Sunday, November 16, 1890

Boston Daily Globe

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston Daily Globe (Newspaper) - November 16, 1890, Boston, Massachusetts PaaSefl.', Bai'ing Brotlicrs arc all rlglit. So is tho "ihost popular" in each class. GiOBE couiions arc the securities pai'cxcellciicc. no who recdrfes the indsi ?t^�I will not only Bavci a deed or4n|ti ^3S00 Ijonse, but a deed of popnlarltf ihat cannot be ciacstioncd. BOSTON, SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 16, 1890-TWENTY-EIGHT PAGES. PRICE FIVE OENTS. Commencing Wionday, Nov. 17, ,and for II days, we will give to every customer purchasing a CooKlrig Range of us two Turkeys, and to every customer purchasing a Parlor Stove W6 will give one Turkfey. We will guarantee that our Efangos and Parlor Stoves are the.liest in the world. ' Furniture and Household Cioods of every descrfption sold t>n Instalments. j?2.down oh g25, iind gi2 ror rnontli. $a down on ^'30, nnil g3 iier inoiith. ilowii on ^'lo, luul iu'r month. g5 (lo\ya on ^fiO, mid ^5 ))or month. ff6 down on $110, find gf; pur ntontll. iS7 down on $10, iind jiT iiei- month, down on ^iHi, nnil �H i;oi'.nionth. , $9 down on J?no, iiml 30 jiei-nionth. JjllOdowii on SlOtVimdglO 1101'month. ' �Dcnd this nrtvci'tlsiiniunt cnrolitllj-, unci )'i!nicmt)(ir f'hnt it snyB, iind lictoiu iini-chnslnB imylhlnB In tho houackeoplnn lino have tlm kindness to oxiindnc onr jtocl: nnd obtiiin onr pi-liT.i, ns wu nro selltng tho trunc qttnlity of goods 10 ^' .-^-.t........... other fiousti hi ]lostou.' , ,ior cent. Ivss tUiin'.nny �Wo- curry In Blook ii coni- pliito Une of tlie followhiL' kooiIb; Tiiiipstry iind H'ooUen Cnrputs, Oil Cloths, tJUiiw Jlnti^nus, I'lirlor nnd Chiinilier l''nrliltnre, C'ooklnR HimRes, I'lirlor btovfiB, Uidiy Giirriagcs, loe Ohests, llut'rlutriitora, Crcckory, CuvtiilnB, Muttvesaca. I'illows, Coinforters, l|lHnk(!t8, CloMiS, jriintcl lieds, I'nrloi- Heda, Sofii. ItedB, Bad Lonri)j(i9, Jiftt Trees, Mlrrora, Eiisy Wmlrs, . Lounges. In fiict, wo cany GvtirvtlifoK tliiit la ticceasavy In fnrulshlng (i. lionao. Wo nioloi every cimtonior iv jircsdnt thnt bnys goods lo ihe iinioiirit 01 jJ26 luid iipwurds, soniethinj; tlmt Is not doiui by (Uiy other house In Jioaton; rend and rememher, DvoL'y customer pnrchnsUig Roods to theuiuount or MB will ho presonted with a Imndaomo Ciimp Itockcr, or iinythlug In our etoro of the anino viilUB tlnit they would prefer. Every customer pnrcbns-tng. goods to tlio amount of SoO will bo presented with n benutlfnl jmlr o� Rlankets or oriythlng in onr store of ihe snmo vnlne that they would prefer, nnd every ciwtoiner purolinslnz Roods to the nniouiil of SlOO will bo presented with nn .Elegant Elght-Uny elock. or anytlilng In onr store of tho aumo vfUne that they would prefer. Wo also deliver all goods free to any city or town In Kuw Englimd where there is a railroad station, which Is not done by every house In Uoaton. Any one living ont of town, una not having the time to Bp.-iro to come in and soJcot tbeli- goods, can liavo their orders attended 10 by aonding them to us, atatluK what kind of goods they want, and tho ju'lces that tliev want to pay, and ivlsh to call Bpoolal nttontiou to our name and mim-6er, ns every one is not always careful what storo Ihey go into, nnd quite, often wo have cuatcimcrD come into our store, after they hnve bought gooda.ln nnotlier, nnd any: "When I bought my goods I Ihonght that I was bnylna them of Browne, Ilorton & Co., hut 1 found out my mistake too bite.' A word to tho wlae is suiHelent. Bo not forget thn name nnd number. ' 876 Washington St. SEALSKIN CAPES,JACEm, -AND- FUR GARMENTS OF ALL KINDS Mannfaotniod and foi Bale at letall, Finn WorkmanBliip. Boasonalila Prioos, Bend for Oatalogne and Frioe List, Hailed free. 92 Bedford, dor. Eine:ston St., These liftt.s, after they como from tlm mixUer, are BUWeetod to ft bydrfiulic iirea-sure of 250 poiiiiaa to b{[unru Inch. This tlioroiighly �xhc]os uU Improper stibstjuices, and UiiUb tho Cur iDHOther, a�cl niftKCS a fiuitnce mw^h smolher and more bcrvlueablu than hy tho old procusb. SAVAGE, KI^9C & CO., Ill Boylstoit St., Bet^vocn Waahington and Tremont Sta. Send for Cntiiloguc, mailed I'ltEE. FOR LADIES AND GENTlEi^EN. POPE mFO, CO., 77 FEANKLIN BTEEET. 1 Kutf no ABSOLUTE SECURITY OFFERED BY -Till:- Eastern Investment Oompany, 17 MIltK STRET, Boston. Authorized, Sii;,0oo,()00. dapRal EUbBcrlbed, )iil,2<ii),000. Surplus, PllH.OOO. ITlis company baa been In tu'tivo operatjon 34-yenra, has iihvays paid regular dh-ldeurts uf 8 pi-r ecnt. and la now p.aytnu 7 per ('.fnt, regnUlrly. It Iri-vealfi lla fuuda nniy in im,,M,vf'd it-:il M^latti In lartrt^ Kiialerii (iltius. Its i^ol nriilcB havt, nevi.-r bt t'ti fcold lor leas than par and art- iiu\v i^{'Utii'.' l!ir )rlo;i per �b.-ire nnlll Dcr. It,, ivlun Ihi: pnuei\ ill be aili-iiiii'i'd. Send ttir lull pai'ikMilaih. [1] \ sick man muat be found dead ui bla own Inler-esta In Me If he doi'B not consult Im. A. & S. HAK-OltOVE. Their oures uro wonderflU, Jfc.'mi oU-verUscaicnt on mfe C. lt� Some of our small competitors because we are making two BLACKSTONES, as they are afraid the trade will become confused, and not know which they are smoking. BLAOESTOIE smokers are iiitelligBut men, and oaoli original BLAOKSTOUE is plainly stamped WAITT k BOND, while tlia now, with a domestic wrapper, is stamped W, & B. BLAOESTOFE. We warrant the �, & Bi BLAOKSTONE to be batter than any of the imitations of onr oigar now on tho market, "We have made arranp;oments so that we can sell over DUE MILLION Lord Fanntleroys and Golden Pruits, Greenbacks and other brands at old prices, after which we shall- either have to advance tho price or use a domestic wrapper. CONTENTS OF TODAY'S GLOBE. Baring BrothoM.London bnnlcor.i, in financial trouble j Bank oi EiiEclnnd to i'escuo; ici'iais now past; Vomcn'� club news. Old Homes and families with pedigree. Redlern models. Mrs. Houghton's halt million and liow she made it in six years. Getting into tho census. Colored aristocracy. "�\Vasit ioreedi"' romance of tho money king of Montana; will of Andrew J. Davis; it promises an interesting legal contestwith $8,001:1,000 involved. Pasro SR. Coincidences of names; two Benianiin F. Butlers, a couple of Deuiosthones, Naros wlio did not fiddle, John SiiiithB irlio u-on renown, Yicloriaa and distinguished Colum-buses". Children's dnpartmont; " Buffalo Hum," "The Mail Bolibers," "tiiivod Goluni. bus' Life." Piiso s�. Thanksgiving dinncis. Auidiig the liremen. Bringing up bnblca. Ki'w liter.iture. Pttto sr. ^ VonlK with cards. BucIkOius who have made their mark iu the world. Brlc-a-brac. PnKO "S- Men who ov>'e success to thoi? bpouscs. Care of canaries. Popular fabrics of the season. BEWITCHIHe IKS MOORE Secretly Marries Wealthy Washingtonian. Given Away by Autiior of "Listen to My, Tale of Woe." , Will,Quit the Stage and Has so Notified Wilson, ChioAoo, 111., Nov. 15.-Laura Moore, the bewitching prima donna of Francis WiV son's "Merry Monarch" company, and a well-known operatic favorite, was secretly married here today to E. L. Nathan Snyder of Washington, The groom is the son of B. P, Synder, president of tho National Savings Bank of Washington. He is one ot tho social bloods of the capital, and has coquetted with the fairest yoimg ladies of the land, who upon learning of his marriage will no doubt be quite heartbroken. .Memoved in theve'ry highest society ever since he quit West Point Military Academy. Five weeks ago, while the Wilson com panywasin Washington, young Snyder was introduced to Miss Mooro by "Hub" Smith. The latter was then a clerk in tho Treasury Department, but joined Wilson, taking the title of the sheriff. Smith became quits famous ten years ago, as the author of "Listen to My Tnlo of Woe." The acquaintance of wealthy Nathan Snyder and bowitohing Miss Moore resulted in love at first sight. The courtship was short, but its brevity was amply compensated for by tho airdor with which it was carried on. Miss Mooro came to Chicago with tho company. Snyder followed. � Hero tho two hearts found they must beat as one, and a quiet marrliipo was urrangod. It took place today at tho Episcopal parsonage, the ceremony being conducted by Biahou Cheney. After the knot was tied Mrs. Queenie Wood gave the party a wedding ,brealcfaSt at. Wober'a, and the nuptial sunper was served after tho matinee at the Loland. Mrs. Moore-Snyder will retire from the stage. Uiidoi- her contract she must give Francis Wilson four weeks'riotioo, aaad did "l^lie^^wedding attendants were Miss Queenie Wood, Miss li^iUer and Willett Seaman and "Hub" Smith, who gave the bride away, All were sworn to absolute secrecy, and the marraigo wiis liot announced im-til the company boarded their train alter 11 o'clock tonight. Snyder is a clerk in his father's bank. the weather. oept Now Washiwoton, Nov. till a p. m. Sunday: For Maine, Now Hampshire and Vermont, rain, no change in temperature,winds 7" I 1 becomimr northwest-;i I erly. For Massachusetts, Ehodo Island, Connecticut and eastern Now York, tain; slightly cooler, ox-statlonary tgmperaturo in northern Y'ork; winds becoming northwesterly. The GHobe's Forecasit. The weather of Boston and vicinity today will be cloudy, favorable to. rains, warmer, variable winds. For northern New England and the northern coast today, cloudy, with rains, east to south winds, higher range of temperature.__ Blue Hill Prodlotlons. For Sunday, rain, stationary followed by lower temperature. Clayton. "Temperature Yesterday, as indicated by tlie thormomoter at Thompson's spa: 3 a, in., i;)�; 0 a, m., 41�; 0 a, m., W; 13 ni., fil�; 3.!i0 p. m.. ci�; 0 p. m, 48�; o'p. m,. 47=; 12 mid., 47�, Average temperature, 40%�. SUCOI'S OELEBRATIOW. His Tenth Day of Hunger Leaves Him Cheerful and HopeftiX. New Yokk, Nov. IC-Suoci, tho faster, has lest 10 pounds, but ho took tho greatest sort of a brace today. Tho dynamometer shows, beyond all per-adventure, that he has not lost his grip. The completion of the 10th day of his hunger u'as a red-letter incident, and Suoci donned his dross suit to celeDrate it with groat glee. His consumption of tobacco decreases as tho days go on. Ho talked cheerily last niglit with his visitors and discussed the development ot his condition with a corps of physicians wliu called to marvel at him. SfHUWa aleak and sunk. Steamer Nevada Valued at �50,000-Insured for $45,000. Manitowcki, Wis., Nov. 1/5.-Tho steamer Nevada of Vermillion, 0., aprunk aleak and was abandondbd at 2 o'clock this morning, the crow being taken oil by tlio 'steamer Manhattan and landed at Manitowoc. The Nevada floated until 10 o'clock when she sunk, seven miles northeast of Kewau-ni.!c, The Nevada was v.alucd at 50,000 and is insured for about S4C,ooo. Bteivmer and Schooner in OoUision. Philadkli'kia, Nov. 1G.-Tho steamer ArieK, from Providence, reports at 0 a. m., yesterday, off Listuri Point, during a thick fog, she was in colli�Ion with the schooner MaBgieJ. Lawrence, hence for Charleston. The .'/.cnnu'r lost h.or port cathead luid fovo-topnuist. Tho schooner lost her port cathead and forward sUroiuIs of fore rigging, and rctui-nod today iu tow. Dr. MoCoUum Oaueht. �\\'altham, Nov. Ic.-Dr. O. F. MoCal-luin, who left this city suddenly Oct. 28, was arrested in Bo.itoii today and turned over to Oihoer Robinsnn, who brought him to this ciiy tliiB evening. MoCallnm will be arndgiiod Monday nioi'iiing on a chaigo of larceny,____ Durable Furniture may be had st Plimiiton's, 1077 Washington fit., at prioos quite as low as Koods of less intrit elsewhere. rs, liiaMlitios. $120�000,000 Sum of Assets, Guarantee Fnnd Raised df Deposits Were WiOiclrawn by Russia. Exciting Scenes on 'Change in American Cities. London, Nov. j 5.-The Bank of England has subscribed �1,000,000, throe joijit stock b/mks have given �750,000 each and two others ,�500,000 each to - assist Baring Brothers. Several other houses have subscribed smaller amounts, all tho subscriptions making a total of �10,000,000. This will constitute a guarautoo fund for three years. It is roughly estimated that the total liabilities of tho firm, inoludiug �10,000,000 In acceptances, amount to �21,000,000, while the asSsjts at prosiJiit piices are valued at �2jt,opo,ooo. The government has authorized the.Eank of England, if necessary, to issuo an acMl-tional �2,000,000 in notes, and will suspend the bank act if requisite. The original cause of the trouble was Rus. sia's ivithdrawol of several millions deposits on learning of tlio firm's dealings in Argentine and Uniguay bonds. It is expected in. coming investors will gradually relievo the strain on the market. bcabe in philadelphia. Enormous Soles in a Few Hours-Money Very Sooroo. PHiLADBLniiA, Pcnu,, Nov. 15.-Tho street broke out agoin in a panic today, and only the early closing of the day's business saved disaster. Standard investment stocks that always are dividend oamiirB went down to surpris. ingly low prices. The fall was conspicuous in Beading general fours. Northern Pacifies and Pennsyl-vanla. The latter declined to 47%, a price that it has not reached tor years, liutho face of tho fact that the half yearly divideud of 2Va per cent, will bo payable within the next two weeks. When It became known just what the Barings' oondition was and the nature ot the help that had been extended them the market took on a more healthy tone, and values all along tho entire ist advanced. The result was that the c osing was much better than was autioipatod. The condition of tho market could no better bo illustrated than by the enormous sales of tho day. In this mni'kot nearly double an ordinary day's business was transacted inside of two hoiirs. Monoy is still scarce in tho local market, and good seouritios. such as Lehigh Valley and Ponnsylvaula, have boon refused as collaterals by a number of the trast companies, not alone beoiiuao the companies do not care to risk money upon them, but because they ha^o not got tlie cash to put up. In the early days of tho monoy scare moneylenders in this city, attracted by the high rate prevailing in New York, sent their money tlioro to be loaned. Money still being scarce, this Philadelphia monoy is still over in Gotham, drawing the unusual premium that prevailed. Another reason of tho sliortage ha,s been the great buying ot securities by Investors at the low prices that have prevailod. of these have buuii of New York securities and their local monoy has gone to pay for them. Stil matters have adjusted thomsolvos in this c ty and there is very little or no apprehension felt for tho future. WORTH EIVBR BANK. JMonday Will Toll WhetUer the Dooru "Will Open Again. Nkw Yobk, Nov. 15.-A largo niimber of tho deposltorsof tho North River Bahk have responded to tho circular issued by tho in-Btltution and have agreed to allow their deposits to remain in the bank for a period of 00 days. Supt. Preston said that already aoout $000,000 was represented, and it was hoped that by Monday tho required million would bo obtained. A projiosition has been made to the di-rcotor.-i to Increase the capital stock to a Nutlicienlly large mm to pay in full all obligations, and to allow of the bank ro.MUii-ing busiiu'ss. Several capitalists, names Mr.Proston declined to make known, would fm'nlsli the money. Wltliin tho lojjt three days $il4O,O00 ot notes held by the bank have matured and have been paid, maJdug the available cash on hand 8200,000. Bv next Monday at noon it will bo known if the bank will reopen its doors. THAT "NEST OP INIQXnTY." Liberal House Furnisliers.  Hon. Moody Merrill has oallod the current city administration a "nest of Iniquity." Ho bm suooeeded in driving ^' Mayor Hart oft the "nest," and would evidently liks to ait on the eggs himself. But tho poojilo demand athorough cleaning ont. It Is evidently timo that the axe was laid to the root of tho treoj and tho "nost of iniquity'? trought down for good and all. until the December statement is received, rlio October interest, some �34,000, has been paid. The next rem ttanoo will be in December for the January interest. Mayor Hart lioatd of tno ombarrassmout with-Binoere regi'et. "Baring Brothers," he said, " s one of tho largest banking houses n the world, and probably their American uterosts nro larger thaji those of any other (foreign hov\3o. No one can well predict what will be the result hero tintil a full rtatoment is received. Tho Baring Brothers, m all their connections^ stand among the most honorable people in tho world, and liheir connections are -with tlie same class lof peonle, whoso dealings are clean and |above board. Whatever maybe the out-icomo wo shall have honesty to guido tho iWholo affair. 1 "As to tho olty of Boston's interest in their embarrasaraeut, it is on account of tho consolidated street loan. The October in-itereat has been paid. Those payments, com-jng between quarters, there can bo out a, .slight balance. It any. We pay our interest in London through them." ' Regarding national banks, Mayor Hart, who is president of tlio Mt. Vernon National Bank, said: "Wo shall not be touched nt nil. The tran.saotions'between such liouses and thcso banks are always douo with collatoriils.'^_ NOTHING- TO FBAB. Ool. Peabody Says the Baring BrotherB i Are Only Liquidating. (iol. Oliver W. Peabody, senior member of the flrm of ICldder, Peabody & Co., and Boston corrospondenta of Baring Brothers & Co. ot London, received newspaper men and others with groat coolness. Said he, "There is nothing to fear, much less excite one's nerves. Messrs. Baring Brothers & Co. are simply liquidating. Tliey have had a heavy Igad ta. ooiry. - in. Ai'aentlnQ..seow:ltiea, and. like any otheir large house obliged to use vast sums of money, with the prevailing rates for money they have not boon able to borrow on thoir securities, as collateral, enough to carry on their large house, lonoe have conoludod to Itquldato and gradually go out of business. "Nobody will lose a cent, for tUo flrm is all right, and even If they wore not, tho Bank of England stands bohlnd, and that at least should remove any lingorina doubt." , "What was the direct cause of tho liquidation?" "I don't know; wo have had vorj' littlo, particulars as yet, but probably tho Argentine trouble Is the direct cause." , "Does Atchison figure at the bottom of tho trouble?" "Oh, no! The fact that Mr, Baring is a diroctorin tlioroatl is notmaterlal; The^o-curltles of the firm probably inoludo millions, aside from any lioldings of Atchison stocks and bonds." "But the heavy break in the market price of tlie stock?" "Simply a raid, encouraged by news of the liquidation ot the house, coupled with tha vreiik stock market and tight money." "It isn't a failure, simply an old and honorable business house -going out of business," _ pandbmontom: on ohange. THOniMMADREAHE. But the Inventor of Whale-backs is Famous. Steam Freight Barges That Are Reckless of "Weather."^ New Vessels Almost Submerged and Make Sixteen Knots, AtoIiiBon Slumps, and is'Followed by the Whole List. Baring Brothers have failed. No. Yes, and Atchison selling at 28 Va. Sell 100 at 28Vi; buy 800 at 28, Atchison, 27%, V2, Ve. Sell 500 at 27%. Sold at Vi. Atchison 27, and still lower. Twenty-six and a half. Buy 100; sell|200; buy 50; buyer 3; Atchison, Vs, 2578,%, Vjii down it goes. Atohison 26, 24Mi, 24, 33%, 23%. Bottom at last. Pandoinonlum reigned at the Stook Ex-cbivueo. It w!us a rush to duuni Atohison cortiiicatos. Prices linctuatod bo rapidly that orders given by customers would reach the broker on tho iloor of the exchange to 8 per cent, from above tho ruling market price. "No trading in Atchison except for cash," was tho cry. Margins didn't count. Triuiii-(ictloiiH were so rapid tliat half of thorn failed to show up on the tape of tho stook ticker. Noon came, the gong sounded, Atchison 2D%, up a point from lowest, but a not de-eliiio from yesterday of 2% points. It was a relief. \ Most stocks followed Atchison. Now York & Now England lost 3 points, to ;)i. West End land was off to 21, from 32V8, closing at 22Mi, up Chicago, Burlington & Quinoy lost from 87, to 85. New England dropped from 84 to 20�/i, closing at 31. Sugar at 60 visa a loss of a'/i, but reeovcrod 1% to close at 51%. T Thonisan-Houston .Electric was gathered ill at ;I0, closing ut 40, a not declino of 3 points. And 1-0 it wont. "WORST IB OVER." AGENTS OF BOSTON. Street Improvement Loan Placed With Baring Brothers. City Treasurer Turner brought the first now.s of tlie reported embarrassment of Baring Brothers to City UiiU, imd at once saw Mayor Hart. Baring Brothers are the agents ot tho city of Boston. The consolidated Sterling street improvement loan, which wos issued on account of Atlantic av.. Fort Hill and the widcuing of Hanover St., was placed witli them. Under tho terms ot the contract the city treasiuror bends to Baring Brothers the full amount of the interest on the original i.ssuo. A certain inoiiortioii being drawn every year, the princitml of (he loan is reduced, and with (his eiaess of iji-terest a. still further amount of the principal is drawn by lot end rodeemod, Nothing dnfinito can bo aacertaicod le-Karding the present condition 01 thi,i loan London Times Applauds the Bank of England. London, Nov. 16.-Tho Times, referring to the financial situation, says: The city has passed througn a crisis verging upon a panic. Such a time has not been known since tho suspension of Ovcrend, Gurnoy&Co. We rejoice that wo are ublo to announce that tho worstls over. Tho. Bank of England has added to its historic services to the statu and tho commercial commuuitj' by its prompt action in averting wlint would have been a lamentable cotastropho,_ HOUSE OP BABtWO BROTHERS. Ono8 Had Boston Oapltallats Among Its laembers. The teiniiornry financial difllciiltles of tho firm of Baring BroUiors will cause deep iroarret throughout the United Stales. The honorable relation.^ which have existed between tho city of Boston and tliis house dates back many years. The firm has a remark-ablo liistory. Three brothers, Tliomas. AJexn rider and Henn', ennjred tho London cEtablisluucnt; but the first, who was Intaudod to have carried on tho fiithur'r, nauiu after the dcistli of the latter on tho 12th of September, ] H Ui. assitiiied the numo ot Sir Thoiiiiis, and withdrew from tho house, as tho third ;ilsu found ofitaision to do at a lat*sr }>orii>d. Later Alexander viaiteU tJie United .Stateii. He purchased large tract* of land iu the Oontt&ncd on the Beconil Pqec. WiiST StiPRRiOR, Wis., Nov-15.-Tho immense yards of the American stoel barge works on Huperior bay, were today crowded witli 10,000 people, among tliora some of the most distinguished marine arcliitocts in tho world. The eight seta ot ways, all bearing vessels in various stages of construction, and the 20 acres ot buildings occupied by tho plant, were gaily decorated, and the 1200 oin-pl.oyes of tho company wore arrayed iu uuiforma and forrnod a guard of honor about two wlialo-shapod monsters that rested on the stocks ready to be launched. The occasion was tho consigning to thoir future element of two wlialoback steam barges, the James L. Colby and tile "100," and the particular interest attaching to tho event lay in the fact that thoso ships, built here at an Inland harbor, tho moat remote po3.iible froni tho sea and in tho heart of tho continent, ai'o to bo takon down tho lakes and through Welland canal for uso in tho oro trade between Cuba and Phiiaciol-plilo. The boats lay broartsido on to tho waters, and were lauiichod that way. Tho Colby was tho first to bo roleased, and as slie gilded into the water the daughter of a congi-ossman broke a bottle of chaiupagno where tho prow would bo on an ordinary vessel, and christened her tho ",Jiime.i L. Colby," after tho vico-iiresidciit of the WLsconsin Central railroad. Bands from Duluth and other towns along the lako playod, and huzzas from tho 10,-000 throats greeted tho voascl asslie.stai'loil, and the Inventor, Capt. McDougall, recoivod an ovation. Tho launching of tho "109" was equally sueoessful. Tho Colby is very lllto tlio Hoyt. which has become so famous. Sho is exactly the saino .shape as tho Welland Canal, having been built with a vioAV to mooting the greatest capacity ot the look, 30 foot beam and 22 foot moulded depth. Her capacity is SOOO not tons and slio is guaranteed to steam lU knota an hour. A cross Section of this vessel would niiiko a perfect oval, hence tho tonn whalobaok. Built entirely of steel plates and ribs, sho will travel, when loaded, subniorgcd almost to the hatches, leaving only tho poop visible. The "lOD" is "Vcry like tliu Colby, but lacks tho elegant equipmoiit of lior companion vessel. Capt.Alexauder McDougall, the inventor and builder of tlio whalobaok. is just now one of the most tiiUcod-about men in maritime circlo.s in the world, iu �that his invention bids tab: to I'ovolutlonizo tho ciu'rying trade ot all the seas, as well us tho great lakes. For 20 years it has boon his droiun lo utilize the tlioory which he held, tliu object of which was tonilniuuzc the displaceiiioiit of the ves.sel, allow ot grout .ipoed, and at tho same time utilize tlio cntu'o bulk or burthen ot tho vossel tor cargo. For many years he travolUJil I'roinjiort to port of tho hikes, oqiiippod with inndols in miiiiatureof tho unsightly iiffiiir noiv known as tho whale-back, sooking for a capitalist who woidd bo sulllciontly iiuprosseil with the possibilities ot hl.s invoiitioii lo iiut in tho monoy iieoBsaary to utilize tho idea. In Cant. Tlioinas Wilson ot t^levoluiid and A. a. Thomson ot Duliith ho liimlly secured the nocess!ii7 capital, and stool barge No. 101 was built. Hor success as a froightor astomidod tho vessel owners of the liikos. Janios W, Colby, tlu) railroad president; Colgate Hoyt, the eajiitalist, and John i). Bockefellor, the oil king, bocaino interested in the invoiithm. The Anierlcan Stocd Hargo Company was formed, and pronaratlons made for the building of the WhalebacK. A shipyard wos ostablislied in Duluth, but owing to difHcuities on account of riiili'onds it bo-came uooossary tio Iind otiior quarici-s, and the yards wore roiiiovort to ^\'orit .Superior. Nine sets of ways were inudo, shops built, and the shipyard became at once a rolling rain, forge works and boat-buiUlinM' outab lialimeut. Tho first yards were the bargos TiioSB are to be usud trade. . rnduot of tho new iiuiicliod tuday. ---------------m tho Atlaiitlo coast ________ Tiio poculiiir construction ot l.ho bai'ge, travoll iig as it does almost entirely submerged, g vo?t it on tiro indoiiotidoiioe of the couuitioiis of tho weather, and tlmy will bo more vahiiiblo on this aooouiit lu tlio Atlantic trade tliiiii iu the lake trallio. The Janios W. Colby will lit once bo put into service in tho freight trudo botwoou Cuba and I'liiladolpliin. Cogswell Says Notliing. WASHiNU'roN, Nov. 15.-G0U. Cogswell is thofiratot the New England congressnicu to retnni t',> Wa.sliingtoii. He arrived this afioniooii. In his opinion very littlo except routine business will bo ti-unsiiciod at this session, 'i'ho goneniWiad no (ipinioiis to ex-jjresa about tho liunlslide in, oxotpt that the Demofrui.s had the voles. ______ No Anorofaists Need Apply. ClN�NN.t.Ti, Nov. 15.-Atiiiiiiits by jVii-nrolusts toBociue Arbeiti-r Hull and Turner Hall for Johaim Most and Lucy i',s. �who are e-vpocted to spoak hero tomorrow luglit, have been uiii^uocos.^ful, u;ul tiio (.�hiol of police say.s thai tho An^n'liiM.s hliiill luild 110 luootiiigs ill the public tlmr-<mg!if�re.s-_____ Wyoming's Kew Senator. Chjsvbknb, Wy., Nov. ,1,1.-Jot-rph M. Oarcy, oi-delc�ato to Guugross, wat- today tU-cled United States iieualor from AVy-omiuff. Ho rfcoeivcd tjvery one of the SD Republican votes in the Legislature, wlulo George W, Baxter, tho late Democratic nomiuoo for govornor, recoivod tho vote of every Democrat, Tho Democrats are hopelessly hi the minority, Tho second senator will bo elected Monday. A WINTER'S OUTFIT. Break on Prince Street, with Interesting* Sequel-Two Arrests and a "Find" of Clothiner. Patrolraon Sullivan and Spilaino of station 1 last evonuig made a very clover capture in tho person ot .Jalm O'Donuoll ot Chelsea St., Choriestown, and John McTCllrey ot Prince St., who are locked uj) lit station 1, charged with breaking and entering the clotliing store of Meyer Cohon, 87 Prince st., last night, and for tho alleged laroony of olotlilng valued at .�200, , Tho "l)i-o,ak" at Cohen's store occunod at 31 o'clock Inst evening, and tho officers found in 11 house on Prinoo st. li) now coats and vests; also tho two men. When asked how they obtained tho clothing, tho iTieii gave evasive roplies. About, :l .'30 this morning Cohen came to tho station house, and reported that his store Tiad boon ontorod and a large iimoiint of clothing-taken. Cohon idontifiod tho goods at tho station as his. Entrance had boon efCoctod by breaking a largo pano of glass. TlBPefirlfissIirrflr STow on exhibition at'tlie Mechanics Fair is pronounoed by all to be a muoli needed aooessionto eveiy dressing case. It is adjustable to almost any position, and persons of short stature can see the complete figure by simply slanting the mirror to the desired angle. Side and three-quarter views can readily be obtained, and in position where light is not good it can be easily swung into desired position without moving thfi dressing case. In Boston, and customers will find a full line in our Chamber Set Department, Prices are almost as low as the ordinary landscape glass. COULDIir'T CABBY HIS load. Texas CapltaUat Assiens - InabilitleB, $200,000. FoKT Wqrtk, Tox., Nov, 15;-W. F. Som' morvillo, who luitil two weolca a*ro was manager of tho Matador Land' and Cattle Company and the Western Securities Company, made an assignment today. His liabilities lu-o $200,000. The fiico value of his assets in city property. Pan Handle lands and stocks and bonds is ,5500,000. Tlio nssots, under tho hainmor, would br}ng at least 15250,000. Tho creditors oro all soc|ii'od. Tho oiiuso ot tho failure is that he bought ton much real estate, and owing to the strhigeiiiiy of tho money market wasunablo to unload. . Woman Found Guilty of Murder, OiNcrNNArr, Nov. 15.-Elizabptli Carter, colored, was today foiuid guilty of murder in the first degree for poisoning with arsenic Iior paramour, ^Vi]liam Taylor. We believe too little attention is given in our house furnishings to Cretonnes, and too little is known of the beautiful results of their free use in decorating our chambers. A study of the manner of using by the French, and the beautiful results they attain, would convince us that we have much to learn of the possibilities of these goods. Our line of FRENCH AND ENGLISH Inducements are held out to all purchasers, and from now until Jan, 1 we offer the grandest amalgamation of bargains ever before seeif in Boston. We make all our Is very extensive, and we have many attractive designs and colorings of our own importing. If wanting odd colorings or new designs, our collection will interest you. We have a most ex-ten.sive line of ORE COTEfflGS Which we are an.xious to close before stock taking, and for that purpose shall make special prices. This will apply to both medium and high priced stuffs. Wc liaA-e skilled workmen and can re-upholster furniture in the best manner. Instead of waiting until the dull season after Jan, 1, as we believe timely bargains will be better appreciated, and we advise all in need of household goods to buy now while the stook is complete and the styleE still unbroken. Below is a partial list of what you may expect, Nothing short of a vrtit will give you the correct idea of the Which the figures signify: PAEIiOK SETS IN KAMIB, 6 Pieces, fl�07 PAEIiOB SETS HI PLUSH, '^^ ' e Piooos, PAELOK SETS in EAIB CLOTH ^OK GKcooo, ^'^J 5JRF^ PAULOE SETS iumLTOHBUGS, 6 Pieoog, OHAHBER iSETS, ANTIQUE, 10 Pieooa Complete, OHAIOEE SETS HT ASH, lOFleooB. COK ELEO-ANT CHAMBEE SETS, V^-w PohBllFuiiBll, 2gg HEAVY INGEAItr OAEPETS, 25{) BOUBLE HEAVY DTGEAINS, /Ifln '^U*" Yard Wide, Knp ELEGAlfT HEAVY OAEPBTS Rflft New Patterns, All Wool. cnp riiresT iiT&EAm' oaepets, cnp Full Extra Super, CKn EXTEA HEAVY BRUSSELS, CKp "J^- Tapestry Oarpcts, 7Kn HANDSOME BRUSSELS, 7Kft Double Tapeiitry, ' QF.n ELEGANT BRUSSELB, OR A OJI" Pull Pive-Friimo Body, , "'J'" -ALSO- Dining Room Goods, Stoves and Ranges, Cot Beds of All Kinds, iViaUressBS, Pillows, 6!ani(ets and Comforters, Sfiades, Draperies, Curtains, And evarytliing necessary to furnish a house complete from top to bottom, at priooB guaranteed lower than any competing establishment in the country. UPHOLSTERY OEPARTJWENT. REPEAT,: Oarpots and UpliolBtery. SeO WASHINGTON ST. Is directed to the fact that our store is IN THE WORLD Devoted to complete^ House lurnish-ings, and that we are'the world's lead-ess in low prices. LIBERAL CREDIT WNEN OESiREO. n Uhm\ Koyse Fornisliers, 827 WASHINGTON ST. 821 261922