, liulfiiich ats.. . mut, WwreeuUT aiHl Clieslcr sqs.; low prices and eriHV terntfi; also 10 bdurdlng-lujnnea^or sale; pleaao call before buyliif. E. S. WOLFE i; CO., 90 Court 11* at, room 4, cor. ll'iinover at.__________ I'' �i^o'ilt'sA3!..E-llorse ftirnlablngfl aiul eniidltlon . food team; routes and cuKtoliicrH; st>ll hm tliiui coat; other luishn5t)s; everytliltii; in runiitiig order. roSTlill, 80 Windsor at., CuiubridgoiKirl, Wnaa. __dSuOt* nl'J__ I'~^?iOIErf^-'^.Xlb-'Ihc iK'tit ro1.:iIl BlK.r bnsitU'fls lu ' the bustllM wlil..'a\val." city of Muslii'SOu.Mlcli.; owner bouiiht it to run In connection with other butiinena. I'lit camioL !t;Ive it the tlimi it lieeilB; It has an oiil <stabll,)h(d ciiRh trade jiaylus good prolUs. and ip an extra giM-id oiii'Ulnn for a iniiu of energy; ttotk ^ItJ.'it'O f.'iiih or L-Iit edi:<*d aec.iirilv. I'nrli'iu-larii of 1,. P. rUTTLE, curu UATCllKLIiint ,t LIN-C:OI.N, 90 i'ed-'ral St. _ df^uyt iil-t � and dry i:'jo(1b IiuhIiicbh, il, carried on for the piist .^iilRR.. bv the into �l. W. steida ct'iitriillv luciitedand C. e. liiaGUH.'ndlini.v. d.Mint lllB Ai'ARTMENTS-Boston Hlghlanda, choloo corner airartlncilts; outalde, aunny, apacloua rooiia, all conveiilcneesj eligible Ineallon; various linos of car necoiumodationB, and at ivaaonablo iiriec. Apply at ilie house, 36 Fort av., cor. lllah-laiid Park Bt;, Boston Htilhlanda, to .L. F. ABIIO'FI', 140 Dudley at., or to LUCIUS W. CRAM, 17 Milk sU, rooniB. dSutt luyl! APARTMENTS, B and 0 rooma, ibath, hot water, sot tiiljR, eleotrio gas lighting, elevator, door opener, ateani heat. Janitor, etoani and hot'Be oars. J. GOLDSMITH, 137 Cediir at., Hoeton lllgh-londB. dWuBt* nl2 APAltTMENTS, wu _. 6 and fl rooms, bath, hot Iter, set tubs, door opener, speaking tubes, ....ige, etc.; runt reaaoimble; vlirlouB iltoam and horse c;ir lluca. Mra. B ABU, 729 Parker at.. Boston HiBhlimdB._________ ......PAR'TMEKTS, B and C rooms on one floor; new house, hot ivaler, batli, wash bowls, act ranges, ec-'montod eclhu-B; respectable neighborhood; rout very low. Apply cor. Wusldugton and Elmoro BlK, dSuOt* Iil3 I701ie MAJjJ;-<irocp ^ seiiarnteiy or coinl'l HH years at ,',mcBtHir.\ lirlnga; slocl;^ ari- Itfrlit doing a good bUBlupfiS. FOR HA1LE, orw tnn proj.f rtv, nii ( fullv lurnlr-hed, in one hut electric ll �:> liuMiii .'^ * y; it>:uT r.iiim.iii.i t"r(ioralniir.\' tAnni GlvlK-"I'M'i-. F liUf ! 111 11 lit i.yiii:-el IJlOIS ^AS-l�.-�l�h' if. l'(.ir il -Yli^"l.|"" 1 in 111;,. i.HlH'Tfc �lorIda,a ilrst-elaHfl nnrw-ijn: ntii Im-Raid Hepar||.li>' . ai.uai'llvo location; ox-utkuluiB address ^ V.'b, 11* -t;iiiB-l! Ji?liJ intise at M' I'll niHllliiEtCR, la \^�ntl�r. fur-iiiontU pr.illt. till U, of 1 ni C: ,1^ ,'S;iI.i;.> tJUf�lni�^^ LhSHy M II Uost-.i:;; olhr: bUiiuchn tl ,0H, Gloix- 111!;"'. nut JuniUur--: (.-ry r.n tjaiaioB; r-t.viTi^ ult-jir ui iiii i AddrcBB II. 1 TJ.l;aK, 41 T, FO-R S.'VI->;-l''i-i:n'i" bakery. li,l:liig �,50!) jn-i pure-; eaiyttrjiii. Ajiply i: i!art:otjiU,_l.yUi._______________________ I'^oit BAi,];-A picture In.ii." biiniuijii; � vtur? esvalibr-fn ti; u f.ova ciiiiuoe lui ]�rav luaii- lOi. Donhi'f.uir ft., tor. Lrof-iwii;; .-. tlufrh l-r.cetl'-iu: a;'i'!y at st-'rc-____M .--ut (it r*-Ki In.aii � ihi-utr*-,-..�lllmi- C If -.IlililacirwHl j t(. Hiapecriit'k li-UO I'll umiith 5. It* AlI'ARTMENTto let, 7 roe . lli.du. No. � llolhorn nt. " 1 It and bath, all w rent. H. II. MA-SuT2t* ii� llONHV, 552 ColliinbUR av______ i'-iVEAS^AN'i' .imrcouveiiient tenement- ot B ro:miBoii Dana 11111, Caudiridge; good location and uelgliborliood, 1 niinuie'B wall: from elcctrlo cars; gl7 iiermunlh to Binall American lainily. 01 nanco a., Camlirldgeport. _ It* A'^ 'i'lilvi'MMX'lc'oC'i large rooms to let, and all niodrrn oolivenleneea. Apply at residence; open Sunday for liis;f-:'ction, 124 K Hi., So. Bo. PART*ti:N''Jr� of 5 rooms, 5 and 7 Calo- __Ionia Bt., 3d door from 301 V,iM ciiester idi. Inquire at aulle 0^__It* _ . ,v lint funiiHlied -�^jiply I'lO Roxbury at._ 4 KMAI.E A Ueeplllg._^ ____ BEAti'oN ST.-�ull' a4 rilENBMENTS, 3 front aunny rooms, 1 IllKht, Xsil; 3 and 4 rooms, 2 flights, IJIO; homo Sunday. 333 SomervlUo av., SomervlUe._SSu* miENEMENT to let-B rooma on 1 floor; rout X SIB tt month. Apply at 7 Blokford av., lloxbury. SSu rilENEMXilNT to let, 2 or 3 oraiueoting rooms, X to Binall American family without children. 4 Oakvllle av., olV St. James st., lllghlauda. FBu*nl4 TENEMENTS of 3 Connecting rooma to let, arranged lor workhignien'n famllioa; rentes and Bl 0 per month. Apply at ollloo rolu' 972 Harrlaon av, " ' SiiTTh* nlO mENEMENTS to lot at 136 George st.; Itox-X bury, S14 and 01B month. ,1. W. ItOSE & CO., !al estate, Insurance, 0 Blue Hill nv. SuM* riHENEMENX-4 rooms, 2 flights; uao bath, act X tubs; rent 6(4. 109 E. Brookliue at^_It* rglENEMENT-Two large connecting rooms, first floor. 3 Porcelain pi., off Poplar at. It* b^ENEMENT to lot Of 3 rooma, up 1 flight. Ap-X plyatlOllollluast^.__________It* 2* IfEATS of Brocana each to let, newly papered and painted, flue location, ,?3 a week to family without children. JOHN CAIIILL, 159A Proapoct at,, Cambrldgeiiort. _It' 4IVEWEY furnished rooms houfiolteeplug, to respouRlble party > 11; rent rcnsonaido. 13 llighlaud Park av, lomplete for wltliout ehii It* Q O i' SMAWBIET AV.-To let, one large OOX front room, furiilBlied, up one flight. bSu* OOA TREMONT ST.-To lot, nicely fur- t)�7 nlshed back parlor; also one aide room, furnace heat, giiB, bathroom; la a very coutria location near business part ot city.__SuM* O'i'i iBhod, tb'a'iady, 1 or 2 very ploaaant rooms with large closets. _ If gas and heat. -Front parlor to let; If O K Q COEUMHOS AV.-a cosy front Ot^O square room, with hot and cold water, gaa and Bteam heat, llrat floor, with uao ot bath, for 1 or 2 gentlemen.___^_It* OlC*A COEUMmrs AV.-Very deshabloal-OOtih cove floor and upper square room, with all conveulouces. ArpO OOI.,UMIlUia av.-SUlo room, ono iol) flight front, with good tablo board; refer, euces exchanged. _ it* AV.-Very desirable _ _ room; to party looking I'm- quiet home this will boa goodopportunlty; refer-eucea given and required. If KOn COEUMIUIJS ______ fj^i front aunny alcove room; KPiO ISIIAWRt-UT AV.-Brick house, 9 i;>OCJ rooma andbath; 13-14 ft. land; taxed for will aell for 80000 to aell at once. TT, 380 Broadway. P. B, It KPfi TREMOWX � ST., directly oppoBlta �J\JU Clarendon.-Furnished rooms; hoUBO fltat-oluas; board If desired; roferencea. : 564 room provoments. OOEUMMUS AV.-To lot.largeBUUuy ample closet room; all modern iiu-Wli'Sii* nia KnCi OOEEMI8ITS av. - Elegantly ^ i \y nlshed rooina t it sxt.i: ii'i'i if i tie !.��; 10 1). h.LCK.MlAji f-i.M- ^fiirriolfiiuH ;i.-;a;i' v-i-tlc: l;l(.l-:-lahH ; dny, turJy. ^lu-nyii dtT-'it- ;.t p; iv; 11, r Ian ipplv f l;lu ;,ooo i,ifi ,� c.r ^-r-nt. \'r to let, -So. lioBl'jn, 4 nice roon miall family; American nelf'.hboi\__ f 1 , >'. y. t N. E.-Snlie, i roome, batli, ri-tii'. tntib, Ix-llB end tubCB, llrat class lu every rc-(�ji'I't, i^lH. .^pply at No- 3, first floor. _ nOTKlT STlt A'riI.MORE-"Coiiy Btllte, 4 I'-nriib rii.iA tiatti Mid till couvenlcnctiS. AjuO tl ;;i;;it.-!, tilitv -'.i. 77 ViUu fct. If HO'I'ia. FKA.VIll.I-V . I- .-! I:- P-t- iil.lmi: Bt., pli-a liatii, , V.Mt.Nl M, Applv ult , 710 HarriHiin av. .Bflr;t RUltoof 4 rooiiiH at bUlte 2 or to IV. F If i I H':l-� -If-i : � � J;.mi.ii r,ir, Shawimit av-j �ill, ualli, tilcatii licut s.sii' ____,__. FurnlBhed rooms; ater; gcullemen preferred. It*^ ___ board, 1 meal Uckete, g3.B0; � dinner. Bl.lB. SudUt* nlC ?>~l;TMEH'fER SO., froTitand back parlora, dl-\-lded; hot and cold water; furnace heat. dSult* uJB 2B'r. CMAREE8 ST hot and cold water; g. �? f) PC TUCEHrONT SIT.-i mJO aquaro and Bide roomn -rioaaant furitlahod corner house. dSu4l* nl3 pji TREMONT ST.-;To let, squjire frol {(1.50. lom, nicely furulBUod; BUiiny 8id6 rooii aOlG WA�IIlNOTON . O JaixJ nlshed front Bipiare room keeping; hot ond cold water. ST.-Newly fur- ------- light houae- 11' t AOABWASHlNtJTON ST XV/OU aquare room, ft" - front square i-oom, bath, furnace. .. ._____ -Large fron _____ ., _-50; alBO elegant largt flluht; both nlocly ituriUshea, It' BOARD AND tiObrMS 890-TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES. lis are made ot lino Peremptory aalo ot 1400 acres of farming and /wood lands, sprout, meadow and paature Ian da; tho Immenao .Hrlnicy estate at Tyngaboro, Maas; been In � � poaaeflslon of 1 family for inoro than 200 years; co are 44 wood lota, 700 aoi'ea df excellent sprout tho I there ^RONT and back square ri una; 2 f^lghta; hot D and cold water, gaa, largo cl jots; alsil aide room. SSu* -would llko a few ........,____fitful ffllinate; near Address P|0. hoi 61, Chlpley, Sn3t* n2 W PRIVATE EAMIEt-^tooniB, cu aiilte . 4 Concord aq. dSuSt* nlB I-iewly furnlahcd � gfa. SUM* roast duck or 3r today. 822 It* oma to let by tiho dSuOt n3 It* EOOM to let-a pleaaitt front room near Roxbury crossing, horse .ars paaa the door reasonable; hiqiureat 18g Tremont at.-- rent It* ROOMS-To let, nicny furnlahcd aquare and Bide rooma, all modirn Improvements, at 11 laton St., West Find. I It* ROOMMATE wanbd, French or German; will pay room rent for bdh. Call oil JACOBS, 134 W. Canton at,, Boaton. id SSu' f>OOMS-To let, it; keoplng. 183 Blia:Jii rnlalied liioma forbouae-;utav.,l flight. it* R' OOM-SteamheatJront,Buniiy;S8 fayette, 200 Columlns av., eiilto 2. Hotel Lo-lt< SOITARE and aldoroomsi heat, gas, hot and cold water; and sidffittlo, gl. 41 B, Chester pk. I_/ WFSSu* nl2 gttXrAM-Eleopl^to iqtvM - -- ._th water and Bteam Hotel St. Pau; St. Pai/l at., aultu 13. If SPEENDIlB largq.'urnla); water, gas, bath; rttt,94. room, hot and cold fl Temple at. SSu^ gMAEE and aqua^ room ^t 2B Bowdoln at. See warm, aunny iont roim, 17 Woodbine at., oft Warren st. ('' " It* SIWE ROOM-ii5team|heat, bath,'hot, oold water aaino floor jllao laige room. g(rCommoust. TIKE AEVORroN,/ 198 Tremont at., first entranoo from loylstoi at.; elegantly furnlahed chambera to lot to (amlUol and suigle gentlemen, ; dSutt o2S miO EET-HaniBomo frescoed alcove and square X rooma with bond; nelvly turnlshed with parlor beds and pluah sui; furi/aco heat, open grate; private house. 33 D/le aLjAlgliland". It" TO EET-WKiin B ihhiutea' walk of Providence Btatlon, largo.Bquiub room, also small one, wellfurnlBhed: sbam hfeat, hot and cold water, elo-vator: very dcahrlblo. Addreaa, with reforenooB, E 101, (Jlobe olBco,' _ _It' TO EET-T(man,'and wife, or two gentlemen, 2 largo Bunry rooms unfurnlahed; ateam heat, tea and bath; Siuth Mud near Oolumbua aV.; price, !3.B0,per weokji 23 Wellington St., B. 12. It* TO EET-Birnlaked front aquare and aide room, together or ttparatc; privilege of housekeeping; can bo seen todiy. 77 WlUlama St., Roxbury, auite 3. T lO. EET-S- futnlahed and ateam-beated sldo room. 63 -ierkoloy at., aulto 1 it* TO .EE'i?-2 large counootlng front roonia, un-funiiaiiedon Washington Bt., Bo. End; shades, ste.amheat md gas; walla newly tinted. Addreaa N 176, aiobooflled. It* TO EET-At 1 .Tames St., handsomely furnished rooms, ej Bidto or singly^_dSll7f nl5 TO EE^I-3 riioma, furnished for houaekceplng, 8 Kendal st.,iiear Sliawmut av, 1" rir'To EEIT-Nicely furuialicd front rooma, con-Inected M B|ngly. OB Weat Brooklliie at., oiip. Blacks tonopk.j__It' rino EKr, ffont room; use of piano. 78 Village XBt;,sult3.__It' _ _ _ Boacon HUl. SOLOION/113 Devonshire st, r|ip__EIT-;Dlnlng-rooiTi W. H, BuM' WOUl.,I� EIKE genlleman and wife, or 1 or 2 lades to board In private family; 1 hour from Boson on Fltchbnrg R. It.; pleaaaut location, good boa'd, b/rma moderate. Adtfreas A 100, Globe olllce. It' WAI^irn-Board and warra aunny room by ladt; iHivate family without children; tow miles out; plciaaiif homo for winter desired; comfort preferred toatvlo; state lowestitorma. Addreaa D ioo, Globe oillccf lt by oingle man, amall comfortable /or winter; Weat End preferred; state 'l8. Globe onice. It* N'lER-Furnlalied rooma, enltablo for drWsnaklng; muat bo on Treinont at. or Columbus av, Jddreaa L143, Globe offlco. IV ;A baby to board; one cow'a milk �afffB, K 130, Globe oflloe, It* DOCS, PUPS, ETC. It Is 'firy seldom you can got o Solid Silver cased Watch for 83.00, but I have them very often ii' cheap 1 that. I have a lot this week to aell froi 13 tt) kB ; every watch wai'ranted; they wore taken iCEENE. THE JEWEEER, 1301 Washington at. S for Bale-2 gonuhio bhick and tan dacli _ ...inds.; 1 female; GcBclie, 28 montlia ol, whici had thothlrdpriKO last Bhow.g'iO; 1 male, IB monfia, puppy of Erd-.naun, who had the first prlrto 1887andOeache, �B0; orbotlil87B. C. MUlLeI! 9 Sl/lug lane, Jamaica Plain. 11* irTtfR 0AEE-Very Rmnil Italian greyhound, le-X iiale, from imported Htock; weight 3 lbs.; atrouE aui)hcaltliy; very low price. C. DKUBY, 1(1 Frank-lln/il., Beverly, Slasa. It* km. IBAEE, a full blooded Llewellyn setter ypnp.lS moutiiH old,partly brolcen, will sell cheai; !}1 or address 1). K- NEWC0.MB,30 Edgewood Bt, xbury, Maas. It i'lOR 8AEE-1 handsome English setter dog, '2 years old, a nice houBo dog and companion; lice low. GEO. W. LOVELL, MldiUeboro; Mass! FSu* nl4 jjiOK. SAEE-1 fox hound, A} 10-bore bi-eeclUoadlng guu. tVoburn, Mass. Jll tiulncd; also _ li. G. liULLAUD, SSu' 1 AO^ WAISH1N45TON ST.-Sqivil , XVfO'iroom, hot and cold >vater, �(4.50; also/ lOR 8AEE-1 fpantelimp; alHf ______ _....._ ....... rce. F. II. TOl'lIA-M, 200 Devonahire St. 'If fine-bred male blaelt coclcer a BUj^ierlor brood bitch; full aide room, |j(2 I70X IIOUNIP tor Blilo cheap, thoroughly . trained and rehiiblo; will give trial. J. J. 110 GAN, 14 Uelmout at-. Marlboro. If 1 (Ti Q O AVAISieiNHSTONST., cor. Worcct XO O 4W ter sq.-To let, newly furnUihcd loctf,'iag rooms, en suite or Blugle; board If deBlicd. Iti"' HANM80ME 4 J'arncU St., i pitg ptlppIt'S, in Lenox St. 5 months old. No, It AN AMERIC.1N EAIHV having a plpRBont, comtortably fornt.Rbed front only 1 fltght up, will rent at reaaonablo price t> gentleman of respectability. Apply at 04 Stanlfoi St., BUlte 1._____ Itf AN ARllI3RIt?AN young man wlalioB rooir \^ breiUtf iiHt and biipperB AddrobB, Willi lo\ p"riva(e family prcl'jried. est leriua, R 153, Glob " AE.AM'K" can find board and Bkllful nurimjbefore and during ___. .. COlllIl ily; best of city rclereiiccB. AINICE square, tiunny room to let Ing kilchiMi, lu a private family ' .\UdreB8 11 137, Globe olllce. iment, In a prlvao K 129, Globe ojllni-SllW ith.ionlept-ludy pcfe^i^cd. AEAJti V will let part of f uri.lBlied flit. Hack Uay, for her board and care to a mlirrtd ci/iiple. Apply at 1 Helicon at-, room 01^__It* 3ROEEINS ST.-Suuny Bquaro room, gati and water; also attic room. SSi heat, SIHUEriNtJH PE.,rear Uevero Hoiuie,square room, 2 beds, 2 ciOBeta. running wator. Bbu* finely ftir-icouiniodationB. It* 4A6 nlEl .ed rouuia; bcBl ai K JEFFERSON ST., corner'Prumont.square tj room, fiirniBlied or imrtly furnlahcd; price, i?2. 6" ~cilENTi-:ic �y.-iTuiuSome ucwly furnished roomfc. large and amall; low rent. dSutf my22 TtlJCOTON fiidialile for u 7110J gen 111 ST,--FLirniBbed alcove rooui, larried couiilt- or 2 gentlemen. It* _ -New 01 iudic-B ( - furnL-ihed front room, to uplo>cd during the day.It* -J i\ AVPLI;T0N HT.-Pleasant flout room XvJ up 1 lllglilj_privali-family. F.Su' nl4 XU lIlfllllB " .d, dftiln-d, , picferrcd, iiuiiru KCiUlij WK'.-Stpiare front room, two k i�arltir and side room, llrat floor; enunl,*: rate reaboliablc: liijard if ;tau iiiKi \\ile, '-ir ^ut^;le geiitifiuau 11* -rl; ; -) r-1 .'-111 . U- in: Bt iiiv II  ilabi lit -.-bl r ^loi.iii-auiiy; rc-; ILUI, hi*.:; alB'* lultui. 1 %\lam^-r ,. cor. Cii^.,ut and 11* cu BaU'm Bt MASM.-lo il Adaut! A ICLi 1.1 Buite of rotims Globe omcc. If 10 IiOWJ>�IXST.-ritio front loi'in, nlut-iy fuinUbid, all uiuilcni i:uuvtiiient.Tb; i\Uo a. bliiiQlUlJlHTlVLilIl. _ It* 16 fitted Bliic room, -unuiiii: waiv.r. fi2 week. Bu'nhb* BlO BOARHi--iVfew rooms ^vith board titiicbome department E>' IIOIIME, 331 'I're'nonl st-i anew house; all modern iniiirovemcrts; Btfiilii heat In every room; board hy the day or week; fl'o'clook dlunera; cars pasa the door to all ti-trlB td tliB city. Frill! nl* -To icTln a .ished CIlEl.SEA-50 WaKhlnploii genteel lod^dn^l-luiuati, a lew nicely rooma, with board; modern Im'irovemeujs; hnnio oomforts; ternis reiisoimble. ' ( It* SSIEW wnVueil loTorirdTfro'm 4 lo'^; besTTif J oare; UiriiiB reaBOiialde. Addross or Ipply for 1 week 363 Dudley bt-. Koxbury, Mass- I IfH CIHIEOKEX hoarded and laki-n fi V by a reliable }iorbOU, Addrcbs A 101. i i ado[ilIou fJhi'Otlloe. DESIRAIIEE front. Eiiimre and i-MI roo let; allow luuiBi-Ui-i-iiin^i; hot and ciUi v linmdry; price g:!, ^1 -l.'u^t'l. 000 .sjiawfiut ti' 17r.KXI(SHEI� room to lulfluitablt i'T 2 g . men or luiignijtlc iilivblciati. 15 Car\I-r bt. I71RE3V"C'1:T room . ulu! Btudyiiu-' i-'ie ; u-rms- Write � I'remout bt. cli; In call fl d-^i:;f_nlB_ l"i4u'hiuan o araculai) to F. a. If FrRNTSlEEW ROOMS - P.cafcnohlp. 30 Yarmoulli fit. SnM* FERXISIIEH PAKEOK, lor 2 persona; flnelocailou, S iVlfh piRUO, S4 ,V,,Y-,iinnt tilf FOUR SAEE-Largo nBsoiliuont of new and a-ond-hiuid machinery, Bteam cnglneH and bollc alldimeuBlonsandBtylcB; holEtlng englnea; O-h. Bhlpman oil engine, wood and irou pulleys, ail bIzi Bliafting, haugern, lathes, presses. J. II. IIOBEHI A CO., Boiitoil, Mass. SuTT.ilStr ]v20 "IVfl-'-TICE-Mill ownerB, if yonr mllla need ilre xS lug or any other rcijalrfl, drop lib n card and will pruiuptlv attend to your orders; we have v.-orki . for rcspeclablo nuirchanta In lUiBtoii and vicinity with moBt BatlHtactoiy re.^ultH, and can sl\'e llr clitBB references; we gtinruiilee BatHtactkm and t charge lamoderiiU. AddressO'.M AIIOKY A. 1>I,.\C MAN. ;Miller.s and Mllhvrltbta, 151 ArlUiiitou 1 ChelBuu, Mass. 11 MAeiHlVES watited, No .. in giioil order. Itaym Skate Co., Sherman fit-, ChmleBtowb; Iclephum-1, CharlcBtown. .s; SCSC.EW Pratt .V Whitney, CKIROPODiSTQ. CORVSI COSE?ifN! SI'KE REEIEF-1 Wlim.N'O, ciliioiiL-illst. i;i2 Tiemonl Bt.; con banlotiB and Itigrowini: niiilb ircatcl without pid the method 1b lufalllbli<; .Snndaya, 10 lo 2- 1 ' ilii /�"lORNW and Im V-/ Dv. SF.;\lIiii;B^ e.vp(-rtb. Inn'lli)-: 2ri yi-tir 48 Winter Bt-; mniilcim �T'AtiY'FEF.T-So H aitb'.dittt'l; B in the lUKl ��' i-xiH'i-k-ui ,75 (.lib- it; la Hi, 21 of Alt, dSiilf AUCTION SALES. a. E. COWAUTT A; CO., Amotlomeors, . Ofllco, lowell, Mass. AUCTION. SALES. land, 2 large, snlondld farms, tho old Colonial residence and residence adjoining. .Allto.besoldundor tho Auctioneer's hammer for Just what they will bring, commonctog MONDAY morning, Nov. 24, at 10 o'clock, sharp, rain oraldne, �Ith l.ot 1, and continuing as follows; Lots 1 and B, 148 acres sprout and timber land, olOBC to East Groton atatlon, on Nashua, Acton <fc Boston railroad, and uiljolnlng Coroy-mUls properly. The lot hoa a long frontage on tho road, la always accessible. Is Within halt a mile ot aawmlll and railroad luid will bo divided at tho aide Into two lota. Lot 1 will have 70 norea, and lot 2, 78 aore-s. Lot 1 a all the timber. The groAvl.h Is fully IB years. ..; 11 o'clock, lot 3. Lota 3, 4, B, 0 and 7 are on tho main road from Flint's corner to Corey's mllla, 2 mllea beyond Fllnt'a corner and 3Vn miles from Tyngaboro' atatlon, on Boston, Concord & Montreal railroad. 7'hBy nro known as tho "Bennett" and "Spauldlng" lots. In all the following do-aorlptlons ot lots of wood, or timber, or both, the botfom, or land, la not included nnleas apoofally stated ao. Two, winters, or one year from April lat, 1801, wUl bo glvon to purohaaers to out and remove all wood and timber. Lots. Three and oiie-)ml� acres of oak and maple wood, with Bomo timber. This lot la BO years' gro\vfh. Lot 4. Three and one-half norea of 40 years' growth of oak and pine wood, with aomo pine umber. Lot 6. Foot acrea of large and beaty growth of birch. Lot 0. Three acres partially covered with a fairly -rge growth of hard wood. Lot 7. is the bottom or land under lots 3, 4, C and �, with 70 acres additional that la covered with a good growth of oak and pliio from 10 to 30 yeara' Btandrug. 'ThIa fa certainly a grand lot for luveat-ment. Lota 8, 0 and 10 adjoin lot 7. Lot 8. Four aereo handaome growth hardwood of S years' standing. Lot fl. One acre of pine timber and hardwood of more than BO years* growth. Lot 10. One and one-half acres, 45 years'growth (hardwood. Lot 11. la tho bottom 6r land under lots 8,9 and 10, with 05 acres additional, a part of wliioh Is covered with a thrifty growth of pine from IB to BO years' atanding. Lot 12, at 12 o'clock. Lota 12,13 and 14i adjoin lot 11. Lot 13. Ktoe acres of a mixed growth of hard and Bott wood, with aome plno tbnber. It boa boon growing from 20 to BO years. Lot 18, Elghtnercsof vary liandsomo hardwood, �Itli an average gro\vth of 48 yeara. aa tor honest deallng.fiiir repreaentatlon and selling horaos to tho higheat bidder when oftered at auotlon, wo leave that entirely for tho public to Judge. P. S.- In addition to the above, wo aha I also oner a number of second-hand or common y called acclimated horsoa which are usually aold th a aeaaon of tho year tor varloua reaaons; alao 1 pony team,con8l8tlnB: ot 1 bay pony mare, welghhig 000 Iba-.gontlo aa ft kitten, been uaed by children In Fall Rh'or 8,10 and 12 yeara old, la tough aa a pino knot, can stand lota of ttbuae either to oaddlo or Imrncaa, cost the prcaent owner laat Clirlstnias ai26; also cart and harness; owner can be referred to; team can be Been Tuesday morning. SiidSt nlO S350.000 ^I?Ol?fe?^nIo-merchan. dlae, etc.; tho Boston Loan Co., 276 wasldngton at., opp. Water at.,.organized Jan.,1,1873, Inoorporated Jan. 10,1878; H. W. Gage, proaldont; W. T. Rice, trcaauror; this Inatltutlon is tlio only Incorporated company In the United States that makes a apootolty ot loaning money on pianos, fUrnlturo, maohlnTiry, horses, carriages, farming stock and atocka of atapm merchandise, etc., leaving the aame in the poaaessfon ot tho owner, thereby avoiding a puhusbed rnort-gago; and having a largo capita; at ita Immodlats command, can make advances at a conaldorablo lower rate ot Intereat than any other partlea In No-w England; It also loans money on dlnmonda, gold watehea, jewelry, atoeks, bonda, endo\vmont Inaur. anco polloles and savings bank hooka at loweaf :ates; leaaea paid oft and more monoy advanced; all loans may bo paid oft by Instalmenta If ao desired, each payment reducing Intereat; If not convenlena to call mall ua your address and wo will aend our ogentto see you. Addresa Boston Loan Co., 275 Waahlngton at. MONEY TO EOAST at PATERSON'S, 230 Waahlngton St., at one hour's notice, on furniture, pianos, horaea, carriagea, etc., all ot which wo leave In your poasesalou; the borrower deals only with the principal from flrat to laat, not oven any one of tho borrower'a family being any tho -^vlsori no deposit roquhrod or any oxpensea charged of any name or nature; we Inauroyour furnltiu-e free of charge and deliver policy to you; we have brought the rates of Intereat on peraonal property loana do^vn atop by step f rom �S a month on aiOO to gl a month, wmohls lower than can bo obtained at any of th� loan oflloes lu tho city; forproot of the same, notice the rates advertlaod hi thb) colomn; dlamonda, Hatches and Jewelry, when loft, aro kept la our aafo In tho Security Sato Depoiltvanlta; ouatom-ora can opnault "na without oomlhg In contact with othera; alao private rooms for ladlea. it Combination Auotlon Stables, - 243 ond 24B Friend at. and 164 and 160 Canal at., neaj: Lowell, Eastern and Fltchburg depota, Boston, hoadquartera for solo horaea In New England; accommodations for 301) horaea; auction sales every Wedneadaynnd Saturday at 10 a. m.; horaea ot all grades constantly on hand at private aale. Regular auotlon sale WEDNESDAY, Nor. 19, at �10 a. m.; -4 carloads or 80' head o� young aoimil .Western horaea, embraotog a general aaaortment of biialneas blocks from Iowa and Indiana suitable for expreaa, farm, family, horao raUroad: and general bnalneaa pnrpoaea, varying In wplghta from 1060 to 1300 lbs. each, and 40 hoavy team and express horses from Ohio, varying In weights from 1300 to 1800 Iba. each, among them aeveral well matched pairs weighing from 2800 to 3800 lbs.; all good workers -with qital-Ity. style and aotlonj alao 1 carload of drivers from Indtona, oonslatlng ol carriage, family, road and llvSry boraes in matched pairs and single drivorai aome ot them can step along quite well} also a number of acclimated horaea that are practicaUy sound, good workers and drlvora. Ettob and every horao will bo aold to the higheat bidder, regordleaa otooat or value, faithfully described and warranted as represented or no aale: trial allowed until Thuraday night, Nov. SO. J. FRANK PICKE'l'T, auotloneer. Snd4t nl8 By P. B. OORBETT, Auctioneer, Heal estate and fire insurance agent, 389 Broadway, South Boston. -Jolophono 003. South Boston, MONDAY, Nov. 17, at 4 p, m., on premises, aale of ZVa-story, 10-room, 2-famfly frame dwolUng and lot, No. 105 D at.; house In beat repair, lot about 1100 aq. ft. 1 a woll-Iocated, dealrable estate lor resldouco or Investment: terms at aaloi $2Q0 to bo paid at sale. dSuSt nlS . Boiith Boston, to settle tho estate ol tho lat� Map. garot Jaoltson, docoaaed, will be sold on TUESDAY, Nov. 18, at 4 p. on protnlacs, eatato No. 74 W. eth St., near C St., 8-story, 13-room, 3-larally frame dwellhig and lot; also biUldlng lot adjoining, with right In 4 It. pnasago leading to 0 at.; both.lots contain about 1008 sq. �C.; house In good order and well rented; fluo central location; wldo street, horao care passing tho door; excellent chance to aooure dealrable residence or make good bivestment; terms at Bale; g200 to be paid atj^e^^_dSu4t nlB MONEY TO EOAN. while tt lasts to help people -ivho want money at a low mlnutea' notloo and can't afford to pay the lUgh rate ot InteroaS, money brokers obargo. We loan as follows; gBtori f'^S? P�'^ 'hon'b,motor lBo.,alif tor 28o.iS20 for 300., 828 for 8So.,S30 for 4�o.,�86 for BSC, g40.tor feqo.. S4B for ffse., gBO for 76o.,S7B fo* 81,13,18IOO for Sl.BO,for larger suma spoolal ratea, loans made In a lew minutes from 06 to RBOOO on household lumlture, pianos, organa, aewlng mo* chinos, safes, horaea, carrUigea, wagons. UvostooS and raerchandlao, aame to remain with ownoi:! alao, f ninltnro leases paid up 'and mora money ad-vanced;; olao, on watches, diamonds, - wearing ap* parol and all Kinds of security at spoolol ratea. Call on ua. Loan Fund Co.. 178 Waahlngtofi at., room 8, FTTRWITirRE EOAN�l BIAJDE AT AJtf hour's notloo on household furniture, pianos, lannlngatook and any peraonal propeirty, which cail remain In owner's poasesaloh; no charge made for' papers or eiaidlnlng property! wo make a specialty, - iylng o� larnituio leiues and loaning mor� ____jy, allow tho bortowiir to repay all loana to Bums of gl or mbro, reducing hitoroat at each payment, or ttioy may bs renewed wlthoat extra ohaige; wo also loan on diamonds, watches. Jewelry and all oollatoral security; rates of Interest, 1526,8 bar cent, per monfhi SBO, 2% per cant.; over 8100, Zpor cent.; apeolal rates for large auiosi allwuatoinera, ars glron every advantogS poaalblo. REYN0LP8' &00r,i0Stot3�t._�f8tt7t nil MOJfBY to loan on tho oaaleat tenns on furni. ture, pianos, hooka, horses, oarrlages, maohln-ery. Insurance poUolea, notea, asalgumeut of wages and all peraonal property, In to-ivn or out. In auma ol filO to 31000, the property to remain vmdlatuibea with tho oTvner i loans can bo had lor a week, month or longer, and can be repaid so os to rednco both principal and Intoreat; parties not wishing to pay their loans when duo can bavo them extended with, out erponae; our agent can call at realdonco If do. aired; bitalnosa strictly oonfldenttalj no pubUoltyi every convenience lor tho accommodation of Indy patrons. I. M. STRAUSS, roomTa, Globo buUdlng. By BBGIAK SNOW ate CO.. Suoocaaora of Charles H. tc Edgar Snow, Maaaaobn. aotta Sale Stable, 86 Endloott at., Boston. EegiUor niiotton aalo, WEDNESDAY, Nov. 19, at 10-30 o'clock, 80 horaea, 4 carloads oopalgned to ua from the Statea ot Ohio, Illlnola, Indlano and Iowa, weighing from 1000 Iba. to 1500 Iba. each, conalst-Ing ot draft, team, farm, expresa, family and driving horaea. These horaea vrill be sold to tho higheat bidder wlthoutTegard to ooBt, and when wo aay wlU be sold, we mean juat what we aay, as wo don't make any money only when tlio horae lasold; for that reo-BOu all hoi'sea offered at our atablo at auotlon aro alwaya aold and taken away, as we do nothing but a strictly oommlaslon business, and allow no limit. All you have to do la see tho horso you want and bldonhtaa; hewlll boooldivlth our warrant, guaranteeing liiin as represented, ^vlth trial until Thuraday night, following day of aalo, and If not oa ropre-Bonted, retm-n your horso and get your monoy, F. P. BRUCE, Auotloneor. Sud4t nlO Place. Tho arrangomeutot tho house Is very much the aame. It iB more than pleasantly altuated, haa an elegant view, would make an nauaually dealrable place or home tor some gentleman who wants a Country Ilouao witn tho convciilencea ol golug and from Lowell, Nashua and Boston oaay aud Rain 0 i p. ni. illy ti By JTHISOME H. MAOBONA-EB, Auct'r, Telophone 24S0, 209 Waahlngton at., Boston. WEDNESDAY, Nov. 19, at 11.80 ft. m., on tho promises, Huntoon at,, near Butler and Adama ata., Lower Mills, Dorchester, estate dl tho lato Margaret A. Bolger; lat, frame house. aVa atorlea, 7 rooma lot 451/3 toot front and containa about 3802 aq, feet also another lot on Himtoon ata., 66 foot front, auc containa about 032B aq. feet; muat be sold by order otudmlnlatrator; teruui at Bale; S200 to be paid at sale. _ dSu4t nl6 THURSDAY, Nov. 20, at 8.30 o'clock, on tho premises, will bo aold tho eatato, 687 Enat Stb at^ near M St., brick houae, marblo trlmmlnga, 12 rooms, furnlshod In block walnut, all modem Improvements, arranged for 8 lomlllea) termaat aalei 6200 to bo paid at aiUo. dSuOf nlB By WEEOH * HAEE, Blue Front Sales Stable, IBB and 1B7 Portland st, near Lowell and Eastern denota; auction aales every Wednesday and Saturday; general aaaortment constantly on band at private sale. KoirUlar auction sale WEDNESDAY, Nov. 19, at 10 a. m., of 00 head ot 3 carloads ol young sound borseB direct trom Iowa, Illbiola and Indiana, oonv prialng a general aasortment of heavy draft, ox-press, etreet car, larm, family, driving and general business horaea, varying In weight from 1000 to 1000 lbs.: idso several aoellraatcd horaea that have been uaed In and around the city, and, as In oiu: prevloua Bales, each and every horao wIU be Btrlctly sold to Uio highest bidder irtthout regard to cost, faithfully described and honestly represented or monoy re-fimded; trial allowed until'riiuraday night at4 p. m; auotlon anlea made In any port ot tho State. LY-MAN T. MAYNARD, Auotloneer. Sudlt nlB By EFIOECBOUN da CO, United States Government Anotloirera, No. 03 Court St., established 1838; Auotloneers, Appraisers and Real Estate Brokera. 33 Bradford at., 4^atory brick houso and lot, No. Bradford at,, near Shawmut av., on MONDAY, N 17, at 12.80 o'clock p. m., without reaen'e, on eaay terms 1 8300 at aalo; this desirable and oentnilly located liouao contahis aome 12 rooma, modern con. venlonoea, In good ordqr, dcBlrablo tor rohtago or occupancy. Full partloidara ot auctloneera, HIOU-BOKN . uftfrlj; im-jws.ulh to tale time lo slio.v tttcm at time L-B and 50 iicii-s of hiudjiu .MenUiiacU, N. H-, 40 miles from imtou on file Ciiiirnrd A- Monlroiil railroad, AV ednOBi ay, Nov. 10,1K90, nl 10 o'clock in the fort'uoon. Silid for descriiUlon to A. J. L.VNE, 918 Ebu �t.,Man-obeattr. K. U. UaU' I'hi' houbt Nov. A' Auction sale, MONDAY, Nov. 17, at 4 o'clock p. iii., 107 Spencer av., Ciielaoa, house, 7 roouiB. in liiorough repair, 1260 feet of land, on good wldo Blrcct, near liorac cars. TlilB iB a small-iiriecd lion and win bo a burgiUn to anyone of men wlio wants a good home for a llttlo luoiicy. 1 eriiis liberal. glOO at time of sale. d.Su3t lil4 -OAWNBStOKESl'M Einoat-73 Knoeland Bt. i. Siillu-day. Nov. 15, lu a. m. and 7 p. 111-, of u redeemed idedgeB, coiiBl.itltig of cold and aiiv watches, silverware, jewelry of all kinrta; gmms naiBt be sold without reserve; every article warrai ted. L. 11. BONELLl,uuoUoneer. dSuat' nl4 SEWINC MACHINES. SEW list. EWISO MACItlNES-Thc follow ng la lug macliliii'H. new and Becoim-hiina-lil ileeB lower tlian over before oftered lu New Lng land; Standard. DomeBtlc. llon-iiihold. New iloiiii AliH.rlciin.liclpmiile.New P.enitiigtoii No. 5,Wliiiehi: .t Wlhioll Nos- 8, 9 and 10, Davis, V.'lloox ,t GlhhE. Automatic. WIdte WauKi-r C, Singer's; fauilly and uianufiu'luriiig, and hand inaelilncB of various kiims and otherb; cvcrv macliUu'Is warranted: Ballstactl gnaraliltea or n'lrmey retniidod; plcaBo call uiid c wnlni'. C. IVILSON, lOti Gaiiibrklge St.. Ikibtoii rpHE great X olli-rcd; ii uientb, at loivi fcrniB lor Bale lUiBlon. -Bt bai'fidnB In Bnwliig macliluis 'w ond bccond-liaiid, caBh or liibtal bt prices; clotbcfi wriiieera and dribs open cvi'litligf- SIO Broadway, .So mo HE f�OEI� ve .E. tic Bewilli; liliu-.hilHi II-11-, 2-1 Harvard �t- v lew, a nearly nev llirw'-quarlcr cabii ihhii let. If \\T5: WIEII. tili;i;.I- any luaki V> chilli.-, �::epl WU.'ii;; ,v Gibbe of Bcvvira; 111 and l^a^�lb. I fSOcithlior Inatalnii'lilb; every iiiat'lilni ranted Btricllv new and latcBl wood work Ih walmit 0.1k, uUi, mahogany, I'tclich wiilnul. etc.; niiii her, we aave you the Kgeiil'B nornnilbtiion; we rejiati all kinds of rnJlchltifca at rei.80nable prlccE. Sewing iluUdne Emporium, 31 Hayward l'^-^|JJ^^^^' fi'nancial. TTlUBBAJItB <te CO., 47 and 49 Court st, Jjl room IVa, opp. court honso, up easy fllghtl avoid S and 3 pairs of atabra; g8 to |?B00, B minutes' notloo; t.0 holra or part owners ol real eatate, loweat lees or ohaigo lor papers: �oia.d� uv.-.o ^^i. * day, a year, or more, and reduced g[l day, week or month; our savings bank aystem guaranteed fob:est, lowest and sauoiest In city: amall loaosa apootalty. SaWFSu* no LOTTEMIElS AME lEEBGAE-Oo-op. eratlve banks are aafo, and tho Snfloltt Oo-oper-aUvo Bank, 82 DovonsUre at,, room 34, can sell yoii shares at gl each which will .pay you 7 per cent, and you can draw your money when you have paid as long oa you -wish: call ancl got baformatfoq. n6 016 S8 30 ONEX AT EOW lEATBS AJSB AT an hour's notloo on honsehold furniture, pianos, organs, eto., leases paid and more monoy advanoed. small loans a specialty, and they may bo repaid b/ Instalments or renewed �wlthoat orpenae. G. H, HALL & CO., 78 ComblU, 1 flight. dSuOf nil TE yOtr WANT MONEY on lurnlturo.plau/. X oa, horses, carriages, watches, dlamonda, aaslgUA mentotwagea.or aijy peraonal property or real os. tate, apply to C. W. OLIDDEN, e70^Vashlngton at. SuTXh* nlO S500�000 mge,'bP^ton''an"^olnlty! to sums from 85000 to SBO,000 at 4, 4y-i, B and 8 nor cent.; we also place second mortgages promptly, J. FRENCH & SON, 220 Washington at, WSuttjaA Heiks-Or othera aell or borrow SIOOO or more on legacies or undivided port of any real estate In Boaton, apply, in noraon only, to R. H. ALLEN, 23 Court at., room 212. Bud20t* na TO EOAJT on real eatato, la _____. auma of 8500 to SBOOO, payable �ivlthln 12 montha, at fair rate ol Interest. B. W. GAGE, 276 Waahtogton st. _It S100.0002 ble �^vlthln 12 months, MONEYTO LOAN ON SEE AEESTATH by FRANK PEESOOII & CO., No. 113 Dov-onshtoost. dSutf o24 at., room iJlVEx -e-o-AjSMJf on lurniture, eto., irom 86 up. A. W. TOWNE il CO., 699 Washington t)om 10. ' . ' � Sud7t* nl9 TTNEISTEB STOCK, bought and aold. q, U CASH &, CO., 421% Broadway, Chelaea.iftr la Tremont Row, room 6, Boaton. dSulOt'i' -AlB fit A O AAf^ TK-EST funds, for good reaj DX'i^.yv'l/estate acourlty. if. J. pAMP. ELL, 12 School at. It* Fok AJaSOElUTE Beourity In real estate Im vestments consult Boaton Tltlo Co. 12 School stj WAJNTEB-Monoy on good real eatato morti gage, K 111, Gloho offlco. It'^ DIARflONDS, JEWELRY, ETC. Thla �watch hoa 3-ounoo case and la fully guaran toed. Alao Wm. EUery Waltham �watch in coin aH ver caao, S9.60. Open evenings till 0, Sat. Ull IC KEENE, the Jeweler, 1301 Washington st. it A ice you aware that we pay tho highest casl nL price for old gold, silver and platinum, broke] and woru-out jowalry, etn. ? HOOD Jt REYNOLDa 178 Tremont at.; take elevator. dSuBOt' nl4 APEBEECT PIT to every customer. . ton Optical Co., 19 'mmont ro^n', room 6. lt< Bob ("ttJFF BBTTONS, studs, lace and acnrt plne^ vest chains, fob chains, etc. Boaton Optical Co., 10 Tremont row, room 6. It* DI.AMO.NBa-You can wear diamonds II you aavo your money by buying .ol W. 8. Crown, nmnagorof W. S. Crown Jowolry Co., 162 Court at; " Sudl4t nlO FOB. SAEE cheap, opon lace gold watch, ElglUj good reaaona glvon lor aoUlng. Addreaa C 1U3, Olobo odlee. Fob, ISAEE-Oold eye glasaes and apoetaolos, Boaton Optical Co., 19 Troraont row, room,� SOEIM OOEB KINGna fl'om 860. upwards, Boaton Optical Co., 19 'I'remont row, room 6. If* mo EET-Watchea �-If not,fiendst.amp jtX. tor best matrimonial paper published. Toll. Publlshhig Co., Tiilhipoosa, Ga. BuBt' ol9 BEEES, matrimonial paper, liuil corrcBpondenco Bcutiiod. Ad-520, Boston, Mass. dSu20t* nlS WEnBXNO lOc; amu ' dresB P. 0. box DRAIVIATIC. ABEEPMI SCBOOE OF AOTINe aai ABEEPMI BBAMATIO CEEB, Tromont St., Itooni SO, Charles Leonard Fletcher, Manager, offers cxoep, tluual facilities for obtiiiumg practical Insiruotloq and cxiierlciice In atiiMo work. Bee advertisement oil amiiseincnt pa.?o today.__ O KESPECXABEB young Inolea *de�tr6 to Ring in opera company; have aomo experience; have both good musical education and line soprano and alto voices; will travel wdth roRpeelahle company; CO others need apply. Address A 108, Globo olllce. It* YACHTS, BOATS, ETC. FOB 61AEB, keel Echooner yacht lltpubllc, 113 feel over all. 23 feet � Inches beam, 0 feet 0 inches draught: fliiibhed tn hard wood throughout; 0 BlatcrooiiiB, liandHomely fiinilBhed; Webir piano In uiidn Biiioon; full hiventory and everything iu complete order, Im'ludlng nliphtlia launch; owner erulfleil with family lu West Indit-B bull winter; will be Bold cheap. Apjily to oiviier, THOMAS Ji. HALL, 209 1-;. B7lh St., New York ciiy. HuWtt o5 FoTt BAEE-5125 buys tho fast ouiilng 18 ft. lu-cl c'llbuat Jolt; (iOU Ibb-lead oiiUi-i'l; InBltil-lii.ilitb If dCBlred, or will iradi- fur farcer'hual. ,1. F. CASlllN. SHO e. 2d at-, Cilv Point. Suiilh lloalon. (TJTEASffX.Atl O am ...... _ 4:rp. inr hiilo. I Bt'ir.vdrlli'-; inUlt bv I. 111! i'.mUtfi lirilHhcil tpliU'lc i iruaU- l!ib n'>U. Apply I'.i J. 1 D fl.lktiiK.'i^mr-i:i}�:iril liroH. 1 Imu niui f'iiU; ', (iK'iK! onioe. ee Pages 7,13 & 15 For additional small